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Jessica Simpson`s Career; Alec Baldwin as a Prospective Politician; Miley Cyrus` Transformation from a Disney child to the Diva. Mariah Carey`s Success as "American Idol" Judge

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- Extreme Star Makeovers -- Jessica Simpson, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie -- they are on and off screen chameleons who are now so far from where they started.

But which dazzling transformation shines the brightest?

Hello and thanks for watching.

I`m A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, it`s a special SHOWBIZ countdown. We`re so excited about Extreme Star Makeovers.

Hollywood, of course, is all about costume changes. But these real life star transformations are just mind-boggling. We`re talking about stars who have changed so much, we can hardly believe it`s the same person. We`ve seen child stars go from girl next door to femme fatal; tough guy rappers turn into family-friendly leading men. And now, we are here to count down the top 10 most Extreme Star Makeovers of them all.

But who`s going to be number one?

Well, we have the experts on standby to sort this out with us.

Joining me in New York, Jenny Hutt, host of the Sirius XM Radio show "Just Jenny." In Hollywood today, TV personality, Holland Reid.

And we begin tonight with number 10 on our countdown of Extreme Star Makeovers. It`s none other than Britney Spears. She has pretty much mastered the art of reinvention.


HAMMER (voice-over): Over the years, Britney Spears has gone through not one, but several makeovers, some of them good, some of them bad, but all of them extreme.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, RADAR ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: We have seen so many Britney Spears over the years.


HAMMER: Britney hit the scene as a super cute, super talented 11-year-old member of the Mickey Mouse Club in 1993.


HAMMER: But as she grew older and started craving solo success, Britney began extreme makeover number one, into the sexy Lolita in "Baby, One More Time."


HAMMER: But after a few years as a multiplatinum success, Britney began another makeover, into a troubled young starlet.

TERESZCUK: So she got into a series of really bad relationships.

HAMMER: There was that 55 hour Vegas marriage to childhood friend, Jason Alexander in 2004. And a few months later, her head-scratching marriage to backup dancer, Kevin Federline.

It all had people wondering, what happened to Britney?

TERESZCUK: This was the beginning of her downward spiral.

HAMMER: After Britney`s split from Federline in 2006, her downward spiral makeover became more extreme. There were stays in rehab, a bizarre head- shaving incident, an embarrassing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.


HAMMER: And through it all, bizarre, almost nightly, public appearances on the streets, all captured by the paparazzi.

TERESZCUK: I was covering Britney back in the days, in 2007, and following her every day, along with the paparazzi. It was heartbreaking. And it was actually really scary to watch Britney. She was aimlessly driving around. She was going shopping in the middle of the night. Everybody was really worried. I was really worried.

HAMMER: It all came to a head one January night in 2008.

TERESZCUK: Police were called to Britney`s house. Britney was taken out of the house finally on a stretcher and put on a 51/50 hold in the hospital.

HAMMER: Britney was hospitalized again that same month, setting the stage for Britney`s next makeover, to personal and professional stability.

TERESZCUK: Her family stepped in. Her dad and her mom were able to get a conservatorship and they really finally took care of Britney. They got her the medical help she needed and they straightened out her life.

HAMMER: Now, the newest Britney seems under control. Those bizarre paparazzi appearances are no more. She`s in a stable romance with fiance Jason Trawick. And there`s her $15 million gig as a judge on "The X Factor."

BRITNEY SPEARS, HOST: You need a new teacher to teach you how to sing.

TERESZCUK: She`s doing really well. Everybody sees the Britney that they love. She`s funny. She`s a little tough on "The X Factor." But she`s really just thrown into being a serious woman now.

HAMMER: Britney is still under a conservatorship controlled by her dad and her fiance. And maybe independence will be Britney`s next makeover.


HAMMER: It really is pretty amazing. When you take a look at her life like that, you see that Britney has had so many extreme makeovers and she`s still so young.

But have we seen the last of Britney`s transformations?

We want to bring in Jenny Hutt and Holland Reid.

So, Jenny, I want to start with you.

Look, Britney has had a lot of good things going for her in her life right now and in her career. She`s had success on "The X Factor."


HAMMER: Her troubles really do seem to be behind her. And I think that`s really important to recognize.

But do you think that we`ve seen the last of Britney`s extreme makeovers.

HUTT: Listen, I hope that her troubles are behind her. Life is ongoing, thankfully. So I hope she stays sort of on the straight and narrow. And I`d like to see her focus on her little boys a bit more. That would make me, as a mom, happy, if her next transformation was sort of devoting more time to those cute babies, who are not such babies anymore.


HAMMER: Yes, it`s pretty amazing when you think about...

