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Which is Better: Kimye`s Video or Its Parody?; Brett Eldredge to Appear in Macy`s Thanksgiving Parade; J.B. Smoove`s Turkey Cooking Tricks; Miley Cyrus Cat`s Conspiracy: Pushing the Envelope or Deeper Meaning?; Justin Bieber`s New Perfume Ad, Pretentious?; Kelly Clarkson Pregnant; Chef Richard Blais Talks Fitness; Sandra Bullock`s Inspiring Personality;

Aired November 26, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


JOHN QUINONES, ABC NEWS: Please join us next time for another edition of "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" on HLN.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right in the "Top Ten Countdown," Kimye spoof showdown. Yes, it`s a battle over Kanye`s now-infamous video, "Bound 2," with James Franco and Seth Rogen leading the charge.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR (singing): I`m falling in love.


KARDASHIAN: I`m falling in love.


HAMMER: OK. Did Seth and James just outdo Kimye?

Plus, Bieber`s super-creepy perfume ad. So the Biebs was shooting for romantic, but did he just land in creepy-town?

SBT starts right now.

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. We`re kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories with something we did see but couldn`t quite believe.


WEST (rapping): You remember where we first met? OK, I don`t remember where we first met. But...


HAMMER: I`m sorry for putting that image into your head. There it is. Seth Rogen and James Franco in a shot-by-shot recreation of the now- infamous...


WEST: Bam!

KARDASHIAN: I`m falling in love.

(speaking) Uh-huh, honey.


HAMMER: OK, I`m sorry I put that vision into your head. Kim and Kanye`s music video, set of course, to Kanye West`s "Bound 2."

Here is what`s really scary. We actually are pretty sure that Seth and James might have outdone Kim and Kanye. But you be the judge.

Here to help us judge, Raina Seitel, star of "City Girl Diaries," now out on DVD, and from Hollywood Jacqueline Wood, who`s the host of E!`s "Party On." It premieres on December 5. Congratulations on that, Jacqueline.


HAMMER: So we`re going to put the "Bound" videos head to head now. It`s a little something we`re calling Kimye versus Francrogan. Our first category is: Who looks better shirtless? Kim Kardashian or Seth Rogen? Let`s take a quick look.


WEST: Bam!

KARDASHIAN (singing): I`m falling in love.

(speaking): Uh-huh, honey.


HAMMER: Jacqueline, I`ve got to hand this off to you first. Better shirtless? Have at it. Just go ahead.

WOOD: All right. I mean, this is absolutely hysterical. I was dying when I saw this video.

But I have to give it to Kim K. She looks smoking. I mean, she just had her baby, what, a few months ago, if that. I mean, her body looks slamming. Although I do like the Seth Rogen hairy back thing. It`s kind of hot.

HAMMER: Oh, you do like it?

Let`s check with Raina. Now, I don`t think that anybody`s going to say -- and I like Seth Rogen a lot -- I don`t think anybody -- anybody is going to think his body is slamming.

RAINA SEITEL, STYLE NETWORK`S "CITY GIRL DIARIES": Well, you know what? He gets an "A" for effort in my opinion.


SEITEL: I say it goes to sass, rule 101 on this. I mean, Kim looks amazing. But we know she looks amazing. We`ve seen her butt. We`ve seen her naked. This is just way too much.

So Seth and James. Give it to them.

HAMMER: Pure unadulterated Seth here.

All right. Next in our "Bound" match-up videos, who has the best sexy face? Kim versus Seth? Oh, let`s have a look.

Jacqueline, I give that to Seth, hands down, no question.

WOOD: I`m going to give that to Seth, as well. His eyes are piercing. Looks right at you. He looks good. I love that they did it shot for shot. It`s pretty amazing.

HAMMER: I actually melted a little inside -- a little bit inside when Seth was staring at us like that.

WOOD: I like that.

HAMMER: Let me get to our final category. Because this is very, very important, and it could have ramifications that go on through decades. Who is the most convincing couple? Kimye or Francrogen? Raina, I actually think that Francrogen is kind of fun to say.

I wanted to go for Francorogen. I was voted down on that. Francrogen is the official collaboration, contamination of their names, whatever.

SEITEL: Yes. Contamination would be the key word. Yes.

No, I mean, you know what? Actually, I think Kim and Kanye look pretty hot in this. It`s a bit excessive. We don`t need to see them in the bedroom now. We`ve got it right there for us. But they look very good together.

James and Seth, I`m not so sure.

HAMMER: Well, here`s something that I came across from screenwriter Brian Lynch. He tweeted the suggestion that Seth and Franco -- Seth -- I`m forgetting the name.

SEITEL: Yes, it`s Francrogen.

HAMMER: Francrogen. To get them back, Kimye needs to remake the movie "Pineapple Express." We like that idea so much we whipped this up. What do you think? These two? Come on, Jacqueline. Are you down with this new film?

