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Kanye Allegedly Beats Man Over Racial Remark; John Cena Creates Fitness Program; Shia LaBeouf Misspeaks Again; Interview with Simone Shepherd; AJ Takes Over Hollywood; Interview with Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart; Interview with Richard Madden

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JOHN QUINONES, ABC NEWS: I`m John Quinones with ABC News. Please join us next time for another edition of "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" on HLN.

JOHN CENA, PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER: Do not adjust your television set. It is me, WWE superstar John Cena. Tonight I will be tackling why it`s change time for Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Don`t go anywhere. SBT starts now.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Thank you, John.

And hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood. I`ve got to tell you I`ve had one amazing day. I was the guest model on "The Price is Right." I was live with the ladies of "The Talk." And I`m here to tell you there is plenty to talk about as we kick off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories, including some real smackdowns, which is exactly why we are bringing this guy, the king of the SmackDown, WWE champion, and I`d like to say my friend, John Cena. He`s with me from New York.

John has this great new fitness program. It`s called "Ten-Week Change." And John, I can`t wait to talk to you about that. But first of all, thank you for being here. How are you doing?

CENA: Thanks for having me back, man. It`s always a pleasure. I`m doing great, as always. Just trying to spread the word about going to

HAMMER: Well, let`s have some fun and kick off our "Top Ten Countdown" right now, John, with No. 10. We`ve got to talk about Kanye`s supposed clobbering of the guy who dissed him and dissed Kim Kardashian in a chiropractor`s office.

Now, this guy allegedly made some really ugly racial comments. And then reportedly found himself on the other side of Kanye`s fists.

People on the Internet really divided over this. Some are saying he had no choice but to get physical. There are a lot of people, including me, who are saying that you know what? He should have just stayed away, as long as Kim wasn`t in any kind of physical danger.

Wendy Williams, of course, had an awful lot to say about this on her show. Let`s watch that.


WENDY WILLIAMS, TALK SHOW HOST: The right thing to do is to understand, first and foremost, they are trying to get you, Kanye. And you know that. You give them every reason to want to get you. Because of the way that you act. In this particular case, I side with Kanye, but I just wish he would learn how to control his temper.


HAMMER: Yes, so there you go. She sides with Kanye, John. But what do you say? Whose side are you on?

CENA: Well, you know, I`ve got a ton of street cred. There`s an old hip- hop saying that says punks jump up to get beat down. But there`s also an old saying in real life. It says you need to show tolerance and respect.

Kanye needs to go to and realize how to turn those bad feelings into good feelings.

HAMMER: Yes. Wouldn`t that be nice to see?

And of course, John, you are the king of the smackdowns. You`ve won the WWE championship, what, 20 times now.

But Kanye smacking down this guy now could have some other repercussions. He could be facing some serious charges on this; might even have to pay the guy some money, even though Kim reportedly claims the guy threatened her life.

What is your best advice, beyond what you just suggested, which was brilliant, for Kanye right now in terms of...?

CENA: In the legitimate sense, in all legitimacy, there is no win at all for any celebrity with any status in this situation. You have to walk away. You throw a punch, it is going to cost you more from a public relations standpoint and from a financial standpoint than you ever dreamed of.

Big mistake hitting the dude, even if he did deserve it. We all have to defend ourselves. But not the time or the place, especially with a guy like Kanye West, who`s always in the limelight.

HAMMER: Throw a punch, throw an egg. It will get you in trouble. Let`s talk about the egg smackdown heard round the world. Justin Bieber, of course, accused of egging his neighbor`s house. The cops are still investigating.

Celebs have been tweeting like crazy about this. Kelly Osborne, right on the same page as you there, John, saying, "You play you pay. But really, who gets arrested for throwing a bloody egg?" With the hashtag hollyweird.

On Instagram, Harry Stiles got into it, too. He sent this photo out, two plates of egg, with the caption, "Egg off."

What does Cena say about the whole thing?

CENA: It`s -- you know, you want to use the term, kids being kids. But you can`t. Justin Bieber is at a point where he`s got to grow up. And he`s truly living his life the way he wants to live it. Every action has a reaction, and every egging has its consequence. It is a violation of public property. And he should -- you know, it should be settled how it`s supposed to be.

HAMMER: Yes. People need to relax about the idea that it was an egg. And how could they be going after him, because it was eggs? And it`s because he`s a celebrity. That`s actually not true with the level of damage that is alleged to have been done.

But I caught Joel McHale, letting Bieber have it when he was talking to Conan O`Brien. I wanted to show that to you.

CENA: All right.


CONAN O`BRIEN, HOST, TBS`S "CONAN": Why is one of the most affluent stars in the world right now throwing eggs at his neighbor`s house?

JOEL MCHALE, ACTOR: Because he`s a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) idiot. And -- I...

O`BRIEN: I just like to write down your answers.

MCHALE: I feel like he`s got all those guys around him. He`s just running out of things to do.


HAMMER: Joel McHale onto something there, John?

