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Adam Levine Named Sexiest Man Alive; Stephanie Leigh Schlund Shares Backstage Insight into `Catching Fire`; Behind the Scenes at `Revenge`; Fergie Helps Children around the World; Creative Motorcycle Ads Take New Look at `Sexy`; Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield Star in New Foot Locker Ad

Aired November 20, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


JOHN QUINONES, ABC NEWS; I`m John Quinones with ABC News. Please join us next time for another edition of "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" on HLN.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on the "Top Ten Countdown," SBT is on location at one of TV`s biggest thrillers, "Revenge."


HAMMER: I`m at the Stowaway on the set of one of my favorite shows, "Revenge" on ABC. Behind-the-scene secrets are coming to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: It is one of the most addictive shows on TV. No spoilers here, but I guarantee that I will reveal some show secrets that have been dying to know about.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Finally, we can reach (ph) greatness at Foot Locker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can get the most kicks. It feels like all is right with the world.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, Mr. Rodman, round trip to North Korea?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s never coming back.


HAMMER: Dennis Rodman staying in North Korea? Could it be? Mike Tyson giving back Evander Holyfield`s bitten ear? It is the new Foot Locker ad that shows us the hilarious alternate universe that, quite frankly, we want to live in.

SBT starts right now.

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co- host tonight, Natasha Curry, who anchors "WEEKEND EXPRESS" here on HLN.


NATASHA CURRY, CO-HOST: What`s up, A.J.? Let`s kick off our "Top Ten Countdown" with today`s must-see, must-share stories with a tale of two voices. At No. 10, the dramatic contrast today for two of the judges on "The Voice."

Adam Levine, of course, being named "People" magazine`s Sexiest Man Alive as CeeLo Green appeared in court on a felony drug charge, accused of giving a woman Ecstasy, which he denies, A.J.

HAMMER: We are going to have, Natasha, what happened in court in just a few moments. But first we`ve to get things moving like Jagger.




HAMMER: The moves, the tats, the voice. Adam Levine just crowned "People" magazine`s Sexiest Man Alive for 2013. And it has set off a great debate. Is he really the Sexiest Man Alive?

Well, entertainment journalist Maggie Furlong is with me from Hollywood. So let`s talk here, Maggie, because Adam, of course, the first rock star ever to get this honor of being on the cover. You know Maroon 5 is hotter than ever. "The Voice" is doing great. And as "People" magazine points out, Adam`s into yoga, and he loves to be naked. Does all that do it for you?

MAGGIE FURLONG, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: It does it for a lot of ladies. I`m not going to like to you, A.J. And men.

I feel like, you know, the yoga, yes. "The Voice," yes. The singing, yes, absolutely. But he just booked his first movie role; he just got engaged. Adam Levine is kind of on fire this year.

And I thought the big reveal last night on "The Voice," when Carson Daly pulled it out of his jacket pocket and surprised him, he seemed genuinely surprised, even with all the buzz saying he probably was going to get it. He seemed shocked, and I think that`s pretty sweet.

HAMMER: Yes, I think people love that kind of humility. Let`s watch what happened when it was announced last night on "The Voice" that he was the Sexiest Man Alive.


CARSON DALY, HOST, NBC`S "THE VOICE": Congratulations. You are "People" magazine`s Sexiest Man Alive, sir. Congratulations.


HAMMER: Yes, I love this. He knew that it was happening, yet he blushed any way. I mean, it`s all about the humility.

Natasha, Adam the Sexiest Man Alive for you, except of course for your husband?

CURRY: Yes. It`s hard to beat a hot hunky firefighter, of course, but yes. He`s a handsome guy. The tats don`t hurt, especially when he has his hair messy. I think that`s when he`s the sexiest. And, of course, shirtless. Who doesn`t want a guy shirtless?

HAMMER: Well, there was certainly a hot debate over whether him shirtless was better than some other stars shirtless. And I found the perfect spot to go to here in New York City. Because it really captures "People`s" really diverse opinions on this very important matter. I`m talking about the so-called crossroads of the world. It`s Times Square. I had to go there this afternoon to find out exactly what people think of this decision.


HAMMER: What is the single most sexy thing about Adam Levine, in your mind?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s his eyes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s got compelling eyes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s "it." He has "it."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, yes. Every time I see his picture I`m like oh, yes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Chris Hemsworth`s way sexier.


HAMMER: Bruno beats Adam?


HAMMER: In every category?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Channing Tatum is pretty sexy.

HAMMER: You`re from Toronto?


HAMMER: So -- so if your mayor was up for Sexiest Man Alive, I mean, he beats Adam Levine?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nothing sexy going on. Nothing sexy, ever.


HAMMER: There`s always next year for the mayor of Toronto. Right?

But Maggie, back to Adam Levine, in all seriousness, for a moment. Not everybody is on board. Do you kind of get why some people feel he`s not that sexy?

FURLONG: Well, you know, you were kind of fooled by his "Voice" shtick last night. You said he felt very humble and, like, he was sort of still blushing.

