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Black Teen Murdered for Loud Music?; Selena Gomez`s Secret Trip to Rehab

Aired February 5, 2014 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, an unarmed black teenager shot dead. The white man who did it claimed self-defense. Ms. Ali is here and she is outraged.

Plus, Selena Gomez`s secret. She`s out of something she called rehab, but drugs not the problem. So what was? I`ll try to explain.

And did the biggest loser lose too much? We`ll ask our social media stars.

Let`s get started.


PINSKY: Good evening.

My co-host is attorney and Sirius XMs Jenny Hutt.

Coming up, Selena Gomez`s rehab secret. She`s calling it rehab. I`m going to try to figure out what, in fact, she did or where she went or -- rehab is a term that has begun to mean nothing. I have to interpret what they`re talking about.


PINSKY: But, first, a white man on trial for shooting and killing a black teen. This sounds all too familiar. It started over an argument about loud music coming from the teen`s car.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Michael Dunn`s attorneys have said the 46-year-old feared for his life when he show a shotgun pointed at him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Police say the suspect, 45-year-old Michael Dunn, got upset at the loud music Jordan and his friends were playing from an SUV.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The guy that was in the back, he was getting really agitated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: According to police, Dunn fired eight or nine shots into the SUV with teens inside. Jordan was the only one shot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This guy like goes down on the ground and comes up with something. I thought it was a shotgun. And he goes, you`re dead (EXPLETIVE DELETED), and he opens his door. In my mind, they had a weapon.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Investigators say after opening fire, Michael Dunn got in his car and drove back to his hotel. He wasn`t arrested until the following day.


PINSKY: Joining us to discuss, Jillian Barberie, TV personality, Sean Klitzner, actor and comedian, HLN`s Lynn Berry, and making her 2004 debut on her birthday, I`ll have you all know, Ms. Shahrazad Ali, social commentator and author of "The Blackwoman`s Guide to Understanding the Blackman."

Happy birthday, Ms. Ali.

SHAHRAZAD ALI, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, thank you very much. The earth was so blessed I was born.


PINSKY: Well, before we expose everyone to the bounty and blessing of Ms. Ali, let`s have Lynn fill us in on more of the story.

LYNN BERYRY, HLN HOST: Well, here are the details that are important to point out. So, Michael Dunn is leaving his son`s wedding. He arrives at the gas station. He hears this loud music. He rolls down his window and confronts the teenagers.

There`s an altercation that ensues. He claims he sees a shotgun. There`s never a shotgun found in that Durango.

And there are a couple of things to point out. He fires four shots according to police, that Durango takes off and he fires four more shots.

Now he`s going to cite stand your ground, when you are in imminent danger for your life. You have to feel there`s no other way to escape other than that act of violence to save your own life. He was in a car, he could have turned his car on, put it on drive and driven away, he fired eight shots. That`s a point of contention.

And what he did afterwards that a lot of people are pointing to. He did not call police, which you would expect people to do when they`re in fear for their life. He went to a bed and breakfast with his girlfriend, ordered a pizza and never called police.

Those are the things that the prosecution no doubt will be pointing out, including jailhouse letters he wrote to his friends and family that point to some serious, serious issues with race and prejudice that they will no doubt be pointing out.

PINSKY: And wait, wait, in Florida. Shocking. It`s in Florida.

Well, Ms. Ali, let`s have at it. What do you say?

ALI: Well, I think that this is the perfect example of what we incur all the time, which is the natural authority that white men think they have over black people. Everywhere --


ALI: -- there was no sign listed no noise, no standing around, mind your own business, watch out for blacks. There was no sign saying any of that.

This guy already had a burr in his cap when he showed up to do that. But it`s just a natural authority they thing they have. These were young people in that car. If it had been four grown black men, he would have never showed up and did any of that, he wouldn`t have done any of that.

But because they were young people, he thought he could do it.

Now, Dr. Drew, you remember when I came on here and talked about the fact that I tell my 13-year-old son to watch out for white men because they want to kill you --

SEAN KLITZNER, COMEDIAN: Hold on, take a breath for a second.

ALI: Nobody told these children.

PINSKY: Let`s hear what Sean has to say.

KLITZNER: I just -- look, I respect your opinion and that`s fine, but this is the problem with racism. The problem is that in a case where a person is dead, the issue that`s coming first is racism? We should be focusing on the fact --

ALI: Yes, that`s the issue.

KLITZNER: -- that this man shot another human being, a kid. And I think the problem is this whole Florida "stand your ground" law, something`s got to be done, but the fact that racism`s at the forefront, this just boggles my mind. Let`s focus on the true issue here. A kid is dead.

ALI: All white people say that. All white people say that it`s not about race.

KLITZNER: Not all white people.

ALI: Yes, it does matter.

