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"Survivor" Aids Relief Effort; Alec Baldwin`s Alleged Stalker Sent to Jail; Kim K. Pulled Over for Speeding; Prince Goes Undercover to Seek Love; Onstage with the Rockettes; Jennifer Lawrence`s interview to BBC; Interview with Jeff Probst; The New Youtube Cat Video; Kate Middleton`s Attending the Remembrance Day Ceremony Gets Attention

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RYAN SMITH, HLN ANCHOR: Thanks for joining us tonight on "HLN AFTER DARK." We`ll see you soon.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on the "Top Ten Countdown," Alec`s bizarre stalker trial. The woman accused of hounding Alec Baldwin gets thrown in jail for her crazy courtroom outburst. Did she just prove she`s totally out of control?

Plus, is this guy the next grumpy cat?


MARCUS PENNY, GEORGE THE CAT`S OWNER: George, can you say hello?



HAMMER: Forget "meow," this cat wants to say "hello" to you, and his viral video is taking over the Internet. I am so happy that we`ve got the talking cat and his owner right here. But what will George the cat say?

SBT starts right now.

I`m A.J. Hammer. So pleased to welcome my guest co-host, Natasha Curry, the host and anchor of "WEEKEND EXPRESS" right here on HLN.

NATASHA CURRY, CO-HOST: Hello, A.J. Thanks so much.

And we`re kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must- share stories with No. 10. "Survivor: Philippine." Now, this is the idyllic scene of the Philippines that we`ve been seeing on the current season of CBS`s "Survivor," now on the third of four seasons. The show`s shot in the Philippines. It looks gorgeous.

But it`s in stark contrast to what we`ve been seeing now in the Philippines, where thousands have been killed by that super typhoon that flattened so many cities and left more than half a million people homeless.

HAMMER: It`s affected so, so many people. With us tonight from Hollywood, Jeff Probst, who is host of "Survivor" during every single one of its 27 seasons on the air. Jeff has a terrific new book coming out. It`s "Stranded 3: Survivors." It`s the third and final entry in his popular series of kids` books.

Jeff, it is terrific having you here and very good to see you.

JEFF PROBST, HOST, "SURVIVOR": It`s nice to be here. Unfortunately, you know, your lead story about the Philippines is a really emotional, has a lot of baggage for me. Because we`ve shot -- I`ve spent over the last two years eight months in the Philippines.

And while we didn`t shoot in that exact area, there is such a sense of community in that country, because it`s an island -- it`s an island community -- that it feels as though, you know, it`s impacting the people that I worked with for so long.

HAMMER: I can`t imagine how it is for you, seeing the footage that we`ve seen. Obviously, it has so deeply affected family members and anybody who knows anybody over there. But you`ve spent so much time working over there. We`ve seen these children affected by the disaster, actually wearing signs that say "survivor." We`re looking at a couple of them right now. Obviously, a much different meaning than the show. Was the island where you guys shot this season affected in any way by the typhoon?

PROBST: No, I don`t think so. We were at the northern tip. And this is a little more in the middle.

But if you think of the Philippines geographically, it feels enormous, because there are, like, 7,000 islands. But when you`re there working, you very much understand that they are a very small community. And like the footage we`re looking at now, believe it or not, this is not much different what it looks like when you fly over it in a chopper. That`s what`s so truly devastating, is that they don`t have much to begin with.

They really live -- it was not uncommon when we would go through the villages to see people in a tin shack with wood on the side and maybe a fire burning inside and a clothesline with a few shirts on it. That was their daily life. And you wouldn`t know anything was not OK, because everybody had this joy in their heart.

But when you take that very little bit they have away and you combine it with all of this disaster, now you have just a major catastrophe, and rebuilding that will be enormous.

HAMMER: Obviously so much work is needed to get done as time rolls on. But work is needed right now getting people the very basic necessities.

And I wasn`t at all surprised to see that you and some other "Survivor" stars participated in a terrific telethon to benefit the victims of the typhoon. How were you guys able to pull that together so quickly, and how has that gone in terms of raising the much-needed funds?

PROBST: I`ve got to say, that is CBS. And I don`t say that because I work for them. Every time something happens, there`s an e-mail -- faster than almost the story is on the air, there is an e-mail from CBS saying, "All right. We`re organizing something. This is what`s going to happen."

And "Survivor" has always been connected to the communities we go to. So we even have our own internal stuff that we`re doing with the doctors we`ve worked with there who are on -- you know, on the ground. And we`re helping support them.

But this is CBS knowing they have a big brand in "Survivor" that has -- that has benefitted from this community. And they want to help. So yes, we`ve been on the telethon raising funds, answering phones. And we have a PSA running tonight during "Survivor" to help bring more awareness.

