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Despite its long list of wrongs, Chicago's residents say there's still a lot that's right with the city.

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A runner's view of the world's most closed society updated 10 hours 28 minutes ago

The chance to run a marathon through the capital city of the world's most mysterious country was too good an opportunity to pass up.

5 hotels for chocoholics updated 13 hours 24 minutes ago

Easter break packing tip: pants with elastic waistbands.

U.S. seaside hotels under $200 updated 21 hours 46 minutes ago

When Cristina Behrens travels to Santa Barbara, CA, to see clients, she likes to stay somewhere that's convenient for meetings and—almost more important—convenient to a morning jog on the beach.

Milan: 7 things to know before you go updated 23 hours 32 minutes ago

Here's proof that there's more to Milan than finance and fashion.

Travel Photo of the Day updated 23 hours 34 minutes ago

See stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.

World's 100 best beaches updated 1 days ago

The greatest list of beaches ever produced -- all that's left for you to do is read, relax and respond.

Best places to experience Native American culture updated 1 days ago

American Indian culture is thriving in galleries, powwows and film festivals. Here are some of the best places in the U.S. to experience Native America.

World's best honeymoon spot is ... updated 1 days ago

Maldives tops a select list. But where would you spend your ideal honeymoon?

Artist 'jolts people awake' with zippers and T-shirts updated 1 days ago

Whether he's dressing naked statues in white tees or creating voluminous balloons shaped like human buttocks, Jun Kitagawa's public art is erotic and playful.

World's best pizza not in Italy updated 1 days ago

Bontá mia! An Australian chef takes home top honors at the Pizza World Championships in Italy.

10 of the world's longest bridges updated 2 days ago

No river is too wide for the incredible feats of engineering that are the world's longest bridges.

6 ways to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday in England updated 2 days ago

Go to the theater? Visit his hometown? Drink like an Elizabethan? Six ways to propose a birthday toast to the bard.

Don't make these stupid travel mistakes updated 2 days ago

Threatening an airline on Twitter is a terrible idea.

Crazy things Americans tried to take on planes in 2013 updated 2 days ago

Guns, grenades, human skull fragments and a lipstick pepper spray -- the TSA had a busy year in 2013, as a new report reveals.

Teen arrested for tweeting airline terror threat updated 2 days ago

Police arrested a 14-year-old Dutch girl Monday after she tweeted a terror threat to American Airlines that catapulted her into social media fame overnight.

Libraries are dying? Think again updated 2 days ago

Many people are discovering a renewed fascination with libraries

First! 8 hotels that changed the industry updated 3 days ago

En-suite bathrooms? Not till 1910. Minibars? Not till 1974. And other hospitality firsts.

Hong Kong in Lego form? Everything about these photos is awesome updated 3 days ago

In "Legography," Louis Vuitton-toting shoppers, a Big Yellow Duck and other iconic Hong Kong scenes are recreated in toy form.

Amritsar and beyond: 6 ways to experience India's Punjab region updated 3 days ago

From temples so gold they'll make your eyes water, to food you'll be longing for days after it hits your lips, Punjab is India at its colorful, lively best.

Most photographed places in the world are ... updated 3 days ago

What's New York's most popular attraction? Which world city gets photographed the most? Answers are revealed by a new photo-tagging ranking.

Aviation geeks, a flight club set on solving Malaysia mystery updated 3 days ago

Aviation geeks, who call themselves avgeeks, have been around for years, but recently their passion has focused on the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Cruise ship passengers sickened on luxury liners updated 3 days ago

Three outbreaks of illness have been reported among passengers and crew on two cruise ships -- two of them in back-to-back cruises of the same ship -- CDC says.

10 quirkiest hotels in Latin America updated 5 days ago

No longer impressed by welcome cocktails and thread count? These Latin America hotels actually make the stay special.

7 ways air travel changed after disasters updated 6 days ago

The lessons we learned and changes we made as a result of previous airline accidents.

Wi-fi, Instagram walls and turntables: How hotels are courting millennials updated 6 days ago

In order to stay relevant to the new generation of travelers, hotels are throwing out the old formula and starting from scratch.

