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Hot Car Dad on Sex, Abortion; 15-Year-Old Shooting Survivor Speaks Up; Ross Haskell Collapsed in Court on Friday

Aired July 14, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Hot Car Dad. His friends turning on him, now that they know he was sexting the day his son baked to

death in a SUV.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh Lord when I saw that profile, "Message me, I`m harmless." I mean, it`s like he`s different person. He seems like a


PINSKY: The Behavior Bureau goes off.

Plus, a teen goes public with her private nightmare. After pictures of her being sexually assaulted flood social media.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I had no control to say no. I didn`t tell anyone to take my clothes off and do what they did to me.

PINSKY: Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening.

Samantha Schacher is my co-host tonight, and we color coordinated carefully before we got on the air.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, CO-HOST: Yes, we did. At least I like to think we did.

PINSKY: That`s right. Everyone can just belief that.

Coming up, we will hear from the hot car dad`s best friend. This is the man what fixed up Justin Harris with the woman who later became his wife

and mother of their only child who`s now dead.

SCHACHER: Yes, I know. And, Dr. Drew, this guy was also in Justin and Leanna`s wedding. And he has some really interesting things to stay about

Justin`s OCD.

PINSKY: That and he has turned in terms of his feeling about this case.

But, first, we have some un -- we`ve uncovered some interesting comments Hot Car Dad allegedly made in the months leading up to his son`s death. Of

course, his boy overheated in an oven hot SUV. Have a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He has this whole second life he`s living with alternate personalities.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In the case of the Cooper Harris, the toddler left to die in a hot car, his dad Justin Ross Harris.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In his safety seat for close to seven hours, in 90- plus-degree heat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Use a messaging site to sext women on the day his son died.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And a profile page for the dating site Scout.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "Just looking to talk. Message me. I`m harmless."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She said that she had first met Ross and she knew him as Ross through Scout, which is another messaging service, and that he met

up and he wanted to hook up with her. And he sent a picture of his exposed erect penis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A dead person because of his sex addiction.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just because he`s sexting with six women does not mean that he`s necessarily a murderer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He went to a subreddit that was called child-free. He also did a search how to survive prison.


PINSKY: Joining us, Vanessa Barnett from, Yasmin Vossoughian, HLN correspondent, and Loni Coombs, attorney, author of

"You`re Perfect and Other Lies Parents Tell".

Now, Yasmin, you were just in Justin Harris` hometown. You spoke to some of his friends. What did you find out?

YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN, HLN CORRESPONDENT: I mean, look, we`re hearing the same things we`ve been hearing over and over again. And that this guy

seems like a really responsible guy. He was a happy guy. I spoke to a neighbor of his that lived next door to he and Leanna for five years before

they moved to Georgia. This guy Abraham, who I`ve been talking a lot about on air for the last couple of days.

Abraham said that Justin actually made him feel bad about his own parenting skills because Justin often played with Abraham`s kids more than Abraham

actually did.

PINSKY: Yasmin, did Justin know about his texting with underage women?

VOSSOUGHIAN: No and this is the turning point. So, everybody I spoke to, there was one big turning point. When they found out about what happened

to little Cooper, they all said, oh my God, this must have been a horrible accident. And everything that came out in that hearing two weeks ago, all

of those sexting allegations, all of the stuff, suddenly all these acquaintances that Justin Ross Harris had, Leanna had, now they are saying,

who is this guy?

PINSKY: Who is this guy? Right.

VOSSOUGHIAN: This is not the same guy we knew two weeks ago.

PINSKY: That`s right. He has -- he was hiding who the real guy is behind a veil of perfectionism and religiosity. And look at this reddit thread we

found. In one of the posts, he rants against abortion, saying, quote, "sex is scientifically designed for one thing and that`s to reproduce. Does it

feel good? Yes. But it`s just a side effect. If you can`t support children, don`t have sex, don`t have abortion. Killing a person in a sense

of abortion -- this is awesome -- is selfish and malicious with the intent of only satisfying your own personal agenda."

Loni, is that crazy, ironic, damning? What do you think?

LONI COOMBS, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Yes, extremely ironic, very judgmental, very pious. And it goes with some of the things that this friend said,

that he was popular, that he loved attention, which is very interesting to think about here.

A couple other things he said was he always ordered the same thing for lunch. He was very habitual, very careful about that. And also, very

particular and aware of his hair. In fact, he was late for his own wedding because his hair had to be perfect. He needed hair spray.

So, here, we`re hearing about something who`s meticulous, very methodical, very habitual and also likes the attention on himself. All of this is kind

of tying into him planning something like what happened.

