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`Bachelor` Star Getting Heat for Anti-Gay Remarks; Richard Sherman Calls Out Competitor; Madonna Called Out for Using `N` Word; Sara Bareilles on Fame; Panel Discusses New Events in the Kardashians` Family; Sasheer Zamata`s Sketches and her Perspectives on "Saturday Night Live"; Interview with Yvonne Strahovski; Mutts on the Westminster Dog

Aired January 20, 2014 - 23:00:00   ET


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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now in the Top Ten Countdown from smoking hot to hot water. "The Bachelor`s" Juan Pablo tries to dig himself out of a controversy after making anti-gay remarks. Does he really think a gay "Bachelor" would be a bad influence?


JUAN PABLO GALAVIS, "THE BACHELOR": I have a lot of friends and that, but they`re more pervert in a sense. And to me the show will be too strong. Too hard to watch on TV.


HAMMER: Sean Daly of is the one whose interview sparked this "Bachelor" blaze. So what does he think of Juan Pablo`s mea culpa?

SBT starts right now.

Hello, and thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

So we`re kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s top ten must-see, must-share stories with the "Bachelor" bombshell.

Just a couple of weeks ago, ABC`s new "Bachelor," Juan Pablo Galavis, seemed like he could do no wrong. They called him the hottest "Bachelor" yet. But wow, what a hole he just dug for himself, for gay bashing. And he is definitely trying to climb out of this hole right now.

This is all because of what he said to this guy. This is Sean Daly of the He`s with us from Hollywood.

I appreciate you joining us, Sean. And basically, he called gay people perverts. This was an unbelievable diatribe he went on that happened when you were interviewing Juan Pablo at an ABC party. Let`s listen to what he said.


SEAN DALY, TVPAGE.COM: Do you think it would be a good idea at some point to have a gay or bisexual "Bachelor"?


DALY: Why not?

GALAVIS: Just because I respect them, but honestly, I don`t think it`s a good example for kids to watch that on TV.

That`s the thing about gay people, that it seems to me, you know, and I don`t know if I`m mistaken or not. Well, I have great, a lot of friend like that. But they`re more pervert in a sense. And to me the show will be too, too strong. Too hard to watch on TV.


HAMMER: OK. And that is just a part of what he said. None of it was really any better than that.

Sean, I listened to the whole thing. And all along, I was saying out loud, "Stop talking, dude. Just stop yourself."

When you were listening to him respond to your question were you thinking, "I can`t believe he just said that"?

DALY: You know what? I was -- I was shocked. I really was. I -- I people have all different kind of opinions. And that didn`t surprise me. But what surprised me was the guy coming out and saying it to the press the way that he did. And he went on. He talked for, like, two minutes. And he just never stopped. And he kept digging himself in deeper and deeper.

HAMMER: And it was a perfectly legitimate question. I`m glad you asked it. I`m glad we`re having this conversation right now. But when he was responding to you, did you immediately think this is kind of another Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty" gay bashing moment here?

DALY: To be honest with you, I was so caught by surprise that it took me a few seconds for it to really register. But yes, after the conversation was over with, and I walked away, I thought, "Oh, my gosh, this is going to be big. People are going to be talking about this."

COOPER: If there`s a scale of ignorance, I do put Phil Robertson a whole lot higher. But I don`t know that that really means anything good for what Juan Pablo said.

Social media, of course, exploded when the interview got out. Juan Pablo, who is from Venezuela, apologized on his Facebook page. Or at least he tried to.

He said, "The word `pervert` was not what I meant to say. And I am very sorry about it. Everyone knows, English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish. And because of this sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself. What I meant to say was that gay people" -- I can`t believe he said this -- "that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience, this would be too racy to accept." OK. TV host Tanika Ray...

DALY: But they have no problem with him in a hot tub.

HAMMER: Yes. No. None at all.

Tanika Ray is in Hollywood. Listen, Tanika, I get language issues. I understand that. But I think he barely did himself any good with that apology. To me he just made it more clear how ignorant he is.

TANIKA RAY, TV HOST: You know, I`m so glad you used the ignorant word, because that`s exactly what it is. His words were not misconstrued at all. He`s on the side of ignorance. And that`s all there is to it.

Come on, Juan Pablo, you were supposed to be Don Juan, honey, and that is out the window. He`s trying to say he meant too racy? He is in a hot tub with 20 women. He`s making out with 20 strangers, basically, so what is the message, really, Juan Pablo?

And I understand that he apologized, but when it all comes down to it, we know ABC has a lot of pressure on him. He`s got a big show right now. They want to keep the ratings up. And I think it`s in the toilet as of now.

HAMMER: By the way, ABC, to their credit, they stepped up right away, because obviously, they had no choice. And they instantly condemned his word, saying, "Hey, he does not at all represent the way that we feel around here."

And Juan Pablo now, thankfully, going on an apology tour this week. I realize it`s a bunch of PR.

RAY: Absolutely.

HAMMER: But perhaps as he meets with gay advocates, he will somehow get the message of what he -- what, you know, maybe the proper thing to be thinking about in 2014.

