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Pro Surfer Accused of Attempted Murder; Boyfriend Claims Self- Defense in Grisly Mutilation Murder; The "Other Woman" Exposed; The Fight to Ban Horse Slaughter

Aired May 19, 2014 - 19:00:00   ET


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are you applauding that? You think it`s OK to be that rude?

DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN ANCHOR: We`ll stop there. Be sure to watch us live. That`s right, we`ll be back live at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. In the meantime, Jane Velez-Mitchell is up next.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST: Tonight, this video just in from court in Hawaii. A tidal wave of trouble for a gorgeous, professional surfer and model, charged with attempted murder in paradise.

Cops in Hawaii say this well-known glamour girl, Jill Hansen, had a confrontation with a 73-year-old woman in Honolulu. When the two strangers got back to their cars, surfer Jill followed the elderly woman, all the way back to her condo. Then cops say Jill tried to kill her.


JILL HANSEN, ACCUSED OF ATTEMPTED MURDER: My name is Jill. Please, call me Aim (ph) Jill.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thirty-year-old Jill Hansen allegedly ran down an elderly woman.

HANSEN: I`m a surfer girl. Who never stopped surfing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Accused of hitting 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin with her Volkswagen Passat, then taking off.

HANSEN: I love you all so much. Naturally. I believe we`re brothers and sisters. And wouldn`t the world be a beautiful place if we all thought that way?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Police say the 30-year-old Jill was in a rage and plowed into the senior citizen with her car, then backed up to allegedly run her over again, when a worker at the condo saw what was happening, and smashed Jill`s back window with a crowbar.

She then ran away on foot and was later arrested. The elderly woman hospitalized, but will be OK. But Jill is in deep trouble tonight, charged with attempted murder.

Here she is in court. We just got this video in moments ago. Tonight, she is going to be behind bars on a $1 million bond. But the real shocker is what we have dug up about Jill`s secret and shocking history.

Here she is, in a YouTube promotional video for her wetsuit line, Cali Candy.

Tonight we learned the pro surfer`s dad filed for a protection order against his own daughter, against her, charging she went on Facebook to hire a hit man to try and murder her dad. She was also arrested for third- degree assault just last month. Does this high-profile self-promoter have a secret rage problem?

Listen to how Jill Hansen describes herself in a TEDx talk hosted on YouTube.


HANSEN: I grew up surfing, grew up modeling. I was blessed with those occupations. I never tried to be a model. People just kind of asked me to model. And I`d be like, oh, I can`t stand the modeling industry. These models, they don`t eat. They smoke. They`re bitches and no. And it just followed me my entire life.

The money is good, so I can`t complain.

I was more seeking experience and seeking adventure than really wanting to be famous or a star. And I still don`t consider myself famous.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, tonight she can legitimately call herself a model prisoner! What do you think? Call me: 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to senior entertainment editor at Radar Online, Alexis Tereszcuk. Alexis, what`s the latest on this model/surfer/glamour girl accused of attempted murder?

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, SENIOR ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, RADAR ONLINE: Well, we call her all of those things, but it sort of seems like she might have a little bit of a fantasy world going on. She`s not exactly a pro surfer. The day of the accident she said, "I`m about to become a pro surfer." Modeling, we haven`t really been able to track down any runway pictures of her. So it seems like a woman who`s really disturbed, including -- which is something that her own family says, because her dad allegedly has a restraining order taken out against her.

But this woman, her victim, has said she believes that she wasn`t actually trying to murder her. She was trying to steal her car. She was going to kill this woman over a car, a BMW. A luxury car, of course. But that`s the reason that she plowed into her once, backed up and was about to do it again.

Luckily, a bystander saw it. He actually took a bat and hit the back window of her car and broke it to stop her. Otherwise, she might have killed this woman.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you know, a lot of it doesn`t make sense. And she doesn`t make a lot of sense. We`ve been getting information in.

First of all, she had a car. So the police call it road rage. The elderly lady says, "I think she was trying to steal my car." But she was kind of knocked out by the whole thing and woke up in the hospital.

And we did get some information from the Association of Surfing Professionals that says that they have suspended Ms. Hansen and suspended her membership. So I guess that she actually had made it to, quote, "professional level" on the surfing part. But definitely there is something of the poseur going on here when it comes to giving these TED life talks. Not actual TED talks, TED-light talks and claiming to be a professional model.