PINSKY: Loni, let me ask something. Why haven`t they charged him with the sexting of the underage girl? It`s just the more serious charges just

supervene or what`s going on here?

COOMBS: I think there are more charges to come. You know, they have to go to the grand jury. I think the sheriff already said he`s in violation of

this. We have enough evidence. I think those charges will be coming. They have time to charge those other charges, and I think they will want to

because that will allow them to put the evidence in front of the jury. Otherwise, the defense might argue it`s irrelevant to the charges of what

happened to little Connor. So, it`s part of the charging document, obviously they got to put that evidence in?

PINSKY: We just while you were talking tonight, where he just put a post of the six women he is sexting with. We put that up again. The women look

sultry. They should be carrying a book bag. He`s dating -- sexting a 16- year-old.

I also want to read part of a police affidavit. It said, quote, "Harris has made comments to family members regarding a life insurance policy for

Cooper and what they need to do in order to file for it."

Vanessa, I know you have been circumspect but where do you fall now?

VANESSA BARNETT, HIPHOLLYWOOD.COM: I feel like at this point we`re really grasping at straws because we are hungry for a reason.

PINSKY: An explanation.

BARNETT: A lot of people a lot of men cheat on their wives, they don`t kill their kids. A lot of men have these social networking sites and they

say, oh, I`m harmless, they don`t kill their kids. A lot of men go around and do different things and they are not all murderers.

I feel like we are grasping at straws because we want to explain why this man did what he did.

At the end day, we won`t ever know and these are all circumstantial. They`re still circumstantial.


SCHACHER: OK, Vanessa, thank God you are a host, a damned good one at that, and not a detective, because there is so much evidence against this

guy. At this point, in my opinion, it is almost common sense. There is no way in hell that this was just mere negligence. You have to connect all

the pieces, even if it is circumstantial. You connect them all together and see something far more sinister has occurred.

BARNETT: I said this before and I say it again. Circumstantial gets us in so much trouble because when it comes to that jury --


PINSKY: Loni says no.


BARNETT: They need to know that this man did 100 percent beyond reasonable doubt.

PINSKY: Loni, last thought.

COOMBS: Vanessa, look, we rarely have a videotape showing them they did it and then confessing. Otherwise, it is usually circumstantial evidence that

does convict them. And for the jury to be able to see this computer footprint that he left that essentially reveals his mind to the jury, what

he is thinking, what he`s wanting to do. He`s worried about going to prison, how do you survive prison.


PINSKY: Hold on. I got to get out. Everybody, everybody.

No, I got to go. I got to go.

And speaking of the revealing his mind, I`m going to bring in a behavior bureau to see if they can reveal something about his mind, particularly,

we`re going to talk about what Loni mentioned, the Hot Car Dad`s friend calling him a creature of habit. Is he OCD? Is he -- got a body image

problem? None of the above.

And later, a teen says she was raped, the pictures go violent this poor girl. We`ll be back after this to discuss.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His behavior was considered erratic by many of the witnesses. He would be yelling and screaming, oh my God, what have I done.

My child is dead.

And then stop. And he would have a blank look and just stand there.

When they put the child on the pavement he said it looked like Justin was messing around. He didn`t know what he was doing. And he`s like, he goes,

we need to do CPR. We need to do something for the child.


PINSKY: Back with Sam.

We`re talking about Justin Harris, accused of killing his baby son by leaving him in the hot car.

Let`s bring the behavior bureau. Judy Ho, clinical psychologist, professor at Pepperdine University, Erica America, psychotherapist, Z100 Radio

personality, and Ginger Gonzaga, actress, comedian.

One of Justin`s friends spoke to NBC. He said Justin would come by his work and comment maybe inappropriately on his female coworkers. Have a

look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Most of the cashiers, they were younger females. He would tell me later on, oh that one`s so fine. I`m like, dude, stop

checking these girls out.

When I saw that profile, "Message me, I`m harmless", like just a different person. He seems like a monster. This doesn`t seem like my

friend. It seems like a monster.


PINSKY: Ginger, what do you think?

GINGER GONZAGA, COMEDIAN: Sorry, the way that man was making me laugh.

I don`t care it`s that bad that he was sexting people. Yes, it was bad that he was sexting people that were 16 years old. That makes him a

predator. But whenever friends give these sort of testimonies, they become this like pseudo-psychological profilers that think their friends were --

you know, they never know who these people were. But if he`s commenting on women at work, he`s a pervert. Texting people and sexting people, he`s a


That doesn`t necessary make him a killer. What does let us probably know that he, in fact, did kill his child is all these Google searches.

I`m not like -- I think his friends are probably just as super-religious as he was and thought that, you know, sexting and talking about women

inappropriately at work was not -- you know, it`s something so damning, but I think that`s a very common thing.

