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Tony Louzado is facing foreclosure. He's not alone -- in central Florida, where Louzado lives and works, one in every 56 homes is in foreclosure.

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GPS tracking to replace 70-year-old radar technology in planesupdated Fri Jul 23 2010 10:44:44

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) may already guide millions of cars around the world, but airplanes are still guided by a 70-year-old radar technology.

Steven Udvar-Hazy: Farnborough's biggest dealer?updated Thu Jul 22 2010 12:04:10

Spending big to buy airplanes by the dozen is nothing new for Steven Udvar-Hazy: In the last 37 years, the aircraft leasing pioneer has purchased thousands of planes, which were then rented to the majority of the world's major carriers.

The supersonic Bloodhound that wants to run at 1,000mphupdated Thu Jul 22 2010 10:56:13

It's got the same engine as a supersonic jet -- but the team working on the world's first 1,000mph supercar are hoping that it doesn't take off.

Farnborough Airshow's state-of-the-art displaysupdated Wed Jul 21 2010 09:02:27

Farnborough Airshow's state-of-the-art displaysupdated Wed Jul 21 2010 08:54:56

Paraplegic pilot in solo flight attemptupdated Wed Jul 21 2010 08:53:54

A paraplegic pilot is planning an epic solo record-breaking flight from England to Australia.

Boeing's Dreamliner to launch by 2011, CEO saysupdated Mon Jul 19 2010 14:33:37

Fans of Boeing's much anticipated Dreamliner may have to wait a while longer before the aircraft is available for commercial use, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes said Monday.

Airbus, Boeing battle it out at Farnboroughupdated Fri Jul 16 2010 13:25:17

The 47th Farnborough International Airshow opened its doors for business Monday with the world's two biggest aircraft manufacturers hoping it will mark a turning point after a turbulent financial year.

Farnborough Air show interactive mapupdated Fri Jul 16 2010 13:24:21

The fabulous lives of air miles millionairesupdated Thu Jan 21 2010 11:29:31

Some people collect rubber bands. Some people collect paper clips. And then some people are like Randy Petersen, founder of, an elite group of people obsessed with plane loyalty schemes. "We collect frequent flier miles," he explains. "And in the process we collect our dreams."

See Sausalito like a localupdated Thu Aug 13 2009 09:51:07

An insider shares five top experiences in Sausalito, California, you won't read about in guidebooks.

Security experts warn of dangers of rogue Wi-Fi hotspotsupdated Tue Aug 11 2009 10:51:52

You're sitting in an airport lounge and seize the chance to check your e-mails before your flight departs. You log on and are tempted by a wireless Internet provider offering free Internet access. So, do you take it?

Ryanair gloomy despite huge profitsupdated Mon Jul 27 2009 07:02:08

Budget airline Ryanair, which says it is considering charging passengers to use the toilet, announced a huge increase in profits Monday, revealing recession-busting results in sharp contrast to other carriers grounded by financial trouble.

Ryanair trims UK flight scheduleupdated Tue Jul 21 2009 07:55:35

Budget airline Ryanair announced plans Tuesday to cut its winter flights schedule from its main UK hub, blaming a collapse in the British tourism industry, rising airport costs and "insane" aviation taxes.

Could your laptop hold the key to beating jet lag?updated Fri Jun 19 2009 10:19:21

Jet lag is the bane of the global traveler, but could your laptop hold the cure?

How to safeguard your data as you travelupdated Thu May 28 2009 09:37:39

With Wi-Fi access at airports, hotels, and aboard airplanes, business travelers don't have to look very hard for a wireless Internet connection.

Nominations open for world's worst in travelupdated Wed May 27 2009 07:09:09

Tired of the tripe being dished up by some of his contemporaries, one travel writer has launched his own bid to find the worst of the worst in the tourism industry.

Virgin Atlantic bucks trend with profit jumpupdated Tue May 26 2009 04:37:08

Virgin Atlantic reported a sharp rise in profits Tuesday, bucking the trend seen by other airlines.

