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These fabulous new properties will make you want to rethink your upcoming holiday plans.

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Shape shifters: The architects quietly transforming L.A.'s landscape updated 10 hours 13 minutes ago

Minimalist architecture firm Johnston Marklee is quickly becoming the go-to for Los Angeles creatives.

Air rage and emergency exits: Two stormy weeks in Chinese aviation updated 11 hours 56 minutes ago

Deja vu? Yesterday's news? Nope, it's another spate of air rage incidents involving misbehaving Chinese tourists on planes.

15 cool gifts for travelers updated 18 hours 56 minutes ago

Journals, luggage tags, Panama hats? Yawn. We've got a selection of gifts travelers will actually use.

Gun packed in a PlayStation 2 gets passenger arrested updated 1 days ago

Game over for a Brooklyn man who tried to conceal parts of a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun in a PlayStation 2.

Turbulence injures passengers on American Airlines flight updated 1 days ago

Turbulence-related injuries caused American Flight 280 from Seoul to Dallas-Fort Worth to divert to Narita, Japan.

Mysterious ice pancakes appear on Scottish river updated 1 days ago

Here's another Scottish mystery to file alongside the Loch Ness Monster and Mel Gibson's accent in "Braveheart."

Travel Photo of the Day updated 1 days ago

See stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.

'Botlers,' 'braggies' and the sharing economy: What will travel look like in 2015? updated 1 days ago

If the travel experts are correct, next year will see us hanging with locals, being served by robots and, more than likely, heading to Asia.

10 top destinations to visit in 2015 updated 1 days ago

Global events, new attractions and anniversary celebrations will put these destinations on travel radars next year.

Woman bearing the name of man's ex-girlfriend gets free world trip updated 1 days ago

Man gives woman bearing the name of his ex-girlfriend a free world trip.

12 of the best places to spend Christmas updated 1 days ago

From Mexico to Malta, Northern Lights to sunny skies, these places are doing Christmas better than the rest.

How long can Cuba's beautiful classic cars last? updated 2 days ago

With U.S. President Barack Obama announcing a historic overhaul in relations between the United States and Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean stands on the precipice of dramatic change.

Five signs America is falling in love with public transit updated 2 days ago

You could call it a budding romance with the possibility of a strong, long-lasting relationship. More Americans are riding public transportation.

The ultimate heli-ski, cattle ranching, bear tracking safari updated 2 days ago

Looking for snow porn? This helicopter ski safari will fly you into the Coast Mountain range for the freshest untouched runs.

6 ways to do Nepal without climbing mountains updated 2 days ago

Yes, you can experience the mountains and culture of Nepal without crampons. Here's how.

Atomic research site could become new national park updated 3 days ago

The Manhattan Project could become a National Historic Park site under recently passed congressional legislation.

Best places to dine with celebrities in the U.S. updated 3 days ago

Even the most beautiful people have to eat some time. When they do, make sure you're there.

Top 10 ethical travel destinations for 2015 updated 3 days ago

Ethical Traveler has released its annual list of the countries that are doing the most to promote human rights and preserve their environments.

New Silk Road: The World's longest train journey updated 3 days ago

A historic rail link bolsters trade between China and Spain.

10 reasons to experience the mind-blowing AfrikaBurn festival updated 3 days ago

South Africa's answer to Burning Man is a surreal mirage of sculptures, music and mayhem under star-filled desert skies.

Dim sum and skyscrapers: Business executive's guide to Hong Kong updated 3 days ago

Hong Kong is heaven for business travelers. Here's how to squeeze in the city's best food, views and shopping.

Ancient pharaoh statue rises again in Egypt updated 4 days ago

A massive statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, toppled in an earthquake some 3,000 years ago, has been restored in Luxor, Egypt.

R&B singer Jeremih arrested attempting to board plane updated 4 days ago

Jeremih was arrested attempting to board plane after its doors had closed for takeoff.

Flight diverted after passenger reportedly throws hot water at crew member updated 4 days ago

A couple allegedly threw hot water at a flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane, forcing the Nanjing-bound plane to turn back to Bangkok.

