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CNN Transcripts for January 18, 2014

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• California Experiencing Drought; School Shooter Not Yet in Police Custody; President Gives Speech on NSA Reforms; Interview with Congressman Adam Schiff; Governor Chris Christie Attend Fundraiser; Benghazi and New Jersey Bridge Scandals Examined; Cruise Ship Hit with Virus; "Wall Street Journal" Reporters Disappears; Black Female Comedienne Joins Cast of "Saturday Night Live"
• President Gives Speech on NSA Reforms; Governor Chris Christie Attend Fundraiser; Cruise Ship Hit with Virus; Detroit Auto Show Unveils New Car Models; Tesla Motors Issues Recall; CEO of Tesla Motors Interviewed
• Shooting in Colorado School; Christie Fundraising in Florida; NSA Program Proposed Changes
• Christie Raising Cash, Ignoring Critics; DC's Hottest Ticket: First Lady's Party; Biker Beating Victim to Sue NYC; Father Forbidden from Daughter's Funeral; Funeral for Chad Oulson; George Takei, Husband Talk about Newest Project
• President Obama Proposes Reforms at NSA; Special Committee Investigating the Bridge Closing Scandal in New Jersey Issues 20 Subpoenas; Former First Lady Barbara Bush's Message for Jeb; Three Dozen Nuclear Missile Launch Officers Caught Cheating on Proficiency Exam; "Wall Street Journal" Reporter David Byrd Missing; Philadelphia School Shooting Suspect in Police Custody
• "Saturday Night Live" Welcomes the First Female Black Member in Six Years; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Stumping for the Reelection of Fellow Republican Governor; Suspect in Philadelphia School Shooting in Police Custody; AFC and NFC Championship Games Tomorrow; Exclusive Interview with John McAfee
• Two Students Shot in Philadelphia School; Christie Headlines Fund-Raisers in Florida; Wildfire Now 30 Percent Contained; Tea Party Group Wants Boehner Booted; Will Bridge Scandal Hurt Christie in Florida; Obama Moves to Rein in the NSA; AFC And NFC Champs Crowned This Weekend; 49ers And Seahawks Fight For NFC Title; Report: Bill Belichick Wants Pats About Pot; The Return Of Broncos Coach; No Relief In Fire Forecast; Target Breach May Be Tied To Russian Mob; Michelle Obama To Celebrate 50 Tonight; Actress To Receive Honor Of A Lifetime
• Moreno To Receive SAG Lifetime Award; Warrant For School Shooting Suspect; Christie Raising Cash For GOP In Florida; FBI Searching For Missing WSJ Reporter; NSA Data Mining Expires March 28; Clinton, Christie Fighting Scandals; No Driver Needed: Driverless Cars Coming!; Science Behind California Drought; Man Claims Self Defense In Movie Shooting
• Obama Moves to Rein in the NSA; Search for School Shooting Suspect; Christie Headlines Fundraisers in Obama; Polls Show Voters Still Trust Gov. Christie; Obama Puts New Restrains on NSA; Dozens on Cruise Sickened with Stomach Bug; Killing Rhino to Save Them; Is Pope Francis Open to Exorcism?; Interview with John Lithgow and Alfred Molina; First Lady Michelle Obama Turns 50; Man Faces Trial for Flagging Speed Trap