WOOD: They need to do that. That`s what they need to do. That would be such a smart move. And look, you know, Seth Rogen and James Franco, 6,000 -- 600,000 hits in, what, one day.


WOOD: That`s just insane.

HAMMER: And more, now that people are seeing it here, and they`re going to want to see as much of it as humanly possible.

SEITEL: But maybe we should swap: do Kanye and Seth, and Kim and James. Swap it up, mix it up a little bit.

HAMMER: All right. There is more Kanye, I have to tell you. That takes us to No. 9 in our countdown. Kanye gets called out about that music video.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let`s talk about the "Bound 2" video.

D.J. CHARLEMAGNE, MORNING RADIO HOST, POWER 105.1`s "THE BREAKFAST CLUB": That is a terrible video. And you know that. You`re not going to see -- you look at the "Bound 2" video. You got to explain that video to us a little bit.

WEST: The thing is I ain`t got a problem with looking stupid. I ain`t got a problem...

D.J. CHARLEMAGNE: I know you`re really -- That`s how I know Kanye West still exists within you.

WEST: I don`t have a problem with making mistakes in front of people.


HAMMER: Kanye not looking all that happy during his visit to Power 105.1`s "The Breakfast Club."

He really endured, I thought, a pretty terrific grilling by D.J. Charlemagne about his album, about his ego, about his outbursts. It sounded, though, Raina, like he was kind of admitting, yes, the video -- stupid mistake.

SEITEL: Well, it`s good that he can actually admit a mistake. This is a first, so this is breaking news.

HAMMER: Is that how we know he`s a genius?

SEITEL: Yes, right. You know what? I think that you have to be humble about it. The way that Kim, going back to the last thing we talked about, sort of tweeted at Seth that it was funny. And, you know, I think you have to kind of look within -- even Kanye West, of all people -- and say I`ve admitted to -- you know, I`m not perfect.

HAMMER: I`ll tell you why it surprised me. And Jacqueline, I`m curious if you agree with me. I actually thought that, as strange as the video is to us, Kanye know exactly what he was doing, and it wasn`t a bad move in his mind. But it kind of sounds like he`s copping to the idea that it was a bad move.

WOOD: You know, I was shocked when I watched the interview. But again, you do have -- Raina`s right; you do have to be humble. And I like that he did admit, hey, he knew what he was doing, and he put something out there. People are -- you know, they`re going to judge. And he got to -- you got to go with the flow. So -- but at the end of the day, you have to be humble.

HAMMER: But how will he be if somebody insults his music? Because in the same interview, Kanye was also told to his face that his album, "Yeezus," is whack. Watch.


D.J. CHARLEMAGNE: Do you not like the reception "Yeezus" has gotten? I -- that`s what -- I didn`t like the album at all. And I was a Kanye West fan. "Yeezus" was whack to me.

WEST: Yes, that`s great. That`s great. So what are you saying?


HAMMER: No. 1, I`m surprised that he sat there to his fact and said, "I thought your album was whack." But No. 2, I was actually pretty surprised Kanye completely kept his cool, at least on the outside.

SEITEL: I don`t know. Maybe he thought he was kidding. I don`t know. Something was lost in translation there. But he did keep his cool. But I think that he just didn`t understand how could someone be insulting his album.

HAMMER: Yes. Right in front of him in an interview where he`s going to promote, inevitably, his album.

Not only did Kanye have to listen to insults about his album and his video. He also had to endure a takedown of his public persona. I was actually really happy to see Charlemagne telling it like it is to Kanye. Watch this.


D.J. CHARLEMAGNE: I don`t understand why everything is so much about money and stuff to you now.

WEST: Because you need product. You need to own something to have a voice at this point. Because I`m telling you...

D.J. CHARLEMAGNE: You`ve already got -- you don`t need to own something. You have a voice. You got on stage and used -- said "don`t care about black and blues," you were using your voice. You don`t need money (ph) to have a voice.

WEST: I can use my voice, but what happens if y`all don`t buy no other albums? Then my voice, people are going to say, he`s like Arsenio Hall, and he was turning up too much, and now you`re fired. But when you`ve got money, ain`t nobody fire you.

D.J. CHARLEMAGNE: You know what make me buy your album? The great music you produce. You know what makes me not buy your albums? This new narcissistic, egotistical personality you got. That`s what turns me off. I`m not going to the show. I don`t want him around. I don`t want to buy his records.


HAMMER: Narcissistic, egotistical. Wow. Jacqueline, what do you think?

WOOD: Wow.

HAMMER: Watching Kanye, he was squirming there a bit, or at least seething, I believe.

WOOD: You know, well, someone finally said it to his face. Yes, I`m a big Kanye West fan but, you know, a lot of people have been talking about it and, hey, we`re all in the industry. He`s in the industry. You`ve got to roll with the punches.

