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Radio Station Bans Bieber; Petition Begs U.S. to Deport Bieber; Miley`s Twitter Confessions; `Biggest Loser` Host Shares Weight-Loss Tips; A Talk with Meat Loaf about Music and His Career; Meat Loaf Defending Justin Bieber as a Normal Teenager; Scarlet Johansson`s Sexy Super Bowl Commercial Gets Edited; Is The New Episode of Kardashians` Show Showing Too Much for TV? The Panel Discussion

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on the "Top Ten Countdown."




HAMMER: I can`t wait. Classic rock icon, Meatloaf, is here. You do not want to miss my one-on-one with the music legend.


MAULER, RADIO HOST, NEW HOT 89.9: I am radio host Mauler from the New Hot 89.9 in Ottawa, Canada, and we have banned Justin Bieber from our radio station. I`ll tell you why. SBT starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host...


HAMMER: ... comedian and, of course, you know her from VH-1`s "Best Week Ever." It`s Michelle Buteau.


HAMMER: A pleasure to have you sitting next to me.

BUTEAU: Oh, my God. I love hanging out with you. You make me feel like a skinny white girl every time. The compliments.

HAMMER: Let`s have some fun, shall we?

BUTEAU: Please.

HAMMER: Let`s get right to our countdown and kick down our top ten of today`s must-see, must-share stories with banning the Biebs. You heard me correctly: A radio station in Ottawa, Canada, is actually refusing to play any of the Biebs` music until he cleans up his act. The New Hot 89.9 calls its mission #hotbansbieber.

Let me bring in the guy who is a part of this activity. His name is Moller. He`s the host of "The Morning Hot Tub with Mauler, Rush, Jenni and Josie." He`s joining us on Skype from Ottawa.

First of all, Mauler, it`s good to have you here. I`ve actually never spoken with anybody named Mauler before. Thank you.

MAULER: Cool. Thanks for having me. It`s a pleasure.

HAMMER: All right. So this is a pretty big deal. You are denying your listeners Bieber`s music. You are denying Bieber the playing of his music. Why are you taking such a drastic measure, as we look at his mug shot?

MAULER: Well, you know, it`s been almost a week now, and I`m sure you`re like me: you`re getting fatigued on Bieber just not taking any responsibility for himself. I mean he`s been down in Panama partying it up. We just want him to get into rehab, get some help, something. Somebody`s got to talk to this guy, get some sense into him.

And the only way that we think he can do that is maybe by banning his music and going right for his wallet. And see, if we don`t play his music, maybe people won`t buy his music. And then he`ll go, "Uh-oh, I`ve got to do something about this."

HAMMER: OK. So it`s a little Canadian tough love from his homeland, from his native country, taking his music off the air and maybe it will hurt him. But here`s the thing, Mauler. The Beliebers are a very tough bunch, as I know you know. I`ll say anything about him that may be perceived as negative, and boy, the e-mails and the tweets fly. Are they just furious that you`re doing this?

MAULER: Well, you know, on our Facebook and on our Twitter, as you can see them, it`s 50/50. The parents love what we`re doing, for the most part. It`s the 12-year-old girls that I walk to my car at night looking over my shoulder, because I`m a little scared. They are tough. They are tough. They love their Bieber.

But some of them, I think we`re cracking through some of them and making them realize that this role model needs to be a role model and wise up and time to be a good guy from here on in.

HAMMER: See, I get why you`re doing it. I think it`s pretty cool. I actually listened to your radio station online this afternoon to get a feel for what you guys play. You guys have got a pretty hot mix. The name of the station is appropriate.

And this tweet struck me as interesting and along the lines of what people are saying: "Since when is New Hot 89.9 so square? Pretty sure most of the artists they play have been in trouble with the law."

So why have you singled out the Biebs? Is it less about what he`s done with the law and more his perceived, perhaps, abuse of substances, which may or may not be taking place?

MAULER: Well, you know, we did this a few years ago, as you remember the whole Chris Brown-Rihanna incident. And at the time, about three or four, five years ago, whenever it was, we banned Chris Brown for a long time from the radio station. He went to court. He went to jail. He got his probation and all that stuff. And then we lifted that ban.

Well, we felt as though, you know, three or four years has passed now and it`s time for somebody else to sort of take the heat. And Justin has had a bad few -- not even a few weeks, a few years now. And it`s just been building and building, building. And, yes, there are a bunch of people that we could ban from the radio station. But you`ve got to start somewhere, and this round we`re going for Justin Bieber.

BUTEAU: Wow, I am so impressed that you guys are doing this. So if this is going to help, what else do you think might help Justin Bieber just, like, straighten his ways?

MAULER: Well, if I can be honest with you, and I`ve said this on the air, and I`ll say it to you guys, too, he`s just got to get away from it all. And there`s so many places he can go -- Not even talking about rehab. I`m just talking about go away somewhere else, sit down with a pen and paper, and actually write some music. This guy is talented.


MAULER: He`s a good artist. He just needs to get away from all these rappers living in his house and everything like that that, you know, put a negative spin on everything.

BUTEAU: Well, I don`t know that the rappers are putting a negative spin on things. I think it`s more like the yes people. When you`re so rich you have just a bunch of "yes" people around you, so you feel like you`re invincible. I`m going to stick up for...

