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Sherman Opens Up about Post-Game Rant; `Full House` Cast to Reunite for Yogurt Ad; Opera Singer to Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl; `Monument Men` Actors Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Insights; Humorous Craigslist Ad Looks for Match for Concert; Interview with Mary Lambert; Interview with 9-Year-Old Singer and Youtube Sensation; The Finger Skater

Aired January 22, 2014 - 23:00:00   ET


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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now, in the "Top Ten Countdown." Belting it out, letting it go. It is the little girl who is blowing everyone`s minds online with her version of the hit song "Let It Go" from "Frozen."




HAMMER: Pretty incredible, right. She`s only 9 years old. She`s never had a day of formal singing training. And she is right here to talk about her life-changing viral video.

A speed skater gets heated and throws up an Olympic-sized single-finger salute. He`s no figure skater. He`s the middle finger skater. Why did he do it?

SBT starts right now.

Hello, thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and we are kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories with a must-see exclusive.

For the very first time, Richard Sherman is revealing why he went on his rant around the world after a sensational play that sent his Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl. You`re going to hear Sherman in his own word in just a moment. But first let us relive that other moment with FOX`s Erin Andrews, soon after Sherman knocked away a pass that was meant for San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RICHARD SHERMAN, CORNERBACK, SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Well, I`m the best one in the game! When you pair me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that`s the result you`re going to get. Don`t you ever talk about me!

ERIN ANDREWS, FOX SPORTS: No one is talking about you.

SHERMAN: Crabtree. Don`t you open your mouth about the best. Or I`m going to shut it for you real quick.


HAMMER: Somebody was just a little hopped up.

Well, with me now to watch Sherman and what he just revealed exclusively is actress and comedienne Kim Whitley in Hollywood. Her great reality series, "Raising Whitley," can be seen Saturday nights on OWN.

Great having you back, Kim.

And "Inside Edition" correspondent Megan Alexander is with me in New York.

So Sherman just opened up to my colleague, CNN`s Rachel Nichols. I`ve got to show you this, and you have to watch very closely with me. Because he seems to somehow kind of partially be apologizing for his rant.


RACHEL NICHOLS, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT/ANCHOR: What do you regret about all of that? What do you not regret about all of that?

SHERMAN: Well, there isn`t much about it I regret. Mostly, I regret, I guess, the storm afterwards. The -- you know, the way it was covered, the way it was perceived, and the attention that it took away from the fantastic performances from my teammates, you know. And that would be the only part that I regret. The way it`s covered.

You know, it is what it is. What I said is what I said. I don`t say I -- I probably shouldn`t have attacked another person. I don`t mean to attack him. And that was immature. I probably shouldn`t have done that. I regret doing that.

But I just felt like my teammates, deserve better. And I -- you know, I have to apologize to them and I have.


HAMMER: See, now that`s what the guy sounds like when he`s not all hopped up after winning the game that got his team into the Super Bowl. Kim, obviously a totally different Richard Sherman that we`re seeing in that interview. And it sounds like he`s at least partially sorry for what he did.

KIM WHITLEY, ACTRESS/REALITY TV STAR: I don`t understand what the problem is. I`m like A.J., Megan, I`m happy to be at the show. Did I seem aggressive or did I seem excited?

He was just getting his WWF on. Nobody was upset when the Rock was like, "Yes, I`m the Rock." And he`s articulate and he`s handsome. I mean, what is wrong with being excited about your job? Huh, am I angry?

I mean, is anybody giving it up to Rachel? She was like an old southern Baptist woman. She was like, "Baby, who was talking about you?" She has Busta Rhymes and 2 Chainz in her face at one time. And she handled it.

HAMMER: And that is why I love my Rachel Nichols.

Megan, I mean, yes, we`re all excited about being here. It`s great to see you, too. Listen, I know you were born in Seattle. So as far as you`re concerned, I`m sure the guy can do no wrong. It was great to see him taking some ownership for some of the things he wished maybe he hadn`t quite said.

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": Sure. Listen, I think from the very beginning this whole story was blown way out of proportion. A.J., to be that competitive at that level, this game is so intense. The move he made, tapping away the football, won the game.


ALEXANDER: He`s the best cornerback in the NFL. Cornerback, a lot of people feel.

I think the way he handled this now is he`s doing a really nice job. He`s saying, "Look, in the moment, probably shouldn`t have said that. But, listen, I`m a pretty good guy. Take a look at my past."

HAMMER: He just got off the field.


HAMMER: He`s actually a classy, articulate guy.

ALEXANDER: He didn`t swear.

