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Ancient competitions and a pop-up yurt town rejuvenate nomadic cultures.

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Get to know stunning Scotland updated 20 hours 32 minutes ago

Whether or not it remains part of the United Kingdom, Scotland seems to have a flavor all its own.

The coolest city in South Africa you've never seen updated 1 days ago

Joburg is trendy, Cape Town is glamorous, but Durban has style -- and a restaurant inside a shark tank.

Punches, headbutts, knockouts: Asia's 'new' martial arts sensation updated 1 days ago

Hidden from the rest of the world for decades, Myanmar's Lethwei boxing is experiencing a revival globally.

And the world's busiest airport is ... updated 1 days ago

Atlanta airport is still the busiest passenger airport in the world, followed by Beijing and London Heathrow.

Stolen cell phone racks up $500,000 bill in a single day updated 1 days ago

Australian man lodges complaint after network insisted he pay up for more than $500,000 of calls made to Somalia.

Best perks from the best seats: Ultimate first-class airline offerings updated 1 days ago

Airlines are so keen to keep their top-paying customers happy, they're offering services you wouldn't even get in a hotel.

Fodor's names world's top hotels updated 1 days ago

A Mexican beach getaway, a royal castle retreat and a charming Santorini hotel all made the winners list of the fourth annual Fodor's 100 Hotel Awards, announced Wednesday.

Traveler's Choice: World's best museums updated 1 days ago

The Art Institute of Chicago is the world's best museum, according to TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

Travel Photo of the Day updated 1 days ago

See stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.

Airbus' Beluga: The world's strangest-looking airplane turns 20 updated 1 days ago

Airbus' Beluga cargo aircraft is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first flight this week.

Art and the Berlin Wall: 8 places to visit updated 1 days ago

Formidable structure that once split the German capital city inspires fascinating artworks featuring balloons, rabbits and neon.

The 'Catholic witchdoctors' of Bolivia: Where God and ancient spirits collide updated 1 days ago

On the vast plains of the Altiplano plateau in South America live people who believe in magic.

5 overlooked world treasures updated 2 days ago

Even veteran travelers like Lonely Planet's Tony Wheeler haven't been to all of these five hidden treasures around the world.

Sensory isolation helmets: Is this next for plane passengers? updated 2 days ago

Airbus patent proposes using special headsets to control the sights, sounds and smells to reduce in-flight boredom and stress.

Scotland: 8 reasons to be proud updated 2 days ago

Vikings, vicious politics and vindaloo curries -- Scotland isn't all tartan and bagpipes.

Disney World splurges that are worth it updated 3 days ago

Walt Disney World is expensive. No two ways about it. Here are some places that are worth the splurge.

Curse continues! Giant rabbit goes up in flames updated 3 days ago

Artist Florentijn Hofman's larger-than-life Moon Rabbit installation burns to the ground in Taiwan.

6 of the world's best subterranean bars updated 4 days ago

Former brothels, public toilets and war bunkers now provide eccentric watering holes for those willing to drink deep.

Elephants take over Hong Kong malls updated 6 days ago

Designer elephants have invaded Hong Kong's Pacific Place mall, attracting a stampede and tourists.

Albania's Block party: Dancing away the dictator's legacy updated 6 days ago

The former home of a totalitarian dictator in Tirana is now home to a pulsing scene of clubs, bars and restaurants.

Airlines show off their new flying colors updated 6 days ago

It's been a big week for makeovers in the world of aviation.

10 of the world's most photogenic volcanoes updated 7 days ago

No volcano should be tackled lightly but if you prepare correctly you'll be rewarded with some of the world's most amazing vistas.

Is this the world's most 'British' vacation? updated 7 days ago

A solid "British" vacation needs castles, horse shows and the icon of British motoring: the Land Rover.

Really? 10 unexpected cruise activities updated 7 days ago

If you're one of the nearly 20% of Americans who have taken a cruise, you may know which ships feature Formula One simulators, gardens and skating rinks.

What's a giant white rabbit doing on a military bunker in Taiwan? updated 8 days ago

The famed Dutch artist has launched his latest supersized installation at Taiwan's Taoyuan Land Arts Festival.