HAMMER: So nice to see how the network and the show has stepped up. And you`ve been through this before, actually. Four years ago the tsunami hit Samoa.

PROBST: Yes, Samoa.

HAMMER: It was just weeks after you finished "Survivor" and filming the "Heroes versus Villains" season there. That disaster destroyed some of the places where you guys shot, I know. Shooting can be pretty intense for you guys. You have to feel a pretty strong kinship with the countries that you film in, I imagine.

PROBST: You do. And, you know, seeing that footage of Samoa, that really brought it home. Because that storm hit us. We just happened -- most of us happened to be gone, but some of our team was still there.

In the Philippines, ironically, in our last five or six days of shooting there, there was a massive storm. At that point it was the biggest storm of the year heading directly for us. We had an evacuation plan. I spent a lot of time looking at maps. Then to come home and two months later an even bigger storm ripped through there. I feel an unusual identity to what`s going on. I think my head space is right there.

And the other thing, A.J., is that you can`t help but feel simultaneously helpless...


PROBST: ... and on the other hand, grateful that you`re safe.


PROBST: Because this could hit us. It could hit anybody.

HAMMER: No question about it. I`m sure grateful that you guys were able to pitch in and help out.

Now, of course, we know you from "Survivor," but I do want to move on because there is another huge TV show that you`re about to be on. I just need to tell everybody, there is a big surprise that we`re going to reveal about you, Jeff. So we`re going to come back and talk about that and your new book in just a few.

PROBST: I like that you said big.

HAMMER: Yes. That may be referring -- well, people, big teeth. That`s all I`ll say.

All right. We`re moving onto No. 9 in our countdown right now. It`s a dramatic day in the courtroom. Alec Baldwin`s alleged stalker sent to jail.

A judge ordered the woman to be locked up for 30 days after she was found in contempt of court. She was basically ignoring his warning to stop interrupting witnesses in her trail.

Still, she took the stand. She revealed even more intimate details about what she says were her romantic exchanges with Baldwin, from where she says they went and what they did.

Jenn Hobby is a radio host for KICKS 101.5 country radio in Atlanta, joining me now.

So Jenn, this woman claims that Alec flew her to New York, put her up in a hotel, a fancy hotel, of course, and that they took a romantic drive through Central Park. He denies it all. But here`s our countdown question to you right off the top. Who do you believe?

JENN HOBBY, RADIO HOST, KICKS 101.5: Absolutely Alec Baldwin. This woman is stalker. And I don`t care what the nature of their relationship was, Alec and his wife are terrified of this woman.

And there are -- there are laws against not only stalking and harassment but cyber stalking and harassment in all 50 states, including New York. And, you know, I just think that she showed herself in the courtroom today and showed that she has this behavior, this obsessive behavior. So I say I`m on Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria`s, side of this whole thing.

HAMMER: She`s trying to prove that she, in fact, did have this relationship and didn`t do anything for her credibility. Again, the judge said, "You know what? You`re not allowed to do that in court. No shouting out at witnesses on the stand. Go to jail."

But she`s still not backing down. Alec is not either. He`s denying that they ever had a relationship. He broke down on the stand yesterday and he revealed, as you said, Jenny, he`s terrified for his life. He was worried that she had a gun. And he said that her behavior was straight out of a Hitchcock movie.

Let me bring in Segun from "Access Hollywood," a contributor for that show. Who do you believe here, Segun? Is there any way you`re believing her?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, CORRESPONDENT, "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD": Well, to me it seems really hilarious. And here is why.

Alec Baldwin is the consummate actor. So for him to cry on the stand means very little to me because he was right afterwards yelling at reporters. So he can do emotions like nobody`s business.

But I think -- and I mean, I don`t want to sound lewd, licentious or lascivious and other "L" words, but if she had sex with him, just describe his body. I mean, that would be the easiest thing. I don`t need you yelling in court. I don`t need you saying, "Really? Did we sleep together?" I don`t need any of that. If you slept with him, describe what he`s got. If she can do that, I`m going to believe her. Because Alec Baldwin, he lacks a little bit of credibility with the way he treats the media.

HAMMER: Well, let me ask you, Jenn, to Segun`s point, that he was crying and perhaps putting on a show. I mean, do you think that that might be what`s going on there, to try to win hearts and minds?

HOBBY: He may be trying to win over, but I do think that it could be very terrifying, celebrity or not, actor or not.


HOBBY; If there`s a woman standing outside of your home and you don`t know if she has a weapon or a gun or not. And you`re protecting your wife and making your wife stay indoors because of this potential stalker.

HAMMER: Very scary.

HOBBY: Yes, celebrity or not.

ODUOLOWU: All of that -- all of that could be true.


ODUOLOWU: All of that could be true. He could be terrified.