Now tonight Jill Hansen is accused of trying to murder this older lady by allegedly hitting her with her car on a beautiful day in Honolulu. But in her lofty TEDx speech, Jill talks about having a religious experience in her car on another beautiful day. Check this out.


HANSEN: I found an affirmation in a fortune cookie recently that said, "The genius mind is one that is capable of holding two opposing ideas at the same time." So at that very moment, I had two opposing ideas, the paradox. "God, this is amazing, but I don`t believe in God." So in that in between, it said, if there`s a God, show me a sign right now. And that very second, and I just got goose bumps. A drop of water on my head inside my car on a perfectly sunny day with no water anywhere, on the crown of my head. Supernatural baptism.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, yes, supernatural baptism. And, again, tonight she`s probably trying to have a religious experience from behind bars.

Got to tell you, Nancy Grace tonight in less than an hour, is going to have the victim on with her. Going to be an extraordinary hour. So stay right there.

Now, we`re going to go out to Selin Darkalstanian, senior producer with our show, who has been digging into this woman`s secrets and past. What have you learned, Selin?

SELIN DARKALSTANIAN, HLN PRODUCER: Jane, this girl has such a long rap sheet. I mean, her traffic violations on the court`s Web site went on for two or three pages long, over 28 violations, including disregarding a stop sign, driving without a license, driving without insurance, speeding, driving without headlights. You name it, she`s had a violation for it.

But more serious than that is what you mentioned, is that her dad did file a restraining order against her, and he alleges a lot of serious things. He also has a restraining order out for her brother, as well, saying, you know, she was soliciting somebody on Facebook to come and murder him; you know, that she was blocking off the street at their house and saying that they were murdered inside, that her family was murdered inside. I mean, this girl does seem pretty unstable.

And you know what? Her dad did get the restraining order granted. So he did have that against her. But he says in here that she didn`t care that he had a restraining order. She kept violating the restraining order, showing up at his work, showing up to their house. So obviously, even a restraining order isn`t going to stop her.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Gabe Crenshaw, psychologist, and boy do we need one right now. I`m holding the -- a petition for an order for protection by her dad. Her dad, the father of this young woman, says "Facebook posting, soliciting someone to come and murder me."

She went on Facebook to try to get somebody, allegedly, to murder her dad? What`s wrong with this woman?

DR. GABE CRENSHAW, PSYCHOLOGIST: Wow. Yes. You know, she`s got a lot going on, I can tell you. There are features that I see, intermittent explosive disorder for all the anger we`re seeing. That`s that road rage, even some of the domestic abuse that we`ve seen -- that we see that her father is alleging.

But, you know, actually, I`m also concerned with some of the ideas of grand you`re, some of the more positive symptoms of what we look at in schizophrenia. And she`s about 30 years old. For women, usually the onset is a lot later, around that time. So that`s -- I wouldn`t necessarily rule that out. This girl is in trouble.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh. So what you`re saying is, she`s not just a poseur or one of these slashes that we see. Remember, I spent 18 years in Los Angeles, you know, model/actress/this/director/that. Slash...


VELEZ-MITCHELL: So you`re saying that she might be suffering from a mental illness, where she perceives of herself as all these things...


VELEZ-MITCHELL: ... but doesn`t realize that a lot of people that look at her and saying, "You poseur, you big fat phony" or thin phony, Wendy Murphy, as it were, former prosecutor.

WENDY MURPHY, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Yes. She`s a thin phony, all right. I mean, I thought, is she taking diet pills, and they`re making her crazy like speed?

It`s clear that she`s got issues. She`s definitely got issues. You know, whether -- whether they are unrelated to her family, I don`t know. I mean, young women who are rageful toward their father, what`s that about? I think we`re going to find out she probably knows this woman and is angry for some reason that we don`t know of yet.

But the facts that she is crazy doesn`t mean she wasn`t trying to kill this woman.

ADAM THOMPSON, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I don`t think that. You`re not going to hear that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Adam Thompson.

MURPHY: She was clearly trying to kill her.

THOMPSON: No, I disagree with that. We`re not going to -- we`re not going to hear that she knows this woman. This is a person that has a lot of mental illness, and we`re going to find out a lot more about this.

All we`ve got to look at is the family history. She`s threatening to kill the dad on Facebook. She`s doing all these things that are outrageous types of conduct.

What`s really scary, though, Jane, is when is someone going to step in and put an end to it? I mean, she`s got a huge rap sheet, and nothing seems to be happening.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: She`s charged with murder.

