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Hollywood's Biggest Night

Aired February 22, 2015 - 18:00   ET



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tonight, the stars.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You need me a lot more than I need you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I -- I knew I shouldn't have that champagne.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come to Selma, join us.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You ungrateful ape.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this for real or are you shooting a film?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You people are fool of crap.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You guys ready to have some fun?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She's been murdered and you think I did it.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The unforgettable moment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Her arms aren't swinging. She's carrying something.

She's got a grenade. She's got RKG Russian grenade she's handing it to the kid.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And all the glamour of the red carpet.

It's Hollywood's Biggest Night and it all starts now. Here are Michaela Pereira and Don Lemon.


MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN HOST: Here it is people. The moment we have all been waiting for, every A-lister in this town is getting ready to step up on that red carpet. And you know what? They're not going to let a little diva named Mother Nature rain on their parade.

Welcome to HOLLYWOOD'S BIGGEST NIGHT. We are counting down to the start of the 87th Annual Academy Awards. I have got the best view in the house. A bird's eye view, a birdman's eye view, got that, of all the action.

My boy Don Lemon is down on the red carpet. He's in the mix talking to the people that are arriving. You look so handsome, my dear.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: You totally stole -- Thank you very much. You look beautiful as well. You totally stole my line of birdman's eye view of the red carpet.

Michaela, you mentioned A-listers, you don't get any bigger than this. This is an A-lister. We're going to start off with -- Patricia Arquette is here, and congratulations on your nomination for Best Supporting Actress. This really...


LEMON: ... was a labor of love for you, 12 years.

ARQUETTE: Yeah, and working with some of the most incredible people I've ever known. And I mean it's all winding up, which means it's really the end of this movie so that's kind of hard. What a beautiful way to end it.

LEMON: Yeah, and this is about family for you. You brought your entire family here. Rosanna's here.

ARQUETTE: I forgot my coffee. I got a lot...

LEMON: Harlow's here, your daughter.


LEMON: They're here to support you.

ARQUETTE: That's right. They are. And the rest of them were like, "We're going to stay home and have the party at home...

LEMON: Yeah.

ARQUETTE: ... when you get back we will have a big party." I don't know.

LEMON: What would you say he was on?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Even Alexis, our other brother and sister.

ARQUETTE: And my son Enzo also.

LEMON: Yeah, at home. And your son Enzo. And Harlow is here. Hi Harlow, how you doing?


LEMON: Are you excited for mom?


LEMON: Yes? So why did you decide to do this? Because this was -- I mean quite labor intensive. Over 12 years and you get to see how you look over 12 years.

ARQUETTE: Well, it's a beautiful story about human beings and kids growing up and it's really a movie about people you know in your life and -- your lives and you see in your life. People don't make movies about everyday people.

LEMON: Yeah.

ARQUETTE: And Richard Linklater loves all people and I want to be a part of one of his films. They're so beautiful.

LEMON: Your daughter was born during all this, right?

ARQUETTE: That's right. She was. I think before -- between year one and two or year two and three. Yeah.

LEMON: Yeah? What did you say?

ARQUETTE: After year one.

LEMON: Year one. So she kind of was not -- she was not even here when you started this.

ARQUETTE: I know. It was weird. I was playing a mom who had a son and a daughter and I had a son but suddenly I had a daughter all of a sudden.

LEMON: Yeah. Yeah. This film is nominated for so many things. Best Motion Picture, Picture of the Year, Best Performance of an actress in a leading role, that's you, and Actor Ethan Hawke, Screenplay, that's achievement and editing. I mean that's a lot.

ARQUETTE: I wouldn't even know if anyone would ever go see this movie, so it's very mind-boggling. I'm really grateful.

LEMON: Yeah. Well, congratulations and...

ARQUETTE: Thank you.

LEMON: ... good luck and I enjoyed your (inaudible) that you have made so far.

ARQUETTE: Thank you. LEMON: Congratulations. Thank you guys for coming.

ARQUETTE: Thanks guys.

LEMON: And thanks for waiting.

ARQUETTE: Thank you.

LEMON: Good luck. And did you prepare a speech yet? Or do you think that's bad luck?

ARQUETTE: Well, you have to be prepared. I mean I did this morning. You have to be prepared if you're one in five people...

LEMON: Yeah.

ARQUETTE: ... because it may actually happen, so. Yeah, I did but...

LEMON: Did you bring glasses?

ARQUETTE: I brought glasses. Yeah.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's all about their context.

LEMON: What about the context?

ARQUETTE: So we -- this morning I was supposed to get a manicure but instead I ended up launching a sweepstakes with Chideo where you can come with me on an adventure around the world working at one of our sites, we do eco sanitation. So go to Chideo, check out and let's go on an adventure.

LEMON: Aren't you glad we don't have a ManyCam (ph) like some of the entertainment shows because you don't have to...

ARQUETTE: I fail. Failed the ManyCam (ph).

LEMON: Thank you guys. Good luck.

ARQUETTE: Thank you.

LEMON: Good luck. All righty. Patricia Arquette Best Actress in a supporting role, that's the nomination here for "Boyhood". Amazing. That's an A-lister right off the bat.

PEREIRA: Right there.

LEMON: Back to you, Michaela.

PEREIRA: You're kind of a magnet for that. I like what she said a little film that they thought nobody would see about regular people. I think that's why it's resonated with so many people. "Boyhood" one of the nominees, Patricia Arquette one of the nominees as well.

I am here up in my bird's eye view with Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan and fashionista extraordinaire. You're going to be keep me on, on some of the fashion today.

JOANNA COLES, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, COSMOPOLITAN: I am. And actually, I thought Patricia Arquette who we just saw looked amazing. She was wearing Rosetta Getty...

PEREIRA: Beautiful.

COLES: ... I love the fact she had her hair sort of pulled back.


COLES: It didn't look like this was the most important day of her life, though I'm sure she's got little putterings going on there. But...

PEREIRA: You think a little butterfly?

COLES: ... I think she looked great. Yeah, I thought she looked great.

PEREIRA: I think we're going to talk a lot about that coming up because I think that we -- it could be an interesting year for Oscar fashion and that's why we're so glad to have you here.

HLN'S Rocsi Diaz, Anchor and Correspondent for the Daily Share has the bird's eye view, well she's actually at a party, she's at the Elton John viewing party where more stars are set to arrive. They'll be coming there in a moment. You'll be joined by a few thousand people. Entertainment reporter Katrina Szish is the one who's got the action and a view. She's on the roof of the historic Roosevelt Hotel. You can see everything there. How are you ladies doing? Rocsi, how are you doing up there?

ROCSI DIAZ, HLN CORRESPONDENT: I'm getting ready to party. I have my dancer shoes on. It's time to go. I'm just waiting for Elton to show up. But it's really such a great event. It's one of the biggest events of the night, so we're going to be A-listered out over here. Michaela?

PEREIRA: And, Katrina, how about you? I know that you've been watching this in terms of what kind of year this is going to be overall? Some are saying that this could be the most predictable Oscar's ever. Do you think that's the case?

KATRINA SZISH, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: Absolutely not. You know, at this point in the award season, we've seen the Globe's, we've seen the SAGs, I mean of course we have an idea of who the favorites are. But there are always surprises when it comes to the Oscar's and that's what makes it so much fun. Particularly this year, I think Best Picture could upset or it could surprise all of us. I think people are saying it's going to be "Birdman"...


SZISH: ... it's going to be "Boyhood" but I really think "American Sniper" could come in and take the big award. It has resonated so much with the audience and of course the story...

PEREIRA: All right.

SZISH: ... is now continuing in a Texas court room as we really see this real-life story continue to unfold.

PEREIRA: Yeah, you're right. It's not just a film. This is a story of a man's...

SZISH: Right.

PEREIRA: ... life and his subsequent death. Katrina, Rocsi, thanks so much. We'll be checking back in with you.

You know, I've been thinking as I stood up here. You know what we're missing? A little dose of Canadian rock star power. Don Lemon has got it.

LEMON: I got him for you.

PEREIRA: My wish is your command.

LEMON: I got him for you. I heard you. You were like, we need Tegan and Sara, The Lonely Island and look who's here. Voila.


LEMON: Tegan and Sara. How are you?


LEMON: Let me get off my mike for it.


LEMON: So how does it feel to be played by Legos?

TEGAN AND SARA: You know, honestly, the whole ride from the beginning of this Lego movie adventure to now has been absolutely incredible. The fact that we're at the Oscar's is a -- I can't even admit to it being on a like life-long dream and lest we never even imagined it. So everything is awesome.

LEMON: So you're performing tonight?

TEGAN AND SARA: We are. Yeah.

LEMON: Are you nervous?

TEGAN AND SARA: We're so nervous.

LEMON: Everything Is Awesome, yeah.

TEGAN AND SARA: Everything Is Awesome and that's the song we're going to sing and we're going to do, hopefully, an amazing hope because it deserves it. It's a great song. LEMON: You got a little bit for us? I'm sure everyone is asking you.

TEGAN AND SARA: Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you're part of a team. That's exactly how I do it. I just revealed my big, big dance move.

LEMON: That is fantastic.

TEGAN AND SARA: There it is. The big reveal.

LEMON: One of our anchors is from Canada. Her name is Michaela Pereira and she's like, you know, we need a little Canadian influence in this...

TEGAN AND SARA: I love it.

LEMON: ... you know, in the awards here.

TEGAN AND SARA: We're here bringing the Canadian for you guys.