Passengers livid after air traffic control glitch piles up Heathrow traffic updated 6 days ago

Passengers at London's Heathrow Airport report long delays and disorganization after a technical failure in the air traffic control system.

Air traffic control system for London restored, but delays expected updated 7 days ago

The air traffic control system for London airspace has been restored, but air travelers can expect flight disruptions and cancellations.

Peru claims Greenpeace damaged ancient Nazca Lines updated 7 days ago

A Greenpeace message about climate change may have damaged the ancient Nazca Lines World Heritage Site in Peru.

How much Christmas can you handle? updated 7 days ago

Get as much Christmas delight as you can handle by visiting these nine places around the world.

Dreamliner battery probe ends: 8 questions and answers updated 8 days ago

The long investigation surrounding a mysterious battery fire that made so much trouble for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is closed.

Hawaii's best beach bars updated 8 days ago

These 10 Hawaii waterfront watering holes have killer ocean views, creative drinks and that distinctive mahalo vibe we demand.

What are they thinking? Aussie travelers' bizarre requests for help updated 8 days ago

These are some of the more unusual requests Australian travelers make when abroad. The government will no longer bother with them.

Go here next year, says Lonely Planet updated 9 days ago

Lonely Planet's top 10 U.S. destinations for 2015 list includes well-known destinations and hidden gems.

An end to the battle for the armrest? updated 9 days ago

Soarigami says its foldable plastic divider will increase in-flight harmony when it goes on sale in 2015.

Baby on board! Southwest flight diverted for birth updated 9 days ago

A Southwest flight from San Francisco to Phoenix was diverted after a woman gave birth.

World's 10 weirdest medical museums updated 9 days ago

Tapeworms, tumors and birthing chairs -- skip lunch before touring these grotesque displays.

Volcano vs. monster truck: On safari in Iceland's explosive adventure playground updated 9 days ago

By helicopter, snowmobile and big-wheel truck across some of the world's most volatile landscapes

16 gift ideas for foodies, travelers updated 9 days ago

Here are 16 gift suggestions for the foodie or traveler in your life.

Coming soon: Singapore's Jewel Changi, the world's most awesome airport? updated 10 days ago

With a gigantic waterfall, forest hikes, playgrounds and sunshine, Singapore's new airport complex could make delays and layovers a pleasure.

Delta announces five-tiered seating plan updated 10 days ago

Flying on Delta Air Lines will get more complicated starting March 1, and it's not clear if that's good for consumers or not.

The most annoying type of airline passenger is ... updated 10 days ago

Rear seat-kickers top the list of airplane etiquette violators, according to an Expedia study.

Spray-painting Dubai: Graffiti gang's Middle East art mission updated 10 days ago

A new gallery wants to change the way street art is viewed among the pristine walls of the United Arab Emirates.

5 gorgeous road trips for fall updated 10 days ago

Rejuvenate with one of these 5 road trips, offering distinctive culture, great food and yes, spectacular scenery.

10 of the world's most impressive religious statues updated 10 days ago

Whether it's carved into a mountain or submerged underwater, these statues are awe-inspiring even to the strongest of non-believers

10 most popular U.S. apres ski hotels updated 11 days ago

After a day of going downhill, these relaxing resorts should help pick you up.

Embrace the luxurious slow life with Japan's answer to the Orient Express updated 11 days ago

In Japan's super-speed train culture, Seven Stars is slowing down for you to enjoy volcanoes, onsen and shorelines around Kyushu island.

New transportation will blow your hair back updated 14 days ago

The human race is poised to enter a new era of transportation that would have seemed miraculous just a few generations ago.

Palace of the damned dictator: On the trail of Ceausescu in Bucharest updated 14 days ago

25 years after the death of Romania's communist dictator, tourism is helping heal old wounds.

The most Instagrammed places in 2014 updated 14 days ago

The most Instagrammed places in 2014: Not a luxury shopping mall, this year's winner will cause fewer jaws dropped than last year.

Seeking the thrill: Extreme hikers go the distance updated 14 days ago

Despite the many challenges, extreme hikers seek thrills and extraordinary views.

