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The supernatural doesn't end on Halloween


For some women it's a year-round big business

November 2, 1996
Web posted at: 11:05 p.m. EST

From Corespondent Justine Simons

(CNN) -- For many women, the supernatural is more than just a passing fancy: it's a way of life. And for some, that means big business.


Consider Athena Starwoman. Perhaps best known for her horoscopes in Vogue magazine, Starwoman has established a thriving business doing individual readings, and she has written a new book called "How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad."

"I guess I decided to cultivate my gifts when I realized I could make money out of them," she said. "I'm probably the first one in my family to be financially independent by being an astrologer."

Astrology is a business run mostly by and for women. Astrologer, Shelley Ackerman says most of her clients are female.

"Women, a little bit more than men, are more willing to try anything that fits, whether its astrology, the I Ching, therapy or self-help tarot."

Psychiatrist Judith Orloff says Western culture inhibits men from seeking out the supernatural. "Men have a harder time in our culture. They are brought up to be linear and logical, and not to develop their intuition."


Orloff calls herself a "clairvoyant psychiatrist. "I'm able to diagnose intuitively."

Orloff is not an astrologer, and many astrologers don't claim to be psychic. But most women involved in any kind of supernatural practices celebrate the concept of the witch.

"The archetype of the witch is very powerful, and each woman has that witch inside her in a powerful good sense, not in terms of black magic," said Orloff.

Added Starwoman: "The modern day witch does her spells over the Internet you know, it's a whole different image of a witch that I see."

Most of the spells Starwoman is asked to cast involve financial prosperity. She says it's all about mind over matter.

"People get so excited about magic spells," says Starwoman. "But it's no different than thinking positive thoughts or putting exercises into a routine for your body."


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