HAMMER: There are a lot of people behaving badly around him, too. That`s pretty clear.


HAMMER: And he did get away. He is in Panama right now, apparently walking the beach and riding ATV`s.

Mauler, I like the fact, by the way, total aside, that you pronounce Rihanna`s name properly.

But while your radio station in Canada is banning Bieber, there are a lot of people here in the states that actually want to give him back to you. Send the Biebs back to Canada. This is No. 9 in our countdown.

There`s actually a petition now. It`s on the White House Web site. This is it. It`s demanding to have Bieber deported back to Canada. Look who`s jumped in to lead the charge: Drake Bell, the former star of the Nickelodeon show "Drake and Josh." He`s urging his Twitter followers to sign this petition.

Now, it`s about two-thirds of the way to reaching 100,000 signatures. If they get that many, the White House actually has to respond one way or another. Can you imagine?

CNN digital reporter Alan Duke is in Hollywood. He`s been all over the Bieber story. Alan, really, what is the reality of this? Could the Bieber truly be deported?

ALAN DUKE, CNN DIGITAL REPORTER: I don`t think so. I think it`s just a lot of -- a lot of speculation there. It has to be an aggravated kind of felony. And I don`t think that that`s in his future. I don`t think so.

HAMMER: Yes. I can`t imagine that actually happening. People always say we have bigger fish to fry. I think...

BUTEAU: I mean, we do.

HAMMER: I think this falls into it. Host Stuart Brazell from the television is in Hollywood. She`s from the television.

What do you think? Is it crazy/ Alan says it couldn`t happen, Stuart, but I don`t know. You`ve been following the story, as well, too. Any chance Biebs is going back to the Great White North?

STUART BRAZELL, TELEVISION HOST: OK, A.J., I have to tell you, talking about this, I tweeted a photo. It was a meme of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber morphed together. I thought it was funny. The Bieber fans came after me. I`m so with you. I am scared to say anything against Justin Bieber. I think we need to free Bieber. I don`t think he`s getting deported at all.

BUTEAU: I mean, wouldn`t you consider this, you know, bullying on the Internet? Like, yes, he`s done a lot of bad things. Yes, he might be, like, a spoiled little brat. I can see, like, taking the step of not playing his music but, like, getting people to want to deport him? It`s like he`s like a criminal.

HAMMER: Let`s be serious for a second. It`s a goof. Nobody really. I mean, yes, people -- there are, I`m sure, people who would like to see him deported.

BUTEAU: I still think it`s mean. I love memes, too.

HAMMER: I agree with you. And the question is, would Canada take him back?

Mauler, you`re up there in Canada. You talk to your listeners all the time. Any problem taking the Bieber back if it actually was to happen?

MAULER: You know, once upon a time we were very proud of that young man. He made us very proud. So I think we would take him back. We`d just need him to clean up his act a little bit and show all of us that he`s taking life a little more seriously. I know he`s only 19, but he`s growing up fast and he`s going down the wrong route.

BUTEAU: So there`s no petition in Canada to have the U.S. keep him, is what you`re saying.

MAULER: Yes. Not yet, but that could be our next stunt. Don`t even tempt us with that one.

HAMMER: Look, you`re getting a lot of attention for not playing his music.

By the way, there`s some brand-new surveillance video of Justin driving with his friends right before this DUI stuff. And he doesn`t appear in this, as you`re seeing, to the extent you can tell to be going extremely fast or drag racing, as police claim.

Alan, there have been a lot of reports floating around and probably some misinformation that the Bieber DUI case, or we can call it the BUI case, that it`s falling apart. So what`s the truth of that?

DUKE: Well, we really don`t know, because we`re waiting for a couple weeks from now for some toxicology tests to come back. Was he high on something other than alcohol? Of course, we have been told by sources close to the case that his alcohol level was low. And so it looks like the DUI as far as alcohol might be a problem.

But remember, he according to police, said that he was taking another drug and was smoking pot. So will that affect the case? We`ll see.

HAMMER: Yes, Stuart, I mean, remember again, to Alan`s point, the resisting arrest was a pretty big deal. He did spend the night or the late morning in jail. This is still not a good situation for him, even if the DUI part of it goes away.

BRAZELL: No, you know, and I think last time I was with you, A.J., it was with the egg incident. And I was like, "I think this is the beginning. And I`m hoping that this will be the incident that scares him straight."

But unfortunately, I personally think we`re going to continue to see this behavior. The fact he`s off in Panama at the beach, with his new GF that was in the car, I don`t think he really cares at all about this.

BUTEAU: No, he doesn`t. He`s young. He`s rich. I mean, you know, the world is his oyster. He`s probably just high on life. I mean, when you were 19 and had $20 you were like, "Oh, my God, I`m the king of the world."


BUTEAU: This guy is like a multimillionaire. Intervention.

BRAZELL: Posting Instagram videos of him skateboarding. All those videos are him having a blast. He doesn`t seem to be thrown by this one bit.

BUTEAU: I will say his intervention is going to be the most stylish intervention I have ever seen if Usher is there.

HAMMER: Yes. They need the reality TV cameras rolling for that. I will say he did seem a bit stunned during his bail hearing, the arraignment, or whatever it was that happened...