JILLIAN BARBERIE, TV PERSONALITY: I agree with Ms. Ali. Here`s the thing. This guy shoots four times the and he`s so scared as the Durango was pulling away, he shoots four more times. You`re scared and then you`re so scared you don`t call the police, you`re so scared you order a pizza, you`re so scared you don`t realize you killed a teen.

Where did you think those bullets were going, idiot? They weren`t going in the air.

ALI: That`s right. What was he afraid of?

BARBERIE: Exactly.

ALI: What was he afraid of he was afraid of the cheese on the pizza? What was he scared of? He wasn`t scared of anything.

He wasn`t scared that the law was going to do anything to him, because he shot somebody else that nobody cares about, which is a black teenager.


PINSKY: Hold on, Sean, I`ll let you talk in a second. Miss Ali, people criticize you for inflaming racial tensions by using the language you do. What I learn from you is experiences like this re-traumatize you. They remind you of what you call the black holocaust.

ALI: Yes, they do. I`m that angry black woman. I`m the angry black woman. This is it right here. This is me.

BARBERIE: I`m an angry white woman about this. I back you up 100 percent.

KLITZNER: I`m an angry white man about this, too.

ALI: No, you`re not an angry white man. You`re living with something over your head, blinders or something. You don`t really understand what happened.

KLITZNER: Don`t say that. You don`t know me. Let me tell you something, I don`t agree with racism. I don`t think racism is a good thing, but I don`t think calling it out is really good either.

Do I think that this man couldn`t have waited the four minutes to fill up his car for this bass music to end or whatever?

PINSKY: Right, crazy.

KLITZNER: Absolutely. I think it`s ridiculous.

PINSKY: But there were reports this man had been -- there`s reports, allegations couldn`t be confirmed that he maybe was less than -- a little rough trade with his family, perhaps and this guy is prone to rages and things. He may have done the same thing towards a different -- anyone else, didn`t have to be black kids.

ALI: No, he would not have.


BERRY: Another case in Florida, a movie theater --

ALI: White boys in that car.

BERRY: Might I point out another case in Florida that we talked about on this show, a movie theater shooting of a 71-year-old man and a 41-year- old man, both of them white, certain similarities when it comes to the stand your ground defense. Feeling threatened, happened to be a bag of popcorn.

And I think what seems to be what the conversation is going to, is when you interject race just because someone happens to be black and white, it changes the conversation drastically.

PINSKY: But you can`t help but do it.


ALI: Where is this thing at?

PINSKY: What`s that?


ALI: The ear plug, where is it?

PINSKY: Ms. Ali`s earpiece fell out. Can you hook that up?

BARBERIE: Some people -- I feel gout and look for this. They look for trouble. This guy, the music`s loud and he feels like he sees a shotgun and has to fire four shots.

PINSKY: Julia --

ALI: He didn`t see a shotgun, there was no shotgun.


ALI: A shotgun, you can`t even have a sawed-off shotgun. There was no shotgun. You all always say it was an ink pen, it was a knife, it was a shotgun, it was anything, it was a whip, a bow and arrow, any reason to shoot somebody that`s black. He knew that wasn`t no shotgun. He`s lying and he`s going to get away with it.

PINSKY: Don`t you think, Ms. Ali, don`t you think that Florida has enough collective guilt over Trayvon that they`re going to be a little harsher over this one?

ALI: Guilt? No, there`s no guilt, Dr. Drew, there`s no repentance. There`s not any of that. And I`ll tell you something else, that woman that was with him, she also should have been arrested for callous and disregard for human life. She should have reported it to the police herself.

BARBERIE: That`s right.


BERRY: The girlfriend -- just to point out, the girlfriend was inside the convenience store when the shooting happened. She exited after the shooting happened. You`re right. She did get in the car.

ALI: She wasn`t deaf. She wasn`t deaf. She wasn`t deaf in there. She could hear.

PINSKY: See how these things can`t help but inflame all these crazy feelings. So, what I want to do is bring --

ALI: This is not no crazy feeling.

PINSKY: Well, I mean, not that it`s -- crazy in that they`re intense, they`re intense feelings, OK?

I want to bring Ms. Ali over to the behavior bureau. Thank you, panel.

HUTT: Good.

PINSKY: Good. OK. And later on, we`ll bring you guys back to talk about Selena Gomez who reveals she had just been in something her publicist or her team is calling rehab, whatever that means. And that it wasn`t for chemical dependency. The only kind of rehab I know of is chemical dependency. So, why was she there, where did she go? I will try to interpret what is going on there.

And we`re back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The guy that was in the back is getting really agitated. And my window`s up. I can`t hear anything he`s saying. But you know there was a lot of (EXPLETIVES DELETED). And then the music comes back on. I don`t know if they`re singing or what, but it`s like, they`re saying kill him.