THOMPSON: How does -- how does she cope?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: On the other side of the break, we`re going to hear from the woman who will be on Nancy live in less than an hour, the victim, and we`re going to hear a clip from her.

But stick around. We`re also going to hear from her live in a little while on Nancy`s show.

We`re just getting started. Some of the other things that she says and does are, well, you`ve got to hear them for yourself, in just a second.

And later a new Web site that exposes the other woman. Cheated-on wives or girlfriends taking aim at mistresses, saying their names, showing their pictures. It`s a shocking, outrageous site. We`re going to have the woman who started the site on in a little bit.

We`re just getting started. The sexy surfer girl, glamour girl, TEDx talker, accused of trying to run down an elderly lady with her car.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just a few hours after 30-year-old Jill Hansen allegedly ran down an elderly woman, she was posting on her Facebook page that she was becoming a professional surfer. Not long after this post, she was arrested, Accused of hitting 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin with her Volkswagen Passat, and then taking off.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is not the 30-year-old`s first run-in with police. She has a pending abuse case. And at a sentencing hearing in March on a separate case, the judge ordered her to obtain mental-health treatment until clinically discharged.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Thirty-year-old Jill Hansen, a self-described surfer and model and glamour girl, who gives talks, basically saying how wonderful she is, but she has a very, very troubled history. Her own dad sought protection from her, saying that she went on Facebook and tried to hire somebody to kill him. And gee, I`m holding the protection order that he filed in my hand.

Now, she then, according to cops, had a rage incident where she tried to kill an elderly woman. The elderly victim was hospitalized. She`s going to be OK, but she was really, really hurt. Watch this from ABC`s "Good Morning America."


ELIZABETH CONKLIN, VICTIM: I drove home, and I drove into my parking garage, and I parked in my normal parking place. And I got out, and then all of a sudden, I woke up in an ambulance.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Look at the face of that 73-year-old woman. Her name is Elizabeth Conklin, and we are so happy that she survived. But she thinks that Jill was trying to steal her cop -- her car. Cops thought it was a road rage. And I would think it`s more likely a road rage, since that`s Jill`s car. Jill does already have her own car.

So I want to go out to the phone lines. Pam, California, what do you think about this woman and her TEDx talks and her self-promotion and her self- adulation and then the rage?

CALLER: I think she`s a wannabe, and I think she`s a pathetic liar and a person that believes her own lies. And I think she`s right where she should be, in jail.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Now, what`s very interesting, you mention lying. Jill Hansen, in a speech, said she doesn`t lie. Watch this from YouTube TEDx.


HANSEN: I didn`t prepare a speech today. I decided to speak from the heart. You know that it`s honest. I haven`t told a lie since I can`t remember when.

To live honest, to speak the truth, to have integrity, to in every way possible align myself with what the very best human being could be. I mean, I`ll smoke a cigarette or I`ll have a -- those are my vices. I`m not a perfect human.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, my gosh. Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor, you know, when people start talking about how spiritual and wonderful they are, I grab my wallet and my purse, and I run in the other direction.

MURPHY: Yes, there`s a little too much protesting going on about how good thou art.

You know, this is a tough call, because on the one hand, she`s clearly rageful. She`s got a really bad history of bad behavior. But that makes me wonder why. What made her do these things: threaten to kill her father, try to kill this woman? Where is that coming from? That just doesn`t happen.


MURPHY: You don`t just kind of grow up and go, "Boom, I think I`ll just start, you know, killing people." Where is that coming from?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Gabe, there could be a lot here. And frankly, most defendants, when they`re sitting there, especially if they`re ugly and they don`t look like her, nobody really cares why. Why she tried to run somebody over. They just want to find out, did she do it?

Now it seems like, you know, this woman seems to be manipulative. She uses her looks...


VELEZ-MITCHELL: ... to get what she wants, and I think she -- she thought -- my personal feeling is this is the type of woman who thinks she can do anything and get away with it, that there`s no accountability because she manages to seduce with her looks.

CRENSHAW: Yes. Well, you know what? You know what, Jane? We call it the halo effect. You know, in our country, there`s this idea that when you`re beautiful, you`re considered more smart. You get away with more. You get the job before the elderly person does. It`s the halo effect.

And so she`s doing all of these seemingly -- you know, these are significant crimes. And this is a red flag. But she`s beautiful. She`s blonde, she`s thin, she`s a model. She`s a pony. She`s Wonder Woman. She`s everything; I`m every woman.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Alexis Tereszcuk, I`m giving you the last word.

