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Was Lindsay Lohan Involved in Beating?

Aired December 9, 2013 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Paris Hilton versus Lindsay Lohan. Punches thrown at a party in Miami send Paris` brother to the hospital. Was Lindsay involved? Her father, Michael Lohan, joins me exclusively to defend his daughter.

Plus, a man is tricked into thinking he`s been in a coma for 10 years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know you`re confused, a bit disoriented, probably a lot of questions, don`t really know what`s going on. It`s all right.

PINSKY: Why would his friends do such a thing? The behavior bureau has answers.

And how does a harmless snowball fight become a vicious attack?

Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening. My co-host is attorney and Sirius XM Radio host Jenny Hutt.

And coming up, a guy wakes up in a hospital bed. He believes, he is told the world has changed a lot or in fact, has it? We`ll feel that video out for you in a few minutes.

But, first, the simmering feud between two tabloid dynasties blows up. Paris Hilton`s brother got his face busted up over the weekend. The question is, who did it and why? And how does the video showing the brother confronting Lindsay, how does this come into play? What is going on with these guys?

Joining us tonight: Samantha Schacher, host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network. She will give us the background in just a moment.

Jillian Barberie, social commentator.

Greg Grunberg, actor from "Heroes", "Big Ass Spider" on iTunes. He`s also the creator of the free mobile coupon app. Yowza. Is that better, Greg?


PINSKY: And HLN`s Lynn Berry, haven`t seen you since last week in Atlanta. Thanks for joining us again.

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: Great to see you again.

PINSKY: So, Sam, what happened?

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Oh my gosh, this is a whole lot of drama for your mama, Dr. Drew. It`s a big mess.

And, listen, there`s two sides to every story. In this case, there`s three, and then there`s the truth. So, Barron Hilton attended a house party in Miami. The house was owned by a Ray LeMoine. And this is also a friend of Lindsay Lohan`s.

When he was at the party, he claims there was a rumor going on he was talking crap about Lindsay Lohan`s boyfriend. So then, fast forward to Lindsay Lohan approaching him, and he says that she then ordered this Ray guy to beat him up. He also claimed she was egging Ray on, laughing, while he was being beat up, and screaming "this is what you get and make fun of and talk crap about my boyfriend."

Now, Lindsay is denying all allegations. She`s saying she wasn`t even on the premises. That`s where that video becomes really important, Dr. Drew, because that video obtained by TMZ clearly shows she was on the premises just moments after the attack.

And then Ray`s side of this whole story is that, listen, this kid Barron was belligerent, he was refusing to leave my house party. It was my house. I asked him to leave. When he didn`t, a fight broke out.

But here`s the interesting kicker, Dr. Drew, the police are claiming that Ray -- not Ray, rather, Barron refused medical attention, that he never named or identified the attacker, and that he also never named Lindsay Lohan as being involved.

So, in my opinion, it`s a big mess.

PINSKY: Greg, what?

GRUNBER: This is -- this is Christmas and Hanukkah all rolled into one?

SCHACHER: Exactly. Christmas in Hollywood.

GRUNBER: Let me tell you, this is the best news for all of these people. These people are at the bottom of the list of reality stars. No one knows who Barron Hilton is, now they do, Mickey Rourke gets to play him in the movie.

And let me tell you, also, now, these people are right at the top, and it`s just incredible, like that they orchestrated this. I want to come out of this night tonight without pissing off Lindsay Lohan. This is crazy. I`m loving this.


PINSKY: Go ahead.

JENNY HUTT, CO-HOST: Dr. Drew, why is Lindsay Lohan partying at 4:00 in the morning?

PINSKY: Thank you, Jenny. That`s why I brought her father in here exclusively. Michael Lohan, Lindsey`s father.

Michael, so try to straighten this out for us. The concern I have for your daughter is whenever there`s a vortex around somebody, I worry that there`s using. Set the record straight.

MICHAEL LOHAH, LINDSAY LOHAN`S FATHER (via telephone): Well, I mean, there`s been a lot of things set all right. As you saw from the texts I sent you, Dr. Drew, Lindsay was not at the fight. She had no knowledge of the fight when she was there.

What happened was she called in about 8:30, 9:00 in the morning, and you can see that according to the text. She said, dad, I woke up this morning. When I went to sleep last night, there were only a few people in the house. When I woke up there were a bunch of people drinking and doing drugs and I don`t want to be in a position. Can you get some help down there?

So, I called five people from a security firm down here in Florida. They went down. And Lindsay was not on the premises -- well, I shouldn`t say -- she was nowhere near a fight when it broke out. She was outside the gate.

My security guys got her, and as you see in my text messages, I said, Lindsay go back inside with them. She went inside with them.

While she was in a different part of the property, a fight broke out. I just did an interview a few minutes ago with the bodyguard that was there. He said, Michael, I was standing alone with Lindsay. She had no idea a fight broke out.

And if you look at that video, Lindsay said, what are you talking about? She didn`t even know there was a fight.

