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Accused of Sexual Harassment; Town Mayor Explains MTV Ban; Woman Grabbed at Bus Stop; Driver Hit Store; The Behavior Bureau

Aired December 17, 2013 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, a high school senior is suspended for a year and stripped of his college scholarship, all because he hugged a teacher. Hear from him tonight in the Behavior Bureau.

Plus, surveillance cameras capture a violent struggle at a bus stop. Is this woman being kidnapped?

And has Toronto`s crack mayor found religion?

Let`s get started.


PINSKY: Good evening.

Intriguing stories.

My co-host is attorney and Sirius XM Radio host, Jenny Hutt. And coming up, if you are 16 and pregnant and you want to be on MTV, you`re not welcome in one Illinois town. I will explain what the story is all about.

But, first, if you`re 17, and you hug your teacher, you wind up with a suspension. I know, here we go again, Jenny.

JENNY HUTT, CO-HOST: It`s absurd.

PINSKY: This is like a 6-year-old, potentially kid in a hand. He --

HUTT: I agree.

HUTT: To what extent have we gone? It happened in a high school and a student in Georgia. And now, his college career is at risk. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, how you`re in church and you give someone a hug and you have your butt sticking out?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When Sam hugged a teacher at Duluth last month, he could never imagine it would result in a year-long suspension. Surveillance video shows Sam placing his arms around the teacher.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was suspended for one year for sexual harassment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The teacher claims Sam`s lips and cheeks touched her neck.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Watch closely. She pushes him and he walks away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His mom says the school should have notified her if there was an issue with this hugging.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He says if this suspension for one whole year is going to delay his graduation and potentially hurt his future.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: After we saw the surveillance video, I was like, are you kidding me?


PINSKY: Jenny, how does this work? What we`ve done here?

HUTT: OK. Hear me out. Dr. Drew, I`ve got to tell you. This is part of the problem.

There are so many rules of behavior etiquette that are over the top and ridiculous, that it`s causing people to withdraw from one another. The kid just hugged his teacher in a community space, in a communal space. I don`t see what the big deal was.

In a year for suspension? One year for that?

PINSKY: Let`s get into it.

Joining us Anahita Sedaghatfar, defense attorney, Jonny Loquasto, he is comedian and TV host and a damn good physical therapist. Also, Segun Oduolowu, social commentator. And HLN`s Lynn Berry.

Lynn, give us the facts in this case. We can`t understand it.

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: It is understandable that you can`t understand it. But there are two sides to the story, right? If you hear from the teacher, he`s going to say, he`s done this four or five times before.

She`s told him four or five times before not to do it. This fifth time is when he put his lips on the back of her neck. You can see her sort of moved away, and pushed him off.

If you talk to him, he would say, no, she has never warned me about it. I come from a hugging family. I did not kiss her neck, although the disciplinary report says that he did. And he`s been disciplined before and suspended before, but not for sexual harassment.

I think the big question here is, does the punishment fit the incident? She could feel she`s being harassed if it`s true that it`s happened several times, but should he be suspended for a year, lose a scholarship to college. His mom says he can`t even get onto campus to take the SATs because it`s trespassing. Is that punishment fitting the incident? That`s what I think the big question is.

PINSKY: Jonny, do you have a position on this?

JONNY LOQUASTO, COMEDIAN: Yes. First off, I am a hugger. So let`s get that out there.

Secondly, I understand there`s a heightened sensitivity in schools across the country. But that was not a detention hug. I think that we need to know is the age of the teacher. The kid is 17. If she`s in her early 20s, then I can understand why she maybe overreacted a little bit, because I guarantee if the teacher was --

PINSKY: I believe -

LOQUASTO: -- going through menopause, that would have been the best part of her week, is getting hugged by him.

HUTT: Wow --


PINSKY: Hold on, Jenny. I believe we caught Jonny on camera assaulting me, I believe. Oh, we don`t have the picture. Jonny, you got to put that up later. He assaulted me. I`m going to have authorities escort you out here afterwards. We`ll see about that.

But, Segun, you were a teacher. What`s your take?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: OK. Well, Dr. Drew, I`m torn on two sides, because on one case, like one of my favorite radio hosts has in his book, Colin Howard (ph) has in his book, say it out loud. Does it make sense? We`re going to suspend a kid for a year for a hug. When you say it out loud, it seems so ridiculous. That law seems so draconian. Now, I`m not a lawyer, but I do play one on TV from time to time on this show.

And if he broke the rule, if he had been disciplined before, if this is a pattern, and the teacher felt like it was inappropriate. My problem is, if he had been warned before, then yes, he broke the rule. And if the rule is broken, no matter how much you don`t like it --

PINSKY: I have a lawyer on the panel.

Anahita, go ahead.

SEDAGHATFAR: You do. You do. I mean, are we all watching the same video here? Because I don`t see it. When I first read the headlines, oh, student get suspended for one year for merely hugging teacher. I was totally shocked.