Is this your lost luggage?updated Thu May 07 2009 08:19:29

When one traveler packed a kinky nurse's uniform in her luggage, she had no reason to suspect a photo of it would end up on the Internet.

Looking for a Wi-Fi hot spot? Try 10,000 feet upupdated Mon May 04 2009 09:23:13

The days of being cut off from the Internet while you're on a plane are quickly disappearing.

For small companies, it can pay to stay with friends, strangersupdated Fri May 01 2009 11:20:11

Jesse Altman makes himself at home when he travels for work.

Small airlines fly under the radarupdated Fri May 01 2009 10:25:53

When Delta and Continental dropped service out of the Toledo airport last year, residents were left with only a few daily departures -- or a 65-mile drive to Detroit's airport. Then something happened to ease the pain: Direct Air moved in, offering flights between Toledo and two warm-weather spots, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Punta Gorda, Florida, for as little as $49 each way.

Looking for a Wi-Fi hot spot? Try 10,000 feet upupdated Fri May 01 2009 10:23:44

The days of being cut off from the Internet while you're on a plane are quickly disappearing.

Forget the recession, live like a rock star in new hotelupdated Fri Apr 24 2009 06:46:14

London's newest hotelier Mark Fuller is showing commendable bravado for someone about to open a luxury hotel during a global recession.

Fancy an ejection seat? Meet the men turning old planes into artupdated Thu Apr 09 2009 06:42:53

The Mojave boneyard in the California desert is where old airplanes go to die -- a wasteland of decrepit planes, titanic heaps of titanium and aluminum waiting to be scrapped for metal in India or China.

Supersonic Concorde, 40 years onupdated Wed Apr 08 2009 02:06:41

'Serious contamination' threat from Africa's mounting e-wasteupdated Wed Apr 08 2009 01:52:39

The truck driver kept his hand on the horn, but resorted to shifting into first gear and used the full weight of his container truck to force his way through the over-crowded and narrow market street.

Aer Lingus chief executive resignsupdated Mon Apr 06 2009 09:34:07

Irish carrier Aer Lingus announced Monday that its chief executive, Dermot Mannion, has stepped down with immediate effect.

'Mr. Poopy Pants' and fees frustrate flyersupdated Thu Apr 02 2009 08:46:55

There was a time when airline travel was a special treat, the kind of occasion that inspired passengers to dress up.

On Business Traveller in April...updated Tue Mar 24 2009 11:05:36

In April, CNN Business Traveller examines the impact of the global economic downturn on the travel industry's efforts to go green.

Operator ordered to sell British airportsupdated Thu Mar 19 2009 06:06:25

Britain's competition watchdog has ordered airport operator BAA to sell three of its seven airports, including two in London.

Report: Air passengers 'out of pocket' over missing bagsupdated Tue Mar 17 2009 08:56:38

Airlines are failing to adequately compensate passengers for lost and missing bags, according to industry rights group the Air Transport Users Council (AUC).

In an emergency, who do you call?updated Thu Mar 12 2009 05:34:07

You're overseas. It's late. You're driving alone when disaster strikes. You've crashed your car and you need help. Who do you call?

How to survive a plane crashupdated Wed Mar 11 2009 05:57:12

We tend to assume that if an airplane crashes our time is up. But recent experience and statistics tell a different story.

EADS profits take off despite downturnupdated Tue Mar 10 2009 07:21:31

European aerospace group EADS has announced "satisfying" results for 2008, posting a net profit of €1.572 billion ($1.987 billion), despite the economic downturn.

Climate protesters blame Donald Trump for airport expansionupdated Tue Mar 03 2009 08:21:12

Climate protesters demonstrating against Donald Trump's plans for a sports resort broke into a Scottish airport Tuesday, setting up a small golf course and scaling the roof of a terminal building.

Ryanair considers charging passengers to peeupdated Fri Feb 27 2009 10:19:54

The ever budget-conscious boss of Ryanair has suggested the discount airline may start charging passengers for using the toilet on board its flights.

On Business Traveller in March...updated Thu Feb 26 2009 11:03:40

Images of the mangled remains of crashed passenger planes are enough to strike fear into the hardiest of business travelers.

