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Hillary World And 2016; Bieber's Out On Bail; Worst Uniform Ever?

Aired January 24, 2014 - 07:30   ET


AMY CHOZICK, POLITICAL REPORTER, "THE NEW YORK TIMES": -- involved and feel heard without creating that chaos that destroyed her the last time.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: It seems also there is a struggle between the old garden and the new Clinton land.

CHOZICK: Well, absolutely, I mean, the Clintons came to power when big digging up opposition research files is how you win presidential campaigns. The Obama campaign really mastered the data game. They're going to bring in the new people who know how to wage a campaign of 2016.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Opposition research still very much a part of politics. One of the interesting dynamics is you say yourself, the Clintons. Hillary is going to have to distinguish herself to win this election.

CHOZICK: Absolutely.

CUOMO: Do you get any sense a lot of them are Bill's people, as to why Hillary is better than Bill on any level? This is a big challenge in house and out of house.

CHOZICK: It's a really interesting question because right now Bill Clinton's people are very focused on legacy building. He talks a lot about the Clinton years. She does too. But she cannot look like a candidate of the '90s. She is no longer the first lady, the president's wife. She's been a senator, secretary of state, presidential candidate. They want people to look at her as her own person.

BOLDUAN: John, come into this discussion. Something also that Hillary Clinton has to fight and David Axelrod notes this suggestion that this is a coronation. That was one of the problems that she had in 2007 when she was encased in a presumption of inevitability. But if you look at the latest polling, she's what, 65 percent among Democratic registered voters versus Biden who is 8 percent. She is still fighting that battle?

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: She wishes all these primaries would be tomorrow so she could have the election with her at those numbers. Remember, at this point back in 2006, this kid named Barack Obama was not even registering in the polls. So can she be beat? Yes. Is there anybody out there now viewed as a credible contender? Absolutely not.

Because of that and because of history, remember, history says the Republicans win the next presidential election. In our lifetime, only George H.W. Bush, a Republican has succeeded a two term president of his own party. That's one of the reasons you see this, they say it's our turn, but all these people flocking to her. Former Obama people saying let's just build fortress Hillary on the ground because she's the only one that can keep the White House in Democratic hands.

As we've talked about before, she's been inevitable before. That has to be a bell on the back of her head, I've lived this dream before and it turned into a nightmare. Number two to Amy's point, you know, Bill Clinton went through this in 1992 on a much smaller scale. Hillary land is a lot bigger than Bill's campaigns ever were.

But he had the Arkansas guard. There was a lot of tension at first. They finally figured it out, but the candidate sets the tone. The candidate has to referee it. That's what she didn't do in 2008.

CUOMO: You did a good job. It's not easy to get in there. Of course, you had them seeing who could talk, you did a good job of unpacking who's around her. The question is, what kind of candidate can they mold? It's tough when you have Bill Clinton as your husband. He is also going to be a lot of comparison for people early on. Is she better than he was? It's just part of politics?

CHOZICK: Absolutely. And then there's a question of how to use Bill Clinton, which came up a lot in 2008. You know, how do we utilize him as a surrogate without having him steal her thunder? So that is going to be a question as well.

BOLDUAN: Let's talk about this cover that's got a lot of attention.

CHOZICK: I've got it.

BOLDUAN: We've got a graphic of it right here for you. An assumption this was coming at you when you guys went out there with this? What do you make of the reaction?

CHOZICK: I kept describing this as a story about her orbit. They didn't know I was quite so literally.

CUOMO: And you don't pick the cover to be fair.

CHOZICK: I didn't pick the cover. When they showed it to me, I definitely thought, oh, this is going to drive a lot of reaction.

BOLDUAN: Let's show some of the other options that people have taken creative license with using the Hillary Clinton planet. John King, what would be your cropping of choice?

KING: I think -- not crop of choice here. But ever since I first started covering Hillary Clinton, when I started covering Bill Clinton back in the last '80s into the early '90s, there's been a debate about her hair style. We're not talking about her hair. Maybe that's a victory. BOLDUAN: And we're not talking about pant suits. They like this.

CUOMO: Or they're going to say they don't like it because they're going to say you're not showing her respect. Is that a fair criticism?

BOLDUAN: Because Paul Begala was not a fan of it.

CHOZICK: Interesting. I don't know being a planetary body seems respectful. I could understand where they wouldn't think it was the most flattering.

CUOMO: That's not the motivating tone?

CHOZICK: Of course not, no, absolutely not.

BOLDUAN: It's got a lot of people talking.

CUOMO: It's good to generate buzz because you are far out. An interesting point to end on, John, you brought this up, Senator Barack Obama then, right, during the primaries. He wasn't registering well. Hillary was seeming stronger than him on small issues. Do you believe that she will benefit from the idea of buyer's remorse on President Obama? You hear this in Democratic circles. I wonder if she would have been better than the president is being right now, what do you make of that suggestion?