He`s anything but humble, actually. He`s kind of really cocky and says everything he ever really thinks in his mind and is sort of unfiltered in that way. So yes, I think it`s kind of a controversial pick. Everybody has their favorites.

But I think it really is "The Voice." Being in people`s homes three nights a week...


FURLONG: ... got him that title.

HAMMER: Let me show you just for a moment what I saw up on a billboard in Times Square, if we can just roll that out really quickly, Charles, because I was very surprised. What? What`s happening there? This was actually in Times Square today. I have no idea what kind of mistake somebody made there today. OK.

As we move on a much different day for Adam`s fellow judge on "The Voice," CeeLo Green. In Los Angeles, CeeLo is dealing with felony drug charges filed against him after a woman claimed he gave her Ecstasy. How much trouble is he in right now after the court hearing? The latest developments on that are coming up, Natasha.

CURRY: All right, A.J. And that brings us to No. 9 on our countdown. "Hunger Games" mania. "Catching Fire" opened Friday, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund, who plays Cashmere in "Catching Fire" really wowed us in gorgeous white on the red carpet at the movie`s premiere in Hollywood. And she joins me right now.

Thanks for being with us, Stephanie. Oh, my goodness. You`re gorgeous.


CURRY: I know this has been quite a whirlwind for you, especially this week; sort of wild with your film premiere. And we`ve been checking you out on Twitter. I love that you shared photos of yourself getting all glammed up...


CURRY: ... for the red carpet. What was that like?

SCHLUND: Well, it`s funny. Everyone, you know, is so sweet, and they pay the most compliments. But I look nothing like that. I`m going to keep it real and show everyone the process.

CURRY: Well, we`ve been talking about -- just thinking of gorgeous, we`ve been talking about Adam Levine, you know, being named Sexiest Man Alive.


CURRY: And of course, a lot of people think that your co-star, Liam Hemsworth, should have gotten it. I know you guys were in "The Last Song" together, of course. Are you kind of miffed that he didn`t get Sexiest Man Alive?

SCHLUND: Well, you know, there`s a lot more that goes into it than the naked eye sees. So I stand behind "People" and their choice.

CURRY: Yes, yes. But he is gorgeous.

SCHLUND: He`s a good contender.

CURRY: Yes, definitely so. And of course, Liam, who plays Gale, who`s the best friend of Jennifer Lawrence, who`s Catniss, who`s your character`s competitor. Right?

SCHLUND: Yes. My nemesis.

CURRY: So a very physical role. And I know that you must have gone through some really tough training. Tell us about that.

SCHLUND: We -- I had a trainer prior to ever even entering the training process. And then once I entered the training process, we had four months of training, and then training throughout filming, as well. So I had about eight to nine months of training.

CURRY: What was that like? I mean, a lot of people get a personal trainer. You look amazing, which you already do. But to fight. Have you ever been in a real fight in your life before?

SCHLUND: Well, I have a little sister. So I mean, beating up on a younger sister kind of breaks you in.

No, no. I`m not a physical person at all. But it definitely got me into shape. And it brought me the skills that I needed to know. It was like a huge defense class.

CURRY: I bet it was fun. And "Hunger Games" fans are no joke. I know they probably ask you a ton of funny questions. What`s the craziest one you`ve heard?

SCHLUND: Somebody started an online tweeting phrase of what my favorite toenail polish was. We`re just going go with this. You know. Ballerina Slippers.

CURRY: Like they have, like, foot fetishes too. Crazy.

SCHLUND: Oh, my gosh, yes.

CURRY: You`ll never get a nice plate (ph), right?


CURRY: And you`ve been on "The Price is Right" as a model. Oh, my goodness.


CURRY: What a cool past that you`ve had. I don`t know if you knew this, but A.J. Hammer, we`ll show you first some video of you working it there on "The Price is Right." But A.J...

HAMMER: Yes. Yes.

CURRY: ... why don`t you reveal your secret for her?

HAMMER: Stephanie, first of all, it`s very nice to meet you. How are you? Congratulations on the movie opening this week.

SCHLUND: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: Look at what`s going on here. Are you looking at your monitor?

SCHLUND: Yes, yes.

HAMMER: OK, take a look.

CURRY: He was a guest model.

HAMMER: Look at this. That`s me. I just got to do this. I was out there at CBS, Television City. And I was out there with Drew Carey. This is going to air in January. Take a good look, because I need to know how I did.

SCHLUND: I think you nailed it.

ANNOUNCER: You`ve got to put it in your brand new car! It`s the 2014 Ford Focus SE. This five-door hatchback comes with a 2.0-liter engine, remote keyless entry, cruise control, plus six-speed automatic transmission and rear carpet floor mats. It`s the Ford Focus.


HAMMER: yes. I mean, come on. I did the big gestures, just like they said I should.

SCHLUND: Yes, you did. No, I think you nailed it. And you know what`s funny? Those doors are not as easy to shut as everyone -- it appears to be, I should say.

CURRY: With the car, he got that, though. A.J.

SCHLUND: Yes. Wax on, wax off.

HAMMER: Actually, it was a lot of work, so I give you a lot of credit. It`s harder than it looks.