PINSKY: Well, I look at the video , and it looks like Lindsay is trying to get out of this, it looks like to me. I mean, you can`t -- she certainly isn`t feeding into it.

And, Michael, I would have to say, we have you here on Lindsay`s behalf. We have tried to reach out to her friend Ray, unable to reach him. CNN had not heard back yet from the Hilton camp.

But I want to know, before you go on, Michael, I want to hear from Lynn about the guy who allegedly socked Barron in the face. Give us more details. Because my understanding is that`s a guy not likely to do this sort of thing. Is that right?

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: Yes, that`s what sort of has everyone scratching their head here, because this is the guy who is the uber-elite celebrity blogger for "New York Times." He`s all in the club scene in New York. He`s very well known. He`s actually done a lot of humanitarian work in Iraq and Pakistan.

I mea, this guy -- he`s legit. He`s not some, you know, punk club rat that goes around and starts picking fights. So, it`s going to make a very difficult --

PINSKY: Lynn, let me ask you, Michael.

Is that Lindsay`s boyfriend right now? Is that correct?

LOHAN: No. You`re exactly right. He is not that type of person and he was one that was egged on. When the security people told everyone to leave, he was one of the people that said, I want all of you to leave, too. And Barron was one of the people they identified to leave.

Barron acted out. He instigated the fight. And that`s when it broke out.

JILLIAN BARBERIE, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Didn`t Ray also say that Lindsey had nothing to do with it?

LOHN: Yes, as a matter of fact he made a statement to the police today, and said Lindsay had nothing to do with it.

GRUNBERG: Didn`t he also say that he punched this guy Barron, you know, to quiet him up, because he was talking smack. Meanwhile, he didn`t just punch him, he pummeled him. He took a can opener to the guy`s face. This is a brutal beating.

LOHAN: You shouldn`t say that, because now people are going to report that a can opener was used. I mean, that`s just the way the press works.

But, Dr. Drew, you made a point before that`s very, very true. One thing you taught me very well, people, places and things.


LOHAN: Lindsey should not have been in that position, I agree with that. She`s been in positions like this before and called me and she got out of the positions.

But you know what? Although she`s eliminated a lot of people from her life, still, that Gavin Doyle was still around here. He doesn`t belong around her. And there`s other people.

I mean, if you suspect that people might be drinking or partying, stay away from it. and although she did for the last couple days before that incident occurred, you still don`t put yourself in a position --

PINSKY: You`ve got to stay with the winners. You`ve got to stay around the winners. But, Sam, you have a question for Michael. Go ahead.

SCHACHER: Yes, Michael, how is Lindsay doing with her recovery? Is she doing a good job? Is she having setbacks?

LOHAN: She`s been fantastic when I`m around her. Every time I call her at 9:00 in the morning, she`s fine, she`s up. She works out with my daughter Alley. They send me pictures all the time of them working out.

SCHACHER: Good for her.

LOHAN: I go up to New York City almost once a week to see her. And she`s been -- she`s been on point as far as I`m concerned. I mean, I speak to her assistant all the time. She had a sober coach for the longest time. And they only give me great reports.

But, Dr. Drew, you know if she was doing something wrong, I`d be the first one to say it.

PINSKY: Well, I know you`d say it, but sometimes people, you know, the parents are not the first one to know it or seeing it.

But, Jenny, you got a question for Michael?

HUTT: I do. Why do you think she`s in this environment? Why do you think she was even staying at a house with even a small group of people that then morphs into a larger group of people? Why did she leave and go out to dinner. Sometimes, why was she there?

LOHAN: You know, let`s weigh the pros and cons. Is she better off with a hotel where there`s a bunch of people with bars and things, or a private home? Now, you can look at it in two ways, because if you`re in a home, you can do things more privately and people don`t know about it.

The hotel is more -- the hotel is more -- people would know about it quicker, but at the same time, she wanted to stay away from it. I want to send her to the short club after this fight happened, and she basically kept herself locked up. She went out to dinner one night after that. That`s another thing that people are speculating about, is when the police went to the hotel, why didn`t she answer the door? For God`s sake she was out to dinner. I mean, give me a break.

PINSKY: Lynn, I think you have another question for, Michael?

BERRY: But, well, Michael, I understand what you`re saying about her being in a house, but I think the question is not whether or not she`s at a house or at a bar. It`s why is she surrounding herself with people who are known partiers?

LOHAN: You`re right.

BERRY: These people, they do this for a living. That`s what Ray does for a living. He goes out and parties.

GRUNBERG: Se should have somebody with her watching her all the time, to make sure she doesn`t do this kind of thing, you know?

BARBERIE: She`s a girl in her 20s. That`s such a tall order to assume, that a girl when you`re in your 20s --


BERRY: Not when you`re a recovering addict.

PINSKY: Yes. But, you guys, Jillian is exactly right. That is what is so hard about getting young people sober. They field that they should be entitled still to go out and socialize. And it`s very treacherous territory for them. That`s what make it`s so hard to treat young people.


PINSKY: People look at them and shake their head. I`m telling you, I feel bad for them, because they don`t quite get how much they need to commit themselves to their sobriety sometimes.