KING: I do think there is a bit of that among Democratic activists. Her argument was he's not ready to be president. Once Iowa, New Hampshire, once he became credible, he had such a huge advantage because African-Americans support went to him in droves. She was a loyal soldier after that campaign. One of the reasons you see so many of Team Obama trying to support Team Hillary, they think OK. First African-American president, that's great.

Now it is time to elect the first female president and she is the one who can do it, but let's also be honest. There are some raw politics to this Democrats now consume the federal government. These are their friends and their families in all these jobs. They lose the White House. They lose those jobs.

If they look around, no offense to the governors out there, they look around at the other candidates and they say, history says Republicans will win unless we nominate the battle ship.

BOLDUAN: John King, thank you as always. Amy, thank you as well. You can read Amy's piece in this issue of "New York Times" magazine.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, pop star, Justin Bieber's legal troubles. They are real. What's behind this behaviour? What's the motivation? We are going to talk about that and we're going to talk about why isn't someone helping this kid?

BOLDUAN: Also ahead, the reviews are coming in for this year's Olympic uniform for opening ceremonies. Just take a look and you can decide, classic style or something akin to ugly Christmas sweater. We're going to hash this out coming up.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just when the streets are finally safe from Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber comes out of nowhere, arrested in Miami Beach earlier this morning on charges of DUI, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license and he's in trouble with his grandparents for not stopping by to visit.


CUOMO: Funny now, but Bieber's news, this latest scrape isn't just egging his neighbor's home. He was arrested early yesterday for drunk driving, resisting arrest, driving without a valid license, big things potentially. Police caught the singer drag racing in a residential neighbourhood that's how this started. Now among the people facilitating that drag race is allegedly his own father who reportedly took him to a bar after picking him up from the jail, that's an allegation. I hope it's not true.

Here to discuss this is Debra Opri, a defense attorney joining us from Los Angeles and Bonnie Fuller, president and editor-in-chief of Thank you very much for giving us the social and the legal here.

Let's start with the social. People pay say, he's not really news, but isn't it a concern that we're seeing another kid going down the road unsupervised that could end very badly?

BONNIE FULLER, PRESIDENT AND EDITOR IN CHIEF, HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM: Absolutely. I think there is tremendous concern that Justin Bieber has millions and millions of fans and they follow every move that he makes. He was a role model for many years. And so it's been very disturbing to see him go off that track and to evolve into this person who's drag racing, putting himself in danger and other people in danger.

CUOMO: He is only 19 years old, but that's why 19-year-olds have parents. What do we know about who's around him? Who is loving him? Who is talking to him? Does he have any kind of support system?

FULLER: He does have a big support system. He was raised by his mother, Patty. She has not been seen around him lately. He was with his father, Jeremy, and apparently, he was at scene and he was with him afterwards. There had been reports that he left Miami. But in fact he stayed in Miami and was still in his hotel and there were pictures of the two of them together afterwards.

CUOMO: Is this true about the father taking him to a bar and that he is kind of like hanging out? He is very young, the father himself but is that true?

FULLER: We've heard that as well, that he was with him before the incident and after. And we've also heard that his mother, Patty, is very, very concerned and is -- is planning what to do next, is working with his team to try and figure out what will work because Justin doesn't think he has a problem.

CUOMO: It's hard when the kid's got so much money, so much power, a lot of people around him become beholden to him. But now he is in the system, first time dui could easily be a felony. His admission to police officer about what he was doing. That he was engaged in an aggravating factor, drag racing even if he was only going to 15 to 30. These are major components of what could be a tough case, true or false?

DEBRA OPRI, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: It's true, but it's a first time offense. And Florida has lower bills than California, but basically the same sentences. The first time offense for anyone that young is anything of.02 and over is a dui. My understanding is he had a .04. He'll probably have to take an alcohol class, probably lose his license for up to a year, may have to do community service and he'll pay a fine.

The most important thing is this, this has to be a wake-up call to anyone. Whenever I tell a client on a first-time offense, it's not that serious now. It's serious, but this has to be a wake-up call. The first thing I'd say is stay out of the media, no comments, go about your business and let the lawyers handle everything. Get it pled out immediately.

CUOMO: He's got Roy Black who has already been savvy. So far they're treating him the way they should, not making it extra hard because he's a celebrity. Based on the facts we have here, it seems like a judge should say, you talk like this to the cops, you didn't have a license. You're setting up a drag race?

OPRI: You're right. Justin Bieber should not have done a knee jerk reaction of yes I did this, yes I did that. He shouldn't have done anything, which means his advisors should have told him going in, this is your lifestyle right now. As soon as something happens, you say nothing and call us. As far as Justin's Behavior and Roy Black's handling of this.