The fashion model's guide to Milan updated 7 days ago

They're hot, they're popular, they're stylish. Now they're your tour guides to Italy's fashion capital.

Insider guide to the most fashionable place on Earth updated 7 days ago

High-end brands collide with upwardly mobile people browsing hundred-thousand-dollar jackets while sipping cocktails -- welcome to Milan's "fashion quadrangle."

Happy when it pours: The umbrella man of Milan updated 7 days ago

Franceso Maglia umbrellas have been making luxury umbrellas in Milan for five generations

A modern day wonder in the Sea of Galilee, Israel's hotspot for migratory birds updated 7 days ago

The Sea of Gallilee, where Christ reputedly walked on water, is today home to another miracle of sorts.

Risking his life for the perfect wave updated 8 days ago

Kenji Croman has broken bones, dislocated his shoulder and endured concussions in pursuit of amazing wave photos.

Top tips for flying long-haul with young children updated 8 days ago

A mother-of-two explains how to fly with kids without making everyone else on the plane hate you.

The hotel minibar is dying; long live the nearby convenience store updated 9 days ago

You may not have those $10 Heinekens and $6 bags of M&M's to kick around anymore. Happy now?

Airbus unveils the passenger cabins for the new A350 XWB plane updated 9 days ago

Last week Airbus announced a squeeze which will make most frequent flyers groan, but today the European firm unveiled how passengers flying on its new A350 XWB might travel.

Travelers' choice: World's top 25 destinations updated 9 days ago

You blinked and a quarter of the year flew by. It's time to plan a vacation. TripAdvisor's list of top destinations should help.

And the best airline in the U.S. is ... updated 9 days ago

Virgin America ranked No. 1 in an annual airline rating report for the second consecutive year.

America's best vacations for sports fans updated 10 days ago

From boxing and baseball to lingerie football leagues, these are some of the best U.S. vacations for sports lovers.

11 extremely practical Japan travel tips updated 10 days ago

Japan isn't a country to which you just show up and wing it. Here's how to arrive prepared.

10 of Europe's most expensive restaurants updated 10 days ago

Financial crisis is never on the menu in Europe's most expensive restaurants, where the the food is rich and the diners richer.

The Middle East's new king of hotels aims to build where others fear to tread updated 10 days ago

Meet the Middle Eastern hotel chain taking on the big boys of the hospitality industry.

New rankings: World's best cruises updated 12 days ago

For would-be cruisers who just can't deal with choice overload, U.S. News and World Report has ranked the best cruise lines and ships by category.

36 world-changing travel moments updated 12 days ago

From credit cards to crash test dummies, some of the most important advances in travel over the last century.

12 elevators you need to see to believe updated 12 days ago

When it comes to elevators, function usually trumps form and the ride is utterly forgettable. Not so with these lifts.

Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market updated 12 days ago

When Ashley Blackmon sat down for her job interview for a marketing position in New York City, she didn't start off by talking about the business classes she had taken in college or her experience working at a financial services company.

10 of Scotland's spectacular castles updated 12 days ago

In the best fairy tales, there is always a castle: tall turrets, an intimidating moat and a breathtaking view.

Chinese residents line up for bags of fresh mountain air updated 13 days ago

Whatever the motive behind the event, it made for some powerful images of some China residents' desperation for better air.

Japan's puffer fish capital: Delicious and deadly updated 13 days ago

Shimonoseki is Japan's puffer fish capital and home to Haedomari, the only market in the country that specializes in the infamous Japanese delicacy.

90-year-old woman battles to save Turkey's loggerhead turtles updated 13 days ago

A former ballet dancer has helped spare loggerhead turtle habitat from developers. At age 90, she's still fighting for the turtles.

U.S. airports are 'awful.' Here's the problem updated 14 days ago

The Economist is latest to dogpile on the reputation of U.S. airports; one industry leader says he knows why.

Goodyear tests its bigger, faster Zeppelin 'blimp' updated 14 days ago

It's a new era for Goodyear's iconic blimp. You could call it the Age of the Zeppelin. Cue the guitars!