HAMMER: ... after he was in jail. But he did not look good there.

All right. Mauler, Alan, Stewart, thank you all so much.

All right. You ready? Our countdown is just getting started here. Having some fun. Is it possible, I ask, for the Kardashians to possibly reveal too much?


KHLOE KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Your boob is, like, leaking out of control.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED)? That weirds me out.


HAMMER: Kardashians out of control. I get the story behind the breast milk moment that has people everywhere just cringing.


SCARLETT JOHANSSON, ACTRESS: Like most doctors, my real job is saving the world. Start with tame water, add bubbles, mix in the perfect flavor. Look, soda that`s better for you and all of us.


HAMMER: Scarlet`s sexy Super Bowl soda scandal. Why are so many people in a tizzy over her commercial to get you to drink something fizzy?

What`s going to be No. 1 on our countdown? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host, comedian Michelle Buteau of VH-1`s "Best Week Ever."


HAMMER: Up to No. 8 on our countdown.


HAMMER: Let`s let it go. Let`s do that graphic. It`s Miley`s Twitter confessions.

Miley Cyrus is single these days, but now she`s turning to Twitter to reveal her love for the finer things in life. Look at what she`s tweeted. "Some days I just want to lay in bed and Google Elvis all day, but then I get really depressed." She followed that tweet with a photo of an e-card that read, "Everyone is in a relationship, getting married or having babies. And I`m just over here like `I love weed`."

BUTEAU: Oh, my God.

HAMMER: So clearly, Michelle, Miley loves Elvis.

BUTEAU: Real hard-hitting stuff. She loves weed , she loves Elvis. I mean, she`s just, like, discovering the world for the first time.

But she`s so -- like, right, who doesn`t love weed and Elvis in a state that`s legal. Wink, wink. But she`s just again, like, a teenager with like over a million followers. You know what I mean? Like who is not thinking that?

HAMMER: It is funny.

BUTEAU: Chicken and cheese. You know what I mean? Like...

HAMMER: I have a niece who`s roughly her age or actually a little younger and will tweet stuff like that. Not exactly.

BUTEAU: Yes. But is she, like, rediscovering, like, old stuff that you`ve loved forever?

HAMMER: I want to introduce her to L-Viz. How about that?

Let`s get some diet secrets now.


HAMMER: Completely different. This is No. 7 on our "Top Ten Countdown." I love this woman. In the past seven years, Alison Sweeney has been an inspiration, hosting NBC`s "Biggest Loser." And she`s been very open about her own emotional struggles with weight, and she`s now offering some great health tips on -- get this --

Alison -- you`ve probably seen this -- often gets emotional on "The Biggest Loser," and I asked her why.


ALISON SWEENEY, HOST, NBC`S "THE BIGGEST LOSER": It`s just personal. I care about them so much. I get to know so many of the contestants, you know, behind the scenes as we`re getting ready to shoot the weigh-ins and some of the challenges. You just spend a lot of time with these people.

I feel the contestants, they put themselves out there and under the microscope. They`re willing to show America their weakness and their struggles.

Because -- I mean, I just met someone outside in the hallway here who was inspired by it, who changed his life based on these contestants and continues to make healthy choices based on the work and the effort that these contestants do for themselves. And I think that is just so inspiring.

And you know, it`s one of the things we`re working on right now, just really helping people start to understand what it is about their lifestyle that`s holding them back.

HAMMER: And you know about all this not just from hosting "The Biggest Loser," but you`ve documented your own weight struggles in your memoir, "The Days of My Life So Far." How difficult has it been for you?

SWEENEY: Well, it`s a constant struggle. I think that`s the other thing that people maybe lose sight of. And it`s so important to remember, is that it`s not just about weight loss towards a certain number. Now you have to maintain it. Like, you don`t hit that number on the scale and just, you know, wash your hands of it and move on. You have to think about it for the rest of your life. Every meal, every choice is, you know, I am going to, you know, wash off a bowl of blueberries and have that as a snack for my family. I am not going to buy snacks that, you know -- you know, corn chips or whatever.

And so I think that those healthy choices have to be something that you enjoy and that you commit to. And we have tons of great tips at to help encourage people to look at it like that.

HAMMER: And I`ve also seen where you`re given some great advice to moms out there who are perhaps struggling with their baby weight. You did that in your book, "The Mommy Diet."

Do you think celebrity moms in particular have it tough, because everybody is expecting them to get their bodies back so quickly? It`s a lot of pressure.


HAMMER: I realize it relates to their work and they have some help doing it, but man, that can`t be easy.

SWEENEY: No. I think that people who are under the spotlight for whatever reason definitely feel that. I mean, I certainly do. When I wrote "The Mommy Diet," I think the biggest thing I was focused on with new moms was that idea that you need to give yourself a break. You know? You just put your body through something quite significant. And in some ways your stomach is sort of recovering from an injury and you have to allow for that and make healthy choices and almost sort of rehab your muscles to get them back in shape. It`s not the kind of thing that you can just leap into and have unrealistic expectations based on what you see in airbrushed magazines.


HAMMER: Thanks, Alison Sweeney. Separate from the fact that she`s beautiful, she`s a terrific actress.

