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Breathtaking scenery, championship design -- many of the courses dropped into the Canadian Rockies are among the most memorable in the world.

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Paradise with a conscience: Nihiwatu on Indonesia's Sumba island updated 23 hours 36 minutes ago

A resort on remote Sumba has one of the world's best surf breaks, but that's only the start of the superlatives.

Eating cockroaches in China: Healing and delicious? updated 1 days ago

CNN's David McKenzie reminisces about some of the stranger things he's eaten on the road, as he tastes a crispy cockroach.

15 funniest travel books ever written (in English) updated 1 days ago

Because a sense of humor is essential when facing the mysteries and miseries of a foreign culture.

Corvette museum will fill sinkhole after all, restore some cars updated 2 days ago

The National Corvette Museum will reluctantly fill a monster sinkhole that brought it both pain and gain.

31 can't-miss U.S. beaches updated 2 days ago

The crashing waves on the shore and sand beneath your toes: These 31 beaches are calling you for one last visit.

10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else updated 3 days ago

Tech culture, female golfers, mixing work and booze -- here's how a relatively small country leads the world in so many categories.

11 things to know before visiting Myanmar updated 3 days ago

Newfound political freedom has made the once-closed country a 2013 travel hot spot.

Amritsar and beyond: 6 ways to experience India's Punjab region updated 3 days ago

From temples so gold they'll make your eyes water, to food you'll be longing for days after it hits your lips, Punjab is India at its colorful, lively best.

Airline seat reclining sparks another skirmish updated 3 days ago

Inching into another passenger's knee space has some airline passengers itching for a fight. Why are people so angry about seat reclining in the air?

Airlines saving lives with trashed leather updated 3 days ago

Southwest Airlines has enough surplus leather to fill the Empire State Building. They want to use it to save Africa.

Marathon du Medoc: Running France's long-distance drinking race updated 3 days ago

Thirst for victory competes with thirst for wine as runner raise their glasses before they cross the finish line.

Refuge for America's mustangs, deluxe sanctuary for vacationers updated 4 days ago

The symbol of the untamed American West is both worshiped and condemned -- one eco sanctuary hopes to provide a partial solution.

Dine with sharks, drink wine in an ancient tree: 6 of Africa's most unusual eateries updated 4 days ago

From dining next to massive predators to drinking atop a rock in the middle of the ocean, Africa boasts some of the most interesting places to eat.

Untamed wilderness in the Tetons updated 4 days ago

The grizzly bears that claim this park as their home demand respect. They're emblems of a tough and inspiring untamed wilderness.

Summer in the park: Great Smoky Mountains updated 4 days ago

The boundary between Tennessee and North Carolina might be one of the loveliest border crossings ever: It's the crest of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail walk the line between the two states for most of the trail's path through the park.

The people who create their own 'countries' updated 4 days ago

Don't like the country you live in? Why not create your own, as many people have done. We uncover the parallel world of "micronationalism."

10 things to know before visiting Sicily updated 4 days ago

Ancient Roman bikinis, volcano-skiing and some of the sweetest desserts on Earth.

10 things to know before visiting Copenhagen updated 4 days ago

Copenhagen: not only the capital of the happiest country on Earth -- officially -- but also probably the center of the designer goods universe.

11 things to know before visiting Quebec updated 4 days ago

How are Quebecois chefs putting their unique spin on traditional French cuisine?

8 ways Lyon outshines Paris updated 4 days ago

Wine, food, churches, festivals -- Lyon, France's second city, has a sophistication that can elevate it above even the capital.

'Some People Call Me Maurice': Best Los Angeles theme bars updated 4 days ago

At these fun Los Angeles bars, the the drinks come with a chaser of kitsch.

'Expert' gored by bulls says he'll run with them again updated 5 days ago

Veteran, expert bull runner, badly gored in Pamplona, is back at other smaller bull runnings in Spain, but walking with a cane.

Parahawking in Nepal: Soaring high with vultures for the ultimate rush updated 5 days ago

Little can compare with the rush that comes from sharing the skies with an Egyptian vulture at 2,000-plus meters.