Michael, is she having trouble with those kinds of issues?

LOHAN: No. I mean, she`s been confronted with a lot of situations where she could have been tempted.

PINSKY: But it`s not -- Michael, it`s not temptation. It`s really putting the sobriety as the priority in your life so those other places and things aren`t bleeding in so much. You worry, you worry, you know?

LOHAN: I agree. I also think that she should be up during the day working and at night be back at home in your apartment.

PINSKY: Yes, sir.

LOHAN: You know, everyone should do that. But as far as, you having people a sober coach around you and so on and so forth, I think it`s a wonderful idea. I`m definitely an advocate for that, but at the same time, people shouldn`t need a sober coach if here --

PINSKY: All right. Michael, I`ll tell you what, I agree with you on that one. I`m going to hold you and I want to bring the behavior bureau in here.

Thank you, panel.

I want to bring in the behavior bureau to talk more about that very issue. I`m with Michael. Sober coach is not something I`m super enthusiastic. If somebody needs that, the circumstances have to really dictate it.

Later on, we`re going to talk about a man who wakes up in a hospital and learned he`s been in a coma for 10 years. Oh, wait a minute. Maybe he hasn`t.

Back in a moment.



PARIS HILTON: About to drop this thing in the next three weeks, a concert in Brazil.


PINSKY: Back with my co-host Jenny Hutt and the behavior bureau. If you`d like to join the conversation, go ahead and tweet us @DrDrewHLN, #behaviorbureau. We`ve been discussing Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, this feud going on.

Still with us, Samantha Schacher. And joining us now, Tiffanie Davis Henry, psychotherapist, HLN contributor, Cheryl Arutt, clinical and forensic psychologist. And Danine Manette, criminal investigator and author of "Ultimate Betrayal".

Sam, Paris has sort of fallen off the radar, at least in the U.S. Is it possible that she is sort of into this publicity, as Greg said in the last segment and sort of building this thing up?

SCHACHER: How sad is that?

But you know what, Dr. Drew? I would not be surprised. This is somebody, when you look at her career, it`s somebody that did not mind if her publicity was negative or positive, with the sex tape. And if you go in her home, she has pictures of herself on every wall, and her throw pillows.

So, yes, I mean, this is someone who is probably the most narcissistic I`ve ever met.

PINSKY: OK. Minutes after her brother Barron posted the busted up face picture of herself on Instagram, Paris, her sister commented, quote, "They both will pay for what they did. No one F`s with my family and gets away with it", unquote. It`s followed by three exclamation points and two angry frowny faces.

Tiffanie, Michael Lohan is still standing by. We`ll get some input from him in just a second.

But, Tiffanie, my question to you, is this -- is this more high school antics? Is this immaturity? Or is there real pathology being played out here?

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, HLN CONTRIBUTOR: You know what, it feels like it. My concern actually isn`t with Paris and Lindsay, it`s more so with the brother. I mean, anytime you have to ask, don`t you know who I am? If you have to ask that question, nobody knows who you are, sweetie.

You know, you are riding on the coattails of your sister and your family. Find an identity of your own. And, furthermore, if this was my home and people were drinking and drugging, and doing whatever it was they were doing at this house, I have ever right to ask them to leave. And, certainly, if you start swinging on me, I have every right to defend myself. So he got what he had coming, as far as I`m concerned.

PINSKY: Jenny, you want to say something?

HUTT: I do. Dr. Drew, what you just said before really spoke to me about the immature high school type antics. To me, this does seen immature of Barron. This whole like Tiffanie said, "Do you know who I am?" mentality.

And, frankly, when one does that in someone else`s house, he kind of deserves a punch.

Now, also, I just want to say one other thing, I do think however that Ray knew that these people were coming over to drink and potential do drugs in his house, I believe. And when I have houseguests over, it never gets into that sort of circumstance. It would never be permitted.

PINSKY: Jenny, I got to put a tweet for you. We got from Nora McManus. It`s @Nora_Mcmanus. "Wait, LL fell asleep and woke up to find raucous booze and drug-fueld partying was in full swing? God, I hate it when that happens."

HUTT: Right. Exactly.

PINSKY: And that`s what you`re saying there, Jenny. I completely agree with you.

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: But, Danine has that knowing look on her face again, to give that slow shake of the head. What`s up, Danine?

DANINE MANETTE, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR: I am so with Tiffanie on this. What a loser this kid is. How do you show up to a party you`re not invited to? You don`t have any friends with you, where they have stopped you from getting your butt kicked. So, obviously, you were alone. You don`t leave when you are told to leave.

So, what if she did tell somebody to beat him up? Does that make her guilty of something? He has -- the person who did the beating has free will to do whatever it is they want them to do. I can tell anybody anything I want to do anything I want. The fact that they went ahead and did it is on them. That`s not on me. So, I don`t know what she has to do with this.

SCHACHER: This is still all hearsay, though. We don`t know who is right.

