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Market market, missile and movie madness

From May through October, a frenzy of treasures and trifles rounds out weekends in Fremont. The Sunday Public Market brings together every variety of art, oddities and offbeat antiques -- from crystals and candles, to funky vintage-fabric dresses, even portraits in ... toast.

The rocket in the background, incidentally, is a Cold War relic mounted to the side of a building. The 53-foot monument bears the Fremont motto: "De Libertas Quirkas" ("Freedom to be peculiar") -- and is fitted with neon lights and steam vapor jets. Be sure to stop by and "launch" it from the control box on the corner of Evanston Avenue and North 35th Street.


Every Saturday night in summer, the market grounds host the Fremont Almost Free Outdoor Cinema -- with screenings of quirky classics such as Saturday Night Fever and The Brain That Wouldn't Die. The adventurous don costumes and lug lawn chairs, sofas, even beds to the walk-in event. Admission is by donation (hence the "almost free"), and proceeds are shared with community causes.

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