One of the great maritime mysteries may be solved in cold Canadian waters updated 8 days ago

One of the most famous tragedies of the Northwest Passage sea route around the top of North America might have finally been solved.

6 best places to escape the crowds in Bali updated 8 days ago

Had enough of Kuta? Life ambles along at a more sedate pace at these under-the-radar destinations.

6 dishes every Bali visitor needs to try updated 8 days ago

For travelers looking to savor the flavors of real Balinese cuisine, these are the meals to kick things off with.

7 deluxe reasons to visit Oman updated 9 days ago

From swanky island resorts to verdant desert mountains, the UAE's more subdued neighbor offers luxury experiences all of its own.

Dubai's appetite for construction continues with multi-billion dollar boost to build world's largest airport updated 9 days ago

The world's biggest airport project received a boost this week as the ruler of Dubai announced a multi-billion dollar expansion to the city's second airport.

Captain Cook experience: Discovering the lost isles of the South Pacific updated 9 days ago

Following the trails of the great explorers, a once-a-year cruise visits untouched islands and never-snorkeled reefs.

'Gone With the Wind' exhibit: Frankly, we still give a damn updated 9 days ago

An exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center marks the 75th anniversary of the making of the 1939 movie classic "Gone With the Wind."

The story of Ship 100: WWII pilot, 99, reunited with historic C-47 plane updated 9 days ago

An American and a Chinese vet, the only surviving pilots of the wartime China National Aviation Corp, celebrate after an historic flight of a Douglas C-47.

Pilot diverts plane to give passengers better view of volcano updated 10 days ago

Erupting Icelandic volcanoes sometimes ground flights, but this time they kept one up in the air as its pilot looped back to give passengers a better view.

Great white sharks: You can track 'em updated 10 days ago

Mary Lee has logged more than 16,000 miles in the past two years. She's been to Florida, Bermuda and Cape Cod. She's also a great white shark.

Divine photos of America's most epic churches updated 10 days ago

Photographer Christoph Morlinghaus takes us on a grand tour of the very best Modernist religious architecture.

Fire down below: Surviving Italy's chilli eating marathon updated 10 days ago

Asbestos-bellied locals converge on Calabria to compete for hottest ticket on the culinary calendar.

10 great towns, villages and neighborhoods for architecture buffs updated 10 days ago

Cities and skyscrapers may be the poster children for eye-catching architecture, but beautiful doesn't have to be big, as these smaller communities prove.

'Expert' gored by bulls says he'll run with them again updated 11 days ago

Veteran, expert bull runner, badly gored in Pamplona, is back at other smaller bull runnings in Spain, but walking with a cane.

Controversial inflight device: Should the Knee Defender be banned? updated 13 days ago

A squabble over a device that limits how far a seat can recline has brought inflight etiquette into the spotlight again.

Knee defender speaks out about airline legroom fight updated 13 days ago

The man who got kicked off a flight because of a fight over seat reclining says he's sorry about his behavior.

Custody battle diverts flight updated 13 days ago

A Beijing-bound United Airlines flight returned to Dulles International Airport Thursday evening because of an alleged international parental kidnapping.

Is 'gate-to-gate' phone usage really necessary? updated 13 days ago

More and more airlines allow passengers to use phones "from gate to gate"; but does that mean you should?

How Biennale season transforms the city of Venice updated 13 days ago

The Venice Biennale spawns a wealth of mind-blowing art and experimental architecture across the city

Mixologists: Drink masters or just pretentious bartenders? updated 14 days ago

Why aren't bartenders content just to be called bartenders anymore?

Cycling the Death Strip: Berlin Wall by bicycle updated 14 days ago

Once fortified frontier between East and West German zones is now a fascinating two-wheeled trail through history.

Does this have the Grand Canyon beat? updated 14 days ago

Namibia's Fish River Canyon may not be as big as its American counterpart, but it's millions of years older -- and a lot quieter.

