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Suitcase secrets: Inside other people's luggage updated 4 hours 47 minutes ago

We asked CNN readers for a sneak peek inside their bags. We uncovered cows, cookies and kitties.

From Escher to world peace: 7 reasons to visit The Hague updated 13 hours 41 minutes ago

The Hague can be a welcome, peaceful diversion from the nonstop energy (read crowds) of Amsterdam.

Travel Photo of the Day updated 13 hours 44 minutes ago

See stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.

16 incredible rooftop bars updated 20 hours 23 minutes ago

Good cocktails combine with spectacular views across rivers, cityscapes and oceans at these bird-level drinkeries.

'Artbnb'? Spanish village offers free accommodation for sculptures updated 21 hours 55 minutes ago

Spanish village offers artists free board and lodging in return for sculptures.

How Uganda emerged from chaos to become a tourist destination once more updated 1 days ago

Having banished the warlords and kick-started its economy, Uganda is re-establishing itself as a popular choice for travelers.

Shopping malls go wild in Dubai with animal attractions updated 1 days ago

Two crocodiles and an octopus now call Dubai home. Is the UAE obsessed with exotic animals?

Incredible photos of secret abandoned palaces updated 1 days ago

Polish photographer Patrycja Makowska takes incredible images of derelict buildings but refuses to divulge their location.

World's most beautiful piers updated 2 days ago

"Bridges to nowhere" to some, architectural icons and centers of entertainment for others; these jetties are worth visiting.

15 biggest souvenir-buying no-no's updated 4 days ago

Cheap, useless gifts. We're all guilty. Here's how to avoid the most common pitfalls of souvenir buying.

How flight attendants keep flying after air disasters updated 4 days ago

Seeing the images of the mangled wreckage of an aircraft after a crash is difficult for any flight attendant.

World unrest raises travel tension updated 4 days ago

It's been a tension-filled week for travelers used to flying safely around the world.

Neon signs are dying, but our appreciation isn't updated 4 days ago

The age of neon lights is dying, experts say. Businesses are switching to cheaper, more energy-efficient LED bulbs for starters.

Ex-Marine plans to beat PTSD by trekking every country updated 4 days ago

A former soldier plans to trek every country in the world, having been diagnosed with PTSD.

Japan's Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Samurai, ninjas and the original Power Rangers updated 5 days ago

When the mutinous cries of "not another zen garden, mom!" ring out, it's time to hit up the Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

U.S. ends ban on flights to Israel updated 5 days ago

The Federal Aviation Administration removed its ban on U.S. passenger planes flying to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.

World's coolest bookstores updated 5 days ago

From Maastricht to Melbourne, these itineraries make bookish travelers look stylish.

'Professional scammers' refuse to leave Airbnb host's house updated 5 days ago

A California homeowner's nightmare has become a cautionary tale for those who rent their homes to strangers.

'Whirling Dervishes:' Music, rhythm and belief united updated 5 days ago

Some call them a secret brotherhood, others refer to them as a spiritual mystery.

Paris hotels experiment with 'honesty rates': What would you pay for a stay? updated 5 days ago

When your city has an unenviable reputation for insulting tourists, inviting hotel guests to pay what they want could be a risky move.

10 things to know before visiting Sicily updated 5 days ago

Ancient Roman bikinis, volcano-skiing and some of the sweetest desserts on Earth.

Petrolhead paradise: Touring Germany's world-class automotive museums updated 5 days ago

With factory tours and collections of stunning vintage prototypes, southern Germany is petrolhead paradise.

Many flights soar over conflict zones updated 5 days ago

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was only one of many commercial flights around the world that routine fly over conflict areas.

U.S. extends ban on flights into Israel's Ben Gurion Airport updated 6 days ago

The Federal Aviation Administration extended its ban Wednesday on U.S. airlines' flights to and from Tel Aviv, Israel, for another 24 hours.

Doing time on Italy's prison island paradises updated 6 days ago

For centuries Italy has housed its convicts and political enemies on some of the myriad tiny islands that dot its stunning coastline.

