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Trump Goes After Bush on Iraq; Bangkok Bombing Manhunt Widens; Deadly Police Shooting Ignites Protests. Aired 4:30-5a ET

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[04:30:00] SARA MURRAY, CNN POLITICAL REPORTER: Good morning, Christine.

Donald Trump held his first official town hall since becoming a presidential candidate here in Derry, New Hampshire, last night and it drew a big crowd, about 900 people packed into this venue to pepper him with questions, and hundreds of others were in an overflow room.

And the questions run the gamut, from immigration to illegal drug use, even to whether he has too much hubris to be president.

Now, on the top of Donald Trump's agenda was slamming his rival Jeb Bush. He went after him for being a low energy candidate. He went after him for his position on Common Core. He even went after him for having a small crowd at a nearby town hall.

DONALD TRUMP (R), 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Have I gotten under Jeb Bush's skin? I don't know. I will you tell this -- you mention the word skin and he said the other day one of the dumber thing I've heard ever in politics when talking about Iraq. That we, the United States, he said, have to show them that we have skin in the game, in order to go into Iraq. We've lost $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who I love all over the place, and he's talking about we have to show them we have skin in the game.

JEB BUSH (R), 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You're talking about Trump, right? You can mention his name.

He is -- he is the current frontrunner. He has done a pretty amazing job to get to that point.

But here's a deal, we're a conservative party, aren't we, the Republican Party? I think what people will vote for is a proven conservative leader that's done it. Not talked about it. That's actually done it.

And I have a proven conservative record, consistent proven conservative record -- when no one was watching, longtime proven conservative record.

Mr. Trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. He was a Democrat longer in the last decade than he was a Republican. He has given more money to Democrats than he's given to Republicans.

MURRAY: Now, Donald Trump's next stop will be in Alabama later this week. And he gave us a little taste of what to expect saying, they already have tens of thousands of RSVPs. An aide to Donald Trump's campaign tells me they are moving the venue to a football stadium.

Back to you, Christine.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Sara Murray, thank you for that. Now, Trump and Bush not the only Republicans making their pitch to voters. Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina and John Kasich and Scott Walker, all in New Hampshire as well. Some of those events lasting late into the night. Those candidates focused on selling their own credentials.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R-NJ), 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You never wonder what I'm feeling. I'm going to show you. Third, you're never going to have to wonder what I'm willing to fight for because I'll fight for it. And fourth, you will never have to wonder how hard I'm willing to fight for it because you'll be able to see it with your own two eyes.

CARLY FIORINA (R), 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You will always know what I think. You will always know what I believe. You will never get a sanitized sound byte from me or bumper sticker or rhetoric. I know what I believe. I know what I know. I won't falter and I will not shy away from a fight, which is why I can win that general election because I'll land every punch we need to land.

GOV. JOHN KASICH (R-OH), 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I have a record. When I talk it is not about what I am going to do. It is what I have already done. This is not just what I -- you know, here's what in theory what's going to happen. I have been able to do it.

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R-WI), 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm not intimidated by anything. I'm not intimidated by protesters. I'm not intimidated by big government union bosses. I'm not intimidated by Democrats.

And a lot of people notice, but I'm not intimidated by my own party's establishment because before I took all the rest of them on, I took on the establishment of my own party. I'll take on them in Washington, and anybody else who stands in the way of defending the American people.


ROMANS: Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker remained in New Hampshire today. They have meet and greet in town hall events today. Donald Trump is off the campaign trail until tomorrow.

Marco Rubio looking for support in the key state of Michigan. He will speak before the Detroit Economic Club about his plan to turn around struggling urban cities.

Rick Santorum will be in Washington, D.C., to address an audience and take questions at the National Press Club.

An attorney for Hillary Clinton now confirming her personal server was wiped clean before it was turned over to the FBI. This acknowledgement comes in a letter to Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Clinton's campaign also acknowledging there was information on the server now considered classified. But an important distinction, that information was not classified at the time it was received. That's according to a campaign, which is even pointing to a FOX News report to make its case. In one case, e-mail is marked sensitive, but unclassified. In other case, the material contains no marking.

The Clinton camp trying to keep focus on 2016 and on the possibility of expanding field with calls growing now for the Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race.