RAY: But it`s not just about getting the message, A.J. It`s about learning the lesson. The words mean nothing if you`re still a gay basher.

HAMMER: Right. No, no, I understand that. I`m saying maybe he can be educated about the things to which he is ignorant.

But let me read some of the Twitter reaction that`s been going on, because it`s been crazy, about the apology in particular. Put the one from Katherine, if you would, Charles. Tweeting, "Wow, Juan Pablo claimed a language barrier. Dude, perverted means the same in both Spanish and English." With a hashtag moron.

Jazzice, if that`s how you say that, tweets this: "This is just my opinion, but I actually believe Juan Pablo could have misspoken, given that English is not his first language."

Again, hopefully he`s going to get the right message, figure things out. We`ll see how it all shakes out.

Sean, thank you for bringing that to everybody`s attention and for being with us.

RAY: Thank you.

HAMMER: Tanika, hang around here for a second.

DALY: No problem.

HAMMER: Because if you think that got social media on fire, wait until you see what is No. 9 on our countdown. Was Richard Sherman out of bounds for going on an epic rant after his amazing play sent his team, the Seattle Seahawks, to the Super Bowl?

Now, Sherman deflected this last-second pass to the 49ers` Michael Crabtree. And what he told FOX`s Erin Andrews afterward, well, it became an instant classic.


RICHARD SHERMAN, SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Well, I`m the best one in the game! When you try me with (UNINTELLIGIBLE) like Crabtree, that`s the result you`re going to get. Don`t you ever talk about me.

ERIN ANDREWS, FOX SPORTS: Who was talking about you?

SHERMAN: Crabtree. Don`t you open your mouth about this. Or you`re going to understand (ph) it real quick.


HAMMER: Well, Aaron Nagler is with me. He is the lead NFL analyst for Bleacher Report. So I imagine when this happened...


HAMMER: ... you stood up and said, "that just made my day."

NAGLER: Well, yes. It was shocking to everyone in both good and bad terms. I loved it myself.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, explain to me what the bad blood is between these two. Because I don`t think everybody understands it. You certainly don`t get it from the rant there.

NAGLER: Right, obviously. They participated in a camp with Larry Fitzgerald down in Arizona last summer. Apparently, accordingly to Sherman, he want to shake hands with Crabtree at this event, and Crabtree wanted to fight him. Some bad blood. Some disrespect.

And Sherman has held onto that all year long. And chose now, after making the winning play to send his team to the Super Bowl, as the time to unleash his fury, his retribution, if you will on that.

HAMMER: Is that a good or bad thing for him?

NAGLER: I think it`s very -- he`s a marketing genius.


NAGLER: I mean, he`s now getting coverage...

HAMMER: All we`re talking about.

NAGLER: ... all across the spectrum of the media, not just sports talk.

HAMMER: And for the next two weeks, in the lead-up to the Super Bowl...

NAGLER: Absolutely.

HAMMER: ... we`ll be talking about him. And after he had finally calmed down after -- sometime after the game...

NAGLER: Right.

HAMMER: ... he actually thanked his online haters who responded to what he said. Let`s watch.


SHERMAN: I`s like to also say something to the A-hole fans that write on Twitters and Facebooks and Instagrams and talk crap. Because we appreciate the motivation. We appreciate it. You helped us win the game. So, thank you very much. Appreciate it.


HAMMER: Yes, I`m thinking if Sherman is motivated by online smack talk, he probably has all the motivation he needs now for the Super Bowl.

NAGLER: Most certainly. And the thing is, he`s such a great guy away from all this. We worked with him at the Super Bowl last year. Couldn`t have been nicer. The guy`s a Stanford grad. Very well spoken.

But he gets on the football field, and like most football players, he lets his inner barbarian out.

HAMMER: Yes, there`s a switch, right?

NAGLER: You can`t expect the guy, literally moments after making the play of his life, to not, you know, come off the field and all of a sudden shut it down. That`s the reason the NFL has a -- you know, a grace period, if you will, for the media to go in the locker room. They have to wait. These guys come out. They`ve had a moment. And then they present themselves off to the media. This was immediately after the biggest play of his life.

HAMMER: Right.

NAGLER: Not shocking. It was great.

HAMMER: Yes. Adrenaline level is way, way up. Even Erin Andrews acknowledged after he did that, that, you know, look, I mean, he is as fired up as they come.

And it`s amazing that he did it in front of 56 million people. Holy mackerel. So many people tuned in to see this game. And a lot of people were talking about it online.

One tweet that I loved referenced a very popular commercial saying, "I wish Erin Andrews offered Sherman a Snickers and told him he just wasn`t being himself when he`s hungry."

Check out this meme. Put that up if you would, Charles. Sherman as Kanye West and Erin Andrews as Taylor Swift. "Hey, yo, Erin, I`mma let you finish, but I`m the best cornerback of all time."

Tanika, when you saw this...

RAY: Yes.