BUTEAU: She`s so gorgeous.

HAMMER: Don`t you just love her even more?

BUTEAU: I mean, I used to watch "Days of Our Lives" when I was young, so I feel like I grew up with her. I remember her when she was bigger. And I just love -- have you seen "The Biggest Loser?"


BUTEAU: I mean, it`s amazing. They`re just, like, in their bras and everything is everywhere, all vulnerable.

HAMMER: A bowl of blueberries instead of corn chips.

BUTEAU: I watch "Biggest Loser" and eat pasta. Don`t judge.

HAMMER: Well, this party is just getting started. I`m happier here for it. Coming up it`s "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."

BUTEAU: I love this.




HAMMER: It`s paradise right here, because we`ve Meatloaf in the house. He`s about to do something that`s making big news. Can`t wait to talk to Meatloaf.

Plus, "NCIS: Los Angeles" revealed. I am on the set with the show`s co-star, Chris O`Donnell. You`ve got to hear his behind-the- scenes secrets.

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Drop the bag and get on your knees.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hands on your head.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you guys really agents? I thought you were trying to rob me.

L.L. COOL J, ACTOR/HIP-HOP STAR: Gun`s not loaded.

CHRIS O`DONNELL, ACTOR: Duffel bag is.


HAMMER: "NCIS: Los Angeles" is one of the hottest dramas on TV, and it has been for five years now. It`s got mystery, high-stakes danger, and I`m pretty sure it doesn`t hurt that L.L. Cool J and Chris O`Donnell are the stars of the show.

You are one of these people who are so, like when that comes on, you`re glued?

BUTEAU: Yes, kick it up. Because there`s something for everyone. It`s, like, one of the shows I can watch with my husband. Because I get the man meat, and he gets, like, the violence and all that other stuff.

HAMMER: Well, you`ll be happy to know, this brings us to No. 6 on our countdown . You`re going to love this. It`s SBT on location at "NCIS: Los Angeles." So I caught up with Chris O`Donnell right there on the set of the show, and he let me in on the secret to the show`s lasting power.


HAMMER: Congratulations, by the way, on the success of the show. It must be wonderful for you to see this wild ride continuing as well as it has been.

O`DONNELL: It`s been amazing. I mean, we`re five years in. And it`s funny. I look around the set, and there`s, like, certain things that have not moved in five years. You know, fortunately, you know, the ratings haven`t moved in five years either, which is a good thing, too. People keep tuning in, which is nice.

HAMMER: Why do people keep tuning in? I mean, obviously, they love you guys. They love the idea of the show, but procedural dramas...


HAMMER: ... like "NCIS: Los Angeles" are so incredibly popular, as was "NCIS," from which this was spun, and "J.A.G." What do you think is the big draw?

O`DONNELL: You know, I`m not sure. I think that on a certain level, it`s almost like comfort food for people. I think that people are comfortable with the cast. They fall in love with the cast and you`re taking them on a little ride each week.

You know, there`s a thousand procedural shows, but why do people tune in to certain ones? We were fortunate enough to be launched out of the original "NCIS," which has a huge fan base. The good news for us was that the audience connected with L.L. Cool J and myself and our cast and the characters that we`re playing. Because that`s really the trick in any of these shows, is will the audience fall in love with the cast? If they do, they`ll take a ride with you, and they`ll stick with you. And we`re really fortunate to have just amazing fans.

HAMMER: Realism is such an important part of what you guys do here.

O`DONNELL: Well, we try and be as authentic as possible. We have our technical advisers here every day, watching everything we do. And you know, you try to be as true to the procedures that are taken and the realities of it.

You know, the reality of it is, is that we`re making a TV show. So there are certain times where you take liberties. But we want to make it as honest as possible and as true to real life as possible.


HAMMER: Very real. "NCIS: Los Angeles." It airs Tuesday nights on CBS.

You`re starring at Chris O`Donnell.

BUTEAU: I`m like salivating, like give me some barbecue sauce. A little chicken nugget. He`s adorable.

And I love you in vests, man. Wear more vests.

HAMMER: Oh, should I stay with the vests?

BUTEAU: Stay with the vests.

HAMMER: All right, I will.

BUTEAU: Maybe a fedora, a guitar. I don`t know.

HAMMER: I can`t wait to see more of this.




HAMMER: Get ready for goosebumps. A Great Big World goes back to school and has a famous kids chorus take their hit song to another level.

Plus this.


TINA FEY, COMEDIAN: Your kids, where are they on Santa Claus?



HAMMER: This is so good. Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey, equaling a whole lot of laughs. Stick around for our "Moment of Awesomeness." This is SBT on HLN.


KHLOE KARDASHIAN: Your boob is, like, leaking out of control.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It is? Oh, my God. What is happening?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED)? That weirds me out.


HAMMER: Right now, the "Top Ten Countdown." It`s possibly the worst, most cringe-worthy Kardashian moment ever. Khloe and Kim talk about Kim`s breast milk and so much more. We don`t have to keep up with everything, do we?




HAMMER: Paradise by our dash board light. Rock icon Meat Loaf right here. We are talking hip hop, football and the amazing thing he is about to do. "SBT" continues right now.

Welcome back. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host tonight the lovely Michelle Buteau, you know it`s a VH1`s"Best Week Ever" Having a good time?

