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LAPD officers testify at Simpson custody trial

November 20, 1996
Web posted at: 10:30 p.m. EST

ORANGE COUNTY, California (CNN) -- Several Los Angeles police officers who responded to 911 calls placed by Nicole Brown Simpson testified Wednesday in the custody trial for O.J. Simpson's two youngest children.

Simpson himself was grilled for two days last week about past incidents of alleged domestic abuse, according to a CNN source.

The Brown family and O.J. Simpson are fighting for custody of the children he had with Nicole -- Sydney, 11, and Justin, 8. The trial, which began last week, is closed to the public and the judge has imposed a gag order on all parties.

Simpson, Nicole's parents Louis and Juditha Brown, and Nicole's sister, Denise Brown, were all in attendance Wednesday.

Lawyers for the Browns are focusing on Simpson's history of alleged domestic violence, trying to prove it would be harmful to the children to return to live with him, said a source close to the closed-door proceeding.

On Thursday, Westec Security officer Mark Day was expected to testify. He responded to a call at O.J. Simpson's Rockingham estate after Simpson allegedly used a baseball bat to smash the windows of a white Mercedes belonging to Nicole.

The custody battle is separate from the wrongful-death civil lawsuit brought against Simpson by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. O.J. Simpson was acquitted of their murders last year.


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