CENA: Absolutely. I mean, you know, when you do experience such success as Justin Bieber had at such a young age, you may just get bored. And when you get bored, you throw eggs.

Honestly, if he`s got nothing better to do than do that, it`s his money. He`s going to end up paying out damages and probably go to court for it. But he can spend it how he wants. It`s his choice to make.

HAMMER: That`s true. Eventually, I have a feeling people are going to get really sick and tired of their -- of his antics. I`m surprised they haven`t so far.

And as you know, police made an arrest right there at Bieber`s house in Calabasas. They took his friend, Lil Za, into custody, reportedly on drug charges.

You know, Justin`s friends always seem to be around when the Biebs is getting into trouble. I`m thinking it`s time for new friends, wouldn`t you think?

CENA: You know, that`s truly Justin Bieber`s decision to make. And if your friends are getting busted with drugs at your house, here`s a hint, Justin, it is your house. So sooner or later, it`s going to come back on you.

And you can have your fun and you can pay for damages that you destroy with eggs. But drug possession and arrests, those are -- those are serious, serious things that you can`t really turn around from.

HAMMER: Yes, we all seem to be on the same page about this. And that`s what the people who are posting on our Facebook page are saying, too.

Karen A. wrote this: "Come on, Biebs, get on the right track. The kids love you."

I mean, John, we can`t forget. There are a whole lot of kids who still look up to the Biebs and are probably, quite frankly, confused by all this behavior. You, yourself are a role model to millions. That`s not something to take lightly.

CENA: Well, you know, as a kid growing up, he probably just wants to be cool. He`s doing all this stuff thinking it`s cool. We talked about the circle of friends around him. They`re obviously into certain stuff that I would stay away from, personally.

A lot of the times, you don`t put it into perspective, how many people, you know, really take what you do as an impression on their daily lives. I have a great grasp on that. I enjoy a youthful audience, and I truly cater to them. Rather than the older demographic that really doesn`t think I`m as cool. It doesn`t score me cool points, and I lose a bit of street cred, but I get parents coming up to me all the time, saying, "Hey, keep doing what you`re doing, because my kid loves you."

Justin has kind of got to put that into perspective. He`s got a whole world of some little kids out there who think that what he`s doing as behavioral is cool. And it`s not. It`s just going to get you in trouble and it`s going to get them in a lot worse trouble, because they`re not Justin Bieber.

HAMMER: See, this is why we love you, John. This is why you`re going to be around for a long time.

CENA: The latest SmackDown. The latest SmackDown.

HAMMER: Listen, make a lot of people smile. The bottom line, it seems that it is time for the Biebs to make some serious life changes.

And what I love that you`re doing right now, John, is that you`re helping a lot of people make big changes in their lives so they can get in shape. Just like you. Well, maybe not just like you. That would take an awful lot of work. Pretty much all day every day. But this is a really great weight loss program I know you are doing called the "Ten Weeks Body Change. What exactly is it all about?

CENA: And you would say an awful lot of work. You need to go to And see exactly how easy it is. This is health and fitness streamlined.

There is so much B.S. and so many gimmicks out there. That I finally with a group of very intelligent people, came up with a ten-week system that will get you in shape. But at the end of ten weeks you`re going to have the education you need to live a healthy lifestyle beyond. You`re not going to yo-yo diet. You`re not going to drop 10 and put on 20. At the end of ten weeks with me as your personal coach, if you go to, you can realize not only how to lose the weight but how to live a healthier life beyond after you`re in shape.

HAMMER: Yes, it`s not all about being as big as you. And John, you and I have been side by side many times.

CENA: You`re always bringing the size up. Side by side. You`re little but you`re shredded. You`re in perfect shape. You`re doing all right.

HAMMER: No, listen, I`m doing all right. But you`re just a -- you`re a large man.

Listen, I understand this was actually all inspired by your dad, right?

CENA: Well, I wanted -- like I said, health and fitness made simple. So Ten Weeks Body Change.

I took my dad, a 70-year-old man who ballooned up to 285. Need to do something about his health. So I figured if he could do this protocol and be successful, then any one could do it. My old man lost 50 pound, and he`s still going. He really is taking the core values from "Ten Weeks Body Change." Done the program as it should be. Applied it to his daily life. And he`s 50 -- he`s losing 50 pounds and beyond at age 70. If he can do it, anybody can do it.

HAMMER: That`s pretty incredible. Is he a big-framed guy like you? I mean, so he`s now at 235.

CENA: The big bones runs in the family. He was always -- I mean, he always really was in OK shape, and he really let himself go. Realized he was facing high blood pressure and other health problems.

I mean, we all want to look great. But being healthy truly means a longer, better quality of life. And at his age, he realized that if he didn`t do something about it, he`d be in trouble. So I kind of came up with a system to help him out. It worked. It worked so good that I want to share it with the world. That`s why I want everybody to go to

HAMMER: You`re a good boy, John Cena. You`re a good boy.

