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Pet travel
Alternative treatments like massage can help pets travel more comfortably

Traveling with your pet?

Alternative medicine -- and lodging -- can ease the way

November 11, 1998
Web posted at: 1:41 p.m. EDT (1341 GMT)

(CNN) -- Pets don't have to stay at home anymore. To ease their travels, there is alternative medicine -- and a choice of lodging.

A holistic veterinarian says it's not necessary to tranquilize your pet to help it adjust to plane trips and unfamiliar destinations.

"We can give them herbal calming essences to help them with their journey, to help the fear," said Dr. Cheryl Schwartz, who is a columnist for "Healthy Living" magazine as well as a holistic vet.

Instead of tranquilizers, which can make your pet feel disoriented, she recommends massage.

flying with fido
For advice on boarding a plane with your pet, click here.

"(Use) really light pressure in a counter-clockwise direction, then behind the ears in the little notch, the two dimples at the base of the neck," Schwartz explains. She advises massaging the ears themselves as well.

Along with the pet health options, there are alternatives for lodging once you arrive at your destination.

The Petswelcome book and Web site (see Related Sites below) list pet-friendly hotels across the country.

And, if you can't find a hotel that will accept your pet, a Best Friends Pet Resort (see Related Sites below) may be nearby.

"We will pick up the pets from the hotels and bring them here for boarding, and when the client is ready to leave ... we will bring them back to the hotel," said Maria Toro, general manager of Best Friends Pet Resorts and Salons.

Traveler Jim Ward's dogs are regular guests at Best Friends Resorts. His advice is to bring along some things to make your pet feel at home.

"Bring their own food and treats, so that they don't have a change in diet, and a couple of toys so they tend to feel a little better, " he said.

Based on a report from CNN's Business and Travel and Beyond. The segment appears weekdays on Early Edition at 7 AM (ET) and on Morning News at 10 AM (ET).

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