PINSKY: But Michael is trying to help us clarify it. Everyone on the panel, Cheryl, I think I heard everyone saying that beating someone is a good idea --

SCHACHER: I never said that, no.


PINSKY: Smack a guy, who was speaking up too feistily.

CHERYL ARUTT, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: In defense of all my behavior bureau beauties, I don`t think they`re saying they`re condoning the violence.

PINSKY: I thought that`s what I heard. Call me crazy.

ARUTT: No. What I think they`re saying is Barron was behaving badly and he wasn`t respecting boundaries. And when people are disinhibited and these kinds of situations come up, somebody is 24, probably intoxicated, and --

PINSKY: Stuff happens.

ARUTT: That it`s risky. I do think it`s -- if you look at inviting somebody into your home, you do have a right if they start misbehaving to say, you know what? Invitation rescinded.

PINSKY: It`s another case and point where people advocate for pot as opposed to alcohol, because you don`t see people acting out like that on drugs like cannabis, while on alcohol you see it often.

SCHACHER: They`re just ordering pizza.

PINSKY: Let me get Michael in on this point. Obviously, and unfortunately because Lindsay is an addict, she can`t be around any of these substances because they all could potentially trigger her disease. You heard what the panel was saying, anything you want to do clarify?

And, panel, I want to think questions for Michael after he finished his comment.

Go ahead, Michael.

LOHAN: Well, there`s a bunch of things. Everyone`s questioning why was Lindsay there and her behavior and if she was using it or not. Why aren`t they questioning Barron`s --


PINSKY: Well, they are, that`s what the panel is saying, Mike. That`s what they`re all saying.

LOHAN: I`m saying in the public. Not here in the panel.

PINSKY: I see. Yes.

LOHAN: And if you look at the aftermath in what`s happened, look at some of the tweets and Instagrams on how people are attacking Lindsay and saying all these horrible things. She hasn`t responded. She hasn`t tried to defend herself, because there`s nothing to defend.

Now, do I think it`s right to beat someone else? No. I`ve been there in the past when I was younger and I was on the beating side of it, and that`s wrong, no matter how you look at it.

But, you know, look, like you were saying before, even if someone tells someone to beat someone else, it falls upon the person that does the beating.



HUTT: Well, not always.

LOHAN: You`ll have a drink, whatever. Just like an addict, you can tell them to do something, if they don`t want to, they won`t do it.

PINSKY: Hold on, again, a reminder -- CNN has not heard back from the Hilton camp, but Danine, I think you have a question for Michael? Am I right? Is that you?

MANETTE: I did. Yes.

You know, I`m wondering because it`s just like coming out of rehab and hanging out with the same people is like taking a shower and putting dirty clothes on. I`m wondering if this is an issue that was addressed while she was in rehab. The fact that she kind of --

PINSKY: And, Michael, you`re going to bring that up when you go see her tomorrow?

LOHAN: Yes. Well, I think that`s a huge question. Number one, you need a support system when you leave rehab, Dr. Drew. You call me that.

PINSKY: Oh, for sure. But I thought you sent me a bunch of conversation you had with your daughter in a text message and I thought she was saying in that exchange, she really wanted to get away from his people. Did I read that right?

LOHAN: Yes, absolutely. She said -- in the first text, daddy, they`re drinking and doing drugs, get me out of here. I don`t want to be inside. I said, well, I`ll be down there at 3:00. She said, no, dad, it`s bad.

PINSKY: So let`s get her around the winner.

Sam, go ahead.

SCHACHER: Michael, there`s rumors in the report saying now she`s going to be sued, that Paris Hilton as well as Barron want to sue her as well as her friend Ray. Is there any truth to that rumor? Do you know anything about that?

LOHAN: No, just like she was going to be questioned by the police. There was a lot of speculation, but they didn`t question her, but the truth came out. Ray came out himself and said, look, I did it. Lindsey has nothing to do with it. A lawsuit, what kind of lawsuit could there be?

PINSKY: Yes, exactly.

LOHAN: You have people on your panel that know that law. I mean, for God`s sake, what are they going to sue her for?

PINSKY: Yes, I mean, people can sue for anything. It doesn`t sound like it doesn`t show much.

Tiffanie, finish me up here. You got a little quick question?

HENRY: Yes, I do have a quick question.

Michael, I applaud you to being a dad that your child can call and say, hey, Dad, I need help, help me out here.

But let me -- let me just ask you this -- what is it? Why is it that Lindsay calling you? Does she not have the faculties, the wherewithal, the means to actually do these types of things herself?


HENRY: I understand having the support system, but she is a brown woman. And I would think -- you know, what do you have in place to get yourself -- I can call myself a cab, call myself a security team. I can call myself --

PINSKY: I feel protective of Lindsay. Imagine the world she has to enter when she leaves and goes into the world. I mean, there`s a billion cameras.

Michael, answer that, and then I got to end this segment.

LOHAN: Well, I mean, Lindsey knows and I think other people know, too, when she asks me to do something, I put my foot down and I`d do it. Lindsey knows that I`m here in Florida, I have a lot of connections. When she needed a plane, that wasn`t a problem with the hotel room. So, I`m there for her, as I am with my other kids.