LEMON: Yeah. What do the rehearsals were like? Is it just like nerve-wrecking?

TEGAN AND SARA: I will be honest that I didn't imagine the rehearsals to be as nerve-wrecking than it is, there's so many people in the audience, all the writers, Neil Patrick Harris watching the whole thing, so...


TEGAN AND SARA: ... you definitely -- every single time you rehearse that you put forth your best performance.

LEMON: And that guy's a task master...


LEMON: That dude.

TEGAN AND SARA: Neil always gives us notes at the end.

LEMON: I think everybody knows your -- we're playing everybody's awesome now -- Everything is Awesome, people -- some people may not know that you're identical twins.

TEGAN AND SARA: Yeah. I mean, we're identical twins. Although I'm a bit taller.

TEGAN AND SARA: I mean we're not identical always. I think tested higher in I.Q. I'm better more charming.

TEGAN AND SARA: But I'm taller.

TEGAN AND SARA: Fatigue and (inaudible) on there. Yeah.

LEMON: Tegan and Sara thank you very much guys. TEGAN AND SARA: Thank you.

LEMON: I appreciate it. Good luck tonight.


LEMON: We'll be watching. We'll be watching.

TEGAN AND SARA: Thank you so much.

LEMON: So everything is awesome here on the red carpet and I keep looking to the left. I see Common down the way, Michaela. That would be very exciting for anybody -- yeah. Yeah. Yes.

PEREIRA: Work on grabbing more people over towards you. We'll being you...

LEMON: Yeah.

PEREIRA: ... back up here so I can talk to Joanna Coles because you had mentioned with Tegan and Sara there, who by the way are proud products of Calgary, Alberta, Canada talking about Neil Patrick Harris, the host of this year's Academy Awards, the 87th, Joanna. This is his first time hosting hosing the Oscar's. But he's a bit of an award show darling.

COLES: Well, he's so good on the Tony Awards and also he's got big shoes to fill because Ellen was so good last year. You know, the Oscar's had a couple of rocky years. They got Ellen in, she got that brilliant moment with the selfie...

PEREIRA: With the selfie. Crashed the web.

COLES: Well, I'm sure he's going to try and I say I just -- I saw him very recently in a head wig. He was just having another run on Broadway. He was unbelievable, unbelievable. The man's energy is fantastic.

PEREIRA: Well, and that's what this show needs, is a song and dance man and you've got it in Neil Patrick Harris. I like to just call him NPH.

COLES: Right.

PEREIRA: He's kind of the triple threat.

COLES: I quite like the idea of calling him Patrick Harris, actually...

PEREIRA: There you go.

COLES: ... because that sort of -- he does have the triple threat in there. Listen, he is an eminently capable guy of holding this whole show together and there are so many different bits. People could, you know, there are absent (ph) flows in the energy, people speeches go on too long. I think he can nail it very quickly. PEREIRA: And the idea is that you kind of get out of the way and let the show happen, but if the show is dragging you need to definitely be a part of it. The producers have promised magic and music. There's got to be a lot of performances this year. We know that we're going to hear and I think it's a beautiful thing, Glen Campbell's final song that he wrote about his experience with Alzheimer's. There he is. Look at Neil Patrick Harris and his husband. They look fantastic

COLES: Very elegant in the gray, too. That's lovely there.

PEREIRA: I don't think.

COLES: He doesn't look nervous though. No, he doesn't look nervous. He doesn't look nervous although I'm sure he is and I've been told -- actually I was talking to John Legend this weekend and that he said actually he wasn't expecting to be nervous and suddenly at the rehearsal he became nervous.

PEREIRA: It became real.

COLES: This is a huge crowd. Everybody knows me. This is a little bit more frightening than I thought.

PEREIRA: Can I just say it is refreshing to see men depart from the standard black and white?

COLES: I have to say I love navy tux. I love a navy tux. I'm always worried that the white looks a bit like they should be on a cruise ship serving salmon. That would be my observation there, but I love the gray and I don't think you can be navy. We saw a bit of navy at the Golden Globes. I'm hoping it reemerges.

PEREIRA: You know that you just made Don Lemon even more unbearable because I believe Don is wearing a navy blue tux today.

COLES: I didn't realize that.

PEREIRA: Midnight blue on Don Lemon.


PEREIRA: It is so on point.

All right. Did you hear that?

LEMON: ... about midnight blue?

PEREIRA: Yes. Yes dear.

LEMON: The original color of a tuxedo was midnight blue because it photographs better with a flash -- with a flash and everything in black and white, so it's midnight blue. Did you know that?

COLES: But I think Don is also expressing himself as a newsman because you got the tie and not the bowtie.

PEREIRA: Now, do you think...

LEMON: I love a bowtie. There's nothing wrong with a classic bowtie.

VICKY: He wears a bowtie everyday...

COLES: But he's not wearing one today.

PEREIRA: He's not wearing one today.

COLES: He's not wearing one today.

PEREIRA: We have so much to get to the party as just about starting on the red carpet. The action is just beginning to heat up so stay with us for all the stars, all of the fashion, bowties and all and even a few surprises.


LEMON: All right. We're back on the red carpet. I'm Don Lemon. Michaela Pereira is going to join me in just a little bit but look who we have here. Do you recognize this guy? Hey, Common. How are you?

COMMON, PERFORMER: Great to see you. Great to see you. How are you?

LEMON: Good to see you. Good to see you again. I'm doing well. Are you excited?

COMMON: Man, I'm overly excited. I'm super excited. I think I'm more agitated I would. I'm just like this is one of the greatest days ever.

LEMON: Well, we call it best song but it's achievement in music, but we like to say best song in a movie, right?

COMMON: Yeah. Yeah.

LEMON: Achievement in music. That is a beautiful tux. Not only were you nominated for music but you were in, you played James Bevel in the movie.

COMMON: Yes. That experience is what helped me to create the song. I mean it's an honor to be a part of something. It's like being a part of the movement that really happened during those days and being able to be an extension of what Dr. King and all those people created at that time. So I mean to be an actor in it is what generated me to be able to do a song for it.

LEMON: I kept -- as I was watching it, I'm like I can't believe that there has not been a picture -- like a featured film about Dr. King and this is the first one.

COMMON: You know, it's something, it's something because this film actually came at the right time, you know. As much as we know it should have been a film about Dr. King, it happened in the right time because -- when we saw what was going on in our country and see what is going on, it's like we need a Dr. King. So maybe through this film, a lot of people have become educated on non-violent protest, how to strategize to make changes in an organized way and intelligent ways.

LEMON: Yeah. So you had a lot of very strong women around you.


LEMON: Oprah.


LEMON: Ava DuVernay.


LEMON: I mean what was that experience like?

COMMON: Well, I have to say this lady over there is my mother. She's a strong woman so I grew up around in that strong woman energy. And...


COMMON: Ma. Ma. He just say I have Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey, a strong woman around, I said I grew up around a strong woman, right?

LEMON: I'm a mama's boy. What's your name, mom?


LEMON: Mahalia, it's a pleasure to meet you.

HINES: Nice to meet you.

LEMON: How proud of him are you?

HINES: I am so proud of him and I'm proud that he's at the Oscar's. He's going to perform. But I'm most proud of the kind of person he is. He has a good spirit. He's a kind young man and the Oscar's is -- that's what he do, that's the job.

LEMON: Yeah, yeah.

HINES: I'm proud of the person he is.

LEMON: Now I see where you're get it from, right? It's all right here.

COMMON: You got that right.

LEMON: It's all right here. But it took a lot of strong women like your mom to do that and this movie featured women, strong women and it showed their involvement in the movements.

COMMON: I think that's so important that acknowledge and recognize that it was -- I mean many people say (inaudible) Dr. King helped -- Dr. King and set the movement early on. So women plays such a significant part in making the change in this world that we have to acknowledge them, and they will continue to make an important impact, and a powerful impact on changing the world. So it's great to get a love.

LEMON: What was the collaboration like with John Legend? Did it just flow or...

COMMON: It really flowed because it was like one of those moments where you just like, I thought about it like I need to tell John Legend about doing this song. I hadn't even thought what we were going to do but I knew that we should do a song together for someone and I called him and I told me three titles and the third title was "Glory" and he really loved "Glory". So like from that point he wrote what he wrote and gave me the piano and I just was inspired to write like -- so it was -- it was one of those we could do this song forever because we love this, this is what we want to do, we want to do this type of music.

LEMON: Yeah. So Ava, did Ava -- she takes the high route (ph)...


LEMON: ... you know, and she's a very bright woman, a very positive woman and there was talk about, you know, the film being snubbed.


LEMON: And she said, "You know, I just have to keep moving forward. We were nominated for Best Picture."


LEMON: What do you think about this talk about being snubbed?

COMMON: Well, first we're grateful to be nominated for Best Picture. It wouldn't be a Best Picture without Ava DuVernay, the director and David Oyelowo as the star, we're also grateful to be nominated for Best Original Song.

Look, the movie is about voting process. And unfortunately, they didn't get voted to be Best Director but they have long careers ahead and I know that one day they'll be here, you know, as nominees and hopefully winning. I wanted everybody, I'm not saying, to get nominated but of course it's disappointment.

LEMON: But it does speak to diversity in Hollywood.

COMMON: I mean I think that's part of the process. I don't think it's like -- I don't think we could just say, "Well, Hollywood is not just about being diverse." I think the world as you know, we got to like -- all kind is like had the dialogues a bit but to bring people and give understanding and I think progress will come.

