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N.E. Snow Storm Cancels Over 1,000 Flights; Christie Slams Claims of Bridge "Evidence"; Armless Teen Football Star Goes to Super Bowl; "Time Machine" and "Cowboy Kid" Win Doritos

Aired February 3, 2014 - 10:30   ET


CHAD MYERS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Good morning, Carol. And there were people without coats on here yesterday, because it was 55 degrees. The road is still a little bit warm. Not everything is sticking to the roadways but 10 inches of snow coming down and over 400 airport delays in New York City alone. You multiply that by 120, 150 people per plane, that's almost 60,000 people that didn't get to go where they wanted to go today.


Hopefully, they get on other planes. But we have 6-10 inches of snow still to come on top of probably the 1-2 that's already here.

This is going to be a tough night home. I don't believe this is going to be an Atlanta night home. Because they knew this was coming. They canceled a lot of schools because the winter storm warning was posted just like it was posted in Atlanta but they listened here. I'm not even going to go any farther than that. You know the rest of the story Carol.

CAROL COSTELLO, CNN HOST: I love you for saying that, Chad Myers. I do. And what there's -- what less than 40 days until spring or just about 40?

MYERS: You know I don't know what Punxsutawney Phil has in mind. But I'm not a fan anymore. I used to like that little furry guy.

And people are asking me do you think six more weeks? And I said if this pattern doesn't change where it has been 10 degrees warmer every day than normal in California and almost 10 degrees colder than everywhere else, if that doesn't change soon we could have eight more weeks of winter not just six. I know the calendar says March something.

COSTELLO: Stop it.

MYERS: I know, I'm -- I'm sorry. Don't kill the messenger.

COSTELLO: Thank you Chad Myers, we always appreciate it.

MYERS: That's right Carol.

COSTELLO: We have some new and disturbing information about Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. We are working on that. We're going to tell you after the break. Stick around.



COSTELLO: All right we have some new information on Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. There were other drugs inside that New York apartment where he died other than heroin.

So let's go back to New York and Alexandra Field, she has the latest. Tell us more.

ALEXANDRA FIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Carol, law enforcement sources are now confirming that they found a large quantity of what appears to be heroin inside Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment. They say they have found 50 envelopes containing the substance that they believe is heroin. On top of that they say they found other white powders and drug paraphernalia and some bottles of prescription medication for which Philip Seymour Hoffman did not have prescriptions.


In another room inside that apartment our sources say that investigators found at least 20 used syringes, all of this material collected by investigators leading police now to believe that Philip Seymour Hoffman had spent a good deal of money on drugs and that he had a drug habit beyond what some may have known or may not have known before the time of his death.

They have now interviewed family members who say that Hoffman appeared to be high as recently as Saturday night. Philip Seymour Hoffman was last seen around 8:00 on Saturday night. He was then not seen until he was discovered on Sunday morning at about 11:00 in the morning.

You know that the friends went into the apartment. They found him when he missed a meeting with his three young children. Investigators will now be looking at all the electronics in that apartment, any computers or phones that could give them some clue as to where Hoffman could have potentially purchased drugs or who he could have potentially purchased these drugs from.

Now everything that was seized from the apartment will have to be tested and analyzed. But again, law enforcement sources confirming that they found what appears to be at least 50 bags of heroin in that apartment -- Carol.

COSTELLO: So these other prescription drugs that were found in that apartment, did the actor have a doctor's prescription for those drugs?

FIELD: From what we're told by authorities right now, at least four different prescription medications. It appears that Philip Seymour Hoffman did not have a prescription for any of those drugs. We're also told that they again saw some other powders in the apartment which haven't been expressly identified for us.

But these are all things that need to be analyzed in police labs. We do know though as police have been telling us over the last day that the substances were found in these little baggies that have labels on them, sort of brand names that are typically associated with heroin. They say they found two different labels marking the baggies that were found inside the home. And these are -- these are baggies, these are brands, really, essentially, Carol that law enforcement officials are familiar with and that they do recognize typically to be heroin.

COSTELLO: All right Alexandra Field, reporting live from New York City, thanks so much.

A fresh round of finger pointing in the bridge scandal that swirls around Chris Christie's administration after attorneys for a former ally told "The New York Times," quote, "Evidence exists that Christie had knowledge of the lane closures while they were occurring."

For his part, Christie blasted both claims and his former confidant. And now another high profile Governor Louisiana's Bobby Jindal is coming to Christie's defense saying Christie should keep his powerful job as head of the Republican Governor's Association.