THOMPSON: She`s -- she`s -- she`s an attention whore, Jane. She just loves attention, good or bad.

TERESZCUK: She`s not even crying. She`s not even crying. Look at this mug shot. This is a glamour shot. She`s right on up there with Portia Williams for best mug shot of the year. She is not even taking this seriously.

I really am going to stick with, she wanted the car and this poor woman just got in the way. Luckily she wasn`t killed.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Unbelievable. We`re going to stay on top and see what happens to this woman. That`s not her mug shot. But her mug shot is pretty close. She looks darn good. She can at least say she`s infamous, if not famous, and has a great mug shot.

At the top of the hour, Nancy Grace talks exclusively to the woman cops say Jill Hansen tried to run over. Stay right here. Nancy comes up, 8 Eastern.

But next, a gorgeous Las Vegas show girl found dead on the biggest night of her life. She was supposed to perform at Fantasy. Instead, her body was dismembered, and now her ex is on trial for murder. It sent shock waves up and down the strip. And the victim`s sister is angrily demanding justice.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Let`s go ahead and... (




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Court`s in recess.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jason Griffith is standing trial on charges he killed Deborah Flores Narvaez.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I hope you rot in hell. I hope you rot in hell.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who he`s accused of killing and chopping up with a saw.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Griffith was acting in self-defense when he killed her.

JASON GRIFFITH, MURDER DEFENDANT: "I`m going to kill you and kill myself."


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, shock and outrage in Sin City. It`s like a blood-drenched episode of "Breaking Bad."

Cops say a handsome Cirque du Soleil performer suffocated his Las Vegas showgirl on-and-off girlfriend, then hacked her body to pieces before he allegedly hit the evidence in concrete tubs.

Now, this man, the defendant, Jason Griffith, charged with murder one, for allegedly killing Debbie Narvaez. Debbie was reported missing when she didn`t show up for the biggest night of her career, the opening of the Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel, seen here. All eyes turned to her on again/off again boyfriend, Griffith, who was a performer in the Vegas hit show "Cirque du Soleil`s Love." Check that out from YouTube.




VELEZ-MITCHELL: But their relationship turned into a horror show. Cops say Griffith suffocated his girlfriend, Debbie, then tried to put her dead body into a huge tub of concrete. You can actually see him on surveillance video buying those supplies.

Investigators say when the tub started leaking, he broke the concrete and dismembered the dead showgirl`s body and put it in two separate containers. This is gory.

But Griffith claims Debbie hit him in a jealous rage because he wanted to see other women. Griffith says she threatened to kill him and then kill herself, and he only killed her in self-defense.

Listen to him weep on the stand. Some people are calling it fake tears.


GRIFFITH: She told me that she slashed the car tire on the way into the house so I couldn`t go anywhere. She says to me, "That`s why I brought it with me, and I`m going to kill you and kill myself."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you know what she was -- she said "brought it." Did you know what she was talking about?

GRIFFITH: I assumed she was talking about a gun, but -- she said it so many different times, I didn`t know what she was talking about. But that was my assumption. That was my fault, and that was my assumption.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, my gosh. Does anybody on the panel buy those tears? Dr. Gabe Crenshaw, psychologist. That was a bad acting job, in my opinion. We`re going to go out to the scene in a second. But I`ve just got to get a reaction on that. That`s bad acting. They don`t teach acting at Cirque du Soleil, apparently. Maybe they do, but he didn`t get - it. Didn`t take.

CRENSHAW: Yes, yes. You know what? It`s so sketchy for me still. I mean, I`m still trying to absorb it all.

But I`ve got a problem with it. I think there`s -- I think there`s a larger issue, and I think there`s some -- this idea, you know what? "I don`t want you to do this kind of thing. I don`t want anybody to have you. And I`m going to kill you." And I think it`s all convoluted.

And in his mind, when -- usually when killers allegedly do this kind of thing, they convince themselves of their own lies. That "I`m in imminent danger, that this woman can potentially hurt me." So then you can perform. Because they have the inability, first of all, to experience emotion anyway. So there`s a notion of distractibility from themselves. They lack empathy.

MURPHY: Come on, Doctor. Doctor, it`s a little bit...

CRENSHAW: I`m just telling you.

THOMPSON: Jane, Jane! You nailed it on the head.