HAMMER: He also revealed that his beef with Michael Crabtree started earlier this year, when they got into a confrontation off the field that reportedly almost led to a physical fight. And he explains exclusively to CNN`s Rachel Nichols that that is why he prefers to save his hostility for the field.


SHERMAN: You know, I`m not going to fight anybody and embarrass myself, embarrass my family, embarrass my organization like that. There`s no need for that. There`s no need to be that kind of barbaric human being.

But on the field, we`re playing a very barbaric sport. You can do what you please. And that`s when I take all of my animosity and all my anger and all my frustrations out on the field, with disciplined football, sound football.

You know, it takes -- it takes a different kind of person to be able to turn that switch on and off. To be able to step into the ring or step on the field, and be the intense, incredible, focused, and, kind of, kind of, you know, I guess, angry human being that you have to be to be successful in those -- in those atmospheres.

NICHOLS: How do you do it?

SHERMAN: You just -- you have to have that switch. You take -- you take it off. You treat it totally different. And that`s -- that`s why sometimes it -- it -- it -- it crashes and doesn`t go all so well. Because, you catch me in a moment on the field when I`m still in that zone, when I`m still as competitive as I can be, and I`m trying to be in the place where I have to be to do everything I can to be successful, on the football field and help my team win. Then it`s not going to come out as articulate, as smart, as charismatic, because on the field I`m not all those things. I`m everything I need to be to be a winner.


HAMMER: Yes. So Kim, I think he makes complete and perfect sense. He just hadn`t quite thrown the switch yet. Because he was still on the field.

WHITLEY: I mean, that`s the whole thing about NFL football. First, they try to ban dancing. Now they don`t want you to be upset. What are they going to do, text it in? "Ooh, I did good." Do you see that? Come on.

HAMMER: Yes. Totally. You`ve got that right. Well, obviously, we`re going to see a whole lot more of Richard Sherman at the Super Bowl. All eyes are going to be on him, for sure.

And we`ll also seeing what`s No. 9 in our countdown. Get ready for -- a "Full House" reunion. That`s right. John Stamos has recruited his "Full House" cast mates, Bob Saget and David Coulier, for a Super Bowl ad. It`s for Dannon`s Oikos Greek yogurt. We`ve seen Stamos in those ads before.

And he tweeted this picture with the caption, "The bromance lives on." Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Oikos, bromance.

And to further whet our appetites they did have to release this little teaser. Let`s watch that.


JOHN STAMOS, ACTOR: Woo! Now that was a good game. Ha-ha. What do you say, boys, time to go to bed?

BOB SAGET, ACTOR/COMEDIAN: Don`t you think it`s time we all get our own places?




HAMMER: So sweet to see the guys back together, Megan. Isn`t it? I was looking for the Olsen twins.

ALEXANDER: They are going to make an appearance.

HAMMER: Oh, good.

ALEXANDER: Next commercial at the end. The guys look pretty good, don`t they? This show premiered in 1987. I feel old.

HAMMER: Listen, what do you think, Kim? You haven`t seen them together. Stamos hasn`t changed a bit, by the way. It`s not the makeup. I`ve seen him in person. He`s exactly the same as he was back then.

WHITLEY: Stamos, of course, is gorgeous. I`m mad that they had David in a onesie. That red onesie. I couldn`t see the rest of the commercial.

And as far as the twins, I`m glad that the twins aren`t showing up. They are making, what, $8,000 alligator bags? They`re like "`Full House` who?" They`re going to show up for one second.

HAMMER: Yes. I think that onesie might -- they might be onto something. Maybe the Olsen twins will release that as part of their line.

ALEXANDER: There you go.

HAMMER: Let`s go to No. 8 in our countdown. This is something we`re actually going to see for the very first time ever at a Super Bowl.




HAMMER: What? What? What`s happening here? I hope you`re ready for some opera. It was just revealed that the brilliant opera star, Renee Fleming, who is seen here performing at the Metropolitan Opera, will be singing our national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Now, we know this gig is something that usually goes to a pop star. Alicia Keys sang the anthem last year. This year, it is Fleming. Now, she`s done some pop music throughout her career. She`s going to become the first opera star ever to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl. Megan, how are you feeling about that?

ALEXANDER: I think it`s an excellent choice. I think a soprano should always sing the song. She`s going to be glorious.

I can understand, A.J., that some people feel the Super Bowl is the pop culture moment, the pop culture event. So we tend to think a pop singer should perform the national anthem. I think she`s going to knock it out of the park. I think it`s going to be glorious. It will be different.

HAMMER: I think it will be totally different. Why do you think -- I have no idea why they went this direction. I wasn`t able to get to the bottom of that today.

ALEXANDER: Yes. She was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in New York. So maybe a true New Yorker/New Jersey.