But that is so misleading, Dr. Drew, because if you look at that video. He literally goes up behind the teacher and is giving her like a bear hug. You can tell she wants no part of it. She`s turning her head, she`s pushing him off.

And let`s not forget, she said she told him that he cannot hug her.

PINSKY: All right. Anahita --


PINSKY: Anahita, you are an expert in sexual abuse. But you represent women who have been sexually abused and harassed. That`s your thing. So you actually think that this teacher has a point here?

SEDAGHATFAR: I think she has a point here, and I`m trying to tell you why. Because clearly this wasn`t the first time this kid did something like this. According to her, it`s happened four or five times. I`m sure that had to be documented.

BERRY: Here`s the thing. That`s the thing, is that they were not documented.

SEDAGHATFAR: Why is it one year?


SEDAGHATFAR: But we -- let me just finish my point, Dr. Drew. We come on your show repeatedly. And we complain about the fact that kids are not getting consequences for their actions, for their bad behavior. We just read (ph) this judge out in Colorado for, you know, I`m sorry, not Colorado, but this kid that had a DUI, the affluenza kid, OK? We blamed the judge, we blamed the parents, this kid is not getting consequences, we`re giving this consequence so that he can learn and you`re getting mad at getting upset?

ODUOLOWU: Anahita, with all due respect, as a lawyer, the punishment should fit the crime. This is a teachable moment.

PINSKY: Right.

ODUOLOWU: If as Lynn said that these reports hadn`t been documented, all of those warnings that they said that they issued, if they had never gone home to the mom or never been carried out, I think that --

SEDAGHATFAR: It has nothing to do with it, Segun.

ODUOLOWU: Hold on, a minute.

SEDAGHATFAR: It`s misguided.

ODUOLOWU: I`m not arguing the law. I`m arguing the spirit of the law. It`s a teachable moment. He doesn`t have to be suspended for a year. You can`t tell me they couldn`t put him in detention and talk to him? Like that --


PINSKY: Hang on, I want to give Lynn a chance. Lynn, go ahead.

BERRY: The mother says she was never informed of the issue. And this is a slippery slope. Because if a woman feels violated by a hug the first time, she may feel a little weird reporting it, right?

At some point, there has to be a protocol where something is written on paper. From the information we have, that is not documented. And we don`t know what he has been disciplined for in the past or suspended for in the past. So, we don`t have all the information here. This school -- the mother says she`s going to appeal.


BERRY: Well, we don`t. We don`t know what he`s been suspended for previously.


ODUOLOWU: Can we ask for more information?

BERRY: Yes, we`ve asked for more information, and they`re not going to give out more information when it comes to a school.

SEDAGHATFAR: You guys don`t want to look at the information.


PINSKY: Let me stop you guys. I`m going to stop everybody. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on.

We have all these technical overlaps where people can`t hear each other talking and I can`t hear you guys when you`re talking on top of each other. I know it`s an issue. I`m going to stop you right there.

As far as what has been documented, the school district would not comment specifically on the case. We did get a tweet from someone who was just ringing in on this, @MeeganMedo says, quote, "Sounds like the schoolteacher overreacted. It could have been handled differently." And, again, that is the point that Segun is trying to make is that perhaps there was a teachable moment here.

I`m wondering what the environment is where he`s doing this hugging. It looks like an airport. This seems like there`s some missing information.

Jenny, I`m going to give you a last comment, because you`ve sit there with a look of incredulity through this whole conversation.

HUTT: Yes, because I`m just thinking, again, about we`ve been talking about how kids are killing and there`s all this violence and nasty behavior. And it might have been slightly antagonistic if she doesn`t like any touching, but I don`t think it was really mal-intended. I think it was a boy giving a bear hug.

And I`d rather kids are more into that love and affection kind of play than the violent play, if you will, Dr. Drew. And I`m tired of --

PINSKY: Got it.

HUTT: Yes, that culture of --

PINSKY: Jonny, last word.

HUTT: -- is it OK if I hug you?

LOQUASTRO: I think it`s going to be overturned without a doubt. I think they`ll rethink things. Maybe they`ll bring in a cuddle therapist to teach people how to say hello the correct way. I think it`s going to overturn within a couple of --

ODUOLOWU: But, Jonny, even if they overturn it, you can`t unring the bell. They still have him on TV happen to explain a hug.

Overturning would not --


PINSKY: And, again, I`ll remind, Segun, Jonny`s a perpetrator. I`m going to show you pictures of it later on.

Next up, I`m going to bring in the behavior bureau on whether the suspension was fair or not. And what might be going in the teacher`s mind.

And later on, the small town wants nothing to do with a popular reality show. The mayor himself will join us to explain he wants MTV to pack it up.

