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Panetta: Man arrested not Unabomber

October 8, 1995
Web posted at: 10:20 a.m. EDT

Panetta WASHINGTON (CNN) -- White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta said Sunday a 37-year-old man arrested in suburban Chicago for a traffic violation is not linked to the Unabomber case.

Police in Evanston, Illinois, arrested the man Saturday morning after his van, with expired California plates, ran a red light. Police will not confirm or deny a CBS Radio news report that they found bomb-making equipment in the van. That report said police searched an Evanston home and found a typewriter with a font that could match the type used in one or more of the Unabomber's letters.

Panetta, interviewed on the NBC television program "Meet the Press," said authorities had concluded that there was no link between the Unabomber and the man arrested in Evanston.

FBI reward The elusive killer, who first targeted universities, is responsible for 16 package-bomb attacks, resulting in three deaths and 23 injuries since 1978. The FBI has organized a huge task force to hunt for the Unabomber, and recently has been concentrating its search in the Chicago area, where it believes he might have attended a suburban high school in the 1970s before moving to California in the early 1980s.

Last month The New York Times and The Washington Post published a lengthy anti-technology manifesto written by the bomber after he said he would stop killing if it was printed.

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