But, you know, there`s look, I have a great relationship with her as I do my other kids, but she feels like she can trust me. Ever since she`s been out of rehab, we`ve been in constant touch, that just tells me she`s a whole different Lindsay. When she got the plane last night, she called me. When she got off this morning, she called me. I mean, she`s in a different place.

PINSKY: I hope so. And I`ve got to wrap it up, my friend. And I hope. And we`ll continue to say prayers for her, and if I can help in any way, I`m around. Just keep -- it`s a pretty simple thing, go to meetings, stay around the winner, do the steps, do your therapy. It`s just a very simple thing.

But you`ve got to stick with winners. You`ve got to be around the winners in order to get, Mike. I`ve got to wrap it up, guys.

Thank you, panel.

Next up, a man is tricked into thinking he`s been in a coma for 10 years. The whole thing caught on video. I`m going to explain exactly what went down here.

And later, how did a harmless snowball fight suddenly turn into a vicious attack. You`ve got to see this.

Back in a moment.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny Hutt. Now, the next story is about a group of friends who apparently went to great lengths to get through to a guy who has seven DUIs. And they heard their friend Dennis was passed out, drunk again, in his truck. They decided to teach him a lesson. What they did apparently was transformed an empty office into a hospital room, then they convinced Dennis that he`d been lying in a coma for 10 years.

Take a look at this tape.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Some time ago you decided you were drinking, out drinking and you decided to drive. There was an accident.

You`ve been here with us for some time. This accident took place back in 2013.

Mr. (SOUND DELETED), 2023. You`ve got in a coma for the past 10 years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where`s daughter at?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your last memory before the night.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you feel that? Feel that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have five DUIs. Five DUIs.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. I ought to kill you both.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dennis, five DUIs. Five (EXPLETIVE DELETED) DUIs. It`s not funny. It`s not funny.

You can`t have lost your daughter. Ten years wasted away here. Ten years.

Dude, you`ve got to stop the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) stop (EXPLETIVE DELETED) laughing.


PINSKY: Let`s bring in out panel. Sam, Jillian, Greg, Lynn.

Greg, what`s the manner, buddy?

GRUNBERG: Five DUIs, you son of a -- awesome. What the hell are we talking about? Is this like an improve troupe? They got 17 camera angles. This is more about people taking advantage of the Internet, trying -- taking advantage of their friend who clearly needs help.

Where in the world are you permitted and allowed to have five DUIs?


PINSKY: Go, Jillian.

BARBERIE: Greg, I`m going to say I was hoping they would have told him you killed somebody just to sober him up. I really -- if this is real, I think they should have taken it further and scared the bleep out of him, because he was laughing. He thought it was a joke.

PINSKY: Hold on, guys.

SCHACHER: Dr. Drew, I have to defend Tommy.


SCHACHER: Because I`m a fan of his in his YouTube channel. And listen, at the end of the day, if someone`s going to talk about -- and he`s a comedian. If a comedian is going to talk about serious subject by trying to insert some bouts of humor, listen, people do pay attention to his video. And if his message resonates with one person out there, then, you know, I applaud him. I just wanted to resonate with this guy.


GRUNBERG: They had a wrap party. What are you talking about? He got drunk again and drove home.

SCHACHER: This guy needs to go to treatment. I agree with you there.

PINSKY: Of course, he does.

SCHACHER: This is a joke.

PINSKY: Let`s talk to the guy, as you mentioned, Tom Mabe. He`s behind the frank. He joins us on the phone. So -- and I know Lynn you want to talk to Tom as well, but first, let me ask Tom, did this have any impact on you, buddy?

VOICE OF TOM MABE, COMEDIAN: You know. Not yet. Not yet at all.

PINSKY: Not yet. And when was this that you did this?

MABE: I`m sorry?

PINSKY: how long ago did you do this?

MABE: We did this Wednesday or Thursday of last week. Rumors had built for maybe a week and a half? And unfortunately, he -- we found out that he`s actually had seven.

PINSKY: Seven --

SCHACHER: How is that possible? Doesn`t someone`s license get taken away?

PINSKY: He doesn`t have a license, Tom. Isn`t that right?

MABE: He does not have a license.


BARBERIE (ph): Tom, are you friends with him in real life or is he someone that you got -- how did this happen?

MABE: No. He`s definitely a friend of mine, and I agree, we were going to have a girl like dressed up like his daughter ten years older, but he caught on pretty quick when he saw me. He didn`t recognize the nurse. He didn`t recognize Jim, Clark, and Michael. When I got in, it starts happened -- whatever, be kind of came to, and at that point (INAUDIBLE)

PINSKY: Jenny you got a question. Jenny, first.


PINSKY: Jenny first.

JENNY HUTT, ATTORNEY: OK. I do have a question. Why not go to the route -- And Dr. Drew help me, because I really don`t know this much about addiction, but why not go to the route of an intervention rather than --

PINSKY: Jenny, I`m going to hold that thought. I got to hold that, because that`s -- that goes without saying. Lynn, you had something to say about this video.