CENA: Appreciate it.

HAMMER: Take a look at what people who are taking on your challenge can expect. Roll that, please.


CENA: Today is going to be fun. One of my favorite meals. A lot of trainers, stand there and tell you, "Hey, do this, do that." I want to work out with you. It`s fun. It`s fast. And it`s easy.

One. That`s the toughest one of the day right there. Just bring it out. Bring it out.

Butt kicks, which is what this workout is going to be doing to me.


HAMMER: Look at you. It`s not just about the workout. I didn`t expect to see you in the kitchen, as well. Is that a normal deal for you?

CENA: The nutrition concept is a very important piece of body change. It`s about 30 percent workouts. And the workouts are short: 20 minutes a workout, twice a week.

The nutrition concept is about 70 percent of it. It`s food that help you lose weight and foods you should stay away from.

And what we really lean on and what you saw in that video is the 100 percent motivation. That`s why I call it the 30-70-100 protocol. Because the motivation is me being there with you. You always need that shoulder to lean on. You need that helping hand.

And it`s not in a drill sergeant like way. I`m not barking orders at you and forcing you to do the impossible. I`m saying, "Look, man, or woman, you know what to do. I`m going to help you do this. We`re going to get through it together. And you`re going to look and feel great."

HAMMER: Well, good for you, man. What a great mentor for people to have. And an inspiration, as well. John Cena, it`s always a pleasure having you here.

CENA: Thanks. Head up on I`ll see you there.

HAMMER: All right. All eyes on "Saturday Night Live." The very first black female cast member takes the stage over the weekend. WE heard about all of the drama surrounding this story.

But what was it really like inside the audition process? That had to be fascinating. Well, Simone shepherd knows. She was a finalist in the "SNL" nerve-racking casting process. She is right here with the secrets of "SNL."

So is Robb Stark back from the dead? Actor Richard Madden was part of the most unforgettable "Game of Thrones" episode. Right? Well, now Richard Madden is right here, talking to SBT about his next dangerous adventure.

What will be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer, hanging in Hollywood this week.

And right now, happy birthday, Blue. No. 9 on the countdown. Beyonce and Jay-Z release perhaps the most incredibly adorable pictures ever of their daughter`s second birthday. It`s like a gift to all of us.

We already can`t get enough of music`s royal family, right? Well, it`s even better when we get a glimpse of baby Blue. I love that Queen B got into the princess birthday theme, as well.

No. 8 on our countdown, it`s "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."

Now imagine becoming famous for standing alongside mannequins in your local Gap. That actually happened to Steven Venegas, who dressed just like the mannequins in the Gap as his wife went shopping. I love this. Sounds like something I would do.

Steven is joining me now by Skype from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Great to have you here, Steven, but please first answer this question, why? Why did you do this?

STEVEN VENEGAS, FAMOUS FOR POSING WITH MANNEQUINS: I did it because I thought it would make my wife laugh. She was on the other side of the store. I noticed that I`m about the same size as the mannequin. So I put it on. And then I got a couple chuckles out of her.

HAMMER: Was there any point where somebody said, security, can we get some help over here?

VENEGAS: No, the staff didn`t seem to notice. But, every once in a while, other customers would see what I was doing. They`d crack up. And you know, so long as everybody is having a good time.

HAMMER: I mean, this is genius. And fortunately, I guess they had all the stuff in your size.

Let`s take a look at some of our favorites, if we can. Can we see him rocking the denim? That`s a very good look on you and the mannequin. Let`s see some plaid here. And another shot that we have which I particularly like with the hoody. And some plaid.

How do you possibly choose? Because quite frankly, there`s so much to choose from when you are at the Gap and you have fallen in.

VENEGAS: Usually, it`s whatever is closest to the front of the store and I can put on quickly without anybody noticing. But recently, it`s become whatever the staff thinks I look good in. In the last couple of shots, they recognized me. And they insisted that I put on the outfit that was on one of the mannequins. And I can never turn anybody down. So yes. Did that. It`s a lot of fun.

HAMMER: It`s such a great idea. Great sport. And also you can amuse yourself and your wife. I love that.

It all went viral when you posted these photos up on your Tumblr page, I know. And by the way, you do make a great mannequin. What kind of response have you been getting? What kind of comments have you been seeing?

VANEGAS: For the most part everybody has been really positive about it. There`s like maybe 10 percent people saying that this might not be the best use of my time.

But everyone else is saying, that this is, it`s pretty funny.

The one comment that I like the most is that somebody complained that I looked too much like a mannequin. They said, "This would be more interesting if he was really out of shape." So I guess that`s -- you know if that`s a complaint somebody has, I`ll take it.

HAMMER: There you go. Maybe you also need to bring some makeup along with you, just to spice it up and get that pale, sort of matte finish to your skin. I think you need to work on that.

Was your wife OK with this? I mean, did she mind the fact that you were doing this goofy thing?

VANEGAS: Yes. She thinks it`s hilarious. She`s -- she`s taken most of the photos. And our friends like it. And nothing wrong with that.