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL (R), LOUISIANA: I don't think he should step down. I think he should stay there. I think what's more important, though, is we've got some great governors in states like Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, all across the state doing great things. We've got 36 Governor's races. RGA is not about one governor but about all 29 of these governors.


COSTELLO: CNN national political reporter, Peter Hamby joins me now. So Peter it's not just the RGA Christie also has the chance to shine on another high-profile platform. That would be the CPAC Conference.

PETER HAMBY, CNN NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER: That's right Carol. You know despite the slow-burning scandal, Christie and his team still have political considerations in mind. He still has his eye on 2016. And he's going to be coming here to D.C. in March to speak to the Conservative Political Action Conference. This is a big gathering of movement conservatives. A lot of young Republicans, a lot of libertarians, and sort of regard is a yearly cattle call for some of the Republican parties biggest names, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan and now Chris Christie.

He didn't go last year. The American Conservative Union, which runs this event, snubbed him last year. But this year, he is coming. Clearly, this is an attempt to sort of make amends with conservatives.

Democrats are gleeful about this visit, because they think this allows them to tie Christie to the right wing of his party. But one thing, Carol, here, you know people might think Chris Christie, who is no friend of the conservative movement necessarily, might get booed at this thing.

Look if you talk to Republican activists around the country, they are kind of rallying to Christie's side a little bit amid this scandal, you know barring any evidence that we haven't seen yet. They think he is under attack from the media. So if he goes here and sort of takes a few swings at the media, chances are, he'll get cheered, perhaps, instead of booed -- Carol.

COSTELLO: Interesting. Christie will also speak directly to New Jersey voters tonight. What's he going to do?

HAMBY: That's right. He is speaking on an "Ask the Governor" program on a local New Jersey radio station. He is going to take questions from callers. We are all anticipating this frankly because he hasn't talked to reporters since that marathon, January 9th press conference in Trenton. He's really been on radio silence aside from a few interviews and staged events around the Super Bowl.

So tonight, at 7:00, we're all going to be listening in to see what questions he answers regarding the scandals, both in Hoboken and with the George Washington Bridge -- Carol.


COSTELLO: Ok we'll check back with you tomorrow. Peter Hamby, many thanks to you.

HAMBY: Thanks.

COSTELLO: Still to come I the NEWSROOM an armless high school football player with a dream to play in the NFL. Remember his story? We told you his story last week.

Well, big things have happened to him since then. We'll tell you about it when we come back.



COSTELLO: The Seattle Seahawks are on top of the NFL world. The Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos 43-8 to win the Super Bowl -- that's quite incredible. And a ton of credit for taking the Lombardi trophy goes to the Seahawks defense also known as the "Legion of Boom".

Former NFL player and current Fox Sports college football analyst, Coy Wire joins me now. Hi Coy.

COY WIRE, SPORTS ANALYST: Hi. How are you doing this morning?

COSTELLO: I'm great. Can you believe a linebacker wins the MVP award?

WIRE: You know I love to see that. As a former linebacker, I love seeing it. We always see quarterbacks and wide receivers that get all the love and attention. But I think he was a symbol of that defense as a whole to -- oh my goodness -- did they put on a show? The most physical defense in the NFL, put on a display early and often in this game. Flesh bombs, knock backs, kill shots. They were rolling. And it was fun to see. I am happy for that Seattle Seahawks defense and their Super Bowl rings.


COSTELLO: I know. We are talking about Malcolm Smith. It was just amazing. The other guy that was amazing was Cliff Avril who used to be on the Detroit Lions but, of course, now he has spear headed the drive to win for another team which causes me a lot of depression this morning, frankly.

WIRE: You know, this defense, all season, the best defense in the NFL. I have to pose the question, are they one of the best defenses of all time? They completely annihilated and dominated --

COSTELLO: Better than the Steel Curtain?

WIRE: The Steel Curtain, the '85 Bears, the 2000 Ravens. I'm going to throw them into the -- I would love to hear what our audience thinks. Is this one of the best defenses of all time? They shut down the most prolific offense in NFL history and one of the -- arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. It wasn't even close. I'm definitely throwing their name in the hat.

COSTELLO: Ok. I'm going to tweet that out and see what people think.

You know, Joe Namath, we have to talk about him for just a second because he came out in that big, fur coat. And then he almost muffed the toss and the ref made that great catch before the coin hit the ground. But it was really enjoyable to watch.