And, yes, you know, Kanye West, he says things. He is honest and, you know, someone called him out. And I`m -- you know, I`m impressed again he kept it calm.

HAMMER: I actually wonder if anybody has ever said that right to his face just like that: "It turns us off when you act this way and makes us not want to show up at your shows."

SEITEL: Well, I have to say, Charlemagne is the next Barbara Walters and the next Oprah. I mean, sign him up immediately. He`s really hitting home with these questions, with his -- with his, you know, with his honesty at Kanye. I think I`m rather impressed.

HAMMER: Yes, he`s been here.

SEITEL: He has a new fan in me.

HAMMER: Well, and I believe he was making Kanye cry, at least inside.

Jacqueline, Raina, thank you both so much.

Here is something that might be even bigger than Kanye`s ego, if it`s possible. I`m talking about Miley Cyrus`s cat.


MILEY CYRUS, SINGER (singing): I never wanted to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. I never should have let you in.


HAMMER: It`s massive. It`s digital. It cries tears of diamonds. Even sticks out its tongue, just like Miley Cyrus. Yes, the computer space cat has really taken on a life of its own since that duet with Miley at the American Music Awards. But what the heck inspired it? Well, we may just have the answer.

Plus, look at Justin Bieber`s brand-new short film for his new perfume at Macy`s.




HAMMER: OK. The quick rundown here. Justin brings a wedding cake to a girl`s hotel. Then he frolics with two other girls through the same hotel. Is it pure Biebs romance, or just seriously creepy, as a lot of people are saying? Does Justin have the key to the No. 1 spot on our countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our "Top Ten Countdown." We are now at No. 8. A country music star`s Thanksgiving wish come true, and he is right here to tell us all about it.


BRETT ELDREDGE, COUNTRY SINGER (singing): Girl, I got to get to know you, know you. Everything about you makes me want you, want you. You know what you`re doing, baby, don`t you, don`t you?


HAMMER: Yes. Brett Eldredge was already having a huge year. His song, "Don`t Ya," hit No. 1 in August. His very first chart-topping single. He was just nominated for New Artist of the Year at the CMA Awards. He toured with Taylor Swift, and -- are you ready -- he was named one of "People`s" hot guys in the country edition.

But now, Brett gets to live out a lifelong fantasy. He`s going to be in the Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It is great to have you here. What a totally festive week.

ELDREDGE: Wow. What a year. I never even looked at the bullet points like that.

HAMMER: When you hear it all at once like that. And going back to earlier in the year, when you were touring with Taylor Swift, which has to have been amazing, what was sort of the best part of that whole experience for you?

ELDREDGE: Oh, man, that`s the best part. Taylor is so down-to-earth. Like, the first night I was about to go onstage. A little nervous. This was my first arena tour. And she comes up, and she gives me this big hug and says, "Oh, my God. Thank you so much for coming on tour with me."

I was like, "Are you kidding me?"

HAMMER: Right, right.

ELDREDGE: "This is a huge opportunity." And she`s just so sweet and so down-to-earth. And the way she connected with her fans. I mean, she`s so honest. She talks about her heartbreaks in these songs. And she tells the true stories, and she`s not afraid of that. and I learned so much from her through that, and how much her friends love her for that. And so she -- I can`t say enough great things about Taylor Swift.

HAMMER: Well, you`re kind of kindred spirits in that way. Because you write songs about things that really happen to you. Your big hit, "Don`t Ya," about a woman that you saw but you didn`t actually get to even meet. It`s a real experience.

ELDREDGE: Yes. It was -- I saw a girl out in the crowd playing a festival. And the whole band and I, because we`re used to playing these songs over and over. We start talking onstage, like "Did you see that beautiful girl in the crowd?" She`s, like, flipping her hair, and she`s doing all this stuff that we`re all, like, "What`s going on here?" And that girl was stuck in my mind for, like, weeks. And I got back to Nashville and wrote a song about it.

HAMMER: Maybe Taylor Swift should start writing songs about strangers, too.


HAMMER: I`m thinking perhaps a little less grief.


HAMMER: Go ahead.

ELDREDGE: Go ahead.

HAMMER: No, no, you go ahead.

ELDREDGE: I want to -- I would love to be in a Taylor Swift song. I mean, come.

HAMMER: Yes. I guess it wouldn`t be such a bad thing.

ELDREDGE: No, that`s fine.

HAMMER: But that usually means the relationship has ended.

ELDREDGE: Yes, you`re right.

HAMMER: But that`s not necessarily...

ELDREDGE: She sings about love, too.

HAMMER: But look at you, man. In the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We all grow up watching this thing. I`m sure you watched it at home, too. And you just created quite a stir, by the way, I understand, at Macy`s Herald Square. You posted on your Instagram. What happened? Do we have that? Can we take a look at that?

