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Top Ten Most Provocative Celebs of 2013: Paula Deen, Dennis Rodman, Angelina Jolie, Manti Te`o, Joanna Rohrback; Justin Bieber`s Many Escapades; Alec Baldwin`s Abuse of the Paparazzi; Lance Armstrong Not Showing Any Remorse; The Kardashians` Very Busy Year

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on the "Top Ten Countdown," SBT names the most provocative celebrities of the year.


HAMMER (voice-over): In 2013, Hollywood delivered big-time with one provocative celebrity after the other.


HAMMER: Miley Cyrus twerked, lit up, and made being provocative her signature.


HAMMER: Kimye had a baby, got engaged and multiplied their provocative brand.


HAMMER: Paula Deen nearly lost it all after her own words came back to haunt her.

This year also introduced a new celebrity. A football star turned an imaginary girlfriend into a headline.

And a viral video star turned prancing into a hot trend. But which celebrity will be named SBT`s provocative celebrity of the year? Find out as this special edition of SBT starts right now.


Hammer: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching.

Right now it is a very special countdown as we roll out our "Top Ten Countdown" of SBT`s most provocative celebrities of the year. And wait till you see who we will be naming the most provocative celebrity of the year.

Helping us along is the man whose TV talk show redefined the word provocative. I am talking, of course, about the great Jerry Springer.


HAMMER: In terms of provocative celebrities who are out there, putting themselves out there, there are people naturally like Kanye West and somebody like Miley Cyrus who works really hard to be provocative. Which do you think works better?

JERRY SPRINGER, TALK SHOW HOST: In the long run what works better is those that don`t work at it. General advice, just in terms of having a happy life, is never try to mix your professional life with your personal life, because you`ll ruin both.


HAMMER: Good advice, Jerry. But that fear did not stop so many celebrities from just pushing the limit. As we make our way to the big reveal, who will we name the most provocative celebrity of the year? You`ll want to buckle you seat belt if you got one because it`s been a wild 2013.



HAMMER (voice-over): "Blurred Lines" wasn`t just the biggest song of 2013. It was an attitude that seemed to spread among celebrities, who blurred the lines on what it takes to be considered provocative.

These stars showed you could be provocative for either a lie, like the one Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah.

OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: Did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance?


HAMMER: Or for the truth. At least Paula Deen`s version of it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you a racist?


HAMMER: They were provocative for twerking and for Prancercising For a fake relationship like Manti Te`o`s


HAMMER: And one that`s real, like these two.


HAMMER: And some stars were provocative simply for provoking fights.


HAMMER: Many of these stars went out of their minds.

KANYE WEST, RAP ARTIST: I ain`t got a problem with looking stupid.

HAMMER: And now they`re in the running to be named SBT`s most provocative celebrity of 2013.


HAMMER: Dennis Rodman certainly blurred the lines between a diplomatic mission and an international sideshow this year when he visited his dictator friend Kim Jung-un.

RODMAN: If you hate my guts, hate my guts, but he`s my friend.

HAMMER: A former bad girl provoked headlines by doing something good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s an incredibly courageous thing that Angelina has come out and been so candid about this.

HAMMER; While Robin Thicke helped a former good girl twerk herself into the bad girl hall of fame, the MTV VMAs. Miley Cyrus said to MTV she has no regrets.

MILEY CYRUS, SINGER: Me and Robin the whole time said, "You know we`re about to make history right now."

HAMMER: And neither did Robin.

By the way, apparently, Justin Bieber does know what rhymes with "hug me."


HAMMER: So one thing is clear: Robin Thicke`s twerking partner and all the line-blurring stars had a big year. So now, we are counting down the most provocative stars of 2013. Stick around because.

ROBIN THICKE, SINGER (singing): I know you want it.

HAMMER: We know up to find out who`s Number 1.


HAMMER: So many to choose from. Let the countdown begin of our "Top Ten Most Provocative Celebrities of the Year."

With Number 10, it`s Paula Deen. She went from beloved celebrity cook took to pariah. A former employee sued Deen and her brother, accusing them of discrimination. Now, Deen copped to using the "N" word at least once. And she called the rest horrible, horrible lies.

As we know her empire crumbled. She lost her Food Network show and some big-name sponsors, as well.

So what does our provocative expert, Jerry Springer, think of Paula`s place in the countdown? Here`s what he told me.


JERRY SPRINGER, TALK SHOW HOST: When you`re on top, you can say something and a career can be ruined in a sense just by something you said.


SPRINGER: And it was inexcusable what she said. Whether the price should have been the end of her career or, you know, really damaged her career, I`m not sure. I won`t judge that. But she paid the highest price.


HAMMER: Yes, and Paula is still paying the price. With me in New York, Carolina Bermuda. She`s the host of "Live from the Couch" on New York`s WLNY. Also with us, comedian, TV personality and all-around good guy, Chuck Nice.

Great having you here. We`re going to have some fun. We`re counting them down. Paula Deen at Number 10. Carolina, how provocative was this year for Paula, in your mind?

CAROLINA BERMUDA, HOST, WLNY`S "LIVE FROM THE COUCH": Oh, my gosh. Provocative and disastrous. I felt really bad for Paula Deen. Not because I -- what she said was inexcusable. Don`t get me wrong. But I really did feel like she was vilified for what she said. Her entire empire crumbled. And there were a lot of people who have said worse things that are still kind of skating by in the industry.



BERMUDA: Yes. Does he ring a bell? What about Alec Baldwin.

I feel like it was a bad year for Paula Deen, obviously. But you know, there`s no excuse for what she said. So I stand -- that`s where I stand.

HAMMER: Are you feeling sympathy for Paula Deen right about now, Chuck Nice?

NICE: I got to tell you, no.

Well, the truth is, in a way I do. Here`s what I`m upset about with the whole Paula Deen case. It`s not Paula Deen. It`s that, in America, we don`t know how to talk about race.

HAMMER: Right.

NICE: It becomes a very awkward, uncomfortable thing, and we`re all just like, "Just please, everybody just shut up. Just shut up. Don`t worry about it." And that`s the problem.

Paula Deen basically was an opportunity for us to really have a true, open, discourse about why things are the way they are and why people feel the way they feel, and that didn`t happen. And that to me is really the tragedy of it.

However, I will say this. I don`t care what she said. It shows you the power of bacon and butter. Because people do not care. That`s what it comes down to. Put some butter and some bacon on it and I`m fine.

BERMUDA: I`m fine.

HAMMER: On a serious note, a lot of people felt that it wasn`t necessarily the lawsuit that did her in but the way she responded to it. Let`s catch that on "The Today Show."


DEEN: I`ll tell you what. If there`s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you`re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me.


HAMMER: She definitely hurt herself more with that response.

BERMUDA: Yes that and the "I is what I is" line, as well. I did think that that was, like, adding insult to injury there.

NICE: She might as well have ended the interview by going, "And now I`m out. Feets [SIC] don`t fail me now." You know.

BERMUDA: I think that she did herself in without apology.

HAMMER: We are off to a very provocative start, for sure. From Paula Deen cooking up controversy to Dennis Rodman, the peacemaker? Yes Dennis at Number 9 on our "Countdown of Most Provocative Celebrities of the Year."

He shocked the world when he became the first American to meet and actually hang out with North Korea`s Kim Jung-un. I went back to our "Most Provocative" expert, Jerry Springer. I had to get his take on Rodman landing at Number 9 on our countdown.


HAMMER: Dennis Rodman had quite a provocative year, didn`t he?

SPRINGER: Yes. Well, you know, meeting with the leader of North Korea, but at least he didn`t kill his uncle. So..

HAMMER: Yes, that`s the upside.


HAMMER: All right. So it was a big year for diplomat wannabe Dennis Rodman. He`s been back and forth, from and to North Korea. I don`t know what the heck he`s doing. But Chuck, seriously, we`ve been following Dennis for years. Could you ever have imagined him making some diplomatic effort would ever land him on a "Most Provocative" countdown?

NICE: Oh, God yes, I could, because he`s a nut. How could you not? He`s Dennis Rodman. He has -- he has no shame, and I got to tell you it`s highly entertaining.

My only thing is this: When is LeBron James going to start talking to Bashar in Syria so that we can end that crisis?

HAMMER: Get on that, right?

NICE: He needs to get on that, man. What`s with -- I`m really mad at LeBron James here.

HAMMER: Rodman came back, and he was singing Kim Jong-un`s praises. Should we watch that? Let`s watch that.


RODMAN: yes. I don`t condone what he does. But as for as a person to person, he`s my friend. As far as what he does, he does it. Guess what? What I did, I did was history.


HAMMER: This was quite a bro-mance that was brewing this year.

BERMUDA: Right. Yes, "he basically kills his own people, but he`s chill. I like to hang out with him." You know, like that`s basically what he was saying.

NICE: That`s really what he was saying.

BERMUDA: It`s like -- it seriously sounds like a play date from hell to me, because it`s like these two get together. What could they possibly have in common?

NICE: You know, Here is all I`m going to say. I got a feeling that Kim Jung-un really likes ugly drag queens.

HAMMER: Yes, that must be it. Perhaps that can bring us world peace. I`m not sure.

All right. Carolina, Chuck, stay right where you are. We`re just getting rolling, getting fired up with our "Top Ten Countdown." North Korea may have been one of the few places on earth that people weren`t talking about Miley Cyrus and her rump-shaking, tongue-baring antics this year.


CYRUS: Madonna`s done it, Britney`s done it. Every VMA performance. Anyone that performs. You know, anyone that performs, that`s what you`re looking for. You`re wanting to make history. Me and Robin the whole time said, "You know we`re about to make history right now."


HAMMER: Provocative, sure. But you know, it takes more than a couple of freaky moves and reported weed smoking to get past the judges for SBT`s most provocative celebrity of the year.

Kanye West anointed himself Yeezus and assaulted our eyes with his not- safe-for-work "Bound 2" video, featuring of course, his fiance riding naked on a motorcycle.

Even with all of that will Kanye be Number 1? This is SBT ON HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back. I`m A.J. Hammer and we`re counting down the most provocative celebrities of the year. Now a one-time wild child makes it on to the countdown not for doing something extraordinarily bad but for doing a world of good, literally.

Number 8, Angelina Jolie. Back in May Angelina shocked us all with the moving op-ed in the "New York Times" revealing her double mastectomy. Now, this was a preventative move is after Angelina`s doctors told her she had an 87 percent chance of getting breast cancer because of her family history.

Angelina`s compassion and bravery certainly inspired us and inevitably helped out a whole lot of people.

Our most provocative countdown also features this year`s new stars and she`s back on the big screen. She`s got at least three films in the works in 2014. Nice going, Angelina.

Our most provocative countdown also features this year`s new stars and new words.

The term "catfishing" means to use social media to fake an identity to trick another person into a relationship. And now the dictionary can actually add a picture of the most infamous catfish victim of all time. He`s at Number 7 on our countdown.

Former Notre Dame football star Manti Te`o. A stunning expose revealed that the woman Manti thought was his girlfriend for months, who he later thought had died, was actually a guy he knew from back home in Hawaii. Everyone was just scratching their head about this one.


KATIE COURIC, TALK SHOW HOST: You attempted a few times to talk with her through face time. And you would see basically, what, a black box and she would say to you, "I can see you."

TE`O: Yes.

COURIC: "I don`t know why you can`t see me."

TE`O: Correct.

COURIC: Didn`t you think that was a little weird?

TE`O: To be honest, no.



HAMMER: Yes, that is Katie Couric asking the question we all wanted to know the answer to. How the heck could you have a girlfriend for months and never see her? It happened. In fact, New York`s Carolina Bermuda, co- host of WLNY-TV`s "Live from the Couch," and comedian Chuck Nice.

Carolina, I`ll never forget when this story break and I immediately thought, you know, after the Manti Te`o story, nobody`s going to look at online dating the same ever again.

BERMUDA: No. And they shouldn`t, especially because we`ve learned a huge lesson from Manti Te`o, unfortunately for him.

You know, I feel like he was very naive. I think that he got caught up by the fact that he was in love with this person, A. And it was unfortunate that we all had to kind of follow it after it was exposed.

So my heart goes out to him.


BERMUDA: I really feel bad for the guy. But it was like a Lifetime movie waiting to happen. You know? Because it`s like this football player. It`s this girlfriend, and there`s a fanatic that comes up with it. It really has all the trappings of a movie.

HAMMER: And then, of course, he turns into an enormous punch line, Chuck.

NICE: Yes. And that`s a shame, and it`s the price behind the play. Frankly, I`ve told it myself.

HAMMER: That is your job.

NICE: Yes. But I`ve got to tell you, I do feel bad. Because see, I feel like he was a victim. Everybody came down on him because he lied. But I have to tell you, I might lie about it, too, if I found out after a whole year I`ve been talking to one of my buddies who basically set me up to believe that I had a girlfriend when I didn`t. You know, I might lie about that, too.

BERMUDA: This is one of those more excusable things that`s -- that have happened over the past year. Because you can`t blame the kid for being embarrassed. And he`s a young guy.

HAMMER: Well, here`s the thing. He`s 22 years old. He`s now playing professional football. But no matter what he`s able to achieve in his life and career, he`s always going to be known as the catfish guy.

BERMUDA: And he started an online phenomena. You know, Te`o-ing. "This is my imaginary husband sitting right here." You know, that`s what everybody was doing and posting those things online. It was horrible. I felt so bad for him.

NICE: Well, that was funny. I have to admit. That was funny, you know?

But I feel bad for him because, look at him. He`s a good-looking guy. You know what I mean? He`s attractive; he`s a football player. He`s virile and masculine, and he doesn`t have a girlfriend? Like it`s kind of -- I`m going to tell you, if I was Manti, take my advice. Here`s what you do. The guy that did that to you, he`s got to date you. That`s what I would do.

HAMMER: There`s the solution. All right. We`ll leave it there. Chuck, Caroline, we`ve thrown a couple of curveballs at you so far in the countdown. Don`t go anywhere. We`re still getting heated up. I have to ask if you are ready to Prancercise?

It`s corny, it`s wacky, but the Prancercise lady certainly became a pop culture sensation with her unique exercise technique. It`s OK to admit you`ve tried it at least once.

Justin Bieber`s bad boy moves shouldn`t be tried by anyone. Urinating in a janitor`s mop bucket, losing his monkey, and saying that Anne Frank, the iconic woman whose diary about hiding from the Nazis, who`s world-renowned, would have been a Belieber. Yes, he did it. We`ve got a lot of great candidates here, but what will be Number 1? This is SBT on HLN.



JOANNA ROHRBACK, CREATOR OF PRANCERCISE: Hello. I`m Joanna Rohrback of Prancercise LLC. I`m here today to show you the Prancercise.


HAMMER: Oh, yes. Are you feeling it? I know I am.

This lady, Joanna Rohrback, Prancercised right into our hearts this year. And singer John Mayer used her exercise routine in his music video for his single "Paper Doll."

Wild horses couldn`t keep me away from including this one in our countdown. The Prancercise lady gallops right into Number 6 on our countdown. I mean, come on. Prancercising became an actual word that people used this year. And the woman behind the prance became a pop culture star, too. She even got our own pistachio ad.


ROHRBACK: Ready to Crackcercise? Let`s stop yakking and get cracking. And prance and crack.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Prancercise lady does it to stay fit. Wonderful pistachios.


HAMMER: And crack.

Back with me in New York, Caroline Bermuda. She`s the co-host of WLNY`s "Live from the Couch." Comedian Chuck Nice is here.

Carolina, who looks fantastic, having just had a baby a couple of months ago.

BERMUDA: Thank you. It`s all Prancercising.

HAMMER: I`ve got to believe it was Prancercising that got you back into your post-baby slamming body situation.

BERMUDA: Well, thank you. But I was doing it in the maternity ward, and I was bringing all of my friends with me.

Like, this is such a joke of an exercise. I`m sorry. And it has nine million hits on YouTube. And I was responsible for at least, like 45 of them.


BERMUDA: Because I would watch it over and over again. It`s just -- it was addictive.

NICE: I can understand why. She is hot. Look at that woman.

She`s -- Oh, my God. First of all, look at her. Fashion-wise she`s impeccable. OK? She is slamming. She`s a beautiful woman. Very pretty lady in the face.

BERMUDA: Her voice is soothing.

NICE: Her voice is very soothing. And...

HAMMER: I have it as my ring tone. Copy that.

NICE: Copy that. Puts you to sleeps at night, right?

And you know, the thing that I really like about her is that it`s the one exercise regime that you know works. It`s a regimen, it works.

BERMUDA: You can see it. It does.

NICE: Because you can see it. It might a little too well, to be honest.

HAMMER: All right. You go Prancercise.


HAMMER: We`ll be back with you guys in just a moment as our countdown continues. We`re right at the halfway point.

There was no Prancercising for Miley this year. She shook her money maker right into the history books at MTV`s VMAs, and it`s exactly what she wanted to do.


CYRUS: Madonna`s done it, Britney`s done it. Every VMA performance, anyone that performs. You know, anyone that performs, that`s what you`re looking for. You`re wanting to make history. Me and Robin the whole time said, "You know, we`re about to make history right now."


HAMMER: Will Miley`s twerk-tastic behavior catapult her to the top spot? Serious competition from Kanye West. He rented out an entire baseball stadium for this big proposal to his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. But which star is going to be the most provocative of the year? Stick around and see if your choice matches ours.

This is SBT on HLN.



HAMMER: Scandals.

ARMSTRONG: I owe a lot of people apologies.

HAMMER: Headlines. Miley mania. Yes, talk about your "Blurred Lines." Big buzz.

BIEBER: I really wanted to hit him.

HAMMER: SBT is counting down our "Top Ten Most Provocative Celebrities of the Year." Here`s where we stand. Number 10, Paula Deen. Number 9, Dennis Rodman. Number 8, Angelina Jolie. Number 7, Manti Te`o. Number 6, Prancercise creator Joanna Rohrback.

We`re just halfway to the top. So who will name the most provocative celebrity of the year? This special edition of SBT continues right now.

Welcome back and thank you for tuning in. I`m A.J. Hammer and we`re now down to our five final most provocative celebrities of the year as we make our way to the big reveal of number one. Leading off this elite group, Justin Bieber, a star who was provocative on a truly global scale this year. The Biebs really took acting up to a whole new level during a world tour that really seemed to generate a wild headline at every stop. Provocative talk show host Jerry Springer is helping us along. Watch what he told me about Bieber`s bad boy behavior.


HAMMER: So Justin Bieber, a few years ago .


HAMMER: Sweet, innocent, putting out nice pop songs.


HAMMER: This year it was a big change for him in terms of really becoming a provocative celebrity.

SPRINGER: Yeah. Well, what happens is, they all want to be on my show, and so they start behaving irrationally. I think it should not be surprising that when young people get such success so quickly that it`s -- most of the time it`s pretty difficult to handle.


HAMMER: Tough year for the Biebs on so many levels, which is exactly why he`s our number five most provocative celebrity of the year.

The year began badly and sadly for Justin Bieber. He and Selena Gomez reportedly broke up for good and a heartbroken Bieber mourned it in his own unique way, embarking on his worldwide trouble tour 2013. A planetary crusade of crazy on stage and off stage antics. In London, he scrapped with photographers.




BIEBER: What did you say?

HAMMER: And showed up two hours late for a concert. Angry fans. In Germany, he caused an international incident by leaving behind a pet monkey.

Justin Bieber faces a fine of around $70,000 for bringing Mali to Germany without proper documentation.

In New York City he was caught doing something really gross.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: A new video surfaced showing him, come on man, urinating into a mop bucket in the back of a New York restaurant.

HAMMER: In California, he was accused multiple times of speeding and caught on camera more than once lighting up suspicious looking substances which he joked about on "Saturday Night Live".

BIEBER: I also heard you got busted for smoking weed?

HAMMER: And in Brazil, he was caught parting at a reported brothel. And storming off stage after being hit with a bottle.

Yes, 2013 was the year Bieber took his provocative act worldwide.


HAMMER: There were so many other antics we don`t even have time to get into. All eyes will be on the Biebs to see if he continues his trouble tour well into 2014.

Back with me in New York, Carolina Bermudez, cohost of WLNY TV`s "Live From the Couch", comedian Chuck Nice is here. And Carolina, I remember when he was just a YouTube star. Most people didn`t even know his name. You met the guy when he was like 14. Did the Biebs of this last year even resemble that kid to you?

CAROLINA BERMUDEZ, COHOST, WLNY-TV`S "LIVE FROM THE COUCH": A.J., he`s a totally different guy. It`s so disappointing, because I saw him when he was just coming out. They were saying, hey, you`ve got to meet this new kid. He`s going to be really great. He`s going to be a big star. And he was adorable when he came in. He played for us an acoustic song and now he`s just turned into this little jerk. You know, it`s like every headline that you are reading, it`s about him doing something where - I fell the kid has desire to be notorious, you know, and it`s not really who his fan base is. It`s not really who he should - who was when he came out.

HAMMER: That`s a tough gig, Chuck Nice. You know, you always said for years that he was soft and cuddly.


HAMMER: And now.


HAMMER: . most provocative.

NICE: Yes, he`s like, you know, he`s turned - my little bad boy is all grown up.


NICE: But yeah, you know, here`s the thing. If you think about it, he`s going down a path of another very great pop star. He bought a monkey, OK.

HAMMER: He left the monkey behind.

NICE: He left the monkey behind.

HAMMER: He abandoned the monkey.

NICE: Right. He`s, you know, he`s in the tabloids all the times. You know, and so he`s kind of doing a Michael Jackson thing as far as I can see like in terms of being provocative.


NICE: You know, which is why I call him Biechael now.


NICE: That`s my .

HAMMER: Did Michael ever behave badly like that?

NICE: No, that`s true.

HAMMER: Michael didn`t drive his own car. This kid has been accused of speeding through neighborhoods. And by the way, I didn`t even mention the fact that when he was in the Anne Frank house he signed the guestbook, "Anne Frank would have been a Belieber."

BERMUDEZ: That was just all kinds of wrong. I mean it`s like .

HAMMER: He didn`t - on that alone.

NICE: I did not know that. That is true? It`s not a joke?

HAMMER: You chew on that. We`re going to move now .


HAMMER: From bad boy Bieber to what is perhaps, the greatest fall from grace ever in the world of sports. This was just amazing. But unfairly unexpected. Number four on the countdown, Lance Armstrong stripped of seven Tour de France titles after finally admitting to doping for most of his career. And despite being shamed in front of the whole world, he still did not slip quietly into the shadows. When Lance met one on one with Oprah Winfrey after his shocking admission - everybody was expecting him to be contrite. No. This is what they got.


OPRAH WINFREY: Was it a big deal to you? Did it feel wrong?


OPRAH: Uh-huh.


OPRAH: It did not even feel wrong?


OPRAH: Did you feel bad about it?



HAMMER: No, he didn`t feel bad about it at all, Chuck. Did Lance just go down as the biggest jerk in sports history ever?

NICE: You know what, here`s all I`m going to say about Lance Armstrong is. For a guy with only one, he`s got a huge set on him.


HAMMER: Yeah, I guess .

NICE: Seriously.

HAMMER: Sometimes you have to compensate.

NICE: Right.

HAMMER: I`d say .

NICE: He gets over compensated, to be sure.

HAMMER: Carolina, you know, he confessed, but even after his confession he was still pointing fingers at everyone but himself. Why, other than Chuck`s theory, do you think that was the case?

BERMUDEZ: Because I think that he just didn`t want to take the blame and I think that this was a guy who just doesn`t want to be accountable for anything and I think the troubling thing here is that he has this amazing foundation where they have done all of this great work.


BERMUDEZ: They`ve raised a ton of money and now all of that hope is gone from a lot of people, because that`s really what they were holding on to.

HAMMER: It`s unfortunate to have screwed up such a great legacy in such a monumental way.

All right, Carolina, Chuck, stay right here. The countdown continues. We are on the battle for a most provocative celebrity which is seriously heating up.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The reason why Obama mentioned our name is because we are most relevant, case in point.


HAMMER: Kanye. You knew Kanye had to make it into our top three. Self- proclaimed genius, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the queen of reality TV joined forces this year to become Kimye. So, will Kim and Kanye`s combined egos be enough to rocket them into our number one slot or will Miley`s on stage antics make her "SBT"`s most provocative celebrity of the year? Twerking, smoking funny cigarettes on stage. Snapping and endless stream of naked selfies. Which in your face self-promoter is going to be number one? This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our top ten countdown of the most provocative celebrities of the year. We`re now up to number three. It`s Alec Baldwin. OK. So, just in case you forgot, Alec really had a year battling with paparazzi. There were so many fights with photographers. We actually don`t have time to list them all for you right now. Chaos and confrontation, I tell you. In fact, Alec`s angry rant finally cost him his job, his talk show MSNBC. So, when I went one on one with the king of provocative talk shows, Jerry Springer, I had to ask Jerry what he thought about Alec.


SPRINGER: I give him a pass just because I like him so much and I think he`s a real talent. You know, and are there moments where he would like to take back a word he said or something like that? I think that`s in most of our lives there are just the moments well, why did I do that? Why did I say that?

HAMMER: Back to Carolina Bermudez who`s the host of a "Life from the Couch" on New York`s WLNY TV and comedian and TV personality Chuck Nice.

Carolina, I`ve got to know if you`re with Jerry on that. Does Alec get a pass at all, in your mind?

BERMUDEZ: Not at all. I mean this is - he`s repeated these slurs time and time again. I mean you`ve got to learn your lesson and that`s the thing, it`s like I really commend MSNBC for taking a stand and finally making him pay for what he`s done because a lot of times he comes out unscathed. He keeps doing this. I think - he needs a time-out. Alec Baldwin needs a personal time-out.

HAMMER: Well, he`s getting it.

BERMUDEZ: That`s right.

HAMMER: But what do you think about the punishment feeding the crime? We had this conversation earlier when Paula Deen was on our countdown.

NICE: Right.

HAMMER: She`s taken an enormous hit. This was a case where she also - he also got fired from a job, specifically in this case for using that anti- gay slur .

NICE: Right.

HAMMER: that he allegedly shouted at that photographer.

NICE: And he`s - listen, I don`t care how you grew up, I don`t care what words were just - you know, had no meaning when you were growing up. When you`re an adult and you understand that this is wrong .

HAMMER: Right.

NICE: And we all know that that is wrong, then you have to be adult enough to say, I am not going to do that.

BERMUDEZ: But he doesn`t do that and he never admits his mistakes and that`s the problem. He likes to delete his tweets and pretend like it never happened.

NICE: Because he`s good looking and charming.


NICE: Good looking and charming, people don`t have to admit their mistakes?

HAMMER: Here`s how he defends himself. He said, you know what, I was protecting my wife. You`ve got to watch what his wife said to the ladies of "The View" about that.


HILARIA THOMAS, ALEC BALWIN`S WIFE: It`s a difficult situation. And what happens when we go outside of our home and there`s people there every single day and there`s not one or two, there`s sometimes 50 of them and they take pictures and they post the one where you freak out. And you`re expected every single day to walk out and stare at the ground and stare at the ground whether they shove you around, snap pictures in my baby`s face, scare her, scare me, bump into us with cameras. I mean I would ask other people, how would you react?


HAMMER: Yeah, of course you want to protect your family. No excuse for throwing those kinds of words around.

BERMUDEZ: Not at all. And the way that he`s treated some of the paparazzi that we`ve seen, it`s unacceptable. So, I`m sorry. He doesn`t get a pass from me.

NICE: Yeah. And I mean there`s always a possibility that he is a huge butthole.


NICE: I mean, you know, seriously. We haven`t considered that.

HAMMER: You`re going to reserve that .

NICE: No, I`m just saying, it`s one of the considerations.


HAMMER: You hold on to that and we`ll move up to number two on our countdown. I don`t think anybody can deny that this woman turned 2013 into her most provocative year of her life so far. Only former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus can take something as innocent as a teddy bear and make it so provocative her twerking on stage with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Award or smoking what looked like a joint on stage in Amsterdam. All certainly got the world`s attention. Our most provocative expert Jerry Springer has seen it all and even he says Miley stole the spotlight.


SPRINGER: I`d say probably Miley Cyrus was the most provocative because she transitioned from being Hannah Montana to being what she is today. I mean that`s who people are talking about. She`s created the most buzz.


HAMMER: Created the most buzz, album sales went through the roof. Her popularity is bigger than ever. So the question is, has Miley`s buzz been a good thing or a bad thing for her?

BERMUDEZ: I`m going to go with, it`s not been a great thing. Here is why. Because of longevity. A lot of people are looking at her because of the scandals, because of everything that she`s doing, all of these outrageous acts, but they are not looking at the quality. She had a great album and she did have a great first week, but then it kind of fizzled out because of all of the antics that she was pulling on television.

NICE: Yeah, well, if you look at that, if you juxtapose what she did, which we all know was for attention and what Beyonce just did which is, I don`t want any attention at all and it got her more attention than anyone ever.

BERMUDEZ: Exactly.

NICE: It kind of shows you, though, the different trajectory that they are on. But I think she`s a genius in a way.

HAMMER: Well, it was intentional. It was perfectly executed in terms of pulling on what she wanted to. And she talked to MTV about the fact that this was all part of the master plan. Look at this.


MILEY CYRUS: It was really important for me to bring that fun and that like - that energy onto stage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You, you, you, you!

CYRUS: You can watch that performance on the VMA`s and people could think it was just like a hot mess, but it`s so a strategic hot mess. Right now I`m in a point of my career where I can just be exactly who I want to be.


HAMMER: OK. So, if she doesn`t stick with that strategy for 2014, this got her to the place she is now in and she changes her track, so to speak.


HAMMER: Good move?

BERMUDEZ: No. Well, you know, gravity is going to hit you at some time, Miley. You can`t be that girl for the rest of your life. So, you know, I just - I encourage her to get off the wrecking ball and stop licking sledgehammers. And, you know.

NICE: I just have to say, gravity will have little effect on what she is doing.


HAMMER: I still feel badly for the foam singer.

BERMUDEZ: Right, exactly.

HAMMER: But Chuck, Carolina, don`t move. We are about to get to number one. It`s happening in just a moment here as we count down the most provocative celebrities of the year.


HAMMER: Welcome back to the special edition of the top ten countdown where "SBT" names the most provocative celebrity of the year. Racy selfies, pews, twerking, and stars really put it all out there this year, but there can only be one number one. It is now time for the big reveal. Are you ready? At number one on the countdown, it`s a couple.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian. Kimye was the gift that kept on giving in 2013. Their pension for the provocative became an unstoppable force when they teamed up. The year started with Kanye getting slammed for changing Kim`s fashion.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Kanye is coming over today with his stylist and he`s giving me a full clothing makeover.

(on camera): Hi! Good morning to you!


HAMMER: Then Kimye took us through a storm of Twitter futes taking down big names from Katie Couric to Jimmy Kimmel.

JIMMY KIMMEL: My guest tonight is a 21-time Grammy Award winning performer who last month threatened his very existence by insulting one of America`s most beloved television personalities.


