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Search warrant turned over to Olympic bombing suspect

graphic September 25, 1996
Web posted at: 9:20 p.m. EDT

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)- On orders from a federal judge, the U.S. Justice Department Wednesday handed lawyers for the Olympic Park bomb suspect an edited version of the still-sealed search warrant.

The warrant was used by FBI agents to look for evidence in former security guard Richard Jewell's apartment, truck and a storage shed he had rented. An attorney for Jewell confirmed to CNN that a redacted, or edited, version of the search warrant had been turned over after it was reviewed by U.S. Magistrate Gerylin Brill. The warrant explains why the FBI wanted to investigate Jewell.

Justice Department officials and Jewell's attorneys declined to say what those reasons were. "We're under strict orders not to discuss it," Jewell Attorney Jack Martin said. "But after reading it, we're as convinced as ever our client is innocent."

L. Lin Wood, another Jewell attorney said, "there is no credible evidence against him. Nothing I've read (in the warrant) leads me to believe he is anything other than innocent".

Martin said Jewell's legal team planned to investigate the reasons the FBI gave for making Jewell the focus of its investigation. He said they would focus on whether the search and seizure of Jewell's property was proper. Martin also said they would request the FBI to return the items its agents seized, from Jewell's personal effects to his mother's Tupperware.


Jewell has maintained his innocence, called charges against him a "lie," and threatened to sue the news media and the FBI. He said his dream career in law enforcement had been ruined by the publicity over his status as a suspect. FBI agents continue to follow him everywhere, even to Atlanta Braves baseball games.

Meanwhile, the FBI says it's trying to track bomb fragments found at the scene to stores where the parts may have been purchased. Last week, agents visited a Florida hardware store chain which carried a 12 volt battery similar to the one that detonated the bomb, but sources told CNN they weren't sure if that was where the battery was bought.

Sources also said besides Jewell, they are looking at about a half a dozen suspects.

The July 27 bombing killed one person and injured more than 100 people at the Olympic Centennial Park.


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