WIRE: I caught wind that he actually borrowed that from you. Is there any truth to that? Is that out of your closet -- no?

COSTELLO: (inaudible) for a coat like that -- no.

WIRE: You would look good in that. You'd look better than he would, I think. But you know to me, this was a bit of a microcosm of what the Super Bowl and NFL culture has become -- the pageantry, the showmanship.

I was there earlier in the week covering some of the events and functions. And you see these guys now wearing three-piece suits representing themselves well it's becoming like a Hollywood sort of scene surrounding the Super Bowl. But the NFL in general, I thought Broadway Joe, he always knew how to get the attention and he still got it.

COSTELLO: Yes, I really loved that moment. Coy Wire, thank you so much for being on the show this morning -- I appreciate it.

WIRE: Thanks for having me. COSTELLO: Many kids dream about playing in the Super Bowl. Of course, it is a one in a million shot. Just don't bet against Isaac Lufkin. We told you about Isaac last week. He was born without arms and he helped his high school football team to a state title. Now, he wants to play in the NFL.

But Poppy Harlow, you did that story last week and this kid caught the attention of the NFL and they invited him to the Super Bowl.

POPPY HARLOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I have been smiling all weekend since the NFL called me late Friday night and said we are going to try to get him up here from Rhode Island to go to the Super Bowl and they did. Isaac Lufkin came to the Super Bowl in New Jersey this weekend with his mom.

And I have got to tell you, Carol, first of all, I got to tag along, which was pretty sweet because I have never been to a Super Bowl. But he got absolute VIP treatment.

Let's show you what this kid got. He got to go behind the scenes along with the likes of David Beckham, special entrance on to the field. He got to be -- here you see him. He got to be on the field watching both teams as they were warming up. He kept talking about the kickers and how good they were, because, of course, he is a place kicker. He got to go to the tailgate party before the Super Bowl.

And, you know, when you see the look on this kid's face when he walked on the field, it is simply amazing. Listen to what he told us.




HARLOW: What did you think when you walked out here?

LUFKIN: I couldn't stop smiling. I still can't stop smiling. It's exciting, very exciting.

HARLOW: What has this meant for Isaac?

LORI LUFKIN, MOTHER OF ISAAC: This has meant everything for him. He is so floored just by the experience. We were just talking maybe two weeks ago, "Mom, imagine what it would be like to go to the Super Bowl" just in casual conversation.

HARLOW: And this is amazing for him.

L. LUFKIN: Like mind blowing. He is still in like a tailspin.


HARLOW: And you know Carol, a lot of credit goes to his mother, Lori, who you just heard from there raising a remarkable young man. She also has a daughter, raising them both to be who they are today. And it is such a great experience to be there with him, to see him soak it all in. I still don't know if it has soaked in for me. COSTELLO: Look at you. I'm so jealous. Did you show the picture of Isaac with Bill Clinton?

HARLOW: We have to. We have to. That was supposed to be a drum roll, the surprise. There is the picture. He got to meet Bill Clinton in his suite. And Carol, I want to play you a little bit of their conversation because the two of them got to chat.



I. LUFKIN: I am too.

CLINTON: Are you having a good time?


He told me to keep kicking so I'm going to keep kicking.

HARLOW: Who told you?

I. LUFKIN: The President.

HARLOW: Yes, I think that's a good idea.


HARLOW: So I think that's a good idea. Isaac is going to keep kicking. He has gotten calls already from kicking cam coaches so he's is really going to hone in and focus now on the next three years in high school. He will be on the varsity team next year.

That was not the only big name he got to meet Carol. Kevin Costner was sitting in the suite right next to him.


HARLOW: So he got a thumb's up to the glass. Jennifer Garner said hello; Whoopi Goldberg -- just to name a few.

But before we go I want to give a big shout out to his high school -- Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island. They are the ones that gave him this opportunity and they changed this kid's life. And we are certainly going to be watching. Go Isaac.

COSTELLO: I think there is just one more person who needs to give Isaac a call and that would be President Obama. Don't you think that would be a good idea?

HARLOW: I think that's --

COSTELLO: President Obama could invite him to the White House.

HARLOW: I think that would be a great idea. If that happened, we will be watching and we will bring it to you for sure right here on your show.

COSTELLO: I can't wait. Poppy Harlow, thanks so much. That was awesome.

HARLOW: You got it.

