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FBI reportedly looking at several suspects in Olympic bombing

September 13, 1996
Web posted at: 1:00 p.m. EDT


ATLANTA (CNN) -- Investigators in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing are focusing on at least six suspects, including a former mental health patient with a history of violence, CNN has learned.

Though much of the media attention has centered on suspect Richard Jewell, investigators said their list of suspects is much broader.

"We have said all along that we have more than one suspect and we are continuing to say that," said Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick. "We're not going to comment on specific elements of the investigation as it progresses."

The question of who planted the bomb has stumped FBI investigators since the explosion jolted the park July 27, killing one person and injuring more than 100 others.

Leads apparently are coming from various directions. Sources close to the investigation said, in one instance, a woman thought her boyfriend may have planted the bomb.


Investigators would not discuss specifics. But sources told CNN that investigators are re-examining the alibi of a militia member who was questioned early on in the investigation. Sources also said Jewell -- the security guard who was initially hailed a hero for alerting authorities of the bomb -- remains a suspect.

Despite extensive searches of Jewell's apartment, authorities said they do not have enough evidence to arrest him or rule him out.

Jewell's attorney, Jack Martin, castigated investigators earlier in the week and demanded the government reveal why his client became a suspect in the first place.


"It's a terrible state to be in," Martin said, referring to the scrutiny his client has undergone. icon (11 sec./245K AIFF or WAV sound) "He's a hostage in his own house."

Agents are also examining an olive-green duffel bag from an Army and Navy surplus store, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported Friday. Investigators have not commented on that newspaper report. In the days after the explosion, it was reported that the bomb had been in a green knapsack.

Meanwhile, investigators said the case could drag on for weeks, if not months.

Correspondent Art Harris contributed to this report.
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