HAMMER: ... did you say, "All right"? Or did you say, "Oh, God"?

RAY: Much ado about nothing. Come on, he`s a warrior. He made, as you said, made the biggest game play of his life.

Now I don`t know if you watched the game, which I hope you did. But they kept amplifying the fact that that stadium was blowing the volume out the roof. It was so loud. He was in the middle of the field. Erin Andrews is trying to get an interview. He needs to be heard. He`s pumped. He`s going to the freaking Super Bowl. What do you expect?

He`s a warrior that made the biggest game play of his life. An d I think that he is absolutely justified in being a little amped up. Kudos to him.

HAMMER: Yes, yes. So when he`s amped like that, he`s up at Kanye level. I still want to play this Kanye thing, because really...


SHERMAN: I`m the best one in the game! Don`t you open your mouth about the best! Or I will shut it for you real quick!

KANYE WEST, HIP-HOP STAR: I am the No. 1 most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney. Nike. Google.


HAMMER: I don`t know. It`s pretty close.

All right. Aaron, thank you so much. Appreciate you being here.

It is not just Richard Sherman and Juan Pablo being accused of being out of bounds. Oh, no. At NO. 8 on our countdown, Madonna said what? Madonna doing a very swift about-face after getting slammed for using the "N" word on Instagram.

Madonna finally apologizing for this Instagram post where she used the hashtag "this `N` word," trying to be playful next to a photo of her 13- year-old son, Rocco, in the middle of boxing training. She was trying to playfully refer to L.L. Cool J`s hit, "Mama Said Knock You Out."

Well, of course, Madonna got slammed instantly. But at first she stood her ground. Fortunately, calmer heads and her publicists have prevailed now.

Here is the written apology that we got from Madonna. She said, "It was not meant as a racial slur. I am not a racist. There is no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention. It was used as a term of endearment toward my son, who is white."

Once again, I say, OK. Here is comedienne and actress Debra Wilson in Hollywood. Of course, you remember her from the sketch comedy series "Mad TV."

Nice to see you, Debra.


HAMMER: But help me out here. The "N" word as a term of endearment for her white son? What?

WILSON: That`s right. You know what, A.J.? I`m going to play -- as a black woman, as an African-American woman, I`m going to play devil`s advocate, and I`m going to tell you right now I think that it was justified. Because we use that term as a colloquial term across the board. In fact, in the 21st century, I`d had to say that that term is no longer about race; it`s about culture.

We`ve seen the white culture come into rap. We`ve seen that culture become about clothing, about making statements about something much broader.

I also understand that that word is used on a much broader scale.

Now if we want to take it back to slavery period, if we want to take it back to a time in which we feel like we have been enslaved, then we`re continuing in the 21st Century, as African-Americans, to enslave our mind. It is a cultural effect. And what she said was absolutely justifiable. Because, yes, I can -- I`m going to play devil`s advocate on this. I really am.

HAMMER: OK. Fair enough. I honestly don`t know that Madonna was seeing it that way.

Tanika, do you agree?

RAY: Kind of and no. I mean, here`s the thing. Yes, unfortunately, our culture made that word very acceptable, much to my chagrin. But we`ve told you guys over and over again, you`re not allowed to use the word. Get the message. Stop using the word. Because when you use the word it will be misconstrued.

I hate that Jay-Z uses it. I hate that pop stars use it. I think it`s an awful word that we should stop using over and over and making it seem, quote unquote, OK.

So Madonna was justifying the fact that she is so hip and down as a 50- something-year-old woman. But I just think it was unnecessary to put it in an Instagram towards her son.

And yes, it is a form of endearment in black culture. But she knew she was going to get flak for it, so maybe it`s a PR move. Right? You know where I`m going with this?

HAMMER: I certainly do. Maybe radio talk show host, but you know, maybe radio talk show host Larry Elder was in on your argument when he tweeted this very funny quip. He said, "Madonna, white, refers to her white son as `N` word. Paula Deen just wants to know what the rules are?"

RAY: Exactly!

HAMMER: Perhaps he`s making a point.

Tanika, Debra, thank you both so much.

Wow, all right. Things are pretty heated up, but the countdown is just getting started. We are moving from madness over Madonna to this.


KRIS JENNER, REALITY TV STAR: We`re better as friends than we are the other way. And so...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are you still married? Get a divorce.


HAMMER: Kardashians in crisis. Splits and a new baby. What are people talking about now? It actually might surprise you.

Also this.


KEENAN THOMPSON, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Before Rihanna was an international superstar, she starred in a Barbados television reboot of the early `90s classic "Blossom." Here are the opening credits.


HAMMER: "SNL`s" new star makes her debut. So did Sasheer Zamata leave them laughing? Well, former Mad TV star Debra Wilson is going to stay with us, along with comedienne Simone Shepherd. Simone actually auditioned for that same spot on "SNL." How do they think that she did?

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.



JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: You want to be more like Carmine? Why don`t you build something like he does, instead of all your empty deals and just like your (EXPLETIVE DELETED)? You know, I read that it takes all of the nutrition out of our food. Empty like your deals. Empty. Empty.


