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If you're heading to the East Coast this Thanksgiving, bad weather may affect your travel.

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What you need to know if you're an international road warrior updated 2 hours 7 minutes ago

Viewing this on your phone? Check out our mobile version.

7 of the world's most beautiful lakeside lodges updated 6 hours 53 minutes ago

With incredible panoramas and luxe service, these lakefront stays will make you rethink your next beach vacation.

Travel Photo of the Day updated 13 hours 36 minutes ago

See stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.

10 ways to survive holiday travel updated 14 hours 17 minutes ago

Pack some patience and take our advice to have a sane Thanksgiving trip during the year's busiest travel season.

Major storm expected to snarl Thanksgiving holiday travel in Northeast updated 17 hours 27 minutes ago

If you're heading to the Northeast for Thanksgiving, you might want to get an early start.

Venice officials deny ban on wheeled suitcases updated 18 hours 5 minutes ago

Furore over reported 500 euro fines for rolling luggage prompts denial from city's special commissioner.

Venice to ban wheeled suitcases updated 18 hours 45 minutes ago

Venice has for years battled against rising waters. Now it's facing a new threat -- wheeled suitcases.

Personal submarine: Is this the world's coolest hotel perk? updated 1 days ago

Laucala Island resort in Fiji allows guests access to a James Bond-style mini-submarine as part of its resort fee.

Russian tourist fined $24,000 for Colosseum graffiti updated 1 days ago

Got more money than sense and want to leave your mark on an ancient city? Authorities in Rome have the answer...

Dropped beer bottle shatters glass walkway at London's Tower Bridge updated 1 days ago

Scary vertical views get scarier when the glass beneath your feet starts breaking. Luckily there was no danger when it happened in London.

Bill Weir welcomes you to 'The Wonder List' updated 1 days ago

In his upcoming CNN show, "The Wonder List," Bill Weir travels the globe to find people, places and creatures that might someday be lost forever.

Six ways to jazz up Thanksgiving updated 1 days ago

Take your hand out of the turkey's body cavity and turn off the football game to make some new Thanksgiving traditions with friends and family.

Am I the jerk on your airplane? updated 1 days ago

Sally Kohn: Please don't ask me to give up my seat on an plane flight. When I decline, I feel like a jerk.

'Can't slow me down': Paralyzed U.S. skydiver conquers Dubai's skies updated 1 days ago

Jarrett Martin was paralyzed when an aerial stunt went wrong. Now he's back in the air, and teaching others to jump.

World's most impressive metro stations updated 2 days ago

These quirky and beautiful subway stops make commuting look fun.

Zaha Hadid's Sleuk Rith Institute re-imagines the meaning of memorial updated 4 days ago

How Zaha Hadid's Cambodian genocide memorial is breaking away from stereotypes of commemorative architecture.

'Walking Dead' in Georgia: Film tourism comes to life updated 4 days ago

"The Walking Dead" has sparked tourism for the state of Georgia, where the AMC show is filmed.

6 reasons to love Atlanta updated 4 days ago

If you've traveled to, or through, Atlanta, you've seen the airport and the traffic. Stay a little longer and the city will share its best secrets with you.

Retro sand safari: Doing Dubai's deserts in style updated 4 days ago

Luxury vintage Land Rover tours explore Bedouin backwaters without bashing up precious dunes.

You're flying with NASA and you don't even know it updated 5 days ago

A new wing technology may join the list of NASA innovations that have made air travel safer and more convenient.

World's tallest roller coaster set to scrape Orlando's skies updated 5 days ago

Plans are underway to build the world's tallest -- and possibly most terrifying -- roller coaster at an Orlando, Florida, theme park due to open in 2017.

23 reasons Portland is still the world's best beer city updated 6 days ago

Cities around the world have closed the brew gap, but Portland, Oregon's innovative scene continues to grow, evolve and lead the beer pack.

Please, don't call: London's best 'no-reservations' restaurants updated 6 days ago

From gourmet hotdogs to Sevillian tapas, the food served in these London restaurants is worth lining up for.

Guests fined for leaving review of 'filthy, dirty rotten' hotel on TripAdvisor updated 6 days ago

When a couple left scathing comments on a travel review website that a hotel in northern England they had stayed at was a "filthy, dirty rotten stinking hovel," they thought no more about it.