HAMMER: It could be true, and we`re going to have to wait and see how this continues to play out. But I do have to end it there. Jenn, Segun, thank you both so much.

Our countdown just getting started. Stay where you are because we have a J. Law/Miley showdown. Jennifer Lawrence seems to slam Miley Cyrus for her latest MTV twerk-fest. Or does she? Have she had enough of Miley`s "sex sells" mentality?

Plus, I would like you to meet George the cat, who just wants to say hi.


PENNY: George, can you say hello?



HAMMER: Forget about "meow." That guy is saying "hello" -- hello -- to the entire world. It`s a viral video that`s getting more hits than a scratching pole. And George and his owner, Marcus Penney, right here on SBT, revealing the secrets behind the talking cat. Will George be No. 1 on our "Top Ten Countdown"?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer along with Natasha Curry, the host of "WEEKEND EXPRESS."

CURRY: Hello, A.J. And we are now at No. 8 on our "Top Ten Countdown." Kim`s freeway frenzy. What`s going on?

HAMMER: Well, Kim is a mad speed demon. That`s what`s going on. She was just pulled over for speeding while driving her Rolls on an L.A. freeway. SBT confirmed with the California Highway Patrol that three paparazzi were chasing her when it all went down.

Here`s the craziest thing about this, not the entirely surprising part, though. One of the paps actually got out of his car and started taking pictures of Kim as she was pulled over there, and Natasha, the cops -- and I`m not sure if it was John or Ponch -- but they slapped him with a speeding ticket. You don`t even know that reference, do you?

They slapped him with another speeding ticket and another violation for pulling over where he shouldn`t have pulled over. Once the other photogs saw what was going on, of course, they got the heck out of there. It is madness, Natasha.

CURRY: Yes, definitely so, A.J. And now to No. 7 on our countdown, the prince searching for love.

Many girls dream about their Prince Charming coming along and sweeping them off their feet. But what about finding a real Prince Charming? Well, Prince Lorenzo de Medici of Italy, who`s heir to the Medici dynasty, has gone undercover and fled the kingdom to find true love on TLC`s "Secret Princes." Watch this.


PRINCE LORENZO DE MEDICI, ITALY: So how do you know I`m Italian?


DE MEDICI: I`m dressed like a typical Italian?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Maybe the passion.

DE MEDICI: OK. That`s close. Maybe the accent.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s the charm.

DE MEDICI: OK. That`s very nice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You guys do wine and food, right?

DE MEDICI: Yes. And sex, too.


CURRY: Oh, my. Prince Lorenzo. Well, it`s great to talk with you. I like the necklace do up thing. What is that? I`m loving it. So you`re with us from Hollywood tonight.

DE MEDICI: Thank you.

CURRY: Let`s talk about just going in there for the kill now. I mean, wow, you ready did. Sex too, you said. But tell us: Why in the world would a guy like you, who`s a real prince -- I`d imagine you`d have women chasing after you like crazy -- why would you need to go on a reality show to find true love?

DE MEDICI: Because maybe I was not so lucky in life, and I have to try everything to find my true love. And if TV works to find true love, I`m willing to do anything. Because I think it`s the most important things in life, love.

CURRY: I would imagine you could snag a lot of true love with that hot accent, my friend. But let`s just tell it like it is here.

DE MEDICI: Thank you. And anyway, thank you, because you are the only one who say very well my name -- and my name. De Medici you say perfectly.

CURRY: Oui, oui. Thank you. So let`s just tell it like it is. But you`re loaded. You`re not afraid to show it. Here is the royal bling fest. Watch this.


DE MEDICI: I love clothes. I`m Italian. And all my clothes are handmade, tailor-made. Details are very important. Details are the difference between a normal person and a prince. When you are from a rich family and you`re inundated with rich things, you`re spoiled.


CURRY: I even like the way you say "rich." Prince Lorenzo, are you spoiled? Does that make it hard for women to relate to you?

DE MEDICI: Let`s say that somehow in Italy it`s very difficult for me to be myself, because everyone knows who I am. And so it`s difficult to find the one that I`m looking for who really likes me internally and who can be with me all the time in every moment of my life.

CURRY: Yes, I`m sure, because you want somebody to really love you for you. Not just the cash that`s falling out of your pocket.

But we all know that there are a ton of beautiful, lovely stars who might love to be spoiled by you. For example, Jennifer Lawrence, who looks gorgeous in a bunch of diamonds. She seems like a lovely lady. Then there`s music royalty Taylor Swift and one more choice, Miley Cyrus. She twerks, but you never know. That could be like a mating dance. Maybe she`s looking for love, too. So which lady would you choose out of those three?

DE MEDICI: That`s a tough question. I would have to meet them, because I`m lucky enough in life to meet many celebrities. And so I`m looking for a girl who maybe is a celebrity inside and not only celebrity outside. So it`s a tough decision until I don`t met them. So I`m looking for, let`s say, my princess, my real princess.