HAMMER: Such a great movie. And what a great performance from Jennifer Lawrence, who definitely helped put the hustle in the hit film "American Hustle." J. Law and her co-stars picked up yet another award, the Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Cast.

That brings us to No. 7 on the countdown, Jennifer`s shock. So I caught up with Jennifer on the red carpet at the SAG Awards, and she revealed the real story behind her shaky Golden Globes acceptance speech.


LAWRENCE: I didn`t watch it. I didn`t want to. All I have is the memory of me feeling completely out of control and hating myself.

HAMMER: Why do you think? Because you did say, "I don`t know why I`m so nervous" when you gave your acceptance speech for winning. Why do you think you`re nervous? You`re very used to crowds; you`re very used to accolades.

LAWRENCE: It`s shocking. I really just didn`t -- you know, I was just -- I think I was just genuinely being shocked. I personally don`t think it`s fair to make somebody talk after a moment like that. Like, the most shocking moment of your life. And then I think I, like, really -- I don`t know. And then they put a microphone in your face, and they`re like, "Talk." It`s like, "Unh-uh!"

HAMMER: You do understand, though, that we`re at home or in the audience watching and just think it is delightfully charming and refreshing.

LAWRENCE: Well, thank you. I`m -- my fear is now it`s getting annoying.


HAMMER: Yes. I don`t think you have to worry about that at all, Jennifer. Nothing annoying about you. We look forward to your next acceptance speech.

Great hanging out with her.

Oprah also stopped by to speak with CNN`s Nischelle Turner on the SAG red carpet. Oprah`s movie, "Lee Daniels` The Butler" has received so much praise. But to the surprise of many, it didn`t get any Oscar nominations. So how did Lady O. feel about that?


OPRAH WINFREY, MEDIA MOGUL: I think every single person who was nominated -- June, Julia, Jennifer, Lupita -- every single one of those people deserves to be in that category. And Sally Hawkins and all of them.

So I mean, I think that the real truth was that there were so many great movies this year. And it`s been a long time since August. And maybe it just -- you know when the academy is sitting down doing their little vote - - I did mine at the kitchen table -- you know, my name didn`t come up as many times as it would have needed to come up.

But that`s really OK. Because to be able to be a part of this film and to be able to have Gloria`s life live on film as a piece of art forever. You don`t do movies to get awards. You do movies because you want to move people.


HAMMER: Really well said, Oprah. "The Butler" got three SAG Nominations, including one for Oprah Winfrey for Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress. That statue did go to Lupita Nyong`o from "12 Years a Slave." Such an incredible performance. And what an incredible year for film overall.

Now, this is certain to be a big winner.




HAMMER: I can`t wait. Keifer Sutherland is coming back as Jack Bauer in the reboot of the hit show "24," and coming up, I am speaking with Yvonne Strahovski, who stars right alongside Kiefer in the new "24." She is ready to reveal the secrets we can`t wait to hear.

And also this, Kathy`s confession. Kathy Griffin revealing to me why she stole a jacket from One Direction star Harry Stiles.

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Our countdown continues now with No. 6, backstage with the Grammy nominees.

"MORNING EXPRESS" host Robin Meade is catching up with all of the big names in music this week, as am I. And that included Album of the Year nominee Sara Bareilles. So the singer is up for Best Pop Solo Performance for the feel-good anthem "Brave." Very deservedly. And Robin just sat down with her in the recording studio -- Robin.


The Grammys are on Sunday. And I`ve been lucky enough to sit down with some of the big names that are nominated for a new special called "BACKSTAGE EXPRESS."

For example Sara Bareilles, and I talked to her about what has and hasn`t changed since she became a big star.


MEADE: This is Amanda, saying, "Is she like she was before fame? Has anything changed?" And it did make me think of a quote I read from you in 2008, where you said something along the lines of "I don`t have the burden of being famous. I hope I never get famous. It`s like the monster under the bed."

Well, girlfriend, how you doing now?

SARA BAREILLES, SINGER/GRAMMY NOMINEE: I still feel like I get to -- I feel so lucky and so blessed that I get to enjoy a fairly anonymous lifestyle. I don`t have, generally, issues walking around or just having a -- a normal life.

I think, you know that`s, that`s kind of -- that comes with the territory of doing something in the public eye. And there are definitely challenges to it. But I think I`m not as scared of it as I used to be.

MEADE: Good, good.

BAREILLES: It`s a nice thing to be able to say.


MEADE: Don`t miss even more interviews in our special, "BACKSTAGE EXPRESS," Thursday night at 6 p.m. Eastern here on HLN.

HAMMER: Thank you, Robin. Absolutely can`t wait.

OK. So here we are at the halfway point. We are picking up speed in our countdown. And now things are about to get real.


JENNER: We`re better as friends than we are the other way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are you still married? Get a divorce.


HAMMER: Well, we know how that worked out. The new Kardashian reality. They are putting it all out there. But the real headlines may actually surprise you.