HAMMER: To the first family. Yes, that first family.


HAMMER: Still Kimye brought together a heavenly mix of an intensely private, passionate music star with an oversharing very public sex tape star turned reality TV maven.

KANY WEST: She`s my joy. She brought my new joy into the world. There`s no paparazzi, and there is no blog comment. There is nothing that, you know, it`s going to take that joy from me.

HAMMER: Of course, their greatest joy sent star baby watchers into a frenzy and even sparked debate over the baby`s name.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How cute is that gorgeous baby?


HAMMER: It seems Baby North got huge buzz, but soon Kim was slamming the haters who were giving her grief over her baby weight. But it didn`t take long for Kim to reveal her slam and post baby body. Shown proudly in a provocative selfie.

Over the top is the only language Kimye seem to speak. More evidence, Kanye`s surprise marriage proposal to Kim on her 33rd birthday shutting down a baseball stadium and bringing in a symphony. And in what could only be considered an inspired, uberprovocative preview of what`s to come, Kimye gave us all a gift, their first music video together. Another crowning moment for SBT`s most provocative celebrity of the year.


HAMMER: All right, once the New Year comes, do we have to watch that anymore? There it is. We`re naming Kimye, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the most provocative celebrity of the year. Carolina Bermudez, cohost of WLNY TV`s "Live on the Couch" and comedian Chuck Nice back with us. So, we`re saying that Kim and Kanye morphed into one provocative force topping Miley, topping Paula Dean, topping Justin Bieber. Chuck Nice, are you with us?




NICE: People - I can`t stand them. I just feel like -- here`s all I`m going to say. I feel like I just know too much about their bedroom activities.


NICE: Like to the point where I feel like I need to go and get myself checked out.



HAMMER: You`re making our point.

BERMUDEZ: You want to go to the clinic.

NICE: Right. I need to go to the clinic. That`s how I feel. That`s how much I know about these people`s sex lives. And it bothers me.

BERMUDEZ: They`re inescapable.

HAMMER: Yeah, he`s not giving us a good argument for why they shouldn`t be the most provocative celebrity of the year.

NICE: Then honestly, when you think - when you put it, and it`s most literal context, most provocative celebrity, then yes, you`re right, they probably should be. Most -- let me see, what`s the word I`m looking for that means get rid of somebody for the rest of eternity?


NICE: What is that word? Is there a word for that?


NICE: Most get rid of somebody for the rest of eternity?


HAMMER: You can check a dictionary, please. But seriously, Carolina, obviously when we first started batting names around and this goes on for quite a while in the "SBT" brain trust. Miley Cyrus was the name that first kept coming out over and over, and the more we talked about it, the more we realized that these two had this lasting effect really throughout the year on so many different levels, which is why they were easy choice in the end for number one.

BERMUDEZ: 100 percent. Bravo, guys. I think this is the exact - they are the number one provocative like couple to talk about. But also the fact that every month this year something happened with Kim and Kanye. Every single month. Did you, guys, remember this? She got divorced this year. Hello, you know that also happened. They had their baby this year, they got engaged. So, there were a lot of landmark moments that we all had to talk about and it seemed like they just kept on coming.

HAMMER: And so many times that you almost might forget about a few of the bigger moments. One in particular that stuck out to me as part of the gift that kept on giving, that was Kanye and Kim when he took on our own president.


HAMMER: Let`s look at that.


WEST: The reason why Obama mentioned our name is because we`re most relevant case in point. So, if I say that, that`s because it`s the case in point. He just say that just trying to be cool. Obama was supposed to be the coolest person on the planet now got to say our names to be cool.


HAMMER: All right, Chuck, there he is dissing the president on the scale of provocativity, anyway - pretty high.

WEST: Yeah, that`s pretty high. And you know what - I have to say that Kanye is probably the only artist let alone rap artist where two presidents have called him a jackass.


BERMUDEZ: That`s an accomplishment in itself.

NICE: That`s an accomplishment.

BERMUDEZ: I feel like when is anybody going to tell Kanye the truth? Like, you - the president is not thinking about you, honey.

HAMMER: It didn`t happen. Can we take the year out in a very special way? I said I hope we never get to see it again after the New Year. But let - just roll it, Charles. The down two video, I mean what - to put this cherry on top.

BERMUDEZ: Yeah, why not.


WEST (singing)



HAMMER: Oh, really, what more needs to be said. Carolina and Chuck, thank you both so much. We`ll be watching very closely to see if our top ten manages to stay just as provocative in the New Year. Great having you here.

Thank you for watching this special edition of "SBT". I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.