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: I`ve got to say, Tom, I love your message here. You`ve gotten millions of hit. It`s working. You know, Sam, you`re exactly right, if one person listens, but I have to call B.S. on this video. I have no doubt on my mind that this is completely staged. The guy`s reaction was like a stone-cold stare.

He didn`t even have a reaction to the fact that he`s been in coma for ten years, then when some guy starts hitting him, he starts laughing about it.


PINSKY: We`re watching the video if you make the room up (ph) of how you guys did it. This is what we`re looking at right now. But go ahead, Tom, answer that question. Lynn says no way.

MABE: That`s totally cool. I mean, I`ve done about 12 interviews a day. And half people think that`s real, half people think it`s fake. And so definitely a real beat (ph). He did catch on at the end. But he was totally drunk when he woke up, and kind -- if you knew this guy, if you`re dumb enough to have -- I`m sorry.

If you have seven DUIs, you know, I don`t think you`re really -- I totally hear you loud and clear. I had a video village next to the one room. It was still set up.


MABE: We were set up, ready to go.


GRUNBERG: I got to say, if you really care about your friend, you don`t set him up this way.


PINSKY: I`m going to get the "Behavior Bureau" together in just a second here. So, hold on, everybody. Tom, I think, I will like you standing by just in case the "Behavior Bureau" has a question. So, we`ll bring the "Behavior Bureau" in on whether this is appropriate or unethical. Do they agree with Greg? They agree with Jillian? We`ll find out. Why didn`t they do an intervention like Jenny says?

And later, a snowball fight turns violent. It reminded me of the guys on the motorcycle. The way sort of a mob thing developed. It`s all caught on tape. We`ll take a look at that and more after this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny and our "Behavior Bureau," Sam, Tiffanie, Cheryl, and Danine. They`re all back. And if you want to join this conversation, please do tweet us at @DrDrewHLN #behaviorbureau. We are monitoring it right now.

And we are talking about friends who pulled off an epic prank, hoping it would stop their buddy from drinking and driving. They convinced this friend. He caused an accident while drunk, seventh DUI, had been in a coma for ten years. They put him in a fake hospital room. Now, this room was not at a hospital. It`s someone`s office. They converted as we showed you that video into something looking like a hospital room, and then they had this following newscast playing on his TV. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hello. This is Amy (INAUDIBLE) with a new update. Former song stress (ph) and actress, Miley Cyrus, is facing eviction from a bullet county Kentucky trailer park for refusing to stop defecating on neighbors` yard. This isn`t the first incident Cyrus has had with the mobile homeowners association. You may recall back in 2015, Cyrus was busted for cooking meth in her double wide.

President Hillary Clinton has vowed to attack Canada if the nation does not stop granting citizenship to Americans who flee the U.S. due to the mandatory Clinton hair care program.

And finally, Justin Bieber and his lifetime partner, Dale Earnhardt Jr., celebrating their ten-year anniversary in Charlotte, North Carolina along with their dogs pit road and drum blue (ph).


PINSKY: Now, there are those criticizing the pranksters for having made a joke of this man`s addiction. And I think it was Sam, you said, if you humor gets him treatment, you don`t care what --

SCHACHER: Well, Dr. Drew, here`s a thing, he`s a comedian, OK? This guy is in a YouTube community.


PINSKY: Yes. I`m just saying. We`re a live TV show. We make sure our guests have a phone that`s barely working. So, it`s perfect. Way to go, tom. I`m just pulling your chain a little bit.

SCHACHER: I think it makes sense with certain people, Dr. Drew. With comedians, it does. If he`s a prankster, he`s well-known, he`s actually a clean comedian. He`s a lot of respect and a lot of people following him, a lot of kids on YouTube. So, yes, if Tom makes a video that resonates with one child out there to not drink and drive, then I have to give him kudos. But I would hope that his friend gets some treatment. Have they not tried to sit down and stage an intervention with him?

PINSKY: Yes. And Tiffanie -- I`ll let Tiffanie and Cheryl ring in. First to you, Tiffanie, this guy is really chronic alcoholic with seven DUIs --


PINSKY: This is not someone who`s going to be -- I mean, it may be waiting for friends to get through to him. You know, you never know when you`re going to get through to an alcoholic, but it`s not going to fix his alcoholism in any way.

TIFFANIE DAVIS HENRY, PH.D., PSYCHOTHERAPIST: I would have to imagine that they have gone to him several times, and Tom -- I mean, he sounds like a great friend, and he`s trying to get to him in any way he possibly can. And so, I would imagine that he`s going to him several times in several different ways.

I mean, he`s like, you know what, this is like the last straw. I have to agree with Jillian in the last segment, I would have probably up the ante to handcuff him to the bed, maybe tell him his testicles caught on fire in the accident.


PINSKY: You guys are all on fire tonight. Cheryl, what`s your response, Cheryl?

