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Monterey Vibes
September 17, 1997
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It's the oldest continuously presented jazz festival in the world -- the Monterey Jazz Festival, a weekend of non-stop music, exhibitions, shopping and workshops. This year, the 40th annual installment begins September 19. For the jazz afficionado, it would be hard to tear away, but there's plenty to do and see in Monterey and the surrounding areas.

Musicians aren't the only artists drawn to this particularly striking section of the California coast. A host of writers -- John Steinbeck, Henry Miller, Lawrence Ferlinghetti among them -- have made their homes here. A glimpse of what captivated them is evident with a drive through Big Sur on California's famed Highway 1. Closer to the music, Monterey Bay offers beachcombing, golf, and an array of other popular attractions, along with a history that begins with Spain's early explorers.

Under first the Spanish and then the Mexican flag, Monterey served as California's first capital -- and is still a repository of West Coast history.

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Photos courtesy Monterey Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau

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