PINSKY: All right. Here is something else the friend told NBC News. Quote, "Harris -- here`s what it is -- Harris is the kind of guy who

couldn`t have a stand of hair out of place. He was late to his own wedding because he had to pull over to get hair spray."

So, Erica, my question to you is, and we heard about this from Loni in the last segment as well, so this business about I literally can`t have a hair

out of place. Is that body dysmorphia? Is that obsessive-compulsive disorder? Is that evidence of narcissism? None of the above? All of the


ERICA AMERICA, Z100 RADIO: Oh, definitely narcissism, OCD personality disorder and someone who`s so self absorbed and fastidious enough to be

late to their own wedding. I think the friend said he would be -- the type that he would even be late for his own funeral, would just forget the kid.

That is the thing.

I really wanted to believe when I first heard the story it was an accident. But like Sam said, all the circumstantial evidence together is really not

looking good for him. His personality type, the sexting, mixed with the search of what happens to a kid when he`s in a hot car, the insurance

policy. Is it going to be enough to actually convict him? That`s the story. But this doesn`t look good.

PINSKY: Well, yes, and at least it`s criminal negligence. And the same friend described him as a creature of habit. They had lunch together every

day and Justin would get the exact same thing.

So, Judy, let me build a different case. Let`s say he`s so OCD, he`s so self preoccupied, he`s sexting, he`s sext-addicted, that he really is not

able to focus on his duties as a parent and it`s criminal negligence that led to this kid`s death. I know you have to put aside the weird bizarre

computer searches, but it could be this, right?

JUDY HO, PSYCHOLOGIST: No, I don`t think so, Dr. Drew. I actually don`t think he has OCD. I think he`s just didn`t like an incredibly insecure

person who did not like his life and wanted to escape it. The amount of Internet time that he was spending, being so active, you know, making all

these profile, commenting on Web sites, pretending to be somebody else. This is somebody who doesn`t like his life and was looking for an escape.

And the hair out of place for his wedding, he`s so insecure that even though it`s his own wedding, and he`s about to get unconditional love

forever theoretically, he`s worried about his hair and he has to stop over just to get a hairspray.

PINSKY: And it makes you sick when you hear what ultimately happened to his little boy.


SCHACHER: Yes. No, absolutely. His perfectly placed Justin Bieber do.

PINSKY: Oh, good, oh, good. His hair is in place. Fantastic. And the kid is dead.

SCHACHER: I mean, this guy is a narcissistic douche bag. And we learned that about himself and his wife when they made their son`s eulogy all about

them. And it makes perfect sense to me that they would go to extreme, to make it look like Cooper`s death was an accident, so they can be: (a),

child free, and, (b), garner sympathy from their community. Win-win for them.

PINSKY: But, Erica, is it volitional? Is it premeditated? I, like you, I have such trouble getting my head around it. I guess you can`t escape the

conclusion but, God, I can`t believe someone would be like that.

AMERICA: I know, to kill your child and not be mentally ill, it`s really hard to believe. But like I said all these things adding up together just

doesn`t makes sense, especially with him, with the routines, doing everything exactly the same. Someone like that to just completely forget

about your son all day, come back to the car, not even smell a scent of your child, whether it`s dying decomposing child or the child wetting his

pants. It just doesn`t make sense.

So, I think, unfortunately, there are people who can do horrible things.

PINSKY: Let`s just add it up. We`re not giving you an explanation. We`re trying -- to me, these are all condemnations. His severe self

preoccupation. His sexting. Although Ginger wants to defend him for that, and get to learn something about Ginger and her friends.

But the preoccupation with that I`m sure contributed to this. He is preoccupied with his self image and how he looks and again this self

preoccupation, preoccupation with how he presents to the world, and this crazy compulsive underworld he was participating in. At minimum, it adds

up to criminal negligence, at minimum.

And it suggests at least that the door is open, the possibility that this computer footprint that Loni mentioned that he was searching for, tells us

something even more onerous about him. Hard to believe, but he set himself up for that being the person he is.

Next, we caught up with the Hot Car Mom. We`ll see what she`s saying tonight.

And later, new details about the massacre in the family of Houston. We will hear from the only survivor -- oh, it`s so sad. The only -- there she

is, surviving member of that family.

Back after this.



UNIDENTIFEID MALE: It`s about 91 outside and we`ve only been here in about 15 minutes, it`s 108 degrees already. And I can tell you, I am sweating

through my shirt. I`m sweating. It is very uncomfortable.


PINSKY: I`m back with Sam, Vanessa, Erica, and Ginger, and we`re talking about the toddler who is left in a hot car for seven hours by his dad,

who`s now accused of murder.