Be right back.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sam is a huggable person. That`s what he does. He goes around and he hugs all his teachers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve hugged her like four to five times before.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If she had a problem with it before, I should have been notified.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every senior would like to experience prom, and me be being the only senior not experiencing prom is kind of hurtful.

You never know what someone`s going through, you know. A hug might help.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But in this case it hurt?



PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt.

We`re talking about a hug that may have cost a high school senior his chance to go to college, and as he said, to prom.

Let`s bring in our behavior bureau. Samantha Schacher is social commentator, host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network, Erica America, Z100 Radio personality, also psychotherapist, Wendy Walsh, psychologist and author of "The 30-Day Love Detox." And new to our behavior bureau, YouTube personality Justine Ezarik better known as iJustine to her millions of fans on YouTube.

Justin, I appreciate you being with us.

Twitter, Facebook, if you want to join the conversation, you can tweet us right now @DrDrewHLN #behaviorbureau.

And there`s a tweet right now, I want to put up. It is from Jennifer Long and it`s pertinent to what we saw that piece of video rolling in. She says mom states, quote, "We are huggers", unquote. Sounds like boundary issues to me, #behaviorissues.

So, Wendy, my question to is, is the hugging a sign of something sick? Or is this a sad story of overreacting?

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: I think this is a really sad story of overreacting. Some people are tactile defensive. Like that teacher. Who knows if that teacher might have suffered some abuse in their early life and are very tactile defensive?

But on the other hand this kid could come from a loving family that is naturally affectionate, non-sexual affection is something we need to learn in America. I think give someone a hug can be a good idea.

PINSKY: All right. So, Wendy. Go ahead --

WALSH: If she had a problem, she should have complained the first time. Go.

PINSKY: We think she might have complained. But even if she did, you bring an interesting point, what Wendy`s suggesting, maybe the teacher had some issues because of some previous violation of boundaries.

The kid`s not violating boundaries so much as she`s hypersensitive. What do you say to that?

ERICA AMERICA, Z100 RADIO PERSONALITY: Well, it could be that. I think the key here is we don`t have certain answers. What are the kid`s history with this?

What are the social norms in that school in regards to hugging? So, in that school, is it laid out that you can`t touch? In some schools, maybe it`s OK. Maybe it`s not. We don`t know.

But it seems is that the punishment does not fit the crime, similar as you said to the young boy kissing the girl`s hand. It just seems to be too much. Do I think that he might have some issues? Absolutely.

But a psychologist should have sat down and dealt with him. And have it be a teaching issue, like you brought up before. Instead of saying, that`s it. Now, you`re not going to be able to go to college.

PINSKY: It`s crazy.

Now, Justin, I want to you watch. Sam, I`ll get you in just a second. But ABC News interviewed a couple of the guy`s friends. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sam is a hugger. You know, he`d always say, if he`d give a hug a day, he might change somebody`s day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m afraid to give anybody a hug now.


PINSKY: Justine, you buy it?

JUSTINE EZARIK, YOUTUBE PERSONALITY: Yes, I mean, I am a hugger, like I hug strangers. I don`t see anything wrong with that. And I have friends who don`t want to be hugged, who have personal space issues.

But there are facts we don`t know. So, it`s hard for us all to sit here and talk like we don`t know what his issues are, we don`t know and -- first of all, where are they? Are they in some little shop? What is this location? What are they doing there?

PINSKY: That`s so funny you would say that. I had the same exact reaction as I was looking at that video.

But, Justine, you didn`t seem to mind when Jonny violated my boundaries and attack me. And, by the way, control room, let me know when we have that picture. I want the evidence, I can show it to security.

But, Sam, what say you?

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Well, here`s the thing, Dr. Drew. I agree with Segun, which is, a first, on my account. But I don`t think that this student should have his education taken away from him, should have his athletic scholarship taken away from him.

Let`s say that he did inappropriately hug her in the past and she does have an issue and did warn him for that very reason. He should respect her. He should be disciplined, but don`t take away his scholarship and his education. Maybe take away course, give him community services.

But we don`t know even know because I do have an issue with the fact, Dr. Drew, that they`ve still yet to discuss it with his parents. If this was an issue, they should have called his mom and said we have an issue with your son hugging the teachers inappropriately, but they never did.

PINSKY: Justine, I apparently have the info on where that location is. It`s some sort of snack center where they sell things. So, it`s at school. I thought it was at an airport or something. It`s actually at the school campus.

But we`re going to have to leave it right there.

Next up, when MTV crews came to this small town to film a reality show, the mayor stood up and said they are not welcome. He joins me to explain why.

And later, Toronto`s crack mayor dancing with this gospel choir. What`s going on there? What`s he doing? What are they thinking? What did they observe that day?

Jenny, we`ll get into it after we get back.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But now all our plans are up in the air because I`m pregnant.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: "16 and Pregnant", the popular MTV reality show is getting a chilly reception from a small-town mayor. The show is currently following a young woman in the Chicago suburban, and local officials are letting it be known that MTVs cameras are not welcome.