MURPHY: Too gentle. Look it, look it, the guy wanted her dead. He suffocated her, sliced her up, chopped her up, then made one of his friends fake write a note, where she threatened to kill him. Because he knew he was in trouble. He is so in trouble. Look, this guy makes surfer girl look like little Orphan Annie.

CRENSHAW: I`m saying -- I`m saying -- I`m saying...

THOMPSON: This guy is baked!

CRENSHAW: I`m agreeing. I`m saying...


THOMPSON: When you sit at the top of the scale...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: One at a time. It`s not Twister (ph).

THOMPSON: You don`t ever get to see that this guy is a bad actor if he just sat at the table and kept his mouth shut. He has no business being on the witness stand testifying when there`s such convoluted and terrible facts against him. Because any prosecutor is going to rip him to shreds, which is what`s going on right now. He should stay humble and let the lawyers do their job and pick apart the prosecution case.

MURPHY: Too late for that.

THOMPSON: Not take the stand and do an acting job that`s terrible. Terrible.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You have to understand, the performers always want attention, even if it`s at their own detriment.

Listen to the defendant, Jason Griffith take the stand and testify at his own murder trial, claiming his dead girlfriend faked symptoms of being abused by him. This is a gem.


GRIFFITH: Any time we would meet up to talk, she would do things like either pinch herself on the arm or, like, you know, punch herself on the shoulder, so she`d have a bruise. And she`d be like, "Now you can`t call the police, because I have a bruise."


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Chet Buchanan, host, 98.5 Radio. Chet Buchanan, the Morning Zoo, Las Vegas. These are two very prominent shows. The Fantasy out of Luxor and Cirque du Soleil. What`s the reaction on the strip to this really gory crime?

CHET BUCHANAN, MORNING RADIO HOST, LAS VEGAS (via phone): Well, everyone is shocked. And I don`t -- I have no idea what that first guy was talking about that`s on the panel.

The second guy hit it on the head. There`s no reason Jason Griffith should be on the stand in the fourth day of cross-examination. The state asked Griffith about going to see Flores Narvaez. He was as bad as she was. He would go to her work, as well, and refuse to leave.

They asked him about a 911 call today when Griffith said when aggressive said that Flores was at his house and wouldn`t leave. The GPS on Griffith`s -- on his phone showed that he wasn`t even at home when the call was made.

I mean, this guy is just -- any credibility that he may have had a shot at getting during this "hail Mary" by the defense is evaporating every time he opens up his mouth.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, yes, he claims -- he claims Debbie was jealous that he wanted to date other women. But it seems like Debbie wouldn`t have trouble finding a new man. I mean, she was super-hot, cast in the hit show "Fantasy" at the Luxor Hotel.

Look at this clip from YouTube.




VELEZ-MITCHELL: Do these women look like the kind who are begging a guy, "Please, don`t leave me"? I don`t think so.

Let`s go out to the phone lines. Jayden, Oregon, what have you got to say? Jayden, Oregon?

CALLER: Yes. I`m saying, that`s ridiculous. I mean, I don`t believe his tears at all. And he thinks it`s self-defense. People believe it, because how do you cut somebody up all the way and then that`s right after you did it? Usually self-defense, you just run out or you just wait for the police to show up. Not try to hide it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. You`ve got to listen to the disturbing testimony from one of Griffith`s friends, who refused to help him when he shows up with his vat and says, hey, help me hide Debbie`s body. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I asked him what the heck it was.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what did the defendant say?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He asked if I really wanted to know. And I said, "Yes, if you`re going to put that here, I need to know what it is."

And he kind of -- he just said, "It`s Debbie."


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wendy Murphy, does the dismemberment really trump everything else? The idea that, oh, he killed her in self-defense, which she doesn`t have a gun. She`s a woman. He`s a guy, and then he chops up her body?

MURPHY: You know, I`m so angry with myself that I`m smiling, because this is such a gory story. I can`t believe this guy is such a joke. His defense is such a joke that I`m actually grinning, because I`m holding down my laughter at how stupid his defense is.

And then he gets on the stand -- I mean, talk about -- "I`d like to go to prison for the rest of my life. That`s why I`m up here, acting like an idiot."

There is no defense here. You don`t chop up a dead body in self-defense, unless the limbs are flipping because they`re dying. I don`t know why you`re defending yourself against dead limbs! What?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You know what?

THOMPSON: Stay and face the music!