So I put my window down again, and I said, excuse me? Are you talking about me? And it was like, kill that (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


PINSKY: Back with my co-host Jenny Hutt.

And, Jenny, we`ve got shockingly Twitter reaction to Ms. Ali and her comments. This is from @seniorawyatt (ph), who says, "As inflammatory as Ms. Ali is, she is right."

And I think that`s sort of generally, although a lot of people take issue with this inflammatory quality.

But let`s bring Ms. Ali back and the behavior bureau, which includes Judy Ho, clinical psychologist, Samantha Schacher, social commentator, host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network, and Danine Manette, criminal investigator, author of "Ultimate Betrayal".

The video you just saw was Michael Dunn, the perpetrator being interrogated by Florida detectives after the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Dunn says he shot the teen in self-defense after what appears to be a dispute over loud music. Investigators never found the weapon in the teen`s SUV that Dunn claims he thought he saw. I believe jury selection starts tomorrow.

So, Ms. Ali, let`s -- it says opening statements tomorrow. I`m sorry, it`s actually opening statements tomorrow. That thing really gets going.

Ms. Ali, let me -- let`s frame it this way. What if the kid did have a gun, what if Dunn is telling the truth, does it change the story for you at all?

ALI: Well, I think if he was telling the truth, that history would have been written differently, because they had plenty of time to shoot a gun back to retaliate for him shooting in the truck if that`s what they had.

I want to tell you this, Dr. Drew, I`m not trying to be inflammatory because I`m a very passionate person. And I`m certainly passionate when I keep saying black children killed. We are not safe here in this country and our children are not safe here in this country.


HUTT: That`s right.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Yes, Dr. Drew, this case makes my blood boil. I cannot believe this Michael Dunn guy. He has the nerve to call these teenagers thugs.

No, the only person that`s a thug, Michael Dunn, is you. You`re a murderer, you`re a liar, and I`m sorry, based on his actions that day and from he wrote in his jailhouse letters, he is a racist. I don`t think he would have killed the teenagers in the cars if the teenagers would have been white kids blaring John Mayer.

And his stand your ground defense, Dr. Drew, it`s an absolute joke. If he could have easily moved his car, if he was so put off by the music blaring.

HUTT: Right.

SCHACHER: He had plenty of time to grab a gun from his glove compartment. If he was really in fear for his life, throw your car in reverse and get the heck out of there. And what normal human being doesn`t call the cops if they`re in fear of their life.

PINSKY: Right.

SCHACHER: No, he bailed out like a little bitch, sorry, I`m so passionate about this and go eat pizza. He needs to row away and who --

ALI: Here`s the thing, Dr. Drew, who appointed Dunn as the sound police? How come every time we go somewhere somebody got decide what we`re supposed to do, how we`re supposed to act, what kind of music we`re supposed to listen to.

He didn`t want to hear the music? Go somewhere else. He doesn`t have to decided, well, for that, I`m going to kill you and take your life.

PINSKY: And, Judy, that`s the crazy -- I get it, that`s the crazy part about this. It seems like such excessive force given the situation unless he thought he had a couple drinks in him, he thought he was in danger.

HUTT: No way.

JUDY HO, PSYCHOLOGIST: Yes, that`s right, Dr. Drew. In addition to the race issue, there is this other concern that he admitted to two drinks. OK? That`s what he admitted to. He must have had probably more than that.

Even his girlfriend Rhonda in an interview said, you know what, I think he might have a drinking problem. On top of that, he`s had a history of rage issues, OK?

So when somebody is drinking, their judgment is impaired. They are going to be more disinhibited. He probably acted out very impulsively.

It is hard to justify, but we also know that when people drink, when they`re on kind of an off phase where they`re not drinking enough, they`re going to withdraw, there`s more anxiety and panic building up inside them.

PINSKY: That`s true. That`s interesting.

Danine, have you ever been on a panel with Ms. Ali?

DANINE MANETTE, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR: I haven`t, actually. I have, once before. Once before.

PINSKY: I wonder what you`re going to do here. I`m curious to hear your thoughts.

MANETTE: I truly do believe this would not have happened if these weren`t black kids. I absolutely completely agree with that.

ALI: That`s right.

MANETTE: A bigger issue here in my opinion is the entire gun culture in Florida and these saddle up and carry states where people deputize themselves.

You talk about drunk courage. They get this gun courage. They decide to be their own police officers. Contrary to popular beliefs, police are trained in crisis diffusion, and how to deescalate situations and all of that. These people get a permit and you`re texting in the theater and you`re doing something, your music`s too loud, they`re going to just shoot you. And I think that`s a really, really big problem --

PINSKY: But that guy that shot in the theater was a cop, wasn`t he, or something, a retired sheriff.

SCHACHER: Retired cop.

PINSKY: But the sad thing, Ms. Ali, is that these things -- I think Danine as usual sort of getting in the right zone here, the sad thing is that it does -- it serves to inflame all the old wounds and feelings about racism. And that`s the really sad part. Don`t you agree with that?