In-flight food: Heaven or hell on a tray?updated Thu Feb 12 2009 05:09:39

The "crime scene cookies", "baaji custard" and "sponge shafts" depicted in Oliver Beale's letter of complaint to Virgin Atlantic struck a chord worldwide.

Virgin Atlantic passenger's "culinary journey of hell"updated Thu Feb 12 2009 05:08:11

A six-page rant to Virgin Atlantic's Sir Richard Branson about a woeful in-flight meal attracted so much attention on the Internet that it was rumored to be a clever marketing stunt.

Strange hotels, unusual placesupdated Mon Feb 09 2009 09:07:04

Wary of blowing your travel budget on another characterless hotel room? Hoping for a trip with a certain 'je ne sais quoi'?

Travelers' guide to frosty Londonupdated Thu Feb 05 2009 08:19:44

Days after thick snow brought London to a standstill, the traditional drizzle has returned and it is business as usual in the bustling British capital.

Coming up in February: Back to basicsupdated Tue Jan 27 2009 12:18:37

The Economist Intelligence Unit will publish a report -- The Austere Traveller -- in February that will show that business travelers' expectations are changing.

Britain: Third Heathrow runway approved despite oppositionupdated Thu Jan 15 2009 10:11:14

The British government -- ignoring a firestorm of controversy -- Thursday approved construction of a third runway at London's Heathrow Airport, saying the move is essential for British business and would retain the airport's status as a major European hub.

World's best airportsupdated Tue Jan 13 2009 10:29:30

The world's worst airportsupdated Tue Jan 13 2009 10:23:37

Identifying the world's finest airports is easy. Hong Kong International Airport, Singapore's Changi and Seoul's Incheon have topped the ranks of airport awards for the last decade.

Air France-KLM buys stake in Alitaliaupdated Tue Jan 13 2009 09:49:18

The board of ailing Italian airline Alitalia has accepted an offer from Air France-KLM to buy 25 percent of the company and become its international partner, Alitalia announced Monday evening.

Protesters buy up land for Heathrow runwayupdated Tue Jan 13 2009 07:38:54

Environmental campaigners say they have dealt a blow to the proposed expansion of London's Heathrow Airport by buying up land earmarked for the construction of a controversial third runway.

Visitors to U.S. face refusal under new online entry systemupdated Mon Jan 12 2009 05:28:18

From today, travelers visiting the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) risk being detained at airports and sent home if they don't comply with new U.S. immigration rules.

This month: Business Traveller airport specialupdated Wed Jan 07 2009 10:30:43

Airports are a major talking point, whether it's how long you queued to check in your bags or which business class lounge has the best view of the runway.

BA, Qantas end merger talksupdated Thu Dec 18 2008 03:51:09

British Airways and Qantas announced Thursday they have failed to reach agreement on a potential merger.

British Airways, Virgin cut fuel surchargeupdated Wed Dec 17 2008 05:54:34

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have announced they are reducing their fuel surcharges as the price of oil has plummeted.

Iconic book stores of the worldupdated Thu Dec 11 2008 10:49:27

One was a theater, another, a church, and at varying times over the past century all have provided inspiration and refuge to both great literary minds and harried shoppers.

The Good Book in the bedside tableupdated Wed Dec 10 2008 09:56:08

The iPod dock, yoga charts and branded scents may come and go, but one item has remained constant in hotel rooms worldwide: the Gideon Bible.

New drug brings hope for jet lag sufferersupdated Tue Dec 02 2008 11:45:01

The sleepless nights, the woozy days and the foggy minds of jet lag are the bane of any business traveler's life.

British Airways in merger talks with Qantasupdated Tue Dec 02 2008 08:14:06

British Airways said Tuesday it was in talks with Australian rival Qantas that could see a merger of two of the world's most prestigious airlines.

Aer Lingus rejects Ryanair bidupdated Tue Dec 02 2008 05:08:39

Irish national carrier Aer Lingus has rejected a second takeover attempt by budget carrier Ryanair.