Here is what he apparently or allegedly posted on Reddit three months ago in response to a question about the DUI test. He says, quote, "Everything

an officer does during a possible traffic stop means he`s trying to build evidence against you. You should do everything in your power to prevent


He`s advising someone on Reddit because he himself turns out had worked as a police dispatcher back in 2007.

Vanessa, did you make anything of this post?

BARNETT: I mean, if he`s so well versed in how to stay off a police officer`s radar, then why does he have so much against him in this case?

Like if you -- if he`s a web developer, why are all these Google searches still on his computer? If he knows how to evade police or not get them n

this case, why is he in so much hot water right now? This just does not add up.

PINSKY: It`s weird. Again, I just keep thinking he was preoccupied. He`s involved with his narcissistic stuff, with sex addictions, and something

was going on with this guy.

GONZAGA: Yes, he`s definitely narcissistic and preoccupied. And it could be just the case where he`s so caught up in being a douche bag that he

forgot his child in a car. But in this case, like he`s so narcissistic to think he can give this type of advice to people online and yet for some

reason those rules don`t apply to him. And he actually makes these sort of mistakes that are so incriminating.

PINSKY: That`s right.

We -- one of our reporters caught up with the wife. Let`s see what she says. Take a look.


REPORTER: Nobody`s going bother you anymore.

LEANNA HARRIS: We have no comments for you.

REPORTER: Do you support your husband still? Just tell me that.

HARRIS-PERRY: We have no comments for you.


PINSKY: Sam, you have not been too happy with the mom either?

SCHACHER: Yes. At least she`s not chomping on her gum right there in that footage.

Listen, there are so many things, Dr. Drew, that to me leads to believe that she has been complicit in this. Her, the first thing she says to her

husband when she says him after this tragedy, at the police station is, did you say too much? And then she shows to the day care center, to pick up

baby Cooper and when they say baby Cooper wasn`t dropped off, she announces to everybody, oh gee, I guess he was left in the car.

I mean, it`s almost painstakingly obvious that she`s trying to cover something up, in my opinion. And I hope the police use them against each


PINSKY: We haven`t heard any charges against her yet. But, Erica, Sam brings up an interesting point. During the hearing, we have Justin at

least weeping, showing emotions at what`s gone here, whether it`s weeping out of concern for his own hide here or weeping out of what`s gone down

accidently. His wife sits stone-faced chewing gum. You make anything of that?

AMERICA: I just think it`s odd that they`re being represented by two different lawyers. I wish we could have one of our amazing lawyers tell us

what that`s about. So, something is odd with the husband and the wife, whether she knew about it or she found out about it after. But it`s highly

suspect. And I wouldn`t be surprised if she had something to do with it.

I would need to know more obviously, but it`s very sickening days, because again, who would want to believe that something could -- you know, that a

parent could ever do this to their child?

PINSKY: Erica, that feature, how is it possible? I was looking for motivation. Did you make anything of that $27,000 life insurance policy?

I got to say, Yasmin told us, she was trying to get in during that first block, that the people in that neighborhood said that everyone has policies

for their children because they live paycheck to paycheck, and something happened to a child, they need this sort of buffer. But people are making

something out of that still.

AMERICA: Yes, no, absolutely. I mean, it`s another thing to add to the equation. It makes it harder to believe it really was pure accident. But

we -- it is all circumstantial. So, that`s what I said. It`s going to be interesting how the lawyers are going to portray it in the case and whether

it`s going to be able to convict him or not.

Like Vanessa is taking the opposite side?

PINSKY: Vanessa?

BARNETT: But was -- I mean, is he in severe debt? I think these are things we could easily find out? Is he clamoring for money? Does he need

$27,000? Like if we`re going sit here and say he killed his child for $27,000, let`s follow it up. Like somebody should say he`s in severe debt

or something. We haven`t heard that at all.

PINSKY: That`s right. We`re leaving this. We`re leaving it guys.

We`re going to talk now about a guy who murdered an entire family. The question here, is he going attempt to use mental illness as a defense for

evil behavior.

And later, a teen girl who says she was raped. She goes public after disturbing images go viral. Talk about that after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dumbledore says happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fifteen-year-old Cassidy Stay, the only survivor of the mass shooting that killed her whole family. The teen witnessed the

whole or deal. She herself was shot and critically wounded, surviving by playing dead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: After she had been shot on Wednesday, she said it felt as if those angels were there with her, putting their hands over her mouth

and whispering for her to be quiet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know that my mom, dad, Brian, Emily, Becca and Zach are in a much better place and that I will be able to see them again one



PINSKY: Back with Sam, Vanessa, Yasmin and Loni. It is just hard to imagine --


PINSKY: This 15-year-old survived the shooting that takes the lives of her parents and all four of her siblings. She survives by fainting death.