HAMMER: She as on each of the borders.

Kim, what are you thinking about this? The great opera star, Renee Fleming, can`t put her down for one moment. She`s a genius. But singing at the Super Bowl?

WHITLEY: Does she know that it`s outside and it`s going to be 17 below zero? For the first ten seconds, she`s going to sound like Michael McDonald.

(singing): Oh, say can you see...

(speaking): As long as she don`t start twerking, I`m OK.

HAMMER: Did you say Michael McDonald? Are you making a Doobie Brothers reference out here? What`s happening? Is that what you`re talking about?

WHITLEY: Well, her voice. You know, opera singers, they don`t like cold.


WHITLEY: I don`t know if she knows.

HAMMER: I`m just trying to picture all the people, you know, the chicken wings and the beers in their face listening to opera. I think it`s genius.

Let me read some of the tweets that I saw today. One that caught my eye from "The Today Show" writer Scott Stump: "They picked an opera singer to do the national anthem at a Super Bowl in New Jersey. Is Bruce Springsteen booked that day?"

I never really saw the Boss doing that particular thing.

Here`s my favorite. You`ll enjoy this, Megan. This is from ESPN`s Richard Cimini: "Can`t go wrong with a soprano in New Jersey." I mean, come on.


HAMMER: You said you love having a soprano. It`s just a different kind of Soprano. This is -- talking about.

ALEXANDER: Exactly. I can`t wait to hear her hit the high note. It`s going to be glorious.

(singing): And the land of the free.

(speaking): She`s going to go way up.

WHITLEY: Didn`t you do it, baby.

HAMMER: You know, we`re going to hear it. Actually, we`ll now be able, here in New York City, where we`re located.

Great to have you here, Megan and Kim.

And again, Kim Whitley`s great show, "Raising Whitley," can be seen Saturday nights on OWN. And check your local listings for "Inside Edition" with Megan.

Thanks for being here, ladies.

I`m sure that singing for millions of fans could be in Annalise Forbes`s future. Let me tell you about her. Her killer version of "Let It Go" from the Disney movie "Frozen" has become a major viral hit.




HAMMER: Pretty incredible. She doesn`t miss a note. And Annalise says that she hasn`t had a day of formal training. Now the 9-year-old is right here, talking about how doing what she does naturally has completely changed her life.

Also ahead, Matt Damon on getting punked by Clooney.


MATT DAMON, ACTOR: I made the mistake of telling him I was going to -- "I`ll lose a couple pounds in this movie," which I didn`t, I don`t think. But I really didn`t think so, because he was taking my pants in an eighth of an inch every three days.


HAMMER: Yes, you`ve got to love these two Oscar actors playing around like a bunch of young kids on the set of their new film, "The Monument Men." SBT is getting details straight from Matt.

A star in the making or the Hollywood vets? Who`s going to top our countdown? This is SBT on HLN.



GEORGE CLOONEY, ACTOR: Like we did in the war. Monuments, man. Signed by Roosevelt.

DAMON: I see that.

CLOONEY: Have to put a team together and try to protect what`s left and find what`s missing.

DAMON: Aren`t you a little old for that?



HAMMER: Matt Damon and George Clooney team up once again in the new movie, "The Monuments Men." You have got to hear what Matt just revealed to us about a little practical joke that George played on him that made him think he was actually packing on the pounds.

That takes us to No. 7 on our must-see, must-share countdown. George Clooney not only stars with Matt in "The Monuments Men," along with Oscar- nominated actress Cate Blanchett but also wrote and directed the film.

But CNN entertainment producer Jamie Cargo (ph) just spoke with Matt and Cate. But before spilling the beans on that practical joke, Matt talked about the difference between being directed by Clooney and acting with him.


JAMIE CARGO (PH), CNN ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCER: Do you feel a different energy from him when he is directing versus when he`s in a scene with you?

DAMON: No. He`s always been very involved on every movie that I`ve done with him. He`s in the kind of think-tank that`s involved with making the movie. So he`s always very focused.

He just had much more to do, because this is such a big movie. You know, the scale of the movie was pretty huge. So, we didn`t see him off set a lot. You know? Whereas normally, like, I`m calling him to go to dinner or go hang out. And there was none of that on this movie. He was just very, very focused.

CARGO: But he still found time to play some practical jokes, I hear.

DAMON: Well, of course, because it`s George. He`s a child.

He took my pants in.

CLOONEY: That is true. I wasn`t physically doing the stitching myself.

HAMMER: Of course not. You have people for that.

CLOONEY: I have people.