LEMON: Yeah. Thank you so much.

COMMON: Thank you.

LEMON: Good luck to you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you. Nice to meet you.

LEMON: Nice to meet you, mom. Good luck. Thank you...

COMMON: I appreciate it.

LEMON: ... very much. I appreciate it. So listen, now you see where this strong man comes from, comes from his mom who is joining him on the red carpet here. Again, they're up for -- nominated for Best Achievement in Music but as we like to say Best Song in a movie.

PEREIRA: Best song.

LEMON: Michaela Pereira? Michaela and it's tough not to look at. I see ladies are like oh my gosh.

PEREIRA: Oh please. I was up here swooning. And Will.I.Am...

LEMON: Hey, Will. How are you?

PEREIRA: ... looking stylish as always.

LEMON: Will, how you doing?

PEREIRA: Looks like they're in a middle of a conversation. Yes. See if you can work on getting Will. That would be great.

Why don't we -- while we're waiting on you getting -- see if you can get him, why don't we pull up the Best Picture nominees because I think it's good to refresh ourselves before we head in to the big show. Because you're talking to Common about "Selma", "Selma" is one of the films nominated for Best Picture.

Joanna, let's just run through the list. "American Sniper", "Birdman" -- you got Will. Let's go down and talk to Will I Am.

LEMON: I got him. I got him. Yeah. It's loud in here. How you doing? Are you proud of this guy?

WILL.I.AM, PERFORMER: Yeah, Common, I was just congratulating him on, you know, his role in Selma and for musicians to like transition from like one thing to another thing, you know, a lot of times the art slaps so...

LEMON: Right.

WILL.I.AM: ... I had to congratulate him. I get the lyrics that you got on that song.

LEMON: Amazing. Amazing.

WILL.I.AM: And the performance that you did in that film, you know, to be able to serve both sides of the field as an actor and still keep it thorough and awesome as a musician and a lyricist, you know, hat's off to Common.

LEMON: Let's talk about the movies, because I know you're a man with music but let's talk about the movies. Did you get to see many of them this year?

WILL.I.AM: I watched pretty much all of it. I saw all of them. Yeah.

LEMON: What do you think?

WILL.I.AM: What do you think about what?

LEMON: What do you think about "Boyhood"? What do you think about "Selma"? What do you think about "Imitation Game"?

WILL.I.AM: Come again?

LEMON: What do you think about "Imitation Game"? Just run through them for me.

WILL.I.AM: Well, "Selma" was amazing.

LEMON: Right.

WILL.I.AM: That's the one that really struck a chord to me because I've learned things about that film that wasn't taught in school, with certain details about Martin Luther King. So that's the one. To me, that really, you know, it was entertaining, it was educational, inspirational, emotional, it hit all the buttons, so.

LEMON: I thought Ava did a really good job with directing

WILL.I.AM: Yes. She did.

LEMON: But not nominated. What do you think about that?

WILL.I.AM: I try not to get my emotions wrapped up in politics. All I know is that I nominated it and it hit a chord to me. Whether or not the Academy did, I know we're here, to me I don't let someone else's opinion dictate how I relate to it and how it resonates within myself. So I don't even know how to answer that question.

LEMON: Well, you do. I think you did a fine job. You're performing after, right?


LEMON: Yes. Thank you very much.

WILL.I.AM: All right.

LEMON: Thank you very much. God Bless. Will.I.Am. So he's, you know, it was very emotional for a lot of people, Michaela, when it comes to "Selma". "Selma" is an emotional for people who fought for civil rights, not just for...


LEMON: ... people of color in the country but a lot of people who fought -- of all ethnicities who fought for civil rights. I went to see that movie and thought it was a fantastic movie and I really thought that Ava DuVernay should have been nominated. She wasn't. She's very positive about it and said, "Listen, we've got a Best Picture nomination, we got achievement in music nomination." So she's looking at the positive side and tonight we'll hear from her if she comes down on the red carpet.

PEREIRA: All right. Yeah, we will hear from her. We're looking forward to seeing what she's wearing as well. Fashion wise, she looked stunning.

We're going to take a short break. Though, right now, there's so much more and the excitement certainly is building. Don't miss a moment of the red carpet action here with us for Hollywood's Biggest Night.


LEMON: All right. Welcome back to the 87th Academy Awards for CNN's live coverage. Everybody is out on the red carpet. Everyone. I see Tim McGraw, Faith Hill right here but right behind me now, we got The Lonely Island. You guys, you can turn. Do you want to be on television? You want to talk about this? You might recognize this guy. This is Andy Samberg, there's also Akiva Schaffer and Jorma...


LEMON: I want to get your -- Jorma.


LEMON: Jorma.

AKIVA SHAFFER, ACTOR: Yeah, it's like the guitarist from with Jefferson Airplane...

LEMON: Yeah.

SHAFFER: ... that we all know.

LEMON: Yeah. How are the girls?

SHAFFER: Good. Good. You just wanted me -- I think...

LEMON: I just had to bring it up. So what's going -- what's up?

SHAFFER: Not much. We're just here at the Oscar's. It's our first time. We're very excited. We're three best friends from Berkeley, California, we're having a great time.

LEMON: And you're performing with Tegan and Sara.



LEMON: What is that -- what's that like? What are you doing? "Everything is Awesome."

ANDY SAMBERG, PERFORMER: "Everything is Awesome." We sing, we pretend to rap.


SAMBERG: And people's minds are expanded.

LEMON: How do you people -- how do you come out? Because you were hired -- you three were hired by "SNL," right?


LEMON: How do you come up with stuff like Dick in a box?

SAMBERG: You get locked in a room and told there is a video that has to air in 48 hours and then you go -- in a box?


SAMBERG: And Justin Timberlake comes in and sings really well and everyone thinks it's great.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was entirely accurate. That was pretty accurate.

LEMON: How did you guys enjoy the 40th anniversary?



LEMON: Does he talk?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. I'm here just to look at them, and go, ha, ha, ha, oh, no, what did he say?



LEMON: Yes. Are you nervous at all? Do you get nervous still?

SAMBERG: Yes. We get a little nervous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But we're reserving that for later.

LEMON: But you would think like after doing like sketch comedy and live on the fly that you wouldn't get nervous.

SAMBERG: Yes. It's not as bad as it would be if I hadn't done that. LEMON: Yes?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We've never toured before so the only time we ever performed any one of our songs is live on television because we can't pass up the opportunity.

LEMON: Let me see your left hand. Check it out. Check out the bling.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, sorry, ladies.

LEMON: Did you just got married?


LEMON: Yes. That is a mani-cam in more ways than one. An M-A-N iCam.

SAMBERG: You should put lotion on my hand.


LEMON: Good luck, guys.


LEMON: Thank you very much. Continued success on "Brooklyn 99".

SAMBERG: Hey now.

LEMON: Hey now.


SAMBERG: Airing against the Oscar.

LEMON: I like the midnight blue tuxedo. Who are you wearing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're wearing Xenia across the board in a big way.

LEMON: That's right. OK. Yes. Congratulations. Thank you very much.

There you go. The Lonely Island. These guys are nuts. I love those -- all those sketches that they do, Michaela, on "SNL."


LEMON: Those are the guys responsible for "Dick in a Box" and all that stuff. "I'm on a Boat."

PEREIRA: Oh, you said it.

LEMON: All the craziness. Yes. Well, I mean, come on.

PEREIRA: Your mom is watching, Don Lemon. (LAUGHTER)

LEMON: You're mom --

PEREIRA: I have breaking news, Don. She's up. I have breaking news. It is now raining in Hollywood.

LEMON: Yes, what is it?

PEREIRA: You don't know that it's raining because you're under a tent, but behind us we can see it really, actually coming down which is going to make the arrivals a bit of a problem.

Jonathan (INAUDIBLE), our fashion expert here with me.

That's something that you take into consideration. They knew it was going to the possibility of it raining.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a major crisis. It's a Hollywood nightmare really because of the hair. I mean, for the men it's not so bad, but the women they would have spent most of the morning sort of being teased and pulled and straightened and this is your worst nightmare. I advise a lot of hairspray.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's a lot of (INAUDIBLE) going on at the back of those limos right now.

PEREIRA: Do you think that there would be a game time decision about changing a dress? Because we know that some of these fashion choices are made in those final days and hours before.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think by the time you're in the car you're in the dress. And hope --

PEREIRA: You're not going to grab at something and (INAUDIBLE) in the car?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Back of the car. No. I mean, actually it's pretty efficient. You remember the guys of P. Diddy having a guy carrying his umbrella.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A lot of people out there with fabulous black umbrellas ushering everybody and I think they're going to survive.

PEREIRA: I bet Patricia Arquette is feeling kind of smug because she got here earlier and she made it in before the rain started.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's actually a little chilly, too.

PEREIRA: It is a little cold. And we say that with tongue-in-cheek for all of our friends on the East Coast, who are enduring, you know, the worst winter in -- well, maybe not the worst winter in recorded history but it sure feels like it. The winter that will never end, it's suffice it to say.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And all I would say is in New York they're wearing fur and big coat. Here everybody is in a strapless gown.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It makes it cold.

PEREIRA: All right. So you have some special country music stars with you down there, Don Lemon.

LEMON: I know. And guess what? They're friends of mine. I've got to show him a picture. Let's see if he remembers this. Where is it? I can't find it. I can't -- oh, here it is. Do you remember that?