And, now the pose and I -- it is hard to imagine. I just cannot. I do not think I could -- I would -- personally I do not think I could recover for

something like that.

SCHACHER: Yes. She is so courageous. And, I love that she quoted Harry Potter.

PINSKY: It is cute. Her uncle, so called, Ron Haskell is the accused gunman. Now, while Cassidy was speaking at the family memorial service,

Haskell was in court. There he is. He is being charged with capital murder.

He collapses twice during the proceedings. He had to be taken out of courtroom in a wheelchair. Our viewers are absolutely furious about this

video thinking they believe that Haskell was playing up his grief for the cameras, trying to appear -- and the judge, trying to appear unfit for

trial. Question is, do we agree that is what is going on here? Loni, what do you think?

COOMBS: I do. I do not think there is any mental illness going on here Dr. Drew. I mean the defense is saying, "Look, this is a breakdown after

the divorce." No. This man was violent before the divorce.


COOMBS: He had been abusing her physically for years before. That is what led after the divorce. After the divorce, he continued his violence --

PINSKY: Loni -- Yes.


PINSKY: Let me interrupt you and say two weeks before the shooting he fought with his own mother, duct taped her to the chair, choked her. I am

going to show you -- Listen to what police told -- what she told police when she requested the restraining order.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: "He forcefully covered my mouth with his hand and pushed me inside the home. He then duct taped my wrist together

and taped my right arm to a computer chair. While taped to the chair he yelled at me and twice placed his hands around my neck trying to choke me

and caused me to pass out. He told me he was going to kill me, my family and any officer who stopped him."


PINSKY: He has a history of violence. Other offenses going back to 2008. Yasmin, I see you shaking your head.

VOSSOUGHIAN: Well, I mean the thing is, I now I am probably going to get lot of hate tweets after I say this, but I agree with Loni that he should

not necessarily plead insanity. But, are we forgetting that people that are insane, people that have mental illness, it is prolonged. So, even

though he may have been abusing his wife for a long time, it does not mean he is not mentally ill and then that it is just has never been untreated --

PINSKY: All right.

VOSSOUGHIAN: Maybe he is been living with his mental illness for a long time. It has never been treated. Again, that is not --

PINSKY: All right. Hold on.

VOSSOUGHIAN: Wait, but I want to preface it by saying this is not an excuse. I am not saying this is an excuse, but I am not saying that he

should not face punishment.

PINSKY: Let is get into it. Let`s get over to Vanessa. What say you?

BARNETT: Well, no, first of all -- correct me if I am wrong. But, mental illness and insane can be two completely separate things. I think it is

documented that he has some history with mental illness, but he also went off his meds and he also kills six people. And, I am pissed just like the

rest of these viewers that you are going to play me for fool thinking if you crumble in the middle of the court, I feel sorry for you?

PINSKY: Right.

BARNETT: Like, I am really upset that he even thought that this is a good attempt at looking insane. How dumb do you think we are?


PINSKY: Loni, that is a great point. You are not guilty by reason of insanity is very different than I just have mental illness.

COOMBS: Right. Exactly. And, let`s remember after he tells his mother, "I am going to kill anybody who tries to stop me," he takes about two weeks

to plan what he is going to do. Then he shows up in a uniform, disguised. So, he looks like a delivery man to get into that house. Remember that.


PINSKY: Hang on. Sam?

SCHACHER: You are absolutely right, Loni. The whole fact that he drove from San Diego all the way to Texas and then get all dressed up in this

FedEx delivery outfit. This goes to shows that he was aware, that he had a mental capability to do the pre-meditation. So, he absolutely should get

everything that is going to be thrown at him.

PINSKY: Yasmin, is there a difference between somebody who -- if you saw that interview I did with that poor woman who was schizophrenic and a

moment of severe mental breakdown, believed that there were people coming to attack her and her children and rape her and dismember them. And, the

only way she could save them -- there she is there in this footage -- in her crazed moment was, "I got to kill everybody and kill myself." And,

then she came to after that. This guy --

VOSSOUGHIAN: My point is how is that this guy was able to exist for so long without being treated. I mean he was on medication. He went off his

medication --

PINSKY: There are plenty amongst us.

VOSSOUGHIAN: I mean it happens all the time --

PINSKY: No. There is a difference between someone who is characterologicaly so disturbed that their sense of the world begs no

alternative and their sense of other people having agency and existence separate from them do not matter. His vengeance is what matters.