CURRY: All right. Well, Prince Lorenzo, thank you so much. Best of luck finding love.

And you can catch the prince on TLC`s "Secret Princes" on Fridays. See who he might choose. A.J., I can`t wait.

HAMMER: Good luck to the prince.

Well, this little guy that we have for you here is not a prince, but he is stealing a lot of hearts.


PENNY: George, can you say hello?



HAMMER: I love George the cat. He says "hello." I mean, come on. His viral video is making people purr around the world. Well, we have George and his owner, Marcus Penny right here on SBT. And they are revealing what does the cat say.

And why is the Emmy-winning "Survivor" host, Jeff Probst -- it`s a very distracting picture -- but why is he revealing so much? This is throwing everybody off. He`s about to be on the hit show "Two and a Half Men," but what does bacon got to do with it? I`m one-on-one with Jeff. We`re going to find out how he got talked into stripping down, Austin Powers style.

What jaw-dropping story is No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.





CURRY: Get down, Santa. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Almost. And it may not be the holiday season quite yet, but the Rockettes` famous Radio City Christmas spectacular is already kicking into high gear. And you can tell I`m excited, right? I just got the kick of a lifetime on that very stage you`re looking at, A.J. Hello again.

HAMMER: So happy you got to do that. Because you know, I just got to fulfill my childhood dream by being on "The Price is Right."

CURRY: Right.

HAMMER: You know, I used to run around my house when I was a little kid, pretending I was the host of "The Price is Right." So I was over the moon when I was just on the show as a guest model, and I got to do this.


DREW CAREY, HOST, "THE PRICE IS RIGHT": Everybody, say hello to our special guest today, A.J. Hammer from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


CAREY: HLN. Welcome to the show.

HAMMER: What a thrill. And I`m so excited for all these people to win lots and lots of stuff today.


HAMMER: Best day ever. So Natasha, I know you just got your best day ever. Your childhood dream fulfilled, because you were an honorary Rockette for the day. Tell me about this.

CURRY: A.J., it`s true. I`ve never been so excited. I`ve always loved the Rockettes since I was, like, a little girl. Imagine how giddy I was when I got to go on stage at the magical Radio City Music Hall and learn some of their world-famous kicks.

My amazing day with the Rockettes is No. 6 on our countdown. Look.


CURRY: All right. I am here with the world-famous Rockettes. I feel like a little girl in a candy shop, to be standing right where I am right now. OK, so my hands are sweaty, but they`re going to show me some of their best moves. The most difficult ones, right? OK.

How does this work?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re going to teach you some strut kicks. So we`re going to start with our arms linked up, like you would do in a kick line.

CURRY: OK. Just put my hands between your arms.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re right. Your right hand is high, and your left hand is low.

CURRY: Oh, down here.


CURRY: My hands are sweaty. Sorry, ladies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re going to start by stepping on our right foot, and we`ll kick our left foot. Step on one, then you`re going to kick on two. Then three. Four. Perfect. Five.

CURRY: I injured one already. Are you OK? I`m sorry. Are you OK? Did I injure you? Oh my gosh. Stilettos don`t mix with -- OK. I`m really sorry. Let`s go again, ladies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Five, six, seven. And a one, two, three, four, five, six.

CURRY: My knees are shaking. Dear God.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Stop and a pose. Perfect. Let`s try that a little bit faster.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Five, six, seven, eight. One...

CURRY: You`re scared of me, aren`t you? She`s like "I`m staying the heck away from her."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Seven, eight. And a step and a pose. Perfect.

CURRY: Leg cramp. How do you fight leg cramps?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lots of water. Hydrate.


HAMMER: Look at you. Look at you. It`s not as hard as it looks, right?

CURRY: And it was totally -- it was kind of fun, though. You know, it kind of made up for it. And they said they drink coconut water and eat bananas for hydration. So I`ve got to work on that, A.J.

HAMMER: I think I tore my ACL just watching you do that. All right. Well, congratulations.

CURRY: Thank you.

HAMMER: We are about to enter the top five on today`s must-see, must-share countdown. Is it J. Law versus Miley? Did Jennifer Lawrence really start an international celebrity war by bashing Miley for her new twerk fest at MTV`s European VMAs? Why J. Law may be taking on Miley for her "sex sells" mentality.

And this is also getting the world`s attention today. Kate Middleton twirling her hair at an event to remember British soldiers. And outrage explodes. Was Kate really being disrespectful because she absentmindedly twirled her hair? Will that be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown." Did J. Law really just diss Miley? The great debate. Did Jennifer Lawrence slam Miley Cyrus for her latest twerk fest with a dwarf? Is J. Law really fed up with Miley using sex to sell music?

