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Millions of people around the world celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. How much do you know about the festival of lights?

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Following Anthony Bourdain around the world updated 1 days ago

Travel photos open windows to the unknown.

The airport they couldn't shut down: Berlin Tegel updated 1 days ago

It's crowded and outdated, but this hexagon-shaped air hub has won a place the in city's heart.

Fondation Louis Vuitton unveils Paris' latest landmark updated 1 days ago

Luxury enthusiasts, rejoice: Louis Vuitton is bringing its upscale sensibilities to the art world with a new museum.

Travel Photo of the Day updated 1 days ago

See stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.

5 can't-miss Tanzania experiences updated 2 days ago

Tanzania is far more than just a spot to climb the world's tallest freestanding mountain.

Perfect pictures: 9 of the world's best photography vacations updated 2 days ago

Perfect pictures: 9 of the world's best photography vacations: With Pulitzer-winning instructors and $100,000 lenses, these photo tours get you shooting like the pros.

Americans taking fewest vacation days in four decades updated 2 days ago

Study finds U.S. workers forfeited 169 million paid time off days and $52.4 billion in time off benefits in 2013.

Around Amsterdam in 7 strange museums updated 3 days ago

Amsterdam has world class museums but also an extensive collections of unusual small museums that celebrate the odd obsessions of their curators.

Air New Zealand posts new 'Hobbit' safety video updated 3 days ago

Here's an airline safety video passengers might actually watch.

Visiting national parks could cost more updated 3 days ago

A proposed fee increase at some U.S. national parks means exploring our natural wonders may cost more by summer.

It's World Post Day: Check out these amazing vintage postcards updated 3 days ago

Long before our traveling friends had Facebook and Instagram to taunt us, they had postcards.

The suitcase you can ride to the airport updated 4 days ago

Slovenian Kickstarter project encourages travelers to hop on their suitcase and cruise through the streets.

Ultimate Japan Wagyu beef guide updated 4 days ago

Kobe beef has the bigger name, but Wagyu beef can be as flavorful and important in a Japanese restaurant.

12 best meat cities in America updated 4 days ago

Take a beef break, veal vacation, hog holiday or sinew sabbatical in a T-bone a-fide U.S. meatopolis.

Ebola fears crippling Africa's safari industry updated 4 days ago

Survey of 500 safari operators finds more than half report a 20- to 70-percent decline in bookings since Ebola outbreak.

World's best airport bike paths updated 5 days ago

Some allow travelers to pedal right up to their plane, others skirt airport perimeters, giving cyclists a closeup view of the behemoths of the sky.

Lonely Planet's top 10 cities for 2015 updated 5 days ago

Whether you want an elegant city or a spot from which explore nature, Lonely Planet's top 10 list for 2015 has your city.

World's worst airport in 2014 is... updated 5 days ago

After topping the notorious list three years in a row, Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport is no longer the world's worst airport.

After 50 years, Japan set to launch a new commercial passenger plane updated 5 days ago

Japan is set to make its mark in the skies with its first new commercial jet in more than 50 years, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, or MRJ.

Coming soon: Best theme parks of the future updated 5 days ago

With so many awesome new attractions on the way, the next few years are going to be a roller coaster ride.

Who shouts 'Ebola' in a crowded theater? updated 6 days ago

The people who shout "Ebola" on a crowded airplane are the same folks who yell "fire" in a crowded theater.

The surprising comeback of train travel updated 7 days ago

Train travel is not dead. It's seeing a modern-day renaissance. Find out why travelers are turning to rail.

Nasty beef: World's best worst food sites celebrate kitchen disasters updated 8 days ago

These hilarious websites boil, braise and skewer all those ubiquitous dinner plate photos.

7 reasons why San Francisco's a winner updated 8 days ago

The National League champion Giants are just one of many cool things about San Francisco.

7 reasons why Kansas City's a winner updated 8 days ago

The American League champion Royals are just one of many cool things about Kansas City, famous for barbecue, fountains and jazz.