ALI: Dr. Drew, Dr. Drew, I agree with that partially.

These are not old wounds about slavery. These are current wounds. Every day all day, every place, every place we are we at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Don`t matter where we are. It`s the wrong place at the wrong time if some white man got a gun. And alcohol does not impair the judgment. Having a gun impairs your judgment because the --

PINSKY: We`re all on the same page with that.

HO: That`s not true.

PINSKY: No? Alcohol does impair judgment we`re on the same page about the gun.

HO: Alcohol does impair your judgment. That`s --


PINSKY: We`re on the same page about the guns I think.


HUTT: Well, listen, I just think this whole thing is yet again another tragic story of a young kid who was unarmed and was killed because this guy had a lot of bravado and a bad attitude and could have driven away and instead chose to engage this kid in an argument, and then shot him.

ALI: And he was a coward.

HUTT: Right.

HO: That should not be your number one coping skill to shoot a gun. That`s the problem with the Florida culture.

PINSKY: Good point, Judy, how about that?

Have you been following the case, Ms. Ali? Do you have any concerns about the jury or how this case is going to go?

ALI: Well, they`re going to pick the same kind of jury because white people are in charge of voir dire. They`re going to pick the same type of jury they pick the last time. They`re going to pick people who have already believed all of the hype and lies about how dangerous young black men are, and so anything that anybody responds to, to them, they`re going to say it was justified.

PINSKY: Danine, what do you say?

MANETTE: Well, you know, the reason -- another reason we know his story is a bunch of crap, is that somebody saying, I`m going to kill you and you roll down your window to ask them, are you talking to me? I`m going to kill you, so I`m going to roll down my window to make sure you get a better shot?


ALI: What did he thing, what did he think? He was in that movie? He thought he was in that movie, "You talking to me?" You know.

PINSKY: "Taxi Driver."

ALI: You talking to me.

HO: Ms. Ali, do you think that because the Zimmerman trial and everything, that they`re going to do something different this time? Because there`s so much media backlash about that.

ALI: No.

PINSKY: I think so. You don`t think so.

ALI: They don`t have any guilt.

MANETTE: This is a different case.

ALI: It`s not a different case. It`s the same case. They`re not going to do anything different. They don`t have any guilt.

MANETTE: This guy has no defense. This guy has no defense. He has absolutely no defense. This is a slam dunk.

PINSKY: We`ll have to see how it goes down. Thank you, panel.

Next up, Selena Gomez`s mystery trip. I`ve said it`s mystery chip because she went to a mystery place, some place called rehab. But not a place that treats chemical dependency. So, that`s a mystery to me. I`ll solve it.

And later, did the biggest loser lose too much. People are -- that`s trending. People are saying this is maybe out of control a little bit.

And social media stars will be here with us with their interpretation and their responses, their evaluation of what went on on "The Biggest Loser."

Back after this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt and our behavior bureau, Judy, Sam, Danine and Jillian.

If you would like to join our conversation, you can tweet us right @DrDrewHLN, #behaviorbureau.

Selena Gomez checked herself into something called "rehab" for two weeks last month. Her representative confirms that but says she was not being treated for substance abuse. So, what was happening there? Judy, do you have a hypothesis?

HO: Yes, my hypothesis is that it`s 100 percent about substance use and that she`s in completely in denial.

But the problem is, you know, she`s embarrassed and she`s shamed about this. And you know what? Those types of treatment centers won`t let her in if there isn`t a substance issue. There are residential treatment centers for things not related to substance issues, like other mental illnesses.

PINSKY: She went to the Meadows, which does treat other trauma- related conditions. Let me show you -- alcohol, drug addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, codependency, panic and anxiety disorder, PTSD, trauma, love addiction and love avoidance. It`s a very fine facility, but it`s a sub acute facility, it`s not an acute psychiatric hospital. In fact, they screen out the acutely psychiatrically ill. But you have to have one of those disorders to be admitted.

So, by the way, if you get admitted for almost any one of those things other than addiction, it`s not rehab, it`s a sub acute psychiatric hospitalization.

HO: Right. Exactly, and a lot of times --

HUTT: Broken heart.

HO: -- those issues are intertwined, the ones that you listed, most people go in and there`s a few of those they`re dealing with. Substance is one of them because she`s been acting really weird in the media and she`s been hanging out with people that are using drugs. She herself has even been using prescription drugs, experimenting, we`ve heard about all this. I don`t know why she keeps --

PINSKY: Jillian, one of those people was her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. So, what do you think? Does it have something to do it with?

BARBERIE: See, I think the opposite. See, I think that she is a very self-aware young woman. She hangs out with Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato has been to rehab. They`re very good friends. She could have out -- maybe she was co-dependent on Justin Bieber because we know he uses marijuana, and Xanax and booze.