Moomin Cafe: Anti-loneliness dining comes to Hong Kong updated 14 days ago

Moomin Cafe: Japan's anti-lonliness café comes to Hong Kong: Hong Kong is getting a jolt of Finnish culture... from a café started in Tokyo.

11 of the world's top city golf clubs updated 15 days ago

Because there's always time to squeeze in a quick round between meetings.

Sinkhole salvage: Pricey 1 millionth Corvette set for restoration updated 15 days ago

For expert car restorers at General Motors, a wrecked, supervaluable 1992 Corvette represents a tall mountain to climb.

Building a dinosaur in 30 seconds: World's most complete stegosaurus updated 15 days ago

It's a giant jigsaw puzzle: 300 bones, 19 plates, four spikes. The world's most complete Stegosaurus skeleton has gone on display at the Natural History Museum in London.

Corvette Nation strikes back after sinkhole disaster updated 15 days ago

First restored Corvette damaged by museum sinkhole back in February has been unveiled.

The ultimate adventure travel bucket list updated 15 days ago

From Kauai to Kenya, discover your inner explorer with these once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Exploring Naoshima: Japan's hidden island of surreal art updated 15 days ago

Monets, underground crypts and stunning Tadao Ando architecture are hidden on a remote Japanese island.

Funtasy Island: Indonesia set to unveil the world's largest eco-resort updated 15 days ago

It may sound like a bad copy of a Robert Louis Stevenson novel but Funtasy Island is aiming to become a major eco-tourism resort.

Pan Am Experience evokes glamorous days of air travel updated 16 days ago

Remember when flying used to be romantic and glamorous? The Pan Am Experience will bring you back in time.

10 wacky U.S. restaurants updated 16 days ago

If you're considering going to Olive Garden again, stop right now and consider these 10 wacky restaurants.

New York's best street food updated 16 days ago

New York may be a paradise of Zagat-rated, Michelin-starred restaurants, but some of its best food can be found on the streets.

Supercar Shangri-La: Full throttle through Italy's 'Motor Valley' updated 16 days ago

For fans of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Pagani, this corner of Europe is a petrol-powered promised land.

Island Paradise: Boracay's Best Beaches updated 16 days ago

Sunsets, stunning scenery and swinging parties. It may be tiny but Boracay's shorelines are a big attraction.

TSA seizes record number of firearms updated 17 days ago

The TSA has seized a record number of guns at U.S. airports this year, and the year isn't over yet.

TripAdvisor names its 10 Destinations on the Rise updated 17 days ago

These may soon be 10 of the most popular destinations in the world, thanks to TripAdvisor reviewers.

Power rangers: Botswana's all-electric safari updated 17 days ago

Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana ups the eco stakes with what it claims is world's first battery-powered safari fleet.

How (not) to drink the world's best whisky updated 17 days ago

The first thing you notice is the smell: rich, deep, and mysterious. And somehow, both fresh and musty at the same time. It's a scent that immediately piques your curiosity.

Airline: 'Emotional support' pig kicked off flight for being disruptive updated 17 days ago

When US Airways passenger Robert Phelps first saw the woman coming down the aisle of the plane, he thought she had a "really big dog" or a stuffed animal thrown over her shoulder.

And the world's 'most excellent' airline is... updated 17 days ago

Premium and budget carriers recognized by annual excellence awards

A mile-long line and 3,000 flights canceled or delayed as travel woes strike updated 18 days ago

As of 6:30 p.m. ET Sunday, more than 3,000 U.S. flights were delayed and more than 190 were canceled.

At last: Air travel to clear up after thousands of flights delayed or canceled updated 18 days ago

It may have taken a while, but travelers struggling to get home after Thanksgiving weekend will get to sleep in their own beds soon.

Stunning geometric shapes appear in snow on frozen, isolated lakes updated 18 days ago

Simon Beck creates beautiful fractal snow drawings in the French Alps with snow shoes and a compass.

Making 'a bed for an eel': How Kyoto is saving its unique, skinny townhouses updated 18 days ago

Kyoto is Japan's historical heart, the former capital and home to 1,600 temples. From the entertainment district of Gion, where geishas can be spotted scurrying along narrow cobbled lanes, to the cherry tree-lined Philosopher's Path, some parts of the city seem timeless.