First thing you have to get it down to a reckless, get him into an alcohol program. Many of my clients will say, I want to fight this. Look, you blew the legal, get it done and behave yourself. Get it done and behave yourself. I think I would a

CUOMO: That makes us back to the perception of these things. Is it fair to say you see a kid going down the wrong road or is lot of this hype because he keeps giving us stuff to report on?

FULLER: I don't think it's speculation. We have seen the acts. We saw 11 police cars pull up to his house last week. They took his vandalism, allegedly throwing eggs at his neighbor very seriously. Before that, we have seen a number of incidents. He has been pulled over for speeding before. And he -- there's been a lot of concern about partying at his house. The neighbors have called. There's been a series of events that seem to get more serious. He was even accused of vandalism in Australia. CUOMO: Where do you see him on the spectrum of celebrities in trouble?

FULLER: I see him as a young star who's got great potential to turn his life back around. I think right now, he's on a bad path. And we've heard that he doesn't think he has a problem. So that's the first problem.

CUOMO: It always is in these situations. The young ones have a lot of money.

FULLER: That's right. And he's very talented. He's got a great future ahead of him if he can see what he's doing right now is not right.

OPRI: I'll finish up. I see him as a young individual flexing his muscles. Thousands upon thousands of people get DUIs at that age. As long as he doesn't get into more trouble, I think he's going to be fine.

CUOMO: All right, we'll see what happens. Deb, thanks for the legal. Appreciate Bonnie for letting us know what's happening with this life. Hopefully it gets better from here -- Kate.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Chris. So these big swells in Hawaii, we've been talking about them. Let's talk about what's behind them.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Truly unbelievable. Take a look at some of the video. Giant breaking surf will make it extremely dangerous to approach the shoreline. Anyone approaching could see significant injury or death. Why are we looking at waves this big? California has had this huge ridge of high pressure. That's a low pressure system as strong as a hurricane.

Remember, it's winds that create surf. Once again, you have this huge system out there bringing them in toward Hawaii. The weight of the waves so strong they could actually break bones. Now they're making their way all the way over to California. Not as high, about 20 feet out there.

Half-moon bay, they're looking for these strong waves. This also has to do with the shoreline, 20 feet, this is so interesting. When you watch the Mavericks Invitational, they stand on cliffs and look down. Today, the waves are going to be so high that they have to close the public off, very interesting.

BOLDUAN: That is interesting. Does increase the draw to the event though, right?

PETERSONS: Hopefully not, but yes.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Indra.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, our first look at the U.S. Olympic team uniforms, a patriotic patch work or something your grandmother might knit for you at Christmas time? (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

PEREIRA: Welcome back. The 2014 Team USA Olympic opening ceremony uniforms they are out. I want you to look for yourself. I have no words. There are actually there is something worse out there. We bring in our fashion guru, Brett Larson, CNN technology analyst.

BRETT LARSON, CNN TECHNOLOGY ANALYST: Social media on this has been blowing up. We're getting it look hideous. It's like my 7th grade teacher would have made me wear. I agree with Michaela. It's fun to watch the social media response because everyone has an opinion and most of them are really bad. They are made in the U.S. Notice in that picture the American flag looks wrong. In the photo of the group of them, the flag -- it's the square of stars instead of the offset of stars --

PEREIRA: -- one athlete ends and the other begins look at that.

LARSON: No, there are actually there is something worse out there -- we have the picture of the Team Norway. What are we thinking about this? If they run pass you, I think you would get dizzy.

BOLDUAN: Olympic outfits worthy of stares if not medals.

PEREIRA: They are not meant to be worn every day.

LARSON: They should be pushed down the stairs. These are horrible outfits.

PEREIRA: Tweet us what you think about it, #newday. I'm curious about your thoughts about it.

LARSON: They are $500 sweaters.

BOLDUAN: At least they are warm.

CUOMO: You know what happens? You make it Ralph Lauren and expensive all of a sudden, you never know it catches fire.

CUOMO: I'll take a picture of everyone who has one and then ask why.

Coming up on NEW DAY, we're about to get a new look at nutrition. Some of the information on food labels is changing. Is it going to make it easier to diet or not?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's no need to go out or need to run that errand. Stay home.


CUOMO: Happening now, a potentially deadly ice storm hitting parts of the south at this hour. Fears of traffic pileups and power outages, a major highway still shut down in Indiana today after this fatal crash.

BOLDUAN: Counting calories about to get easier. New FDA recommendations on what food companies need to list on their labels. Will it make dieting any easier?

PEREIRA: What are the chances, two young women meet in college. Turns out they are sisters. Even bigger twist, how they discovered it. They join us live.

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY continues right now.