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Looking for a gift this holiday season? Here are some ideas to take on the next trip:
The Olympus 35mm camera fits in the palm of your hand. It uses regular film and takes panoramic pictures
Ear accessories help with cabin pressure during takeoff and landing
The "Travel Companion Plus" has five functions in one small gadget
big ticket gifts
Instead of travel gadgets, you could give travel itself. Find out how.
mail from the trail
Have you given or gotten great travel gifts? Share ideas on our message board.

Travel gifts for every pursuit and budget

Stuff the stocking with 'fog umbrella' for rainy days, 'ear planes' for pain-prone flyer, and much more

December 9, 1998
Web posted at: 2:05 p.m. EST (1905 GMT)

(CNN) -- Coughing up the money to give a week-long vacation may be out of the question, but there are plenty of gadgets to consider as gifts for the avid traveler -- or for your own holiday trip.

"What's great about travel accessories is that they're not only great as gifts for people who travel frequently, but they're also great for holiday travel, so they can be a gift to yourself or a gift to others," said Yvonne Elm of Mori Luggage & Gifts.

There are gadgets you might never have encountered before such as neck pillows made of buckwheat hulls for use in a car or on a plane. They can be warmed in a microwave to give you added comfort.

"Ear planes" are designed to help alleviate the pain that can be caused by cabin pressure changes during takeoff and landing.

Then there is the "fog umbrella," which comes with a light attached to help you navigate when its dark and rainy.

Another travel tool is a 35mm camera that is billed as the smallest available. "It's small enough that you can actually put it into your shirt pocket," said Henry Woodard, a manager for The Sharper Image.

A package of useful travel gadgets comes in "Travel Companion Plus," which includes a calendar and an alarm clock that pulls apart to become a flashlight and a motion and smoke detector.

After all, travel tools should give you peace of mind as well as convenience.

Based on a report from CNN's Business and Travel and Beyond. The segment appears weekdays on Early Edition at 7 AM (ET) and on Morning News at 10 AM (ET).

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