ELDREDGE: Oh, yes. Let`s take a look at that.



ELDREDGE: You guys are looking good over there.


HAMMER: All right. I mean, this is nothing compared to the crowds you`re going to be in the middle of. By the way...


HAMMER: ... it`s a good thing you`re not part of a balloon or something. You may not be flying.

ELDREDGE: It`s going to be a little windy, I hear.


ELDREDGE: Well, last night I literally went to the warm-up rehearsal thing. I had no idea that people would come just to watch that. And people are going crazy screaming, and fans are out there watching you just practice and get ready for this whole thing.

I mean, this is a serious deal. I grew up watching this -- watching the parade every year and getting up really early. And this time I actually get up early to work, and this is not really work.

HAMMER: Don`t mess it up.

ELDREDGE: I won`t. I won`t mess up.

HAMMER: Just stand on the float and wave. And dress warmly.

Great to meet you, Brett. Great having you here.

ELDREDGE: Great to be here. Enjoy the show.

HAMMER: And you can check out Brett Eldredge on the Domino`s sugar float in the Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade. His latest album is "Bring You Back."

All right. We are getting to the bottom of how the American Music Awards` biggest star, Miley`s cat, came to be.


CYRUS (singing): I never meant to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. I never should have let you in.


HAMMER: It`s burned in our minds. Miley Cyrus singing a digital duet with that wacky giant feline while it cried tears of diamonds. Well, now the world is in love with Miley`s cat. But exactly what was it all about? Well, we may have cracked the secret kitty message.

But will the cat crack our top five or will the entertainer of the year do that? Sandra Bullock just named the year`s top entertainer by "Entertainment Weekly" magazine. Now that Sandra is on top of her professional life, is her love life also about to blow up? Will Sandra be No. 1 on our countdown?

Now what the SHOWBIZ staff is buzzing about right now.

The biggest band on the planet, One Direction, just dropped its brand-new album, "Midnight Memories." I`m telling you, if it is possible for the lads to get any bigger, this album will make that happen.

Well, we have found the perfect holiday gift. "The Smurfs 2" out on Blu- Ray and DVD on December 3.

If you happen to have a gamer in the family -- quite frankly, who doesn`t - - you`ve got to grab Super Mario 3-D World. It is the best Mario game in years.

Steely detective Alex Cross is back in James Patterson`s brand-new thriller, "Cross My Heart." He is facing his greatest challenge yet.

And I can`t wait till somebody buys this for me. Please. "The Ultimate Breaking Bad" collection, now out on Blu-Ray. They have cooked up 16 disks of pure "Breaking Bad" pleasure.


BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: If you want this -- say the words! Say you want this!



HAMMER: Welcome back to our SBT countdown of must-see, must-share stories.

No. 7, celebrity dysfunction just in time for Thanksgiving. I mean, after all, what would the holidays be without a little bit of family dysfunction served right along with your turkey, right?

Well, we just went one-on-one with one of the stars of the upcoming movie, "August: Osage County." It is a movie that is all about just how crazy families can be.

The great Julia Roberts tells SBT how she manages to avoid those awkward blowups that so many families experience around the holidays.


JULIA ROBERTS, ACTRESS: I think the craziness normally comes out of your original family, you know, moms, dad, brother, sisters, that kind of thing. And I really stick pretty close to my husband and my kids.

But I guess my sister and her husband, my mom, it`s -- we`ve figured it out now. So we don`t have too many explosive situations. I think it comes from people discovering who they are and really being responsible for themselves.


HAMMER: I look forward to the explosive moments, throwing mashed potatoes around.

Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 6. Some really hilarious celebrity advice on making the perfect bird. Now that you know how to avoid holiday family dysfunction, we have got the star advice you need for the ideal holiday meal.

J.B. Smoove from the hit TV CBS sit-com "The Millers" is revealing how to make your turkey a proud part of the family this Thanksgiving. Trust me: if you follow J.B.`s hilarious rules, you will not have to dial the Butterball emergency help line this year.


GRAPHIC: Step 3: Test the weight of the turkey before you put the oil in.

J.B. SMOOVE, ACTOR: First, you put water in a big pan and make sure that the weight of the turkey matches. So you put the -- you put the turkey in the water, and the water is going to rise up to a certain level. That`s what people are going to do. They put in the oil but don`t test the weight of the turkey.

GRAPHIC: Step 4: Cook to a golden brown.

SMOOVE: A little lighter than my own complexion. That`s how I gauge it. I hold the turkey up to my own arm and make sure that we`re about the same complexion. I like a turkey with a tan.

GRAPHIC: Step 5: Prop up your turkey.

SMOOVE: I still prop him up nice so he`s part of the family. You understand? If you lay him down, it`s like -- it`s like going to see someone sick in the hospital. He`s not sick. He`s part of your family now. He`s your turkey.