And is this the new grumpy cat?


PENNY: George, can you say hello?



HAMMER: Yes, that little guy just said hello. He`s taking over the Internet right now, but how does that cat really do it? Well, George the cat and his owner right here to reveal their secrets. But will they be number one on our countdown? "SBT" continues right now.

Welcome back. And thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host Natasha Curry who`s anchor of "Weekend Express." Every weekend here on HLN.

CURRY: What`s up, A.J? We are now at number five on our countdown today. Top ten must see must share stories. So, did Jennifer Lawrence really just slam Miley Cyrus? The BBC asked her about the sexualization of young women like Miley. And here is what she said: "Sex sells and for some disgusting reason young sex sells even more. Everybody has kind of got their own path and their own way of finding themselves. And for some people that`s how they feel best, that`s how they feel sexy, that`s how they want to perform. And referring to Miley`s latest twerk fest, Sunday, at the MTV EMA, Jennifer said, twerking with a dwarf, I`m not by any mean - I`m just saying to each their own." Jenn Hobby, a radio host for "Kicks" 101.5 country radio in Atlanta is with us now. So, Jenn, I want to know what you think. Did you take that whole thing as a slap in the face to Miley?

JENN HOBBY, RADIO HOST, KICKS 101.5 COUNTRY RADIO IN ATLANTA: It sounds to me like Jennifer Lawrence expressing her disapproval of the behavior. And in fact, the young sex sells, but not specifically targeting Miley. It sounds to me like she stopped herself before folks like us wouldn`t be quoting her for the next month or so. Right?

CURRY: Yeah, like maybe trying to be a lady about it or something. "Access Hollywood" live Contributor Segun with us now from Hollywood. So, Segun, what did you think? A slap in the face?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, POP CULTURE CONTRIBUTOR ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE: No, I thought it was, you know, worthy of Shakespeare, I thought it`s "Much Ado about Nothing." I think Jennifer Lawrence epitomizes class. And she`s basically saying that to each their own. Though she didn`t use Miley by name and when asked about the Miley Cyrus incident specifically, she just said, you know what, everybody`s got to find their own path. I don`t think there`s anything here. I think we`re digging too hard because anything regarding Miley Cyrus is controversy right now. She, of course, is too classy for that.

CURRY: And she totally is.

ODUOLOWU: Oh, without a doubt.

CURRY: I know. And she stays covered up and she`s still sexy. But J. Lo, of course, is starring in the "Hunger Games" sequel: "Catching Fire." Opening next week, by the way. It`s already getting rave reviews. And, in fact, the "Hollywood Reporter" saying J.Lo is the superb center of it all. And it`s technical and craft contributions marked a step up from the original. And "Variety" says, "Catching Fire" rewrites the rules makes for rousing entertainment. So, I mean, it really seems J. Lo can do no wrong. She`s starting next month with Robert de Niro, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper in "American Hustle" and the next year back in the latest movie, "X- man" movie. It really seems like she`s Hollywood`s biggest star right now, right?

HOBBY: She really is and she`s graced under pressure. You know, she`s much more known for her work and her acting work and all of those accolades and awards. Including her Oscar, much more work than the twerk. It`s right?

She is calm, cool and collected.

CURRY: She is just calm, cool and - I can`t imagine her twerking. Ever. Segun, are you hot for J.Lo too?

ODUOLOWU: You know, I`m completely in her camp and have the biggest crush on her. Because she fought long and hard in her roles in Hollywood to depict women, especially young women as healthy and give them a body image worth striving for. She said that she`s not going to take roles where she has to look skinny or emaciated, because that`s not natural. And I think that she`s not only as a role model for young girls everywhere and young actresses everywhere, but from her Oscar speech to every move she`s made she`s classy, she`s smart and 100 percent in her corner.

CURRY: I agree. Segun, Jenn, thank you so much. A.J., she`s a class act. That`s for sure.

HAMMER: She`s certainly a class act. Now, Natasha, don`t go far. Because you`re going to want to be here for number four on our countdown tonight. I know you`ll have something to say about Jeff Probst revealing all. I promise this, it is going to shock you. Jeff, of course, is the Emmy winning host of survivor. They`re in the middle of their incredible 27th season, blood versus water. He`s also doing this TV appearance coming up. I think we just teased it a little bit for you there, Jeff. Let`s just say, it`s incredibly revealing. By the way, Jeff has a terrific new book coming out. "Stranded Three Survivors" releases today. More on - next Tuesday, rather. More on that in a moment. But Jeff, we have got to talk about this photo. Charles, just .


HAMMER: Put the picture up. We have been watching "Survivor" for years, but not like this. This is going to happen Thursday night. You`re making your debut on another hit TV show .