HAMMER: Well, yes, I have to imagine you have some of your married buddies who are probably getting the "See, honey, he doesn`t mind coming along as I shop" remark from their wives.

What`s your advice to them? Perhaps dress like a mannequin, because it can be fun and good for a relationship?

VANEGAS: Well, my advice is like try to find a way to have a good time at the store without, you know, going to the sad man-couch section. There`s so much you can do that doesn`t involve just sitting and looking upset.

HAMMER: Have you heard from the folks at the Gap? Are they interested in somehow capitalizing on your extravagant experience here?

VANEGAS: They`ve reached out to me. We`re having conversations. So hoping we can come up with something. And you know, whatever they offer I`ll say, yes.

HAMMER: Look at that. Anything is possible.

All right, Steven, well, best of luck. Whatever this thing turns into. Even if it`s nothing at all. I appreciate you being here.

VANEGAS: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: You got it. All right, as we move on, you know, as a New Yorker, I can tell there`s very little that shocks we New Yorkers. Except when a couple of Grammy nominees perhaps hop on a city bus and give an impromptu concert.



HAMMER: Yes, that`s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They performed their hit "Can`t Hold Us" on a bus. Passengers, as you see, just started rocking out. That is one hell of a commute. I`m going to show you how it all plays out.

Plus, I`m taking you for a ride. Yes, it`s my big Hollywood adventure. I`m everywhere, man, I tell you. There is my big "Price is Right" debut. Then I bounced over to visit my friends at "The Talk." That was all before noon, West Coast time.

Is this the day that I`m the top buzz-worthy story in the SBT "Top Ten Countdown"? Anything can happen. And it is my show.

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 7. Jenny is back on the block.




HAMMER: She`s looking good, of course. There`s your SBT first look at Jennifer Lopez`s new video for "Same Girl."

After millions in the bank, three husbands, and one amazing career, J. Lo says that she`s still the same girl from the block. She even shot the video in her old Bronx neighborhood.

We love the song. You know I love you, Jen. The block you`re from now only has one house on it, yours. Things aren`t quite the same anymore. Great song nonetheless.

There is one A-lister who might need to change his ways in a hurry. I`m talking about Shia LaBeouf. This guy seriously suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. His latest OMG moment involves slamming Jim Carrey`s parenting skills.

He tweeted that Jim abandoned his daughter when she was a child. It was an awful reaction to Jim`s joke about Shia being accused of plagiarism.

Well, Shia`s cringe-worthy moments are stacking up faster than his film credits at this point. So now, with the help of my friends at, No. 6 on the countdown, Shia`s biggest "oops" moments.


HAMMER: LaBeouf was busted on a DUI charge after a frightening accident that left his truck upside-down.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you this accident has the potential to wreck his entire career.

In my mind, this star should be working on pulling his foot out of his mouth right about now. I`m talking about Shia LaBeouf. He starred, of course, in "Transformers" and the sequel, and then he bashed the sequel.

Now he`s bad-mouthing the great Steven Spielberg. Spielberg, of course, directed Shia and Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Well, Shia told reporters that he thinks Spielberg is among those who dropped the ball on this movie, saying, "I`ll probably get a call, but he needs to hear this. I love him. I love Steven. I have a relationship with Steven that supersedes our business work. I talk to him often enough to know that I am not out of line. But when you drop the ball, you drop the ball."

Wow, I`m thinking, Shia LaBeouf, who`s all of 23 years old right now, is out of his mind to be slamming Steven Spielberg in public.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Shia LaBeouf is trying his best to make up with the author he`s accused of ripping off. By the way of an apology, the actor first said that he, quote, "got lost in the creative process," and that was his reason for not crediting this author for inspiring his film, ""

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He took to the skies. He posted a picture on his Twitter account, Shia LaBeouf did. And he showed -- he says, "I am sorry, Daniel Close." And he did this over Hollywood.

One problem, however, you point out, that he points out -- he also points out that cloud also means to make less clear or transparent. He put this over Hollywood. Mr. Close, he lives up in the San Francisco Bay Area. So that did not get seen by him.


HAMMER: Wow, that`s an awful lot of bad stuff in an awful short amount of time.

Back with me now, my friend, WWE champ John Cena.

John, at this point, with all that he`s done, what`s your advice to a guy like Shia?

CENA: Actually, pretty easy fix. Shia, before you do anything, anything at all, don`t. Whatever your gut intention is telling you to do, don`t.

If you`ve had any too many drinks at the bar, get a cab. If you`re thinking of going off on somebody, take a deep breath. Don`t even speak.

If you`re thinking about hiring a sky writer for the wrong city, just sit at home and wait it out. And try not to rip people off. If you`re thinking about plagiarizing material for one second, just don`t.

Take some accountability for your actions. Be a little bit more genuine with your apology process. For God`s sakes, don`t keep offending people like this. Listen, if you`re upset about something, hold it in for a second. Get yourself the right decision. You`re a public figure. Everybody is going to keep you under the microscope. Have some accountability for yourself, young man.

