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Perfectly Portland

Brimming with microbrews, coffee and books, a rainy day (or two) just adds to the atmosphere in Oregon

June 24, 1998
Web posted at: 12:48 a.m. EST (0548 GMT)

By CNN Interactive Editor Terry Goggin

PORTLAND, Oregon (CNN) -- Maybe it's the way the evergreens in the mist crown the hills around the city, or it could be the comfortable downtown. Perhaps it's the way the locals care about convenient public transportation and supporting a vibrant arts scene -- it adds up to make Portland, Oregon, a destination worth seeking out.

It's telling that the city of Portland tore down a freeway that separated the downtown from the Willamette River and replaced it with the Gov. Tom McCall Riverfront Park, a manicured greensward that provides a soothing transition from the city to the river's edge ... and that there's a smooth light-rail system called MAX that whisks people around downtown and beyond.

And then there's the rain. Lots of rain, it seems. But that gives people in this green region a good excuse to duck into the city's many coffee bars or brewpubs to linger over local favorites. And the rain feeds Portland's lush parks, such as its noted Japanese Gardens in Washington Park, and the country's largest urban wilderness, the nearly 5,000-acre (2,000-hectare) Forest Park.

When the clouds clear and the sun shines again, there can be stunning views of Mt. Hood, the snow-capped peak to the north that makes a spectacular backdrop to the city.

Join us for a picture tour of some of Portland's highlights. And don't miss the 360-degree photos of Powell's Bookstore and the trendy Nob Hill shopping district.


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