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The original Caribbeans

The Barbados Museum and Historical Society also features exhibits on the original people of the Caribbean, the Ameridians.

"Cassava, the sweet potato, [and] the use of the word 'hurricane' ... That is part of our culture," says the museum's Kevin Farmer. "That is part of the West Indian culture. Those are some of the things they left behind."

The museum building itself has a history. It was once a military prison. The cells now house galleries.

Religion's role

Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, eight of which are named after Christ and some of his disciples.

There are many denominations on Barbados. On Sundays, the streets come to life, with the locals heading to services.

St. John's parish church has become a popular tourist destination. Visitors can savor the sweet music of the organ as they take in the 17th century architecture. A path through the church's cemetery leads visitors to a stunning view of the east coast of the island.

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