The bottom line is I have so much respect for this young woman who is very talented, beautiful, rich and successful, she could easily put those aside and say I have access to everything, I`ll deal with that later, which so many do.

Remember when Mariah Carey checked herself in for exhaustion. Who cares why she checked herself in? She`s self aware. She knows she needs help and she`s getting it. And she dumped him. And I think this is a very self smart girl.

PINSKY: But, Jenny, what I`m taking issue and, Sam, maybe you can help me with this, is that people have to whitewash it with terminology that makes no sense. Why not say I have a panic disorder, trauma in my childhood.


PINSKY: Well, whatever. And I went to a treatment center to get treatment. I had to go to rehab.

SCHACHER: I agree. I think at the end of the day, that is the ideal way to handle it because she does have a lot of young fans who may also be dealing with substance abuse. And that would be a great way to be an example to them that it`s OK if you have a substance abuse problem just as long as you treat it.

PINSKY: Wait, Sam, what I`m saying is what`s wrong with having a chronic psychiatric problem, too, that you`re getting treatment for?



PINSKY: I have an anxiety disorder. Pi got treatment for it, it`s great. It worked. Anybody else have an anxiety disorder.

SCHACHER: I need treatment for my anxiety disorder.


SCHACHER: Let me finish my point. What I wanted to say is Selena Gomez comes from a Disney background and she`s used to having to be very press savvy. So, I do think that it`s implemented and ingrained in her to kind of sugarcoat issues. So, maybe that`s what she`s trained to do. But at least, like what Jillian said, she`s getting the treatment she needs.

PINSKY: All right. Danine?

MANETTE: I don`t know why everyone thinks she has to give a full report on what`s happening with her medically?

PINSKY: She doesn`t.

MANETTE: She`s had cameras in her face all the time. I can`t imagine going from 15 to 21 with a camera on me everywhere I go.

If she checked in there with a toenail problem, I don`t care. I`m just glad that she`s in a position where she realized that she needs to be around some positive energy and she`s going for it. I don`t care what she`s there for.

PINSKY: I agree that she doesn`t owe us anything and she doesn`t --


PINSKY: And it`s good that she takes care of herself. But it`s adding a stigma that people don`t use accurate terminology --

HUTT: Right, I agree. Dr. Drew, I think the fact that she might be in rehab because she has anxiety --

PINSKY: She`s not in rehab. She`s in a psychiatric sub-acute unit.

HUTT: OK, because she has --


HUTT: This is a very public breakup she`s in and if she has anxiety and sure adds (ph) to that. And frankly, I think, she should be clean about it like open about it like we are. Anxious.


HO: -- she`s experiencing is two weeks enough? Is two weeks enough to actually get better?


PINSKY: I don`t know what she`s doing --

JILLIAN BARBERIE, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Leave her alone! And you guys, maybe when she gets out, her publicist --

HO: I want her to get help.

PINSKY: Maybe.

BARBERIE: I mean, exactly.

PINSKY: But Judy, don`t you share with me, I mean, as a licensed professional, you share the way this stuff gets reported in the press adds to stigma, doesn`t it? Don`t you think?

HO: Absolutely. That was the biggest -- my biggest reaction when I first heard this story was, you`re just adding to the stigma. And I understand you wanting to protect yourself and not wanting to make everything in your life public, but at the same time, by denying it when there are so many sign that there is an illness going on, you`re just making a not OK for other people to step forward and get treatment --

BARBERIE: But she hasn`t denied anything.

MANETTE: But stigma is not her problem.


HO: It is her problem.

MANETTE: No, it`s not.


MANETTE: She`ll worry about stigma later. Right now, she needs to get well and worry about herself and --


PINSKY: Well, how about if they just don`t say anything. They just don`t saying anything. But anyway, we`re going to move on. We`ve got some Justin Bieber news on the night. What was he doing on the jet to the Super Bowl.

And later, the "Biggest Loser" winner is a big trending topic on social media. People think maybe she`s too skinny now. Back after this.


PINSKY: Jenny and I are back, and I got a tweet here from our friend from "Breaking Bad," R.J. Mitte. He was commenting, Jenny, about the last conversation. "You all should give her privacy and space and respect her decision." And there were a lot of tweets like that. And, I hope we made that point that I wish she hadn`t said anything, but to use improper terminology about serious medical problems that make it confusing, adds to the stigma about mental illness.

The only thing we`re allowed to talk about with celebrities now is substance and rehab. And if they don`t have substance, we can still talk about rehab. My point is just please use accurate terminology or not. You`re not -- she doesn`t have to tell us anything. I absolutely agree with that. But if you`re going to say something, let it be a little bit accurate. A little bit.

HUTT: Well, I think also because it seems that having a mental illness or an issue is more embarrassing to them than being a drug addict. That`s what it seems.