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: -- all that she`s -- you know, looking back at that piece. And we saw how many times she`s been married.

HUTT: Right.

HAMMER: That`s even astonishing to remember.

Holland, what do you think Britney should focus on next?

Are you with Jenny on the kids?

HOLLAND REID, TV PERSONALITY: I think I am with her 1,000 percent on the kids. I`m with her focusing on her family. I think her family is her rock. We see that her father and her fiance, right now, are the ones who we can give credit to for getting her on track.

So I think keeping family first for her is the most important thing. Loving up on those boys, loving up on her soon to be new husband and just keeping it straight and narrow. And I think she will be extremely successful, even more so than what we`ve seen.

HAMMER: It`s so nice after all that she was through all those years ago, to be talking about her in a positive light and not as somebody who`s...


HAMMER: -- no longer around with us anymore.

Britney definitely has mastered the Extreme Star Makeover.

And so has our star who`s at number nine on our SHOWBIZ countdown, Britney`s ex, fellow Mickey Mouse Clubber, Justin Timberlake. Justin gives Britney fierce competition in the transformation department, when you think about this, from his days as a Mouseketeer to his time as a member of the boy band `N Sync.

Now, he`s a big time movie star. Justin has really evolved.

Take a look at this.



HAMMER (voice-over): That`s the young Justin Timberlake on the new Mickey Mouse Club back in 1993, before he became part of the legendary boy band, `N Sync, back in 1995.


HAMMER: Justin and the boys sold over 50 million albums during their career together. And while Justin was cruising high with the boys, he was hot and heavy with his former Mouseketeer costar, Britney Spears.

The two began dating in 1999 and suddenly came to a screeching halt in 2002. Their breakup inspired Justin`s first big hit as a solo artist, with his album, "Justified."


HAMMER: But don`t cry a river for Justin, because his career and his personal life have soared since then. Justin Timberlake, the movie star -- did you see him in "The Social Network?"


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, ACTOR: A million dollars isn`t cool.

You know what`s cool?



HAMMER: How about Justin Timberlake the comedian, from his infamous "Saturday Night Live" skit...


HAMMER: -- to Justin`s funny dance moves with Beyonce for all the single ladies.


HAMMER: Justin has truly transformed himself into an A list star.


HAMMER: And we can now add, of course, to Justin`s success the "just married" badge of honor.

Jenny, what, for you, has been the most surprising thing about Justin`s real life Extreme Star Makeover?

HUTT: I mean the guy`s talent never ends. It`s fantastic. This is just such a gifted guy, from regular acting to comedic acting. His voice is fantastic. He`s a musician, everything about him. He`s like -- he`s like the golden child. He`s really fantastic. I am thrilled for him. I love him. I`m a huge fan.

REID: You`re a little enthusiastic.

HAMMER: And so cool to see those old images of him...


HAMMER: -- from way back when.

For you, Holland, what`s the biggest part of his transformation?

REID: I feel like he`s just evolved. I mean this guy, again, yes, he`s the golden child. But he is -- he`s everything and anything. And I think that, for him, is just going to continue to catapult him. I -- I feel like there is so much more up his sleeve.


REID: I can`t wait.

HUTT: Yes.

REID: I`m a fan. But he is, he is it. He is it...

HUTT: Yes.

REID: Period.

HAMMER: And I think -- I think marriage is going to suit him well.

Holland, jenny, stay right where you are we...


HAMMER: -- because we, of course, are just getting started.

Brit and Justin`s transformations have certainly been remarkable. But two of hip-hop`s biggest legends have also made it on tonight`s countdown for bringing the hood to Hollywood.

Plus, a notoriously hotheaded actor may have his eye on running for office.

Could that work?

We are just getting warmed up on the SHOWBIZ countdown, Extreme Star Makeovers.

Which transformation will be number one?





HAMMER: Yes, from Fresh Prince to the greatest of all time, Will Smith snatches our number eight in tonight`s SHOWBIZ countdown, Extreme Celebrity Makeovers. He has gone from TVs "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" to Oscar- nominated actor of "Ali" and pursuit of happiness. He`s also the father of two of the youngest big stars today.

But who in the world thought Will would be the incredible worldwide superstar he is today?

Will Smith was just a 22-year-old little known rap star when he signed to star on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

Look at this guy now. He has grown into a true box office king -- "Independence Day," "I Am Legend," "Men in Black" just a few of his worldwide box office smashes. And now he`s taking over the number eight spot in our SHOWBIZ countdown of extreme celebrity makeovers.

Did we get it right?

Back with me now in New York, Jenny Hutt, the host of the Sirius XM show, "Just Jenny."

Joining us from Hollywood tonight, TV personality, Holland Reid.

Jenny, off to you.

