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Crossing a desert in bloom to the gulf

We were reluctant to leave Guerrero Negro after such an incredible experience, but we had a date with the Sea of Cortez. The roughly two-hour drive across the peninsula to Bahia de Los Angeles was filled with stunning desert views. Cactii and agave abounded, complemented by wildflowers rising from the recently rain-drenched land.

Approaching Bahia de Los Angeles, the road curves down out of a mountain range into the small town, revealing the Sea of Cortez in all its beauty. We went into the center of town, bought some provisions and headed for Punta la Gringa, accessible by 5.5 miles (9 kilometers) of washboard dirt road that more or less ends at the point. The slow, bumpy ride was well worth it as we eventually came to a remote spot on the beach offering a wide view of the bay and its islands, with the mountains and desert receding in shadow as the sun set.

We camped here for two days and two nights. The water was colder than we expected, as this portion of the Sea of Cortez is very deep offshore and regularly experiences upwelling, which cools the water and makes for a sport fisherman's paradise. Snorkeling, we saw fan coral, angel fish and rays.


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