How to vacation like Italian aristocracy updated 14 days ago

Aristocrats are offering their Italian villas for rent and tours of Italian heritage houses because they need your cash

9 places on Earth we know very little about updated 15 days ago

Forget space. Our very own planet is ripe for investigation.

White sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean: Kenya's water sport paradise updated 15 days ago

Watamu is a Kenyan fishing village on the Indian Ocean. Known for its rich Swahili culture, it is now a top water sports destination.

Parisians seek split from love locks updated 15 days ago

Campaigners in Paris say love locks attached to Pont des Arts and other bridges could ruin historic landmarks.

Airbus to cram more seats into A380 superjumbo updated 15 days ago

Airbus is planning 11-seat rows for its A380 superjumbo, raising potential passenger capacity by 7%.

Godzilla meets Hello Kitty: Ultra toy story hits SFO Airport updated 15 days ago

The run has been extended for an exhibit of Japanese toys, the most popular show ever at San Francisco Airport's SFO Museum.

Will Caesars impress with Las Vegas High Roller? updated 15 days ago

The 550-foot-tall High Roller has finally opened on the Las Vegas Strip.

15 best U.S. spots for kids updated 16 days ago

The 15 best attractions in the U.S. for kids, announced Tuesday as part of Gogobot's Travelers' Favorites awards.

Sonic wonders of the world: 8 great places to hear updated 16 days ago

Listen up people! Ditch your cameras and open your ears to "sound tourism."

Million-dollar safari -- would you pay up? updated 16 days ago

How stressed out do you need to be to spend $1 million on a 111-day holiday?

And the world's busiest airport is ... updated 16 days ago

Atlanta's airport is still the busiest passenger airport in the world, but Beijing's airport is closing the gap.

Bacon and dentures: Weird trash hits UK beaches updated 16 days ago

Bacon and dentures among tide of filth washing up on Britain's dirtiest beaches, which campaigners say is worst 20 years.

New train ticket offers 53-day rail trip around the world updated 16 days ago

A British travel company is selling round the world rail tickets for an epic 53-day journey.

How young is too young to travel? updated 16 days ago

When are young children old enough to travel? Temperaments of parent and child are key to travel readiness, experts say.

25 years on the 'dead stadium' tour updated 17 days ago

Robert Ondrovic was at Shea Stadium for the Mets' first season there in 1964, and he was there for its last in 2008.

Life inside the densest place on earth: Remembering Kowloon Walled City updated 17 days ago

Picture a colossal empire of little houses stacked on top of each other. Visualize them connected by staircases snaking under dangling wires, through corridors so dark even police were rumored to be afraid of them.

Braver than bungee: Vanuatu's land-diving daredevils updated 17 days ago

Think bouncing on the end of an elastic rope is tough? Try jumping off a wooden tower with only a vine tied to your ankle like the land divers of Vanuatu.

The last 5,055: In search of Namibia's elusive black rhino updated 20 days ago

Decimated by poaching, black rhino numbers are starting to increase again, thanks, in part, to on-foot tracking tours for tourists.

Dubai gets trippy with Festival of Lights updated 20 days ago

France's best lighting artists have given Dubai a makeover for its inaugural Festival of Lights

Hong Kong dim sum classics make comeback ... for now updated 20 days ago

Traditional dim sum dishes are falling out of fashion in Hong Kong, but one local chef is putting them back on the menu ... for now.

And the world's best airport is ... updated 20 days ago

Singapore Changi Airport has been crowned the best in the world for the second year in a row at the World Airport Awards.

In wake of LAX shooting, TSA recommends checkpoint changes updated 20 days ago

The Transportation Security Administration is recommending a beefed-up police presence at TSA checkpoints and ticket counters during busy times at airports, the agency said in a report released Wednesday.

9 quirky U.S. hotel traditions updated 20 days ago

Lots of hotels have traditions. But the rituals at the U.S. lodgings we've listed here stand out above the crowd in our book.

Can Hong Kong save its neon signs? One museum hopes so updated 21 days ago

Hong Kong's narrow streets were once a dazzling gallery of neon signs -- now these are to be displayed in the M+ museum

How to survive Hong Kong's wildest sporting event of the year updated 21 days ago

Hong Kong Sevens players, refs and hardcore fans share tips on how to get the most out of this wild three-day rugby party.