12 months, 12 amazing adventures updated 5 days ago

The first couple weeks of each new year start with grandiose visions.

Best airport restaurants around the world updated 5 days ago

Farewell, salty snacks and salads wrapped in plastic. Top chefs are opening airport restaurants -- and these, we think, are the best.

16 incredible rooftop bars updated 5 days ago

Good cocktails combine with spectacular views across rivers, cityscapes and oceans at these bird-level drinkeries.

How to experience the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, India updated 5 days ago

Hailed as one of the top 10 things to see in India, the backwaters of Kerala offer a look at another side of the country.

Frozen festival: New northern arts event explores 'Arctic state of mind' updated 5 days ago

The SALT Arctic arts fest kicks off in Norway in August to highlight fragility of sparsely populated landscapes.

11 of the world's most unusual surf spots updated 5 days ago

Tired of sun-bleached, postcard-ready surf spots? There are different ways to carve waves.

10 of the world's most exclusive members clubs updated 5 days ago

The places that offer networking opps with the world's most influential people ... for a price.

Ultimate Himalayan retreat: Yoga, meditation, wildlife updated 5 days ago

India's Basunti retreat was made for unwinding.

9 places on Earth we know very little about updated 5 days ago

Forget space. Our very own planet is ripe for investigation.

Riding shotgun in the Gumball 3000 updated 5 days ago

Gumball 3000 2014. Once a year, a motley crew of superstars in supercars carve out an impossible, hedonistic adventure.

19 greatest bonus-busting vacation experiences updated 5 days ago

Scrap all those other bucket lists you've been compiling and start saving -- these memorable-for-a-lifetime trips don't come cheap, or easy.

Controversial inflight device: Should the Knee Defender be banned? updated 5 days ago

A squabble over a device that limits how far a seat can recline has brought inflight etiquette into the spotlight again.

13 of America's most photogenic places updated 5 days ago

Check out these travel photographer's 13 glorious photos from these lovely spots around the country.

Legroom fight diverts flight updated 5 days ago

The simmering debate over reclining in airplane seats boiled over Sunday aboard a United Airlines flight.

Flying pains as China struggles to keep up with aviation growth updated 6 days ago

A CNN producer experiences China's poor on-time flight record firsthand as his plane takes off eight hours late.

One of the coolest airline museums you've never heard of updated 6 days ago

Welcome to the Delta Flight Museum, home to some of the airline industry's historic jewels, including a first-of-its-kind aircraft

Chocolate city: Tour shows off Zurich as the place for chocoholics updated 7 days ago

New Yorker Kerrin Rousset's exploration of Swiss city aims to lure cocoa fans over to the dark side.

11 extremely practical Japan travel tips updated 7 days ago

Japan isn't a country to which you just show up and wing it. Here's how to arrive prepared.

Napa Valley wineries reopening after earthquake updated 7 days ago

It appears that the earthquake that struck California Sunday did not impact vineyards or the grapes on the vine.

Inside the billion-dollar, super-censored inflight movie industry updated 7 days ago

Ever wondered what it takes to get that movie to your inflight screen? Our special report details who, what and how much.

10 of the world's best nighttime adventures updated 7 days ago

Some things are just better after dark. These experiences around the world prove it.

Meet the other Florence updated 7 days ago

It's a small dot on the map between Coos Bay and Newport, but slipping by Florence, Oregon, and all this historical city offers, would be a shame.

Watching the watchers: A spy's guide to Berlin updated 8 days ago

Spooks have left their mark on a once-divided city still thought to be an espionage hotbed.

The artists keeping China's most beautiful traditions alive updated 8 days ago

With more than 6,000 years of history, Nanjing is one of the few cities in China still practicing the country's endangered traditional crafts.

15 amazing spots to find natural bridges updated 10 days ago

These rocky natural bridges were formed over millennia by flowing waters, which slowly eroded away the rock to create the shape of a bridge.

