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CNN Transcripts for October 1, 2017

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• Riot Police Deployed to Stop Catalonia Vote; O.J. Simpson Leaves Prison on Parole; Trump Ridicules San Juan Mayor Who Begged for Help; U.S. Justice Department Wants Facebook Info from Anti-Trump Users. Aired 5-6a ET
• Tensions Ahead of Sunday's Catalan Independence Referendum; Trump Attacks San Juan Mayor on Twitter; Private Citizens Step Up to Help Hurricane Victims; Daddy Yankee Delivers $100,000 in Food Aid to Puerto Rican Residents; Heavy Rain and Flood Threat in Puerto Rico; Tillerson Announces U.S. in Direct Contact with North Korea; Air France Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Canada; The Medical Tourism Industry in Africa and Cosmetic Surgery in Mauritius; Interview with Bata Brands' CEO Alexis Nasard. Aired 2-2:30a ET
• Mixed Messaging Now On North Korea And President Donald Trump's Apparent Undermining His Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson; Medical Crisis Unfolding In Puerto Rico; President Donald Trump Will Visit Puerto Rico In Two Days; Trump Plans To Visit Hurricane Ravaged Island On Tuesday; NFL Back In Political Spotlight For Second Week Of Protest; O.J. Simpson Released From Nevada Prison After Nine Years; Playboy And Presidential Politics. Aired 4-5p ET
• FEMA: All Municipalities On Island Now Receiving Aid; Families Come Together To Help Loved Ones Survive; FEMA: Food, Water Has Been Delivered To All Municipalities; White House Contradicts Trump: Still Committed To Diplomatic Talks; Warmbier's Parents Say Son Was Tortured In North Korea; NFL Players Protest Again, Despite Trump Tweets; Mulvaney Joins Trump In Criticizing San Juan's Mayor; O.J. Simpson: Released After Serving Nine Years In Prison. Aired 5-6p ET
• Governor Unaware of "Inspections" in Trump's Tweet; U.S. Task Force Brings Aid to Stranded Community; Trump Plans to Visit Hurricane-Ravaged Island Tuesday; Trump to Tillerson: "Waste of Time" Negotiating With North Korea; Mixed Messages From White House on North Korea; Families Come Together to Help Loved Ones in Puerto Rico; Hundreds Injured In Clashes With Spanish Police; New Season Of "This Is Life With Lisa Ling" Tonight 10P.M. E.T.; SNL Mocks Trump On Puerto Rico Response. Aired 3-4p ET
• O.J. Simpson Released from Prison after Nine Years; Equifax, Wells Fargo Scandals Draw Congress Attention; "This is Life" Premiere Episode Explores Sex and Intimacy; Bourdain Kicks Off 10th Season with Singapore Trip. Aired 6-7p ET
• Trump: Tillerson Wasting Time Negotiating with N. Korea; WH Official Committed to Diplomatic Approach on N. Korea; Tillerson: We'll Pursue Diplomatic Efforts with N. Korea; Tillerson: We Have Direct Lines of Communication to N. Korea; Mixed Messages from White House on North Korea; Aired 2-3p ET
• Mixed Messaging Now On North Korea; Medical Crisis Unfolding In Puerto Rico; Former President Barack Obama Sent Off His Daughter To Harvard Dormitory; Cop Stabbed, Pedestrians Mowed Down, And An ISIS Flag Found At The Scene In Canada; Head Of Air Force Academy Making A Powerful And Impassioned Speech To Thousands Of Cadets; FEMA Task Force Built A Pulley System To Cross The River. Aired 7-8p ET
• Tensions High in Planned Independent Vote in Catalonia; O. J. Simpson Leaves Prison on Parole; Trump Ridicules San Juan Mayor Who Pleaded for Aid; Task Force Brings Aid to Remote Puerto Rico Town; Witnessing Two Hurricanes Destroy Caribbean Islands; Aired 4-5a ET
• Catalonia Referendum; Hurricane Maria Aftermath; Riot Police Deployed in Catalonia. Aired 3-3:30a ET