Travel the world without leaving your seat updated 6 days ago

Travel photos open windows to the unknown.

Following divine footsteps: An ascent of Sri Lanka's holy mountain updated 7 days ago

Joining the ranks of pilgrims tackling Adam's Peak rewards the hiker with a spiritual awakening, or at least stunning sunrise.

Best cruise lines include Royal Caribbean, Disney updated 7 days ago

Get ready for fun in the sun on these award-winning cruise ships.

Majestic Victoria Falls: 'Zimbabwe's goldmine' draws back thrill-seekers updated 7 days ago

Victoria Falls, Africa's most famous waterfall, is inspiring a tourist boom.

Norway's cool new passport has a stylish secret updated 7 days ago

Beautifully designed new travel document reveals image of Northern Lights when placed under UV light.

Rescuing ancient villages: Italy's hamlet hotels updated 8 days ago

New concept offering luxury rooms in ancient dwellings keeps ancient beautiful villages from falling into ruin.

Incredible images capture dazzling symmetry of Iran's mosques updated 8 days ago

Self-taught Iranian photographer gains rare access to shoot religious buildings as they've never been seen.

11 luxury safari accessories updated 8 days ago

Heading off to spot the Big Five?

Ride all Disney World rides in one day updated 8 days ago

These guys tried to ride every single Walt Disney World ride in one day.

Howard Finster's 'Paradise': The South's most inspired garden updated 8 days ago

Folk artist Howard Finster's "Paradise Garden" in northern Georgia is undergoing a restoration.

15 of the world's most spectacular fountains updated 9 days ago

People never cease to find amazing ways to make water more incredible than it already is. Here are 15 examples.

Dark star: The sleepy Chinese town brought alive by its murky past updated 9 days ago

Brutal property baron's former fiefdom now home to incredible array of museums, boutique hotels and a vintage cinema.

Norovirus sickens more than 170 on cruise ship updated 9 days ago

The latest norovirus outbreak aboard the Princess Cruises' Crown Princess has infected 172 people, the CDC says.

Amazing machines poised to fly travelers into a new era updated 9 days ago

New clean-burning airline jet engines aim to save fuel and money while flying billions of passengers.

Cocaine in raw meat is latest wacky TSA find updated 11 days ago

The TSA airport screening process shows how passengers have creatively failed to smuggle illegal substances.

Bike path inspired by Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' opens in Netherlands updated 11 days ago

An artist in the Netherlands has created a brilliant tribute to Vincent van Gogh -- a bike path that glows in the dark.

Brisbane: A G20 guide to one of the world's most livable cities updated 11 days ago

As the G20 Leaders' Summit kicks off, Brisbane is emerging from the shadows of Melbourne and Sydney.

Chiang Mai gets creative updated 11 days ago

In the cultural haven of Chiang Mai, the temples and religious reverence is what you'd expect.

Eurostar looks to the future with new e320 trains updated 11 days ago

Eurostar's new e320 train will deliver you from London to Paris (or Brussels, or Amsterdam) at 200 mph. Now that's high-speed.

Signature Shanghai: Essential guide for executive travelers updated 11 days ago

Consider yourself lucky if work brings you to China's most cosmopolitan city. Here's how to cram the best of Shanghai into a business trip.

On the frigid waves of Alaska rides a surfer updated 12 days ago

We journeyed down Alaska's Seward Highway when a story appeared before us like a supernatural vision.

12 things to do in New York City before you die updated 12 days ago

A New York native shows you the town, top picks for karaoke, pastrami, movie theaters and long walks included.

U2 singer Bono's Learjet has midflight scare updated 12 days ago

A part of the Learjet flying U2 lead singer Bono was missing when the aircraft landed in Berlin on Wednesday.

8 things you might not know about Jamaica updated 12 days ago

Beyond reggae and track icons, there are many fascinating things about Jamaica that make this island stand out.

Steam safari: African animal-spotting on world's 'most luxurious train' updated 13 days ago

Rovos Rail's epic trips pamper passengers with fine dining, vintage comfort and even a hot tub.

Hotel, breast cancer 'thrivers' go for breakfast in bed world record updated 13 days ago

Members of More than Aware, a breast cancer group, and their allies sought to set a record for the most people having breakfast in bed.