A spokesperson for Clinton said he would be a welcome addition.


BRIAN FALLON, SPOKESMAN FOR HILLARY CLINTON: Hillary Clinton herself and everybody affiliated with her campaign has deep respect and admiration for Vice President Joe Biden. There are a number of people on the campaign who worked for him directly. So, there's deep admiration and respect for him. He has more than earned the opportunity to take his time and make a decision.

[04:35:01] We are just going to continue to operate our campaign in the way that we always have, which is to presume that we're going to have a competitive race regardless of what the rest of the field looks like.


ROMANS: Biden advisors have told him to make a decision by October 1st.

Breaking overnight in Thailand. Police say this week's deadly attack on a shrine in Bangkok was not the work of a lone wolf. In fact, police now say it must have taken at least 10 people to carry out that carnage. Officials also saying it does not appear to be an act of international terrorism.

So, how do they reach these conclusions? Where do they go from here? I want to bring in CNN Saima Mohsin live from Bangkok.

Good morning, Saima. What's the latest?


Well, police have been trying to piece together what little information they have. Late last night since you and I spoke, the spokesperson came to the shrine. I asked him what they know that they can share with us.

Now, he told me they have identified two more accomplices. That they can see in the CCTV footage.

Now, so far, police are saying they believe as many as ten people may be involved in this particular bombing. That they can zero in on three main people.

Now, if we take a look at that CCTV footage, there is clearly that yellow t-shirted man, the main suspect, sitting down with his backpack. As he sits down, Christine, two men stand up in front of him. Now, it could be completely innocent, but police have identified them as accomplices because they believe that they are trying to block the view of everyone else who is in the shrine at one of the most popular times of the day.

Hundreds of people pack in here. Now, they believe these two men were standing in front of the bomber while he planted the bomb inside that backpack underneath the bench.

Now, they all left around about the same time as well. They are looking across CCTV footage, not just in this area now, but throughout the city, to see if they can identify where they went. Also they spoke to, can they perhaps identify other members of this gang that they believe there may well be. Beyond that, they are also looking at CCTV footage in the airport as well and they are asking for Interpol.

You know, the United States, of course, said they would help in any which way they can. We are not sure if that means with the police investigation or anything else -- Christine.

ROMANS: All right. Saima Mohsin in Bangkok for us -- thank you for that, Saima.

New anger from opponents of the Iran deal after the revelation Iran will be allowed to inspect one of its own military sites. This deal was first reported by "The Associated Press". It says inspections of the Parchin site would be governed by separate agreements. Those deals are between Iran and the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. Now, the West has long believed that site was used for covert nuclear military activity.

The State Department now trying to downplay those new concerns.


JOHN KIRBY, STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESMAN: The IAEA also has in place the most robust set of inspections, an inspection regime that has ever been peacefully negotiated with another nation. So, I will not talk about the details of these leaked documents or these draft documents from the IAEA. But I'll just tell you that we are comfortable, Secretary Kerry is very comfortable that the IAEA will have access and information that it needs to make a proper accounting of possible military dimensions for Iran's program.

(END VIDEO CLIP) ROMANS: U.S. officials now voicing concerns Russia is moving ahead with plans to sell Iran a sophisticated missile defense system. The S-300 could damage Washington's ability to challenge Tehran's air space.

Time for an early start on your money this morning. Asian shares are lower. Shanghai down 3.4 percent. Another big swing for China stocks amid major worries about China's economy. European and U.S. stock futures are lower too.

The Dow lost 162 yesterday. That's because of a selloff in oil stocks and an indication that the interest rate hike could be weeks away.

More women are starting their own businesses. According to a new study, there were nearly 10 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. in 2012. A 22 percent increase from 2007.

Now, men still own more businesses, but women-owned businesses are growing at a rate four times faster than male owned businesses. The report also found major increase in small business ownership among black and Hispanic women.

Breaking news overnight, protesters facing off with police after an officer-involved shooting in St. Louis. We will take a look at what is happening on the streets right now, next.


ROMANS: A tense scene on the streets of St. Louis. Police confronting dozens of protesters firing smoke and tear gas into the crowds, just hours after a fatal police-involved shooting Wednesday. Authorities say the suspect, a black teenager, pointed a gun at officers as they tried to execute a search warrant.