HAMMER: There is not a thing I could add to that. Well-said, John. Thanks for being here.

Be sure to check out John`s new fitness program, called "Ten Week Challenge." Thanks, man.

Well, now that the drama has settled down over at "Saturday Night Live" with the hiring of the first black female cast member in six years, what was the casting process really like? Imagine this. Simone shepherd knows, because she was a finalist in the "SNL" auditions. Simone is right here with the secrets of "SNL."

Is Robb Stark back from the dead? Actor Richard Madden is part of the most unforgettable "Game of Thrones" episode ever. He`s gone but not forgotten. Now Richard is back and he`s here to talk to SBT about his next adventure.

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now, the "Top Ten Countdown," inside one of the most historic "Saturday Night Live" auditions of all time. What really happened when Sasheer Zamata was picked to become "SNL`s" first African-American female performer in years? Well, comedian Simone shepherd, who auditioned for "SNL" right alongside Sasheer is right here to reveal the secrets of that amazing moment.

But is that more jaw-dropping than the return of "Game of Throne" star Richard Madden? Robb Stark may be dead after one of the most unforgettable and gruesome moments on TV, but actor Richard Madden is back as a brand new badass in "Klondike." And Richard is right here to tell us how he traded in the sword for the gun and is taking on the Wild West. And SBT continues right now.

Welcome back, thank you so much for watching. I am A.J. Hammer hanging out in Hollywood. We are counting down today`s top 10 must-see, must-share stories.

We are up to No. 5. It`s secrets of the "Saturday Night Live" auditions. This Saturday, Sasheer Zamata will become SNL`s first new African-American female performer in years when she makes her debut on the show. Now, she won the part after some big auditions that the show held last month, just as SNL was getting slammed for its lack of diversity.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be a part of those auditions? You don`t have to imagine, we`re going to find out now, because with me in Hollywood, comedian Simone Shepherd, who got the chance to audition. It`s great to meet you and have you here. I appreciate the opportunity to learn about this. It must have been a wild experience since this was such a big, big deal. Tell me what the audition process was like.

SIMONE SHEPHERD, COMEDIAN: You know what, the audition process was amazing. When we first auditioned in Los Angeles, none of us really knew what we were auditioning for. We just knew when we got there, there were nothing but black girls there. A lot of them that I knew. A lot of them are my peers. Funny, funny women. So I was excited. We were like, whatever comes out of this, you know, we`re excited about it.

HAMMER: You had no idea this was for SNL.

SHEPHERD: We knew that it was for SNL. There were rumors going around that, you know, SNL was looking for an African-American woman. But we weren`t sure. We didn`t see anyone from SNL there.

HAMMER: Right. Lorne Michaels wasn`t hanging out there?


HAMMER: None of the head writers, anything like that.

SHEPHERD: We didn`t recognize anyone from the audience, you know, as SNL personnel. We just got up there and we performed.

HAMMER: How many of you?

SHEPHERD: There were 12 of us.

HAMMER: And were you nervous?

SHEPHERD: I was nervous. Yes.


SHEPHERD: I was nervous. But you know what, it was a performance at the Groundlings in Hollywood, which is famous worldwide. And we got up there, we just performed for the audience.

HAMMER: I imagine you did what you knew, perhaps a routine you had done before. Can you give us a little sense of what that was? Can you put it on for us? Am I putting you on the spot? Maybe ten seconds.

SHEPHERD: Most of my fans know me from doing my Beyonce impersonations. So my name is Beyonce, and I am the greatest singer ever. So I did a Beyonce. I did Donna Brazile, which I had the opportunity to perform.

HAMMER: OK, do Donna Brazile, please.

SHEPHERD: I did Donna Brazile for Donna Brazile the other day.

HAMMER: The great CNN contributor. Donna Brazile, please.

SHEPHERD: She was amazing.

Welcome to CNN, I am Donna Brazile. I`m not going to do much of her. I did more of her the other night. Yes.

HAMMER: You want a little hint by the way for your Beyonce impersonation? If somebody asks you question as Beyonce, that`s personal, about her marriage and baby, don`t answer it. Then you will be all set. Do we have the picture that you put up on Instagram? This was you and all the other people you were auditioning with. There you are, hanging out. Looks like a festive crowd. Not everybody was really happy though with how this went. I don`t know if you saw this. One of your fellow auditioners appeared a little bitter. Tiffany Hadish (ph), do you remember who that was? Here is what she told TMZ, that the SNL producers knew who they wanted from the very beginning and were wasting all these black women`s time and gas money. Did you in any way feel that way?

SHEPHERD: You know, I know Tiffany well. She is a hilarious girl. Who I started doing improv with years ago. I really, that may have been taken a little bit out of context. As comedians, we tend to say things that are a little bit over the top in moments. So maybe she said it a bit jokingly, and it was taken out of context. I know her. She`s so lighthearted. She doesn`t say anything that -- to cause any harm. I know that.