CLOONEY: I have people that help me be rotten. And they helped. But yes, I did do it. But it was -- I was really busy. That was really only -- the only thing, prank I did on the whole movie. So I think I was...

HAMMER: It was a one-prank movie?

CLOONEY: Yes. I think I was behaving rather genteel.

HAMMER: How magnanimous of you.


HAMMER: Has he exacted his revenge on you yet?

CLOONEY: No, no, no. He`ll -- I`m sure I`ll find it.

HAMMER: Looking over your shoulder?

CLOONEY: Always.

DAMON: I made the mistake of telling him I was going to -- "Yes, I`ll lose a couple pounds on this movie," which I didn`t, I don`t think. But I really didn`t think so, because he was taking my pants in an eighth of an inch every three days.

CATE BLANCHETT, ACTRESS: What I find really, really horrifying about that is that you didn`t know until you came to do the press. He let you go through the whole shoot.

DAMON: Oh, yes.

BLANCHETT: And six months past. And thinking, God, Jesus, I`m getting old. I`m putting on weight. It`s so long-range with these things.

DAMON: He`ll let these things play out for years, too. He`s -- he`s sick.

CARGO (ph): Now we are finding -- I get to sit down with you in a hot streak. Right? I mean, this is the -- congratulations on all your success with "Blue Jasmine."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jasmine, look at you. Your place is homey.

BLANCHETT: Oh, look, I mean, those roles don`t come along very often. And I just happen to be the lucky girl, because you know, he couldn`t get anyone else. So he called me.

CARGO (ph): It does occur to me, though, like when we`re in the middle of these seasons of nominations and you start to hear the press use the word "snub." I find that so objectionable. Because it means somebody is undeserving. Like one of those five that wasn`t snubbed.

BLANCHETT: Look, part of the -- apart from the honor of winning, you know, whatever you`re lucky enough to win. And it is luck, really. You think, thank God I don`t -- now I don`t have to talk to the media and talk about how bad it feels to lose. Because it`s -- the thing is, you can`t -- you can barely enjoy the nomination before we`re talking about the odds.

DAMON: I think it`s great to get nominated. I think they should just leave it at that. That would be great, you know? But to think that for every winner, the perception is that there are four losers, I think has it backwards.

CARGO (ph): Yes, absolutely. Because I mean, as cliched as it is, it is an honor to be considered one of the five finest people to do something in your craft.

BLANCHETT: Look at the films that have been made this year. I mean, you know, you look at "Captain Phillips" and "American Hustle" and "12 Years a Slave." And I mean, they`re such different endeavors.

CARGO (ph): "Elysium."

BLANCHETT: Yes, "Elysium." One of the most...

CARGO (ph): Really underrated.

DAMON: I had to shave.


CARGO (ph): Your success with Michael Douglas and "Behind the Candelabra." It was remarkable to watch the Golden Globes, and I think every five minutes was a Matt Damon joke.

BLANCHETT: The garbage man was quite a good one.

DAMON: Yes, I didn`t know that was coming. But I love -- I did "30 Rock" with Tina. I did a bunch of episodes, and I know those guys. So I had a feeling something was going to come my way. You know, they have a little fun at my expense.


HAMMER: Cate, George and Matt are all terrific in "The Monuments Men." It hits theaters on February 7.

All right. So I guarantee that, when you see an 8-year-old busting a move on "India`s Got Talent," you will bust out a big old smile.




HAMMER: Come on, look at him go. You`re going to be tired after you watch this guy. A little dancing machine doing his thing. Pretty incredible.

Also this, the little girl melting hearts with the song from "Frozen."




HAMMER: The voice. That`s Annalise Forbes. She belts out "Let It Go" from the Disney movie. And it has become one of the most shared videos online. Now the 9-year-old is right here on SBT, telling me about her worldwide fame.

What will be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues right now with No. 6 and quite possibly the funniest want ad I`ve ever seen.

Comedian Kim Whitley back with me from Hollywood. She stars in a fantastic reality show. It`s called "Raising Whitley." It`s Saturday nights on OWN.

All right. So Kim, let me -- let me run this down for you. Two women who basically describe themselves as fun-loving girls. They use that expression. They posted an ad looking for two boyfriends to go with them to the annual Coachella Music Festival in the California desert.

Now, looking at this ad, it calls for a gentleman that is 12.5 percent raver, 50 percent normal, 7.5 percent hipster and 30 percent bro. Do the math, Kim.


HAMMER: Does such a dude exist? Come on.

WHITLEY: NO. First of all, the "bro," that concerns me.


WHITLEY: I`m trying to understand. They posted this on, like. Craigslist? Was that the truth?

HAMMER: Something like that. Yes.