It's taggers vs. artists in San Francisco's graffiti war updated 15 days ago

Destructive graffiti wars are being waged by anonymous taggers defacing many of the meticulously painted murals that illustrate San Francisco's streets.

Seat recline fight diverts another flight updated 15 days ago

In the third serious airline legroom incident in two weeks, an angry passenger caused yet another flight to divert Monday night.

10 wild spots turning 50 updated 15 days ago

The landmark Wilderness Act celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014. Check out 10 wild spots that it preserved.

America's best small town museums updated 15 days ago

Towns like Old Lyme, CT, and Springville, UT, offer outsize collections of Impressionist paintings, modern installations, and folk art—without the crowds.

10 of the world's best nighttime adventures updated 16 days ago

Some things are just better after dark. These experiences around the world prove it.

6 of world's most colorful colonial holdouts updated 16 days ago

France just an hour from Canada, Britain in the South Atlantic -- what you find at some of the world's remaining political colonies.

19 greatest bonus-busting vacation experiences updated 16 days ago

Scrap all those other bucket lists you've been compiling and start saving -- these memorable-for-a-lifetime trips don't come cheap, or easy.

Ultimate Himalayan retreat: Yoga, meditation, wildlife updated 16 days ago

India's Basunti retreat was made for unwinding.

Giant inflatable duck artist's next big thing: Hippos updated 16 days ago

Artist Florentijn Hofman has traveled the world with his huge artworks. Now he's bringing his big beasts to London.

World's coolest bookstores updated 16 days ago

From Maastricht to Melbourne, these itineraries make bookish travelers look stylish.

5 must-play golf courses in the Canadian Rockies updated 17 days ago

Breathtaking scenery, championship design -- many of the courses dropped into the Canadian Rockies are among the most memorable in the world.

A thousand points of wine: Napa Valley's once-in-a-lifetime wine-tasting experience updated 17 days ago

Most people don't taste one "perfect" wine their whole lives; now you can taste 10 in one four-day tour.

Paradise with a conscience: Nihiwatu on Indonesia's Sumba island updated 17 days ago

A resort on remote Sumba has one of the world's best surf breaks, but that's only the start of the superlatives.

Eating cockroaches in China: Healing and delicious? updated 18 days ago

CNN's David McKenzie reminisces about some of the stranger things he's eaten on the road, as he tastes a crispy cockroach.

15 funniest travel books ever written (in English) updated 18 days ago

Because a sense of humor is essential when facing the mysteries and miseries of a foreign culture.

Corvette museum will fill sinkhole after all, restore some cars updated 19 days ago

The National Corvette Museum will reluctantly fill a monster sinkhole that brought it both pain and gain.

31 can't-miss U.S. beaches updated 19 days ago

The crashing waves on the shore and sand beneath your toes: These 31 beaches are calling you for one last visit.

10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else updated 20 days ago

Tech culture, female golfers, mixing work and booze -- here's how a relatively small country leads the world in so many categories.

11 things to know before visiting Myanmar updated 20 days ago

Newfound political freedom has made the once-closed country a 2013 travel hot spot.

Amritsar and beyond: 6 ways to experience India's Punjab region updated 20 days ago

From temples so gold they'll make your eyes water, to food you'll be longing for days after it hits your lips, Punjab is India at its colorful, lively best.

Airline seat reclining sparks another skirmish updated 20 days ago

Inching into another passenger's knee space has some airline passengers itching for a fight. Why are people so angry about seat reclining in the air?

Airlines saving lives with trashed leather updated 20 days ago

Southwest Airlines has enough surplus leather to fill the Empire State Building. They want to use it to save Africa.

Marathon du Medoc: Running France's long-distance drinking race updated 20 days ago

Thirst for victory competes with thirst for wine as runner raise their glasses before they cross the finish line.

Refuge for America's mustangs, deluxe sanctuary for vacationers updated 21 days ago

The symbol of the untamed American West is both worshiped and condemned -- one eco sanctuary hopes to provide a partial solution.

Dine with sharks, drink wine in an ancient tree: 6 of Africa's most unusual eateries updated 21 days ago

From dining next to massive predators to drinking atop a rock in the middle of the ocean, Africa boasts some of the most interesting places to eat.