PINSKY: That`s what`s become and that`s exactly my point and that`s what elevates stigma.

All right. So, let`s talk about Justin Bieber and the private jet he was on which was searched after the pilots were forced to put on oxygen mask because the plane had become filled with marijuana smoke.

Back with us Sam, Sean, Jillian, and Lynn. So, Lynn, give us the latest and why these pilots had to actually put on oxygen masks.

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: Yes. Pretty extreme, right? So, he`s heading back from Toronto to the Super Bowl. By the way, Toronto, that`s where he was being accused of assault. And it goes to the point that we`ve been making this whole time it seems like this train wreck is not ending any time soon because he`s on the plane with his own father allegedly smoking pot.

So much so that the pilots warned the flight attendants to have no contact with Bieber and his entourage because he was being so verbally abusive. Those are the allegations. So, they put on the oxygen masks because they`re afraid when they land and they know DEA agents are going to be getting on that plane, they don`t want to be tested positive for marijuana. So, they put the oxygen masks on to prevent them, and also, they`re not high when they`re flying.

PINSKY: They`re not high when they`re flying and pilots get tested all the time. And if they`re locked in a room with a bunch of pot, they could test positive for a while and they would lose their pilot`s license, right?

BERRY: Absolutely. So, the plane lands. The DEA agents come on. And we already reported this. There was such an extreme smell of marijuana that they said there was no doubt people were smoking on the plane, but there was no way to pin the evidence because there was no evidence on anyone that was on that plane. So, Bieber walks away and so continues this train wreck that seems to be Justin Bieber.

PINSKY: Well, we have a high tech re-enactment of what happened.


HUTT: I`m scared.


PINSKY: -- Bieber along with his dad and a few of his pals were on a flight --


PINSKY: Cabin fills with smoke. Eventually, the pilots forced to put on those oxygen masks.


PINSKY: Sean, what`s up with the dad? We keep hearing he`s in there in the mix with all this problematic behavior.

SEAN KLITZNER, ACTOR & COMEDIAN: This is really tough, because everybody points the finger at, you know, his entourage or the people surrounding him. And really, there`s only one thing that`s going to stop Justin Bieber, and I hate to say it, but this is why I sit here and go, he`s really -- he`s on this downward slope and nobody can stop him. Something bad has to happen.

And usually, a traumatic something will get the person to realize, oh, my God, I need help. But he`s not going to think that. And nobody`s going to convince him of that.

PINSKY: Sam, what`s going out there in social media? People give their support about this, no big deal, why -- big deal about or are people concerned about it?

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: It`s tough, because if you take the Beliebers, they`re always going to defend Justin Bieber.

PINSKY: Right.

SCHACHER: The majority of them are. They are the most loyal of --

PINSKY: All of you should check your Twitter feed after this. You`ll have tons of hate just for bringing up Justin Bieber.


KLITZNER: By the way, I love Justin Bieber.

SCHACHER: Yes. And in fact -- I know you do, Sean. And here`s the thing, you shouldn`t anymore because I think my biggest pet peeve right now -- how can you love and respect someone that verbally abuses the stewardess to the point where she has to go hide out in the cockpit?

That`s my biggest pet peeve is when somebody treats someone else like they`re beneath them and they feel entitled because they`re either more rich than them or more famous than them or better looking or different race, I think, it`s disgusting.

And Justin Bieber needs to humble himself so does his father. It`s absolutely -- it`s to the point where I can`t even somewhat make excuses for Justin Bieber anymore.

PINSKY: We`ve actually reached out to him and his people, to Justin, for comment, but did not hear back. Jillian, anything to add to this?

BARBERIE: Yes. Well, Sam used the word "humble." And I think that when he got off the plane and they try to go to the Super Bowl parties, they were turned down and they were turned down at a strip club. It`s a little humbling, because he is entitled and he can be a little bit of a punk, as we know. And his dad is not helping him out.

I mean, his dad is right there. He`s 37. He`s partying with him. His dad must think this is the coolest thing because he`s on the meal ticket and he gets to party with, you know, his son. So, I`m wondering if his dad has substance issues or something.

PINSKY: Right. Right.

BARBERIE: But, you know, the bottom line is that, you know, it`s not going to stop until something bad happens, unfortunately, because he is entitled. He has yes people all around him. He has all the money in the world.

PINSKY: If it`s a problem. I mean, if it`s a substance issue as we`re all saying like addiction, there will be progression. If it`s just a developmental thing and he`s sort of like Jillian says he`s being a punk, it may go on for a long time before their real serious consequences. Who knows?

All right. Next up, our YouTube celebrities are here and they`ll be talking about the crack mayor video parody that has gone viral. Reminder, you can find us anytime on Instagram @DrDrewHLN. We`ll be right back after this. Don`t go away.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny and our series, "Hooked: Social Media Stars," continues tonight. And there is a look back at our life on Facebook there, Jenny.