TIM MCGRAW, PERFORMER: I do remember that. In Atlanta. Yes. For the -- the function you guys did.


MCGRAW: That was four years ago?

LEMON: Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely.


FAITH HILL, SINGER: That's a good picture.

LEMON: That's a picture of us that we did at a function a couple of years ago.

MCGRAW: We look so young.

LEMON: Yes. I know.


It was probably three or four years ago. It's so good to see you, of course, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. It's so good.

Faith, how are you? I saw you the other night. You look beautiful.

HILL: Thank you.


HILL: I was great. I'm just like so excited for my husband to get up there and sing tonight.


HILL: And such a beautiful song for Glenn and --

LEMON: You performed in 2000, did you give him any advice?

HILL: Well, he's -- like, a much better performer than me. All I said was just take a few deep breaths before and you'll do fine.

LEMON: What does this mean to you? Glen Campbell. The movie "I'll Be Me" and it's about Alzheimer's.

MCGRAW: You know, he's -- the way --


MCGRAW: Yes. (INAUDIBLE). I just heard that.


MCGRAW: I just heard that and it was fantastic. You know, when you look across the American musical landscape and you think about Glen Campbell and you think about the songs that he recorded and the career that he had from the '60s and all the records that he played on -- here in L.A. and in his musicianship as a guitar player and all the others that he's so well versed in. And then the songs, I mean, he had Galveston. By the time I get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, Rhinestone Cowboy, just huge, iconic records.

And for him to go into this part of his life carrying the message that he's carrying and sort of laying it out there for the world to see in advance of Alzheimer's and Alzheimer's research. It's pretty special that you can have the legacy that he has musically and then carry something forward like he's carried forward.

LEMON: Does it make you a little bit nervous because the family is here?

MCGRAW: Yes. We just talked.

LEMON: The family is there. Yes.

MCGRAW: It does make you nervous. You know -- because you want to represent as best as you can represent, and you want to -- you know, bring the honor that you can bring to it and that's what I've tried to do and what I want to try to do. Because you know it is a big honor to be here at the Oscars to do it.

LEMON: Yes. And it's an important subject. "Still Alice" is also about Alzheimer's.


LEMON: And people are talking about it, it's -- you know, it's on everyone's mind and it's about time that (INAUDIBLE) recognition.

It's great bumping into you. I wish I could do it all the time. You're OK, too, buddy.


LEMON: He is a very lucky man.

MCGRAW: I am a very lucky man.

LEMON: Good luck. Thank you very much. I'll see you guys soon. Thank you very much.

What a beautiful couple. You don't get any more attractive than that. We still got a whole lot to come. I see some of the actors, some of stars from the movie "Selma" here on the red carpet. The woman who played Coretta Scott King right next to me. Much more coverage coming up right here on CNN.

And you can follow us along on Twitter, on social media, on Facebook, on Instagram, just go CNN -- #CNNOscars. We'll be right back.


PEREIRA: Welcome back to Hollywood's biggest night. We are having a grand time watching all the arrivals in the rain. You can tell that the stars are hiding under some of those umbrellas. It's sprinkling here in Hollywood and apparently showers are expected. The weather service is saying they're going to happen for the rest of the afternoon, but that's not going to rain on our parade, oh, no, it won't.

We understand that down on the red carpet a bit of a rock star has arrived near Don Lemon.

Are you going to get a chance to talk to Richard Linklater there?

LEMON: I am. It's so loud I can barely hear. Is she coming to me? Can you hear all the screaming? Yes, it is.

PEREIRA: Go ahead.

LEMON: The director of "Boyhood." Who -- you showed up.


LEMON: Somebody showed up. I think the applause is for you.


LEMON: This is a long way -- it's a long way. I say this because Motion Picture of the Year, right? Best Achievement in Directing, Best Writing for a Screenplay. All of those things and more. You started, you were on an oil rig when you were in college and then you decided you wanted to be a director, you bought a $3,000 super 8 camera and here you are.

LINKLATER: That was -- yes. Add 33 years or whatever of working pretty hard in there, so, yes, fun. It's fun how you work at something and life kind of gives you a fun journey, potentially. You know.

LEMON: Why this film?

LINKLATER: You know, this film's been done a while. We premiered at Sundance last year and it always kind of connected to people. They really can relate to it. I wouldn't have necessarily predicted that but -- you know, because of the nature of the film.

LEMON: Right.

LINKLATER: It's a little different, but people just saw themselves in it.

LEMON: What was the idea of coming up to shoot something over 12 years? I call it -- you know, I mean, obviously, it's bigger than that, but like a video time lapse, right?

LINKLATER: Yes. A film time lapse maybe.

LEMON: A film time lapse. Yes.

LINKLATER: Yes. But just -- you know, we're telling a story about what it feels like to grow up, you know? To be a parent, to change and those relationships and how you feel different at -- you know, at different times. I don't know.

LEMON: Yes. You watched your daughter grow up in the movie as well.

LINKLATER: Sure did.


LINKLATER: In life and in the movie, but the movie is a pretty powerful record of both her and Ellar. The kids growing up and it's -- yes.

LEMON: Only 11 films have gotten 100, right, on Rotten Apples, and only 11 films and yours included by Rotten Tomatoes.


LEMON: And yours is one of them.


LEMON: That's a big deal.

LINKLATER: Yes. We're here because we had just an enormous critical response, critical reset, you know, assessment and, you know, all the people who've really supported the movie and we had a lot of people pulling for us.

LEMON: Yes. Do you see that guy down there like two cameras away. Maybe --


LEMON: Do you know him? LINKLATER: There he is.

LEMON: Who's that guy?

LINKLATER: That is Mr. Ethan Hawke.

LEMON: Ethan, if you happen to pass away he would take over the film.

LINKLATER: Well, I asked him to do that. That's when you know you're really in love with something. Like, hey, if I get hit by the bus, this and last couple of years, Ethan, you have to finish it and here's how -- here's the last scenes.

LEMON: That was pretty morbid but anyway it happened. How --

LINKLATER: It was kind of a joke.

LEMON: Was it tough for get people to sign on to this because Patricia Arquette, you know, said I was in.

LINKLATER: No. One phone call, she was like, let's do it. Well, artists, you know, artists get it. It's a new way to tell a story, they just jumped in. And we had a good time. Ethan, Patricia, very, very brave people.

LEMON: Let's hope you get one of these or all of these.

LINKLATER: We'll take whatever we get.

LEMON: Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Richard Linklater, the director of "Boyhood" which is the odds-on favorite, by the way, Michaela, to win Picture of the Year.


LEMON: And also Patricia Arquette.


LEMON: She's the odds-on favorite. So we'll see.

PEREIRA: She's the odds-on favorite. We think that -- I actually think it's my pick for the Best Picture. I think that's who's going to win.


PEREIRA: It could be a toss-up between that and "Birdman."

We want to talk about fashion for a second because we spied Marion Cotillard walking behind you or walking on the red carpet and Joanna Coles is here. I got to tell you --


PEREIRA: She looks stunning.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was swooning at that dress.

PEREIRA: You guys (INAUDIBLE) the knees.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fell of the bridge actually, which would be scary. She looks amazing. We also caught a glimpse of Laura Dern, nominated for Best Supporting in metallic. She looks amazing.

PEREIRA: For "Wild."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One of the -- yes. Metallic is one of the trends for spring and what's interesting about the red carpet is, the red carpet trends are different to the trends that you will see actually in the fashion market.

PEREIRA: Isn't that an interesting thing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And it's largely because the stars now are dressing very much on the defensive, I think. So --

PEREIRA: Twitter?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. And so now they don't want to become memes, you know, that takeoff.

PEREIRA: Fashion don't.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right. So I think there's a lot of conservative dressing but she really has very good advice. Very good --

PEREIRA: You can see on the screen Steve Carrell and his wife, Nancy Carrell.


PEREIRA: Power couple in Hollywood, a wonderful delight, his role in "Foxcatcher," incredible. Incredible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wish -- I just wish there had been a woman in "Foxcatcher." We've got a great lineup of male nominees this year but I feel the female nominees, although wonderful, have had fewer parts.

PEREIRA: You said that you thought that there weren't as many strong roles for women at all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There really weren't. There really weren't.

PEREIRA: With the exception obviously of Julianne Moore. Boy, I cannot wait to see her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, and Reese Witherspoon who is very vocal in Hollywood about, you know, she specifically bought Cheryl Strayed's book "Wild" to turn into this movie.

PEREIRA: Right. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because she was looking for roles. And she

couldn't find them so she's taken them into her -- you know, she's taken matters into her own hands.

PEREIRA: Look at that. "Birdman" himself. Michael Keaton.


PEREIRA: This is an interesting photo that we're seeing right here. Michael Keaton, nominated for Best Actor, David Oyelowo, not nominated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And what an oversight. I mean, for a generation of people he will be Martin Luther King. I thought he was amazing and I have to say I love the color of his maroon tux.

PEREIRA: He looks amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He's such a nice guy and I'm so sorry he wasn't nominated. That was an amazing performance.

PEREIRA: I have to stop you because I think there's going to be some craziness hopping off on the red carpet.

Don Lemon, did Kevin Hart stop by to say hi?

LEMON: Kevin Hart stopped by -- he won't stop talking. He won't stop talking. He's going to presenting tonight. He keeps looking over here and then he -- and then, Kevin, the other Kevin from somewhere else, but we're going to get him.

There's Ethan Hawke, too, as well, on the red carpet and --


PEREIRA: It's really picking up down there now.