HAMMER: And I imagine you have no ill feelings about Sasheer. Well deserved there.

SHEPHERD: I am so excited for her. She is carrying a torch for us. She is opening a door that I hope stays open for many other women to go back through.

HAMMER: No bitterness on your part?

SHEPHERD: No, I am so excited for her.

HAMMER: You think she is a great choice? Here is the problem. I have had this discussion with other people before, saying she has got to feel the pressure. Somebody told me no, she should not feel the pressure, she should just be funny. That`s true, but do you imagine she`s feeling a great deal of pressure going into this weekend?

SHEPHERD: You know what, in an ideal world, she can just go in there and just be funny. But of course she feels pressure. This is the most public SNL audition ever. So for her to get on the show, she is holding the torch she shouldn`t be carrying. She should just be able to be funny. But now she has to represent all the black people on Martin Luther King weekend.

HAMMER: I couldn`t agree with you more. It is pretty incredible. Well, people can go online, see your Vine videos. You are an incredible talent yourself.

SHEPHERD: Thank you.

HAMMER: And I have a feeling you will not be wanting for employment.

SHEPHERD: I`m not.

HAMMER: Thank you so much for being here.

SHEPHERD: Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Appreciate that.

The world just got to see something that you could say I have been auditioning for, for my entire life. The chance to be on the "Price is Right." Now the episode just aired. This is No. 4 in our countdown. All part of this incredible day that I have just had, a day in which you could say I stormed Hollywood.


HAMMER: New York City is usually where I live, work and play, but I spent this day taking over L.A.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And this brand new car!

HAMMER: You saw me giving away prizes on the "Price is Right."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Host of "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN, A.J. Hammer.

HAMMER: Talking with the ladies of "The Talk" and interviewing a Grammy nominated artist.

This is first time Grammy nominee Mary Lambert.

It`s all in a day`s work here on the day that A.J. takes Hollywood.

DREW CAREY, HOST, PRICE IS RIGHT: Special guest today, it`s A.J. Hammer from "Showbiz Tonight."

HAMMER: First it was my national debut on "The Price is Right" with Drew Carey, where I was a celebrity guest prize model.

HAMMER: What a thrill. And I`m so excited for all these people to win lots and lots of stuff today. Before I went on, I had to rehearse quite a bit. A new computer. But once the show began, it all went off without a hitch.

A brand new car.

I got to introduce several prizes. I think I missed my true calling.

CAREY: Thanks, AJ. I think AJ Hammer was a car modeler before he was a host of a show.

HAMMER: I even did a showcase.

The showcase is yours. But only if the price is right.

And afterwards, I got to share with host Drew Carey what a thrill it was to do his show.

I wanted to be Bob Barker when I was 9 years old, man.

CAREY: I`m having the time of my life, the time of my life. It`s fantastic. You know ,I watch you on your show. You look like you are having the soul sucked out of you.

HAMMER: That is not true.

In my next part of my takeover of Hollywood, I had more laughs on another CBS show.

I have some Celebrity breakup news that I bring to you in this new year.

I sat in on "The Talk," where the topic was amicable breakups.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I break up with a guy, I help him find other people.

HAMMER: I had a friend split up with her husband. And she said, yes, I can help you. I am going to help you write the check. No, another zero. Another zero.

Always fun hanging out with them.

And the final part of my big Hollywood rampage -- meeting up with the big- time Grammy award nominee.

The lovely Mary Lambert sings on and co-wrote "Same Love," the hit song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They are all nominated for song of the year.

You got to be over the moon?

MARY LAMBERT: I am so over all of the moon.

HAMMER: And when I caught up with Mary, she was just gushing about how excited she was.

LAMBERT: I remember being like 8 years old, standing at the bathroom, like practicing my speech. The Grammys is like the end-all, be-all.

HAMMER: So it was a day of living lifelong dreams, hanging with cool ladies, and chatting with some major talent. An exhausting day to be sure. But that`s what happens when A.J. takes Hollywood.


HAMMER: I think I am going to do the rest of the show talking about myself in the third person. No, it was truly an incredible, incredible time. I am so grateful to everybody who was involved with that.

Still ahead, imagine if this happened to you while you were taking the bus home.


HAMMER: Yes, that`s Macklemore and Ryan Lewis putting smiles on the faces of some unsuspecting New Yorkers who were just commuting home. That`s a way to end the day right there. You got to see how this epic viral video plays out. Plus, this was an epic way to end a season. That is Rob Stark coming to his shocking end in the now infamous red wedding scene on "Game of Thrones." Yes, that was a seriously bad day for Rob Stark, but don`t worry, because the actor who plays him, Richard Madden, is doing better than ever. And he is right here to tell us about his amazing new adventure in the Wild West. So will Richard or Macklemore be No. 1? Stick around to find out. This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our top ten countdown. Time now for the big No. 3. This video is so fantastic. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis` big commuter surprise. So the rap stars just hopped aboard a New York City bus and they really stunned some pretty hardened New Yorkers with an incredible performance of "Can`t Hold Us." You have got to see this.