COSTELLO: Still to come in the NEWSROOM, it is no secret that last night's Super Bowl commercials fell a little flat. But two ads are getting a whole lot of buzz this morning. They feature a couple of cute kids and canines. Up next, we'll talk to the winners of this year's Dorito's Super Bowl contest.



COSTELLO: The people over at JC Penney took to Twitter to celebrate the Super Bowl and the results were -- well, I'll let you decide. Comments like this one which looks a lot like gibberish got lots and lots of retweets and lots and lots of raised eyebrows. Retailer (inaudible) replied, "Hey, JC Penney, need a designated driver?" Doritos said "Slow down, have some Doritos because it appeared by this tweet that the person, whoever was tweeting this out, was drunk.

JC Penney responded later saying, "Oops, sorry for the typos, we were #tweeting with mittens." Decide for yourself if that was effective.

The Seahawks weren't the only winners last night. Doritos hit it big thanks to two ads featuring some very cute kids. Every year the company hosts an online contest inviting people to submit their own commercials.


COSTELLO: The prize: a Super Bowl spot and a big old chunk of cash.

Joining us now, the winner of this year's Doritos contest Brian Andersen and the runner up, Amber Gill -- congratulations to both of you.



COSTELLO: You guys don't sound that excited. Brian, I would be especially excited if I were you. You just won $1 million.

ANDERSEN: That's true. I did. Oh, my God, I'm so excited.

COSTELLO: That's better. Let's watch your ad that got you all that cash. It is called "Time Machine".


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Mr. Smith, want to try out my time machine? It runs on Doritos. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sure. Now what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Got to put the whole bag in.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's really working, Jimmy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of my yard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jimmy -- you are so old.



COSTELLO: Ok. So Ryan, how did you come up with the idea?

ANDERSEN: I watch movies with my son a lot. After watching "Back to the Future", he asked for a time machine. Clearly, the only option I had was to make him a time machine. And I came up with a pretty decent idea around that and decided to make a commercial out of it.

COSTELLO: How much money did it take you to produce your commercial?

ANDERSEN: Just $1 million -- so I broke even on the deal. No, it was $300 -- a little under $300.

COSTELLO: I was going to say those are expensive actors in that commercial. And I know they weren't.

ANDERSEN: Yes, one of them was free. I had to raise him for six years but he was sort of free. Then the old guy was a local talent and then Mr. Smith our awesome, amazing, dumb-witted Mr. Smith, David Wilkins, came out from L.A. He believed in our spot and wanted to work with us.

COSTELLO: Oh, that's awesome. Ok. So Amber, I want people to take a look at your commercial, because I really loved this one. It is called "Cowboy Kid".

GILL: Oh, thank you.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Boys, can I get some help?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't know. Can you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I guess you don't want Doritos.


(END VIDEO CLIP) COSTELLO: I love that -- I love the mom in the background going, "Yes, score." So Ryan wins a $1 million and what do you get as runner up?

GILL: The runner up gets $50,000. So not too bad. We'll be sharing it with 30 of our friends that worked on our commercial with us.

ANDERSEN: And a best friend for life.

GILL: Yes, yes, BFF.

ANDERSEN: Clearly.

GILL: Both of us actually get to go and work on the set of "The Avengers" which starts shooting in March in London. So that's incredibly exciting.

COSTELLO: That is exciting. So do both of you then plan to have a career in advertising? Is that the goal?

ANDERSEN: I will have a career in wherever life takes me. I want to direct feature films. I will go wherever I can go creatively. Right now, I am currently loving making commercials. It is fun to tell a story in 30 seconds.

GILL: Yes.

COSTELLO: Amber, same for you? Anything that comes down the pike creatively, you will tackle?

GILL: Yes, correct. My husband and I would love to continue to make family friendly commercials and maybe even a movie also.

COSTELLO: Well, congratulations to both of you. I really enjoyed both commercials. Have fun.

ANDERSEN: Thank you.

GILL: Thank you so much.

COSTELLO: Amber Gill and Ryan Andersen.

Checking some top stories now before we go.

It feels like winter may never end. You may well be in the northeast, the region getting pelted by another winter storm. Nearly a thousand flights already canceled; New York and its three major airports will take a pounding with as much as 10 inches of snow.

A manhunt now underway for a convicted killer described as armed and dangerous. Authorities believe Michael David Elliot, who killed four people, broke out of a correctional facility in central Michigan last night. He then carjacked a woman using a knife or box cutter and drove her to Indiana where she managed to escape. Elliot then took off when the woman called 911. No one knows where he is or where he's heading. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm Carol Costello.

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