MICHELLE BUTEAU: Oh, I`m God so much fun.

HAMMER: You see who is here?

BUTEAU: I can`t believe I`m sober. This is fun.

HAMMER: I just want to get right to number five on our countdown. I appreciate your sobriety.


HAMMER: Our countdown is rocking now with Meat Loaf.


MEAT LOAF (singing)


HAMMER: I love this song. We all know his iconic song and we`ve also heard it in plenty of remixes in ads for Dr. Pepper and M&M. The legend who sings "I would do anything for love," is one of the bestselling artist of all of time. Meat Loaf is still rocking with the best of them. He has got a great show called "Rock tails and Cocktails, Presents Meat Loaf." It returns to Planet Hollywood in Vegas. On February, 13. It`s a pleasure to see you.

MEAT LOAF: Thanks. A.J. So, Michelle, what is the best week? I have a question for Michelle.


HAMMER: Go ahead.

MEAT LOAF: What is the best week?

BUTEAU: The best week ever is a really hilarious show on VH1.


BUTEAU: It`s a show on VH1.

MEAT LOAF: OK, got it.

BUTEAU: Every Friday night at 10:00 P.M. And we talk about all the crazy happenings that have been on television in the last week. Much like this.

MEAT LOAF: How long is your show? Like eight hours?

BUTEAU: It is only 30 minutes. We have to condense it. Short and sweet like most of the Jewish men I have dated. Let me ask you a question.

MEAT LOAF: OK, go Michelle.

BUTEAU: You would do anything for love, but you won`t do that. What is that?

HAMMER: Oh, goodness, you are never going to ask that.


HAMMER: I`m sorry.


MEAT LOAF: And everybody asked what is that, and I`ve never heard - don`t let you Meat Loaf. Never heard that.

BUTEAU: Has anyone asked, if they could be the gravy to your meatloaf?

MEAT LOAF: No, but not exactly in those exact sentences, but they`ve mentioned, you know, sides and gravy and just about everything you could possibly.

BUTEAU: Come on, really?

MEAT LOAF: But that`s OK. I just wanted to know what the best week ever was. And now I know. And I don`t know how you could possibly do that with all the crazy things that happen.

BUTEAU: I know.

HAMMER: And that are happening right now.


MEAT LOAF: And you know what? Of all the crazy things that happen, I don`t think not a single one of them are true.

BUTEAU: Well -- I mean it`s like a generalization. It`s sort of true.

MEAT LOAF: Yes. Sort of true. Sort of true. Let`s take, for example, right, I heard earlier in the show about Justin Bieber.

HAMMER: OK, hold on a second.


HAMMER: If you want to talk about that, we had the guy on, just so I can set it up, on the radio station in Ottawa, Canada. They are banning Bieber`s music. Until he straitens up his act.

So, that did not go over well with you.

MEAT LOAF: No, maybe not. I want to ask this guy when he was 19, what did he do? And you know, I mean, the kid is 19 years old. Granted his parents didn`t give him a great foundation. But he is 19. He is not doing anything that another 19-year-old wouldn`t be doing. And believe me, there is not a 19-year-old alive that if he had the money wouldn`t have a Ferrari.


HAMMER: Devil`s advocate.


HAMMER: If you were in the public eye like he is, with millions of fans, particularly young fans. And I`m not saying you have a responsibility to be a role model to everybody.


HAMMER: But there`s something there, people want to emulate your behavior. You know, man, you started out - you were in the business a long time before .

BUTEAU: What if Twitter was around?

HAMMER: People were - to know who you were.

MEAT LOAF: OK, if you - it`s not -- I don`t think it`s fair. Because if you went back to Hollywood in the `30s and the `40s and found out about what Errol Flynn was doing. And the just protected them and covered it up. And we didn`t have - you know, if you move to the left, somebody`s going to take your picture and say A.J. moved to the left. I saw it! You know, so, I really don`t -- I mean I don`t think that he -- I`m going to defend him. I mean .


MEAT LOAF: He needs a foundation. That`s what he did -- that`s what Lindsay Lohan didn`t have.

BUTEAU: But it`s .

MEAT LOAF: Where Ronnie Howard did.

BUTEAU: So, we need that all the yes people surrounding him need to start saying no.

MEAT LOAF: Well, yes.

BUTEAU: What would you say?

MEAT LOAF: Well, yes. But it comes back long before that. His parents pushed him and they didn`t give him a foundation. So, when a guy is 19 and he`s not doing it. So, but I -- what I find wrong is, yes, somebody should say no to him and somebody should help guide him. And Usher who brought him in should sit him down and say look, dude. Let`s do this. But this guy says I`m going to ban your records because of what you did. And I`m going don`t throw rocks until you know, you live in a glass house, don`t throw rocks.

HAMMER: You obviously, you have been very candid about struggles that you have had throughout your career.

MEAT LOAF: Yeah, I didn`t have that many. I have been pretty grounded and pretty disciplined in my career. You know, I mean - never .

HAMMER: No, I love that.

MEAT LOAF: You cannot believe --

HAMMER: I love that.