CHERYL ARUTT, PSY.D., @CHERYLARUTT: Well, Tom`s friend has to be such a serious alcoholic that if the man wakes up ten years later and doesn`t wonder why he`s still drunk, OK? So, let`s think about that. You know, this is a really serious, serious problem. I think the guy was trying to reach people, but I really feel like there was a missed opportunity to really let this seven in, maybe building on Jillian said.

But I was this thinks of "It`s a Wonderful Life." I know it`s a whole other age group, but what might have happened over those ten years if he hadn`t been there to protect or take care of his daughter or did he kill somebody? This guy had an amazing lack of curiosity about what happened --

PINSKY: Well, but again, and to be fair guys, remember, in reality, he was just waking up from a big bender. He`s completely out of it. Danine, finish me up.

DANINE MANETTE, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR: Yes. Dr. Drew, I really think that they should have told him his daughter was killed in an accident and he wrapped her around a tree with a car, because I want him to like feel the pain, maybe of what these other parents feel and these other family members when they get that phone call and that news.

MABE: Yes.

MANETTE: And maybe if he can put himself in their shoes to have that empathy.

PINSKY: Tom, the critics agree.

MABE: We should have killed the kid.


PINSKY: You should have done less and should have done more. So, the critics completely agree. I`m just saying what you`ve got to get this poor man into treatment. Please do so -- my friend?

MABE: Thank you so much. I appreciate the time.

PINSKY: All right, guys. I hope you do that.

Next up, a 60-year-old man terrorized when college students target him in what was just a snow day snowball fight. It`s all caught on video. It gets pretty out of hand.

And later, Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus in the audience when I was announcing a band on Saturday night, she`s trying to boo me off the stage this weekend. I wasn`t singing. I wasn`t performing. I was just announcing a band. I`ll tell you more about that after this.


PINSKY: Back with Jenny, Samantha, Jillian and Danine. We have another disturbing video that has gone viral. What began as a friendly snowball fight reportedly organized by the University of Oregon`s football team turned ugly for an unsuspecting driver. Take a look here. Now, the students rush this vehicle. He drives sort of in the middle of a snowball fight. Then, ultimately, a container filled with snow is dumped onto the windshield.

The driver can`t go any further. He`s unable to sort of see and they stepped in front of the vehicle and continue pelting it. Eventually, the driver gets out of the vehicle and the snow is then thrown on him. He`s pretty cool as he gets out, but the driver is jeered, then he himself is then pelted with snowball. This driver, himself, is a 60-year-old former professor at the university.

He seemed to understand how to kind of manage kids. He`s kind of being cool. He is not pressing charge. Danine, do you think he should. I mean, is this the kind of mob mentality that we saw with the motorcyclists a while ago?

MANETTE: No. No. And you know, honestly, I`m less upset or disturbed about the behavior of the kids. And I`m more upset about the lack of respect. The obvious disrespect when an adult came out and checked them on their behavior and they were engaging him.

When we were kids, we played doorbell ditch. We had egg fights when we were seniors, and sometimes, adults were the collateral damage. But when we got caught, we apologized, we were contrite. We said we were sorry. These kids, it`s the lack of respect that bothers me.


PINSKY: Jenny, you disagree?

HUTT: Yes. I disagree wholeheartedly, Danine. Listen, I`ve been in a car, in a snowstorm. If all of a sudden there was a group of big kids surrounding the car pelting it, and then one takes a bucket of sand to make me lose my visibility, I would feel trapped and I would have called 911. The fact that he got out of the car surprised me. They scared me. Those kids --


MANETTE: I think it was kids being kids. I think it was kids being kids that just took it to another level that they shouldn`t have.

BARBERIE: I agree. I grew up in Canada. This is what we did. I mean, it`s just the whole -- I don`t agree with the mob mentality. You cannot equate it at all to what happened with those motorcyclists and with the baby in the car beating on that. But I will say that some of the university students did apologize.

They said, you know, this is not how we want to be represented. We`re really sorry about it. I just think we`re making a huge deal out of nothing. The guy wasn`t hurt. Everything is fine.

SCHACHER: But somebody could have gotten hurt, OK?

BARBERIE: But they didn`t.

SCHACHER: Well, hold on. But somebody could have, because here`s the thing, though. I mean, what snowball fights are supposed to be fun and it`s supposed to be consensual. This innocent bystander did not want to be a part of the game.


BARBERIE: We did this all the time when I grew up in Canada. This is what we did. We sat on hills and we pelted cars. I`m not saying it`s right, but it`s what we did.


SCHACHER: He`s elderly. And you know what, snowballs hurt. I`ve been tagged in the face. They hurt.

BARBERIE: They do. but I grew up in Canada. This is what they did for fun. We used to do it. You don`t --

SCHACHER: It doesn`t make it right.


BARBERIE: You don`t check to see the age of the driver. You`re not going, oh, that`s a 25-year-old --

SCHACHER: They saw him out of the car. They saw him out of the car and they continued --


BARBERIE (ph): That was the problem. They should have apologized at that point. They should have respected the fact it was an elderly man who didn`t appreciate it.