You are going to fall in love with this amazing, talented kid. Ellen did. His amazing story is our "Moment of Awesomeness." He`s 7 years old. You definitely don`t want to miss it.

This is SBT on HLN.



JENNER: We`re better as friend than we are the other way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are you still married? Get a divorce.


HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown," Kardashian chaos. The first family of reality TV is back. A baby, two breakups, and a whole lot of makeup.

We`ve got our own over-the-top drama for you to match the Kardashian drama.


THOMPSON: Before Rihanna was an international superstar, she starred in a Barbados television reboot of the early `90s classic, "Blossom." Here are the opening credits.


HAMMER: "SNL`s" new star makes her debut. So, did Sasheer Zamata leave them laughing? Former "Mad TV" star Debra Wilson is here, alongside comedienne Simone Shepherd who actually auditioned for that same spot on "SNL." How do they think Sasheer did? What`s going to be number one on the countdown? "SBT" continues right now.

Welcome back. Thank you for tuning in. I am A.J. Hammer. We`re now at number five on our countdown of today`s top ten must-see, must-share stories. It`s the Kardashians in crisis. In the raw. The new season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" just debut and we really get to see everything including Kris and Bruce dealing with their split as Khloe`s marriage to Lamar crumbles. But that`s not all the attention -- that got all the attention of the "SBT" producers, Joan Yeam and Sarah Moon. They watched every single minute. They had their popcorn in one hand, their iPhones in the other. I mean forget about those breakups for a moment. Sarah was taken aback by some boob bronzing.



SARAH MOON, PRODUCER, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT": Kim putting bronzer on her boob. I mean that was a little too much.


HAMMER: All right, Sarah. Listen, granted it`s not something you hear about or see every day. But it is the Kardashians. You don`t like the boob bronzing one bit, no?

MOON: No. Basically I get that she is in the car and everything. And she is very comfortable showing off her breasts. They`re very large and everything. But still, it`s almost like public breastfeeding, you know, not acceptable.

HAMMER: Except she was feeding the breasts.

MOON: Right.

HAMMER: Can I say that? I guess I just did. And in that particular part of the show. Help me out here. Kris was talking this "Us" weekly article about her split from Bruce. She`s like pouring her heart out to Kim, while bronzing Kim`s boobs.


HAMMER: Did you feel as strongly about this, Joan?

YEAM: That is the whole point. It`s like Kris is like oh, my gosh, "Us" weekly is going to break the story. And this is so sad. And Kim is like - well, what else? What else is new? It`s only .


HAMMER: Can you think about the reenactment?

YEAM: I don`t have any cleavage. So, you know, I try.

HAMMER: OK. Tanika Ray is with us in Hollywood. Tanika, I don`t know how you feel about the boob bronzing. But, you know, even in a crisis there is always a need for makeup retouching and of course boobs that need bronzing, right?

TANIKA RAY, TV HOST: Yeah, of course, with the Kardashians it is completely justified. I mean are we trying to think that maybe they`re not vapid from time to time? No, they`re very simple people. And they care about how they look at all times of the day. They cry, they apply bronzer on the boobs. It seems like a perfect match to me. Based on what I have seen on the Kardashians for all these years. And I admit I watch. Guilty pleasure.

HAMMER: Hey, listen. That`s why they`re so popular. I don`t know what was being applied. If anything while Khloe`s marriage was falling apart. But Joan, I know you felt particularly strongly about this. And it is sad. I mean it`s a marriage coming to an end. Let`s watch how it went down on the show.


KHLOE KARDASHIAN: I can`t look people in the eyes. And I am not even the one who did anything.

My priority is Lamar`s health and wellbeing. And I don`t feel like it is my place to address a lot of things because it`s not -- it is part of my job to protect him.

YEAM: OK. So, I feel really bad that Khloe is going through all this divorce trauma. I wouldn`t want to wish that upon anybody. But did anyone else notice that she switched her sunglasses while she is in the car? Like it`s kind of obvious, you are taking this in multiple takes on different days.




HAMMER: You know, I love that she is talking about the fact that her marriage is crumbling and you are noticing something we all take for granted on reality TV shows. The swapping of the glasses?

YEAM: Yes, I think that it`s the TV in me. Where I am very detail oriented. And I was watching this car scene. And she`s in the same shirt. So, it`s supposed to be the same day. And all of a sudden she is in brown glasses and also like mirror reflecting glasses. And I was like, that`s - I don`t have .

HAMMER: Because of continuity in television.

YEAM: Yes.

HAMMER: Very keen observation. Let me go to Tanika Ray. Tanika, please, tell me you shed a tear for Khloe there and you weren`t all wrapped up in the switcharoo going on with the sun glasses.

RAY: Well, I was distracted by the switcharoo of the glasses. And I love that you girls saw that, too. But we`re in television. That`s what we do. But I mean if you are trying to think there is reality in reality TV, we all need to wake up. We all understand that the producers have a script to follow, and they need to get that information out. Did I shed a tear? I am kind of so sad for the family. Because they put their lives out there. They make millions and millions of dollars off of giving everything that they have about their lives and giving it to the public. So, we are now at the back end slide of this reality show.