Wouldn`t you have to agree, Will Smith really has had one of the most extreme celebrity makeovers...

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: -- of all time?

HUTT: Yes, winner. I love him, too. I just remember back to "Parents Just Don`t Understand," that song in the `80s, and then "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and everything he`s done. It`s really terrific, how he`s just climbed, climbed, climbed and had this family. And it`s just all beautiful. And his kids are so darned cute.

HAMMER: Yes. And it`s all been done with this great amount of positivity.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: Some pretty serious roles mixed in. But he has one of the most positive attitudes, certainly one of the most well liked guys in Hollywood.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: Holland, any doubt this guy has had one of the most incredible celebrity makeovers you`ve ever seen?

REID: No doubt whatsoever. I think even his makeover is like a two- parter. He went from being, you know, a no name rapper from Philly to a superstar and then went from being on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" to an amazing actor.

So it`s like he`s got this kind of twofold of who he`s become as far as like in his makeover, you know, experience.

He`s amazing. He`s one of those guys who has well -- I believe he is not done yet. He`s not even close to being done. And he`s doing it with such grace...

HUTT: Yes.

REID: -- and with such a great attitude. He`s one of the hardest working men I have ever seen.

HAMMER: And no question about it, for me, anyway, "Men in Black" remains on my like top 15 favorite film list of all time, for sure.

HUTT: Yes, totally.

HAMMER: So there`s another...

REID: Yes. Yes.

HAMMER: -- big rap star...


HAMMER: -- who`s made what I think is an even more incredible transformation than Will Smith, if that`s possible.

We`re going to reveal number seven on our SHOWBIZ countdown right now of Extreme Celebrity Makeovers, rapper/actor Ice Cube.

Think about it. This guy went from rapping abut AK-47s to babysitting.



HAMMER (voice-over): Ice Cube started out rapping at the age of 18 with the controversial group, NWA, with hard core tracks like "Straight Outta Compton" and...

HAMMER: Even as a solo artist, Ice`s image was anything but wholesome.


HAMMER: Over the years, Ice successfully transformed himself from gangsta rapper to screenwriter, producer and actor in films like "Friday" and "Barber Shop."


ICE CUBE: Do I look like my father?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Yes, you do, man.


HAMMER: But who would have thought we`d ever see Ice Cube as a babysitter, just look he was in, "Are We There Yet?"


ICE CUBE: Uncle Nick loves kids.


HAMMER: Now, as a real life father of four, Ice tells the "New York Times" that getting older has made him calmer. But make no mistake, Ice Cube will never lose his edge.


ICE CUBE: I know what you`re thinking -- angry black cat. It ain`t nothing but a stupid stereotype.


HAMMER: Well, this guy was in NWA. I mean think about it, definitely not "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

It is no small deal turning from gangsta rapper to mainstream movie star.

Jenny, I sit here in wonderment when I watch this.

Does it not boggle your mind how Ice made this incredible transformation, because he was this guy...

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: -- who, even if he wasn`t a really angry guy, although I think he probably was, and cops to that, and now he`s this mainstream actor.

HUTT: Well, I think that`s exactly right, AJ (ph). I think he was this gangster rapper and really angry and putting it out there. And now he`s matured and found love and grown up and -- and as he says himself, he`s calmer.

And I think it`s sweet and it`s lovely. And sure, he`ll always have an edge, but I think it`s terrific that sort of that softer side can now show. And that`s very real. I -- I -- I think it`s terrific.

HAMMER: Yes, and I love the edge that he brings, even to his softer roles.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: It seems, when you look at his career and you look at the choices that he`s made over the years, some really strategic choices, which really, Holland, enabled him, in my mind, to cross over.

Don`t you agree that`s why he`s been so successful?

REID: Absolutely. Absolutely. He took something that he was really good at and I think that was really true to him and he capitalized on it to cross over. He didn`t -- and he did it gradually. He didn`t just go into this like super dad role. He went in baby steps.

He still has that edge to him in "Friday." He had the edge to him in "Barber Shop." But he still was able to transition and be relatable to other people.

So he opened up doors for himself, but stayed true to who he really was.

HAMMER: Such a great example, though, about how people can evolve, which is what this countdown is all about tonight.


HAMMER: Jenny, Holland, do not move.

Our SHOWBIZ countdown, Extreme Celebrity Makeovers, is rolling on.

Next, a fresh-faced Disney star turning into an adult powerhouse.

A diva`s public mega-meltdown and her reality resurrection.

Also, you`ve got to see this -- the ultimate star makeover that I`m here to tell you no one saw coming.

It`s the SHOWBIZ countdown, Extreme Star Makeovers.

So which transformation is going to be number one?