On the trail of the 'Blood Countess' in Slovakia updated 10 days ago

Four hundred years after the death of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, her murderous exploits prove a grisly attraction.

World's 'funnest' theme parks updated 11 days ago

From Myanmar to Mickey Mouse, Stefan Zwanzger, aka The Theme Park Guy, gives his rundown of the best.

Sister Doris: Europe's last beer-making nun updated 11 days ago

A one-nun brewing operation, Sister Doris is putting Germany's women beer makers on the map. Sort of.

Kyoto finally gets a super-luxury hotel updated 11 days ago

Despite Kyoto's allure, branded hotels are few in Japan's cultural capital.

Meet college football's high-tech new shrine updated 11 days ago

The new College Football Hall of Fame opens this week in Atlanta with a revamped roster of high-tech features.

55 years of statehood: Celebrating Hawaii updated 11 days ago

Hawaii is celebrating 55 years as a U.S. state. CNN's iReporters share a breathtaking collection of photos.

Airline profits up in first half of 2014 updated 12 days ago

The top U.S. airlines earned a net profit of $3.8 billion during the first half of this year -- up from $1.6 billion during the same period last year.

Giving in to the tug of Ireland updated 12 days ago

The last time a Ryan stood in the dirt-floored hut's doorway would have been the day before Willie Ryan passed.

Kyoto's Sagano Bamboo Forest: One of the most beautiful groves on Earth updated 12 days ago

A constant inclusion on lists of "forests to see before you die," here's how to see the real thing.

14 ridiculous hotel amenities updated 13 days ago

Transcending Wi-Fi, pillow menus and full minibars, these hotel amenities truly give you something to brag about back home.

Best of the South Pacific: An island for every travel taste updated 13 days ago

History buff? Hardcore surfer? These South Pacific islands have every traveler covered.

World's most liveable city 2014 is ... updated 13 days ago

Eight of the top 10 scoring cities in the Economic Intelligence Unit's annual Liveability Survey are in Australia and Canada. But where's top?

Drones, tracking and virtual reality: At an airport near you updated 13 days ago

Airlines and airports are going high-tech to reduce your time in line.

9 great new U.S. beach hotels updated 13 days ago

Summer isn't over yet. These new hotels are keeping it alive and fresh.

Historic Hong Kong neighborhood fights to preserve its past updated 14 days ago

Efforts to preserve the memories of one of Hong Kong's most storied districts are underway in an old tenement building known as the "Blue House."

Peak rush: Paragliding the Swiss Alps updated 14 days ago

It's not for the faint of heart or full of stomach, but soaring off a Swiss mountain is worth the fear factor.

Accused airport security impersonator not charged updated 14 days ago

A passenger accused of posing as an airport security agent and taking women into a private screening room will not be prosecuted.

Does 'Trivago Guy' need a makeover? updated 14 days ago

There's probably a belt in this guy's future.

World's best cycling cities updated 15 days ago

From Colombia to Canada, this handful of urban centers is leading the two-wheel charge.

What are the world's friendliest/unfriendliest cities? updated 17 days ago

Australians and New Zealanders tend to get annoyed when their accents get mistaken for one another, but there's one thing they do share.

'Walk the Line' home with Johnny Cash updated 17 days ago

Want to "Walk the Line" where Johnny Cash once played as a child? His childhood home, now an Arkansas Heritage Site, opens for visitors on Saturday.

11 reasons to visit Panama updated 18 days ago

If you're heading to Panama to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Canal, here are 10 other things to see while you're there.

Pilot's false arm falls off as he lands passenger plane updated 18 days ago

Investigation launched after Flybe aircraft with 47 passengers had heavy landing at the UK's Belfast airport.

The original miracle of flight: Glorious birds in action updated 18 days ago

Who among us hasn't fantasized about what it would be like to fly like a bird? Scroll through the gallery and imagine yourself soaring through the sky.

Mystery drive: Tour offers cab rides to who knows where updated 19 days ago

In Taiwan, tourists pay to ride along in local cabs, letting fate -- and locals fares -- decide where they'll go and what they'll see.