Stephanie, thanks again for being with us. And congratulations again on the film.

SCHLUND: No problem. Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: And make sure you catch Stephanie as Cashmere in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." It opens up on Friday. I think everybody`s going out to see it.

Well, a great wrong in sports history has finally been made right. Mike Tyson returns Evander Holyfield`s ear after famously chomping it off in a fight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Man, I can finally reach the greatness at Foot Locker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All week of the most premium kicks. Feels like all is right with the world.



HAMMER: Just genius. It`s a new Foot Locker ad that is sure to take a bite out of TV history.

Speaking of TV that you just can`t look away from, SBT is on location at one of my favorite shows, "Revenge."


HAMMER: I`m at the Stowaway on the set of one of my favorite shows, "Revenge" on ABC. Behind-the-scene secrets are coming to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: From the show`s Montoff (ph) bar to the beach, you are just going to be blown away, just like I was, with all of the secrets of how they make a Los Angeles sound stage look so much like New York`s very tony Hamptons.

But which must-see, must-share TV gem could possibly be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to the "Top Ten Countdown." We are now up to No. 8, and it`s Rich. Very Rich.

John Rich, of course, is one-half of the wildly successful country duo Big and Rich. And he also won "Celebrity Apprentice" back in 2011.

Well, now he is back on TV. He`s got his very own special, which is debuting Monday on TV Guide Network. It`s called "Rich at Night." It is one heck of a musical party coming to you from John Rich`s Nashville home. Mount Richmore, I guess, is the name of this thing. How appropriate is that? John joins me to get this party started.

JOHN RICH, COUNTRY MUSIC STAR: You love that name, right?

HAMMER: It`s perfect. I love it.

RICH: I couldn`t resist the spin, the pun on that.

HAMMER: Great play on words. How do you feel?

RICH: I feel great.

HAMMER: OK. Are you relaxed?

RICH: I`m relaxed.

HAMMER: You`re not too tired?

RICH: I`m feeling pretty good.

HAMMER: OK, because I get a little concerned when I -- I just learned how you begin your day.

RICH: How is that?

HAMMER: Well, I happened to catch you on "The Today Show" with Hoda and Kathie Lee yesterday.

RICH: Well... We`re just following suit with the ladies.

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD, CO-HOST, "THE TODAY SHOW": We usually doing drink this kind of thing.


RICH: My uptown girlfriends here.

GIFFORD: Can I get those Pringles things back?


HAMMER: OK. Now You haven`t been drinking since then?

RICH: No. I didn`t want to offend the ladies. Those are real cocktails they have going every morning.

HAMMER, Yes, they are. Well, I apologize. I know you`re a big fan of crown. But we can`t drink here onset. The boss`s office is right over there. We got you something.

RICH: There you go.

HAMMER: Can we offer you this? That`s the best we can do.

RICH: That`s the holiday spirit, right there. Yes, man, absolutely.

HAMMER: Speaking of booze, I`m very excited about your special on TVGN, "Rich at Night."

RICH: Yes.

HAMMER: Not just because it`s you hosting this kind of great hybrid of a show. But you do it from a bar that happens to be in your home. Can we take a look?

RICH: Yes. I like to say I have a home that happens to be in a bar.

HAMMER: And you`ll understand that when you see this. Roll it up.




HAMMER: OK, back it up a second. That`s in your house?

RICH: Yes. It`s pretty obscene, huh? It`s like over-the-top.

HAMMER: Dude, you`re living my dream.

RICH: For a guy -- for a guy who grew up in a double-wide trailer in Amarillo, Texas, and then, you know, you get to live in a place like that, because all these years the fans have supported me and given me such a great career. I said, "Man, I`m just going to build a big crazy house and invite everybody over."

HAMMER: Before you knew how you were going to have your success, though, did you sort of dream as a kid, "One day I`ll have a nice little bar set up in whatever home I have"?

RICH: No, I never thought that ever. Because my dad is a charismatic preacher, and that was not anything that was anywhere in my thinking whatsoever. But you know, times change.

And the great thing about "Rich at Night," man this is middle America entertainment. We`ve got East Coast. We`ve got West Coast. And Nashville, Man. I mean, you`ve seen it. You`ve seen how big country music has gotten and the culture of that. And so to bring something out of Nashville, right at America, right at the people who work hard and play harder, that`s what this is about.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s neat to see. And I have to tell you, as a guy who wants like a man cave...

RICH: You should be a guest is what I`m trying to tell you.

HAMMER: I`ll come on that. I would love to get back to Nashville. Obviously, one of my favorite towns, one of the great music towns in this country.

So while Nashville is your home now, and you`ve lived there for a while, you are a Texan.

RICH: I am.

HAMMER: What does your home state mean to you?

RICH: Well, you know, Texas a culture into itself. And, you know, I miss it. But we tour a lot. Big and Rich, we did 65, 70 concerts this year. So we get through Texas enough to where I get my -- I get my fix.

I was looking for some great Mexican food today in New York and actually found a place, Dos Caminos. Is that the name of it?