GRAPHIC: Step 6: Add garnish.

SMOOVE: You know, put some fruit or something underneath him so he`s comfortable; he sits up and shows how golden brown you made him by deep frying him.

GRAPHIC: Step 7: Presentation.

SMOOVE: You tuck the wings back behind his back. So it`s like this, really. You understand? So he`s laying like this, right, and his legs are tied together. Because you don`t want the legs wide open. Because it kind of throws people off: Wow, what is going on here with this turkey? Why are his legs wide open?

So you tie his legs together and you tuck his arm, tuck the chicken wing part, just the wing part. You tuck the wings under and back and up high as possible.

GRAPHIC: Step 8: Enjoy.


HAMMER: We`re all set. J.B. making some seriously smooth moves this Thanksgiving. But is Justin Bieber making all the wrong moves in his new perfume ad?




HAMMER: The Biebs, trying to show his new perfume with a bit of old- fashioned romance. But is his brand-new ad more creepy than sultry? Will Justin`s controversial perfume ad beat out Kelly Clarkson`s bombshell baby confession?

What will be No. 1? This is SBT.


HAMMER: Right now, the "Top Ten Countdown." Miley`s great cat conspiracy. So how the heck did Miley Cyrus dream up her unique duet with a giant crying space cat? Was it a secret shout-out to her ex, Liam Hemsworth? Or something even more strange?

Justin Bieber`s walk on the weird side.




HAMMER: His new perfume ad is supposed to be romantic, but instead, you know, a lot of people are saying it`s just so wrong. "SBT" continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. We`re now up to number five on our countdown of today`s top ten must-see, must-share stories. And the big number five, Miley`s big kitty conspiracy. Yes, we`re going there. Miley`s massive crying, lip synching cat for her American Music Award performance has really taken on quite a life of its own. The cat duet has sparked some pretty out of these world online conspiracies. I`m talking about stuff that would probably make UFOs in Roswell seem completely normal. So, let us begin with Miley cat conspiracy number one. There is one report that claims Miley was inspired by keyboard cat and the videos of keyboard cats she used to watch with her ex Liam Hemsworth. Apparently, Miley was especially inspired by this particular spoof of her own naked wrecking ball video.


MILEY CYRUS (singing): Don`t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you.

I came in like a wrecking ball I never hit so hard in love. All I wanted was to break your walls all you ever did was ...


HAMMER: I`m told that no cats were harmed in the making of that video. With me in New York, Raina Seitel, she is the cast member on the reality show "City Girl Diaries". What are you going to say?

RAINA SEITEL, CAST MEMBER, "CITY GIRL DIARIES": I can watch that over and over again.


SEITEL: And it`s very funny.

HAMMER: But what do you think, the chances are that this was actually some kind of a shoutout to Liam Hemsworth, fun memories of their bittersweet romance, and I don`t know ...

SEITEL: Watching the video.


HAMMER: Is that at all plausible?

SEITEL: I actually do think it is plausible.

HAMMER: Really?

SEITEL: I think. I do, I do. I think that Miley is always pushing the envelope allowing us then to talk about her the next day.


SEITEL: We`re here doing that. But, if I was to be critical, and I like Miley. But I think she should - the song is so intense and it`s a great song and that was the great video, the original.

HAMMER: Right.

SEITEL: If I was her I would have come on stage and done it really straight.


SEITEL: Instead, I sort of thought that she was not really not doing herself a service ...


SEITEL: By kind of making fun of the whole thing. But she is so serious and then there is the cat in the background. It was just odd.

HAMMER: It won`t let - and exactly, if she had come out and done it straight and sort of done an homage to the original video, we would have been sitting around saying what was she doing?

SEITEL: No, we would still be talking about it.

HAMMER: No, no. Well, we would surely be talking about it. Yeah. By the way, we had our entire team researching all this - all day long.

SEITEL: I like the cat conspiracy.

HAMMER: I want to know ...

SEITEL: Yeah, the alliteration. That`s very good.

HAMMER: Let`s move on to Miley cat conspiracy number two. Number two. It`s Miley`s secret slam on Ariana Grande. Like this is coming from somebody wrote - They went very deep for this theory. Miley was dissing Ariana Grande who plays cat on the Disney show "Victorious" lip synching cat. Get it? Well, let me see if Jacqueline Wood gets it. She`s in Hollywood, the host of the great new show on E! called "Party On." I can`t wait to see its debut on December 5th. Jacqueline, are you buying that this was just an elaborate Ariana dis?

JACQUELINE WOOD, HOST E!`S "PARTY ON": I haven`t heard the Ariana dis. I have heard, you know, the cat on the YouTube and this could be a shoutout to her fans. Miley Cyrus is smart. She knows what she`s doing. And, you know, once again she got us all talking. Yeah, it would have been great if she went on stage and just sang the song. But either way, you know, people would have loved it or they would have hated it.