11 things to know before visiting Spain updated 6 days ago

It's Western Europe's second largest country, but it's the diversity of its people and passions that holds the key to understanding Spain's eternal appeal.

10 things to know about the Mississippi Delta updated 6 days ago

The Mississippi Delta is a storied region that sets the standard for all things Southern, good and bad.

Amritsar and beyond: 6 ways to experience India's Punjab region updated 6 days ago

From temples so gold they'll make your eyes water, to food you'll be longing for days after it hits your lips, Punjab is India at its colorful, lively best.

10 things to know before visiting Copenhagen updated 6 days ago

Copenhagen: not only the capital of the happiest country on Earth -- officially -- but also probably the center of the designer goods universe.

10 things you didn't know about Las Vegas updated 6 days ago

Not many cities evoke as many instant associations as Las Vegas.

Beer begins flowing at 'America's Oktoberfest' updated 6 days ago

Thousands of beer fans from all around the world gather at the 27th Oregon Brewers Festival.

What to do in Marrakech: 10 amazing attractions updated 6 days ago

Morocco's Red City is crammed with stunning gardens, shaded souks and steamy bath houses.

Traveling to China? Weeks of flight disruptions lie ahead updated 6 days ago

Hundreds of flight cancellations, blamed on military exercises, have trickled to the rail lines as travelers try to avoid delays.

US, European airlines suspend flights to Israel updated 7 days ago

The FAA says U.S. airlines are prohibited from flying to or from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport for up to 24 hours.

20 China travel tips that will make your journey easier updated 7 days ago

Don't be intimidated, says a local expert. Here's how to do China without the hassle.

Travelers reassess plans amid Mideast conflict updated 7 days ago

The violence between Israel and Gaza has some travelers canceling or postponing trips.

An optimist's guide to off-season travel bargains updated 7 days ago

Every tourist destination has a flip side, a season when prices go down and savvy, flexible travelers can score big savings.

4 great stress-busting escapes from Johannesburg updated 7 days ago

Life in Joburg can be stressful. Luckily there are some exceedingly non-stressful places close by.

Hundreds of flights canceled at China airports, more to come updated 7 days ago

Hundreds of flights to and from eastern China were canceled or delayed Monday, but official reasons have been vague.

TSA passenger security fee rises updated 8 days ago

The costs of your airline travel will rise a little today, thanks to the federal government.

8 of the world's great coffee cities updated 8 days ago

Coffee culture has spread across the globe. Here are its touchstone cities.

Malaysia Airlines retires flight number, offers full refunds following MH17 crash updated 8 days ago

Following last week's MH17 disaster, Malaysia Airlines will offer full ticket refunds to travelers.

Loud, anarchic, quirky: My love affair with Istanbul updated 8 days ago

CNN's Ivan Watson pays homage to the city he's called home for the past 12 years.

Best and worst expat movies of all time updated 9 days ago

Cinema loves portraying the lives of expats. Sometimes it gets it right. Sometimes it casts Nick Nolte as shirtless demigod.

Amazing video: Extreme surfers in the Arctic updated 9 days ago

In what is undoubtedly the world's "coolest" surf video, photographer Chris Burkhard endures freezing temperatures, blizzards and injury.

'Tsunami of tourists' head for Iran updated 11 days ago

Iran has experienced a massive increase in tourists coming to country. Now the nation's capital is running out of hotel space.

Airbus files patent for saddle seats on planes updated 11 days ago

For air travelers who like to gripe about being cramped in economy, here comes another warning that they've never had it so good.

Ultimate Himalayan retreat: Yoga, meditation, wildlife updated 11 days ago

India's Basunti retreat was made for unwinding.

Malaysia Airlines crash prompts flight detours updated 12 days ago

Commercial airlines that usually cross eastern Ukraine are detouring from the conflicted region in light of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17's crash.

8 greatest city mascots around the world updated 12 days ago

Where to pay homage to the cutest local celebrities you'll ever stalk.

What's it like to motorcycle solo through Iran as a woman? updated 12 days ago

Lois Pryce ignored naysayers and traveled 3,000 miles via motorcycle to discover the real Iran.