HAMMER: Well, it has been more than a decade since Angelina Jolie shocked the world when she passionately kissed her own brother at the Oscars. And now, that wild moment and Angelina`s wild days seem to be like a lifetime ago.

She`s become the face of Hollywood glamour. And, of course, with Brad Pitt, she`s also a parent of six children and a celebrated mother.

And now, she`s landed in the number six spot in our SHOWBIZ countdown, Extreme Celebrity Makeovers.

So is this one of the greatest, most extreme, celebrity makeovers ever?

Back with me, Jenny Hutt and Holland Reid.

And ladies, to answer that very question, I now present to you Angelina Jolie`s transformation from her days before Brad Pitt to her days after.

Let`s bring out "The Book of Angelina Before Brad."

Flip it open, Charles.

This is pretty wild, right?

I mean take a look at these pictures.

Angelina, when she had this vial of her then husband Billy Bob Thornton`s blood around her neck. You remember that. You remember when she was at the Oscars with her brother and kissed him passionately in a way that, well, quite frankly, you really don`t kiss your brother.

And then, after she hooked up with Brad, Angelina made this extreme transformation to poster star for class in Hollywood. I mean think about it. She became this ambassador for children around the word, for the U.N. She`s adopted three kids. She had three more with Brad.

Jenny, do you think Brad is the factor, he is the key, he is the reason Angelina made this epic makeover or was it really becoming a mom, something you can relate to?

HUTT: Right. So I think it`s a few things.

First of all, I`d like to one day look in the mirror and see Angelina Jolie looking back at me. I mean she`s like the most beautiful thing ever.

But beyond that, I question, A, who is real Angelina?

And then, B, I think probably two major shifts, or three, happened for her.

Yes, falling in love with Brad Pitt. That makes any girl end up a princess.

B, I think losing her mother, we all know, was a very tough thing for her. I think that probably put her into a different gear.

And then I think having those babies and being a mom changed her in the best possible way.

HAMMER: Holland, what do you think ranks at the top of the list of why Angelina went through such a radical and extreme makeover?

REID: You know what, I`m going to give you my honest answer. She`s a Gemini. It`s always been in her. She`s got two sides of her. No, and she`s a -- she`s, you know, she`s a humanitarian at heart, but she`s also a little wild child.

HUTT: Yes.

REID: So I think she found a happy medium. She`s made statements about, hey, I still am a little bit of a freak, but it`s all for Brad. So, I think, you know, love does wonders for you, no matter where it comes from, from her children...


REID: -- from -- you know, the loss of her mother, I think that`s something that we could definitely, you know, as Jenny said, change you significantly.

So when you`re looking for love and you`re looking for those relationships, those really start to form, you know, and bring out different sides of you.

So I think it was always there. I think she was always a humanitarian. And I think she finally just let some other parts go and embraced another side of her, being a Gemini like myself.


HAMMER: Yes. Well, there you go.

And lest anybody think Angelina doesn`t still have an edge, oh, I think you`re terribly wrong.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: But she did make another incredible makeover...


HAMMER: -- that we got to see, an extreme career makeover. She made her debut as a director on her movie, "In the Land of Blood and Honey."

Now, Jenny, do you think high powered director could perhaps be Angelina`s next big transformation,


Because this was no vanity project for her?

HUTT: Oh...

HAMMER: This was a passion project.

HUTT: Oh, definitely. I she`s driven. I think she`s talented. And I think she`s smart. So for sure, she`s going to keep directing. She`s going to keep going. Yes, I think there`s -- she`s pretty limitless.

HAMMER: And, Holland, wouldn`t you agree that her work with children and as a U.N. ambassador really has kept her grounded through all of this?

REID: Absolutely. She`s a visionary. And I mean being able to go and do the things that she`s done and, you know, and (INAUDIBLE) it in, she`s somebody that -- she`s compassionate.

So I think that that side of her drives her in everything she does. And we`ve got a lot more to see from Angelina.

HAMMER: Yes. She`s is the real deal...

REID: Absolutely.

HAMMER: -- all around.

All right, Jenny Holland, we are now halfway there.


HAMMER: We`re going to throw you some curveballs in the next half hour, so stand by for that.

It is getting good now. The wait its over. We`ve got the top five Extreme Star Makeovers coming up next.

But which is going to be number one?

And the bigger question, will you agree with our choice?

Think about who you would put at the top of the list and don`t go anywhere.



HAMMER: Right now, on a special edition of the SHOWBIZ countdown, Extreme Star Makeovers.

Miley Cyrus dumps the teen queen crown. Jessica Simpson from Chicken of the Sea to big fish.

And Katie Holmes` post-divorce shine.