WHITLEY: Like, did they look at the movie, "The Craigslist Killer"?

I looked at the list. I have to say, what do the guys get? They have a long list of requirements. I mean, what are they getting? Is it a check? It`s a job? What happened to What is going on with these women?

I`ll tell you what they can`t -- they said 30 percent bro. They need to go ahead and call up Sherman and Terrell Owens. Sherman needs friends, and Terrell is bored. So they can have two strong men take them right there.

HAMMER: I don`t know if they fit the right percentages, though. And I don`t know if they would have accepted somebody who is only 12 percent raver. They`re looking for 12.5 percent.

But this ad gets better. It says that applicants should be six feet tall, but they`re willing to accept 5`11", so I guess they have some flexibility. You`ve got to know how to handle your bleep. And "blacking out and forgetting the festival is minor leagues, buddy."

And finally, absolutely no applicants with an affinity for the rock band AFI.

You know, Kim, I`m looking at this, I`m thinking it`s actually not too much to ask for. Do you think so?

WHITLEY: Where are their parents? Where are the parents? They shouldn`t be allowed to do anything like this. I don`t -- I don`t -- I don`t want to see an Amber Alert later on. I don`t want to see it.

HAMMER: Well, Kim, give me very quickly what your want ad would look like if you were to go this route. What percentage of what are you looking for?

WHITLEY: What my want ad would be? Oh, my want ad would be 50 percent man, 50 percent job.

HAMMER: You got all your bases covered right there.

Kim, it is terrific to see you. You know I love you. Appreciate you being here.

WHITLEY: I love you, A.J.

HAMMER: See you soon.

WHITLEY: See you again.

HAMMER: Kim`s show is "Raising Whitley." It`s terrific. Saturday nights on OWN.

Well, right now, SBT is on location with Grammy nominee Fantasia. She is taking us inside her dressing room backstage at her Broadway show, "After Midnight."


FANTASIA BARRINO, GRAMMY NOMINEE: This is my dressing room. All these things you see here, I say to myself. I inspire myself.


HAMMER: Will that inspiration result in wins for the three Grammys that she`s nominated for? Plus, you`re going to find out what Fantasia has just revealed about her competition.

A speed skater gets heated. Now, instead of graceful moves, he actually flips the bird, twice, after a pretty tough loss. This is one of the best things that we`ve seen all day. But which star moment is going to be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.





HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown," melting hearts with the hit song from "Frozen." Annalise Forbes and her killer version of "Let It Go" from the Disney movie have become one big viral hit. The 9-year-old with no formal training is right here, with Mom, to talk about how doing what she does naturally has totally changed her life.

The speed singer`s single-finger salute. Meet the athlete who might need a little lesson in manners after a bitter loss. What`s going to be No. 1 in our countdown? Find out as SBT continues right now.

Welcome back. Thank you for watching. I am A.J. Hammer. We are now at no. 5 on our countdown of today`s top ten must-see, must-share stories. It`s my must-see headline making interview with the lovely Mary Lambert about feeling the Grammy love this year. Mary was of course one part of one of the biggest hits of last year, belting out and helping to write those soulful vocals on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis`s "Same Love."



HAMMER: Such a great song. Well deserving of all the attention it is getting. Well, Mary is now a two-time Grammy nominee. And when I was just in Hollywood, she really opened up to me about her head-spinning, overnight fame. I asked her about how long ago it was that she was making a living out of making coffee.


MARY LAMBERT, MUSICIAN: Well, two years ago. But I was still bartending like less than a year ago. I was bartending up until February of last year. So about a year.

HAMMER: And now you are going to the Grammys. Maybe to pick up a trophy or two.

LAMBERT: All right. I am hoping so.

HAMMER: And what`s wild is it really the culmination of this wild and joyous ride that you have been on basically because of "Same Love."


LAMBERT: It`s been incredible.

HAMMER: So the Grammys I imagine have always been a part of your life. This is the first time you are attending, but they`ve always been in your world, because you are sitting down, you`re watching every year and rooting for your favorite stars?

LAMBERT: Yes, totally. I think especially it becomes like this really incredible night of people you are rooting for. And you know, you have, your own personal favorite. You share their wins and their losses. It`s exciting. Also like the fashion is all another.

HAMMER: We`ll get to that. But here you are. You have been really attending so many award shows, getting so many accolades and trophies for being a part of this incredible song, "Same Love," and your work on "The Heist," but I have to imagine this feels different. Not to diminish at all anything that has happened before this. But the Grammys has to feel like it is in a whole different arena.

LAMBERT: The Grammys is like the end-all, be all. That`s for me at least, because it is not in my opinion not just a popularity contest. The fact that there is a board, there is like, it is in -- I got invited to be on the board like a year ago. I know they are really reputable people.