Mayor Ed Sabranti (ph) says the show glamorizes unwed young mothers and has asked local business owners to deny access to MTV`s camera crew.


PINSKY: Welcome back. My co-host is Jenny Hutt.

Before we get into that story, I`m going to read a tweet off the heals of the previous block, Jenny. This is from Nora. This raises an interesting point. She says, "Kids aren`t learning fundamental social schools. Teachers aren`t friends and school isn`t home. #behaviorbureau."

PINSKY: I think that`s an important point. There are appropriate boundaries. I think we all agree with that. But the question is, did the punishment fit the crime? Do you agree?

HUTT: Yes, and no, it did not. So --

PINSKY: Fair enough. Now, counselor Hutt and counselor Sedaghatfar, I would like to show you, let me introduce the panel first. The counselor, I would like to show the transgression that occurred in the greenroom with said Jonny.

There, he`s attacking me. He is a hugger, he said. And mostly, I`m offended, mostly, Anahita. I think you`re defending the teacher. So, you`re going to defend me on this one. I almost threw up on that sweater.

HUTT: I`m most offended by that sweater.

SEDAGHATFAR: I almost throw up too.

ODUOLOWU: That`s an awesome color.

SEDAGHATFAR: Dr. Drew, I didn`t like this. Something rubbed me the wrong way about this picture. I don`t know what it was.

PINSKY: Jonny?

LOQUASTRO: Dr. Drew, after that hug, I`m ready for Christmas.


PINSKY: I`m not sure what I`m ready for, but I need to sort of assess my feelings about all that.

HUTT: Take a shower?

PINSKY: Yes. Take the shower will be part of the process of cleansing.

All right. Now --

SEDAGHATFAR: Dr. Drew, you want to sue him? Let me know. I can represent you.

PINSKY: I knew I could count on you.

The mayor from this town is going to join us in just a minute. I really want to switch gears to this other topic, because it`s a story that actually has me a little bit upset. You`re going to hear why. But I want Lynn to tell us what else we know about this story.

HUTT: Well, here`s the dial. This town in Illinois, the mayor is very adamant. And at the mayor`s request, there`s already been a restaurant and a local high school that have turned MTVs cameras away. And I let the mayor explained his reasoning in that.

But there is some research that actually shows that teen pregnancy is on the decline, according to the CDC, it`s down by half since the early `90s, when it was at its height. And there were certain factors like the economy and low birth weight in general, but there`s also what`s being called the teen mom affect. And there`s a national campaign to prevent teen pregnancies.

They did a study and they found there were teens who had seen "16 and Pregnant" or "Teen Mom", and of those teens, three quarters had been made to think about their own risk, understand challenges and believe it`s a good way to start conversations. So, I mean, the numbers don`t lie. I`m interested to see what the mayor`s take is on that.

PINSKY: Well, and let me say, I`ve been a part of that show from the beginning. I knew it would have that effect. I just knew it. And, of course, the way you assess these things is you do what you`re intending to do. And then you study it. You go see whether it has the desired effect.

And this data, from the standpoint of the epidemiology and usual sources of data, this is stunning data, in terms of the efficacy of this show.

So, my question is, why wouldn`t you want to participate in something having a profound effect. Teen pregnancy in this country is the lowest it`s been since the 1940s, ladies and gentlemen. It has a profound effect, and the people that study this, the national campaign and teen and unwanted pregnancy, who have been struggling with this thing for 30 or 40 years are completely onboard with it.

So, I`d like to bring in the mayor, Ed Zabrocki, who is the mayor of Tinley Park.

Mayor, so you tell us why you don`t want MTV filming in your town.

MAYOR ED ZABROCKI, TINLEY PARK (via telephone): OK. Let`s go through a couple of things.

By the way, thank you very much. I appreciate the opportunity to be on the program.

First of all, the high school made its own decision on whether they wanted MTV there or not. I had nothing to do with that. I think a lot of the statistics, I can`t deny any of those things.

Just in the way of background, I`ve been a high school counselor for 42 years, in a Catholic boys high school. So I`ve dealt with unwed fathers primarily, and secondarily unwed mothers.

I think the basic premise behind MTV does make some sense, OK, with trials and tribulations that go on.

However, you`re dealing with 15, 16, 17 year old children, and I emphasize the word children, that look at this as hey, this is my way to get on TV. This is my way to notoriety. I can`t accept the concept of what the MTV does if it is not on television and use in a classroom type of situation where it is not clarified, where the girl doesn`t go out and get on the web page and gets her fan, social media, whatever you want to call it -- I think that`s where the problem lies.

PINSKY: Mr. Mayor, I`m going to interrupt you for a second. I want to share a tweet which actually supports you. If you guys will show Sandra`s tweet up there, and you notice, Anahita, I didn`t say Twitter.