HAMMER: "Two and a Half Men." To be clear, we have never seen you like this before. This is not kosher. It is literally not kosher, Jeff. How did you wind up on "Two and a Half Men" naked, holding a plate of bacon?

JEFF PROBST, "SURVIVOR" HOST: I love that it`s now a mosaic. Well, I got a call on Monday and they said, hey, do you want - would you want to be on "Two and a Half Men"? Of course, yes. And then they said, OK, it shoots Thursday. And I said great, I`m there. And then they said, oh, one more thing you`re naked.


PROBST: And I said OK. So, A.J., I go into the little trailer on the day, there is hanging in there is one thing. It`s a piece of clothes that they called underwear. That is - I have underwear on there, but you can`t see it. That`s how small it is, the underwear. And yes, so we shot - I`m on just for a little bit. But it`s very fun. And very - cathartic, you know, it gives you permission to just be an alter ego of yourself.

HAMMER: But let`s be realistic about where this is taking your career, my friend. Because you know you will now have to endure the bacon bits jokes for the rest of your life.


PROBST: I didn`t think of that. Well, I didn`t think of that, A.J. Bacon bits.

HAMMER: I`m putting it out there into the universe. Natasha .


HAMMER: Let me get the female perspective. As you`re fanning yourself there. He literally had to bacon strip down for this role.


HAMMER: I can keep him coming.

CURRY: At 52. I can tell you, I`m just like - I keep thinking about Kramer walking to the door. Did he drop the tray? Because that`s what Kramer would do. I`m kind of, you know.


CURRY: I don`t know. If I mean I go on survivor, though, I mean everyone is stripping down, Jeff. I mean so - I`m just going to warn you. You`d better watch out, because Burnett (ph), as the producer, is going to start demanding that you get back to nature and host in your birthday suit. But I mean you`ve got to watch out for that in a while, you know, because people are going to bite.

PROBST: Yes, a lot of things bite in the wild that I`m not sure I want to be naked for.


HAMMER: Let me make something clear.


HAMMER: Jeff made a point of the fact that he got the phone call like a week before he did that. So, he wants you all to know he didn`t work out especially for this. It`s not like they put him in a gym with a trainer for weeks on end to achieve that physique. We got it, Jeff. We see it. We understand.


CURRY: Mama mia.

PROBST: It was a Monday. They did - it was a couple of days. I`ll admit, I backed off the carbs a little bit. And - but here is the thing, A.J. I don`t know how old you are, but when you`re 20, you can go out and party and drink and wake up in the morning and you`re good to go. As Natasha said I`m 52. So I do work out to stay in shape. Because I have kids and a wife. And I want to be around for a long time.

HAMMER: Now, and clearly, you`re doing a good job. It feels almost wrong to transition into your children`s book now, but I`m going to do it because time is fleeting. Listen, you`re a big time TV star. You`re a bestselling author. Your stranded series about four kids maroon on an island has been a huge hit. And a third and final book in these series, it`s called "Stranded 3 Survivors", it releases Tuesday. And I know particularly as a dad you`re incredibly proud of these books.

PROBST: I am. This was really my wife`s idea when we got married, she brought these two kids into my life. And there was nothing out there for blended families that`s fiction. So, we created "Survivor" for kids. A mom and dad get married, they each have a boy and a girl. And they put them together on a boat. It`s supposed to be a get to know you cruise. A ship wreck happens, they end up stranded, and they are left to fend for themselves. So, it is "Survivor" for kids. And this is the third book in this trilogy, but I`ve started writing four or five and six, which puts them on yet another adventure. They aren`t quite home yet.

HAMMER: OK. All right. Charles, do we have the photo to put up one more time? I`m sorry, I just - I can`t - is it OK? My director .

PROBST: I appreciate it, A.J.

HAMMER: There you go, Jeff. All right. Everybody should be proud. Natasha join me in a little round of applause.

(APPLAUSE) HAMMER: Jeff Probst and his latest of meat.

PROBST: Is this what we comes to? You get applause for that photo?

HAMMER: We go back, Jeff. That`s why you get applause. All right, thanks for being here, man, great seeing you. Jeff`s new book is "Stranded Three Survivors." It will be released on Tuesday.

As we move on, we`re now just moments away from the number three spot on the countdown, is this guy about to become the king of the viral video "Jungle?"


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George, can you say hello?

CAT: Hello.



HAMMER: I love this. It`s George the cat. And he`s blowing up the Internet with that wild human sounding hello. But is he about to dethrone the grumpy cat? To perhaps become an ultimate icon of cat cuteness? Well, we`re going to get the answer. There he is. George is here. His owner Marcus Penny is here, and they`re going to tell all. And does everyone just need to lay off Kate? Listen, as Kate Middleton`s getting flack around the world for curling her hair during a ceremony to pay tribute to British soldiers. Was it really disrespectful? What`s going to be number one? This is "SBT" on HLN.



