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CNN Transcripts for July 12, 2014

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• Immigration Crisis Continues; Congress Signaling Rejection of Immigration Funding; Man Accused of Allowing Toddler Son to Die in Car; Israel May be Preparing for Ground Invasion of Gaza Strip; Technological Advances Increases Criminal Tracking Capacity of Law Enforcement; Pot Retailers Open in Washington State; LeBron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers; Germany and Argentina Set to Play for World Cup Championship; CNN Hero Mobilizes Soccer Fans for Charity
• Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Midway Island; New CNN Show Profiles Wanted Criminals; Crisis with Central American Children Crossing U.S. Southern Border Continues; Rocket Launches and Airstrikes between Hamas and Israel Continue; Technological Advances Increases Criminal Tracking Capacity of Law Enforcement
• United Nations Tells Israel And Palestinians To Stop Shooting; Federal Officials Say They Will Begin Deportations Of Undocumented This Week; Multiple Parents Arrested After Leaving Children In Hot Cars
• LeBron James Comes Home to Cleveland; Tracy Morgan Suing Wal- Mart; Children in Limbo as Border Crisis Rages; Police: Escort Killed Google Executive; Silicon Valley Becoming Sex Valley?; Cleveland Cheers While Miami Mourns; Should Government Step In On Hot Car Deaths?
• Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Tiny Island; Children In Limbo As Border Crisis Rages; Lebron Back To Cavs, Season Tickets Gone; Texas Judge Wants More Shelters; Tale Of Two Border Towns; Iraq: Militants Take Nuclear Material; Prostitute May Be Implicated In Second Death; Online Life Of Dad Accused In Hot Car Death
• Mass Deportations to Begin; Exchanging Fires in Gaza; Hank Aaron's Career
• One Thousand One Hundred Fifty People Reported Killed Injured In Gaza; Palestinians: Power, Water Knocked Out; Long Trip to U.S. Begins With River-Crossing; Cities Divided Over New Immigrants; Slums Await Illegal Immigrants Sent Home; Are Children "Refugees" or "Illegal Immigrants"; Congress Fights Over Immigration Crisis
• Crisis Spurs Talk of Immigration Overhaul; Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Tiny Island; Silicon Valley Becoming Sex Valley?; Police Suspects Escort Killed Google Exec; Is White House Immigration Strategy in Disarray; The Other Side of Gun Violence; Children in Limbo as Border Crisis Rages; Hasgtag with a Cause; Hunting for Criminals; Oklahoma Tops California in Earthquakes; Curbside Birth Captured on Special Cam