"I`m so proud of the mayor. I forbid my daughter from watching "16 and Pregnant". We need to stop glorifying teen pregnancy."

So, let me throw this to the panel. And, Mayor, you tell me if I got this right -- you can`t dispute the fact that it`s had a positive effect on the overall population in the reduction of teen pregnancy. The question I think the mayor is zeroing in on is whether or not those at risk kids, that see it as a glorification and an opportunity to get on TV, however small that population is, not worth it, if it -- even though whether it would affect the rest of the population.

Would that be about, right, Mayor?

ZABROCKI: I would agree about 80 percent of what you just said.

PINSKY: OK. Let`s get to my panel now. Jonny, you want to comment?

LOQUASTRO: Yes, I`m OK with the mayor`s decision. I think what he`s trying to say is some of these shows, whether it`s "Teen Mom" or "16 and Pregnant", they`re jumping the shark a little bit when you see the girls on the cover of tabloid, buying homes, getting plastic surgery when the money they`ve made.

PINSKY: That`s way later, that`s when they`re adults, 23, 24. And the network has no control over them once they`re adults. It is true.


ODUOLOWU: Dr. Drew, let`s say it out loud. We`re going to put teen moms and teen pregnancy on TV, and then, we`re going to say it`s help bringing the teen pregnancy rate down. I`m going to ask that the individual girls that show up on the show, they don`t live the best of lives.

One of the girls was just arrested in South Carolina. And when you punch up teen pregnancy on Google, you go to that show. Not to any type of information, not to any type of counseling, not to any type of education, when you look at it, yes. Maybe the show has a minor effect in bringing down teen pregnancy and starting a conversation, but the individual girls that don`t fare that well being on the show -- I`m with the mayor -- if you don`t want it in your town --

PINSKY: Well, I think that`s his point. I think that is the mayor`s point, is whether or not it`s had a profound effect. I mean, the 77 percent of kids say they`re affected by it.

But, Lynn, you had a comment.

BERRY: Well, Mr. Mayor, I appreciate your point of view. And I think what you`re saying that may be not hitting home, that I`m not hearing is, that these are great lessons. They`re just -- they should happen in the classroom, not on your television, is that what you`re saying?

ZABROCKI: That`s exactly what I`m saying.

BERRY: Why not get initiatives into classrooms. Are you working on that?

ZABROCKI: Frankly, no. The whole controversy happened within the last ten days. But I think you`re quite right.

ODUOLOWU: What about sex ed?


ZABROCKI: Well, you had the MTV kind of thing.


HUTT: Dr. Drew?

ODUOLOWU: What about sex ed being taught in the classroom? What about sex that`s being taught in the classroom? Like if you want to bring the pregnancy rate down, show those kid what an actual pregnancy looks like and when someone gives birth. Show them the nitty-gritty details of the screaming and the blood --

HUTT: Not necessarily. It`s not necessarily --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Show that and see if they want to engage in that type of behavior at (INAUDIBLE).

HUTT: You`re putting too much responsibility on the schools here.

PINSKY: Potentially --


HUTT: Dr. Drew --

PINSKY: Jenny.

JENNY HUTT, ATTORNEY: Yes, I just -- I just don`t think that -- I don`t think that teen mom exactly glorifies being a teen mother. I think it shows the struggle and the hardship of being a teen mother. It`s not just a fairy tale.

So I can see, Dr. Drew, how it would help to lower the rates. That makes sense to me.

PINSKY: Well, it`s interesting. It`s interesting. I did a show called the "Baby Borrowers," which -- again, it`s another attempt to try to use television to have an effect. And the academic community came out very strongly against that show saying it was risky to the kids and the babies and stuff. We basically, you know, put kids in an artificial environment.

This was not my show at all. But I would participate in it in sort of a town hall meeting about it. And a psychiatrist from Yale got up and said, there are so many teen pregnancies out there and teen moms, you need to put those on TV and just follow them. Follow the cameras. So lo and behold we did that and now there is -- you know, you can`t win. There is no perfect solution --


ZABROCKI: If I could jump in here for a minute.

PINSKY: Please.

ZABROCKI: I think there`s a little broader aspect here that you`ve got to look at. We`ve talked about, you know, these reality shows with the MTV. I think it goes beyond just MTV and some of these other reality type shows, which is not really reality. These people are actors, they`re making money. Producers are making money. Those kinds of things.

What are our kids being exposed to on social media? What are they bombarded with eight or nine hours a day? And I think that MTV is a part of that.

PINSKY: Well, Ed, you will not find us disagreeing --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I agree with you, Mr. Mayor.

PINSKY: Yes. We would. None of us will disagree with that. I think this panel, show of hands? Agree with the mayor on that. It`s something we`ve been concerned about here for quite some time. Everybody? Come on.