Want to buy a plane that won't break the bank? You need a 'caroplane' updated 12 days ago

Meet the new car-plane hybrid that brings affordable recreational air travel to the masses.

Classic confectionery: Europe's oldest pastry shops updated 12 days ago

Proving they're what's really important, the world's best pastry shops have survived survived sieges, revolutions and World War II.

Flying London to New York: It's cutthroat for airlines on highly prized route updated 13 days ago

London to New York is the world's busiest route. Airlines will go to any length to get a piece of the action.

Universal Studios Japan's 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' opens updated 13 days ago

Built at a cost of $442.2 million, Universal Studios Japan hopes its new attraction will bring in $55 billion over 10 years.

And the world's best airline is... updated 13 days ago

Cathay Pacific wins world's airliner of the year title

Brazil claims 'victory' in World Cup updated 13 days ago

Brazil's government calls the World Cup a triumph for the country's tourism industry.

Photo secrets of Marrakech: How to shoot the Red City updated 13 days ago

The gateway to Morocco's Atlas Mountains is becoming a photographer's paradise -- but capturing it on camera isn't easy.

Weather hampers travel for Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern states updated 13 days ago

Strong storms and heavy rain hampered travel from North Carolina to Maine on Tuesday.

Best romantic summer getaways updated 13 days ago

Imagine sipping Argentina's finest wines with the snowcapped Andes in the distance. Sailing the fjords of Finland while the midnight sun shines down. Or taking in a live opera under the stars in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Road melts at Yellowstone National Park updated 14 days ago

The road was melting.

Discovery Cove named 'best amusement park' by TripAdvisor updated 14 days ago

TripAdvisor releases new rankings for best water parks and amusement parks

Is architecture dead? Not in Venice updated 14 days ago

Architect Rem Koolhaas says most new buildings look the same. This is what he suggests we do about it.

New seaplane service to open up Greek islands updated 14 days ago

If Greek island hopping is the dream, then Greek ferry timetables are usually the reality.

Tokyo time capsule: Saying goodbye to Hotel Okura updated 15 days ago

Time's running out on Tokyo's grand Hotel Okura, a hotel that glorifies the design and service of 1960s Japan.

Jetliner diverts to Pacific atoll, mechanical glitch blamed updated 15 days ago

A United Airlines flight that was forced to land on remote Midway Island after pilots detected an odor experienced a mechanical issue, the airline says.

Pamplona bull run 'selfie man' sought by police updated 15 days ago

A man who took a dangerous selfie during the running of the bulls in Pamplona is now sought by police.

Amelia Earhart flies again! Namesake to recreate global flight updated 15 days ago

This month, a young aviatrix will honor the woman she was named after by flying the same route made legendary in 1937.

8 outlaw adventures around the U.S. updated 15 days ago

CNN picked eight spots around the country to (safely) explore the scary ways of U.S. outlaws.

Pull up a chair with Paddington Bear: Book benches hit London updated 15 days ago

As part of a scheme to encourage reading, 50 benches designed in the style of popular novels or kids' stories have been scattered around London.

World's hottest new cocktail city: Singapore updated 16 days ago

Once described as "sterile," the birth city of the iconic Singapore Sling is experiencing a cocktail renaissance.

11 of the world's most unusual surf spots updated 16 days ago

Tired of sun-bleached, postcard-ready surf spots? There are different ways to carve waves.

United flight diverted to remote Midway Island due to odor updated 16 days ago

A United Airlines airliner flying from Honolulu to Guam was diverted to Midway Island because of a reported electrical smell in the cabin or cockpit.

American flight from London forced to sit on Tulsa tarmac after engine issue updated 18 days ago

Spokeswoman: An American Airlines airplane from London was diverted to Tulsa, where it sat because that airport didn't have Customs agents on hand.

10 secret beaches worth discovering updated 18 days ago

To all the locals who have been hoarding the following beaches, please forgive us.

Airport charges passengers for cool air updated 18 days ago

Passengers are used to paying for check-in baggage or priority boarding but one airport in Venezuela is now charging for the ultimate hidden extra -- air.