America's best spring drives updated 21 days ago

Views out the car window look brightest in spring, when the landscape bursts with wildflowers. See for yourself on America's best spring drives.

Would you pay to cut in line for the toilets on a flight? updated 22 days ago

According to a new survey, there are some fees passengers hate, and some they'd happily pay for.

The best way to experience Hong Kong? Climb aboard one of its iconic trams updated 22 days ago

Hong Kong's iconic tram system might be 110 years old. But it remains one of the best ways to explore the city.

Bamboo Forest vs. Stone Castle: The rival empires of Japanese whiskey updated 22 days ago

Competing with each other, Japanese whiskey makers have climbed into the ranks of the world's elite.

Big thrills: 50 ways to be a daredevil updated 22 days ago

Advisory: Do not read this list if you have a heart condition or get an adrenaline spike from fixing your TV antenna.

Washington Monument to reopen in May updated 22 days ago

The remaining scaffolding around the Washington Monument will begin to come down this week.

Inside the world of rare mountain gorillas updated 22 days ago

CNN's Zain Verjee took on Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in a bid to see its mountain gorillas.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban wins 2014 Pritzker Prize updated 22 days ago

Shigeru Ban, the 57-year-old winner of this year's Pritzker Prize -- arguably the world's most prestigious architecture award -- is the Rumpelstiltskin of building design.

Live like the 'Wolf of Wall Street' on your own movie yacht updated 23 days ago

How to live like the "Wolf of Wall Street" -- or at least sail his superyacht.

Is 'affordable art' really all that affordable? updated 23 days ago

Hong Kong's latest art fair wrapped Sunday with sales topping HK$39 million (US$5 million) -- up 50% on last year's hugely successful inaugural event.

Leopards, surfing, curry: A great Sri Lankan odyssey updated 23 days ago

From a burgeoning beach scene to unexpected wildlife, Sri Lanka's southern coast is filled with outdoor adventures.

Toilets, corrupt officials, chicken coops: 10 weird tours updated 23 days ago

In Jamaica, pot farmers now offer guided tours cannabis plantations. Here are more tours exposing less traditional attractions.

'Are you kidding?' controller asks Southwest jet that landed at wrong airport updated 23 days ago

Audio recordings released on Monday reveal confusion between air traffic controllers and the veteran crew of a Southwest Airlines jet after they landed at the wrong airport in Missouri in January.

Amazing starry time-lapse video of Corfu updated 23 days ago

What do you get when you combine 60,000 photos, eight-hour cliff treks and months of patient processing? One of the year's great time-lapse videos.

Egypt unveils two massive restored pharaoh statues updated 24 days ago

Archeologists in the historic city of Luxor, Egypt have unveiled two massive ancient statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III to the public.

10 top Caribbean secrets updated 24 days ago

"Goat water" and Killer Bee cocktails? Turns out there's plenty of Caribbean left to discover.

Golden chains: 20 best franchises for travelers updated 26 days ago

Sometimes it's not about a place where everybody knows your name. It's about a place where you already know theirs.

8 irresistible indoor hotel pools updated 26 days ago

Striking décor, luxury amenities and stunning settings have given many indoor hotel pools a glamor boost.

Get happy in the world's happiest countries updated 26 days ago

Is there pixie dust mixed into the food, drink of the happiest places on Earth? Or is it something in the crisp, clear air?

Souks, sea and surf: Riding giants in Morocco updated 27 days ago

Morocco is famous for its historic cities and rugged landscape. But it's becoming known as a surfer's paradise.

Seoul unveils $451 million 'spaceship' landmark updated 27 days ago

In yet another display of the city's commitment to 24-hour culture, Seoul is unveiling its biggest night attraction yet.

Winter blues to turn pink with D.C.'s cherry blossom season updated 27 days ago

Our winter blues are about to turn pink! This year's National Cherry Blossom Festival starts in Washington on Thursday.

Sexy, skintight, sophisticated: How China's iconic dress has survived a century updated 28 days ago

An exhibit at the Hong Kong Museum of History pays tribute to the cheongsam. Some say the dress's appeal is fading. Others disagree.

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