Marcus Allen claims Simpson asked
him to lie

May 31, 1996
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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) -- Football star Marcus Allen told lawyers Friday that O.J. Simpson called him from jail and asked him to lie about Allen's relationship with Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Lawyers questioned Allen under oath Friday in the wrongful death civil suit against Simpson filed by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Ms. Simpson and Goldman, her friend, were found stabbed to death outside Ms. Simpson's home on June 13, 1994. Simpson was acquitted last October of the murders.

Simpson had previously said that Allen confided to him that he had dated Nicole and had sex with her after the divorce. Simpson said the fact that he remained friends with Allen and even hosted his 1993 wedding at his Brentwood mansion showed that he was not a jealous ex-husband.

Simpson and Allen

But Allen, a Heisman Trophy winner and a running back with NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, testified Friday that he never had a sexual relationship with O.J.'s former wife, and that he never told Simpson that he had, according to a lawyer present during the deposition.

During the deposition, Allen testified that Simpson called him while in jail for the murders and asked him to support the story about Allen's relationship with Nicole, the lawyer said.

Allen said he refused to lie for Simpson and instead ended his longtime friendship with him after that call, according to the lawyer. When Simpson tried to force Allen to testify at his murder trial last year, a Kansas judge upheld Allen's challenge of the subpoena.

Allen testified that he never discussed the evidence in the murder case with Simpson and never heard an admission of guilt from him, said Daniel Petrocelli, a lawyer for the Goldman family.

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