Coming up in December: A Christmas Carolupdated Mon Dec 01 2008 08:37:16

In December, CNN Business Traveller brings you "A Christmas Carol -- Books of the Past, Present and Future."

Ryanair makes $950M bid for Aer Lingusupdated Mon Dec 01 2008 07:11:35

Low-cost airline Ryanair has announced it will launch a second attempt to take over Aer Lingus, the Irish national carrier.

Cash-strapped travelers redeem airmiles to save moneyupdated Tue Nov 25 2008 08:09:15

As the global recession bites, frequent flyers are cashing in more airmiles and loyalty points to subsidize routine travel needs.

Global tourism feels the squeezeupdated Tue Nov 11 2008 09:38:10

Turnout for the international tourism industry's most important event is at a record high this year as the sector struggles to cope with the financial crisis sweeping the world.

Where the travel deals areupdated Fri Nov 07 2008 09:36:33

Stop brooding over the financial crisis, and start packing.

Turn your hotel room into a private gymupdated Mon Nov 03 2008 10:54:03

In November's Business Traveller...updated Thu Oct 30 2008 10:03:50

In November, CNN Business Traveller continues its special on how the travel industry is being affected by the financial crisis, this time focusing on tourism and destinations.

Not so super commutingupdated Mon Oct 27 2008 12:31:27

If there was a Guinness World Record for the world's longest commute it would probably go to Nigel Greening's 12,300-mile journey.

Hotels ride out financial stormupdated Thu Oct 16 2008 11:56:04

While airlines are being hammered by oil prices, business remains steady for the hotel industry.

Adding vacation time to a business tripupdated Wed Oct 08 2008 09:52:20

If you've got to be there for work anyway, why not live it up?

Airline crisis stokes boneyard boomupdated Wed Oct 08 2008 08:30:47

The carcasses of hundreds of abandoned planes scattered across the arid lands of southwest United States are a stark sign of how much the global airline industry is hurting.

October's show: aviation in crisisupdated Wed Oct 01 2008 06:31:32

This month, CNN Business Traveller takes an in-depth look at how the aviation industry is faring as global fuel prices continue to rise.

Giving something backupdated Wed Oct 01 2008 05:05:38

Making donations to charity is becoming an integral part of business travel. Airlines are bringing in vast sums through onboard donation schemes that gather unwanted foreign currency from travelers. And frequent fliers are even handing over their precious air miles to charities.

3 biggest mistakes business travelers makeupdated Mon Sep 15 2008 13:47:23

A lot of business travelers come off as know-it-alls, moving effortlessly from their towncars to their first-class lounges to the front of the plane, where they're served mimosas, as they recline in their ergonomic leather seats.

Taking the ethical high roadupdated Thu Sep 11 2008 07:50:30

Armed with a credit card, travel itinerary safely wedged between meeting notes, it's all too easy for business travelers to overlook the impact they -- and their firms' money -- can make on the countries they visit.

Sunrise to Sunset in Zanzibarupdated Wed Sep 10 2008 16:45:37

With such beautiful beaches, many tourists get no further than the resorts of Zanzibar. But there's plenty more on offer on these tropical islands in the republic of Tanzania.

Strict diets for airlines as fuel costs soarupdated Thu Sep 04 2008 15:00:03

A Canadian airline's recent decision to remove life vests from all its planes to save weight and fuel has provoked a torrent of angry criticism.

September's show: traveling with a conscienceupdated Thu Sep 04 2008 08:31:55

This month we examine the ethics of travel and charity. Business travelers cross continents and see cities more than most; their stays may be brief, but the business traveler still gets a sense of the core culture of the countries they visit.

U.S. visa rules explainedupdated Thu Aug 21 2008 13:27:18

This month the U.S. government has introduced major changes that will affect millions of travelers to the U.S. who do not need a visa.

Sunrise to Sunset in Baselupdated Thu Aug 14 2008 11:19:29

Perched on the River Rhine with Germany and France bordering it on either side, the Swiss city of Basel stands at a crossroads between the three countries.