But which star makeover will top the SHOWBIZ countdown as the most extreme ever?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Thank you for watching.

Bad girls gone good. From gangster to good guy. It`s been a fascinating ride so far. So, let`s take a look back at ten through six, on our SHOWBIZ countdown. Extreme star makeovers.

At number ten, we have Britney Spears, from pop princess to dangerous psychotic break to reality royalty. Justin Timberlake in our number nine spot for becoming more famous as the leading man than as a crooner. Will Smith clocking in in number eight for going from the Prince of Philly to the king of Hollywood. At number seven. Ice Cube. From angry gangster rapper to nice guy. At number six on the SHOWBIZ countdown extreme star makeovers, Angelina Jolie.

Do you really need an explanation? I mean come one. That brings us to number five. And it Jessica Simpson. Who would have thought that the dim, but sweet girl that we saw almost ten years ago on MTV`s "Newlyweds" would turn into the savvy fashion mogul she is today. But "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Jessica Simpson`s extreme celebrity makeover was not easy. For the last few years, Jessica took three huge steps to become the powerhouse we know today.

She`s gone from this .


JESSICA SIMPSON: I know it is tuna. But this is chicken by the sea.

HAMMER: To this. But Jessica Simpson is also a mega-fashion brand. Jessica Simpson`s extreme makeover is still hard to fathom even for her. As she told CNN`s Elena Cho.


SIMPSON: No, honestly this isn`t even like a dream that I had. I mean I played with Barbies when I was little and I liked to dress them up.

JO PIAZZA, AUTHOR, "CELEBRITY INC.": She went from a subpar mediocre pop star to a ditzy reality star to fashion powerhouse.

HAMMER: How did she do it? "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you Jessica Simpson accomplished her extreme makeover in three easy steps. Step one, she said good-bye to a faltering music career and hello to major success in the fashion world.

PIAZZA: Jessica licenses her name and her brand. Out to companies that make different things.

HAMMER: Jessica`s branded products, which include clothing, jewelry and fragrances, pull in an estimated $750 million in annual sales. That nets her bank account, an estimated $30 million a year. The second part of Jessica Simpson`s extreme makeover. Straightening out her love life. Forget her reality show marriage to Nick Lachey, and her tabloid-bate relationships with Tony Romo and John Mayer, her relationship with retired football player Eric Johnson is downright tame by comparison. The engaged couple welcome their first child, daughter Maxwell in May.

PIAZZA: Now she`s had a big major reinvention. Reinventing herself as a mommy brand.

HAMMER: And the final piece of Jessica Simpson`s extreme makeover, she grew up. She`s an accomplished judge not a ditz in her latest reality show "Fashion Star."

SIMPSON: I thought it was interesting that you chose to do two different reds.

HAMMER: And being a new mom has given her all kinds of new opportunities to connect with her fans and make a buck.

SIMPSON: I really just want to be healthy for my daughter.

HAMMER: She signed a lucrative deal with Weight Watchers to lose her pregnancy weight. And she recently put her name on a line of maternity wear, all making Jessica`s makeover as lucrative as it is amazing.

PIAZZA: For anyone that knew Jessica Simpson back in 1999, this brand makeover, this reinvention of sorts does seem so amazing.


HAMMER: Amazing. Incredible. I mean think about it. From chicken of the sea reality joke to billion dollar mogul. With me in New York Jenny Hutt. Jenny hosts the Sirius XM radio show "Just Jenny". In L.A. it`s TV personality Holland Reid. So, ladies, Jessica is only 32. She has already gone through these three successful extreme makeovers. Pop star. Reality star. Fashion star. And now she is a new mom. So, Holland, should we just go ahead and crown her the queen of reinvention right now? I mean come on.

HOLLAND REID, TV PERSONALITY: Crown her the queen of branding, branding, branding. She took rotten lemons and made lemonade martinis that have gold at the bottom of them or something. Because she did exactly what you should do when, you know, when you are a business woman. She doesn`t have anybody - have me pulled. She was smart. She was meticulous. She is at the right steps, and now she`s Jessica Simpson whose shoes I buy on a regular basis. And that`s why we love her.

HAMMER: Obviously, super savvy. And I`m thinking it`s pretty obvious that mommy mogul should be next on Jessica`s list. She`s reportedly already cashing, as we know.


HAMMER: To the tune of something like $4 million just for losing weight after giving birth to her daughter. Jenny, is it just me or all signs pointing to a mommy mogul transformation next?

HUTT: Well, of course they are, but that`s organic. That makes sense. She is in fact a mom.


HUTT: So, shouldn`t she now use that in her brand. I also think she`s a terrific example of sort of the American dream for women. We can be everything, have if it all, do it all, and, and, she`s really, she`s fabulous. I`m thrilled with everything she`s done along the way.