CRENSHAW: That`s what -- that`s what I`m saying.

THOMPSON: You call the cops and you let the cops come and you tell them what happened. If you truly acted in self defense, you wait and tell the cops. You don`t chop someone up and put them in cement.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: My question is how his defense attorneys let him take the stand. But it`s his decision. If he says I`m going to do it, they can`t stop him ultimately.

A new Web site -- wait -- you`re going to flip over this. It offers revenge for cheated on women everywhere. Yes, a chance to publicly shame your husband`s mistress with photos, with descriptions.

I`m going to talk to the creator of next, and our expert panel will weigh in. Is this right?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She goes by the alias Ariela Alexander. And she has created platform for women across the country to expose each other.

ARIELA ALEXANDER, WEB SITE CREATOR: My dad had an affair on my mother. My mother separated from him when I was a little girl.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Women can post names, pictures and intimate details on the Web site.

ALEXANDER: After you`re cheated on, you`ll never trust again.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s kind of like the invisible (inaudible) -- you know that they`re going through exactly what you have been through.

ALEXANDER: Maybe a woman will think twice about involving herself with somebody that`s married or somebody that`s involved, because she fears having her pictures put up on my Web site.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, for everyone who has ever been cheated on, revenge. Yes, there is a new way to get back at that other woman. She is called, well, a home wrecker. And you can go to But tonight there is controversy and even outrage brewing over the site some call slut shaming. It allows scorned wives to expose the women they believe have had affairs with their (AUDIO GAP) post photos, personal information, and some seriously raunchy words about the women they think ruined their lives. Peruse at your own risk.

It`s fascinating though and it`s really, really -- I`m talking x-rated language on this Web site. But you know, it has a lot of supporters. Many of the site`s users claim it`s a form of therapy.

Straight out to the woman in the know, my very special guest, Ariela Alexander, the founder of Ariela, thanks for joining us. Why do you think your Web site has gotten so popular?

ALEXANDER: I think because -- hi, Jane. Thank you. I think because just cheating is so popular, unfortunately. So many marriages are suffering from having affairs, families are being torn apart, the divorce rate is so high. And at the end of the day, women do not respect other women, and their relationship.

And you know, right away people say it`s the man`s fault. Yes, of course, it`s the man`s fault. He has the commitment, you know, to his wife, to his family. However, at the end of the day, me as a woman, I`m not going to involve myself with somebody else`s husband. I`m not going to intrude on somebody else`s marriage. And unfortunately, there are so many women that seek out married men. It`s just absolutely ridiculous.

So I sat back and said, should we do something about this? Because these women are just relentless, they`re insane, and they just pursue. Why would you pursue a married man? I don`t understand.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I have so many questions for you. But I want to open it up to our panel. Because I know they do too. Raina Seitel entertainment journalist, Jasmine Simpkins entertainment reporter along with the rest of our panel. Rena -- what would you like to know from Miss Alexander?

RAINA SEITEL, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: What would I like to know, Jane? I want to know, you know what, my whole point here is that this is disgraceful. This is the modern day scarlet letter. And we all need to take a step back, go back to couples counseling, call up the woman, say, leave my family alone. And hey, how about putting the light on the husband here? We`re really interested in, you know, shaming the woman -- but what about the husbands in this situation?


ALEXANDER: We have. I have Unfortunately, it`s not as popular as tends to -- there is a controversy right there. The controversy is with But as far as counseling, most of these women do call the home wreckers and say, leave my family alone. Please. I`m married. You know, leave my family alone. They do not leave their families alone.

CRENSHAW: I don`t recommend that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Jasmine Simpkins, entertainment reporter. I want to know what you want to know from Ariela Alexander.

JASMINE SIMPKIN, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: I want to know, how many women have called you, thanking you for putting this site together. I absolutely love it. I think it is the most genius thing I`ve seen in this entire year.

ALEXANDER: Thank you.

SIMPKINS: I love it. I think --

CRENSHAW: Bad idea.

SIMPKINS: -- it`s absolutely genius. There are so many women that engage in having affairs with married men. There are a lot of women who get a thrill out of it. And I think this will make them think twice about doing such a thing. And equally I think it will make men think twice.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me say this.