St. Louis police chief says demonstrators ignored repeated calls to disperse. Police forced to shield themselves as rocks, bricks and water bottles thrown their way.


CHIEF SAM DOTSON, ST. LOUIS POLICE: At the intersection of Page and Walton, they blocked the intersection. As officers approached them to ask them to leave the intersection, glass bottles started to and bricks started to be thrown at officers. Officers had to use shields to protect themselves from the objects that were being thrown at them.


ROMANS: Nine people arrested. Protesters set a vacant house on fire near the scene of the police shooting and reportedly burned an American flag.

The rape trial of a former student at the prestigious New Hampshire prep school. That rape trial resumes this morning. An alleged rape victim detailing the attack for jurors Wednesday. The now 16-year-old girl says the encounter at St. Paul's school came during the senior tradition of senior salute, when upperclassmen allegedly complete to have sex with younger female students.

Nineteen-year-old Owen Labrie has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and other charges.

Jared Fogle, once the face of the Subway sandwich chain, now an admitted child sex predator. The former pitchman now facing up to 12 1/2 years in prison. He is pleading guilty to possessing child pornography and for paying to have sex with minor women, minor girls.

We get more from CNN's Ryan Young in Indianapolis.


RYAN YOUNG, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Christine, a lot of interest in this case. In fact, the courtroom was packed. Everyone watching Jared Fogle. He sat there, looking very nervous as he faced the judge, answering the questions.

[04:45:00] But we do know he pled guilty to child pornography. In fact, now we know there are 14 victims involved in this case, and he plans to pay each one of them $100,000.

We learned details about the fact that he would leave Indiana, go to New York and pay for sex with minors. And, of course, court documents coming out detailing some of these interactions.

JOSH MINKLER, U.S. ATTORNEY: Let's call this what it is. This is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploit children.

JEREMY MARGOLIS, ATTORNEY: He has volunteered to make restitution to those individuals who have been impacted by his behavior. He knows that restitution can't undo the damage that he's done, but he will do all in his power to try to make it right.

YOUNG: Of course, Jared Fogle well known for being the Subway spokesperson for 15 years. It is believed he is worth some $15 million. But as he left the court today, he did not seem like he wanted to be in the spotlight of the cameras.

We are learning more details of what he will face next. In fact, he will have home confinement before he finds out what he will face in terms of charges and how long he'll be in jail. The government can speak up to 15 years in prison for Jared Fogle. And, of course, as this case evolves, we'll continue to follow it -- Christine.


ROMANS: All right. Ryan Young, thanks for that.

Tragedy on the fire lines out west. Three firefighters killed battling a wildfire in north Washington state. Four others were injured. Officials say the fire in the small town of Twisp exploded just after residents were told to evacuate.

In Oregon, a wildfire that's burned 48,000 acres still raging out of control there. The state's governor surveyed the damage in Grant County where dozens of homes have been lost and residents there are dismayed.


GOV. KATE BROWN (D), OREGON: It is a devastation up there. It's really horrible. My heart goes out to the families over the loss of their homes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have no faith in any of our government leaders. We need to do more. We have the laws. This was completely preventable.


ROMANS: The entire state of Oregon is facing severe or extreme drought conditions. Some 200 active duty personnel have been deployed to help fight wildfires in seven western states.

Let's get more on this from meteorologist Pedram Javaheri -- Pedram.


You know, some good news and bad news for the forecasts around the west. The good news is much cooler temperatures in and around the northeast, but the bad news is it is accompanied with gusty winds. You will see that pick up the next couple of days. Firefighters will not like that, but we have the 70s the next few days in Seattle, goes up to the 80s, while down around Portland. The 90s return in the forecast in Portland as well.

I want to show you the effects of the drought and, of course, what's happened across areas of Nevada and California. Look at satellite imagery over Lake Meade in Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. This is July, 2000 compared to July 2015. This is interesting to see these water levels, just impressive to see this in a 15-year period this morning, significant decrease in the temperature department, 20 degrees cooler in OKC, and nearly in Dallas and this time yesterday. In fact, look at the temperatures in Oklahoma City. Back in the 40s in portions of Iowa and Nebraska as well. So, certainly, a little autumn like for some people.