'Death simulator' attraction to open in China updated 19 days ago

We've all wondered what it's like to die. Now in Shanghai there's a game that claims it can fulfill our curiosity, without actually killing us.

How to be an L.A. local: 8 tips for faking it updated 19 days ago

Don't order Corona and don't freak out when you see Jessica Alba without makeup and you might pass for local.

Bagpipes, graffiti, snail hunting: Greece tourism shifts gears updated 19 days ago

Tough economic times have inspired the county's travel industry to try creative new ways to attract visitors.

And the world's best zoo is ... updated 19 days ago

Based on user comments, new TripAdvisor awards name best zoos and aquariums around the world.

Jon Favreau: How food trucks became L.A. kings updated 20 days ago

What pizza is to New York and the cheesesteak is to Philly, the food truck has become to Los Angeles -- essential.

The weird world of in-flight retail updated 20 days ago

Cars, craft beer, yetis? Since when did in-flight purchases get so strange?

8 weird houses worth a visit updated 21 days ago

A house is just a house, right?

Five reasons to visit Malawi now updated 21 days ago

Home to big game, sparkling beaches, and stunning sunsets, Malawi makes for an idyllic travel destination.

8 places for fantastic fossil finds updated 24 days ago

These eight "fossil finds" are T-Rex free and can provide learning enrichment for paleontologists of all ages.

Dynasty, death, discovery: Richard III's grave opens to public updated 24 days ago

A visitor center telling the story of King Richard III's life and death and of the discovery of his remains beneath a car parking lot is open.

20 stunning cliffside beaches updated 24 days ago

There's nothing like high drama on a beach.

Escape from Istanbul: The tiny islands where a chaotic city unwinds updated 25 days ago

Traffic-free Prince Islands offer a break from the mayhem on the shores of the Marmara.

Stowaway re-arrested at Los Angeles airport updated 25 days ago

A day after she pleaded no contest to stowing away, Marilyn Jean Hartman was re-arrested at the Los Angeles airport on Thursday.

Opinion: How the military coup saved Thailand's top holiday island of Phuket from ruin updated 25 days ago

Vowing to wipe out corruption, the Thai government is forcing officials in Phuket to crack down on mismanagement and clear the beaches.

10 things we didn't know about lighthouses updated 25 days ago

In honor of National Lighthouse Day, we invited you to share your best lighthouse photos with CNN iReport.

Striking shots of Nice, France updated 25 days ago

Nice, France, draws celebrities and tourists from all over the world -- for good reason. Check out iReporters' snapshots to see why.

Try, try again: Serial stowaway makes it aboard flight from San Jose to LA updated 25 days ago

After trying three times to stowaway on a flight, Marilyn Hartman made it aboard a Southwest flight from San Jose to Los Angeles

10 of the world's best hotels updated 25 days ago

For 19 years and counting, Travel + Leisure magazine has asked readers to vote for their favorite hotels and resorts. Here are the top 10.

Friendliest/unfriendliest U.S. cities, according to Conde Nast Traveler updated 25 days ago

Where in the U.S. will you be welcomed like a friend and shunned like foe? Conde Nast Traveler says it knows.

Where Cambodia's shocking past is on show updated 26 days ago

From high school, to prison and torture center, to tourist spectacle -- the lessons learned at Cambodia's Tuol Sleng should never be forgotten.

Hotel owner: 'I'm embarrassed' updated 26 days ago

A day after New York's Union Street Guest House was slammed for its policy of fining wedding parties for negative online reviews, its owner has apologized.

7 ways air travel changed after disasters updated 26 days ago

The lessons we learned and changes we made as a result of previous airline accidents.

Luanda: Africa's insanely expensive beach party updated 26 days ago

Oceanfront nightclubs and restaurants have transformed Angola's capital into a tropical playground for the super rich.

Floating snowflake could be the world's coolest hotel updated 26 days ago

The 86-room Krystall hotel is scheduled to open off the coast of Tromso, Norway around Christmas 2016.

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