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Food service

A Hong Kong haunt

Guests dine with the dead at Igor's

October 28, 1998
Web posted at: 3:30 p.m. EDT (1530 GMT)

HONG KONG (CNN) -- There's a new Hong Kong nightspot where you can visit King Tut's tomb, dine in a medieval setting, have encounters with the dead and dance the night away. Oh, yeah, and it's all-you-can-eat.

Igor's, a new theme restaurant with fright on the menu, promises an evening like no other.

It begins with a cocktail in King Tut's tomb, which houses 30-foot (9-meter) fake giant snakes along with a well-preserved mummy. Then guests, or "victims" as the people at Igor's like to call them, take a tour.

The victims must trudge through an overgrown jungle, endure the "Spinning Cylinder of Death," and tiptoe through the "Garden of Doom." There also is a stop at a haunted house, home of the walking dead.

Then it's time to enter the medieval dining hall, where guests are served an all-you-can-eat, three-course meal on six-foot-long (2-meter) moving platters.

Between courses, "Igor" himself is joined on stage by "Morticia," "The Count" and "Baby Janus" for the evening's entertainment.

This 11,000-square-foot (990-square-meter), two-story venue is the product of Canadian Christopher Lenz's imagination. Though he said his restaurant may stretch the limits of reality, it has a purpose.

His guests are meant to "forget the pressure and the hectic pace of Hong Kong," Lenz said.

"By the time they get to our dining room, they've forgotten. They relax and they just have a ball," he said.

If the haunted tour, dinner and entertainment weren't enough, Igor's also has plans for the end of the evening.

The packed house hits the dance floor. Guests even climb onto benches and table tops to groove to the sounds of Igor's house band, "The Rolling Bones."

CNN Correspondent May Lee contributed to this report.

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