How you guys doing today? All right. Okay. All right, okay. All right. Okay. All right, okay.



HAMMER: See, this is kind of unusual. Usually when that happens, somebody walks onto a subway or a bus to perform, well, it doesn`t really happen on the buses. People just kind of give this look. They`re kind of, not paying much attention. And I love the old school boombox there. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are nominated for seven Grammys, and of course they are performing at the Grammys awards on January 26. Be sure to stay with SBT, we will have of course complete coverage of all of that night`s biggest moments.

We`re down to No. 2, here we go, it`s the holy trinity of Youtube in the house. Yes, Grace Helbig entertains her Youtube fans with her Daily Grace, Hannah Hart likes to drink and eat during her drunk kitchen episodes, and Mamrie Hart thinks we should all be drinking on her web series, "You Deserve a Drink." And now this fantastic trifecta are starring in their own movie together, it is called "Camp Dakota," and it will be out on February 14th. It`s so cool to see you here in real life. I am so used to meeting people at the movies and on television. But the Youtube stars coming to life on our very set here. Thank you for being here.

GRACE HELBIG: Thanks for having us.

HAMMER: You guys do an awful lot of drinking. I mean let`s just ...

MAMRIE HART: Oh, my goodness. Who doesn`t love a cocktail in the kitchen, right, Hannah?

HANNAH HART: It`s true. Yeah, I think.

HAMMER: Your combination, though, of the drinking and the eating, puts anything I have done in my meager preparation while having an occasional sip to shame. Shall we watch a little bit of this?




HANNAH HART: Nutmeg, a barely know meg. I`m sorry.

Now kiss.




First, plunge your fingers deep into the heart of your bread. There you go. Now, pull it out like it was once your sworn enemy. Good. Now let it beat gently in your hand.

I really shouldn`t have started drinking whiskey.


HAMMER: Just make no mistake about it. You are wasted.



HELBIG: I haven`t seen that one.

HANNAH HART: Oh, yes, no it is actually kind of fun for me. Because every time I get to watch, Andy K, I get to think, that happened. New and different


HANNAH HART: New and different every time. I was making, believe it or not, French toast that day.

HELBIG: Oh, of course.

HAMMER: I see that.

HANNAH HART: Beating heart French toast.

HAMMER: I think people trying that at home might hurt themselves?

HANNAH HART: Yeah. Maybe.

HAMMER: You know, what is she consuming like, I`m watching, usually wine. Whiskey.

HANNAH HART: The thing is that this little tatter tot of a lady has no tolerance.


HANNAH HART: So, while I can drink, as much as a bison could, she has got like the tolerance of a cat.

HAMMER: And start making an omelet which turned into scrambled eggs, actually, just a big old mess and she drank an entire bottle of wine.

HELBIG: Oh, god, being 24 was great.

HANNAH HART: The process is just, the food goes on the floor and the liquor goes in the body.

HAMMER: What millions of people are watching you guys on Youtube all the time, and I love this particular clip that we are going to show of you celebrating Mamrie`s birthday.

HANNAH HART: Oh, my goodness.


HELBIG: The next step is to take your gin and pour it into your glass. You have to open the gin first. The next step is to open the gin. You know in high school, Mamrie was a member of the sess (ph), team, but now she`s a member of the 12-step team.



HELBIG: Are you kidding me? Step two, have fun!


HAMMER: OK, first of all, that was one hell of a birthday. But what I love is, millions of people have seen this on Youtube. Yes. We`re playing it on television now. And you look like you`re actually embarrassed.

MAMRIE HART: No, I am not embarrassed. I own. I own this. I just think it`s hilarious that my first on TV interview I have puffy painted cupcakes on my breasts.

HELBIG: You`re welcome. It took me an hour.

HAMMER: I love that your involve your people, your viewers, your fans.

MAMRIE HART: Your people.

HAMMER: You take requests.


HAMMER: May we watch some of this?

HELBIG: Let`s watch me be a human puppet. Oh, okay.


HELBIG: I went on my Tumblr, and I asked you, guys, who did you want to see me impersonate. I`m trying to (inaudible). And so, I just chose a bunch of them. And I was going to do them. Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha. So, like you wouldn`t get an abortion after the party at Birthday ...

Thanks very much. Thanks. Oh, oh.


HAMMER: I`m guessing it`s pretty much nothing you wouldn`t do. I have to ask you, I want - don`t want to miss the opportunity to talk "Camp Dakota" this great film.


HANNAH: Camp Dakota!

HAMMER: Reuniting at summer camp. You wind up making sure it all comes together. Is there a lot of drinking involved there?

HELBIG: There is the moderate amount. But it`s much more limited than our Youtube channel.

HANNAH HART: A very healthy and responsible, and dare I say it, role model-asked amount of drinking.

MAMRIE HART: It felt all right.