HAMMER: Now on "SHOWBIZ" GEICO`s 15 minutes of fame.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George, can you say hello?

CAT: Hello. Hello.

HAMMER: Say what? That is George the Cat saying hello. Yeah, he`s saying hello. George the Cat is number three on our top ten countdown. This video of George saying "hello" has wowed the world. It`s gone crazy viral. And George is now basking in his 15 minutes of fame. That`s why I`m so pleased that George is with us tonight from Minneapolis, via Skype with his owner Marcus Penny.

Marcus, first of all, it`s terrific to have you here and meet you and George. And I have to let you know I`m making my director absolutely bonkers. He wants to kill me tonight because throughout the entire show in his ear I keep saying, "Hello. Hello."

MARCUS PENNY: Yeah, he`s got to make it - right now. He`s a little antsy.

HAMMER: You`re impacting the world. OK. Everything is cool, George. I`ll tell you what. George, you relax. So, everybody knows that they weren`t hearing things. I want to play this again. Roll it, Charles. Roll it.


PENNY: Hello, George.

CAT: Hello.

PENNY: Hello. George, can you say hello?

CAT: Hello. Hello.

PENNY: Say it again. Hello.

CAT: Hello. Hello.

HAMMER: I mean, come on. That is so insane to me. Marcus, when did you realize George could do this?

PENNY: I think I might have to let him go. Because he is .

HAMMER: OK. We don`t want to - hey, he is the start. I understand. So, how this all happened?

PENNY: We were moving and I had to put him in a pet taxi. And I don`t know if he`s really saying hello so much, if that`s just the noise that he makes when he`s particularly distressed. And about the whole hour plus drive while he was in the back, I think he probably thought he was on the way to the vet. He was making this sound that I realized sounded a lot like hello.

HAMMER: But Marcus, to be clear, he is saying hello. I just want to clear that up. Please don`t ruin it for us. I want to believe that. Now, can he do it on command? He seemed to be in the video.

PENNY: I think it might just have been a happy accident. I don`t know. I`m not exactly a cat whisperer. I can`t say for sure.


PENNY: I know that I had just gotten home from a long day of work. He was meowing and I tried to get him to say hello. Because I`d heard him make that sort of meow sound before. And, yeah, watching the video it really does look like he`s responding, but I don`t want to make any claims.

HAMMER: OK. Let`s be the judge here. Charles, would you roll it one more time. I`ve got to see this again.


PENNY: George, can you say hello?

CAT: Hello. Hello.


HAMMER: I`m saying he`s saying hello. But Marcus, have you noticed him saying any other words? Do you try to teach him other words?

PENNY: No, I haven`t really taught - about to teach hitch him anything else. I just noticed the one sound. It sounds a lot like hello. People at my work want me to teach him to say hey, give us money.


PENNY: Because we`re (inaudible) station, but I haven`t been able to teach that him yet.

HAMMER: Well, that`s too bad. I`m just happy he didn`t walk up to you one day and say what`s up Marcus, how you doing? I think this is much, much cuter. Thank you for bringing George in and that joy to the world. I really appreciate having you here on "SHOWBIZ." Thanks.


PENNY: Yeah, thank you.


CURRY: Well, George sure is a cutie. But he does have some competition in the famous cat department anyway. Grumpy cat is winning the world over. And now he is in a huge battle with a famous TV character, Vino. Vino, being grumping as well. Grumpy cat is enmeshed in the face off with Oscar the Grouch. And we all win with their epic and adorable battle. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You think you`re more what crabby, cranky and cantankerous than me. You`re challenging me. Fine. Grump versus Grouch. Let`s do this thing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. All right, stop. I can`t take looking at that grumpy face of yours anymore. All right, let`s just call it a draw. I`m not going anywhere. You scram, fur ball. That cat drives me crazy.



CURRY: A.J., I`m just wondering what you would say if you were that cat. That`s your hello!


HAMMER: Listen, I`m calling that competition, by the way, I`m calling it for Grumpy. I was going to call the draw for a moment, but I really looked very carefully and I think Oscar terrific Grumpy wins it. Don`t you think?


CURRY: I think so. But Oscar is shaken there. I don`t know. I mean .

HAMMER: By the way, our director Charles is listening right now. Hello, Charles.


HAMMER: All right, the drama is about to hit a peak, and it`s a battle between a rare celebrity baby photo and a royal hair scandal. What could possibly be today`s number one on the Countdown? This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Time for number two on our top ten count down. And it really doesn`t get a whole lot cuter than this. Kim Kardashian just posted this adorable pick of her five-month-old daughter North on Instagram, look at those cheeks! I mean check this out, Natasha, what a great combination of her mom and her dad, Kanye West, of course. However, Natasha, I do wonder, they said they weren`t going to be putting her out there oh that much at least on the reality show. They`re posting a lot of photos.