But we're also watching some summer-like weather out in the Tropics. Tropical storm Danny in the works out there, 50-mile-per-hour winds. And, Christine, all indications taking this to a category one hurricane, weakening it again over the Leeward Island and Puerto Rico potentially sometime early next week. So, we'll follow this in the forecast -- Christine.

ROMANS: All right. We know you will. Thanks, Pedram, for that.

Forty-eight minutes past the hour. Donald Trump one-on-one with CNN on why he believes birthright citizenship needs to end in the U.S., next.


[04:52:18] ROMANS: Donald Trump standing firm on his proposal to end birthright citizenship. He says it is essentially to immigration reform. Trump even tells our Chris Cuomo the 14th Amendment granting citizenship to any child born in the U.S. is open to legal interpretation.


TRUMP: Three hundred thousand, I look in your show, 300,000 births this year illegals in our country, that means we picked up 300,000 people that are going to get Social Security. You have people on the border and in one day, they walk over and have a baby and now all of the sudden, we're supposed to pay the baby.

CUOMO: So the citizenship for those babies, you would revoke it, now and retroactively?

TRUMP: Number one, the 14th Amendment is very questionable as to whether or not somebody can come over and have a baby and immediately that baby is a citizen, OK?

CUOMO: The court has pretty much said and agreed that immigrants here, this isn't a minority legal opinion you are talking about.

TRUMP: Chris, there are many people that totally feel that --

CUOMO: They may want it that way.

TRUMP: Amending is too big of deal. It's going to be take -- it will be two terms, I'd be in my second term on my 8th year by the time assuming everything went smoothly because to amend the Constitution --

CUOMO: Takes a long time.

TRUMP: I believe --

CUOMO: Especially on a very divisive issue.

TRUMP: I believe you can win it legally OK? I believe you can win it legally. And in any event the parents have to leave, if the parents leave unless they are very bad people they got to take it their baby.

CUOMO: Seventy-five percent of the country feels that you should be trying to find the way to let people stay with conditions as supposed to kicking everybody else.

TRUMP: This people, the really good ones and we have some great ones, what they are trying expedite so they can come back but they going to come back legally. Let me tell you, when you look at Baltimore, when you look at Chicago, when you look at the crime that's going on, you have some of this people are illegal immigrants. I mean, they're illegal they keep coming to the country, they're gang members. They're the toughest of the group. They're tough --

CUOMO: Some are bad but, you know, most of them coming here to fight for their dream.

TRUMP: I get them out before I started building the wall and I will start building that wall soon. I will get them up. The first thing I'm doing is getting the bad ones out and they are gone, and they're not coming back either.


ROMANS: All right. Fifty-five minutes past the hour.

Hey travelers, do you want a seat assignment on your next flight? Why you might pay more for such luxuries. That's next.


[04:58:29] ROMANS: All right. Welcome back. I'm Christine Romans. Let's get an early start on your money this morning.

U.S. stock futures lower after an ugly day yesterday. Dow closed down 162 points. Federal Reserve releasing its minutes. The interest rate hike is coming, eventually, not a short thing for September. This is a lot of indecision when it will happen. Many say it is coming.

The big drag, look, a meltdown in oil is what really pulled stocks down. Oil prices tumbled 4 percent after a government report shows stockpiles rose. Look at that, Chevron, Exxon, each down significantly. The smaller really firms got hammered.

Do you want a seat assignment on your Delta flight? It's going to cost you. Bare-bones options are spreading beyond the low cost carriers now, like Spirit and Allegiant. Delta is expanding the economy tickets. They're $20 to $40 cheaper than regular economy tickets, but they don't come with a seat assignment until after check- in. Also, basic economy ticket holders are in the last boarding group, and they do not get frequent flyer miles.

The highest paying job is surgeon. That's According to a list from Career Cast. Surgeons make a median salary of $350,000 a year. The top five highest paid careers, psychiatrists, physician, corporate executive and dentist. You know the trend there? Most of the top paying jobs are in health care, an industry expected to grow rapidly in coming years.

Fifty-nine minutes past the hour. EARLY START continues right now.


ROMANS: New Hampshire is the battleground for Republican presidential candidates. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, they are leading the pack, dueling town hall events, focusing their attacks on each other.