HELBIG: You don`t drive. Nobody drives. Who is driving?

HAMMER: I love the fact that you guys are now giving your fans an opportunity to see you in that format both at home and on the screen. And thank you for being here. What a treat this was to meet you all.

MAMRIE HART: Oh, my goodness.

HAMMER: I`ll meet you after the show for a cocktail.


HAMMER: Thank you so much and make sure you check out the ladies in their new movie "Camp Dakota" February 14th.

All right, if those amazing Youtube stars aren`t the fun that I`ve been having at Hollywood, aren`t at the top of the countdown? What could be? Stay where you are to find out what is in the number one spot. This is "SBT" on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And there are gods.


HAMMER: Well, that game of thrown scene made television history. When Rob Stark, his pregnant wife and mother the show were all massacred at what has become known as the infamous "Red Wedding" scene. This was such a stunner, watching so many beloved characters get it in one fell swoop. And that takes us to the big reveal of what is number one on our top ten countdown. Rob Stark, the late King of the North, is back from the dead. Sort of. All right, so his unforgettable character from "Game of Thrones" is actually coming back to life. But look at this. Amazing actor who played Stark, Richard Madden, is here. He`s going to tell toll about his brand new adventure in the Discovery mini series "Klondike" that begins next Monday.

First of all, Richard, it is great to have you here and see, on behalf of "Thrones" fans everywhere that you in fact are alive and well.

RICHARD MADDEN: Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Absolutely. And I do want to talk about Klondike in a moment. It looks so, so cool. But first, of course, it seems as if the entire country was in shock after you and your TV family were slaughtered when everything went down on "Game of Thrones." I actually heard that you cried on the plane as you were heading home after shooting which wouldn`t shock me at all. But now that you`ve had some time to process it all, does it still make you emotional?

MADDEN: Yes, of course it does. I mean that just destroyed me. I know what - thanks to that, the audio of (inaudible), and that was crushing, actually. So, thanks for showing me that. It`s made me completely miserable.

HAMMER: Oh, great. All right. Well, look, you feel the smile on your face and I do appreciate that. And of course, the reaction from around the world has now sort of become as classic as the whole "Red Wedding" scene in and of itself. Let`s look at some of that reaction.


UF: Ah! Oh.

UF: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.


HAMMER: I mean Richard, people were crying, they were calling in sick to work. Why did everybody take it so personally?

MADDEN: I don`t know, because we`re the good guys, I think that`s why. You don`t want the good guys to get slaughtered. And I got slaughtered and my mother got slaughtered and my unborn child, and my wife - I mean. They did it properly.

HAMMER: Man. What a moment that was. Nobody is ever going to forget that even if we try to. Because quite frankly, it was a little violent. But one adventure now over, this great new adventure has begun for you. You`ve moved on from winter fell in thrones to Dawson`s City in this Discovery miniseries "Klondike". It`s a bit less violent there. I`m thinking the biggest dangers that you`re facing is your character Bill Haskell or the bitter cold and those killer gold miners, let`s watch.


MADDEN: We`re all cold, we`re all hungry.

Now, men are just yanking it up out of the ground.

Just trying to find a piece of something that`s mine.


MADDEN: The fair number of men are going to walk out of here rich. Barely a handful are going to be remembered.


HAMMER: I love the way this looks. An entirely different setup for you, though. So, you`ve got to tell me how different it is to struggle to survive in the Canadian Northwest versus the realm where you just came from.

MADDEN: Well, things were different because in the show we did it all without CGI or WFH. You know, when we were up - we were at the top of it, when we were in the rapids, we were in them. So, you know, I kind of got much close to actually dying in this than "The Game of Thrones." Which was intense and this only, but that was much more intense.

HAMMER: Well, it looks intense, entirely different than what you just experienced. But I think it`s going to be spectacular and hopefully one of the gold miners won`t come down, you know, with the shotgun and spray the crowd. I say it would be terrible. Richard, great having you here. Good luck with "Klondike" kicking off on the Discovery Channel on Monday.

MADDEN: Thank you.

You got it. All right. Now, somebody just laid a finger on Bart Simpson`s butterfinger, apparently. Get ready for the bizarrely entertaining new Super Bowl ad from Butterfinger. That is moving in a freaky direction far away from their former cartoon spokesman. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: It`s time now for our "SBT Moment of Awesomeness." And it is the weirdest and most entertaining ad that we`ve seen in a very long time. You know, it`s not just Hollywood blockbusters that are getting trailers these days. Oh, no, Butterfinger. Yeah, the candy that everybody loves has just released a first look at its Super Bowl ad. The commercial makes a strange with erratic, kind of a unique spin on how the marriage of peanut butter and chocolate makes an amazing combination. You got it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m smooth, baby, and always have been a classic.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. And Mrs. Buttercup, the therapist will see you now.


HAMMER: You better watch out, Reese`s has been my favorite food combination ever. Well, thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in a Hollywood. Catch "SBT" Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.