ZABROCKI: Good. I`ll take --

PINSKY: When you see me looking down, I`m looking at my panel here. Yes. There we go.

Mr. Mayor, I really appreciate you joining us and having this conversation. I think it`s important to keep talking about. At least, at least let`s all agree, well, we agree that what the kids are being bombarded with concern us. But number two, that we are grateful that teen pregnancy is at a low - - 60-year low. It is extraordinary. And whatever we`re doing, let`s see if we can stay on track with that.

Next up, we`re going to switch to a new mayor, Toronto`s mayor. This man continues to provide us with interesting story.

And later, a woman appears to be kidnapped at a bus stop. Look at this video. She -- actually abducted. And we got a lot on this viral video when we come back.



MAYOR ROB FORD, TORONTO: Holy Christ. You`re not wasting anytime. 313.


PINSKY: Jenny, Mayor Ford is still loved in Toronto. They love his politics mostly. And he seems to be kind of getting under control. But before we get into the behavior bureau, I want to show you a tweet from Amber, back to the -- referencing our last segment, says, the show "Baby Borrowers" which I referenced, series, and clips of teen mom in my parenting course at the high school level. Examples to tie into the curriculum."

So people are actually using these TV shows in the high school, very much in the manner which the previous mayor was sggesting. So it`s an interesting topic. It`s something we`ll continue to chew on. Do you agree?

HUTT: Absolutely. Yes. And I think it creates a dialog. And in houses where we`ve got teenagers, if that happens to be on TV, there`s the opportunity for me to talk to my daughter and my son about teenage pregnancy and how it`s just not going to be happening.

PINSKY: Jenny, you hit a really important point here which is that if you don`t like what kids are watching, watch it with them.

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: And use it as an opportunity to talk about why you don`t like, and if it`s a teaching opportunity and then you`re not going to allow them anymore to watch perhaps. Whatever you need to do as a parent. But there are opportunities in these -- in these media programs.

All right. We want to bring in the behavior bureau, it is Samantha, Erica, Wendy and Justine.

Toronto crack mayor, he is the gift that keeps on giving. Take a look at this tape. It`s a video of him enter church service in Toronto where he danged and clap at the choir. We also hear the -- that the congregation has said a prayer for the mayor and his family. So some of my producers are calling this the crack mayor shuffle.

So, Wendy, we`ve been talking about the mayor for a while. My eye says he is getting his binge alcohol consumption under control. What do you think?

WENDY WALSH, PSYCOLOGIST: It`s so hard to predict if there`s alcohol in that body or not, Dr. Drew. But I can tell you one thing he`s getting -- he`s getting one step closer to where he needs to be. And it`s on his knees praying to god that he`s going to survive.


WALSH: I will say that.

PINSKY: Yes. Yes.

WALSH: I think that, you know, again, he`s an extrovert and he`s a narcissist and he`s showing up in a very animated church.

PINSKY: Wow. Look at him go.

WALSH: Yes. Look at him go. But he`s getting close to getting help, isn`t he?

PINSKY: I don`t know. You know, I don`t know. I just -- my eye tells me he`s not drinking as much. And -- I`m sure he`s not getting treatment.

There`s a man at the church who claimed he was with Mayor Ford. He tweeted a photo posing with the mayor and -- the photo had this caption, "My N word Rob Ford just showed up to the trap, aka, my church.the man spells like Ganja."

Now we cannot confirm --

Mayor Ford`s office did not respond to our request for a comment. I just did, what say you?

JUSTINE EZARI, YOUTUBE PERSONALITY: Well, first of all, he`s got some moves so don`t know if he`s been playing a little dance, dance revolution or something while having a drink. But I think the hardest is the people who didn`t need the help the most will not be the ones to admit it. So I mean, there needs to be someone who steps in and says listen, you do need help. You have no other choice, but I mean, at least he can dance. So I - -


EZARIK: Looking forward to seeing some great enemy to (INAUDIBLE).


PINSKY: For his own good, for his own good. But Erica, what do you think?

ERICA AMERICA, Z100 RADIO PERSONALITY: Yes, well, you think someone that is under the critical eye of the entire world would just lay low for a little bit. But honestly, he`s doing the exact opposite. And you heard it here first, Mayor Ford is the new Snooki. Snooki had a baby. She`s kind of more responsible now. He belongs on the Jersey shore, not as a meyor. It`s as you could the outrageous behavior of what he wants. What kind of person he is. Was that meant for politics.


SAMANTHA SCHACHER, LOCAL CULMINATOR: And here`s the thing, Dr. Drew. I think that he -- I think she`s right, Erica`s right, in the sense that he`s seen like a caricature so was Snooki. But I think that this is a publicity stunt. If he -- if I felt like that, his intent to go to this gospel church was genuine, I`d say hallelujah, you go, Mayor Ford.