The 'Grand Budapest Hotel' and other great day trips from Berlin updated 21 days ago

Berlin is a spring board for some of Germany's most interesting sights. Just a few hours outside the city, these three spots make great day trips.

10 ways to survive holiday travel updated 22 days ago

Pack some patience and take our advice to have a sane Thanksgiving trip during the year's busiest travel season.

Another reason to give thanks: The nasty storm's behind us updated 22 days ago

The silver lining for Thanksgiving Day: The storms are leaving and things should return to normal.

TSA seizes guns, crossbows one day before Thanksgiving updated 22 days ago

Two travelers who tried to fly with their weapons without following TSA rules were stopped Wednesday.

49 square miles: The business executive's guide to San Francisco updated 22 days ago

Tips to help you make the most of your San Francisco visit.

Japan as you've never seen it before updated 22 days ago

Evocative, unusual and perhaps a little disquieting, Asako Narahashi's photos of Japan can inspire a variety of reactions.

Secrets from a Japanese master: How to make sushi updated 22 days ago

Master sushi chef shares secrets from shopping at a Japanese fish market to making sushi.

Messy mix of snow, rain on the menu for Thanksgiving travelers updated 22 days ago

If you're heading to the East Coast this Thanksgiving, bad weather may affect your travel.

Passengers get out and push frozen plane in Siberia updated 23 days ago

This really happened! An icebound plane got a shove start at a Russian airport.

What you need to know if you're an international road warrior updated 23 days ago

Viewing this on your phone? Check out our mobile version.

7 of the world's most beautiful lakeside lodges updated 23 days ago

With incredible panoramas and luxe service, these lakefront stays will make you rethink your next beach vacation.

All you can eat: Going wild in Denmark's gastronomy paradise updated 23 days ago

Nordic haute cuisine has skyrocketed in popularity. Luxurious Dragsholm Castle's foraging safaris get in at the ground level.

Top places to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. updated 23 days ago

Save your thanks -- and your yam-enameled dishes -- for the staffs at these Turkey Day sanity preserves.

Japan's hottest new souvenir: Schoolbags updated 23 days ago

Thanks to Zooey Deschanel, traditional randoseru schoolbags see a surge in popularity among travelers.

How to eat sushi updated 23 days ago

With chopsticks or fingers? Wasabi or no? A double Michelin-starred Tokyo chef sets the record straight and shows us the sushi way.

Major storm expected to snarl Thanksgiving travel in Northeast updated 23 days ago

If you're heading to the East Coast this Thanksgiving, bad weather may affect your travel.

Major storm expected to snarl Thanksgiving holiday travel in Northeast updated 24 days ago

If you're heading to the Northeast for Thanksgiving, you might want to get an early start.

Venice officials deny ban on wheeled suitcases updated 24 days ago

Furore over reported 500 euro fines for rolling luggage prompts denial from city's special commissioner.

Venice to ban wheeled suitcases updated 24 days ago

Venice has for years battled against rising waters. Now it's facing a new threat -- wheeled suitcases.

Personal submarine: Is this the world's coolest hotel perk? updated 24 days ago

Laucala Island resort in Fiji allows guests access to a James Bond-style mini-submarine as part of its resort fee.

Russian tourist fined $24,000 for Colosseum graffiti updated 25 days ago

Got more money than sense and want to leave your mark on an ancient city? Authorities in Rome have the answer...

Dropped beer bottle shatters glass walkway at London's Tower Bridge updated 25 days ago

Scary vertical views get scarier when the glass beneath your feet starts breaking. Luckily there was no danger when it happened in London.

Bill Weir welcomes you to 'The Wonder List' updated 25 days ago

In his upcoming CNN show, "The Wonder List," Bill Weir travels the globe to find people, places and creatures that might someday be lost forever.

Six ways to jazz up Thanksgiving updated 25 days ago

Take your hand out of the turkey's body cavity and turn off the football game to make some new Thanksgiving traditions with friends and family.

Am I the jerk on your airplane? updated 25 days ago

Sally Kohn: Please don't ask me to give up my seat on an plane flight. When I decline, I feel like a jerk.

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