Jackie Onassis Auction
Tuesday, April 23
Sold pic 1) Jackie and Lee on a Camel by Jacqueline Duh'eme
(est. $500-$700)
Sold pic 2) A Child's Rocking Horse
(est. $2000-$3000)
Rocking Horse Camel Painting
Sold pic 3) A Victorian Mahogany High Chair
(est. $1500-$2000)
Sold pic 4) A Tiffany Silver Tape Measure with initials JFK
(est. $500-$700)
Sold pic 5) A Pair of Louis XVI Painted Chairs believed to
have once belonged to Thomas Jefferson
(est. $10,000-$15,000)
Sold pic 6) An Ebonized Baby Grand Piano
(est. $3000-$5000)
Sold pic 7) Head of an Arab by John Singer Sargent
(est. $100,000-$125,000)
Sold pic 8) Study of a Venetian Lady by John Singer Sargent
(est. $80,000-$120,000)
Sold pic 9) A Memorial Edition of "Profiles in Courage," 1965
(est. $3000-$5000)
Sold pic 10) An Edition of all the Presidential Inaugural Addresses
(est. $10,000-$15,000)
Rocking Chair Inaugural Address
Sold pic 11) Study for the White House Portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy
by Aaron Shikler
(est. $10,000-$15,000)
Sold pic 12) JFK's Rocking Chair
(est. $3000-$5000)
Sold pic 13) Walnut Humidor given to JFK by Milton Berle
(est. $2000-$2500)
Sold pic 14) Mahogany Footstool used by Caroline Kennedy
in the White House
(est. $100-$150)

Wednesday, April 24
Sold pic 1) A French Grammar School Textbook
(est. $500-$800)
Sold pic 2) Lord Bateman's Arabian by John Wootton
(est. $80,000-$120,000)
Sold pic 3) The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Desk
(est. $20,000-$30,000)
Ring Desk
Sold pic 4) A Louis XV Small Casket, once owned
by Marie-Antoinette
(est. $25,000-$35,000)
Sold pic 5) The Lesotho III - A 40.42 Carat Diamond Ring
(est. $500,000-$600,000)
Sold pic 6) Gold and Ruby "Moon" Earclips by Lalaounis
(est. $1000-$1200)
Sold pic 7) Gold Minaudi'ere (evening purse),
Van Cleef & Arpels
(est. $2000-$3000)
Sold pic 8) Small Chinese Porcelain Dishes
(est. $100-$150 each)
Sold pic 9) A Set of Wicker Baskets
(est. $200)
Sold pic 10) A Decorated Plant-Holder from Jackie's
Dressing Room in the White House
(est. $150)
Sold pic 11) Gold and Black Enamel Lighter
(est. $400)
Sold pic 12) Diamond Bracelet
(est. $8,000)

Thursday, April 25
Sold pic 1) Two Simulated Pearl Necklaces worn by Jackie
during a visit to Columbia
(est. $350)
Sold pic 2) A Costume Strands of Pearls
(est. $500-$700)
Sold pic 3) A Set of MacGregor Wood Golf Clubs
used by JFK, in a Monogram Bag
(est. $700-$900 each)
Sold pic 4) A Set of Ben Hogan Power Thrust Iron Golf Clubs
used by JFK, in a Monogram Bag
(est. $700-900 each)
Sold pic 5) Three Leather Hunting Saddles
(est. $400-500 each)
Sold pic 6) A Black Bead Necklace
(est. $300)

Friday, April 26
Sold pic 1) A Bound Volume of Presidential Addresses
That JFK Was To Give In-Laws For Christmas 1963,
Inscripted With Note From Jackie
(est. $5000)
Sold pic 2) A 45 rpm Record of JFK's Inaugural Address
(est. $200)
Sold pic 3) Three Pillows
(est. $50)
Sold pic 4) Jackie's 1992 Four-Door BMW Sedan
(est. $18,000-$22,000)
Sold pic 5) A Plastic, Painted Model of Air Force One
(est. $500)
Sold pic 6) A Rocking Chair Used by JFK on the
Second Floor of the White House
(est. $3000-$5000)
Sold pic 7) A Mounted Picture of Caroline Kennedy's Cat, Tom Kitten
(est. $50)
Sold pic 8) A Set of 22 Green Tumblers
(est. $500)


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