Top 25 all-inclusive resorts around the world updated 13 days ago

Time to book a warm weather vacation, and here are some all-inclusive to take the worry out of travel planning.

Where are the world's best hotels? updated 13 days ago

A new report looks at 7 million traveler reviews to determine which destinations have the highest rated accommodations.

Dog booked on Delta flight goes missing updated 13 days ago

Frank Ramano says his 6-year-old dog, Ty, was lost by Delta Airlines during an October 31 trip from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida.

Worst celeb in-flight meltdowns updated 13 days ago

Jennifer Lauren's recent airline showdown is schoolgirl stuff compared to some of our fave star freak-outs.

Thailand lights up the night sky with lantern festival updated 13 days ago

The Loi Krathong festival has been celebrated throughout Thailand for centuries, usually to mark the end of the rainy season.

Best and worst airports for winter travel updated 14 days ago

Another winter, another season of flight delays? Maybe not, if you pick the right airport for your flight.

Glass walkway offers breathtaking views from London's Tower Bridge updated 14 days ago

Landmark crossing over the River Thames becomes latest global attraction to install vertical drop views.

Facing swamps, scorpions and civil war on a 3,750-mile walk along the Nile updated 14 days ago

He crossed war zones, dodged crocodiles and ate rat stew. Find out why he says his 3,750-mile journey on foot was 'the best time of my life'

Sex museums: A global guide updated 15 days ago

Displaying everything from Catherine the Great's "naughty chair" to a 5.5-foot long whale penis, these erotica exhibits aren't for the prudish.

APEC fashion hits and misses updated 15 days ago

From embarrassing photo op to embarrassing photo op, APEC never fails to deliver.

Grand Canyon, other national parks could cost more updated 15 days ago

A proposed fee increase at some U.S. national parks means exploring our natural wonders may cost more by summer.

Cranberries singer arrested for alleged air rage incident updated 15 days ago

Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan was arrested after allegedly assaulting a member of airline staff and headbutting a police officer, police say.

Pork peculiar: Inside Europe's strangest sausages updated 15 days ago

No trip around the continent is complete without sampling its oddest offal-based snacks. Then again ...

Higher places: On the trail of the Dalai Lama in India updated 16 days ago

Whether or not you get to shake the Dalai Lama's hand, the hills around Dharamsala offer a spiritual journey full of energy.

8 ways to love a tiny Cape Cod oasis updated 18 days ago

Provincetown has sunlight that inspires artists and writers, and a welcoming spirit that does not discriminate.

Corvette Nation strikes back after sinkhole disaster updated 18 days ago

First restored Corvette damaged by museum sinkhole back in February has been unveiled.

Elephant in your lap: Flying in an F-16 updated 18 days ago

Upside down, a couple of miles above the Kennedy Space Center,we get a test ride in stomach-turning F-16.

South Africa's urban farming revolution updated 18 days ago

Cape Town is overrun by farms. They're spilling out of parking lots, overtaking lawns, and growing out of TV sets

The world's best hotel restaurants in 2014 updated 18 days ago

Long gone are the days when hotel restaurants were a last resort for tired travelers resigned to over-priced, bland meals.

Heathrow installs 'Scent Globe': Which country smells best? updated 19 days ago

UK's Heathrow Airport pairs destinations with fragrances to evoke long distance travel.

Spirit Airlines: Fliers don't just hate us updated 19 days ago

Spirit Airlines survey: Here's what travelers really hate about airlines.

Skydiving and robot bartenders: The world's 'most hi-tech' cruise ship updated 19 days ago

Bumper cars, a skydiving simulator and robot bartenders are just a few of the cool features on Royal Caribbean's new Quantum of the Seas.

U.S., Asian workers are not using their vacation updated 19 days ago

Many U.S. and Asian workers don't use all their vacation days, survey finds.

Stressed out? Find sanctuary in sub-Saharan Africa updated 19 days ago

In the past, the world's chill-seekers might have ventured to Thailand to get their massage fix. In the future, they're more apt to be Africa-bound.

11 amazing ways to experience Africa from the air updated 19 days ago

Vintage helicopters, ziplines, private flying safaris offer new, spectacular views of wildlife and rugged terrain.