HUTT: Oh, gosh, great.


HUTT: Can`t believe it.

PINSKY: Fantastic. Fantastic. So proud.

Let us bring back Sam, Jillian, and our new social media stars, Jessica Lizama, comedian and YouTube personality. Her fans love her advice on beauty, food, motherhood and relationships. And we`ve also got Adam Lyons, creator of, a pickup artist who gives advice on talking to women and dates (ph) and getting out of the friend zone. Adam, what is you`re teaching met (ph)?

ADAM LYONS, YOUTUBE.COM/AFCADAMLONDON: Most of what I teach is a breakdown of psychology kind of similar to the stuff that you teach, I suppose. It`s really to understand the concepts of attraction and how to apply them to meet the kind of people you want.

PINSKY: And Jess, you`re doing instructional videos like how to twerk.

JESSICA LIZAMA, YOUTUBE.COM/EXOTICJESS: How to twerk is the new rage. So, if you need any instruction, I`m your girl.


PINSKY: All right. We`re taking a look at those Facebook movies that are flooding your Facebook pages and probably driving you nuts. I just keep, you know, zooming past them. Why is everyone seemingly so interested or eager to post a look back at their lives?

HUTT: That`s the weird part.

PINSKY: Jess, you like this stuff, though, right?

LIZAMA: I love it.

PINSKY: You love it. So, you look at everybody`s video? I got to admit, I looked at a long cat video today. I`ve never done that before.

LIZAMA: Guys, it`s like a hallmark card come alive. They`re awesome. Unless, you have Xs coming out of the woodwork or you have a lot of drunken moments you wish not to relive, I say why not partaking the merriment. Yes?

PINSKY: Sam, what do you say?

BARBERIE: You must not have kids.

SCHACHER: Well, I haven`t --


SCHACHER: I haven`t made one of the videos yet, but I kind of claim Switzerland on this one. And I know that`s a boring fans, but I`m like you, Dr. Drew. I`ll just buzz right past them. But however, if I do see like my mom make one or a friend, I will watch it. I will enjoy it because I`m proud of them.

PINSKY: And Adam, what say you?

LYONS: It`s just, you know, typical spam that we get across the internet where it`s just another angle for Facebook to use as a public relations tool. And at a moment, sure, it`s new, it`s a fad, it`s interesting. But, you know, over time it`s just going to clutter up our feed with more stuff that we`re going to need to block and get annoyed at - -

PINSKY: I`m with you. It feels to me like a desperation move on Facebook`s part. We need to be cool. We need to change. We need to create something new. And I think this was a swing and a mess. But Jess disagrees. I want you, guys, to check out a parody video created by Tom Kucy (ph) on YouTube. Here`s what he thinks.

This is actually -- this makes the whole thing sort of more palatable. He thinks the crack mayor Rob Ford`s Facebook movie might look like. Take a look.





PINSKY: Jillian, we`ve spent enough time with Rob Ford this year, maybe that should have been our Facebook montage.


BARBERIE: Love him or hate him, the crank mayor gets a lot of attention, you know?

LIZAMA: I love him.

PINSKY: You love him? Was that Jess that said that?


LIZAMA: I love him. I do, yes. He`s like that estranged -- yes, he`s got estranged uncle that I wish I had that I could say was twice removed so then it`s a wash. But the man has word vomit. And I like that. It`s kind of -- I kind of relate that to myself. There`s just no filter --


BARBERIE: Yes. Exactly. Like my family lives in Toronto. They don`t have the same sentiment.


PINSKY: Well, Jenny, I saw the look on your face I don`t think I`ve ever seen before when I said that. What`s your response?

HUTT: First of all, he`s an addict. So, to me it isn`t just -- I have word vomit, too, but I don`t drink. But can I go there to the Facebook thing? I just want to say, it`s cute to look at your own thing, but I don`t know why everyone`s posting their videos. That to me is --

BARBERIE: Because they want to be famous. They want to feel like, you know, this is their way of -- you know what I mean? It`s their way of getting their information out there and people --

SCHACHER: Self-gratifying.

BARBERIE: -- and makes them feel important.

PINSKY: All right. Next up, the "Biggest Loser" controversy. They`re wondering or people are asking, did the winner go too far? Did she get too thin? Back after this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Their faces say it all. Big shocker and possibly bigger controversy on the "Biggest Loser" last night. Brand-new winner, 24-year-old Rachel Frederickson (ph) astonishing everyone, revealing a staggering 155-pound weight loss.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Sam, Jillian, and our social media stars, Jess Lizama and Adam Lyons. The name Rachel was trending all day on Twitter. Fans of NBCs "The Biggest Losers" are reacting to the show`s latest winner. Rachel she lost 155 pounds, 60 (ph) percent of her body weight, and when she revealed her physique last night, seemed that even the trainers were reacting.

