Freedom Trail

"Interactive" was the guiding principle of the Freedom Trail before Bill Gates was a glimmer in his father's eye. The two-and-a-half mile red-line path leads tourists on a journey through history, from Boston Common to Bunker Hill. Among the sites: the Paul Revere house (the oldest surviving structure in Boston), the first public school in America, and the site of the Boston Massacre (March 5, 1770). Yes, you will be quizzed later.

Modern urbanites take heart: there are plenty of diversions to keep you clear of the cobwebs, including shopping at the historic Faneuil Hall (one of the stops on the trail) and the adjacent Quincy Market.

A huge restoration project is underway to dress up the famous footpath. The plan includes reconstructing painted portions of the trail's guiding line in brick, providing portable audio devices to plug you into the past, and designing a light and sound show at the Charlestown Navy Yard.