HAMMER: Absolutely.

RICH: It was pretty close, yes.

So you know, I`m that Texas-Tennessee connection. I`m kind of like the Alamo.

HAMMER: Right.

RICH: I`m like -- I`m both, you know? They`re two great places and great cultures. And to see how big it`s all gotten across America, to have a show that kind of represents that is awesome.

HAMMER: I`m glad you`re in New York right now to tell us about the show. Can`t wait to see it. John, congratulations.

RICH: ... right now A.J. Appreciate it.

HAMMER: I`m going to take you up on that invite.

RICH: You bet.

HAMMER: Make sure you catch John`s special, "Rich at Night." It debuts Monday on TVGN.

We`ve got to move onto CeeLo Green`s drug charge drama. The coach on "The Voice" is facing the music about allegedly drugging a young woman. Could that just be the tip of the iceberg?

Plus, strike a pose. Flipping the script on sexy motorcycle ads. Look at these guys. They trade their biker gear for hot pants. Tonight, we`re talking to the guys behind these brilliant ads for Ducati Motorcycles. I`ve got to find out why they did it.

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues right now with No. 7. It is Teresa and Joe Giudice`s pile of legal troubles getting bigger.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How are you guys doing today?

HAMMER (voice-over): SBT was right there as the stars of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" pleaded not guilty to two more fraud charges in a New Jersey court, on top of 39 other counts of previously filed charges.

Danny Cevallos joins me right now. He`s a CNN legal analyst.

So here`s the deal, Danny. If they`re found guilty on even one of these charges, that could mean some serious prison time for them?

It could. The statutory max is up to 30 years. But that`s not really going to happen.

CEVALLOS: More likely this judge would use the sentencing guidelines to arrive at a more fair result. They don`t have an extensive prior history. But make no mistake about it: If you`re going to get in trouble you do not want the federal government, you don`t want the Department of Justice breathing down your neck.


CEVALLOS: When they make a case, it usually stays made.

HAMMER: Are they piling stuff on? And they`re piling stuff on, are they just doing it for the sake of doing it?

CEVALLOS: As a criminal defense attorney, I have I have a view about that, but this is classic federal prosecution 101. You see some 49 counts and then they keep adding a couple more, a couple more. That requires a new arraignment. You have to bring everybody back for a new arraignment, and the case keeps going and going and.

HAMMER: They can`t help when they make it a plot line on their show. This is what aired during one of the "Real Housewives" specials last month. Look at this.


TERESA GIUDICE, REALITY TV STAR: There`s a lot of nights that I cry myself to sleep. I mean, I`m worried for my family. You know, I know my husband is an amazing man. I really don`t know why it`s happening to us. All I`m trying to do is be strong.

I know people knock me down for being strong, but if I fall apart the rest of my family are going to fall apart. I just put a smile on my face every day and I don`t want them to feel any pain.


HAMMER: OK. If you were representing these guys, would you for a moment allow them to go on television and do anything like this and say, "Hey, I don`t know why this is happening to me"?

CEVALLOS: It`s astounding to me the wake of evidence that we all leave nowadays. And we seem to be OK with it. We tweet things. We say things on air. And that`s all something that can find its way into a transcript and be used as evidence against him.

Not the wisest idea to be spouting off on that..

HAMMER: Seems like bad news. Well, there`s another big star who`s in trouble. At No. 6 on our countdown, CeeLo Green just in court on a drug charge on the very same day his colleague from "The Voice," Adam Levine, was named Sexiest Man Alive. Two very different stories going on here.

Now CeeLo is accused of slipping Ecstasy into the drink of a woman that he was with. CeeLo has pleaded not guilty. Whatever happened between him and the woman, he says, consensual. Seems like a really bad mess. Prosecutors are planning to introduce potentially damaging details of what allegedly happened, according to TMZ. Is this the kind of case where maybe he should plea it out and get out?

CEVALLOS: I actually think this is a defensible case. Here`s why. He`s essentially charged with furnishing a drug. It doesn`t matter if he bought it or sold it. Doesn`t matter if the money changed hands. He`s charged with handing a drug over.

But we have no seizure analysis. No one has ever seized or analyzed any drugs in a laboratory. Also, we don`t have any toxicology screens from the victim. So defensible case to me.

HAMMER: All right. We`ll wait and see if he takes that approach. Thanks very much, Danny.

Moving on now to one of the hot TV thrillers that keeps us on the edge of our seat every week. I`m on location at "Revenge."


HAMMER: I`m at the Stowaway on the set of one of my favorite shows, "Revenge" on ABC. Behind-the-scene secrets are coming to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Trust me, if you`re a fan like me, you`ll love the show even more after you see what I`ve uncovered.

Plus, you got a problem with Justin Bieber`s party hopping, graffiti writing, paparazzi fighting behavior? He`s got something for you. A big fat f bomb in his explosive interview. We`re halfway there. Will Justin possibly top our countdown? Wait and find out.

This is SBT on HLN.



