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CNN Transcripts for February 8, 2014

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• Winter Olympics Commence in Sochi, Russia; American Wins Gold Medal in Snow Boarding; Russian Cyber-Security an Issue for Olympics; Man Accused of Murder in Movie Theater not Granted Bail; Trial Continues for Man Accused of Killing Teen over Loud Music; Rand Paul Criticizes Democratic Support for Bill Clinton; Interview with Author Cokie Roberts; Woody Allen Writes Op-Ed Denying Child Molestation Accusations
• Winter Olympics Commence in Sochi, Russia; Woody Allen Writes Op-Ed Denying Child Molestation Accusations; Business Hit by Bad Weather; California Suffering Drought; Attorney General to Announce New Federal Policy on Gay Marriage
• Eric Holder To Make Major Announcement On Same-Sex Marriages; Sage Kotsenburg Wins First Olympic Gold For Team USA; Heroin Use Becomes Epidemic On Long Island; Carmen Carrera - Rising Star In The Fashion World; Man Accused Of Killing Teen Over "Loud Music"; Snow Slams Northern California
• Heroin: A Century of Seduction
• Kenneth Bae Has Been Held By North Korean Government Since November 3, 2012; Twenty Three Americans Held Captive Abroad; Witness Testify in Michael Dunn Case; Kotsenburg Wins Gold; Russian Tweets Controversial Racial Photo of Obama
• Torch Lighter Sent Racist Obama Tweet; Man Accused of Killing Teen over "Loud Music"; Woody Allen: "I did not Molest Dylan"; Paul Revives Monica Lewinsky Affair Talk; U.S. Snowboarder Earns First Gold Of Games; Hijacker Tries To Take Plane To Sochi; Team USA Hires Extra Security In Sochi; Wallenda Attempts Georgia Dome Feat
• Suspected Militants Killed In Dagestan; U.S. Clinches First Olympic Gold Medal; Olympic Sponsors Back Equality For All; Woody Allen: "I Did Not Molest Dylan"; DNA Evidence Overturns Convictions; Olympics A Pinnacle For Putin; Ring Glitch Not Shown In Russia; Friends Testify In "Loud Music Trial"; Three Suspects Plead Not Guilty In Hoffman Case; MLK Children Fight Over His Bible And Nobel Prize
• Update In Michael Dunn Murder Trial; Attorney General Eric Holder To Make Announcement On Same-Sex Marriage; President Obama Asks Americans To Pay For Kenneth Bae During National Prayer Breakfast; Castaway's Rough Road To Recovery; Woody Allen: "I Did Not Molest Dylan"; Bombshell Runaway Model Was Born A Boy; Legendary Runnyman Jay Leno Signs Off
• Man Kills Florida Teen over Loud Music; U.S. Snowboarder Snags First Winter Gold; Woody Allen Speaks Out about Abuse Allegations; Snipers Attack California Power Plant; Life-Saving Drug Used for Heroin Overdose; Heroin Use Skyrocketing in U.S.; Wallenda's Newest Hire Wire Attempt