HAMMER: Yeah, well, there is another great theory. That our researchers went deep for. It`s Miley cat conspiracy number three. Number three. The space kitty was simply an adorable cat screensaver from 1988 or 1998. Did they have screensaver in 1988?


HAMMER: I don`t know. I was ten.

SEITEL: Right.

HAMMER: That`s not true. Do you have a theory of your own that could possibly top that?

SEITEL: I actually think that she is just pushing the envelope once again. And I do think that there is some credibility to the first theory. The other two, the viewer, thank you for thinking of that. That was very clever. The whole Ariana connection, but I don`t think that`s right. I think she is pushing the envelope making us talk again and perhaps really, saying to her ex, look at me.


SEITEL: Remember the times when?

HAMMER: Well, well maybe. I actually have a theory, Jacqueline tell me if you`re with me on this, I think the cat was sending subliminal message saying go pour yourself another cocktail. Because I kept getting up from the couch and making another drink.


WOOD: You know, I`m a huge animal lover. When I saw that I absolutely died. I`m a sucker for a cute little kitten. And then it was crying diamonds. So, yeah, I might have needed a cocktail at that moment.



HAMMER: But let`s make no mistake about it. Miley is probably the most powerful female music star on the planet right now.

SEITEL: I think she is very smart. I think she is calculated, she is very smart. She knows what she is doing and she is making us talk. Therefore, yes, I agree.

HAMMER: And again, making me want to run - Jay, are there cocktails around here? It`s almost a holiday. I mean come on, let`s get with it.

SEITEL: Just using cat as an apology.

HAMMER: Cat as an apology. All right. Let`s just move on.

Coming in at number four, on our countdown, the smell of the Bieb`s. Oh, yes. Justin Bieber is now smelling and selling perfume in a brand new commercial for his new fragrance. It`s called "The Key."




HAMMER: Oh, the drama. The dramatic piano music. Jacqueline, I think this perfume should be called playa. I mean he is seeing three different women in this movie - perfume movie here.

WOODS: You know, I think this is one where it`s like - everyone -- he has such a huge girl following. That`s their thing. They dream about Justin Bieber. I think, you know, that back when I was a teenager and who I was a fan of it`s like I have dreams about Justin Timberlake all the time. So, I get where he is coming from. The creepy music, though, it could turn into a horror flick.

HAMMER: Remember the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"? That maybe an obscure reference over - that`s kind of what it reminds me of. All right.

WOOD: Yes.

HAMMER: But listen, the thing is I`m also hypnotized by this, almost as much as the cat. Justin seen in the video using his key to get into all these different hotel rooms of these lovely young ladies. Let`s watch some more.




HAMMER: You know, I`m watching this. He is running around with all these lovely women. I actually wondered if he went into the story board meeting when they were making this thing and said I want to take a little jab at Selina and make her jealous.

SEITEL: I don`t think so. But what I do think, is actually - this is sending the wrong message to girls and boys out there. I know I sound super conservative. But I just don`t think Bieber`s promiscuity is going to sell any perfume. I could be wrong. They all might want the perfume to it -- a guy like Bieber. They wear this and they attract a guy like Bieber. Like what is the point of this? And they call it "a short film." That in and of itself is offensive.


HAMMER: Well, that`s possibly true. But it reminds me of another something I would more properly call "a short film". It`s another perfume ad that you might remember starring the great Brad Pitt. Do you remember this Chanel ad?


BRAD PITT: It`s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over.


HAMMER: It`s so unfair. I actually heard people in my ear laughing in our control room while that was playing.

But seriously, Jacqueline, which ad to you is more ridiculous? Justin`s or Brad`s? I actually think - it`s - and I love you, Brad. But it`s a pretty even competition here.

WOOD: You know, it`s tough because Justin Bieber has - you know, it`s a little story. I have to say, you know, in his commercial. Brad is just standing there talking to the camera. And let`s be honest I`m absolutely OK with that.


WOOD: So I may -- Justin Bieber`s is -- is fun, but I like - obviously, I`ve got to love Brad Pitt.

HAMMER: Well, and the Justin Bieber spot, you know, it`s intentional. This is how they wanted it to be. The first time we all saw the Brad thing, honestly, our reaction was he`s kidding, right?

SEITEL: Or how much did he get paid to do this?

WOOD: Yes.

SEITEL: It`s sort of like show me the money.


SEITEL: I`m sure he was paid a ....

HAMMER: Let me tell you - when I asked him about it, I said well, how do you feel? Everybody is kind of goofing on your ad. He said, hey, fair play, man. In other words, I don`t care.

SEITEL: Yeah. And he probably would poke fun on it himself too.

HAMMER: Sure, he will.

SEITEL: He just seems like that kind of a guy.

HAMMER: Great having you here. Jacqueline, great having you here as well. And make sure you check out Jacqueline`s new show, "Party On" on E! about to make its debut. And as we move on, you are about to find out why Kelly Clarkson a little peeved at the world right now.


KELLY CLARKSON: I don`t know why they call it morning sickness. That`s my big joke right now. Because it`s all day and all night.


HAMMER: Oh, Kelly`s pregnancy`s secret. Singer telling all about the early days of her pregnancy and it`s actually why she decided to reveal the big news so early.

Plus, Sandra Bullock is named the year`s top entertainer by "Entertainment Weekly" magazine. Obviously, a huge honor, but does Sandra have some romance news that can possibly trump that?

We`re down to the top three on our count down. What`s going to take the stop spot? This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our top ten countdown. So, we are getting closer to the top spot with number three. Kelly Clarkson`s handed new baby confession. Kelly Clarkson recently announced her pregnancy just weeks after she announced that she had secretly got married. Now that Kelly`s baby news is no secret, she`s letting it all hang out. Kelly just revealed on the "Today" show why she felt forced to tell the world about her baby to be and she explains why morning sickness doesn`t exactly describe her situation. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re feeling good?



CLARKSON: I`m in the morning - I don`t know why they call it morning sickness, that`s my big joke right now, because it`s like all day and all night, but year, I`m super excited about being pregnant. So, I`m just looking forward to the second trimester.


CLARKSON: They say it`s better, so we`re trying to wait to the end of my first trimester because you`re supposed to, I get.


CLARKSON: Because you`re left like do I have a miscarriage, but everybody kept - you know talking about it, and I had to cancel something because I`ve been so ill, so I didn`t want people to think I was canceling it I`m lazy.


CLARKSON: We just told people.


HAMMER: I know it sounds cliche, but she is actually glowing. I do feel bad that she felt forced to reveal a pregnancy perhaps earlier than she wanted, but she is hoping that she feels better soon and has a very healthy pregnancy.

All right, our must see, must share countdown heats up now with number two. Secrets to help you literally cook your ass off. Starting this Sunday, celebrity chef Richard Blais hosts a great new show here on HLN. It`s called "Cook Your Ass Off." And it combines what your love about cooking competition shows and gives it a healthy spin. Richard Blais is not just chewing the fat when it comes to helping you live and healthy lifestyle. No, no, he lost a whopping 60 pounds after his own long battle with his weight. Richard just revealed his emotional journey to You`ve got to get a look at this.


RICHARD BLAIS, CELEBRITY CHEF: Growing up, I sort of was a yo-yo with my weight. I would gain and lose, then when I found my career path and when I became a chef I just really lost control.

This guy right here ten years ago, I was living the lifestyle of a hard- working chef. I was tasting food, eating food all day long. Working 16-17 hour days. Then getting off of work and enjoying myself. Having dinner at midnight. Enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and doing that every day. And that sort of my passion for my industry really ended up leading to weight gain of like 50 or 60 pounds for me. My aha! moment and I think it`s a familiar story to people who are struggling with their weight was just one day I looked in the mirror. And I was just like who is this guy? And you know, I don`t know if I could see my toes if I looked down. Like it was like that. I said you know what I`m to do, I`m going to throw in some shorts. Because in high school I played three shorts a year, active guy, and I went out to run that same day and I could barely run a half a mile.

It helped that my wife at the time it wasn`t my wife, but I was courting her. I love the word "courting" because no one uses it anymore. And she would just leave me in the dust. She would just run. And that`s the type of person she is She is super competitive, she is an athlete and she`d like - see you later, she`d run two miles. I would be sucking wind behind her. But I eventually ran after my wife and caught her and proposed to her at the end of my first race. So, if you want to go get that girl, what you`ve got to do - is you have to run, you`ve got to run a little bit, you`ve got to cook healthy food. So that`s how I did it.

(on camera): Five miles in somewhere in Brooklyn, USA.

(voice over): You know, do something that you really love that doesn`t feel like you`re working. I think that`s the key. When I am cooking I don`t feel like I have a job. I just cook because I love to do it. When I run, I just do it because I love to do it. So, you`ve got to find that fitness activity that you love so much, that it doesn`t feel like you are going out of your way to do a job.

I say this, if you`re watching this, you can do it. I did it. I was 60 pounds heavier. I was totally inactive. I ate all day long. All you have to do is really want it. I hate to say you have to will it, but if you want to do it, you can do it, you can do it by being more healthy. You can do it by moving your body and you can do it - well, you can cook your ass off. That`s how you can do it.


HAMMER: Love the concept of this show and it comes from the creators of "Chopped." All starts this Sunday, all new HLN. So "Cook Your Ass Off" with Richard Blais is at 7:00 P.M., then 8 P.M., "New York Times" bestselling author Tim Ferriss teaches you how to master almost everything. It`s Tim Ferriss experiment. 8:30 is when we have to dose with Dr. Billy. It`s up wait on HLN.