Smart Travellerupdated Mon Aug 11 2008 13:21:56

This section of CNN Business Traveller aims to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the high flying world of the road warrior.

Fully biometric airports becoming a realityupdated Wed Aug 06 2008 16:14:43

From the fingerprints and digital imaging stored on e-passports, to iris scanners set up at airport immigration, biometrics are a growing part of the traveller experience.

This month's show: Is the passport passé?updated Mon Aug 04 2008 13:12:37

This month, we're all about "Business Travellers without Borders."

Can postcards survive in the digital age?updated Fri Aug 01 2008 09:23:04

Nothing says "Wish you were here" quite as well as the good old postcard.

BA and Iberia in merger talksupdated Tue Jul 29 2008 07:26:44

British Airways and Spanish carrier Iberia are holding talks with a view to an all-share merger between the two companies.

'Weather's nice, wish you were here.' Is the postcard passé?updated Wed Jul 23 2008 08:03:12

"The email of the species is deadlier than the mail." So wrote the British actor and novelist Stephen Fry.

How technology can help aviation go greenupdated Tue Jul 15 2008 11:10:54

The airline industry is seen by many as one of the main culprits when it comes to carbon and greenhouse gas emissions -- and therefore climate change.

Is carbon offsetting pie in the sky?updated Thu Jul 10 2008 10:06:04

The evidence seems incontrovertible: If you get on a plane these days, you are almost certainly contributing to climate change.

This month's show: travelling with a conscienceupdated Mon Jul 07 2008 10:19:22

Off the back of CNN's Going Green week, this month Business Traveller will focus on the environment and travelling with a conscience.

British Airways buys French all-business carrierupdated Wed Jul 02 2008 11:38:13

British Airways has agreed to buy L'Avion, the French all-business class carrier and plans to integrate the airline into its recently launched subsidiary, OpenSkies.

The high-speed rail revolutionupdated Wed Jun 25 2008 07:10:10

As airlines slash flights and cut spending in the wake of rising fuel prices, rail travel across Europe is entering into a period of renewal.

British Airways subsidiary launches transatlantic serviceupdated Thu Jun 19 2008 09:25:37

At a time when many of the world's airlines are cutting back due to rising fuel costs, British Airways announced Thursday that OpenSkies, its new subsidiary airline, will begin a scheduled service between Paris and New York.

Airlines battle to survive soaring oil pricesupdated Tue Jun 17 2008 15:59:21

For every dollar that the price of fuel increases, costs to the aviation industry go up by $1.6 billion. And if oil hits $135 a barrel for the rest of the year, the International Air Transport Association says losses could hit $6.1 billion.

Sunrise to Sunset in Osloupdated Mon Jun 16 2008 08:29:42

Managing expenses on the road doesn't have to be a struggle, even in the most expensive city in the world. And what Oslo loses in costliness, it easily makes up with nature.

This month's show: business on a budgetupdated Mon Jun 16 2008 06:26:57

Almost every industry is feeling the effects of the credit crisis. With belts being tightened, the way in which we travel for our business is also changing. On this month's CNN Business Traveller, we're looking at doing business on a budget.

New vision for video conferencingupdated Thu Jun 12 2008 09:49:00

I've seen the future and it's amazing. What I'm about to describe has to be seen to be believed.

What next for all-business class? updated Fri May 30 2008 08:27:15

First it was Maxjet. Then, last month came news of Eos' departure from the all-business airline club due to bankruptcy.

Be ready to go on a moment's noticeupdated Wed May 21 2008 09:51:06

My 2008 calendar could put me on the road for 90 days.

Open Skies: the bell rings for round twoupdated Fri May 16 2008 16:10:12

After four years and 11 rounds of hard negotiation, the introduction of the "Open Skies" agreement in March was greeted with a sigh of relief. This was not just from airlines, but also their passengers.

Sunrise to Sunset in Hong Kongupdated Tue May 13 2008 13:05:18

Perveen Crawford became Hong Kong's first female pilot in 1995 and is soon to be Hong Kong's first female astronaut when she blasts off to sub-orbital space as a paying customer on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipOne.