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Dr. Drew`s Top 10 Moments of 2013

Aired December 30, 2013 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, who`s made the list of my top ten favorite moments of 2013? Miley Cyrus? Jodi Arias? Crack mayor?

So much to choose from. I will try to squeeze it all into the next 60 minutes.

Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening.

I`m joined by my co-host Sirius XM`s Jenny Hutt.

And tonight we have a special edition, special, Jenny, of DR. DREW ON CALL.

JENNY HUTT, CO-HOST: "Special", if you will.

PINSKY: That`s right.

We`re going to be counting down my top 10 favorite moments of the show from 2013.

So, let`s jump right in.

Coming up at number 10, a recent story about a 6-year-old accused -- a 6-year-old accused of sexual harassment. Take a look.



HUNTER, 6-YEAR-OLD: It was during class, yes. We were doing reading group and I leaned over and kissed her on the hand.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She was fine with it. They are boyfriend and girlfriends. The other children saw it and went to the music teacher.

HUNTER: I did something wrong. She sent me to the office fair and square. I feel sorry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is taking it to an extreme that doesn`t need to be met with a 6 year old.

Now, my son is asking questions. What is sex, mommy?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you been trying to be good at school?

HUNTER: Yes. But I have a lot of energy. I mean, 6 year olds, they have a lot of energy.


HUTT: I love him.

PINSKY: I`m speechless. I`m speechless.

Let`s bring in the panel, Segun, Greg, Areva, Lynn.

Greg, you`re bursting.

GREG GRUNBERG, ACTOR: I`m going crazy, Dr. Drew.


GRUNBERG: OK. Let me tell you something. First of all, this kid -- I mean, the school officials -- this is way out of proportion.

PINSKY: I know what we need to do. We need to make him a judge in Texas.


PINSKY: That`s what we need to do.

Better judgment than most adults I`m talking about tonight.

GRUNBERG: And, by the way, if everything that kids are exposed to, I have three boys. I watch a baseball game and I have to explain to them why they have to call a doctor if they get an erection lasting more than four hours.

Things are out there. This kid is exposed to things. This kid is going to go to a baseball game and why is it called a kiss cam and why isn`t it called a sexual harassment cam?

These teachers and this principal are out of their mind.

PINSKY: All right. Let me read a statement from the school superintendent who tells HLN, quote, "The story is not just about the student disciplined, it`s also about the student receiving unwanted advances. We have to think about both students in the situation."

Which is Segun`s point, which is Lynn`s point, and I understand that.

And let`s be fair. Maybe this kid was a repeat offender.


HUTT: Come on.


PINSKY: I can`t believe I`m using that language.

But, Jenny, you have recently a little girl in your household. Your daughter is how old now?

HUTT: Well, now, she`s 13.

PINSKY: No, no. But I mean, recently, she was a little girl. Would she talk about, oh, Sam being my boyfriend? They use that kind of language --

HUTT: But she got called to the principal`s office with me because in third grade, she liked a boy a little too much and he got freaked out. And my daughter is perfectly normal and healthy and then we talked about it. They`re just kids. This little boy is a kid.

PINSKY: Wait a minute, you had basically the same thing happen to you, but your daughter was called the offender?

HUTT: She`s a bit of a hussy.


GRUNBERG: Little girls are way more advanced than boys.


AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY: Look at the language even the superintendent is using. Unwanted advances. Where are they getting this language from? He kissed her hand. He didn`t go up her dress or --


PINSKY: And after our coverage of this story, the school dropped the sexual harassment claim, instead classifying it as misconduct. However, authorities showed up at Jenny Hutt`s house to go up to the actual sex offender discussed during that story?

HUTT: Oh, God, no. My point is it was ridiculous, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Did your daughter -- did your daughter see that coverage?

HUTT: No, I don`t think she did, but I told her about it. I did tell her.

PINSKY: What did she say?

HUTT: She laughed. My kid is thankfully healthy, and we are in tune, and she`s got a great sense of humor.

PINSKY: All right. And the point being that was pc taken -- political correctness taken to a destructive place.

By the way, if the girl had experience little boy kissing her hand as a sexual advance, that little girl may have been sexually advanced upon by an adult or other child, and that child needs to be looked into a bit. Of course, the administration has to be hyper vigilant about these things. Bad things happened. But let`s not go too far with this.

Now, who can forget the graphic phone sex conversations between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander played out in court and on TV for the world to hear. But before the tapes were played, a side bar was called and there was a heated argument between the defense and the prosecution and the judge.

My producers got ahold of the transcripts of that side bar. They thought that having my panel -- well, use it as a script for a play would be a great idea.

So I give you number nine, Jodi Arias, master-tape theater. Take a look.


Jenny Hutt will play Jennifer Willmott. As Nurmi, Darren Kavinoky.

DARREN KAVINOKY, ATTORNEY: I`m just glad I get to keep my clothes on for a role. Finally, thank you.

PINSKY: Host of "Deadly Sins" on Investigation Discovery.

As our judge, attorney and judge of TV`s Paternity Court, Lauren Lake.

And, of course, as Juan Martinez, attorney Mark Eiglarsh of

Mark, open us up here.

MARK EIGLARSH, ATTORNEY: OK. It`s a sex tape. If you want, I can give you like a quote, which is a sample. I know it`s hard, so I apologize. But he says at one point, you know, when I come up there, I`m going to stick it in your beep.

And she responds, you know, oh, she laughs and says that`s so debasing. But I like it.

HUTT: The phone sex tape is what it is. We intend to play the entire tape. The statement that is going to come and stick it up wherever is not for the truth of whether or not he was actually going to do that.

LAUREN LAKE, ATTORNEY: Well, why are you offering it?

HUTT: Because it goes to Ms. Arias`s defense with regard to self- defense and the particular type of grooming of the way Travis treated her.

It`s the best evidence, judge. They actually hear Travis` voice and Travis talking about the things that he supposedly wouldn`t know if he really was a virgin before he met Ms. Arias.

KAVINOKY: At a time when she is supposedly this crazy stalker person that he doesn`t want around, he`s having phone sex with her and talking about the things that he wishes to do.

PINSKY: All right. Darren, aka --

EIGLARSH: But the bottom line is she`s -- there`s more here. Did I ask you to talk, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: Go ahead, Martinez, please, go.

EIGLARSH: But the bottom line is she`s the one that called him to initiate that. He`s not the aggressor. She is.

HUTT: That`s all for cross, judge.

EIGLARSH: Oh, I can bring that on cross of Ms. Arias is what I can do. Or can bring it out on the cross of Mr. Alexander. Which of the two? Neither of which I have access to.

HUTT: You can certainly cross the doctors.

EIGLARSH: I don`t want to cross the doctors!

LAKE: Order!


PINSKY: Well, Jenny, after that award-winning performance, we`re going to require you to join the likes of Lynn and you`re going to have to wear eyewear whenever you come on the program. That`s all I`m saying.

HUTT: Great.

PINKSY: Now, the Jodi Arias trial got a lot of attention, but sometimes who the Jodi Arias fans were surprised me. Here`s number eight. Take a look at this.


PINSKY: I was at a Laker game on Friday night. There was about six seconds in the game. This young man, you may have heard of him, Kobe Bryant --


PINSKY: He came over and Kobe -- oh, there I am at the courtside. He came right over to talk to me about Jodi Arias. And, Kobe, by the way, you`re secret is good between you and me. Should we actually get to chitchat about Jodi, that`s between you and me, man, but just the fact that it was so illustrative -- by the way, he won the game with sheer will. It was unbelievable.


PINSKY: Yes, people were saying "bad to the bone" should have been playing as he walked off. But on his mind apparently was Jodi Arias.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Six seconds to go in the game, this is what he chose to do. That`s astounding.

PINSKY: That`s beyond, cool, then he went and won the game. Like, no big deal. No big deal. I wish I had that kind of cool, even a piece of it.

Be that as it maybe, it`s a sign of how much Jodi is preoccupying us, wouldn`t you say?


PINSKY: Ms. Ali, Miley Cyrus, Toronto crack mayor -- Jenny, what do they all have in common? Well, they all made it into our top 10 countdown, and you will see where they are rank, next.


PINSKY: Welcome back to a special edition of DR. DREW ON CALL.

And Jenny and I are counting down my top 10 favorite moments from this show on 2013.

Jenny, are we leaving anything out so far?

HUTT: No, I don`t think so, Dr. Drew. We had a lot of cuckoo for coco puffs people.

PINSKY: Well, speaking of that, a beautiful and successful swimsuit designer checked into a ritzy New York hotel with her boyfriend. Hours later, she`s found dead in the bathtub. He is the prime suspect. Murder or suicide?

At number seven, I give you the Soho murder trial. Take a look.



UNIDENTIFIED FERMALE: The pain, it`s so terrible.

ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: A young swimsuit designer allegedly murdered at a private club by her own boyfriend.

PINSKY: Nicholas Brooks is charged with choking and drowning her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She had marks internally, but not on the outside of her lips, which indicate that someone put their hand over her mouth.

CHO: A series of surveillance photos taken from video of that club just may back it up. Cachay`s body was found in submerged water in an overflowing bathtub.

PINSKY: New York`s exclusive Soho House.


PINSKY: We`ve got a to-do list, I`ve got it right here, from Sylvie Cachay to her boyfriend Nicholas Brooks, five pages of things she wanted him to comply with hoping -- I hear sighing already, who was that? Was that Jenny, was that you sighing?

HUTT: I`m sure, yes.

PINSKY: Listen, I`m sure you had these kinds of conversations with men before.

HUTT: Let me tell you something.

PINSKY: It included by the way put the toilet seat down. That`s a conversation I know all of you have had.


PINSKY: All right, thank you. But it happened to be in writing, it was extensive, included a lot about drugs and alcohol.

My crack producing team has put together something that I haven`t seen yet. The first is perhaps if she had taken something and died accidentally. Apparently, there was. Again, therapeutic levels of Xanax in her system. It`s very high-tech stuff we`re watching here.

HUTT: I`m just -- I keep -- the bottle of pills, Drew, I keep a Xanax in my bag at all times. It`s not a big bottle, it`s a little teeny Xanax - -

EIGLARSH: Drew, we`re talking about therapeutic amounts. How do you drown in a bathtub?

LLOYD: That doesn`t explain the fractured larynx. That doesn`t explain the fractured larynx.

PINSKY: That`s correct. And, again, alcohol could have been involved. Let`s see the second animation which I think perhaps is more satisfying than the first. OK, this is actually showing --

HUTT: I can`t -- so an alien came in and strangled her?

EIGLARSH: Objection, objection.

PINSKY: Really? We had to have an animation to understand what strangulation is?

Samantha, she told him to get a job, get out of bed, clean up after himself. What`s going on here? She`s like a successful woman, a socialite. This guy is sort of freeloading in her apartment. What`s going on?

SCHACHER: Yes, he was essentially living off of her. She was supporting him emotionally and financially. He came off very entitled, almost riding on the coattails of his dad`s Oscar-winning composing career success.

And, you know what, at the end of the day, a lot of women can relate to her, maybe not to the extent of a to-do list, but a lot of women have been blinded by lust or love. She did tell her friends she had crazy chemistry with him.

So you know what? Maybe she thought she could change him.


PINSKY: I`m going to get to you, Wendy. Here`s the deal. The panel, I have a thing over here where I get to see my panel the while Samantha was talking, all these heads are nodding oh, yes, when he`s high, what are you going to do?

So, Wendy, go ahead. Tell us.

WALSH: OK, well, of course, nobody deserves to die, but Dr. Drew, I`m going to quote you here. She was having intensity over intimacy, wasn`t she?

PINSKY: Yes, right, that`s right.

WALSH: And then after all the intensity and the clouds started to part a little bit, she looked and said, oh, he`s not anywhere need a good boyfriend, let me give him a list to-dos and see if I can shape him up, which, by the way, anything she asked for was not strange, it`s very normal, what everyone would expect of a boyfriend, but she should have had those expectations met first before the crazy intensity.

HUTT: Yes. I mean, I think maybe they had crazy sex, may be the chemistry was the crazy sex, and that is a super-powerful thing, and that can seriously make you lose all sense of right and wrong in that time frame.

PINSKY: Cheryl, I`m thinking of something you had about Jodi Arias having had her brains affected --

CHERYL ARUTT, PSYCHOLOGIST: You mean intercoursing her brains out?

PINSKY: Right. I think that was the statement.

HUTT: Yes.

PINSKY: That may have happened here.


PINSKY: And there`s my panel. This girl`s boyfriend Nicholas Brooks was convicted of the murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison, so that was that.

Miley Cyrus gave us a bit to talk about this year, including her VMA twerking episode. That will be, Jenny, number six. Take a look.


DANINE MANETTE: Dr. Drew, you know, I hope that she when she sobers up, she watches this back so she can see how she looked. But the fact of the matter is that she`s a 20-year-old girl and her brain is not even fully developed. And he`s a 35-year-old married man. They did not just come onstage and decide to do this all of a sudden.

This was rehearsed and practiced and I`m quite sure it came across exactly how they expected it to. But sheds catching all the flak for it. And like I said, he`s a 35-year-old married man. Hello!

PINSKY: Let`s get him into this, too. Tiffanie, what do you say?

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, HLN CONTRIBUTOR: You know what? Miley is twerking all the way to the bank today, OK?


HENRY: She sold some records last night, she`s got us talking about her all day today. I think that we want her to continue to be something similar to "Hannah Montana," but Hannah Montana was a character that she played. This is Miley Cyrus.

And we need to get to know Miley Cyrus, because she`s saying this is me. Love me or leave me alone or watch me twerk. I wish somebody would ask me to twerk.



PINSKY: Unlike Miley, please keep your pants on one second. Wendy, go ahead?

WALSH: Well, I think that if you were shocked by this, then you`re too old to be watching the VMAs, OK? If you are shocked by this, that tells me you have not been to a nightclub in a lot of years on a Saturday night, because this is what the girls do.

Do I think it`s OK? No, of course, but I`m 50 years old.

I am too old to be watching them, but I have a teenager I watch it with.

I think she won the night. She accomplished what she wanted to do. It was mission accomplished for her.

PINSKY: I, during the whole time was saying -- I found myself saying OK, Miley, stop. OK, enough. Please stop, Miley. And then my daughter`s friend said something great. She went Miley, go to college.



PINSKY: Well, I guess that was a bit of a dig at her, but I do -- I have said there`s nothing wrong with Miley. She`s a performance genius in a way. She ended up being the performer of the year, right?

HUTT: Yes, and she`s so talented. She`s a great singer. She writes all her own songs. She`s doing everything right, frankly.

PINSKY: It seems to be the case.

Next up, we are half way through our top 10 countdown, more outrageous moments you may have forgotten about, coming up next.


PINSKY: Back with my co-host Jenny Hutt.

And we are counting down our moments from 2013.

Jenny, this one is a 9-year-old who sneaks out of his house, catches a train to the airports.

HUTT: Amazing.

PINSKY: He`s amazing.

He sneaks past airport security, hops on a flight, waits for a family, walks on a flight to Las Vegas with them. Noticeable noticed unit they were in the air halfway to Las Vegas. How does it happen?

At number five, a 9-year-old on a plane.



BOY`S DAD: He took the trash out and just left.

I`m a parent, I`m not perfect, we assumed that he was at a friend`s house.

PINSKY: You got a 9-year-old takes a train on his own to the airport.

REPORTER: Had he ever flow on an airplane?

DAD: No, sir. It`s his first time.

PINSKY: Sneaks through security, hops on a flight to Las Vegas alone --

DAD: How could you let a 9-year-old child go through security check without stopping him and questioning him?


PINSKY: I want to give the viewers a look at how the boy after he passed through security, how he then he got onto the plane.

You`ll see this reenactment, he waits under the agent turns away, and then he just sort of slips by. He comes on, wait to the ticket agent, and then he zooms onto the plane. I get there were sufficient seats for him to find a seat in a plane without a ticket, and it wasn`t until they were almost in Las Vegas that the flight attendant started wondering about this kid who didn`t have a ticket who was sitting on their flight.

EIGLARSH: TSA, what do you have to say? I was in the airport today, travelled down to the Keys for court. They asked me to undo my belt. Some gentleman who I don`t know, rubbed me in places my wife has never rubbed. I deserved a --


PINSKY: I`m sorry, Mark. I`m not sure if you want us to feel sorry for you.

EIGLARSH: It was not good. But a 9-year-old can get it through security, and they`re looking at me that way?

PINSKY: They call me by name when they do that check down. They put the gloves on and everything. I`ve had that happen, while they`re calling you by name.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I hope the CIA is at the bedroom door of this kid, because he`s a genius. He gets where no al Qaeda operative can do, he gets through TSA, while they`re looking through my lip gloss and feeling me up and goes to Vegas before his parents know what`s going on. He`s a genius.

MANETTE: This father talking about I can`t believe he got past security, I can`t believe he got onto the plane? I can`t believe he got past your front door. That`s what I can`t believe. That`s what I`m just not understanding.

These parents are asleep at the wheel. This kid is running the streets, nobody is supervising him. He has too much time on his hands.

And now, he`s gotten himself into a lot of trouble. This is a situation where you`ve heard the old adage -- it takes a village to raise the child. They have turned this child over to the village to be raised. There is no one in charge. I wonder how many kids are in the house.

PINSKY: That`s interesting. We don`t know that, and we`re watching an animated segment of the villagers being `sleep at the wheel, too. The kid sneaking onto the plane.


PINSKY: But it`s hard to get past our crack animation team. They clearly animation is the order of the day when it comes to our top ten.

Now, after that boy returned from his trip to Las Vegas, a judge ordered the boy and his family to treatment of some type. The boy was removed from the home for a short period of time. Again, I hope that is going better. We`ll see. Time will tell.

Now, remember the Anthony Weiner scandal, aka Carlos Danger?

HUTT: Of course.

PINSKY: Headlines all year long, well, a lot of this year -- he was caught texting with a young woman from Indiana, and after these messages had been made public, she wanted to tell her side of the story, and my panel was not going to let her off easy.

At number four, I give you Anthony Weiner`s texting partner Sydney Leathers.


PINSKY: How did you get into his life? I think we have lots of misunderstanding about that. How did he find you or you find him and how did this thing unfold?

SYDNEY LEATHERS, SEXTED WITH ANTHONY WEINER: What actually happened is I sent him a message in 2011 on Facebook, just expressing disappointment in his conduct. And then, a little less than a year later, he poked me back on Facebook, and then the conversation started from there.

PINSKY: When did it get sexual?

LEATHERS: Almost immediately.

PINSKY: But you actually -- I don`t want to put words in your mouth, but is it true that you actually developed, like, a relationship, in your mind?

LEATHERS: Sort of. I mean, it was more of a fantasy thing, I think.

PINSKY: All right. Crystal, you have a question for Sydney.

CRYSTAL WRIGHT: Yes, Sydney. You know, when this first happened, you acted really shocked, like oh, my gosh, you know, how would Anthony Weiner do this to me? You acted like you were such an innocent, but we know now because I think you -- didn`t you write ten tips for women if they want to lure a politician? You said that you`ve had sugar daddies in the past that have paid you for all these things.

I just want to know, do you have any, like, self-esteem for yourself or do you just depend on men to take care of you and give you sexual pleasure? Is that how you define yourself, because it`s really odd?

PINSKY: I don`t think that was a question, Crystal.


LEATHERS: No, it wasn`t a question. It was just a personal attack.

WRIGHT: No, it was a question. No, it wasn`t. I asked her -- I`m going to repeat the question. Do you depend on men to define yourself and to give you self-esteem?

PINSKY: Fair enough. To buttress your self-esteem.

LEATHERS: No, Crystal, I don`t.

Am I proud of myself? Yes, I do think coming forward and telling the truth is the right thing to do. Yes, I acknowledge the fact that he was married, and that part of it is a mistake on my end. I`ve never tried to play the victim as far as that goes. I own up to that.

And you know, there`s no master plan for this, although, people seem to think that there is.

PINSKY: Sydney, I`ll tell you what`s not coming across to me is remorse at having done this, and I don`t want to make you feel bad if you don`t, but I would think you would feel terrible to have gotten in the middle of a family like this.

LEATHERS: I mean, I do feel very badly for Huma, but you also have to understand the fact that this man has engaged in this behavior before. He`s admitted that I wasn`t the only one at that time. So, if it wasn`t me, it would be someone else.

HUTT: Why did you do it? Like, why did you go public? Why are you on every show? Why, why, why?

PINSKY: Well, she`s not -- well, I`m going to defend her a little bit here. She agreed to do us. She`s not on every show. And she`s very kind to come here with us.

HUTT: Yes, she`s lovely, but why?

PINSKY: But motivation, Sydney. Is there a way of understanding that?

LEATHERS: OK. First of all, I haven`t even done maybe a third of the interviews that have been thrown my way, so to say that I`ve been on every show is completely untrue. And as far as motives go, I released the information because he`s running for mayor of New York City and lying and saying that his only misconduct was in 2011.

HUTT: But --

LEATHERS: Let me finish. He says his only misconduct was in 2011. That is not true and we all know that now. I leaked the information anonymously in the beginning. I didn`t sell the photos that he sent me or our transcripts. So, if I was really looking for attention or notoriety, that`s the route I would have went.

PINSKY: Hang on. I`m going get a call from somebody in Nevada. Her name is Kelly. Kelly, you have a question for Sydney?

KELLY, NEVADA: Yes, I want to know if celebrities releasing sex tapes inspired her in any way, like if this was her way of jumpstarting a career for herself.

PINSKY: Sydney.

LEATHERS: No, that was not a way of jumpstarting a career for myself at all.

PINSKY: But Sydney, people then see you doing the Vivid shoot and stuff and they, go, ah, see, she`s taking advantage of this now. What do you say to people who say that?

LEATHERS: Well, my whole response to that is the fact that, you know, I released everything anonymously. I didn`t want my face out there for this. My identity got leaked without my consent. So, at that point, I had no choice but to own it, come forward, be who I am, hold my head up high, and basically, not care what a group of random women who don`t know me think.

PINSKY: OK. And before -- hang on, ladies. Oh, oh, Crystal, hold on. Before you guys continue your attack, I want to ask Sydney, when was the last time --

CRYSTAL WRIGHT, CONSERVATIVEBLACKCHICK.COM: It`s not an attack, it`s a discussion.

LEATHERS: It is an attack.

PINSKY: It probably feels uncomfortable --

WENDY WALSH, PH.D., PSYCHOLOGIST: I want to say something nice!

PINSKY: Hold on. OK. Good. Wendy -- but I want to know --


WRIGHT: I was going to agree with you on something.

PINSKY: Good. We`ll get both of you guys come in a second. When was your last contact, Sydney, with Mr. Weiner?

LEATHERS: Mr. Weiner contacted me April 12th. That what the last time I heard from him, and that was of this year.

PINSKY: OK, Wendy.

WALSH: OK. What I want to say is I totally understand you and I probably would have done the same thing in my 20s. This would have been so much fun.


WALSH: Listen, you`re not married, you`re childless, you`re enjoying your sexual freedom. This guy who`s already, you know, high profile and scandalous online --

WRIGHT: Oh, come on, Wendy.

WALSH: No. I would totally have gone for it.


PINSKY: And you know, as we`ve gotten to know Wendy throughout this year, Jenny, I believe her when she says that.

HUTT: Well, listen, my issue with Sydney Leathers is sort of how it`s been all along. I just don`t think she feels bad about any of it and I still don`t get her motive for being so public. That`s all.

PINSKY: It`s hard to understand where that was all about. And she kind of slipped in a direction that made it even more questionable as the year went along.

HUTT: Yes.

PINSKY: Next up, things get very heated and awkward in the next clip. I wonder if you could -- which one is it? Who is involved? Which of our panelists? Stay tuned.


PINSKY: Welcome back. My co-host is Jenny Hutt, and we are working our way down to our number one clip of 2013. But first, the day before George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, I had two of my most controversial guests on the show. Coming in at number three, oh, Jenny, this was -- some of the glorious moments --

HUTT: I love math.

PINSKY: I give you Miss Ali and Frank Taaffe. Take a look.


SHAHRAZAD ALI, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, I think that what we should do is to go over some of those other 2,000 murders that have been committed by Black men against Black men, by the police against Black men and Black boys. I think we should study some of those and see which one is the next one that we should address. This isn`t the only tragedy that has happened in our community. So, I think as we all -

FRANK TAAFFE, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN`S FRIEND: Ms. Ali, let me give you a quick history lesson in this case.

ALI: And start looking around trying to, you know, help solve those murders that we could continue on with this judicial idea that we have, and hold the courts accountable for finding the people that are killing us.

PINSKY: Go ahead, Frank.

TAAFFE: Let`s go back to the beginning. Right after the shooting, George is taken down to the station. And there were 11 Sanford Police Department members, the chief of police, and the state attorney all aggregately speaking, probably 150 years of law enforcement experience. They decided not to charge George Zimmerman with any crime because they couldn`t find probable cause. And it was only until Mr. Benjamin Crump --

ALI: Well --

TAAFFE: Let me finish!


TAAFFE: Are you going to yak or do you want me to talk?

PINSKY: Frank, please finish, and then, Ms. Ali. Go ahead, Frank, finish.

TAAFFE: Benjamin Crump wrote a letter. And you tell me when I`m off base here. Mr. Crump wrote a letter to the Department of Justice soon afterwards when there were no charges filed against George Zimmerman. In that letter, he stated that the Sanford Police Department had malfeasance on behalf of Mr. Zimmerman who was a former magistrate with the, somewhere in Virginia, up in Manassas, Virginia. And that he somehow compelled the state attorney and the chief of police not to charge George Zimmerman with any crime.

PINSKY: All right.

TAAFFE: So guess what? They had no probable cause then and they still don`t have probable cause until you guys went out there and wrote the letters.

ALI: I think what happened in that since Zimmerman is going around passing for White and I think it`s the custom at all of those police departments --


ALI: -- killing Black males, then they didn`t want to deal with it, and they weren`t going to deal with it until there was an outcry from our community.

PINSKY: Mark, help me out here.

ALI: I would like to know the (INAUDIBLE) of those eleven police officers you claim were there.


MARK EIGLARSH, SPEAKTOMARK.COM: First of all, I think that a date between these two is a horrible idea.

PINSKY: How dare you. I think it`s a good idea.

EIGLARSH: Secondly --

TAAFFE: On the night George was arrested and the police did not find any probably cause, in order to have arrest you have to have probable cause.


TAAFFE: What the hell was in it for Chief Phil Lee (ph) and Norman Wolfingers,(ph) state attorney, not to arrest him? What was in it? What was in it? Why didn`t they do it and just say go hammer this crap out in court.

ALI: That Trayvon Martin was Black. That`s what was in it.

TAAFFE: Oh please, come on you really believe that?


ALI: That`s what was in it.

TAAFFE: They didn`t even know George Zimmerman, and you just said he wasn`t a White guy.

ALI: Yes sir, I know that.

TAAFFE: You said he was a brown guy, or whatever, and you`re still making us pay for slavery today.

ALI: He`s down there, pretending to be White.


PINSKY: Oh, Jenny. That Zimmerman trial created such intense feelings. And --

HUTT: Sure.

PINSKY: Hats off to Miss Ali for 2013. She taught me a thing or two. I enjoyed having her. Didn`t you?

HUTT: I did. I enjoyed her a lot. Don`t ask me about Frank Taaffe.

PINSKY: Frank was interesting.

Next, we are down to our final two moments. Tweet us @DrDrewHLN if you think you know what they are. We have number two coming up next.


PINSKY: Welcome back. My co-host is Jenny Hutt, and we are looking at the best moments of 2013. Now, someone who gave us no shortage of material was our favorite mayor in Toronto. Coming in at number two, crack mayor and his seemingly unedited stream of consciousness. And a warning, this next tape contains some graphic language.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have to take legal action against the waiter that said I was doing lines at the Bier Markt. I`m very happily married at home, but they`re calling a friend of mine a prostitute. She`s not a prostitute. Alana is not a prostitute. She`s a friend and it makes me sick how people are saying this. That`s all I have to say for now. Oh, and the last thing was Olivia Gondak that says that I wanted to (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I`ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I`m happily married. I`ve got more than enough to eat at home.


PINSKY: First, Wendy, you respond to that.

Walsh: Did he say something like I have enough to eat at home? I don`t need to eat out.

HUTT: Yes! Yes!

PINSKY: Well, that was a follow-on to what he said that was more explicit, using a kind word, colloquialism about female genitalia. Live on TV, live on TV. There it went.


Walsh: The "P" word? Using my favorite word in English language.

HUTT: Yes! Yes!

PINSKY: Again, I`m learning something. Go ahead, Wendy. Tell me more.

WALSH: It`s a soft word, you want to stroke it, furry. It`s all great. No, I think that he is setting up something for a show right now. And I think that we are participants in his new reality show. There`s rumors that he actually signed a deal for a reality show with his brother. I don`t know if that`s true, but I think, Dr. Drew, if we just ignored it and did not make the circus, then would we be enablers? In other words, are we helping to create his rock bottom?

PINSKY: His consequences. Yes, maybe.

WALSH: By creating the consequences by creating the shame.

PINSKY: Heather, I`ve got to go to you. You looked like you`ve sucked on -- like stricken. You sucked on something sour.

HEATHER MCDONALD, STORY PRODUCER, "CHELSEA LATELY": Well, first of all, I mean, who wants the visual of him at home with his wife -

PINSKY: There you go.

MCDONALD: And having enough to eat -- whether he was eating a turkey sandwich, I don`t want to see it and I don`t want to see anything. He obviously eats a lot.

HUTT: That was not the implication. And you know what, I don`t think this reality show is going to be that good. It`s like -- if you -- the shockedness of him, who cares? We`re going to be over him. At least Weiner kind of has a good body and --


BRIAN COPELAND, KGO RADIO: This press conference, my jaw drops. Oh, I`m happily married, I`m happily married. Me thinks the crackhead doth protest too much. Let`s start with that. I think that everyone who has enabled him, from his brother enabling him, to his mom enabling him, to the voters who say that they still support him. I saw one guy quoted as saying, well, you know what, he`s on drugs, but at least he`s not a crook. So, I still support him. They all should be slapped.

MCDONALD: Actually, I don`t know. I don`t know that he is addicted, because maybe he did just do crack a few times. I mean, he`s the fattest crackhead I`ve ever seen.


MCDONALD: And when he`s running through the halls, running into reporters, at least he was running. Let`s look on the bright side.


PINSKY: It`s funny you would say that, Heather, because your buddy, Loni Love, was in here a couple days ago saying that the fact that he is large and using crack is, to quote her, "hilarious". That was your buddy Loni.


PINSKY: And I had to stop people and go, it`s OK to laugh at the show, but you`ve got to also stay concerned about the human being, because this man is going to die.


PINSKY: And his story, Jenny, keeps unfolding. We`ll see what happens in 2014. And although he was the headliner of number two, those cameos by Wendy Walsh and heather McDonald I think really maybe stole the show after all, particularly those Wendy cameos. I had forgotten the puckish satire.

But anyway, be that as it may, up next, our number one clip of 2013. That`s right. it is coming up right after the break.


PINSKY: Welcome back. My co-host, Jenny Hutt, we`ve been counting down the top 10 moments from 2013. And finally, Jenny, finally number one. Can you speculate? Any guesses?

HUTT: No. There`s so much rich material here, Dr. Drew. It could really be anyone.

PINSKY: So many. So many. It was a very interest year, but when it came to our first look at the Jodi Arias interrogation tapes, we knew this was probably going to be something we would revisit at the end of the year. It`s too good to be true. They showed Jodi picking through the trash, singing, doing a headstand, bizarre, take a look.



PINSKY: Mary, during police interrogation, people know they`re being filmed, do they not?

MARY FULGINITI, CO-HOST: Usually, they know that there`s somebody behind that little window that`s watching them, and potentially filming them, but here you would think that either she knows and she`s calculating and trying to look, you know, like she`s crazy or she just doesn`t know at all and has no concept.

PINSKY: And she`s still in handcuffs here during this particular video?

FULGINITI: I can`t tell there if she is. Yes, I guess she is still in handcuffs there. And look at her, she`s doing handstands, just putting her head down. I mean, I`ve seen people get nervous, I`ve seen people cry, I`ve even seen people vomit, but I have never seen anyone do what Jodi Arias does.

PINSKY: Lauren, how about you?

LAUREN LAKE, ATTORNEY: She is really, really acting like she doesn`t have any good sense, Dr. Drew. I mean, if you look at this young girl, if understanding the severity, the gravity of what she`s facing, these are the moves she`s doing? This is the way she`s sitting? Flinging her hair, it doesn`t make sense. But truthfully, when you look at that, you have to say to yourself, hmm is troubled, is this girl off? It almost adds to some of the evidence that`s being presented that maybe something isn`t wrapped too tight in this chick.

PINSKY: Janine, what do you think?

JANINE DRIVER, HUMAN LIE DETECTOR: You know, once again, typical Jodi Arias. This is more indicative, I think, Dr. Drew, of someone who is guilty versus someone who`s innocent. An innocent person tends to get nervous, because they`re worried about being believed and you don`t see this kind of relaxed behavior. When we move our bodies, we move our minds. We often see people, like guilty people do this.

But, hey, when I`m confused about an analysis, I`m confused, what I do if I`m confused is I ask my seven-year-old son, Angus, what he thinks. And if Angus doesn`t agree with what I think, and I`m more confused, I ask my two Jack Russell puppies, T-Rex and Elsie, what they think and then I come on your show.

PINSKY: Well, thank you for that.

DRIVER: Hopefully, this analysis tonight is going to be what you`re looking for.

CHERYL ARUTT, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: What strikes me is how completely relaxed she looks and how she`s focused really on how her hair looks and how her face looks and concerned about who she`s going to manipulate next and what the next opportunity is going to be. And that`s something that speaks to her guilt and it certainly speaks to what her priorities are after she`s booked.

PINSKY: Guilt in the sense that she had committed the crime, not guilt in the sense that she felt bad about this.

EIGLARSH: But the headstand. What was the headstand about? And that`s when Dana from Colorado sent me the e-mail that she, in the 1980s when she was involved in pageants, she, if she didn`t have makeup, they would do the handstands, so the blood can flow down to their body to their face to redden their cheeks.

PINSKY: First, it was Jodi, then Mike Galanos, then Jane Velez- Mitchell, not to be outdone -- my staff got into the action. There I am and the entire staff wanting to be Jodi advocates.


PINSKY: And by the way, it was not what I would call relaxing.


PINSKY: It was the year of the headstand 2013.

HUTT: Nice abs.

PINSKY: Everything was on its head that year. But Jodi, the story is still not over. Maybe a new trial in 2014.

HUTT: I just said nice abs.

PINSKY: Thank you. Thank you. I`ll be here all night.


PINSKY: "Last Call" is next.


PINSKY: Hey, it`s time for our "Last Call." And Jenny and I have just counted down the top moments from 2013. And you saw we had some fun by doing headstands like Jodi Arias, and we recently another sort of inspiration with our own Samantha Schacher when we made her recreated this picture of super model, Gisele Bundchen.

There`s super model Giselle with multitasking was the title of that picture. And there is Sam multitasking and Greg Grunberg and Segun and me. Jenny, I love do the push (ph) Look at -- he`s so serious about the hair.

HUTT: Yes.

PINSKY: Thank you, jenny for a great year. Thank you all for watching. We will see you next time.