Kid-friendly flying: Airline offers on-board nannies updated 8 days ago

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways offers on-board nannies to care for children on some long flights.

Would you jump off this bridge? updated 8 days ago

BASE jumpers are heading to West Virginia this weekend for Bridge Day 2014 to leap off the New River Gorge Bridge.

U.S. tourist gets trapped in London bookstore updated 8 days ago

There's nothing like getting stuck into a good book -- but getting stuck in a good book store is a different matter.

The future underground: London's new spaceship-style Tube designs updated 8 days ago

Close one eye, and it could almost -- almost -- pass for a regular underground train. Close the other, and it looks like a space shuttle from Star Trek.

"Help! A fake version of my restaurant opened in China." updated 9 days ago

China's counterfeiting profiteers have moved from luxury handbags and smartphones to ripping off complete brand identities, including restaurants.

Mapping the 'last refuge' for coral reefs on earth updated 9 days ago

The Catlin Seaview Survey is mapping Southeast Asia's Coral Triangle, home to 75 percent of all known coral species.

Would you eat Fukushima soup? The all-consuming world of Frieze Art Fair updated 9 days ago

Soup that is rumored to be radioactive...It could only be Frieze London.

Deep thrills: The crazy cave trampolines of Wales updated 9 days ago

Bounce Below transforms abandoned slate mine in Wales into surreal, springy world of fear and fun.

Sister Doris: Europe's last beer-making nun updated 9 days ago

A one-nun brewing operation, Sister Doris is putting Germany's women beer makers on the map. Sort of.

5 gorgeous road trips for fall updated 10 days ago

Rejuvenate with one of these 5 road trips, offering distinctive culture, great food and yes, spectacular scenery.

London right now: Essential guide for executive travelers updated 11 days ago

Follow this guide and you'll leave London having impressed the clients, slept well, eaten better and brought home souvenirs people will actually keep.

How to eat sushi updated 11 days ago

With chopsticks or fingers? Wasabi or no? A double Michelin-starred Tokyo chef sets the record straight and shows us the sushi way.

A romantic's favorite fall getaways updated 11 days ago

Romance novelist Stacy Finz, whose debut novel comes out this week, shares her top romantic weekend getaways for a can't-miss vacation.

American Airlines flight makes emergency landing updated 12 days ago

An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing Monday at San Francisco International Airport after a problem with an air duct, a spokesman said.

'Sci-fi food hall' opens in Netherlands updated 12 days ago

It looks like a portal to another dimension crafted from alien technology, but in reality it's a fruit and vegetable market.

9 ways travelers are handling Ebola anxiety updated 12 days ago

With Ebola panic traveling faster than a 787, travelers are splitting into camps. We've found nine types of travelers. Which one are you?

Eiffel Tower gets dizzying glass floor updated 12 days ago

Mayor of Paris says 125-year-old landmark's new attraction will prove to critics that Paris still has some magic.

Thomson Airways plans table seats for flying families, 'couple pods' updated 12 days ago

Thomson Airways' new five-year plan features new couple pods and snack bars.

And the world's 50 best bars are ... updated 13 days ago

Based on the votes of more than 330 industry experts, the 2014 winners include bars from 27 cities in 14 countries.

Volcano daredevils: Blasting down Cerro Negro in Nicaragua updated 13 days ago

On some forgotten day in 2004, Cerro Negro, a soot-colored volcano in Nicaragua, was host to an unusual visitor.

Ebola comment gets passenger hazmat escort from plane updated 15 days ago

Ebola is no laughing matter, especially not at airports or on planes, where screenings have gotten tighter.

Family tree travel: How to create your own journey into the past updated 15 days ago

Want to incorporate family history research into a trip? Here are some tips to help smooth the process.

Google hires camel for desert Street View updated 16 days ago

Giant camera strapped to dromedary's hump captures Dubai allows 360-degree online exploration of Abu Dhabi's Liwa oasis.

10 of the world's best city running trails updated 16 days ago

Pounding the concrete allows time-crunched business travelers to bust out of the hotel gym and enjoy a unique perspective on a city.