But unfortunately, I don`t think it was sincere. I think he`s trying to come off as the man of the people, yet he`s incredibly entitled. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

PINSKY: Well, Sam -- Sam.

SCHACHER: He can`t take responsibility for his actions. He`s not a man of the people.

PINSKY: Sammy, he is a man of the people.

Jenny, I talked to a Toronto guy on my podcast today, which we`ll talk about, by the way, later, you and I.

HUTT: Yes. Of course.

PINSKY: The podcast is nominated for an award. And he was talking -- and we`re sitting down here in our -- well, not our ivory tower, but not -- we`re not in Toronto, and this guy from Toronto was telling me the guy is still very popular. People getting behind his politics. They understand he`s not well, but they still want him. They feel -- still feel like he can do his job.

HUTT: Yes, well, as -- look, I look at him, and at least I`m thankful that he`s in a church and he`s singing gospel music. I`m a huge fan of gospel music. "Sister Act 2" is like my favorite movie. And I get it.

PINSKY: Thank you. We need to know that.

HUTT: It`s a much better thing for him to be doing than smoking crack in a bar.

PINSKY: That`s true. As Wendy says.


SCHACHER: I just don`t think it`s --

PINSKY: As Wendy says.

SCHACHER: I do think --

HUTT: It`s attention-seeking behavior, though.


PINSKY: Oh, yes. He`s into that. No doubt about that.

Hold on, guys.

SCHACHER: I think he`s auditioning --

PINSKY: Next up. Frightening video --


Frightening video of a woman who appears to be getting kidnapped at a bus stop. We will get into that right after this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt, Samantha, Erica and Justine.

And, Justine, your fans are going insane on Twitter. I want to show you a tweet. Yes, they are. It says, it`s from the Awkward Hunter. "I just saw you on `Ask Dr. Drew` HLN, I screamed, by the way." See, your fans are out there screaming, Justine. Welcome to the show. That`s fantastic.

Now what I want to show everybody --

EZARIK: Wow. You guys are good. This is real, real time.


PINSKY: Yes, it`s real, real time. Thank you, Justine. I`ve got a Twitter feed right here. And I`m going to put it up as it comes through.

EZARIK: I love it.

PINSKY: Right. And Erica is tweeting away. Sam is tweeting. I have trouble getting Sam`s attention during the show, she`s so busy doing selfies and tweeting.


SCHACHER: I am not doing selfies all the time.

HUTT: We did a selfie earlier. Some of the time.

PINSKY: I want -- Erica. I just want to show you guys a camera mounted on a city bus might have caught a crime in progress. A woman was attacked as she waited for the bus and now the surveillance tape may be the only clue police have to find her. Watch this.






PINSKY: Happened in northern California during the evening commute. The bus driver called 911. The police could not find the man or the woman.

I want to bring in on the phone Lt. Sandra Holliday from the Milpitas -- I hope I`m pronouncing the city right -- Police Department.

Officer, wonder if you have any update for us on the case, the identity of the woman? Or anything we can do to help support your search?

LT. SANDRA HOLLIDAY, MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, POLICE DEPARTMENT: Well, one of the reasons why we`re releasing the video is to hopefully have someone identify the people involved and help us track them down. So far we have not received any calls, which is kind of unusual. But we`re treating it as a potential kidnapping. And so we`re confident that foul play is not involved.

PINSKY: OK. Sam, you have a question?

SCHACHER: Yes. Do you guys know -- did you talk to the bus driver afterwards as well as any other eyewitnesses and what perhaps they saw?

HOLLIDAY: yes, we talked to the bus driver and several passengers on the bus. One passenger did have a clear view of the altercation and the bus driver also did. Other people did not see it. We talked to surrounding businesses to see if perhaps the -- either subject worked at one of the places, but we did not locate anybody.

SCHACHER: Well, what did they -- where did they disappear to?

HOLLIDAY: That`s an unknown.


SCHACHER: Like a bush or a --

HOLLIDAY: Southeast. They went toward --

PINSKY: Heading southeast --

HOLLIDAY: -- some brush in a business park. And -- but we had officers on scene really fast, like two minutes. And we had a CHP helicopter also using their infrared camera, and still did not detect any people in the brush or in the area.

PINSKY: Erica, Erica, I`ve only got about 20 seconds if you can keep it short.

Yes, I want to say something -- yes, something interesting that`s happening is crimes that normally were hearsay are now being videotaped. What we have to remember is that what happens on a videotape could actually be not as bad as it seems. And I`m not -- I`m saying I think they`re doing exactly what they should be treating as a potential abduction, but it could be two people that knew each other. We really don`t know so I think they`re doing the best that they can --

PINSKY: Well, they should speak up. Hopefully they`ll speak up and call off the resources.

Lieutenant, thank you for joining us. I hope we get some more information about this.

And reminder for our viewers, you can find us on Instagram @DrDrewHLN.