So, my question, I guess I`ll ask Jess first, did she go too far? And again, it`s not the amount of weight, it`s not even the percentage. It`s how low she got.

LIZAMA: You know, it`s a good question. I think like who`s need are we gauging off of? You can be -- the question should be, is she healthy? You can be healthy at 205. You can be healthy at 105. One, the girl is a professional athlete and she kicked butt. Two, she was -- she`s happy with how she looks which is step one because I know lots of girls who are perpetually dieting.

Three, we obviously know how she`s making us feel, but can you imagine how we`re making her feel? You`re too fat.

PINSKY: Right. We shamed her --

LIZAMA: Because she doesn`t know.

PINSKY: We shamed her when she was heavy and now we`re shaming her when she`s thin. Adam, you agree with that?


LYONS: Look, here`s the truth. This girl met the game the entire situation to win a contest on television. This isn`t about whether she gained too much weight or lost too much weight or how far she did or didn`t lose it. This was a competitive girl using what she`s good at, which is her competitive edge to win a contest. It wasn`t about her being healthy.

It was all about winning the game. And she did, you know? Hats off to her. But, did she go too far? Sure. She looks really weird. She`s like super skinny, and she didn`t need to go that far except for the fact that she`s trying to win this contest.

PINSKY: You just worry that all of this is an eating disorder and I know -- with my eye I`ve looked at some of the "Biggest Loser" contest and thought, oh, some of those people have substance problems. Those things are not being addressed. I do worry that the underlying whatever got them in those positions they run in the first place with the excessive weight or whatever might be going on with them are sort of not being addressed.

Just only the appearance and only the diet and exercise being addressed. And sometimes, that`s enough, I mean, to be fair. But let`s leave it at that. I want Jillian and Sam to stay with me. I want to show you, guys, some tweets responding to our previous conversations. Time for the "Last Call" after this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Sam, and Jillian. Time for the "Last Call," and the "Last Call" goes to our Twitterverse. Guys, I want to look at this. We`ve got some interesting tweets up. Let`s put up -- what`s the first one? Amy, is that her name?

Amy D`Anthony. "My 15-year-old niece was so disappointed by Bieber. She declared herself an ex-Belieber. Smart girl." You want to respond to that, Sam? What are you seeing happening out there?

SCHACHER: I say smart girl 100 percent, because like I said earlier, the Beliebers will defend him no matter what. Well, good for her, because otherwise, you`re enabling his behavior.

PINSKY: All right. Let`s put up Suzanne Quilles like Q-U-I-L-L-E-S I think it is. Suzanne, I pronounced that last name. She says -- she was mad at me because she felt that we were sort of demanding that people, the celebrities, talk about their treatment or the medical problems which we`re saying no, they should not talk about them, but if they do, they should talk about them accurately.

She says, "Even if you get treatment and report it, the illness is private. Dr. Drew should rethink his impact on people before discussing it." I don`t think she got our point. Jillian, you agree with me on that?

BARBERIE: I do. And Dr. Drew, you know, you were saying they shouldn`t say anything at all. If they don`t say anything, they`re dammed because the media will make it up, and there`ll be false reports on what --

PINSKY: Well, no. No. You just say she`s ill and getting under doctor`s care and she`s entitled to her private confidential health care for right now. That`s it. And by the way, if you insists -- it`s against the law if you insists on her to divulge her confidential private health record, that`s her right. But if you`re going to talk about it, let`s talk about it accurately. Do I have time for one more? Control room, what do I got?

OK. Let`s put up my friend, Andy Berman at (INAUDIBLE) USA. "It`s pathetic that it`s easier to buy guns in the U.S. than it is mental health care." Jenny, you agree with that?

HUTT: Yes, of course. It`s out of control. It should be that mental health is easy to come by, not the way -- it`s a big rigmarole right now, Dr. Drew. It`s not OK.

PINSKY: Jillian?

BARBERIE: I totally agree. I grew up where there was gun control in Canada. So, it`s a whole different animal down here. And people get so up in arms. They just want to do background checks. If you have nothing to hide, chillax. You`ll get your gun. It might take a little longer, but hello. And I want to mention one thing, "The Biggest Loser" is called "The Biggest Loser." It`s not called "The Biggest Loser," unless, you lose too much weight.

HUTT: Exactly. Right. She looks great.


PINSKY: I was going to put up another tweet about how women are treated in the media and how we shame them. And I think we -- there it is. Nora McManus, "This is how women are treated by the media. First Rachel`s too fat, now she`s too thin. Would they pick apart the winner if it was a man?"

I got to go, you guys. Thank you all for watching. Great panel. Jenny, thank you, Jenny very much. What starts next is "What Would You Do" and it starts right now.