Saving an endangered species, Arabian-style updated 19 days ago

A veritable Noah's Ark of indigenous and introduced species populates Sir Bani Yas island, once an inhospitable salt dome island in the Arabian Gulf.

Safari in Europe: Bear, bison, big game updated 19 days ago

The "wilds" of Europe? Surprisingly, yes. Don't forget to bring your bear rifle.

Africa's most luxurious safaris updated 19 days ago

Spotting big beasts in Africa needn't involve roughing it. At these luxury camps, hot showers and clean toilets are as easy to find as big game.

11 wildlife experiences that could vanish in your lifetime updated 19 days ago

Pandas, orangutans, sea turtles -- you can still see these threatened creatures in the wild, but probably not for long.

Hellfire Pass: TripAdvisor's top museum in Thailand recounts gruesome history updated 19 days ago

The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum commemorates the notorious Death Railway that costs thousands of POW lives in World War II.

11 business hotels that prove executive travel doesn't have to be boring updated 20 days ago

Amazing art, business etiquette lessons and a "running concierge" ... these 11 hotels prove that business hotels don't have to be boring.

Feel young again in 'Old Florida' updated 20 days ago

In "Old Florida," the Deep South intermingles with the tropics at places that thrived a century ago but are often overlooked today.

First look at George Lucas' $300 million space-age art museum updated 20 days ago

Here's the first look at George Lucas' upcoming $300-million art museum.

Borderland travel: The China that defies all stereotypes updated 20 days ago

Blond hair, blue eyes, yak meat. Author David Eimer explores the Chinese ethnic minorities that defy stereotypes.

Interstellar Iceland: Exploring deep space's double updated 20 days ago

Touching down on the otherworldly landscape that stars as a distant planet in one of the year's most hyped movies.

Watch out Orlando, Dubai wants to be the world's biggest theme park destination updated 21 days ago

Robot dinosaurs, Lego men and Spider-Man -- all could become Dubai's newest residents as the city is set to house a slew of new theme parks.

Woman takes wrong cab, winds up in prison updated 21 days ago

American woman traveling solo in Timor-Leste detained since September 5 after sharing cab with a stranger carrying methamphetamine.

Man offers free trip to anyone with his ex-girlfriend's name updated 21 days ago

Calling all Elizabeth Gallaghers in Canada: Would you like a free trip around the world? One Reddit user is offering just that.

'Trivago Guy' gets a new look updated 21 days ago

Lookin' good, Trivago Guy. Thanks to a stylist, he's gotten a makeover -- though we're not sure about the belt.

Pintxos paradise: The Spanish town defined by fine dining updated 21 days ago

Global gourmets frequently place this northern Spanish city atop their culinary bucket list -- and that's before they've tried the local tapas.

25 things you love about Berlin updated 21 days ago

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we asked readers to share their favorite things about the city.

Couple marries on Southwest flight updated 21 days ago

Love was in the air on Sunday for Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart.

Nik Wallenda completes blindfolded tightrope walk in downtown Chicago updated 22 days ago

Record-breaking daredevil Nik Wallenda completed Sunday what he had called his most challenging feat to date.

6 of America's most romantic small towns updated 22 days ago

Ignore "Gone Girl." Small town America doesn't have to burn relationships, it can rekindle them.

Michelin: Hong Kong 'undisputed leader' in international cuisine updated 23 days ago

Tokyoites may brag about having the most Michelin stars in the world, but Hong Kongers can actually eat in them without breaking the bank.

13 of the world's most spectacular footbridges updated 23 days ago

Up in the mountains and across deep chasms, these bridges are both spectacular and terrifying.

Five continents, five years... and thousands of sketches updated 23 days ago

Luis Simoes has visited 29 countries in the past two years, traversing Europe and Asia and documenting every step.

The future underground: London's new spaceship-style Tube designs updated 25 days ago

Close one eye, and it could almost -- almost -- pass for a regular underground train. Close the other, and it looks like a space shuttle from Star Trek.

Ready for pilots to fly your airliner by voice commands? updated 25 days ago

The airliner cockpit of the future could include voice recognition, touch-screen steering, "synthetic vision" -- and just one pilot.

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