PINSKY: All right. We got to wrap it.

SCHACHER (ph): But as far as the kids having fun --

PINSKY: I want to see the video of Jillian and the Toronto mayor out there in a snowball fight.


PINSKY: I`m curious.

Reminder, you can find us on Instagram @DrDrewHLN.

Next up, Miley Cyrus not my biggest fan. I`ll explain what I`m talking about right after this.


PINSKY: We are back with Jenny, Samantha, Jillian, and Danine. Now, this last weekend on Saturday, I was at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. That`s the station I`ve been at for almost 30 years. "Love line" has been on that station for many, many years. This is in Los Angeles, and I received this tweet from @CarmedyJamie (ph).

She said, quote, "Sat by Miley Cyrus and watched her boo Dr. Drew." Not that I am her boo, actually booing me, "Why is she so mad at him?" Miley also apparently raspberried me and gave me thumbs down. And then I tweeted -- and you guys like this, particularly, Sam and Jillian.


BARBERIE: Did she stick her tongue out at you, Dr. Drew.


SCHACHER: -- raspberry is just funny in general is a thing about, the whole like -- thing.

PINSKY: And then I said, "weird." I`ve gone out of my way to come to her defense in the press. I`ve gone head-to-head with our "Behavior Bureau" to defend her. Yes. And Sam, you heard me talk about leave Miley alone --

SCHACHER: You have. You defend her even on my show. People are saying she`s spiraling out control. You`re the first to say no. I don`t get it, Dr. Drew. And I`ve been defending her. Now, this just might be the straw that breaks the camel`s back. I`m not defending her anymore.

PINSKY: I don`t think it`s -- I don`t feel any differently. Danine, what do you think?



MANETTE: No good deed goes unpunished.


MANETTE: It`s so true -- got up on stage. You should have got up there and started twerking and then she would have, you know, tweeted something differently. That would have been great.

PINSKY: That`s not going to happen.


PINSKY: Jenny, I think -- you know what I think it is? I think it`s the whole pot thing. I think people keep pinning on me that I`m some sort of anti-pot guy, which I am not and I`m sick of that. For 2014, I like people to please stop with that with me. If people want to make things legal, that`s what they need to do. Our system, I will deal with whatever the medical consequences are. What do you think, Jenny?

HUTT: Yes. I don`t think it`s that. I think she`s been misinformed. I actually think you`ve only defended her. You`ve only said she`s a presence of mind and you`ve only said that she`s a young adult testing boundaries and figuring out who she is. So, I think somebody is feeding her some misinformation. Surprise!

PINSKY: Jillian, is that you? You`ve been doing that --

BARBERIE: Oh, my God, no! I`m fascinated by the fact, because you have definitely come to her defense and where I questioned it, I was like I wonder if she is, and you said absolutely not. And I thought that`s a strange reaction from you --

PINSKY: No, because she`s not. Amanda Bynes was very, very sick girl who needed to be put on a conservatorship and treated for four months, held for months. And God bless her, one day, she, I hope, will be the poster child for how treatment works. She`ll be great. Britney Spears has --


PINSKY: But they had mental illness and they deserve to be treated and they got treatment. Their parents, both those sets of parents need like an award for stepping up and being responsible for their adult children. Miley`s parents do not have to do anything like that. And by the way, Miley is close to her parents. Her parents seem cool. Everyone`s cool. Miley`s doing some crazy stuff that`s working for her career. Jenny, what do you think?

HUTT: I just want to say one more thing that when Amanda Bynes said she didn`t like you, Dr. Drew, I didn`t like that she said that, but I understood where she was coming from, from a mentally -- someone with an issue.


PINSKY: That was an honor. What are you talking about?

SCHACHER: I want to be part of the ugly club.

PINSKY: That was me saying leave her alone, because she`ll get the treatment when the time comes. Lo and behold that what`s happened. She got the treatment when the times come, and her parents stepped up and got this girl some help. Miley will need no such treatment. But Miley, listen, let`s either take the gloves off and come on here.

Let`s have at it, whatever it is, but know that I harbor you no ill feelings and best to year parents and continue to have flourishing success in 2014.

Thank you guys. We`re going to take a quick break. "Last Call" is next.


PINSKY: It is time for the "Last Call" and what the call will be is a tweet. It`s from @TerriRoncone. She says, "Danine Manette, you are so right. that girl is a loser. I don`t get it, Dr. Drew. Quit being such a sap. Quit feeling sorry for Lindsey Lohan."

Jenny, I don`t know. I think that`s being a little harsh, don`t you?

HUTT: Well, also, I don`t see you as feeling sorry for her. I think you have compassion toward her, because she`s an addict.


HUTT: And addicts require some compassion. It`s an illness, and hopefully, she`s really trying to deal with her illness, but I`m not so sure.

PINSKY: Not so sure what?

HUTT: I`m not so sure she`s really dealing with it.

PINSKY: Well, we`ll see. Time will tell. Thanks -- thank you, Jenny. "What Would You Do" starts right now.