REID: Yes.

HUTT: Except for the pop career. That was .

HAMMER: Well, you know.


HAMMER: Look, it gave her a big brand name.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: That she has been able to cash in, you know, ever since.

HUTT: It did. Platform.

HAMMER: I think everybody really did.

HUTT: All about platform.

HAMMER: Everybody underestimated her.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: In those days .


HAMMER: All right, from one super star`s dramatic transformation to another. Now, let`s get to number four on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. Extreme star makeovers. Alec Baldwin, who doesn`t love Alec? No, of course, he was a big time hothead. He had so many outbursts that he actually earned the nickname of "the blowiator" from "The New York Post." But now look at him. I mean he appears to me and so many people to be at the top of his game.

Look, he`s had this dramatic weight loss. He lost 30 pounds. He`s got a new wife, who`s absolutely beautiful. And I think a huge influence on why his life is going so well. And the guy has gotten new plans for the future. You know, we`ve heard him talk a lot about politics. He is always kind of teased to run for political office. Jenny, when "30 Rock" wraps up once and for all after this season, do you think he should just go ahead. Become a politician, and really, perhaps have his most extreme makeover yet?

HUTT: Yeah. I think he has always been passionate about politics. I think he its very smart. And I think he`s not the first actor to foray into politics. So, sure.

HAMMER: What do you think, Holland, does that make sense to you? And, you know, you don`t live here in New York. But if he ever run for mayor of New York, I think he`d have to have my vote.

REID: You know what. I am just going to give him a courtesy vote. He is awesome. He has changed so much. And that, that goes to show that he is mature. He can change. He is willing to take advice. I think, Hilaria totally settled him down. Tamed the beast. Can we just lend - can he lend her to Donald Trump? That`s all I am saying.


REID: Can he lend his yoga instructor wife to Donald Trump for a couple of days to get him straight.


REID: I love Alec. I think he`s amazing.

HAMMER: No taming Donald Trump. It`s never going to happen.

But look, you know, Alec has had some pretty public blowups in the past, Jenny. You know, he had this public dustups with the paparazzi. He had the big custody battles with his ex-wife Kim Bassinger.

HUTT: He had the worst with fans debacle.

HAMMER: Yeah, his fans have always continued to love him. But do you see them getting on board to actually vote for the new Alec?

HUTT: I do. I really do. Because at every dustup he`s had. We never questioned his smarts. Or his capabilities. He`s gotten a little out of control. And he`s somewhat fiery. But he is smart and passionate.


HUTT: And I think that`s good in a politician.

HAMMER: And at the end of a day, you make a great point. He`s extraordinary smart man.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: All right, Jenny, Holland. Three more stories left in our SHOWBIZ Countdown. Extreme celebrity makeovers. So, stay right there. And I urge you to hang on to your seat. Because, look, we all know how hard it is to go from teen idol to serious adult star, right? Next, a young mystery star`s extreme makeover. Could this transformation actually do more harm than good? Plus, a diva has a major meltdown. And then, a triumphant come back. And now she is right there on TV, helping young DITs, that`s - Divas in Training. The countdown rolls on next. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


<23:41:40> HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." And the SHOWBIZ countdown of the top five extreme star makeovers. Jessica Simpson, number five. Alec Baldwin in at number four. And now, the big reveal of number three. It`s Miley Cyrus and her makeover from a fresh-faced child star to blond adult powerhouse. We here at "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" have fond memories of the old Miley Cyrus.


HAMMER: You seem very excited, Miley?



HAMMER: 13-year-old Miley Cyrus along with her dad Billy Ray appearing right here on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" back in 2006 for one of her first big TV interviews ever.


HAMMER: What`s the strangest thing you saw during your stay here in New York? There are some freaks. You know.


CYRUS: Well, mostly just all the buildings. And I have seen them in movies. They look a lot smaller than they do in person.

HAMMER: And now Miley is the one who`s gotten big. And her extreme celebrity makeover has taken Miley from adorable Disney child star.


CYRUS: I am so mad!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And so, you are going to take it out on my ice cream sundae.

HAMMER: To a very grownup woman flaunting her sexy side in music videos like this one for her song "Can`t Be Tamed."

CYRUS (singing): I can`t be tamed!

HAMMER: And now Miley`s entered into a new phase of her extreme makeover. Debuting a new super-short pixie do that had all the Twitter-verse buzzing and burying her innocent little girl past once and for all with a sexy guest spot on "Two and a Half Men."

CYRUS: Wow, this is a nice bed. I bet you could do some serious drilling on a workbench like this, ah?