HAMMER: Does that make you a little more nervous than you may have been at previous award shows? You make it look real easy when we see you out there. Do you have a little, I don`t know, preawards jitters going on at all?

LAMBERT: It`s just such an honor to be nominated that I never would have, I mean, it`s not in my, I guess in my wildest dreams, you know. Apparently. But I -- it`s just -- it`s going to be -- it is such a big deal to be attending, and to be nominated that I am just so happy, that, you know, I am in a category -- that is my name next to Katy Perry`s and you know, all these incredible artists.

HAMMER: So you have walked a lot of red carpets for various award shows. You have been on a few. This is the Grammys red carpet. It is a party.


HAMMER: I`ve been out there. There is a lot of activity. There is a lot of energy. Well, remain calm.

LAMBERT: OK. Don`t fall.

HAMMER: Use the bathroom before you attend.

LAMBERT: Thank you for letting me know. I won`t forget.

HAMMER: Make sure you have some kind of sustenance before you get in the car, maybe on your way to the show.

LAMBERT: OK. These are great tips.

HAMMER: What are you expecting it to be like?

LAMBERT: I don`t know. I don`t know. I am trying to keep an open mind. I think it is going to be really exciting. I am going to do my best to not get overwhelmed, because I get overwhelmed really easily. And I will probably cry 20 times, so waterproof mascara is a (inaudible) in mind. I want to look pretty. I want to feel pretty. I want to embody all of that. I can`t wait to do the red carpet. People are just so supportive of me and the record. I am honored. I am honored to be there. I just want to hold every moment.

HAMMER: Talk to me about the pressure you are feeling to look red carpet ready. Because fashion is a big deal. You always look spectacular. By the way, look at you right now. You look great.

LAMBERT: Thank you. This little --

HAMMER: This is a big deal. Are you feeling that at all or are you pretty easy going about it?

LAMBERT: I think the way that I am feeling is sort of a culmination of a couple of different things, because that`s like, you know, award shows are huge, you know, style, fashion, you know, epicenter. And, that also -- paired with me being plus-sized. I want to represent the curvy community really well and the plus sized community well. And work with a great designer. So I`m having a custom dress by Helen Castillo (ph) made. And it is looking beautiful. And I am feeling fantastic in it. Hopefully that translates, too, so it`s not just about looking good. It is about feeling good too.

HAMMER: To that end, you do such a good job, to the point where so many people say, yes, look, she is representing well, but you are just a beautiful woman. I mean, and I`m not just saying that to make you blush. It`s true. We have talked about this before. We have talked about what a difference it can make sending the right message out there and showing everybody, that, you know, we all come in different shapes and sizes. You know, you are empowering a lot of people by doing that.

Have you practiced the face you are going to have on when they`re going around the room with the camera on you as they announce each of the nominees in your category? Just remember, they are going to do that. That camera is going to be right there.

LAMBERT: It`s just going to be a plastered smile, no matter what it is.

HAMMER: You can jump up and scream when they call your name.

LAMBERT: I will. I don`t know how not to be myself.


HAMMER: She is as sweet as she seems. My thanks to Mary Lambert and everybody that helped put that together. We`re going to be watching to see what happens at the big Grammy award shows on Sunday night with Mary. And that brings us to No. 4 on our top 10 countdown. Going backstage with Grammy nominee Fantasia Barrino. Fantasia is up for three Grammys this year in the categories of best R&B song, best traditional R&B performance, and best urban contemporary album. We asked Fantasia to give us her take on the competition this year.


FANTASIA BARRINO, MUSICIAN: I try not to even go there. Because at the end of the day, we are all friends, we`re all cool, all talented. And we - - we, of course we would love to win. But at the same time we are rooting for each other. So I try not to think about those things. So that I want -- I probably wouldn`t sleep. I will be up all night. Like, oh, God, what is going to happen. It is just better to just, say, you know what, thank God I am here, thank God I was nominated. And whoever gets it, congratulations.


HAMMER: She has such a great attitude. Fantasia is now starring in the Broadway show "After Midnight." I am told she is spectacular, and you have got to see the backstage tour that she just gave our own Robin Meade, who is the anchor of HLN`s "Morning Express." Hey, Robin.


ROBIN MEADE, HLN MORNING EXPRESS ANCHOR: Hi, AJ. So Fantasia Barrino, you know, "American Idol" winner, is nominated for a Grammy this weekend. We caught up with her for our special called "Backstage Express." She shared some stories, and she took us into her dressing room for what we`ll call her day job.