HAMMER: Maybe that`s a good idea, because maybe - maybe it calms down the paparazzi. I don`t know. Judging by them chasing Kim Kardashian yesterday.

CURRY: Yeah, that`s what I was thinking too. But that beautiful baby, of course, like I want to get tons of pictures ever. She is adorable! But now to our big reveals - I`ll look at that picture all day.

Our number one must see, must share story of the day - did you hear about this? Kate Middleton twirling her hair, and the Internet just exploded over this, too. Yeah. It`s right, Duchess Catherine was caught playing with her hair during a very solemn Remembrance Day event, which is kind of like Britain`s Memorial Day. The online fight started all over swirling over Kate twirling her fabulous long locks, so the question is, was she being downright disrespectful as some fired up bloggers suggest or is she just too adorable to do anything wrong? That`s with us now from Hollywood radio host Jenn Hobby with Kicks 101.5 country radio in Atlanta and Segun, who is the pop culture contributor for Access Hollywood. So, guys, I - I have to admit. I`m team Kate. She can do it all wrong. But I mean who wouldn`t get distracted if they had her gorgeous locks? I`d want to twirl them all day long, Jenn. Are you telling critics, you know, get over yourself or you think she should twirl it?

HOBBY: Well, she`s expected to be perfectly coifed all the time. So, I think she was just perfecting those curls. But I`m not sure that anything on the countdown is going to beat the talking cat. I have to say.


HOBBY: George, I don`t know that this goes above George. But oh yes, I think she`s just trying to perfect her curls, not trying to be royally rude.

CURRY: Maybe she had a bug stuck in there or something. Who want that to crawl up on your face? But Segun, what do you think? She`s twirling not twerking.

ODUOLOWU: OK. Well, here`s my thing. Now, both of you, lovely ladies have long luxurious hair. It`s not the twirling of the hair to me, it`s the expression on her face. She looks a little bored. You know what - hair twirling, look at her eyes. Look at her eyes - her eyes give it all away. Eyes are the window to your soul. And she looks like she would rather be somewhere else.


ODUOLOWU: And looks a little bored. Now, yeah.

CURRY: I think she is waiting for fan.

ODUOLOWU: Is this bigger than the talking cat? I don`t think it`s bigger than the talking cat .


ODUOLOWU: But I do think there`s a little something, you know, there is a little something there. She just looks a little bit bored.

CURRY: Yeah, I think she just looks like she`s waiting for a fan to start blowing her lovely locks. But I mean people are getting crazy mad about this. The international outrage is pretty extreme. Check out this online post, Mandy`s Realty writes, "Kate, realize the footsteps that have fallen before you. The Queen, Princess Anne, Princess Alexandra, the Queen Mother, etc. Do you think any of these women would do this hippy-dippy girl act?"

ODUOLOWU: Wow. That`s a little harsh.

BOBBY: Oh, please.

CURRY: Right? Give her a break.

ODUOLOWU: I mean come on!

CURRY: Jen, what do you think? I mean not since Miley Cyrus twerked and I mean lit up what appeared to be a joint on stage, has there been so much outrage. Do you think her twirling hair is kind of like the new twerking?

HOBBY: I think she`s just so perfect that they have got to find something to try to tear her down about. Because she .


HOBBY: . is practically perfect in every way. She`s like Mary Poppins.

CURRY: They are just haters. They want her hair.


CURRY: Jenn.

ODUOLOWU: Didn`t she just have a baby? She just had a baby. Leave her alone.

CURRY: High five, Segun. Jenn, thank you, guys, so much. A.J.

HAMMER: All right, as we wrap it up, this is just plain amazing. I can`t wait to show it to you. It may be the most epic domino roll of all time. 25,000 dominos. A three month set up. And what it got to be one of the most incredible chaos ever. The dominos falling in our moment of awesomeness. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to "SBT." Natasha, I do not know if you know this about me, but I love me some dominos. But however, this is unreal.

CURRY: Yeah, I`ve never seen anything like it, A.J., but we`re excited to see.

HAMMER: Yes. Check it out. You`re seeing 25,000 dominos all meticulously placed by domino artists known as Hevesh5 - is that how he pronounced it - I`m not sure, but he and fellow domino guru Milliondollarbaby spent three months putting this together. Watch.


HAMMER: Come on, Natasha, that`s incredible.


CURRY: I mean I wonder - if it took three months to like, you know, figure out how to make this, didn`t they have to start over to check it out a couple of times. How many times did they have to start over?

HAMMER: Unbelievable. Well, that`s it for SHOWBIZ. Thanks for watching. HLN continues right now.