PINSKY: That is not a treatable thing in my opinion. I am going to bring in the behavioral bureau and we are going to talk about whether it is or is

not. He may have had other extenuating mental illness that made him so much worse. I think he may have had bipolar that went untreated or other

things that really put him over the top, but that is on him for not getting the stuff treated and not taking his medication and not following through.

That is not an excuse.

It is again a condemnation for this. Later on, I am also going to talk about an alleged rape that very few knew about until it went viral. The

victim herself is speaking out. Back with the behavioral bureau, after this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: The Haskell`s wife eventually filed for divorce. He moved to California. Melanie and the children moved to a

Texas suburb. On Wednesday, Ron Haskell is accuse of barging into her sister`s house, murdering her sister, husband and their four children.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: The alleged shooter, Ron Haskell, collapsed in court on Friday when those six capital murder charges were read. His

attorney did say in court that his defense will likely be mental illness.


PINSKY: Back with the behavior bureau. Sam with me, Judy, Erica and Ginger. We are learning more about this man accuse of killing, executing

six members of the same family. Our Twitter followers say, "Do not let this man use mental illness as a defense." I will go to Erica first. I

say that is no way. There may be mental illness involved, but no no way it is in defense for this.

AMERICA: Yes. I totally agree with you. I am sure there is some mental illness in the form of depression. He said he was not leaving. I think

really being divorced by the wife, loosing the dream home, moving back to California. He did started to decompensate in a way but not which

justifies the act.

PINSKY: Right.

AMERICA: Because premeditated, driving somewhere in the uniform, methodically killing in the back of the head of each person. This was a

decision that he had to do this.

PINSKY: All right. Ginger? Wait, hold on. Ginger is chopping the bid here. What do you got to say?

GONZAGA: Well, I got to say, of course they are going to have to use an insanity plead, because it is so obvious that he killed in cold blood. But

as an actor, I would like to talk about some bad acting, Ross Haskell.

When you are sane and someone lists off all these awful charges against you and you feel the gravity of what you have cone, you collapse and you fall,

because that is what happens. When you are insane like the Oklahoma City bomber or the Aurora killer you sit there like nothing happened and it is

just another day.

He is clearly sane. He is clearly aware of what he did. And, this is all premeditated. It is not from some weird philosophy. He did -- someone

hurt him and he hurt back in an awful way. It is a crime of passion.

PINSKY: Judy, I like the way Ginger summarized that. Someone hurt him. He hurt back. It is immature. It also suggests a brain issue or

characterologic issue that is not treatable. Do you agree?

HO: Absolutely, Dr. Drew. I believe that he has antisocial personality disorder or he is a psychopath. And, what does that mean about their brain

activity? That means that psychopaths tend to have low arousal. It is like they have lower skin conductance. They have a low resting pulse rate

and what that means is they actually mean more stimulation to feel normal.

And, they achieve it in very dangerous ways. So, for us, we just eat a piece of chocolate, we get excited. For somebody like this their brain is

constantly low and they are not going to learn Dr. Drew because they have actually done tests in prison on people who are designated psychopaths.

And, they do not even learn when you are doing something with shock therapy to try to get them to learn to have a different behaviour. They do not

learn. Their brain is not normal.

PINSKY: Right. Now, it is sort of a perfect storm of environment with brain issues and whatever-- however, he got there, he is there.


PINSKY: And, that is that. And, let`s call it. You can put any name you want on it. Sam. I do not care. It is all the same thing. You can call

it evil. You could call it possessed. You could call it psychopathy. We are all talking about the same thing and using different words.

SCHACHER: Yes. He is absolutely evil in my book and Dr. Drew, he has so much hatred for his ex-wife. You mentioned earlier that he duct taped his

own mother.

PINSKY: His mom.

SCHACHER: That was because his own mother called his ex-wife. So, that just gives you a clue of how much hatred he has towards her and that is why

he has so much vengeance against her family because they were the one who is helped her escaped the marriage and moved her away to a completely

different state.

PINSKY: He got hurt. He is got to hurt somebody else. Ginger summarized it very nicely. Now, we have learned that he was apparently a popular guy

in the past. He was voted class clown and homecoming king in high school. One friend called him, quote, "The Chris Farley" of his hometown. Erica,

Chris was a funny guy, but he also had a serious drug addiction. Do you think that is an illusion to that also, here? I have not seen any evidence

of that.

AMERICA: Well, I mean many times, people always say this. Comedians, they are smiling, laughing on the outside but inside there is something going on

there. The other thing that I am thinking by high school the character defects that make up a personality disorder are not really coming out till

college and a little bit after.

PINSKY: Right. That is right.