BARRINO: This is my dressing room. All these things you see here, I say to myself, I inspire myself. And that`s where it starts. You have to, you have to learn how to do that for yourself. You can`t always depend on other people to do it for you.

These are my zazzy zazz (ph) earrings. They`re very pretty (ph). And heavy. But they`re pretty on stage.

This is one of my favorite pieces. That I will put in the top of my hair for the finale.

Whenever I put this dress on, there is a lot of emotion, because this is my stormy weather dress. And there is a lot of emotion in this dress. There is, you know, Billie Holiday and Lena Horne, I try to step into their shoes, and it is really -- do them well. So these are my favorites.


HAMMER: You know she is going to look spectacular. And I love how well Fantasia is doing. So great to see somebody like her getting all the attention she`s getting.

Be sure not to miss me and Robin Meade with our Grammy special. It`s called "Backstage Express." Airing Thursday, 6:00 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

So there is a 9-year-old girl whose talent is perhaps Grammy worthy right now. Have you seen Annelise Forbes and her killer version of "Let It Go" from the Disney movie "Frozen" yet?


HAMMER: So this video was just supposed to be a gift to her family. Well, now, Annelise Forbes is right here and she is going to tell me all about her newly minted international fame, along with mom.

From a 9-year-old singer to an 8-year-old busting some serious moves.


HAMMER: Incredible. This kid is from India and he`s got talent. He`s got more moves than a U-haul truck. So will one of these wonder kids be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: We`re down to no. 3 on our top ten countdown. It is Geico`s 15 minutes of fame.


HAMMER: That is 9-year-old Annelise Forbes, singing "Let It Go" from the blockbuster animated film, "Frozen." That`s right, she is just 9 years old. This is a little girl with a very big future ahead of her. So she has been recording an annual Christmas album with the help of her uncle Jesse for family and friends over the years. It`s her tradition. But it`s this rendition of "Let It Go" that has gone viral. Let`s bring her in. Annelise, and there she is, along with her mom, Tamara, via Skype from Ontario, Canada. First of all, ladies, I imagine it has to be pretty frozen up there in Ontario right now?

TAMARA FORBES, MOTHER: Yes, it is about minus 20 today, Celsius.

HAMMER: Celsius, you guys speak that whole different temperature reading situation. Annelise, we are all extraordinarily impressed with you and your voice. Please tell me how the idea of recording this particular song, "Let It Go," came about for you?

ANNELISE FORBES, 9 YEARS OLD: Well, I really like the song. And I figured that if I -- I knew the words, I could try and sing it. So I sang it for the album.

HAMMER: Well, that was a pretty smart idea. I imagine you have seen the movie "Frozen," right?

A. FORBES: Uh-huh.

HAMMER: How many times have you seen it?

A. FORBES: I have seen it -- twice.

HAMMER: You have seen it twice. You have plans to go back and see it again?

A. FORBES: Yes, two more times.

HAMMER: Two more times. You already figured that out. So Mom, is that okay? Obviously now I imagine when Annelise goes to see this movie, and if you are along, it takes on a whole different meaning for you guys?

T. FORBES: It absolutely does. This is very unexpected for us. And it is very exciting as well. So we are happy to take her back to see it. Perhaps one more time as well. Yes. It`s been very special.

HAMMER: It sounds like two more times you`re going to have to do that. But we are very happy to play some more of Annelise singing the song "Let it Go," if we can have that, Charles?


HAMMER: All right, Annelise, do you see how proud your mom is? I was watching her looking at you, while we were listening to you sing there. You get how proud she is, right?

A. FORBES: Uh-huh.

HAMMER: So let me make this clear to everybody. You are 9 years old. You are obviously going to school. You love to sing. And now everybody is getting to know your name, because you sing so beautifully. What does that feel like? Do your friends come up to you and want to talk to you more? You are a little more famous now?

A. FORBES: Yes, it feels, really, really, really nice. And at the same time, it feels overwhelming.

HAMMER: Yes, I`m sure it does. You just keep a straight head about it all. Don`t, you know, don`t get too high and mighty. I don`t think that will be a problem, tomorrow, right?

When did you know that--

T. FORBES: Not a problem.

HAMMER: When did you know your daughter had such an amazing voice?

T. FORBES: Sorry, what was that?

HAMMER: When did you know that she had such an amazing voice?

T. FORBES: Well, Annelise just sings constantly around the house, ever since she was little.

A. FORBES: Ever since I was 2 or 3.

T. FORBES: Yes. 2 or 3, she would sing constantly. I always thought she sounded quite good. Maybe that`s because neither my husband and I can`t carry a tune. So, by comparison, I always thought she sounded wonderful. But now that I see the way she has developed, it`s just remarkable. We are so proud of her.