HAMMER: I`m at the Stowaway on the set of one of my favorite shows, "Revenge" on ABC. Behind-the-scene secrets are coming to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Right now, the Top Ten Countdown. SBT on location at one of TV`s biggest thrillers. Can you believe how amazingly real the set of the hit crime show "Revenge" looks? It is all on a sound stage in Manhattan Beach, California. But I`m on the set and I`m revealing how they make it look just like the Hamptons in New York.

Plus, did you ever think you`d see the day when Mike Tyson gave Evander Holyfield back his ear back?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Man, it`s finally the week of greatness at Foot Locker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A whole week of the most premium kicks? It feels like all is right with the world.

TYSON: I`m sorry Evander. It`s your ear.


HAMMER: Mike Tyson`s hilarious peace offering to the guy whose ear he bit off in the ring. We`re revealing the brand-new viral ad that just may be one of the best commercials ever. SBT continues right now.

Welcome. Thanks a lot for tuning in. I`m A.J. Hammer, along with my guest co-host tonight, Natasha Curry, who anchors "WEEKEND EXPRESS" here on HLN .

CURRY: Hey, A.J. We`re now at No. 5 on our "Top Ten Countdown" of the must-see, must-share stories of the day.

Getting revenge.

HAMMER: This was so much fun for me. All this week I`m on location of TV`s biggest thrillers. And right now, I am bringing you the secrets of ABC`s huge hit show, "Revenge."

I got a remarkable look at how they turn this California set into a location on the other side of the country, where the rich and famous go to play: the Hamptons in New York.


HAMMER (voice-over): I`m on the set of one of my all-time favorite shows, ABC`s "Revenge." The suspense drama about the Hamptons. But we`re not really in the Hamptons. We`re on this sound stage in Manhattan Beach, California, about 30 minutes from L.A.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Good evening, Emily.

HAMMER: Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne, a manipulative sociopath who changes her identity and moves back to her childhood beach home in the Hamptons to seek, yes, revenge for her father`s demise.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`ve only known her a few short months.

HAMMER: Madeleine Stowe is Victoria Grayson, who Emily is out to destroy. The Grayson family framed Emily`s father, and he later died in prison.

MADELEINE STOWE, ACTRESS: The time has run out for such frivolity. Your wedding is tomorrow. And the game is over. I wash my hands of it.

HAMMER: The end of the scene is my cue to meet Madeline. I love in New York, spend time in the Hamptons and can`t wait to get her take.

(on camera): It`s an amazing show. And one of the great things about this show is that it really captures the allure of the Hamptons.

STOWE: You`re from there?

HAMMER: I do spend a lot of time out there.

STOWE: You know, I`ve never been, and I -- I can`t imagine that people like this actually exist. I mean, this is such a heightened reality.

HAMMER: It may be a bit heightened. Victoria would never allow me in her manor. Those aren`t the people I associate with.

STOWE: She wouldn`t speak like that, either.

You feel the need to drop by unannounced.

HAMMER: Yes, she would had said, "A.J., you`re really not welcome here." You`d be going to therapy now.

STOWE: What on earth possessed you to think you could enter our gates and sit down at my table?

HAMMER: This is why we love Victoria.

(voice-over): My next stop, from the Hamptons to Montauk, Long Island. Now in real life, it`s around 40 miles away. But we`re really just going to the other side of the sound stage.

A waterfront bar in Montauk is where the show`s regular folks hang out. A place where I would feel much more at home.

(on camera): All right. So it looks like a sound stage, but this is actually where the set for the Stowaway is. One of the great locations in the show "Revenge." They built the entire restaurant and bar here on this stage with such incredible details, down to the menu.

You come behind the bar, there`s this terrific picture of Jack with Amanda and the baby and lemons and limes, although they aren`t real. Bottles of liquor. Even behind the bar, they have the ketchup and the mustard.

I did, of course, try to see if there was beer in the taps. No luck here. But there`s a full wine rack and maybe one less bottle by the time I`m through.

You`ve got the pool table. You`ve got the jukebox. And all we need some patrons. This is actually a place that I would hang out and eat. The menu`s pretty good.

(voice-over): The attention to detail really floored me. There were even real prices on the menu.

And then, my visit got even better.

JOSH BOWMAN, ACTOR: Thank you for coming to the Stowaway.

HAMMER (on camera): I`m trying to get service.

BOWMAN: It`s terrible.

HAMMER: The place is empty when you need them.

(voice-over): The talented Josh Bowman joins me at the bar. Now, Josh is a British actor who does a fantastic job playing Victoria`s son, Daniel Grayson. Emily is engaged to Daniel, part of her plot to ruin his family.

(on camera): First of all, I`m hearing you now speak in your regular accent, which is something that must throw people quite a bit.

BOWMAN: I guess. Probably. Just because I speak American on the show.

This might sound crazy.

HAMMER: Being somebody who spends a lot of time in Long Island and New York, it`s a terrific accent.

BOWMAN: Thank you.

HAMMER: Was it vocal coaching involved?

BOWMAN: I had -- I did have a small bit of coaching when I lived in New York about four years ago. And then I just had to take it home and, I mean, just work on it.