LEMON: It is picking up. I see there are so many people out here and we're waiting, but Kevin Hart is a little nuts, Michaela. You are absolutely right.

PEREIRA: I love that guy. I just watched one of his specials last night.

LEMON: I don't like him.

PEREIRA: Ethan Hawke looks so old Hollywood glamour. He looks phenomenal.

LEMON: He is a handsome guy, as you would say. It's like, if you opened up handsome in the dictionary, there would be a picture of him.

PEREIRA: There would be a picture of him.

LEMON: A photograph of Ethan Hawke.

PEREIRA: Can we also talk about somebody that we saw behind you? Marco Robby.

LEMON: I think -- I think here comes Kevin.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sensational in St. Laurent.

PEREIRA: She looks sensational.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. Really good. And also I love the fact she's got sleeves on.

PEREIRA: Adam Levin looking like the rock star he is with his wonderful supermodel girlfriend.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is there a more handsome couple in Hollywood?


PEREIRA: You got him. There he is. Kevin Hart.

LEMON: Speaking of fashion, speaking of fashion. Look at this. Boom.

KEVIN HART, PRESENTER: Put it together. Put it together. I think if you're going to be on the red carpet you might as well pop. That's what this is. This is a popping outfit.

LEMON: A black man in a white tuxedo, Kevin, come on, what's up?

HART: Only a few can pull this off. Only a few of us can pull this off right here.

LEMON: What are you wearing?


LEMON: And who is this? Your wife?

HART: My fiancee Eniko. Eniko, say hi, baby.

LEMON: Hi. What are you wearing? Who are you wearing?


LEMON: You're gorgeous.


LEMON: You're gorgeous.

HART: Yes, she is.

LEMON: What are you presenting tonight?

HART: I'm presenting Best Animated Short.

LEMON: Yes? HART: Yes. Best Animated Short. Excited about it. Excited to be on

this Oscar stage, man. This is my first time.

LEMON: So when I watch "Real Husbands of Hollywood."

HART: Yes.

LEMON: Why are you always bringing me up? It's funny.

HART: Hey, man. Listen. Listen. It's a repetitive, funny joke.


HART: It's one joke that we get to (INAUDIBLE) and beat in the head.

LEMON: I know. I love it. I love it.

HART: Over and over again.

LEMON: I'll be --

HART: It's really us paying homage to you.

LEMON: I know. I mean, I'm like --

HART: In our unique, weird way. That's all it is.

LEMON: I'll be -- warming up dinner in the microwave or, you know, walk around, and I'm like, did Kevin Hart just mention me again?

HART: Yes. Yes, I do.

LEMON: Are you excited to be here?

HART: Man, it's -- I can't even say it. I can't even put it in words. Yes. Yes. The goal is to come back years later and be hosting.


HART: That's the goal now.

LEMON: I hear you're talking about your journey and how it is to make it, and that you bought a house and you were so cheap that you didn't put lights in the driveway. Is that a true story?

HART: That's very true. That's a very true story.

LEMON: And you locked your son out.

HART: Anything that I talk about comes from a real place. Yes, there are occasions where there's exaggerated moment but it all is set on a real environment, a real situation. That's what my life is. I think that's what makes me funny, talk about things that people can relate to.

LEMON: You've got -- you've got to pick? Isn't she beautiful?

HART: Yes. I love her to death. I run into her all the time.

LEMON: Yes. You've got to -- do you have a favorite for Best Film?

HART: You know what? I won't even put myself in that situation. I'm here as a fan. I'm spectating. At the end of the day, everything nominated deserves to be nominated.

LEMON: Step back, let the audience see this.

HART: See?

LEMON: Quickly. Back up. Back up. Back up. Back up.

HART: See?

LEMON: Now open it up. Open it up. Let's see those.

HART: Careful.

LEMON: Look at that. Show them the lines. Show them --

HART: Thank you. See that little black detail right there? Nobody saw that black detail right there. I have to show you all, that black detail right there.

LEMON: Thank you very much.

HART: Thank you.

LEMON: And you're a lucky man. You're a lucky man. You got a lot of money and that's why you got her.

HART: She makes me look nice.

LEMON: Thank you, Kevin. It's good to see you.

Joanna, what do you think of that outfit? A white tuxedo.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love his attitude.

LEMON: With black lapels. It's beautiful.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think nobody is mistaking Kevin Hart for a waiter tonight which is often the danger with a white jacket. I think he looks magnificent. Also he can pull anything off with that attitude. He's so much fun.

PEREIRA: So true.


PEREIRA: You don't let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Absolutely. PEREIRA: I think the fellas are doing very well this year. We've

seen a red tuxedo. We've seen this white-on-black.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We saw common-looking suit.

PEREIRA: Superb.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Midnight blue. Absolutely superb. I mean, to me that was Prada. It was this classic, perfect outfit for a man.

PEREIRA: Isn't it refreshing to see them branch out a little bit? And taking some risks.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. And also, I'll tell you what I love. So far we haven't seen any of the short, cropped pant look.

PEREIRA: You were looking for shorts?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Which -- I was very nervous, there could be some --

PEREIRA: Apparently --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. So I'm told Ethan Hawke --

PEREIRA: Ethan Hawke has arrived.



PEREIRA: So let's go back to Don. Let's see -- because he looks amazing.

LEMON: Ethan Hawke has arrived and the ladies are up on the bridge watching you walk in and they said oh, my god, that is a handsome man. Classically handsome.

I don't know, what do you think of that?

ETHAN HAWKE, BEST SUPPORT ACTOR NOMINEE, "BOYHOOD": I don't know what to say to that. I -- I feel like I bet they say that about all of the boys. I feel like we all look exactly the same.

LEMON: Right.

HAWKE: You know. The women all look so beautiful and the guys, we all -- I mean, some of these guys have style.

LEMON: Like Kevin Hart.

HAWKE: I've never -- I've never had any style. I enjoy making movies so much that -- I mean, I remember when I came for my first screen test, believe it or not, we were staying at the Holiday Inn. I was 13 years old. Came here right around here, walking around and dreaming of this kind of thing, so I just try to never lose sight of that. LEMON: Yes. I like the shawl collar. What are you wearing?

HAWKE: I'm wearing Prada, baby.

LEMON: Baby.

HAWKE: Prada, baby.

LEMON: Nice. This is your fourth Oscar nomination.


LEMON: Yes. This is different, though. This feels different. This movie is spectacular, and --

HAWKE: It's different for me because it's not -- it was never a job. It was a strange, crazy dream and it's just ballooned and so -- surpassed anything I could have imagined for it.


HAWKE: And I also got to make it with a film director that I really believe in. Patricia Arquette is one of my favorite actresses of my generation and to get to do something serious with her and to get to be a part of something original.


HAWKE: It doesn't happen very often in an actor's life. You know, we're -- as an actor, you're only as good as your opportunity.

LEMON: Yes. Are you going to be thinking of Robin Williams when you walk up there?

HAWKE: Sure. You know, the last time I was in a movie nominated for Best Picture was with him 25 years ago, and so yes, I'll be thinking of Robin.


HAWKE: I'll be thinking of Phil. I'll be thinking of River Phoenix.


HAWKE: All these people who affect your life stay with you. Robin got me my first agent. You know. He's here tonight.


HAWKE: And he had a party for me last night.

LEMON: You've been in some of the Best Pictures ever and this picture, "Dead Poets Society," some really -- I mean, did you ever think in a million years it is huge?

HAWKE: I don't think, but -- you know, you kind of end up spending each day one at a time, you know. You end up thinking about how you can get through tomorrow, like how can I not embarrass myself in this interview? You know. And then slowly some time goes by and you look back in it, it's a little bit like a spider web.

You go from one thing to the next and it doesn't ever seem like a big deal.


HAWKE: You look back and you think I have been living the life.

LEMON: Yes. Thank you.


LEMON: Good luck and congratulations.

HAWKE: Thank you.

LEMON: Pleasure seeing you. Thank you, guys. Thank you, guys.

So I see David Oyelowo, the star of -- there's Steve Carrell, as well. And if you guys can see all those guys. Steve Carrell is over there. And David Oyelowo of course played Dr. King in the movie "Selma" and -- oh, yes, there's -- OK, anyway.

We're going to be back from the red carpet live at the Oscars, the 87th Annual Oscars, Academy Awards.

We'll be right back. We'll try to get the guy from "Selma" right after this break.


PEREIRA: People have -- I can't tell you how many times people have told me it never rains in L.A. Yes, right.

Joanna Coles up here with me, bird's eye view, watching the red carpet arrivals. If you could somehow factor an umbrella into your look, you'd be straight.

COLES: So this would have been the perfect year for Bjork with her swan. She's going to just swum down the red carpet. This is shocking actually.


PEREIRA: It's shocking.

COLES: It's shocking.

PEREIRA: Well, we're going to swim down the road to the Elton John party because we have the host of that very party with our Rocsi Diaz right now.


luckiest girl in the world right now. None other than here with Sir Elton John.

Thank you so much for having us here in the 23rd Annual. Congratulations on such a long run. What year was it that you knew that this was a monumental party that meant something? It's a party for a purpose.

SIR ELTON JOHN: First time we did it, 23 years ago, we raised a lot of money which we thought then, $300,000, and we knew that as a result we had to keep doing it. It was fun, but the cause, you know, it's still out there, and I think people -- that's why people come here to celebrate the Oscars, but to do good work and give money to a great cause and they've been coming year after year after year and we are so lucky about that.