RAY: We are going to see some dark, ugly stuff. And there is really no way to go up from there. I think it is on the way out, the Kardashians, unfortunately. This is not the last season. The next season will be.

HAMMER: Right.

RAY: Deuces to the Kardashians.

HAMMER: Grab your tissues. There is going to be a lot of tears all around. Tanika, thank you. And Joan and Sarah. Nicely done. You are crying.

YEAM: I am.

HAMMER: Just wipe that off.

Coming in at number four on our countdown, did Sasheer steal the show on "Saturday Night Live?" Sasheer Zamata just became the very first black female comedienne on the show in six years and she played with so many cast members in the show, in some pretty great skits, like this one called "Detention."


SASHEER ZAMATA, "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": First of all, I`m going to ask you, guys, why you are in here? You?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I texted a picture of my junk to the vice principal.

ZAMATA: OK. And what about you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I took the photo.



HAMMER: She acted. She spoofed. She sang. But what do her fellow comediennes think today? Well, let me ask a couple, actress and comedienne Debra Wilson is here. Debra, of course, is the longest serving original cast member on the sketch comedy series "Mad TV" joining us from Hollywood. All along with Simone Shepherd who was a finalist in that "SNL" audition process where Sasheer got the job. Great having you both here. Debra, let me start with you, because you have been in that hot seat before. When you made your debut on "Mad TV," how do you think that Sasheer did over the weekend?

DEBRA WILSON, CAST MEMBER, MADTV: OK, first of all, you really can`t create that comparison, A.J. As unfortunately when I came on from the pilot on Mad TV, I was a full cast member. So, I was given a greater sense of opportunity with what I brought from the audition and then on to Fox. Here she is a featured player, and I think that she was very well featured. However, I think that we`re going to have to see more in order to make a, a full assessment of her talent. I think she was given a certain kind of material. She performed the material well. But as far as rising to the top in that material, I think that we`re going to have to see further episodes to say so.


ZAMATA: Sorry, my dad is so lame.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK, you guys need to shut the hell up. Because that is the realest man I have ever seen.


ZAMATA: Melanie, stop, that`s my dad.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ooh, I will not. OK, he had my body quaking, OK.



HAMMER: She was funny. All right. Simone, listen, I am sure you were watching it through a completely different filter since you auditioned for this role. For what was asked of her do you feel she nailed it?

SIMONE SHEPHERD, COMEDIENNE: I think that she did absolutely wonderful for what she was given. Like Debra said she came on as a feature. So, we can`t expect her to steal the show. The show was about Drake. He was the host. He was hilarious. The show was a hilarious show. I definitely think we are going to have to wait for the future to see her do more, see what else she can bring to the table. I just thought it was a good show. I definitely thought it was a good show, and for what she was given she did well with it.

HAMMER: And look, we know the show can be hit or miss. That`s been the nature of "SNL" for a decade.

SHEPHERD: Exactly.

HAMMER: She made a name for herself online. Because of the sketches that she would post where she imitated Beyonce and Rihanna. So, I was actually glad to see that "SNL" took a page from Sasheer`s playbook and actually worked that stuff into the show. I want to play one, where Sasheer is pretending to be Rihanna, in the skit that they called "Before They Were Stars." Take a look at this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Before Rihanna was an international superstar, she starred in a Barbados television reboot of the early `90s classic "Blossom." Here are the opening credits.

It is so great. I just love that she played off of Keenan Thompson by the way. He was the guy who would claim that it was hard to find African- American women were good enough for "SNL."

WILSON: He said that the stance that SNL had been taking, is that there were a lot of women of color, African-American women that were not ready for the show that they were finding. So, he never said that they weren`t ready. He said that the stance of "SNL" was that they weren`t finding African-American talent. And who is to say that they weren`t at the time? Simply because so many black actresses today are not specifically sketch oriented actresses.


WILSON: They see what is going out there. They want to do stand up. They want to do things that will be a springboard to something greater. And although "SNL" is a springboard for those who are already on the show. A springboard in general would be stand up. Would be -- would be -- the thing that they do on the Internet.

SHEPHERD: I agree.

WILSON: And Facebook.

SHEPHERD: I agree with Debra. I come from, you know, I`m a sketch artist. And I`d use YouTube or Vine to get my sketches out there. I used to watch you. Mad TV and really love, and look up to your work. And say, look, that`s something that I can do. But when it comes to "SNL," I think I said this before, with Don Lemon that it was nothing that - I didn`t look at "SNL" and say I want to be on the show.

HAMMER: Right.

SHEPHERD: Because I didn`t see any reflections of my talent on there. I didn`t see any characters that I would fit into on "SNL." So, it`s a great start. I feel like to show her doing what she did.


SHEPHERD: It`s a great movement forward.

HAMMER: And from what I know of these things, and I have been watching the show for years. I thought she was a welcome addition, regardless of race.

SHEPHERD: I agree.