Savory, sweet, spicy: Delhi's must-try street eats updated 16 days ago

Best Delhi's street food: From savory power snacks to beloved Indian ice cream, here's how to do Delhi street food right.

14 things to know about Paraguay updated 16 days ago

Overshadowed by its bigger, flashier neighbors, Paraguay is a curious country worth a closer look.

The fastest sport you've never heard of updated 16 days ago

Look out NASCAR, air racing -- one of the world's fastest motor sports -- wants to steal your fans.

Secrets from Japanese master: How to make sushi updated 17 days ago

Master sushi chef shares secrets from shopping at a Japanese fish market to making sushi.

Did tweeting get JetBlue passenger kicked off plane? updated 17 days ago

Tweeting about why her Tuesday night flight was delayed got Lisa Carter-Knight kicked off a JetBlue airplane, she claims.

8 romantic castle hotels around the U.S. updated 17 days ago

We have no kings or queens in the United States, but we do have the rich, who have long built great houses as symbols of their power, wealth and pride.

World's best cycling cities updated 18 days ago

From Colombia to Canada, this handful of urban centers is leading the two-wheel charge.

Art and the Berlin Wall: 8 places to visit updated 18 days ago

Formidable structure that once split the German capital city inspires fascinating artworks featuring balloons, rabbits and neon.

Adventures in ramen: Japan's ever-changing soup scene updated 18 days ago

After slurping down noodles in 1,000 stores, the "ramen guy" untangles the complex flavors behind Japan's diverse dish.

Can you catch Ebola on a plane? updated 18 days ago

The person next to you on your flight starts coughing. Now you might be wondering: Do they have Ebola?

18 most annoying things people do in airports updated 18 days ago

When it comes to air travel, courtesy and common sense are often the first two things to fly out the departure gates.

City of Cars: Is this the world's best auto museum? updated 19 days ago

Midlife crisis males have nothing on the Bugatti-obsessed brothers behind this vast sports car collection.

8 greatest city mascots around the world updated 19 days ago

Where to pay homage to the cutest local celebrities you'll ever stalk.

10 of the world's splashiest hotel bathrooms updated 19 days ago

From sinks to showers, hotel bathrooms are using elegant materials and space to seamlessly blend form and function.

World Architecture Festival 2014: Vietnamese firm wins best building award updated 19 days ago

The finest buildings in the world have been named at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

Cycling the Death Strip: Berlin Wall by bicycle updated 19 days ago

Once fortified frontier between East and West German zones is now a fascinating two-wheeled trail through history.

Watching the watchers: A spy's guide to Berlin updated 19 days ago

Spooks have left their mark on a once-divided city still thought to be an espionage hotbed.

10 ways to crack Berlin's uber cool arts scene updated 19 days ago

World War II bunker and former margarine factory among cutting edge venues in ever-changing city

Superkilen: Welcome to Europe's strangest public park updated 20 days ago

Chernobyl elephant, Thai boxing ring and swing benches from Baghdad adorn unusual Copenhagen leisure zone.

Update for tourists: Is it safe to travel to Hong Kong? updated 20 days ago

Visiting Hong Kong during the protest? These are the things travelers should know.

Is this the most incredible hotel to open this year? updated 20 days ago

China's string of amazing hotel openings continues with the completion of the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing.

Marriott fined $600,000 by FCC for blocking guests' Wi-Fi updated 22 days ago

The FCC found that Marriott blocked consumer Wi-Fi networks last year during an event at a hotel and conference center in Nashville.

It's enough to make any traveler crabby -- escaped crustaceans delay flight updated 22 days ago

A U.S. Airways flight in New York was delayed a half hour after caged crabs escaped in the cargo hold.

This is the Boogie Down Bronx updated 22 days ago

Go beyond Yankee Stadium and the zoo to explore the best of the Bronx.

Best towns for fall colors updated 22 days ago

These are our favorite towns for fall-foliage from Arizona to Vermont.