Create a new life for myself for that money. Or out of my mind completely.

I slip up every now and then, but I try and reign it in.

HAMMER (voice-over): Josh didn`t seem to be having any trouble to me. And next I got to watch him film a very intimate scene.

EMILY VANCAMP, ACTRESS: The next time you see me I`ll be walking the aisle in white.

HAMMER: When shooting starts it`s shockingly quiet. The actors speak in whispers.

VANCAMP: What`s wrong?

BOWMAN: I keep wondering why you`re not bringing it up.

HAMMER: And the crew gets everything they need in just a few takes.


HAMMER: Cut now to my very fun and revealing chat with the show`s leading lady, Emily VanCamp.

(on camera): I`m actually hanging out on Emily`s porch. One of the things we often see Emily/Amanda peering out, gazing at the ocean from her oceanfront estate here in the Hamptons or in Manhattan Beach on a soundstage. But what`s amazing is you`re never looking at the ocean. I actually didn`t even realize it, that it wasn`t an exterior shot. Can we take a look here at what we see?

VANCAMP: This is what I get to look at.

HAMMER: There`s actually usually a green screen there. You`ve got the dunes. Are they just images?

VANCAMP: I don`t have much to see down here, depending on what we`re shooting.

HAMMER: You never know and then your neighbor just mysteriously pops in from I don`t know where.

VANCAMP: Yes, 25 people roaming around here with me while I`m trying to, you know, stare at the ocean. It`s definitely not the most intimate experience here, even though we`re often shooting very intimate scenes.

HAMMER: One of the things that`s so fascinating, particularly as a fan of the show, is we`re rooting for Amanda. We`re rooting for her.

VANCAMP: That`s the goal.

HAMMER: Really, if you step back and she`s basically a psychopath.


HAMMER: I mean, really. Why do people root for this anti-hero the way that they do? They want her to seek revenge. We shouldn`t...

VANCAMP: I mean, it`s like most comic book heroes. They`re flawed, and yet they have some kind of purpose that people identify with. You know, and she`s doing awful things, but she`s doing them to awful people.

It`s amazing to me that there aren`t more people coming up to me saying, "Why are you doing that? How could do this?" They are completely and fully invested in her insanity. But I`m grateful for it, because that`s when I started the show, is my No. 1 goal. If I can keep people rooting for this character, I`m doing my job.

HAMMER (voice-over): And clearly, viewers are invested in the show, which for the stars, is the ultimate revenge.


HAMMER: I`ve got to thank everybody at "Revenge," Natasha. It was such a treat for me to be there.

CURRY: It looks like so much fun. What about the make-out scene when you were standing there watching? Was it awkward? Do they, like, talk between, you know?

HAMMER: You know, it`s just -- it`s a controlled environment. There are a lot of people around. Everybody is quiet.

All right. Well, there are still more thrills on the set of TV`s biggest thrillers to bring to you. On Thursday I am going to be on the set of TNT`s "Major Crimes." What a great show. And I learned the secrets of how they make the crimes seem so real.

And now, we have some proof that everything may be suddenly right in the world.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s finally the week of greatness at Foot Locker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A whole week of the most premium kicks. Feels like all is right with the world.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, Mr. Rodman, round trip to North Korea?

RODMAN: One way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s never coming back.


HAMMER: Dennis Rodman staying in North Korea? I mean, come on. Mike Tyson giving Evander Holyfield his ear back? This is the new viral ad for Foot Locker that shows us the world how we`d like it to be.

Plus, arched backs, pouted lips, sultry stares. Pretty much the standard for sexy motorcycle ads, right? But is it just as sexy when you add hairy backs and farmer tans? These brilliant ads for Ducati Motorcycles definitely put a new twist on sexy. Well, the guys behind these ads are right here. They`re going to reveal the real story behind the sensational campaign.



FERGIE, SINGER: We`d already come up with the name "Jack" after my uncle who had passed. And he was Morrison, Army, Axl. Axl Jack. That`s it, Axl Jack. You know what I mean?


HAMMER: Fergie just spoke with SHOWBIZ about her adorable new baby boy. She revealed how she and her husband, Josh Duhamel, came up with that super cool name, Axl Jack.

Well, now Mama Fergie is on a mission to help kids around the world as part of Universal Children`s Day. That`s right; the day is all about making the world a better place for kids. And her new mission to do that is No. 4 on our countdown.

She`s helping to make sure that two million kids around the world are living in a sustainable way, getting safe drinking water and meals at school. Seems so basic.

Well, SBT just went one-on-one with Fergie. And you`ve got to hear how she teamed up with Unilever`s Project Sunlight to pull off such an amazing project.


FERGIE: When I look at my son, it`s just -- I want to help children everywhere. I think that every mother can relate with that. And just helping the planet. You know, for our children, and our children`s children. I mean, Unilever`s Project Sunlight is all about sustainability. It`s about helping the planet: how can we do little things every day to conserve and live sustainably?