MEAT LOAF: I mean I read the other day in celebrity something another oh, he, you know, he cancelled shows just in the last few years because of drug problems. And I`m going, oh, man, I`m getting -- I`m going after him because that`s just not true. I don`t do drugs. I don`t drink. You know, I`m like a straight arrow. I don`t talk on off days. I`m so disciplined it will kill you.

HAMMER: What helped you, though, when earlier on, I`m talking, you know, what - 30 years ago what helped you the most dig yourself out?

MEAT LOAF: Well, no, I never got into that. I never -- it was very -- it was like, you know, it`s like -- when people say, well I smoked pot but I never inhaled. You know, it`s like OK. I did never smoke pot. Because I did one time with Mark Farner from Grand Park Railroad and I got so paranoid I thought there was little people in the ashtray of my car. So, I`ve never touched that stuff again. You know, and I never liked the way alcohol tasted. I can`t stand the smell of champagne. It makes me gag, if somebody is drinking at the table.

So I was never really tempted with that. But I got grounded because I was in acting world in New York City and I was working with very serious actors. And who really -- you know, weren`t Errol Flynn and didn`t break up windows. And I - it wasn`t the Keith Moon thing. See, Keith Moon was another one, a young guy that didn`t have any .

HAMMER: Foundation, yeah.

MEAT LOAF: Any foundation. But for this guy, you know, I understand, Justin, you need help, you need somebody to say no to you, but for this clown, I`m sorry I`m going to call him a clown to say I`m banning Justin Bieber`s records - go ahead .

BUTEAU: Well, he`s doing it to try and help him open his eyes.

MEAT LOAF: See, that`s not going to help him. That`s not going to help him. That`s just going to piss him off. I`m sorry.

HAMMER: Well, and there are people who say, you know, the more you go after somebody`s dealing with difficulties, the more they are going to dig in.

After people with difficulties the more they are going to dig in.


HAMMER: And be defiant. Let me have a little fun for a moment.

MEAT LOAF: OK. Go ahead.

HAMMER: Because I`ve got you here. I want to play a little clip of something you are quite familiar with and then I have a confession.


HAMMER: OK. If we could roll that little clip of "Paradise."


MEAT LOAF (singing): Come on, hold tight.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALES: No, it`s cold and lonely.


HAMMER: All right, there it is. A portion of the 8 minutes and 28 seconds that is the glory of "Paradise by the Dash Board Lights".

MEAT LOAF: And D.J.s love that when .

HAMMER: Oh, my god.


HAMMER: I was telling Michelle.


HAMMER: I still have dreams of getting lost in the bathroom while the songs were playing. However, I am here to confess to you, as I`m sure many had in the past.


HAMMER: That is my go to karaoke song.

BUTEAU: Nice. Sing a little bit right now. Can we afford it?

HAMMER: It`s not going to happen.

MEAT LOAF: No, it`s not going to happen. It is my karaoke`s devil worship. But don`t tell anybody.


HAMMER: Your show, your new show, which I`m .

MEAT LOAF: "Rock tales and Ducktails, which we are not talking about and leave Bieber alone.

HAMMER: Well, here`s the thing. You know, it ain`t your daddy`s meatloaf show.

MEAT LOAF: No, it`s not. No. and if you - if somebody would have said to me that I would have had this after band -- I would have had this show then I would have now, I would have said you`re out of your mind. Because, you know back - we were rocking, we were doing this. And we`ve been - but because I came from a theater background. Because well, you know how I got in theater? Because I wanted you to get out of study hall in high school. So, I went to the counsel and said I got to get out of study hall. I said what elective? She goes drama, and I so I went and set in the back of the class and - I got into it and I was into the front of the class all of a sudden, and it just kept. It just kept. And so, eventually I did "Hair." I came to do hair on Broadway in `69.

HAMMER: Amazing.

MEAT LOAF: And worked for Joe Papp and did what - four Broadways and all Broadways .

HAMMER: Life has come full circle. And you`re doing this in Vegas.

MEAT LOAF: And I was cast in the movie, believe it or not, "One Flew over the Cuckoo`s Nest" with Jack Nicholson by Mike Douglas. And - yeah, Michael Douglas. And - Michael Douglas, the talk show host, - and then went and had a writers` strike. So, I didn`t do it. So, my life would have changed. So, I went the right direction. But this show is a lot of fun. And I get to bring back the -- I bring back characters that I`ve done in plays. And they stand on stage out there in Vegas and talk to the audience and talk to them like this. You know what .

HAMMER: You must have an absolute blast doing it.

MEAT LOAF: I have so much fun against.

HAMMER: We`re all getting on a plane and we`re going to see it.

BUTEAU: I can`t wait. Date night.

MEAT LOAF: I`ve got (inaudible).

BUTEAU: Are you going to be doing a little hip hop on stage?

MEAT LOAF: They do. I don`t, dear. They .

BUTEAY: Can you do a Lil John impression?

MEAT LOAF: No, I don`t to Lil John. Lil John is Lil John. I`ll Lil John to Lil John.

HAMMER: And I`ll do the devil worship. So, I`ve got to wrap it up here, buddy.

MEAT LOAF: Oh, too bad. Anyway.

HAMMER: It`s great having you here.