HAMMER: Sometimes, the most extreme makeover celebrity can experience is growing up. But Miley has been making herself over for a while now. She just debuted that new short pixie do that was so dramatic that she actually was mistaken for Gwen Stefani. Let me bring back actor Sheryl Lee Ralph in Philadelphia here in New York, Sirius XM radio show host Jenny Hutt. Let`s put that picture up, Charles? May we? Can we? Please? Look at that. Easy mistake to make, right? Miley Cyrus, or Gwen Stefani. I`m not sure. Sheryl, Miley`s makeover to grownup pixie haired star, a good extreme makeover in your mind or not?

SHERYL LEE RALPH: Absolutely. It was the thing she needed to do. She needed to do something that cut her off literally from that Disney child we all thought off on the series to now accepting her as a for real, walking in my own divadom woman. She looks great. Heck, if I were her I would have done the same thing too. I don`t know about the blond. Maybe redhead for me.


LEE RALPH: But I love it. Yeah.

HAMMER: You know, Jenny Hutt, I`m curious to get your take on this - because we didn`t speak when she had this part of her makeover with the haircut and all.

HUTT: Yeah.

HAMMER: I get the impression that you probably shook your head kind of like, eh. No.

HUTT: Yeah, well, what I was first going to say, is it true really cool. Remember, on SNL .

HAMMER: Yeah. Really cool.


HUTT: This is what I think. I think in a way she is rebelling. It`s the first time maybe she feels like she is able to rebel and do something so wild and cookie. But she has great hair. So, I don`t really understand what she takes such an asset and cut it off. I don`t get it.



HAMMER: Part of rebellion.

RALPH LEE: Grow back some new hair.

HAMMER: It`s part of showing less of her in a way. We have seen a lot more of Miley in terms of wearing less this past couple of years.

HUTT: Yes.

HAMMER: You know, she has been photographed clearly not wearing a bra. There`s been some other pretty intimate photos out there. Sheryl, will sex sell for Miley? Because as we know, it is a long way from Hannah Montana.

LEE RALPH: Baby, let me tell you something.


LEE RALPH: If it`s good sex will always sell.

HUTT: Yeah.

LEE RALPH: And plus now she wore that bra on the outside. Look how many of the young women are following in those footsteps and putting their bra on the outsides of their shirt. I don`t really get it.


LEE RALPH: But it is selling. And it`s got our attention.

HAMMER: It`s a great Seinfeld episode too. It`s (inaudible). But that`s a whole different topic for another time. All right, guys.


HAMMER: Don`t go anywhere. Because we are getting very close to revealing who is in our top spot on the SHOWBIZ countdown tonight. Extreme celebrity makeovers. We only have numbers two and number one left. This is "SBT" and "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."



HAMMER: You are ready? Time now to reveal our number two pick on our SHOWBIZ countdown of the top five extreme celebrity makeovers. That goes to Mariah Carey. Let`s take a little trip down memory lane shall we? It was May of 1990 when Mariah first burst onto the music scene with herself- titled album and a huge hit "Vision of Love." But by 1997 her bitter divorce with her boss and husband, record executive Tommy Mottola really took its toll. She had a public meltdown in 2001 that left her hospitalized after promoting her critically panned movie "Glitter."


HAMMER: But she came back in April of 2005 with the new album and clearly, a newly song "Light.". After saying I do to Nick Cannon on April 30th, 2008, well, then a few years later she welcomed twins on her third wedding anniversary. That was in 2011. And now she is a judge on "American Idol." I mean talk about extreme makeover. Back with me is Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jenny Hutt. Mariah has really - I mean it`s amazing, when you look at it in that context, had so much success for so long, 22 years now. And now, it is so great seeing her back on top. And who would have ever thought she would become a judge on "American Idol." Sheryl, it is totally working for her, isn`t it?

LEE RALPH: It is absolutely all working for her. And this is what I call a true diva, a divinely inspired victoriously alive woman. She keeps rolling with the punches, and she keeps getting better. That`s the kind of woman I love. And I say you go, diva, Mariah Carey, emcee, now you just make up with your sister and everything will be great.


HAMMER: Yeah, well, there is that. Jenny, what do you think? I couldn`t be happier for her. I have run into Mariah and spoken with her and spent time with her on and off for really most of these past 22 years, and I`ve never seen her happier.

HUTT: Yeah, well, I think when talent wins out, it can only be a good thing, and an exciting thing. That voice is so magnificent. And I remember back to when she first came on the scene, her songs would make me cry as a 20-year-old. So watching her now being so triumphant and being so happy, and married to this great guy with these babies, and she should be a judge on a show like "Idol" because she really has talent and really knows the business. It`s the perfect place for her to be. I love it.

