(CNN) -- Imagine England's Trafalgar Square. Now picture tropical temperatures, brilliant sunshine and relaxed tourists in tank tops and shorts. A cheery futuristic vision of global warming in London? No, it exists. It's the "other" Trafalgar Square, on the island of Barbados.

In fact, the eastern Caribbean paradise is known as "Little England" -- not because of its weather, certainly, but for its architectural, social and historical influences.

Those factors have combined with traditions brought by African slaves in colonial times to create a unique island flavor, simmered in the tropical sun.

"We've got a nice mix of cultures here, with the British influence and the African influence," says Earlyn Shuffler, the president of the Barbados Tourism Authority.

"The African influence, we see that in our language, the kind of dialect we have here. We see it in the African rhythms we have in our music. We see it in some of the foods that we've become accustomed to."