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Celebrating Black History:  Events around the U.S. Celebrating Black History:  Events around the U.S.

February 1, 1997

(CNN) -- The beginning of February marks the start of the annual Black History Month celebration in the United States. However, across the nation, cities and groups recognize and honor the achievements of African Americans year round.

Below are some coming attractions to check out during the month of February and beyond. You can scroll this list or jump to an event by clicking on any of the following states:

Tennessee | North Carolina | Georgia | Washington, D.C. | Michigan | Colorado | Alaska

The Chattanooga Regional History Museum in Tennessee will showcase "Black Diamond Days: A History of the Negro Baseball Leagues" from February 1 to April 30. The exhibit will feature artifacts and photographs and is being held in conjunction with the Negro League Historical Society. Legendary player and coach Buck O'Neill will give a talk at the museum on February 9. For more information, call (423) 265-3247. Related site: Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

Greensboro, North Carolina, is holdings its African American Arts Festival through March 16. The festival features a series of ten major arts events, including music, dance and theater productions as well as visual art exhibitions. For more information, call (910) 333-7440. Related site: The City of Greensboro

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta exhibits "Alone in a Crowd: Prints by African-American Artists of the 1930s-40s" from February 11 through March 23. This exhibition, from the collection of Reba and Dave Williams, features 106 prints by 45 artists. For more information, call (404) 733-4400. Related site: High Museum of Art

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., will host a music, dance and theater festival, entitled "An African Odyssey." The festival will run from March 31 to May 25 and includes a Zimbabwean stone sculpture display, a performance of Athol Fugard's play "Valley Song" and the U.S. debut of the Ki Yi M'bock theater troupe. In Washington, call (202) 467-4600 for additional information. Outside the D.C. area, call (800) 444-1324. Related site: The Kennedy Center

Detroit's African American History Museum will celebrate its grand opening on April 12. Related site: Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau

The National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) will hold their annual ski summit in Vail, Colorado, from February 22 to March 1. For more information, call (312) 955-4100.

Anchorage, Alaska, will host a "Multicultural Business Expo" at Arco Atrium on February 22. For more information, call (907) 344-1554.


Reading Up:

  • Go Ware Travel publishes the "Soul of America" map series for the cities of Atlanta, Los Angeles, the Oakland/San Francisco area, and Washington, D.C. The guide maps include African American shops, nightclubs, restaurants, churches and historic sites. Go Ware's Chicago edition will be out by the end of March and the New York City guide is scheduled for completion later in 1997. Call (510) 247-9793 to obtain one of the publications.

  • The Pepperbird Foundation publishes "Americans of African Heritage" brochures which include black historical information, attractions and cultural events. Most state tourism offices offer copies of the guide.

  • The Windy City has published a "Guide to Black Chicago." It lists African-American events, businesses and attractions. For a copy, call (773) 509-6815.

  • Finally, Haggins International Tours will host their third annual Black History Month tour to Dakar, Senegal, from February 19-26. For more information, call (212) 563-2570.


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