HAMMER: And all these people who are competing on the show really do look up for her. And I love Nick. When Mariah and Nick began dating, of course, and this whirlwind romance happened, a lot of people said not going to last. Here we are now four years later, two kids, they`re going strong. Sheryl, and I love you, Nick, you know that. But could she have gone through this makeover and been so successful at it without Nick?

LEE RALPH: You know something? I think somewhere along the line you just have to have that solid kind of love. And through everything, Nick Cannon seems to be the absolute foundation. He is like that`s my woman. Leave her alone. That`s my woman. Pay her what she asks for. That`s my woman. She deserves it. You got to have somebody like that. I got one, and I know what it can mean to you.


HAMMER: Yeah, I look at the two of them, and I really do think they make a terrific team, as much of to some people as an odd ball pairing as it may have originally seemed. Well, I hope you`re ready, because we`re very close, now just minutes away from revealing our number one extreme celebrity makeover. Will we shock you? Will you agree? This is "SBT," "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.



HAMMER: This is a special edition of "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." The "SHOWBIZ" Countdown, extreme star makeovers. And here is where we are so far. In at number five, it was Jessica Simpson, who goes from chicken of the sea to big fish, building that billion dollar fashion empire. And number four, Alec Baldwin transforms from the hothead to guru after marrying a 28-year- old yoga studio manager. At number three, it`s Miley Cyrus. Miley shocked the Twitter verse by totally changing her look with this short bleached pixie cut and totally changing her attitude from Disney child star to Hollywood bombshell.

At number two, Mariah`s miraculous makeover. Mariah Carey pushes forward from a public meltdown to a new marriage, revitalized career and twin babies. Well, who could it be? This brings us to our big reveal of number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of extreme star makeovers. And it is Katie Holmes and her epic post Tom Cruise reinvention. Let`s take a quick look at how dramatic a trip it`s been for Katie. After years in seeming isolation, first Katie, of course, stunned the world and moved to New York City with Suri, leaving Tom Cruise and Hollywood behind.

And then she returned to Broadway and co-wrote a movie about single motherhood. And finally, Katie signed this megadeal with makeup company Bobbi Brown. Back with us, actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and Jenny Hutt. Jenny is the host in the Sirius XM show "Just Jenny". Sheryl, you first. Could you ever have imagined that the, you know, quiet as a mouse at least in public Katie Holmes would kick Tom Cruise to the curb and on top of that pull a total reinvention in less than a year?

LEE RALPH: You know what? I think I`m going to go with you on this one, because I was sort of taken by surprise by all of it. I was really broken hearted by their divorce, but only the couple knows best. But this reinvention of her, herself, my God, it`s incredible. The movie, like you said, going to Broadway, because we all know that`s no easy gig. And then with Bobbi Brown. I mean makeup guru Bobbi Brown.


LEE RALPH: It`s so gratefully exciting.

HAMMER: You know, I thought it was a big deal when she transformed from Joey on "Dawson`s Creek" to Tom Cruise`s wife.


HAMMER: But what she`s pulled off in this last year, Jenny, it really is amazing.


HUTT: Wow. Yeah. Well, I think it`s survival. I think it`s really, really tough for anybody who has to go through a divorce and who has to go through a divorce from Tom Cruise on such a public level only makes it that much more difficult. And then the way she has handled it, so gracefully and so lovely and continued to just move forward, it`s a fine example for her daughter. And I`m thrilled that she is headed in this positive direction. And I hope it continues to be that. I`m sure she is experiencing plenty sadness along the way. So .


HUTT: So, hopefully the professional stuff is going to help keep her afloat mentally and help heal her.

HAMMER: We have to remind ourselves when we see all that she has done, it`s only been a matter of months since Katie split from Tom.

LEE RALPH: Right. Yeah.

HAMMER: She already is seemingly more outspoken than she was during her marriage. She seems very excited to try new things like modeling, like writing. Sheryl, what do you think we`re going to see from Katie in the future as her transformation continues?

LEE RALPH: My goodness. If she keeps going the way she is going, it seems as though the sky is the limit for her. And it`s so interesting, because during the marriage, it seemed as though she was being muffled. Now that she`s divorced, we are hearing that voice out loud. We are seeing that incredible woman just blossoming right before us. And like it was said, it`s not just good for her, it is really wonderful for her daughter.

HAMMER: Yeah, it`s going to be great to see what Suri is going to accomplish in life. Look at what she is exposed to. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jenny Hutt, thank you both so much for being right here for this very special "SHOWBIZ" Countdown, extreme celebrity makeovers. And thank you for watching this special edition of "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." What fun this was! Remember, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can now be seen exclusively Monday through Thursday.


HAMMER: We`re on at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, right here on HLN.