MEAT LOAF: "The Rock dance and Cocktails" is a really fun show. And people - and word of mouth is great. And when the ushers and the ticket sellers and the people that work behind the bar come in and watch the show and tell you how much they like it you`ve got something.

HAMMER: You know you`re on the right track. All right. Always good to see you.


HAMMER: And by the way" Rock Tales and Cocktails."

MEAT LOAF: And you play that Justin Bieber track, dude.


HAMMER: Presents Meat Loaf. It starts at Planet Hollywood in Vegas on February 13th.

All right, down to the final four in the countdown. Including Scarlet Johansson censored? Could it be?


SCARLET JOHANSSON: Like most actors, my real job is saving the world. Start with plain water, add bubbles, mix in the perfect flavor. Look, soda that`s better for you and all of us.


HAMMER: Why Scarlet Super Bowl soda commercial was banned. But will her sex (ph) response get some people in a tizzy over the fizzy. Also this.


UNIDENTIFIED CHILDREN: Say something I`m giving up on you.


HAMMER: This is incredible. The PS 22 chorus is wowing everyone again. This time, they are teaming with great big world for an unforgettable version of "Say Something," and we`re going to play it for you. What`s going to be number one on our "Countdown?" This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host comedienne Michelle Buteau.

Do you like comedian or comedienne?

BUTEAU: I like comedian. Like, you know, to put n .

HAMMER: I never really understood what the distinction was. Some women, apparently, prefer that.


HAMMER: But anyway.

BUTEAU: Very stupid.

HAMMER: That`s not number four on our countdown.


HAMMER: This is number four on our countdown. Scarlet Johansson getting sexy over soda her.




BUTEAU: I mean .

HAMMER: I`m turning you on?

BUTEAU: I mean.

HAMMER: Well, it seems that Fox has banned a Super Bowl commercial Scarlet made for soda stream because in the commercial she took a dig at Coke and Pepsi mentioning them by name and we`re going to play it.


JOHANSSON: Like most actors my real job is saving the world. Start with plain water, add bubbles, mix in the perfect flavor. Look, soda that`s better for you and all of us. Less sugar and less bottles. If only I can make this message go viral.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You doing it, Scarlet. Yeah, you are doing it. Changing the world. One sip at a time.

JOHANSSON: Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.


HAMMER: Yeah, sorry, Coke and Pepsi. The commercial has now been remade, minus the mention of the other sodas.

BUTEAU: Oh, god. I feel like she has a pony and it`s named One Trick. Because all she just plays like the sexy blonde thing. It`s like, all right, I get that - It`s a stunt and now we`re talking about it, I understand.

HAMMER: Yeah, that`s all thing. Well, TV host Stuart Brazell is in Hollywood. All right, so people are like reacting, but it`s a stunt that get no mentions. The commercials getting extra play before the Super Bowl. Well done, right?

STUART BRAZELL, TV HOST: You know, here`s my zip: she has this robe on, she takes it off, and she has a dress underneath. She should have had on her bikini. Don`t lure us in thinking we are going to see something.

BUTEAU: Yes, girl.

BRAZELL: I see her in sexy dresses all the time. And you know what - this feels a lot to me like Sophia Vergara`s Pepsi campaign.

BUTEAU: yes!

BRAZELL: She is doing the same kind of thing!

HAMMER: I don`t know. I look at her. And she can do no wrong in my mind. Why are you so down on Scarlet?

BUTEAU: I`m not hating on Scarlet. Like she better use it before she loses it. You know what I mean - like you don`t want to see Meryl Streep sucking on the straw. We want to see Scarlet Johansson, I get it. But .

BRAZELL: Let`s see some Scarlet Johansson`s selfies like Kim K. style, right? Where is her butt shy?

BUTEAU: Let`s see the junk in the trunk.

HAMMER: Yeah, we are seeing a little too much from Kim K. And I suppose that would be a good time for me to say, going to number three in our countdown.

BUTEAU: He is good.

HAMMER: I have never been a fan of the expression TMI. I think it`s overused. I`m tired of it.

BUTEAU: Yeah. Think of words .

HAMMER: This time I`m saying it. Holy TMI.

BUTEAU: Oh, watch your language, young man.


HAMMER: So, the Kardashians have now possibly finally truly proved that there was simply no line in determining what they will put on television. Are you ready?

BUTEAU: I`m ready.

HAMMER: You actually haven`t seen this entire clip.

BUTEAU: No, I haven`t.

HAMMER: Go prepare yourself.

BUTEAU: I have my seatbelt on.

HAMMER: We just saw Khloe, Kim and Rob Kardashian having a little coffee clutch at some of the new episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Suddenly, the conversation became a little moist and uncomfortable.


KIM KARDASHIAN: I opened up a bottle of sanitizer, and it squirted right in my eye and burned my eye.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: Aren`t you used to that? When Kanye .


ROB KARDASHIAN: It sounds like me.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: Your boob is like leaking out of control.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It is? Oh, my god.


ROB KARDASHIAN: What (expletive deleted)! That weirds me out for real.


ROB KARDASHIAN: It just weirded me out.


KHLOE KARDASHIAN: It is like a water fountain.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It just stains.

OK, Sorry.

ROB KARDASHIAN: See you guys. It`s been fun.


BUTEAU: Oh, my god.

HAMMER: Separate from that part.