And we`re kicking it off today on Children`s Day, Universal Children`s Day, by helping two million children. Giving them school meals, clean safe drinking water, hygiene through UNICEF. Teaching them hygiene, giving them hand washing facilities. Things that, you know, every child should have.


HAMMER: She was so motivated to do that, just because she had her own kid. You can find out more about Fergie`s project at

Thursday we`re going to speak with Fergie about how her husband Josh Duhamel is already an amazing dad. Plus, she reveals how she`s dealing with shedding the post-baby pounds. SBT one-on-one with Fergie in a must- see interview.

Now on SBT, it is "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame." This takes us to No. 3 on our countdown tonight, and I am pretty sure you will not be able to take your eyes off of this. One hot woman and one hot motorcycle. We`ve seen that before. Right?

Well, this ad was created by a motorcycle dealership in Portland, Oregon, to show off the new Ducati bike. But that`s not what earned the shop its 15 minutes of fame. It is this. The general manager of the dealer`s shop came up with a brilliant new take on hot bodies on hot rods, using men from the shop, and the photos have gone absolutely viral.

Arun Sharma is the general manager of MotoCorsa in Portland, Oregon. He and his senior Ducati master technician, A.J. Ralston, joined me earlier to tell me how all this came about.


HAMMER: Arun, you just have to tell me right off the top here. Where in the world did you get the idea to replace the, you know, hot woman with the guy in the motorcycle ad?

ARUN SHARMA, GENERAL MANAGER, MOTOCORSA: You know, anybody who knows me knows that these ideas don`t make any sense, and they don`t come out of anywhere traditional. It`s one of those -- one of those things that pops in your head and you say, "You know, we`ve totally got to do this."

HAMMER: That was it, huh? There was no other motivation? Nobody said, "You should try this"? You thought of it all on your own.

SHARMA: The reality was me and some friends were talking about old college days, and back in college we had a party we went to once a year where we actually -- guys dressed as girls, girls dressed as guys, and I went to a party fully in a dress on a motorcycle. And a couple days later, the initial photo shoot came out. And just through conversation I said, you know, "We`ve got to do that. We`ve got to do the exact same thing; only recruit all the guys from the shop to join us in the parade."

HAMMER: All right. Let`s see that shot of A.J. now. A.J., pretty fantastic here that you were able to do this ad and pose in the shot. If we can take a look at one of the ones A.J. was in. When you were approached to do this, did you think that the crew here trying to have you do these things, did you think everybody was just nuts?

A.J. RALSTON, DUCATI TECHNICIAN, MOTOCORSA: Well, of course, it was nuts, but that`s what made it grand. Everybody accepted doing it. And thought it was going to be fun and entertaining. And it was. We really had no idea how fun and entertaining it would be, really.

HAMMER: It looks like you got some exercise, though. I mean, how difficult was that pose? I couldn`t do that.

RALSTON: It was a lot more difficult than it looks like. It was also a hot August afternoon in a warehouse with not a whole lot of ventilation. I was slipping off the tank, slipping off the seat. Sweat everywhere. It was -- it was amazing I didn`t fall off.

SHARMA: It was not a pretty sight.

HAMMER: No. I imagine you probably have some pretty good outtake shots from that shoot. Arun, of course, not to be outdone by your own staff, I understand you also posed beside the Ducati. And let`s yes, you wear the heels well, my friend. Very nice look on you.

SHARMA: I`ve been told I`ve got good legs.

HAMMER: Arun, what was the reaction from the women in your shop who, perhaps, maybe don`t like seeing women objectified in motorcycle ads as much as they have been in history?

SHARMA: They loved it. They were the ones that helped out at the shoot. They were there hanging out. The whole crew, including all the women from the shop were there the day we did the photographs. And, you know, they probably laughed most of all.

What`s funny is now that these photos have gone full viral, it`s really interesting the comments that the women have made, and making it something that is really a point to stand out against justification of women in advertising, which honestly wasn`t our original intent. But now that we`ve heard enough times, it really does make a lot of sense.

And one of the things we noticed was that when you ask a woman to do these same poses on a motorcycle, it seems completely normal and natural, bend your hips. When we had to do it, it was ridiculous. When you asked us to do the exact same poses, we realized just how absurd that is.


SHARMA: So it was a pretty good eye opener for us.

HAMMER: Well, good. I actually think that sends a great message, and hopefully, people will stop objectifying women in ads like that.

I need a quick yes or no, Arun. Have Ducati sales went up since these pictures went viral?

SHARMA: Through the roof.

HAMMER: OK. They keep moving out the door. All right, guys. Well, great fun to have you here, Arun and A.J. I appreciate you both being here.


HAMMER: Stay right where you are, because you have got to see the amazing story that grabs the No. 1 spot.

This is SBT on HLN.


CURRY: Are you ready? We`re now at No. 2 on the "Top Ten Countdown" right now. Justin Bieber`s big "S" bomb. The Biebs just told "The Hollywood Reporter" that he doesn`t give a bleep. Oh, yes. Bieber just said he`s sick and tired of people getting on his case for living like a bad boy rock star, and he`s going to continue doing whatever he wants.