World's tallest water slide finally open updated 18 days ago

When no one wanted to build the world's tallest and fastest water slide, Jeff Henry built it himself.

9 of the world's greatest tunnels updated 18 days ago

As the Channel Tunnel marks its 20th anniversary, we look at other underground connections that push engineering limits.

Coming soon? Standing instead of sitting on planes updated 19 days ago

A new report says "vertical seats" could allow more passengers onto a plane and cut ticket costs. Is it worth it?

Dark tourism: 5 macabre Southeast Asia destinations updated 19 days ago

Southeast Asia's darker tourist attractions supply insight and shivers in equal doses.

Expert American bull runner gored in Pamplona updated 19 days ago

A Chicago man who just co-authored a book on how to run with the bulls in Pamplona was gored in the right thigh on Wednesday and underwent surgery in hospital, two friends with him in Pamplona told CNN.

World's strangest lakes updated 19 days ago

Boiling, disappearing, Pepto-Bismol pink: The water's anything but fine at these strange lakes from Trinidad to Thailand.

Riding the Tour de France through WWI battlefields updated 19 days ago

Following cycling's toughest race as it explores northern European battlefields to mark a century since WWI.

In-flight fine dining: Is it really possible? updated 20 days ago

More airlines are teaming up with world-class chefs, hoping to solve that ultimate aviation problem: how to serve a top rate meal in the air.

Some passengers will have to power up electronics at U.S. airport checkpoints updated 20 days ago

Some domestic airline passengers will be asked to turn on electronic devices under new security measures.

Pilot buys pizza for delayed passengers updated 20 days ago

Adam Ritchie, a Domino's Pizza manager in Cheyenne, Wyoming, said he'd never received a call like the one he got Monday night.

Air New Zealand shows off stunning, all-black Dreamliner updated 20 days ago

The debut model of the new fuel-efficient aircraft makes for a head-turning spectacle.

Surviving Pamplona's running of the bulls updated 20 days ago

By distance, the running of the bulls course in Pamplona is pretty short: just 850 meters, or half a mile.

Riding shotgun in the Gumball 3000 updated 20 days ago

Gumball 3000 2014. Once a year, a motley crew of superstars in supercars carve out an impossible, hedonistic adventure.

Dramatic video shows 'near miss' at Barcelona airport updated 20 days ago

An apparent near miss between two aircraft that was captured on video at Barcelona Airport has prompted an investigation by Spanish aviation authorities.

Snake charmers and storytellers: Marrakech's magical medieval heart updated 20 days ago

With its timeless traders and medicine men, the red city's Jemaa el Fna square seems caught in a Twilight Zone.

Revolution and rum: 18 drinks inspired by the Philippines updated 21 days ago

Pinoy pride is evident in these diverse new drinks that champion the country's flavors -- and even the odd landmark.

World's 10 most romantic movie locations updated 21 days ago

In honor of National Kissing Day, TravelZoo has released a list of the world's top 10 romantic movie locations.

Farnborough 2014: What to expect at this year's airshow updated 21 days ago

The Farnborough airshow attracts exhibitors and visitors from all around the world and is at the heart of developments in the aviation industry.

The coolest outdoor hotel showers updated 21 days ago

It's a sure sign of vacation when even your daily shower feels indulgent and comes with scenic views.

World's scariest, best water slides updated 21 days ago

Nine of the most acceptable and enjoyable ways to wet yourself this summer.

It started in a flying boat ... a century of commercial aviation updated 21 days ago

It's 100 years since a "flying boat" made the first scheduled commercial flight. Here's how times have changed.

Kombis reincarnated as tour buses in Uganda updated 21 days ago

Volkswagen ended Kombi production last year, but the spirit of adventure and resourcefulness that endowed the vehicles lives on in Uganda.

25 totally unnecessary but desirable travel gadgets updated 22 days ago

Of course you don't really need that Gucci trunk that converts into a deluxe shower, but wouldn't it be cool?

#CNNTravel: What's in your suitcase? updated 22 days ago

CNN wants to know the wonderful, bizarre and indispensable items you pack when getting ready to hit the road. Tell us #howipack

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