Untamed wilderness in the Tetons updated 21 days ago

The grizzly bears that claim this park as their home demand respect. They're emblems of a tough and inspiring untamed wilderness.

Summer in the park: Great Smoky Mountains updated 21 days ago

The boundary between Tennessee and North Carolina might be one of the loveliest border crossings ever: It's the crest of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail walk the line between the two states for most of the trail's path through the park.

The people who create their own 'countries' updated 21 days ago

Don't like the country you live in? Why not create your own, as many people have done. We uncover the parallel world of "micronationalism."

10 things to know before visiting Sicily updated 21 days ago

Ancient Roman bikinis, volcano-skiing and some of the sweetest desserts on Earth.

10 things to know before visiting Copenhagen updated 21 days ago

Copenhagen: not only the capital of the happiest country on Earth -- officially -- but also probably the center of the designer goods universe.

11 things to know before visiting Quebec updated 21 days ago

How are Quebecois chefs putting their unique spin on traditional French cuisine?

8 ways Lyon outshines Paris updated 21 days ago

Wine, food, churches, festivals -- Lyon, France's second city, has a sophistication that can elevate it above even the capital.

'Some People Call Me Maurice': Best Los Angeles theme bars updated 21 days ago

At these fun Los Angeles bars, the the drinks come with a chaser of kitsch.

Parahawking in Nepal: Soaring high with vultures for the ultimate rush updated 22 days ago

Little can compare with the rush that comes from sharing the skies with an Egyptian vulture at 2,000-plus meters.

12 months, 12 amazing adventures updated 22 days ago

The first couple weeks of each new year start with grandiose visions.

Best airport restaurants around the world updated 22 days ago

Farewell, salty snacks and salads wrapped in plastic. Top chefs are opening airport restaurants -- and these, we think, are the best.

16 incredible rooftop bars updated 22 days ago

Good cocktails combine with spectacular views across rivers, cityscapes and oceans at these bird-level drinkeries.

How to experience the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, India updated 22 days ago

Hailed as one of the top 10 things to see in India, the backwaters of Kerala offer a look at another side of the country.

Frozen festival: New northern arts event explores 'Arctic state of mind' updated 22 days ago

The SALT Arctic arts fest kicks off in Norway in August to highlight fragility of sparsely populated landscapes.

11 of the world's most unusual surf spots updated 22 days ago

Tired of sun-bleached, postcard-ready surf spots? There are different ways to carve waves.

10 of the world's most exclusive members clubs updated 22 days ago

The places that offer networking opps with the world's most influential people ... for a price.

9 places on Earth we know very little about updated 22 days ago

Forget space. Our very own planet is ripe for investigation.

Riding shotgun in the Gumball 3000 updated 22 days ago

Gumball 3000 2014. Once a year, a motley crew of superstars in supercars carve out an impossible, hedonistic adventure.

13 of America's most photogenic places updated 22 days ago

Check out these travel photographer's 13 glorious photos from these lovely spots around the country.

Legroom fight diverts flight updated 22 days ago

The simmering debate over reclining in airplane seats boiled over Sunday aboard a United Airlines flight.

Flying pains as China struggles to keep up with aviation growth updated 23 days ago

A CNN producer experiences China's poor on-time flight record firsthand as his plane takes off eight hours late.

One of the coolest airline museums you've never heard of updated 23 days ago

Welcome to the Delta Flight Museum, home to some of the airline industry's historic jewels, including a first-of-its-kind aircraft

Chocolate city: Tour shows off Zurich as the place for chocoholics updated 24 days ago

New Yorker Kerrin Rousset's exploration of Swiss city aims to lure cocoa fans over to the dark side.

11 extremely practical Japan travel tips updated 24 days ago

Japan isn't a country to which you just show up and wing it. Here's how to arrive prepared.

Napa Valley wineries reopening after earthquake updated 24 days ago

It appears that the earthquake that struck California Sunday did not impact vineyards or the grapes on the vine.

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