Up next, a vehicle comes crashing through a store window backwards. We have that video. What was going on there? Why -- how do we understand that one? You`ll see that right after this.


PINSKY: Back with co-host Jenny Hutt, Sam, Erica and Justine.

Now CNN Boston affiliate WCVB secured surveillance video of some terrifying moments at a hardware store. Watch this.

Driver was trying to get as close as possible. My goodness. Through the front of the store, possibly having some heavy bags -- look at this. And she just hit the gas pedal instead of the brake evidently.

Customers and employees in the middle of the store had to scramble to safety. Look at that. It just -- it goes all the way through the store backwards. And here`s -- you see the employees running around trying to get away. The 51 year old driver was described as unharmed but distraught.

Justine, what do you make of this video?

EZARIK: I mean, this is terrible, but honestly, you know, things do happen but it`s crazy the things that get caught on film like this and even the attempted mugging in the previous video. What scares me is do people do this stuff not to call my sister out or anything, but she definitely accidentally drove through our garage door when she was younger. So, you know, accidently, things do happen, but it`s crazy the things that get caught on film. This and the attempted mugging in the previous video, what scares me is do people do this stuff on purpose? Like w-- being a YouTuber and coming from the Internet, was that a staged thing? I mean, maybe wasn`t such a mugging.


PINSKY: I don`t think this particular one -- Sam, I want to show you something, though. We have some -- let`s take a look at this video again. And, again, it`s CNN Boston affiliate, WCVB. I want you guys to know Sam, is the drivers was cited for negligent operation. The police said she had attached a homemade gas pedal extender.


A wooden block because of her heights. Sam?

SCHACHER: That`s crazy. When I -- OK. When my watched the video my initial response was that of Justine`s where I was OK, like, OK, I`ve backed into things accidently before. But not to this extent. I mean she`s accelerating in a really fast place. And then what I heard that she had some makeshift accelerator extender made out of a wooden block, that`s insane. That`s negligence. Why would you even think to do that? That`s not safe.

PINSKY: And Erica, we have --

AMERICA: Is that it legal? I`m pretty sure it`s not.

PINSKY: I wonder, we had a disaster here. Sam, I think you were living in Santa Monica when that elderly man had a stroke or something and drove the promenade.

SCHACHER: Oh my gosh, those images --

PINSKY: Killed people there it is.

SCHACHER: Yes, those images still hunt me. That was Santa Monica. Santa Monica Farmer`s Market. A farmers market I frequented in almost every weekend and he killed nine people, Dr. Drew. And one of them was a 3-year- old little girl. It was an 86-year-old man that did this. And he was -- he was in a daze.


PINSKY: But in this case, Erica, we have a 51-year-old who should, you know, has her wits about her and Jerry Rigged this sort of --

AMERICA: Well, that`s the thing. There are accidents --

PINSKY: Why? It`s not OK.

AMERICA: The thing is that there are accidents and then there are accidents that are due to bad judgment. And having this block on the pedal is just absurd. Like you said before. It really -- you know, I don`t want to say it`s her fault, but it definitely puts the -- you know, the blame a little bit more so --

SCHACHER: It`s her fault. It`s her fault.

AMERICA: OK. Go for it.


PINSKY: Thank God no one was hurt. Got to go, guys. Thank you, panel.


PINSKY: Last call ahead.


PINSKY: Time for the last call, and it goes to Jenny Hutt. We`ve asked Justine to stay back with us.

Jenny, go ahead.

HUTT: All right, Dr. Drew. It seems you`re new name is Dr. Drew Superstar. Because your podcast got, like, the best of 2013 on iTunes, right?

PINSKY: There it is. The Adam (INAUDIBLE).

HUTT: Congratulations.

PINSKY: Those of you that missed us on radio, we`ve been off radio for a while. We decided we`d get back on the podcast, and people like it. But Justine I don`t quite understand what podcast awards are. What does this mean? You come from this world. Help me understand what that means.

HUTT: I do. And this is so exciting because a lot of us, at least the younger generation don`t listen to radio, they don`t watch TV like they used to. So being able to do a podcast if seomthing that`s instantly download on to your iPads, I think it`s so exciting. So Congratulation, I mean, this is a huge deal.

PINSKY: It feels like a big deal. And I got to tell you, podcasting is such a freeing experience. You know the people you`re talking to, you know, you know the people you`re talking to are really want to be there with you. They`re actively downloading, and they stay the whole hour or However long we talk.

And why somebody would spend an hour a girl, I find a little but they do.

Justine, you listen to us?

EZARI: Guys, you`re so funny so this is so often -- I do, yes, this great. I was watching a bunch of them and listening the other day. I was like, men, you guys are just so funny and you have such great chemistry. And be able to take that on the go. I mean --

PINSKY: Thank you, Guys. There it is we got to go. Thank you, everybody. "WHAT WOULD YOU DO starts right now."