DIAZ: You know, and people are going to have so much fun because tonight you have Noah Rogers and (INAUDIBLE). I'm so excited about it. You're here with your husband David Furst. And these outfits are so much fun. I had to compliment him on his shoes.

You look absolutely amazing. But do you have any favorites for tonight?

SIR ELTON JOHN: Winners? I'd like Eddie Redmayne to win. He's a great actor and he's British. Does a lot of great performance. It's going to be interesting to see who wins Best Actor and Best Film and Best Director. That's the race. I think everybody else -- everything else pretty much shown up, I think.

DIAZ: Thank you so much.

We're going to back to Don on the red carpet and I think Eddie was just passing by, is that right, Don?

LEMON: All right. We're here. It's really loud out here. We're here -- there she is, Laura Dern. It's great to see you. You look fantastic.


LEMON: The dress I important but the work is more important. This movie is "Wild". Is this a most unusual experience you've had with a movie?

DERN: It really is, you know, because it's come from such incredible authenticity. I mean there is no one like Cheryl Strayed. She poured her heart and soul into the book "Wild" and told her life story and shared the love of her mother who I had the privilege of playing Bobbi. And now we all get to share it with Reese, her family and my family.

LEMON: Yes. It's about her journey as she gets a divorce and there are some things that happened in her life and she decides to take a hike, right? DERN: A thousand-mile hike --

LEMON: A thousand-mile hike carrying this big backpack. Reese Witherspoon plays her in the movie and you play the mom and you're only nine years older than Reese.

DERN: Yes. But you know, because I think, the fact that they were quite close in age, perhaps not that close --


DERN: -- and they were like sisters. She raised her kids on her own having left an abusive marriage and was such a lightning rod for earned gratitude.


DERN: And tragically had died of lung cancer.

LEMON: And so we are live around the world, by the way. I want to welcome our viewers here in the United States and around the world. You might recognize this guy.

DERN: This guy --

LEMON: Is her dad, Bruce Dern.

DERN: -- is my dad Bruce Dern who I got to be his date last year when he was nominated for "Nebraska" and I have the privilege of being here with his grandchildren, my children tonight.

LEMON: Beautiful family. How proud are you?

BRUCE DERN, ACTOR: Thank you darling. I'm very proud.

We've had seven in the family nominations, and she always took risks since she first started out and she's still taking them and the fact that they got that movie made.

LEMON: Right.

B. DERN: And the fact that that woman actually did that, pretty heavyweight.

LEMON: And as you said, you were nominated for "Nebraska" last year so you kind of repaid the favor, right?

B. DERN: She let me be her date.

LEMON: And you've got two -- and are they going in? It's going to be bed time soon, no?

L. DERN: Yes. Well, they're going to watch the whole experience.

LEMON: Well, you look fantastic. Thank you. Good luck to you. Good luck to you. L. DERN: Thank you so much. It's a privilege.

LEMON: Thank you. It's a pleasure seeing you.

Nice meeting you. Nice meeting you, too.

Who are you wearing, by the way?

L. DERN: Custom Alberto Ferretti.

LEMON: Yes. And that was not my first question.

L. DERN: I know. And I'm very proud to say. You're going to get a lot of props. A lot of people are watching going aren't they going to ask the girls more than just about what they wear.

LEMON: I'm asking everybody.

L. DERN: And it is an exciting night for women because there are 47 females nominated this year which is the most there's ever been. There's a lot of girl power.

LEMON: And the production company which made this is Reese's production company.

L. DERN: Reese and Bruna Papandrea together -- very exciting.

LEMON: Yes. Two women -- yes.

L. DERN: Beautiful.

LEMON: Thank you. Good luck.

L. DERN: Thank you.

LEMON: All right. Watch mom.


LEMON: All right. Katrina Szish, what do you think about -- her dress looks amazing and it's raining? The rain is coming down and it's actually -- we're getting little raindrops inside the tent here on the red carpet. That's a no-no.

KATRINA SZISH: Little raindrops. This is -- we're having a torrential downpour here. We have tarps. We have umbrellas. This is pretty awesome. I think we should do a weather report for the Oscars from out here and actually start asking people what umbrellas they are carrying and it would be big business tonight I think in the accessories industry.

But let me tell you, from what I'm seeing down there, everybody looks amazing. And my favorite best dressed, I'll throw it out there, Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent looks absolutely spectacular. I just have to give her a shout out because she's looks wonderful.

And I hope you guys are enjoying the dry because we are soaked and it's kind of awesome here.

LEMON: Katrina, thank you very much.

SZISH: Thank you.

LEMON: Thank you very much.

So Michaela is up on the bridge. But Felicity Jones is here from "The Theory of Everything". Congratulations. How are you feeling?

FELICITY JONES, ACTRESS: Thank you. Great. It's so exciting to be here.

LEMON: Yes, yes.

JONES: I'm with my family which is lovely; so I'm sharing it all with them.

LEMON: Yes. You know, it's interesting, this movie there's this transformation and you are like the wife that just won't quit.

JONES: She is definitely not a quitter. She is a tremendously strong woman, she still is. She's still alive and I absolutely have such admiration for her and she was an incredible woman to play.

LEMON: The strength of Jane Hawking really kept her going, right?

JONES: Absolutely. Kept them all going.

LEMON: Yes. So what is it like to work with Eddie in this movie? Because he had to have a real transformation and actually his spine is permanently curved from having to play this role.

JONES: I know. I know. He's great to work with, with great friends and collaborators and very much a team effort all of the way through and continuing to come into awards doing it together.

LEMON: I'm going to let you go early because it's raining. And we're getting little drops here.

JONES: Because of the rain. This is going to ruin the Alexander McQueen dress.

LEMON: Congratulations and good luck to you.

JONES: Thank you so much. Thank you.

LEMON: Thank you very much. Felicity Jones --she is nominated for "The Theory of Everything".

Michaela, it's raining down here. I don't know what we're going to do. The stars are going to like run right past.

PEREIRA: I want to pull back the curtain a little bit on what's going on up here on the bridge where we are.

JOANNA COLES, COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE: Think we've turned into weathermen.

PEREIRA: Yes. We have a full on -- well, it is not raining, people. The heavens have opened.

COLES: This is pouring down.

PEREIRA: Almost monsoon but ignore that because Lupita looks breath taking.

COLES: She's wearing Calvin Klein. My prediction is she'll be in the top five best dressed women tonight. She looks sensational.

PEREIRA: I asked you how she would outdo herself from last year. She's done well and she's done it with the same designer. So it's Calvin Klein collection by Francisco Costa. She looks unbelievable.

PEREIRA: And you know she loves it because she's feeling it.

COLES: Well, she's enjoying it, isn't she?


COLES: And I think she had such a good moment last year. She's gone back to the same designer. It looks great.

PEREIRA: Unbelievable texture on that dress and it's completely beaded.

COLES: Well, and a wonderful neck line and so sexy without being too overt. You get her shoulders which looks fantastic. She has beautiful arms and then lots of skin, but without being crazy.

PEREIRA: Ok. So here, you've got to see from where we are. We've got an umbrella. Say hi to mom. There you go. One of our guys whose holding an umbrella to protect us from --

COLES: What was that dress that we just saw? We just saw an incredible dress.

PEREIRA: I'm not sure what dress that was.

COLES: Can we shoot back to that dress? There was a lot of boobage going on.

PEREIRA: Was there? Well, I think that's why we probably maybe pulled away.

COLES: We want to get back to that.

PEREIRA: There's a lot of umbrellas also going on. Apparently down on the red carpet, they're using big, red -- they're using these sticks to push the tent up --

COLES: Oh my goodness, that's going to --

PEREIRA: -- and allow the water that is pooling -- COLES: -- that is going to be very --

PEREIRA: Don -- are you getting wet where you are?

COLES: Oh my goodness. Look at that. That just opened up here.

LEMON: That's about -- probably about 12 feet next to us, but before we -- you know, they get there, they're here. Hi Chrissy.


LEMON: Hi, Chrissy. How are you doing, baby?

TEIGEN: Great. I'm excited to win the Oscar tonight.

LEMON: Hey John. John Legend is here. He's going to be singing. How are you?


LEMON: You look fantastic. I have to ask you -- I'm not going to be sexist -- I will ask you first. Who are you --

LEGEND: I'm wearing Gucci.

TEIGEN: Who's your (inaudible) -- I'm Zuhair Murad.

LEMON: I spoke with Common earlier and he said the collaboration, it just sort of, once you guys got together it just kind of poured out.

LEGEND: We did it all over the phone, actually. I was touring in London, and he was in L.A., and they were working on the edit of the film and Ava said we need a song for the closing credits and Common called me and said, John, I need help with a song. And so we did the song and I wrote the chorus and the bridge and sent it to him and he wrote the rap and we had a song.

LEMON: Are you going to let a little rain stop you guys?

LEGEND: No, of course not. This tent is going to stop the rain.

LEMON: Are you nervous at all?

LEGEND: Not yet. I might get nervous when it's closer to time to perform. But I'll be nervous then and then they announce the award right after that, so I'll be nervous then as well.

LEMON: You'll be nervous then as well. I think you feel that a little bit. Thank you very much.

LEGEND: Thank you.

LEMON: Chrissy, you look fantastic.

TEIGEN: Thank you very much.

LEMON: You look all right.

LEGEND: All right. Thank you. Thank you.