Well, as you`ve seen it, there`s been some pretty fierce competition on our "SBT" countdown. But only than one story can come out on top. What will it be? The big reveal is next. This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: All right, here we go. The big reveal of number one on our top ten countdown. Who is the entertainer of the year? Sandra Bullock just got that title, Entertainment Weekly". And look at this, how stunning does she look on the cover of this week`s issue of "Entertainment Weekly." Think about this - she is 49, she`s an Oscar winner and she really is the gift that keeps on giving - doing everything from comedy in "The Heat" earlier this year opposite to Melissa McCarthy to her incredible dramatic role opposite George Clooney in "Gravity."



GEORGE CLOONEY: Over. Houston, Dr. Stone!


CLOONEY: You need to focus.

BULLOCK: Spinning. Can`t breathe.


HAMMER: She always looks so put together on the red carpet. Look at that! Let me bring back Raina Seitel who is an entertainment journalist and a cast member for "City Girl Diaries". I think EW totally got it right this year - the range she showed between these two movies I mentioned. And just the fact that she is Sandra and so cool.

SEITEL: That she is sandy.


SEITEL: Right? America loves Sandy. I do too. I think they got it completely right. She looks smoking as you said on the cover and I`m going to give you a little pun here.


SEITEL: but she happens to be very down to earth. Get it?

HAMMER: Yeah. I`ll let you have that one.

SEITEL: But you know what, in Hollywood, so much have the Hollywood seen is filled with ego, and she is somebody who I`ve interviewed, you`ve interviewed.


SEITEL: Who is really, really, down to earth humble, nice? She has this amazing little kid. She is a mom. She is 49.

HAMMER: And look at the B.S. that she`s had to put up with in her life. She doesn`t have time for it, which makes her so cook. And we adore her sense of humor. Her costar George Clooney joked that he had a dirty habit of drunk dialing - she had a dirty habit of drunk dialing him every morning at 3:00 A.M. Here is what - he told "Entertainment Weekly," "she calls every night, three in the morning, drunk, hey, George, what are you doing? Non-stop, and then I just send her a bottle of tequila." So, of course, Sandra responded to that and she said "I`m still embarrassed for him, because I think he is showing his vulnerable side. It`s a booty call! Drunk dialing is what it is, George! I just need an hour of your time." Back to Jacqueline Wood, the host of E!`s "Party On," which premieres December 5. Jacqueline, I know they`re joking, but I was trying to think about them as a couple. What do you think?

WOOD: I could see that. I could see that. I love Sandra Bullock. I think she has, you know, an immense likability factor. She is funny, she`s down to earth, she`s real, she`s gracious. I can go on and on about her. And the one thing I love is that she`s able to make fun of herself. She gets back up and she keeps on going. And you know what? I think they could be a cute couple.


WOOD: She is a strong woman. I`d like that.

HAMMER: For some reason I don`t know and no disrespect to either one of them I don`t think she is quite his type.

WOOD: Why do you say that, A.J.?

HAMMER: I don`t know. It`s just ...

SEITEL: What do you mean? She has a great set of legs.

HAMMER: No, no, no. Again, nothing against her. But if you look at the history of the women he has been with there`s something different going on.

SEITEL: You know, maybe she is a bit more serious. Like it seems like George is, you know, in it for a couple months, maybe ...

SK: Right.

SEITEL: But Sandra seems to be sort of the type that wants a mate forever.

HAMMER: She does. And when she`s ready for it, what I love and she talked about this and the fact that her son Louis is her entire life right now. And he is three and he is about to be four and she says, this is all I need. If I find that`s something is missing then I go looking for that something. And that is your point is again - that humility and just her being so real.

SEITEL: Absolutely. I mean she has this precious little guy and that was - and, you know, she went through a tough time with Jesse James, of course.


SEITEL: We will know that. So, this little kid, and I have a son, he is her whole life and that if very real. For every mom out there we know exactly what she is talking about.

HAMMER: Sandra Bullock. All right. Raina and Jacqueline, thank you both so much. Be sure to check our Jacqueline`s new show "Party On" on E! Our SBT "Moment of Awesomeness" is just moments away. You definitely don`t want to miss this. The hockey player who`s hoping to be responsible for the next dance craze. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: It`s time for our "Moment of Awesomeness."




HAMMER: Yes, it`s dancing on ice. Hockey fans were treated to Adrian Alvarstein`s fantastic moves after a recent game. Alvarstein is a player with Narvik Hockey, and he couldn`t help but celebrate their big win in a very special way.




HAMMER: Pretty tough to do when you are wearing all that stuff. The song that he was dancing to is "Trumpsta" by an Australian house D.J. Pretty cool dance move. Nice going, man. Well, that is it for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching. And catch us live, 6 P.M. Eastern and 11 P.M. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.