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September 3, 1996
Web posted at: 10:00 p.m. EDT

Seminary student arrested at airport with live explosives


TAMPA, Florida (CNN) -- A 21-year-old seminary student carried live hand grenades when he was arrested trying to board a flight, police said Tuesday.

Roman Regman, who was arrested Saturday at a Tampa International Airport security checkpoint while trying to board a flight to Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pennsylvania, denied the explosives he carried were real.

But police noted that it doesn't take a functioning weapon to hijack a plane; merely the threat of an attack is sufficient.

And Regman was carrying a mini-arsenal -- five handmade bombs, bomb-making materials, two live grenades, a 9 mm pistol, about 180 rounds of ammunition and six military-style knives.

Police told CNN that the two hand grenades were powerful enough to blow the aircraft from the sky.

They didn't consider terrorism a factor in the incident, and they are still looking for a motive. Federal officials have yet to decide whether to prosecute Regman.

A Romanian immigrant, Regman is a student at St. Tikhon's Seminary in South Canaan, Pennsylvania.

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Police search for cause of lake drowning

UNION, South Carolina (CNN) -- Puzzled by the drowning death of seven people over the weekend, police have focused on mechanical failure and alcohol as the most likely causes of the accident.

Police found no skid marks at the scene, and they were investigating the prospect that the driver of a sport utility vehicle that rolled Saturday night into a lake may have accidentally knocked the gear shift out of the park position. They are also looking at possible mechanical problems, and they are expected to perform autopsies on the victims to determine whether or not alcohol was involved.

At the time of the accident, Tim Phillips was shining headlights at a memorial on the shore of John D. Long Lake, the same spot where Susan Smith in 1994 rolled her car and drowned her two boys.

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Jewell's attorney seeks search warrant probable cause


ATLANTA (CNN) -- Richard Jewell's attorneys Tuesday asked a judge to uncover the probable cause justifying the search warrant issued to investigate the suspect in the July Olympic Park bombing.

Jewell's criminal attorney, Jack Martin, filed a motion in federal district court that described the FBI's searches as "intensive and intrusive."

As part of its search, the FBI plucked 25 hairs from Jewell's head and obtained another 25 has by running a comb through it, sources told CNN. He also had to provide fingerprints and palm prints.

Agents at the FBI laboratory in Washington have compared Jewell's DNA with physical evidence collected in the bomb aftermath. But it's unclear whether there's any linkage.

Jewell currently has an inventory of the items investigators have taken as evidence, but he is currently seeking "affidavits" and "oral sworn testimony" filed in support of" the warrants.

That information is currently under seal, and U.S. Attorney Kent Alexander has said he opposes its release.

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