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Simpson trial: list of upcoming witnesses

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November 28, 1996
Web posted at: 10:50 a.m. EST

SANTA MONICA, California (CNN) -- The plaintiffs in the O.J. Simpson civil trial are expected to call another 32 witnesses, including some who claim they saw Simpson strike his then-wife Nicole. The former football star repeatedly denied on the stand that he ever hit her.

Among those to testify are A.C. Cowlings, former Simpson girlfriend Paula Barbieri and high-profile attorney Robert Kardashian.


The following witnesses are scheduled to testify. Some may never be called; others could be added. Court resumes Tuesday.

India Allen

Domestic violence witness. She claims she witnessed Simpson slap Nicole outside a veterinarian's office. She did not testify at the criminal trial.

Wayne Hughes

Domestic violence witness. A friend of Nicole and O.J. In 1982, he claims Nicole showed him a red mark on her face where she said Simpson had hit her. His testimony was not allowed at the criminal trial.

Albert Aguilera

Domestic violence witness. Aguilera says in 1987 he observed Simpson and Nicole on Victoria Beach, California, a resort area near where the couple sometimes stayed. He claims he saw Simpson strike Nicole and knock her to the ground. He did not testify at criminal trial.


Alfred Acosta

Domestic violence witness. Acosta, a limousine driver, says that in 1988 or 1989 he saw Simpson hit Nicole while the two were in the back of his limo. When Acosta dropped the couple off at home, Nicole invited the driver inside, where he claims he saw Simpson lunge at Nicole and swing at her.

A.C. Cowlings

Simpson friend since childhood. He drove the Bronco during the famous slow-speed chase.

Louis Marx

Friend of Simpson's. Deposition will be read to the jury. Marx was mentioned by Simpson in his so-called suicide letter as a close friend.

Lenore Walker

Spousal abuse expert. She was hired by the Simpson criminal defense team and interviewed Simpson while he was in custody. Her notes have been used to show inconsistencies in Simpson's testimony. Her deposition testimony will be read to the jury.

Nancy Ney

Domestic abuse witness. A representative of the "Sojourn Shelter" for battered women. The shelter received a call from a woman named Nicole five days before the killings saying she was afraid.


Paula Barbieri

Simpson's former girlfriend. Simpson repeatedly denied on the stand that he received a message on June 12, 1994, the day of the murders, from Barbieri, in which she said she was breaking up with him. In her deposition, Barbieri said she received three messages from Simpson indicating he had received her message. Her deposition testimony will be read to the jury.

Donna Estes

A friend of Nicole and O.J.

Frank Olson

President of Hertz Corp. His deposition will be read to the jury.

Bobby Bender

A friend of Simpson's in New York. Simpson saw Bender in New York just a few days before the murders. His deposition testimony will be read.

Craig Baumgarten

A golfing buddy of Simpson's. He visited Simpson frequently in jail. Petrocelli asked Simpson if he nearly came to blows with Baumgarten while they were golfing on June 12, 1994. Simpson denied it. Baumgarten has indicated otherwise.

Alan Austin

Another golfing buddy of Simpson's who also frequently visited in jail. He was at the golf game on June 12.

Ron Fischman

Simpson friend. He took the now-famous picture of O.J. with daughter Sydney at a recital on June 12, 1994. Fischman is also seen in a videotape of Simpson leaving the recital.

Jackie Cooper

Friend of Simpson and tennis pro at La Quinta resort. He played golf with Simpson over Memorial Day 1994 while Simpson was in Palm Springs with Paula Barbieri.

Leslie Gardner

Wardrobe manager on set of an exercise video Simpson made in May 1994. She is expected to testify that Simpson kept a dark sweat suit he was given to use during the taping. Simpson denied ever owning a dark sweat suit, but Kato Kaelin said Simpson was wearing one on June 12. Dark fibers from a sweat suit were found at the murder scene.

Charles Cale

Simpson neighbor. Testified in the criminal trial he did not see the Bronco parked in front of Simpson's Rockingham estate around the time of the murders.

Dale St. John

Owner of Town and Country Limousine service and Simpson's regular driver. Alan Park was filling in for St. John on June 12, 1994.

Gigi Guarin

Simpson's housekeeper at the time of the murders. She is expected to testify that Simpson's dog, Chachi, never ran out of the gate when it was opened. Simpson testified he did not open the gate for Alan Park on June 12 because he was afraid Chachi would run out.

Michelle Abudrahm

Simpson's former housekeeper. She is expected to say the same about Chachi, the dog. She is also the housekeeper whom Nicole allegedly slapped.

Randy Petee

An investigator. He is to tell the jury how long it takes to drive from the Bundy condo to Simpson's Rockingham estate.

James Merrill

A Hertz employee. He picked Simpson up from the airport in Chicago and took him to the hotel. Testified at the criminal trial. Deposition testimony will be read to the jury.

Raymond Kilduff

Another Hertz employee. He drove Simpson from the hotel to the airport for his return flight to Los Angeles. Testified at criminal trial. Deposition testimony will be read to the jury.

Mark Partridge

Sat next to Simpson on the flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. Testified at criminal trial. His deposition will be read to the jury.

Skip Taft

Simpson's business and personal attorney for over 20 years. Did not testify at the criminal trial.

Ron Shipp

Simpson friend and former Los Angeles policeman. Shipp testified during the criminal trial that Simpson asked him the day after the murders about polygraph tests and how long it would take for DNA test results to come back. Shipp also testified that Simpson claimed he had dreams of killing Nicole. The defense painted Shipp as a wannabe Simpson friend with a drinking problem.

Robert Kardashian

Simpson's longtime friend and sometime lawyer. Simpson stayed at his home between June 13 and June 17 and stored pieces of Simpson's luggage, including his golf bag, in his garage. In a recent ABC interview Kardashian indicated he had doubts about Simpson's innocence.

Bruce Weir

Statistician. He will present calculations on DNA matches.


Sharon Rufo

Ron Goldman's mother. She will testify to compensatory damages she has suffered from the loss of her son.

Juditha Brown

The mother of Nicole. She may testify to compensatory damages as well as for evidentiary purposes.

Fred Goldman

Ron Goldman's father. He will testify to compensatory damages he has suffered since his son was murdered.


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