BUTEAU: Sorry. I`m not leaking.

HAMMER: Let`s flash back to the beginning, and I`m not going to repeat what was said there about Kanye and the hand sanitizer.

BUTEAU: Why not? OK, let`s not. I mean I just feel like I know more about her cycle than I do mine. Do you know what I mean?



HAMMER: I do know what you mean.

BUTEAU: Like it`s just too much.

HAMMER: Stuart you are watching right along there with us. Huh?

BUTEAU: I think I need therapy just because I`m watching that.

BRAZELL: I`ve got to say. Yeah, I mean even Kim Kardashian can`t make leakage sexy. I don`t want to see that. The Kardashians are the queens and kings of TMI, but I don`t want to see her brother looking at her boobs and her breast milk. It should have been excluded.

BUTEAU: Let`s just watch that episode .

HAMMER: I don`t care about the breast milk thing. I don`t want to hear what was said at the beginning of that.

BRAZELL: I know.

HAMMER: And again .

BRAZELL: Tell me I want a bowl of cereal.


BRAZELL: I don`t know what is happening. And I`m hungry.

HAMMER: I`m not going to repeat it and I`m never going to use hand sanitizer again now.

BUTEAU: Well, just make sure you are OK.

HAMMER: All right. Stuart, thank you very much. Take a deep breath.

BRAZELL: Thanks.

HAMMER: I mean really.


BUTEAU: I`m freaking out.

HAMMER: Number three on our "SBT" countdown might have made us all a little red in the face. But I can tell you the numbers two and one finally will make us feel warm all over in the best possible way. Or the top of the countdown is next. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host. Comedienne Michelle Buteau.

BUTEAU: That`s me!

HAMMER: VH1 "The Best Week Ever.", standup comic and so much more.


HAMMER: We`re down to number two on our top ten countdown. It`s something that has everybody in "SBT" newsroom just howling. They were actually howling earlier today. Vin Diesel singing "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry featuring Juicy J. He`s singing in those undershirt. Bring it. I play this.


VIN DIESEL (singing)



HAMMER: See, he posted that on his Facebook page and everybody`s smiling. Why do you love that so much?

BUTEAU: Hercules! Hercules! Oh, my god, it`s like a panties off situation. Everyone wants a hot muscled dude with a good job and a lot of money to sing to you. That is hot.

HAMMER: Say thank you.

BUTEAU: Oh, my god, thank you!


BUTEAU: You know, it`s so well.

HAMMER: All right, as we move on the big reveal number one on our top ten countdown, it is going to make you feel so warm and fuzzy, you`re going to say to hell with the polar vortex. Or maybe not. Ian Axel of "The Great Big World" teaming up with the PS 22 Chorus from Staten Island, New York for a breathtaking version of "Say Something." You`ve got to watch this.


CHORUS (singing): Swallow my pride. You`re the one that I love and saying good-bye. Say something and I`m giving up on you. I`m sorry that I couldn`t get to you. (inaudible) I will follow you. Oh, oh, say something I`m giving up for you.


HAMMER: That was pretty incredible. Now I feel better.

BUTEAU: I know, it`s amazing. This is why we need music class in every school in America.

HAMMER: Yes, correct.

BUTEAU: Oh, cute.

HAMMER: And now you need to get ready for a ride that you will not forget. And Tina Fey joins Jerry Seinfeld for his hilarious series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."


TINA FEY: Your kids, where are they on Santa Claus?

JERRY SEINFIELD: Well, we`re Jewish.


HAMMER: You`ve got to see two of comedy`s finest inaction. In our "Moment of Showbiz Awesomeness," this is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for our moment of "Showbiz Awesomeness." Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey driving around New York City in Jerry`s hilarious web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." Tina joins Jerry for an upcoming episode. It`s just magic.


FEY: Your kids, where are they on Santa Claus?

JERRY SEINFIELD: Well, we`re Jewish.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On the next episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

SEINFIELD: You don`t drive.

FEY: I don`t have a license anymore.

SEINFIELD: Tina Fey, no key, no car.

FEY: Mental child.

You walk on the - Side - you will never, ever see a truly good-looking person.

I`m in charge of feces, all the household feces are my perfume.

SEINFELD: Is that a wig? You know, that`s the greatest hair an old woman`s ever had.

FEY: I pulled up and I forgot to put car in park. I almost ran myself over.

SEINFELD: What are you all doing?

FEY: Stop doing that.

SEINFELD: And behave.

FEY: This is my face, like what?

SEINFELD: Oh, my god, you`re squirming.



HAMMER: I can`t wait to see the entire thing.

BUTEAU: I know.

HAMMER: Tina`s episode can be seen online January 30 at This is one of my favorite things on the Internet, period.

BUTEAU: Yeah, and "In Bed with Joan." But this is amazing, too. And I`ve been watching - like I just can`t get enough. And I love to see really talented comedians just, you know, not on stage.

HAMMER: Being themselves.

BUTEAU: Just being themselves. But you know what - I used to live on the Upper West Side. I`m kind of cute, Tina, I`m just saying.

HAMMER: Michelle, thank you for being here from VH1`s "Best Week Ever."

BUTEAU: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you for joining us. And thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch "SBT" Monday through Thursday Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.