ALEXANDER: I agree. I`ve had people e-mail me, talking about the husband at work that swears his wife is miserable, and she doesn`t clean or cook. And she said I was thinking, I felt bad for him. I went on your Web site and said oh, my god, he`s manipulating me. I`m not being flashed on I don`t even sit near him. My cubicle isn`t even stationed near him anymore. I don`t want a part of this. And unfortunately --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me jump in because we`ve got phone lines lighting up. Gabriel, Florida, what have you got to say?

GABRIEL, FLORIDA (via telephone): Well, I do believe this site is both a blessing and a curse. It`s a blessing, because, yes, it allows -- it makes men think twice about cheating. But on the other side, let`s say a man cheats on his wife and tells the other woman that he`s a single man? Then what?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: This is my problem, Ariela. I`ve -- so many men have said, and I`ve heard it in my younger days, many, many years ago, when I was out there and naive. Oh, I have an arrangement. This is -- men say this stuff. I have an arrangement. And I`m not saying I never -- to my knowledge, have never dated anybody --

ALEXANDER: Jane, I hope you`re not a home wrecker.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok, wait a second. I`ve got an arrangement. It`s a business arrangement only. We are going to get divorced. We`re just staying married because it`s a business situation for the kids. She understands. We have an open marriage. Or how about just taking the ring off and nobody even knows they`re married. How are you so sure the women - - who are cheating know all of this?


Well, most of the times on my Web site, the women love to come on the Web site and say, well, if you were taking care of your husband, I didn`t have to take care of your husband.


ALEXANDER: I mean for the most part, any man, a married man, women have incredible intuition. And nowadays with Facebook and things like that -- he says he has an arrangement, he and his wife are just business, his wife has a boy friend of her own, ok, no problem. Let me talk to your wife. Let me make sure this is an arrangement.

With social -- and a married man, if a man is not able to talk to you after 5:00 at night, on the weekends if you call him, he doesn`t answer, he just texts back. There is a problem.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, but you`re making a lot of assumptions. It`s somebody -- and you know, really, this applies to any cheating, not just even a heterosexual. Now we`ve got gay marriage and in a lot of states could also apply to same-sex marriages. I mean how do you know for a fact that somebody knows that they`re cheating with somebody who is married?

On the other side, could you ruin a life?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I do think she ruined my family, and I think that that`s what she has set out to do from the beginning. She saw my kids and I coming into the office, constantly. My husband would give me a kiss in front of her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How could he have loved me if he, you know, has a wife and a family -- of course not.

I`m truly sorry from like the depths of my soul.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, that woman, obviously suffering. Purportedly the wife and then on the other side the woman who was with the married man. She seems very sad.

You know, Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor, if they get the facts wrong on this Web site, could there be a lawsuit?

MURPHY: Yes, among other problems. These are such emotionally wrenching stories. The vulnerability of one party or another, you know, they jump off a bridge, there`s a suicide lawsuit waiting to happen too. Or, you know, homicide. I mean, these are really intense, emotional things.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. We`ve got to do very quickly --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Sorry. Going to go round robin -- 15 seconds each. Dr. Gabe.

CRENSHAW: I`m concerned what it brings about bullying. Women can get hurt. It`s very volatile. You`ve got emotions running high. Women at times can be very emotionally driven. And you could have a woman doing a stalking thing and all of a sudden killing and slaying the whole family or slaying the other woman. That`s a problem. Think about that. There are other ways to resolve this issue.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Jasmine Simpkins.

SIMPKINS: I think it`s a great site. I do think that the other side of the coin is that someone can be put on here and they aren`t supposed to. What I would say to women, first and foremost, and really big, is if you meet a man, do your research. There is a search engine called Google. Check him out before you decide to date him. I don`t want to hear, oh, he said we were separated. If you hear that ladies, run, or you will end up on this site.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Raina Seitel -- it`s so easy to say that hypothetically. And I certainly don`t condone cheating. But it`s complicated, as they say.

SEITEL: It`s very complicated. And what we`re not talking about here is the children, and the fact that this stuff lives on forever.

CRENSHAW: Absolutely.

SEITEL: So when the kids are of age, to read the stuff on the Internet, they`re going to see their mother going crazy, using words that they have probably never heard or shouldn`t hear and then they`re going to see their father in a bad light. It`s all together bad.

CRENSHAW: Or the future mother. The home wrecker -- the future mother.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: We are out of time. I`ve got to say this. First of all, the person who took the vow is ultimately responsible for keeping the vow in my opinion. It`s not this other person who did not take a vow. And I don`t care whether you`re talking about man or woman. If you take a vow, that`s on you, buddy -- first and foremost. Be back in a sec.