LEMON: Thank you, guys. Thank you guys.

Eddie Redmayne right next to me. We're going to get him in a second. So Michaela Pereira, I hope the bridge is not floating right now.

PEREIRA: No, we're not floating. I see Questlove right behind you. My boy -- right there.

LEMON: Is he?

PEREIRA: I just had to notice him because he looks very --


LEMON: Oh yes. There he is. Yes, there he is.

PEREIRA: No, we're find up here. We're fine but we're cold and we're wet.

Different word isn't it? We're cold and we're wet. And the fact is they better get the rest of those stars inside because they're absolutely going to melt.

COLES: This is every starlet's anxiety about -- I mean this really is #redcarpetnightmare.

PEREIRA: We're going to see if it's trending.

COLES: I mean it's horrifying.

PEREIRA: Hollywood's biggest night is turning into Hollywood's wettest night. Don't go away, and we'll be back after a flash.

Look at the smiles. At least they're having a great time.


LEMON: All right. I want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world.

Eddie Redmayne, your movie has been seen around the world, as well. Congratulations. How are you doing? How are you feeling?

EDDIE REDMAYNE, ACTOR: I'm doing good. I feel so good to be here. It's raining which makes me feel like I'm at home. But no, it's a real privilege for me to be here.

LEMON: Who are you wearing?

REDMAYNE: I'm wearing Alexander McQueen.

LEMON: I love Alexander McQueen. That's the best.

REDMAYNE: They're amazing people as is my wife who's just around here. I feel -- we feel very lucky to be dressed by them.

LEMON: You lost 15 pounds. Have you put the weight back on?

REDMAYNE: I have been gently putting it back on. But I did -- it happened on that film it's because Stephen lost quite a lot of weight throughout his disease and I lost all of this weight and then occasionally people would see that I was getting very grumpy and a pizza would arrive on my trailer to cheer me up.

LEMON: I've got to tell you that you are my pick. I watched the movie and it was amazing. You worked with a dancer and your spine is permanently altered, is that true?

REDMAYNE: I'm not sure it is now. I saw a wonderful osteopath throughout the filming who helped sort of align me. But no, it was -- you know what -- at moments it was physically uncomfortable but you're constantly aware that you could get up at the end of the day which a lot of ALS patients couldn't.

LEMON: The ultimate compliment is that Stephen Hawking said sometimes he thought he was watching himself when he saw you.

REDMAYNE: It was the greatest review of my life.

LEMON: Congratulations. I'm going to let you go but let me show you this.

REDMAYNE: Oh, wow. We're matching.

LEMON: Yes. We're matching today.


LEMON: Thank you, Eddie. Good luck. Thank you very much.

Eddie Redmayne here, best actor nominee, before they walk under the drenching canopy here. So let's see what happens.

Back to you, Michaela, up on the bridge, how are you doing up there?

PEREIRA: Well, we are just kind of going gaga over Julianne Moore who just arrived. We believe she's a lock for best actress this year for her portrayal in "Still Alice". She looks beautiful. And we've been seeing more white on the red carpet this year.

COLES: We've seen a bit more white and this is Julianne Moore in Chanel which is actually not a common designer for her. We saw her in Givenchy for the Golden Globes, but metallics, creams, whites are on trends for spring.

PEREIRA: And that beading is so ornate.

COLES: Yes. And the flowers, the camellia is such a house flower for Chanel. She looks fantastic. And her stylist, Leslie Fremar (ph) who is one of the best and the nicest stylists is also working with Reese Witherspoon. So she has the two American nominees this year for best actress.

PEREIRA: So this whole notion of starlets not using a stylist, that's not true. Everybody --

COLES: Some say people they don't, don't use a stylist but both Reese Witherspoon and Julianne Moore are quite happy to acknowledge they use Leslie and they're wise to do so because they never make an error on the red carpet.

And you want someone, as well to give you the honesty of it. You know, we've all been in the dressing room and have that moment to pull this off.

PEREIRA: I love this dress.

COLES: Yes, I can do this. And then actually you get out on the red carpet, it's nerve-racking, and people are taking photos and you are not dressing -- it's almost like you're not dressing for yourself. You are dressing to be photographed. And that's worth something else.

PEREIRA: We're going to get into that in a second because there is a whole topic about that -- a bit of the backlash that's going on, on the red carpet. People saying hey, I'm more than just the dress. I'm my role, I'm a character, I'm a film, I'm an artist.

We'll talk about that a little bit. You can see the umbrellas still up. It is still pouring rain.

COLES: It is pouring now.

PEREIRA: But Don Lemon has a very special guest with him down on the red carpet. Hopefully he has somebody holding an umbrella over him, too -- Don.

LEMON: Oh, my god, what is going on over here? This is crazy. I love this guy, by the way.

ROBERT DUVALL, ACTOR: They're dealing with the rain.

LEMON: I love this guy. I watched the movie again yesterday and --


LEMON: It's amazing -- amazing. Robert Duvall is here with his beautiful wife Luciana. Luciana -- I love the movie.

DUVALL: Thank you. Thank you. We just finished a movie in Utah that I directed called "Wild Horses". She plays a lady Texas Ranger.


DUVALL: There's only three. And she got a blue belt in jujitsu and she started (inaudible) great in the movie.

LEMON: We love that but we want to talk about this movie.

DUVALL: Ok, I want to talk about "Wild Horses".

LEMON: We want to talk about "The Judge".

DUVALL: But we'll talk about "The Judge".

LEMON: We want to talk about "The Judge".

DUVALL: Yes, yes, yes.

LEMON: I thought you guys were great in that movie.


DUVALL: Tough work. Tough job and I had to dig.

LEMON: Do you think you're the typical straight-nosed father? Because a lot of people I know have relationships with their father the way that the relationship that you had --

DUVALL: I don't know any family on any continent in any city where they don't have problems. You can't do away with the family unit but it's very complex wherever you go.


DUVALL: And this is not that unusual.


How did you like your co-star in that movie?

DUVALL: Great. He's a great guy. Tremendously talented and great producer, he and his wife Susan Downey, Gambino and Dobkin directed. He's great to work with.

LEMON: Robert Downey, Jr., plays your son who is an attorney.


LEMON: He comes to visit after your wife, his mother, dies.


LEMON: And as it turns out, you have dementia because you're dealing with cancer and you are taking chemotherapy drugs.


LEMON: So you run over someone in a car that is believed to be and he represents you in court.

DUVALL: Yes. Well, you know it better than I do.

LEMON: I loved the movie. I loved it.

DUVALL: Good father and son. The writer was so unique in his approach to the whole thing, you know. It was really great working on it.

LEMON: I was wondering, I thought the movie -- just like "The Great Santini", right? I thought the movie would end with you going to jail. I said I wonder what's going to happen? I wonder what's going to happen? I shouldn't give too much of it away.


LEMON: But then it turns out --

DUVALL: I do go to jail.

LEMON: I know you do. But don't talk about what happens after that.

DUVALL: Kenny Diaz did a beautiful job of make up on some transition, just the two scenes at the end.

LEMON: Yes. Who are you wearing?

DUVALL: Zenia.

LEMON: Zenia.


LEMON: Oh, my gosh. A lot of Harry Winston. Look at this, holy schmoly. Wow.

DUVALL: It's the Argentine flag. But we live in Virginia 50 miles west of Washington.

LEMON: Yes. What channel am I on where you are?

DUVALL: 202.

LEMON: 202. And what did you say before?

L. DUVALL: That I love watching you.

LEMON: Thank you very much. I love watching you, too.

R. DUVALL: She loves watching you.

LEMON: Thank you, guys. Good luck. Good luck.

L. DUVALL: Thank you.

LEMON: You look fantastic.

Michaela, we're dealing with the rain and you should see this. It's crazy but you know what -- we're muddling through down here.

PEREIRA: I think next year when I come to do the Oscars I'll wear hip waders, Don Lemon, they're going to be part of my couture look. Lots of --

COLES: People out there helping the car -- the men from the cars.

PEREIRA: And look, there's still a lot of people arriving. That's the thing. They've got to get these folks in there. We know we're only a few minutes away from the big show, Hollywood's biggest night. And the red carpet -- a soggy one continues. Stay with us here on CNN.


LEMON: All right. We're back on the red carpet in Los Angeles, in Hollywood. J.K. Simmons, what an incredible performance. How are you?

J.K. SIMMONS, ACTOR: Thank you. How are you?

LEMON: Good to see you. Is this your lovely wife?

SIMMONS: My wife, Michelle.

LEMON: Hi, Michelle.


LEMON: Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing?


LEMON: Very beautiful.

I loved your performance.

SIMMONS: Thank you.

LEMON: You know, you were a jerk in this movie.

SIMMONS: Some people thought that. I didn't quite get it.

LEMON: Yes. Was this a tough performance? You're a nice guy. I've heard about working with you. You're like the nicest guy in the world. Was it tough to play such a task master?

SIMMONS: You know what -- it's not tough to play a character who was very brilliantly written and very clear on the page. So it was really easy.

LEMON: The movie goes fast and it's intense. I kept watching it. I watched it twice. Once in the theater and once at home and my heart kept pounding. Like, you can't sleep after.

SIMMONS: I love that. People say they walked out of the theater exhilarated and/or beat up and sort of debating, you know, what the movie was saying to them.

LEMON: Do you have a musical background?