AMERICA: So, he still may have been, you know, innocent doing this thing - -

PINSKY: You are right. Erica. Not only that. The same guy said he had a feeling that something was kind of going on underneath. There were

something there --

AMERICA: Growing, yes.

PINSKY: Right. And, Judy we would sort of say that maybe whatever was going on was kind of glued together when he was at home and when he had

somebody taking care of him. When he gets out and has to live in the world that is when things unravel.

HO: That is right, Dr. Drew. I think this is a testament to how well his family actually tried to raise him but keeping him contained and giving him

structure. And, as soon as he was an adult; now, that he is on his own, and he did not know how to navigate these things, he started to push the


And, we have a whole long history of issues that he has had with the law, with aggression and with assault. So, this is not a surprise. It did not

take this marriage or even the dissolvement of this marriage for things to start taking place.

PINSKY: But, Ginger, you kind of took it down to its basic structure, which is he was able to have a relationship. The relationship did not

work. He could not tolerate it coming apart. It hurt him so much. He had to destroy everything about it.

GONZAGA: Yes. And, he keeps her alive. I mean it is even worse. He did not just go and kill her. He was like let me kill your entire family,

which was the intent and let you live and feel that. That was the goal.

PINSKY: It is disgusting.


PINSKY: Again, do not -- just because the guy fainted in court --

SCHACHER: Yes, come on!

PINSKY: -- Let`s not feel the slightest bit of sympathy for this

HO: No. I am with ginger. He is a terrible actor.


PINSKY: Pictures of an alleged rape have gone viral. The woman at the center of the storm is speaking publicly about this tonight. There she is.

We will discuss, next.



JADA UNIDENTIFIED, 16-YEAR-OLD RAPE VICTIM: I had no control to say no. I did not tell anyone to take my clothes off and do what they did to me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTE: Jada says the teenage boy hosting the gathering offered her a drink of punch. She believes he spiked it with a drug. She

said, she passed out and had no clue what had happened. Until disturbing tweets, pictures and videos started to appear on social media. Jada says

she was raped that night. We blurred the images, but kids have been sharing them over their cell phones.

JADA: Some point -- because the picture --well everybody already seen my face and my body, but that is not what I am and who I am.


PINSKY: Back with Sam, Vanessa, Erica and Ginger. This is our most tweeted story of the day. And, the teen whom you just saw, you just heard

will be our guest live tomorrow night. She is 16-year-old Jada. She says she feels like she was raiped twice, actually physically, and then again by

social media. Sam, you say, yes?

SCHACHER: Yes, Dr. Drew. I cannot believe this story. OK? So, if this kid really did raped her and then blast it all over social media, yes he is

revictimizing here. And, then all these other people who are then sharing the picture -- and then there also, Dr. Drew, have you heard of the pose

that they are doing.


SCHACHER: The #jadapose.


SCHACHER: Which is recreating her lying there unconscious. I mean cannot believe these kids. What if it was their daughter or their sister or their

mother? It is absolutely disturbing.

PINSKY: These are people who thinks it is funny.

SCHACHER: Perpetuating rape culture.

PINSKY: Ginger, I see you wincing.

GONZAGA: Yes. I just think this whole story is riddled with heartbreaking ignorance. The alleged rapist does not seem to think he done anything

wrong. He had all these tweets that are terrible --

PINSKY: Let me read one. Hang one, let me read one. Can you guys get me the tweet up -- here it comes. He is disputing online. Here is what he

tweeted. Quote, "How it is rape -- great command of English. "How, it is raped? You had two months to say something but you ant say -- expletive

deleted -- until you get exposed." And, quote, "No pills was involved, just a bottle of ciroc." There you go, Ginger. There is our man.

GONZAGA: It is awful. And, he obviously does not -- he probably has no understanding of the definition of rape. And, what is worse is that

multiple young people looked at these pictures and instead of thinking, Oh -- they look at these pictures and thought that is so funny. This girl

looks so goofy when she is having sex instead of saying, "That girl looks unconscious. Something is wrong and this should not be online." But,

there are so many young people that were completely desensitized to this.

PINSKY: Well, right and then the mob descends, Erica. The mob descends on her. And, it is a second rape.

AMERICA: Yes. Exactly. We always talk about, you know, how amazing social media is and then the negative underbelly of it. And, that is what

this is. I have never been so horrified to think that people would mock this rape and actually have a hash tag where they would -- exactly what you

have said, revictimize this one -- who has not only been raped, but like you said a second time, exposed and humiliated.

And, this is a story of bravery because many people because of severe humiliation would take their own lives and would kill themselves. She did

not do that. Instead she is speaking up. I cannot believe people will do this.

PINSKY: We will talk to her. We will speak to her tomorrow. Vanessa your thoughts.