Tonight we`re fighting to save America`s horses. I was just the keynote speaker at the American Equine Summit because our show has led the way in media coverage of horse issues. And we celebrated some major victories.

Right now, horse slaughter is effectively banned in the United States. And now there`s a new move to ban American horses from being shipped to Canada for slaughter. Critics say most of the horses slaughtered in Canada come from right here in the U.S.

This disturbing video is very graphic. We can only show you a couple of seconds. But this is what horse slaughter looks like. And I got to tell you, it gets a lot more graphic than that.

These sensitive animals are crowded into trucks and endure a hellish journey that ends in slaughter. Now, some reports say up to 100,000 American horses are shipped to Canada every year. Critics say many of these horses spend their lives as human companions first. These were race horses, show horses, rodeo horses, draft horses. But once slaughtered, they become food for people. Well, now, a proposed law in Canada, and we have a lot of Canadians who watch this show, would severely limit horses that are not raised as food animals to be turned in to meat for human consumption.

You know, there was recently a huge scandal when it was discovered that meat from an Irish horse was contaminated with a veterinary drug known as bute (ph) that some reports claim can cause cancer in humans.

Straight out to my two very special guests Florida Senator Joe Abruzzo and Victoria McCullough one of America`s premiere equine advocates. Victoria, first of all, I don`t think that a lot of Americans are aware that American horses, that have served us, that have been our companions, that have raced for us, are turning up on dinner plates everywhere from Europe to Japan. Do you think Americans should be shocked by that?

VICTORIA MCCULLOUGH, HORSE ADVOCATE: I do. I didn`t know myself until 2008.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And let me ask you why do you maintain that it creates a health risk to have horses that have been draft horses, race horses, show horses, being turned into horses that are eaten by people?

MCCULLOUGH: Because America doesn`t grow horses for food. We`re normally historically it hasn`t been on our palate. So the horses that are going to slaughter are horses that have been used for service, for race horses, show horses, as you mentioned. But, along with those, is horses tend to have issues such as soft tissue damage and they use an anti-inflammatory very much like we would. That inflammatory drug called bute is carcinogenic, and it`s proven to cause cancer, and people aren`t aware that that particular element is in these.

So when we are (inaudible) these amount of horses for the border it`s not a product that is agriculturally acceptable and the FDA has a suggestion that all animals for human consumption that bute is banned in this product, and that one time, one injection would make that animal ineligible for the slaughter trade.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: So many wonderful horses have ended up in slaughterhouses -- even champion racers. The famous Ferdinand a beloved Kentucky Derby winner ended up being killed in a Japanese slaughterhouse. And he`s not the only one. Now we`re going to show you generic video of horses. We`re not saying any of those particular horses were involved in any of what we`re talking about. But we all love horses. Americans love horses.

So, Senator Abruzzo, Joe Abruzzo, you actually you and Victoria both went to Canada to fight for this bill in Canada that would severely limit our American horses that have served people getting shipped up there, and slaughtered for food. Tell us why you`re fighting for this.

JOE ABRUZZO, FLORIDA STATE SENATOR: Well first of all, thank you for having us on the show, and here in Florida, we passed a bill unanimous, Republicans and Democrats, called the Ivan Rodriguez Victoria McCullough Horse Protection Act that makes it illegal in Florida felony if you abuse, abandon, neglected an equine. But if there`s meat on the table in Florida in a restaurant, that restaurant will be shut down.

So we took a very hard stance here in Florida, Victoria and I brought the fight to Capitol Hill, with the help of the vice president, the White House administration key members in both the senate and the house, we were able to get the defunding which was done this year.

Now the next step is moving to our great partners and neighbors in Canada, to educate them on the dangers of what could be in these horses and make sure that their population is not eating tainted meat.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well I want to say that the two -- people audience the two people you are looking at have probably done more to save horses than just about anybody and they are backed by many, many horse advocates we`ve had on this show.

I was just at the American Equine Summit, and to both Victoria and I spoke and you know we`re speaking for voiceless animals. These beautiful creatures cannot speak for themselves. That`s why together we can do something to change this.

We just learned the specific bill to limit Canadian horse slaughter has failed. But there are other plans in the works right now to revive this issue in Canada. And horse lovers are urging Canadians to contact their members of parliament, and demand the end of horse slaughter in Canada.

Remember, you can give these horses a voice.

Nancy`s next.