SIMMONS: I do, yes. LEMON: You do? You studied music in college, right? You're

everything. You're every man. You're in this. You're in the insurance commercials. I loved you in "The Closer". you're the yellow M&M. What can't you do?

SIMMONS: I haven't really played a chick yet, but you know, I'm open.

LEMON: I'll bet it can happen. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Thank you. It's good to see both of you.

We're seeing -- a lot of folks are still -- wow. Look at that gorgeous. I don't know who that is. I just saw like one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen on the red carpet over there. Is that Helena Ora? Rita Ora -- oh, she looks fantastic.

PEREIRA: Hi, foxy.

LEMON: What do you guys think of what she's wearing, Michaela?

PEREIRA: Joanna.

COLES: Well, she was at the Tom Ford show on Friday which was really the big kickoff party for this weekend. I thought she looked amazing. We had her on our cover, the Cosmo Cover in December. She's so much fun. She has great, great style.

PEREIRA: You can see a few wardrobe changes from her tonight because she's performing tonight, one of the best song nominees. Anna Wintour has arrived.

So, you know, it's interesting. I was talking to you about "Whiplash" in the break while he was talking to J.K. I am so excited for people to see this movie. A lot of people -- it's the lowest-grossing film ever to be nominated for an academy award and not a lot of people got a chance to see it.

COLES: Interesting and almost no female role. It was one tiny bit for the girlfriend.

But I watched this movie thinking this is ridiculous. No one would get away with being a teacher like this nowadays, and then I remembered that actually my own son had a music teacher who was fired for hitting children. And John Legend told me -- I'm just dropping his name --

PEREIRA: Drop a name. Drop a name.

COLES: -- that actually he thought it was terribly realistic. And lots of -- well not lots but many music teachers do behave like this to try to coax out genius from their students.

PEREIRA: The plot of the movie, but I think the way they incorporated music into this film -- I'm a big fan of jazz -- the way they incorporated jazz into that film was phenomenal. Miles Teller --

COLES: Well, Miles Teller is terrific and has such wonderful energy on the scenes.

PEREIRA: So you can see them down underneath the tented red carpet using sticks to get the pooled water off the top of the tent to prevent it from falling on the heads of stars that are walking the red carpet.

Here up on the bridge, we have our own magic happening. This is how we are at CNN. We don't even need someone to hold our umbrella. It's just sort of coverage.

COLES: It's magic. It deserves its own nomination.

PEREIRA: Ok, so you see it -- it's holding it up. But it was a little bit of magic.

COLES: I may just actually fly away like Mary Poppins because that's what all British people --

PEREIRA: Speaking of British people, you must be very proud.

COLES: Very proud.

PEREIRA: Eddie Redmayne -- we saw him.

COLES: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones.

PEREIRA: A great year for British actors in the Oscars.

COLES: Very good year. Benedict Cumberbatch. In fact the two --

PEREIRA: You mean my Sherlock?

COLES: I know. I do mean your Sherlock. I know you're a Cumberbitch as they say and I'm a Redmayniac.

PEREIRA: You're a Redmayniac.

COLES: Redmayniac, yes, I am, actually.

PEREIRA: I had no idea. I am learning so many things about you.

All right. So give us an idea so far of the trends that we've seen for women.

COLES: Well, we've just seen metallics.

PEREIRA: Metallics. We've seen some white.

COLES: We've seen quite a lot of asymmetry as well, of course. And Patricia Arquette wearing -- yes, that looks --

PEREIRA: Cate Blanchett. COLES: Cate Blanchett looking terrific.

PEREIRA: What a statement necklace she has on.

COLES: We're seeing a lot of blue and we're seeing a lot of skin, but not that much cleavage.

PEREIRA: Can I tell you what else is really funny?


PEREIRA: We are seeing a lot of cell phone cameras. I imagine this is going to be the most Instagrammed, most selfied event of the year.

COLES: Selfies moment.

PEREIRA: When we walked down on the red carpet in advance of the show when it was just the media types hanging out there were so many people taking selfies that you had to kind of dodge around them when you were walking.

Look at Rita Ora.

COLES: I know. She looks terrific.

PEREIRA: Oh, Don's going to talk to her -- Don.

LEMON: I got her. I got Rita.

RITA ORA, SINGER: You did. You did.

LEMON: I turned around, and I said I don't know who that is over there. I can't see that far, but it's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

ORA: Thank you. Well, that's amazing. There's a lot of beautiful women here tonight. So that's a nice compliment.

LEMON: Who are you wearing?

ORA: Marchesa.

LEMON: Marchesa.

ORA: yes, I am.

LEMON: And you're performing "Grateful" tonight?

ORA: Yes, I am. I'm so excited. I'm really looking forward to supporting Dianne Warren and just women in the music industry and in movies -- just kind of being together.

LEMON: Are you grateful (ph) or nervous?

ORA: Together, great nervous.

LEMON: Well, you look fantastic. Congratulations.

ORA: Thank you very much.

LEMON: Good luck.

ORA: Thank you.

LEMON: All right. She is gorgeous.

PEREIRA: She looked so good. So good.

COLES: Don Lemon --

LEMON: Can you see the train there? That's crazy.

PEREIRA: Crazy, don't step on it.

COLES: A marvelous fish tail -- that's a beautiful fish tail by Marchesa.

PEREIRA: And very simple, but ornate at the same time.

COLES: And also beautiful color. That lovely grey slate blue.

LEMON: Kerry Washington.

PEREIRA: Did you say Kerry Washington? Scandalocity.

LEMON: Kerry. I'm going to get Kerry.

COLES: Kerry is in Miu Miu, I hear.

LEMON: Kerry.


LEMON: Kerry is here.

PEREIRA: Look at her. She is --

LEMON: Kerry, you look fantastic.

WASHINGTON: Thank you very much.

LEMON: How are you?

WASHINGTON: I'm great. I'm excited to be here.

LEMON: It's good to see you. Did you get sleep? Because you (inaudible) a little bit late last night.

WASHINGTON: I got a little bit of sleep. Just a little bit.

LEMON: Yes. Who are you wearing?

WASHINGTON: I'm wearing Miu Miu. LEMON: You're wearing who?


LEMON: Miu Miu.


LEMON: Yes. So you said -- you are going to present tonight.

WASHINGTON: I'm presenting.

LEMON: Which category?

WASHINGTON: I'm presenting shorts with Jason Bateman.

LEMON: Yes. You know, it's been a crazy couple of years for you.

WASHINGTON: It has been.

LEMON: SNL, "Scandal".

You are everything. You're everywhere. Every time you're on television you're trending. I'm sure you're trending now. What does that feel like?

WASHINGTON: I think that's a little bit of an exaggeration. It's been a good ride. I just honestly feel blessed to have a job and to be doing work that I love. Yes.

LEMON: Yes. So this is a big year for women when you think about what's going on, you think of how women were portrayed in the movie "Selma". It showed how much importance women had in the movement and the women who are nominated and the women who are behind the scenes and in front of the camera and movies. It's a big year. How do you feel about that?

WASHINGTON: I love being a woman. So any time women get some props I'm excited about it.

LEMON: Yes. Yes. Do you have a pick?

WASHINGTON: No. No. It's too much pressure, you know? I have so many friends who are nominated so I don't like to have picks. I feel like if you get to be here you're a winner and that's all that matters.

LEMON: And you're a winner. You look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for coming over.

WASHINGTON: Thank you. Nice to see you.

LEMON: Thank you. It's good to see you.

I'm done. That's it.

PEREIRA: You're smitten.

LEMON: I can go to heaven right now. I know. She is so gorgeous. And then Rita before -- look at her.

PEREIRA: Such a pinch-me moment.

I mean look, look at this. Look. I mean come on. That is what you call perfection.

PEREIRA: She's beautiful. She's beautiful.


PEREIRA: Joanna, do you like being a woman?

COLES: I'm very happy to be a woman. Very happy, indeed.

PEREIRA: I am too.

COLES: You look as if you are.

PEREIRA: Been one for a while.

So it's interesting, she's presenting. Kerry Washington is presenting. The diverse presenters is kind of making up for the fact that this is the year that people are calling the -- what is it #oscars.

COLES: Right. It's unfortunate that they don't have a single nominee that isn't white in the acting category. And they have to make it up in the presenter especially if they want a big American audience.

PEREIRA: And there is nary a female in the director's category or the cinematographer or I believe, editing.

COLES: And then you remember that women only have 28 percent of the dialogue in Hollywood and you think, really, we have to work for change.

PEREIRA: We have to work for change.

And you know, there's been a little pushback and I even saw some on twitter, people saying why are you bothering asking people who they're wearing. Explain that very quickly before we go to break.

COLES: Well, one of the reasons that the stars want to say which designer they're wearing is because they often want a contract with that designer. So you will see this is often where stars will figure out, are they going to get a beauty contract. Are they going to become a face of a fashion brand.

We saw that with Lupita last year. She made such an amazing impression on everybody. So actually it's a business decision. It's not just a way to try and belittle women.

PEREIRA: Joanna, it's been a delight to have you up here on our soggy bird's-eye view.

COLES: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me.

PEREIRA: Don Lemon and Joanna will join you for the post show. The stars are heading into the Dolby Theater for Hollywood's biggest night.

Don -- have a great time.

LEMON: Thank you very much. We're going to be back after this is over. I'm going have a great time. I'm probably going to be up all night.

Look at that. That's Harvey Weinstein right behind us. I'm so excited to be here.

All right guys. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, #CNNoscars. And I'll see you soon after the big show.

Good night.