In fact, he told the magazine, "I don`t give a football about what they say. I know who I am and what I`m doing with my life and what I`ve accomplished as a performer. I`m happy with the man I`m becoming."

So there you have it. He told it like it was, or like it is. Bieber is doing Bieber and he doesn`t give a bleep, A.J.

HAMMER: I`ll have a conversation with him in about 20 years so he can reflect on this time in his life and how he felt.

We`re down to No. 1 now. It`s our big reveal on our "Top Ten Countdown" of must-see, must-share stories. It is Mike Tyson, absolutely stealing the show when he return Evander Holyfield`s ear in a new Foot Locker ad.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Man, it`s finally the week of greatness at Foot Locker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A whole week of the most premium kicks. Feels like all is right with the world.

TYSON: I`m sorry, Evander. It`s your ear.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s great. But a man`s got to know when to walk away.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, Mr. Rodman, round trip to North Korea?

RODMAN: One way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s never coming back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Things just feel different.


HAMMER: How great it is to see Tyson and Holyfield together? Can you believe it? It`s so, so terrific that they pulled this off. It`s been more than a decade now since Tyson actually chomped off a chunk of Holyfield`s ear, a cringe-worth moment, for sure, that was heard around the world.

Well, entertainment journalist Hyla is with me from Hollywood. I have to tell you, Hyla, I want to meet the guy and shake the hand of the person who decided to put Tyson and Holyfield together like this.

HYLA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Yes, this is a great commercial. But you may be surprised to know that they`ve actually been friends for a while now. I think Oprah brought them togethera couple years ago. And since then, they have really gone out of their way to support each other. On Mike Tyson`s show, he, Mike Tyson, he surprised Evander with one of his hot sauce things when he was doing it at a grocery store. And Mike even said himself that "We support each other. That`s what we do." And you`re seeing that here in this Foot Locker commercial.

HAMMER: And I think Foot Locker completely hit it out of the park. Honorable mention to Dennis Rodman who, I guess, is being shipped off to North Korea and not returning. But my favorite part, Tyson, while hugging Holyfield, you see him sort of bare his teeth. It was perfect.

Hyla, thanks for being here.

All right. Get ready to cook your ass off. We`re going on location and behind-the-scenes at the amazing new HLN show where chefs compete to change the way you eat. This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Well now, we are here to help you cook your ass off.

CURRY: Thank you.

HAMMER: I`m not kidding. And Natasha, well, you just went behind-the- scenes with HLN`s Richard Blais for his incredible new show. It`s all about healthy cooking, right?

CURRY: Yes. I mean, he`s an amazing guy. He`s an amazing chef and the host of HLN`s great new show, "Cook Your Ass Off." And here`s the deal, A.J. Chefs compete to change the way we all eat for the better. And they`re spinning unhealthy dishes into nutritious eats, cooking their asses off and showing you how to do it, too. Look.


RICHARD BLAIS, CHEF/HOST, "COOK YOUR ASS OFF": I`m Richard Blais, host of "Cook Your Ass Off." You might know me from winning some other reality cooking shows. I`m a chef, a restaurateur and author, a marathoner, but most importantly, a dad and a husband. And I used to be really fat. I`ve lost, like, 60 pounds, probably one of the reasons why I`m hosting this show.

CURRY: You`ve got an incredible personal story. Talk about that.

BLAIS: I was a fat kid once. I`ve lost 60 pounds over the last seven years or so. Probably even a little bit more than that. And I was a working chef. So we work all day long. We taste our food. Then we get off of work. We go and drink half a bottle of wine. We have a whole pizza or two. So I`ve gone through that.

CURRY: And you don`t work it off later.

BLAIS: Yes. Three months later, you`re 60 pounds heavier than you were. So I`ve had to fight. I`ve had to eat better. I`ve had to exercise. So not only have I been in the chef shoes...

Less than 60 minutes. You know you`ve been here before.

... I`ve also been in our panelists` shoes or our guests every episode.

CURRY: And I`m sure your family appreciates that, too.

BLAIS: Yes, I have two kids and I have a wife. And we cook healthy at home. And I think that`s the other side of this. When you`re a parent, like I am, you want to cook for your family and for your kids and for your loved ones in a different way. And I think a lot of viewers will find inspiration in the food that`s being cooked here.


HAMMER: How much fun. "Cook Your Ass Off" is part of a whole new Sunday night here on HLN, beginning December 1. "Cook" is one of three brand-new shows with an entertaining twist to having a healthier life. At 8 p.m. it`s "The Tim Ferriss Experiment," "New York Times" best-selling author Tim Ferriss teaching you how to master almost anything. And at 8:30, it`s "The Dose with Dr. Billy." A new twist on what ails us with a dose of laughter.

It`s an all-new Sunday night on HLN. And it`s all going to fire up December 1 at 7 p.m. It`s Upwave here on HLN.

Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch SBT live Monday through Thursday at 6 p.m. Eastern and 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tonight, the crack mayor and the cocaine congressman doing drugs. Should they be doing time?

And George Zimmerman. Is he headed down the O.J. Simpson road to ruin?