WILSON: I agree.

Do the wave. Do the wave.

SHEPHERD: I agree. And you know what? We made an observation.


SHEPHERD: Because me, Debra, on the show, it`s Martin Luther King`s birthday - well, his weekend.

HAMMER: Well, there you go.

SHEPHERD: His Monday, on the show. Three black women on the show.

WILSON: Start the wave. Start the wave.

SHEPHERD: Three black women on the show.


HAMMER: Let me tell you, sometimes things happen, you know, not by design, and that`s just how it rolled out.


SHEPHERD: No it wasn`t. It was very organic. And we love it.

HAMMER: Thanks, guys.


HAMMER: Well, our countdown is heating up with secrets behind one of my favorite shows ever.


HAMMER: I cannot wait to see the reboot of the hit show "24." And one of its stars is right here. Yvonne Strahovski is ready to reveal the secrets of the new "24." Kathy griffin lets loose on the red carpet. Why did she steal Harry styles` jacket? She is going to tell me the real story. What is going to be number one? This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Well, we are now down to the final three in our top ten countdown of today`s must-see, must-share stories. And in at number three, the secret of "24" live another day, while we just learned from Kiefer Sutherland what we can expect when Jack Bauer returns for the reboot of "24" on Fox in May. And we`ve also just learned that the fabulous actress, Yvonne Strahovski will be costarring with Kiefer. For five seasons on NBC`s "Chuck" and the last two seasons of "Dexter." She has a great movie coming out on Friday called "I, Frankenstein." Yvonne, it`s great meeting you.


HAMMER: Thank you for being here. We are going to talk about "I, Frankenstein." I can`t actually wait to hear about this .


HAMMER: It sounds a little creepy.

STRAHOVSKI: It`s a little creepy.

HAMMER: So, we`ll get into that. But first, you get - I am a huge "24" fan. I am so happy that`s coming back and that`s you are in it. What is your role? What are you going to be doing? What can we expect from you?

STRAHOVSKI: Without verevealing too much, as usual, as usual, I play Kate Morgan. She is a CIA agent, and she`s hunting Jack Bauer when we first meet her. We are shooting in London. So, I`m off actually Thursday morning to London to start that. And she has a little bit of a past. I think some emotional scarring that I get to play with here for this character. Make it a little different from anything I have done before.

HAMMER: And it`s fun to play. You enjoy that. I always hear actors love getting into the more complex character traits like that?

STRAHOVSKI: Yeah, definitely. And that`s always part of the best part of it when you get to delve deep and figure out the layers of the character.

HAMMER: So, you played the CIA agent in "Chuck." Are you a frustrated CIA agent in real life?


HAMMER: I mean is this something? I mean that`s great coincidence?

STRAHOVSKI: Yeah, I mean it is. I think -- the similarity obviously is there, that, the two characters are CIA agents. But I think that`s probably where the similarities stop, just based on the tone of the show. And Cuck was such a, a show embedded in comedy and you know we had serious circumstances but also very ridiculous out of the ordinary circumstances that, you know, it was a fun show. "24" is so much more, as serious dramatic, embedded in, realism show.

HAMMER: Not a lot of laughing going on in - "24."


HAMMER: And you mention the secrecy with the plot. You are not going to give up anything. I won`t torture you. That is for the show. Do you even know the whole story? Did you see the whole arc?


HAMMER: You do know?

STRAHOVSKI: I know enough to -- to have signed on to the project.



STRAHOVSKI: Say that much.

HAMMER: That`s fair enough. A big buzz about "I, Frankenstein." Congratulations on that opening Friday. Just so I have it right, Frankenstein caught in the middle of the century`s old war between clans who are immortal. You are a scientist who works on reanimating the dead.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If Frankenstein was real, if he really did animate a human, would it help you to study it?

STRAHOVSKI: Yes, absolutely. But, Mr. Wessex, it would have to be over 200 years old by now. There would be nothing left, but a few brittle bones.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is the first and only one of its kind, Dr. Wade. Who is to say how long such a subject might live?


HAMMER: Looks fascinating. And you are with the great Bill Nighy there, but Aaron Eckhart plays Frankenstein in the film. Should we be afraid? Very afraid?

STRAHOVSKI: I mean, you know, I think a lot of people are hearing the title of this movie and expecting some kind of remake up of an old movie. Or, you know, a comic book. But we are sort of really re-energizing the whole idea. So, it`s not - it`s not a straight up horror movie. It`s this giant action, a little bit of horror, lots of drama, lots of amazing fight scenes. And yeah, I think people are going to be very surprised with all what we`ve done with this one.

HAMMER: I think everybody should run out and see it. It`s something for everyone.

STRAHOVSKI: Yes, definitely.

HAMMER: Yvonne, great pleasure to meet you and have you here. Thank you so much.

STRAHOVSKI: Thank you.

HAMMER: And make sure you check out Yvonne in "I, Frankenstein." Theaters on Friday.