Where's the Berlin Wall now? 10 surprising locations updated 23 days ago

From a casino restroom to a park in Seoul, the symbol of war and freedom has ended up in some strange places. Nov. 9 is the anniversary of the fall of the Wall.

Chic and stylish: Sri Lanka's new breed of hotels updated 23 days ago

Beach-side oasis and luxury cabanas: these 6 Sri Lanka hotels may be the chicest by-products of the island nation's tourism boom.

The Gathering: Sri Lanka's great elephant migration updated 23 days ago

Poachers have decimated elephant populations across Africa and parts of Asia, killing thousands of animals for their ivory.

Frank Gehry-designed BioMuseo opens in Panama updated 23 days ago

Vividly colored biodiversity museum at gateway to Panama Canal celebrates region's rich natural diversity.

World's best nightlife cities updated 23 days ago

Which cities provide the most memorable party times? A self-proclaimed "nightlife connoisseur" names his top 10.

Saving the Flying Fortress updated 24 days ago

The Commemorative Air Force saves historic warplanes by restoring them and flying them across the nation. The group plans a $40 million aviation museum.

11 urban resorts that will make you forget you're in the city updated 24 days ago

For the business traveler who doesn't have time to take a side-trip, an hour by the pool at one of these hotels will make you feel like you're on a holiday.

11 of the world's most amazing train stations updated 24 days ago

For some, these beautiful train stations are part of the everyday commute. For others, they're must-see travel destinations.

Signspotting around the world: Funny fails updated 24 days ago

As much as we try to communicate clearly, there is much fun to be had when we fail -- and it's never clearer than with signage gone wrong around the world.

Michelin names 126 NYC restaurants that won't blow your expense account updated 25 days ago

Dining experiences that won't earn you a spot on your accounting department's blacklist when you file those expenses.

7 of the world's fiercest food feuds updated 25 days ago

Here's proof that people were given mouths for only two main reasons -- to eat and to argue about what they just ate.

Chicago air traffic control fire suspect appears in court updated 25 days ago

A man accused of setting a crippling fire at an air traffic control center made his first court appearance since the incident created flight problems.

Morocco's riad hotels: Private palaces for travelers updated 26 days ago

For a sense of culture and hospitality unavailable in most big hotels, Morocco's riads, palatial homes turned boutique hotels, are unbeatable.

Air travel still hobbled after Chicago fire updated 26 days ago

The FAA hopes to have Chicago's fire-damaged air traffic control center returned to full service by October 13.

In Pictures: Spectacular buildings from Singapore's World Architecture Festival updated 27 days ago

Architects from more than 50 countries are competing at the world's largest architecture festival in Singapore this week.

Chicago-area air traffic worker's alleged sabotage still disrupting flights updated 27 days ago

FBI: Man accused of setting a fire in an air traffic control center, causing shutdown of Chicago airports, sent Facebook message just before fire.

FBI: Suspect sent Facebook message: 'I am about to take out' FAA facility updated 28 days ago

FBI: Man accused of setting a fire in an air traffic control center, causing shutdown of Chicago airports, sent Facebook message just before fire.

Dare to dive into the world's deepest pool? updated 29 days ago

An Italian spa complex adds new depths to the hotel swimming pool concept with a 42-meter plunge chamber.

20 reasons it's great to be a tourist updated 30 days ago

In honor of World Tourism Day, here's why it's time to stop hating and start traveling.

Japan's hottest new souvenir: Schoolbags updated 30 days ago

Thanks to Zooey Deschanel, traditional randoseru schoolbags see a surge in popularity among travelers.

This cute dog reunites you with your forgotten airplane items updated 30 days ago

KLM's newest employee is a beagle named "Sherlock" who reunites passengers with items they've left on planes.

Nostalgic allure of vintage theme parks updated 30 days ago

Nostalgic visitors are looking for something more than big-time theme parks. See why they're going vintage.

Woman hitches rides on planes to 46 states updated 30 days ago

Amber Nolan is stuck. The 30-year-old is in Alaska and she needs to get to the lower 48 -- "or Hawaii."

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