BARNETT: I am just upset because I have been seeing tweets where people are actually taking this young man`s side and revictimizing her all over

again and blaming the victim saying, she should not have drink the punch or she should not have been there alone.

At the end of the day, this girl can sleep with anybody and everybody under the stars and you do not take a picture of someone passed out on the ground

and passed around on social media. These little boys are ignorant and as their parents, they need to teach them better and they need to learn. This

is not a joke. This is someone`s life.

PINSKY: In most states, if you are intoxicated you are not in condition to render consent.

BARNETT: Exactly, but they have no idea.

PINSKY: -- If you are under the age, you are not able to render consent. This is an opportunity, parents, to teach your kids a little something

about what rape is. How it is defined by the law and then all of us who use social media, we got to be better citizens of social media. It is not

a place for mobs to act out on people.

Now, we reach out. CNN reached out to the Houston Police Department. They confirmed that a raped was reported but they would not confirm the victim`s

name. They continue to investigate the claims but no arrests have yet been made. We have to take a quick break. We are going to keep this

conversation going. We are going to be right back.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: It is Jada`s first time back here in weeks, standing in front of a house that she calls the scene of a crime.

JADA: It is really sad. Part in me just being here knowing that happened to me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Jada says she and another girl were druged and raped during a house party back in June. The 16-year-old says she passed

out and did not even know what had happened until weeks later when her alleged attacker started posting videos and bragging about it over social


JADA: My friends are getting harassed. I am getting harassed. I cannot even have -- I cannot go out. Nothing. It is just very embarrassing.


PINSKY: Again, we will have her with us tomorrow night live. And, I am back with Vanessa, Sam, Erica and Ginger. Reminder, it is not our policy

to identify sexual assault victims, but Jada voluntarily spoke to the media with the permission of her mother after she was identified on social media.

Jada is being mocked by other teens as Sam pointed out to us, who are posting image of themselves lying and poses similar to the pictures where

sent out in social media about Jada. And, it is created a -- look at this. There is a vine from someone named filthy -- And they included a



PINSKY: Erica, how do we help people understand that the things they do on social media actually harm real human beings?

AMERICA: Yes. I mean there is a lot of education we need to do at the -- I would say even elementary school level. Because that is when people are

starting to use iPhones and they need to know what they do online is a reflection of who they are.

You are not anonymous. You cannot just join a mob mentality and say, "Oh, do this or do that." And, that would really reflects who you are. And,

that is something that needs to come both from the schools and parents.

And, one of the things that I just wanted to mention, young men need to know that if a woman is intoxicated and she does not have the ability to

say yes or no that that is rape.

PINSKY: Right. I said that.

AMERICA: And, I do not remember learning that in high school. That is not even being told in high school.

PINSKY: It is different in different states, I believe. But I know it is definitely that way in California.

AMERICA: Even if it is just a moral thing.

PINSKY: That is a great point. It is trying to raise good boys. Absolutely. Vanessa, what about the decision to come forward? Do you


BARNETT: I absolutely do agree with it. And, I think almost in a weird way that this coming out on social media will help her and so many other

people because like what they say she had no idea she had been assaulted until this came out on Twitter.

This would have gone unreported. She would have been ashamed. She might not even have known that this happened to her. So, her story will not be

in vein and now this young dumb idiot will be -- hopefully, will be arrested and all the other dumb idiots will learn from this.

PINSKY: Ginger, other people, Jada`s supporters have tweeting photos of themselves not in Jada poses but holding signs #iamjada" to support her.

GONZAGA: Yes. I think if that helps her, that is really good. Sometimes I am concerned about that I feel like you are kind of taking the victim

tragedy with you. I do not know. But, I think it is good for people to support her because, she is thrown in to being a champion of awareness kind

of by default and kind of just by, you know, accidentally learning that this happened.


SCHACHER: She is absolutely courageous and he is just a punk-ass coward. And, I love the fact that he, initially, was using these tweets and the

videos for bragging rights and guess what, buddy? It is going to be the exact thing that is going to implicate you and probably help you get

through jail time.


BARNETT: He even made a rap song. I heard with lyrics slipping pills and now she is hitting that Jada pose. He is that ignorant. Why has not he

been arrested yet?

PINSKY: Got to go, guys. No charges yet. We do not know the details of some of these, but none of this is OK. Stop it. Stop humiliation. Stop

with the mob activity. It is something to learn from and to raise our kids to be better citizens. Not just of social media but actually be better

moral citizens of the world.

Reminder Jada, we will join us live tomorrow at 9:00 P.M. She will be with us. Also following up the "Forensic Files" and do not forget to see us on

Facebook for the aftershow. "Forensic Files" starts now.