HAMMER: And the reaction she`s getting. Well, thank you for sharing her. Annelise, thank you for sharing your voice with us. It`s great to talk to you guys. Appreciate you being here.

T. FORBES: Thanks so much.

HAMMER: You`re welcome. Well, if Grammy nominees and an Oscar winner didn`t make it to the top of the countdown, what did? Big reveal, moments away. This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Well, the countdown is going Bollywood right now. No. 2 on our top 10 countdown, an eight-year-old lights up the web with his killer moves on "India`s Got Talent." This little dancing tornado is grooving to a medley of songs from Indian movie (inaudible), he leaves everyone breathless.


HAMMER: I`m picking up some moves for this weekend. Time now for the big reveal of what`s No. 1 in our countdown, it`s the finger skater. That`s right, a speed skater losing his cool after suffering a brutal loss, and then instead of shaking his opponent`s hand, he flips him the bird, twice. It`s all caught on tape, and here now with that is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: How not to lose a race. Meet the finger skater.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s disgraceful.

MOOS: He`s a Dutch skater whose team lost the championship relay race to the Russians.


MOOS: That`s the Russian in blue making the we`re number 1 gesture, while Dutch skater Sjinkie Knegt makes a double-barrelled single-finger salute.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s flipping him off. That`s something I would do.

MOOS: You would?


MOOS: And as if that weren`t enough, first the upraised middle fingers, then the pretend kick.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Very unsportsmanlike. I`m a sportsman. I wouldn`t do that. If I lost, I would shake the man`s hand and say, congratulations, I hope you do very well. You know?

MOOS: He`s shaking his finger.

Here we thought the Dutch tradition was for a little boy to stick his finger in a dike to stop the leak, not raise two fingers at a competitor. Is he sorry?

SJINKIE KNEGT, SKATER (through translator): Of course, I regret it. It happened out of emotion and not actually conviction. It just sucks.

MOOS: Skating officials disqualified Knegt for his behavior, but that won`t prevent him from facing his Russian rival next at the Olympics in Sochi. Netherlands broadcasting played old video of the skater, saying he has a history of losing his temper. Knegt had at least one New York defender.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s the spirit of competition. I can understand the guy throwing the finger.

MOOS: This guy has thrown fingers of his own.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A cab was trying to cut me off.

MOOS: Some were making comparisons. Sports Grid Joe (ph), "Sjinkie Knegt is Dutch for Richard Sherman."

RICHARD SHERMAN: Don`t you ever talk about me!

MOOS: Sore winners, sore losers.

When was the last time you flipped someone off? For what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It might be you because you keep me here in the snow.


HAMMER: Yes, she has a dangerous job out there. Check this out. Can you tell which celebrity disguised himself and faked out a bunch of gym rats?




SCHWARZENEGGER: Maybe you saw me on the FBI most wanted list.


HAMMER: You know who that is. We`re going to show you and reveal why he did it in our moment of SBT awesomeness. This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Time for our moment of SBT awesomeness. A disguised celebrity surprises gym goers at a Gold`s Gym. Can you figure out who this is? If you said Arnold Schwarzenegger, you are correct. Here is more of Arnold`s very impressive performance as a personal trainer.


SCHWARZENEGGER: Hello, how are you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Good, how are you?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Good, thank you. Can I help you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I forgot my key card.

SCHWARZENEGGER: What does a key card mean? You look like you`re sweating a little bit. And we`ll just take care of everything here, have a towel. How is it going?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Pretty good. Thanks.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Drinking a lot of water? That`s good. Remember, 75 percent of the body is water. Keep drinking. Because you`re not finished yet with the water drinking.

When it burns, it grows. Remember that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You look so familiar to me.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Maybe you saw me on the FBI most wanted list.

You look pretty pumped up. Remember, we do everything in reps. So you`ve done two reps of water drinking. You should do 10 reps of everything, so do another rep of water drinking.

Go down a little further. You have elbows and you have knees, so touch down. Very nice. Stand up straight. Very good. (inaudible). Stop being a baby. This is Gold`s gym. This is not a baby gym. And 10. Very good, you did it. Give me five. Ow. Why did you hit so hard?


HAMMER: I can`t believe people actually didn`t know who that was. Arnold definitely stayed in character, but why is he going back to his "Pumping Iron" days? He actually teamed up with for this extreme stunt. The site offers a chance to win these once in a lifetime experiences, and the money made in the online raffle then goes to support some great causes. In this case, the money is going to support after-school all-stars. For more information, be sure to visit That`s awesome.

Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch SBT Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern. HLN continues right now.