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April 11, 1996
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(CNN) -- For 18 years, the FBI struggled to find the person responsible for a string of bombing attacks that killed three people and injured 23. Agents gave the case the code name "Unabom" because universities and airlines were the early targets.

May 25-26, 1978

A package found in a parking lot at the University of Illinois at Chicago is brought to Northwestern University in Evanston because of the return address. It explodes the next day, when a campus police officer opens it. He suffers minor injuries.

May 9, 1979

Northwestern University graduate student John Harris is injured by a bomb left at the school's Technological Institute. He is not seriously hurt.

Nov 15, 1979

A bomb explodes in a mailbag in the cargo hold of an American Airlines flight traveling from Chicago to Washington. Twelve people suffer smoke inhalation. The plane makes an emergency landing at Dulles Airport near Washington.

June 10, 1980

United Airlines President Percy Wood receives cuts and burns from a package bomb disguised as a book and delivered by mail to his home in Lake Forest, Illinois, near Chicago.

Oct. 8, 1981

A maintenance worker finds a bomb in a business classroom at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. It is defused by police, and no one is injured.

May 5, 1982

Janet Smith, a secretary at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, is injured when she opens a package addressed to a professor.

July 2, 1982

Professor Diogenes Angelakos picks up a small box with wires on top in a faculty lounge at the University of California at Berkeley. The electrical engineering and computer science teacher is injured when the pipe bomb device explodes.

May 15, 1985

U.C. Berkeley engineering graduate student John Hauser has the fingers on his right hand blown off when he opens a plastic box with a bomb inside.

June 13, 1985

A package mailed to the Boeing Co. in Auburn, Washington, on May 8 is discovered and safely disarmed.

Nov. 15, 1985

Two people are injured by a package mailed to James O'Connell, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. O'Connell, who was standing nearby, wasn't hurt.

Dec. 11, 1985

Hugh Scrutton, 38, is killed when a bomb placed inside a paper bag explodes. Scrutton spotted the bag outside, near the rear entrance of his computer rental store in Sacramento, California.

Feb. 20, 1987

The owner of a computer store in Salt Lake City, Utah, is injured when a bomb left in a paper bag explodes by the store's rear entrance.

June 22, 1993

Charles Epstein, a geneticist at the University of California at San Francisco loses several fingers when a bomb sent to his Tiburon home explodes. The bomb was inside a padded envelope.

June 24, 1993

In New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University computer science professor David Gelernter is disfigured by a bomb that explodes in his hands at the school's computer science center.

Dec. 10, 1994

Advertising executive Thomas Mosser, 50, is killed when he opens a package bomb sent to his North Caldwell, New Jersey, home.

Apr. 24, 1995

Timber industry lobbyist Gilbert P. Murray, 47, is killed opening a package bomb in his Sacramento office. The package was addressed to the person Murray replaced as president of the California Forestry Association.

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