All right, here we are, the final two on our countdown, we`re going to the dogs for number two, not just any dogs. Mutts are going to go to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show for the very first time in 138 years. CNN`s Jeanne Moos for "SBT."



UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): Who lets the dogs out .

MOOS: Well, now, it`s who let the mutts in, and the answer is that upper crust bastion of purebreds, the dog show where pooches get better treatment than people.

(on camera): Did you hear that mutts are allowed in the Westminster Dog Show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I did not know that.

MOOS: Is that anything you care about?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, not really.

MOOS (voice over): There`s the guy walking Dakota, the purebred English setter. But if mutts got no respect at Westminster, now they are going to get a little. They will be allowed into an agility competition that takes place two days before the main event.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It involves dogs that may not normally be seen at Westminster, including mixed breed dogs. We`re excited to have them be part of the family.

MOOS: Agility competitions are booming in popularity. I mean, which would you rather watch? A dog getting picked up by his privates for judging, or dogs madly dashing. Around an agility course, over teeter totters and through tunnels. It`s even more fun when they just stop.


MOOS: Or when a lot of dogs has to fit through a little space.


MOOS: Competition like this is what will be open to mixed breeds at Westminster next months. So, while they won`t yet be allowed into the main event, these mutts now have a paw in the door. Henry, give me your paw. Paw.

(on camera): You think mutts should be in Westminster?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Of course. The dog is a dog, right?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, what if they are mutts?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why not have mutts?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`d watch that.

MOOS (voice over): As for purebreds like this Spanoli (ph), how will purebreds react to mutts running amuck?

(on camera): It`s not like these guys are going to care. I mean they are not going to say, hey, that`s a mutt, I don`t want him in the show.

MOOS (voice over): Can`t we all just get along?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The idea that you can be a mutt and still have a life.

MOOS (on camera): Doggy diversity.


MOOS: Inclusivity.


MOOS (voice over): And though inclusivity won`t extend the mutts competing for best in show, maybe having your hair done.

(on camera): What`s that style called?


MOOS (voice over): Isn`t` all that`s clocked up to be. I mean mutts, do you really want your tail tickled to make it stand up?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m so glad the dogs just finally celebrated the diversity.


HAMMER: Well, the clock is ticking closer to that time when we reveal our number one must see, must share story, what will it be. This is SBT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, here she is, the hilarious, Kathy Griffin!


KATHY GRIFFIN: All right, sit down, this isn`t Oprah for [expletive deleted] sake!


GRIFFIN: Remember when she used to know that - have a seat, people.



HAMMER: Kathy Griffin is hoping to pick up a very first Grammy Awards for best comedy album. Her hilarious standup special, "Come Down, Girl," is nominated this year.

That brings us to the big reveal of number one on our countdown. Kathy Griffin unplugged. So, I caught up with my buddy Kate on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild` awards. And despite all the craziness, that was going on all around us she put on quite a show.


GRIFFIN: I`m so used to being in the middle of a scandal. So I`d like for one of those headlines for comedienne Kathy Griffin, are her breasts too large, medium, or just right? We`ll go for the four experts and then the four - and I love the way you guys discuss everything.

HAMMER: Well, that`s what we`re here to do.

GRIFFIN: I understand.

HAMMER: Here`s what I want to know, is your hand permanently affixed to this dress?



HAMMER: Can you show that?

GRIFFIN: I`m not moving.

HAMMER: Did Robert (ph) tell you do not move?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Robert (ph) put me in this Antonio Bolardi (ph) dress, and I am supposed like this and not move all night. So you`ll probably see me at the hospital, probably next to maybe, Justin Bieber, whatever celebrities go off the rails tonight and you`ll see me because my arm cannot change from this pose.

HAMMER: Did security check whatever that is, for eggs?

GRIFFIN: Yes, it`s filled with eggs. I`m ready to throw.

HAMMER: Looks like .

GRIFFIN: it with Bieber. By the way, I actually tweeted a photo and this is true. Last night I was at the Eagles concert, and sat next to Harry Styles. I stole his coat, because he kept leaving and I then tweeted a photo of it right now. So if he wants it back, he knows where to find me.


HAMMER: There`s your scandal right there. Well, you may not have heard of seven-year-old Elias Phoenix, but he might one day win his own Grammy.

Wow, that`s Elias playing for Ellen DeGeneres, the performance you have to see to believe. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: and now, our "Moment of Awesomeness." And I don`t think it gets any better than this. 7-year old Elias Phoenix`s dream came true when Ellen DeGeneres invited him on her show to play the piano. You`ve got to see him play, and you`ve got to check out the faces of the audience members during his performance.



(APPLAUSE) ELIAS PHOENIX: I love you, Ellen!

ELLEN DEGENERES: I love you too!



HAMMER: Wow, he`s seven. Elias was so excited to meet Ellen, so he said he had two goals in life, one was to be on Ellen`s show, the other, to play in Carnegie Hall, and he did that back in November. Not bad for a grade schooler. Well, that is it for "SBT." Thanks for watching. You can catch us Monday through Thursday, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern. HLN continues right now.