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Is Miley Trying to Outdo Lady Gaga?; Charlie Sheen Extends Olive Branch to Chuck Lorre; `Hunger Games` Stars Open Up; ABC Reporter Discovers Cancer in On-Air Mammogram; Interview with attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan about Tom Cruise`s Deposition; Richie Incognito`s Playing Defense off the Field; New Gift by Ellen; Jessica Simpson Stars in a "Weight Watchers" Commercial; A Homeless Veteran Gets a New Start in Life

Aired November 11, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on the "Top Ten Countdown." Two jaw-dropping images that are stunning the world.

First up, Miley appears to be toking it up instead of twerking it up at MTV`s European Music Awards. So did MTV just spark a brand-new controversy by censoring it?

Then there`s this. Hello Jessica. Wait until you see the stunning new photo of Jessica Simpson and her amazing post-baby body.

SBT starts right now.

Hello I`m A.J. Hammer. And this is my guest co-host tonight, Nischelle Turner from CNN`s "NEW DAY." Great to have you here.


HAMMER: We are.

TURNER: We are here. We are kicking off the "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories with No. 10.

Is Miley trying to out-Gaga Gaga? Miley seems to be taking a page from the Lady Gaga shock playbook by apparently smoking a joint at the MTV European Music Awards Sunday night.


TURNER: Mm-hmm. On the same day Lady Gaga was showing off her flying dress to promote her new album. It`s a far cry from the much more shocking dress. Remember that meat dress? Yes? That one right there that she wore to the MTV VMAs three years ago.

HAMMER: Imagine if that meat dress floated. Really.

Could it be that Miley has figured out how to pull a Gaga better than Gaga?

TURNER: Could be.

HAMMER: With us right now, TV personality Mark Long, who`s also one of the founders of Pocket Protein; and in Hollywood, actress and comedian Kim Coles, who`s now starring in ABC Family`s "Baby Daddy."

Great having you both here. And I`m not exactly sure how high Miley may have gotten from that apparent joint. I can, however, tell you I did the math and found out that Gaga`s dress got about 70 inches high off the ground.

Kim, let me start with you, and our countdown question is this. Has Miley figured out how to out-Gaga Gaga?

KIM COLES, ACTRESS: She`s overdoing everything. It`s about trying to out- Gaga Gaga. It`s about overdoing too much. She`s so talented, and she doesn`t have to do all this in order to get -- for us to listen to her music.

HAMMER: Yes. See, I agree with that. And Mark, the thing with me for Lady Gaga is, as outrageous as some of the things she has done in the past has been, it`s always born from artistry. You have to work a little to find it in that meat dress, of course. But for -- for Miley, of course, it`s always, "Hey, look at me."

MARK LONG, TV PERSONALITY/FOUNDER, POCKET PROTEIN: And Miley is actually turning into a one-twerk pony, as you might call it. Bam.

But the reason why old-school Madonna got away with this is a lot of Madonna`s things were a little unpredictable. Miley when she comes on, now you expect it, so you think she`s going to raise the bar every time. The smoking the joint onstage, there`s probably a lot of kids watching. It`s inappropriate. Miley, how dare you?

TURNER: Well, if the kids were watching in the U.S., the thing is, they didn`t see it. Yes, I mean, because the MTV Video Music Awards [SIC], when they aired it here, they didn`t show it.

LONG: Yes, they pulled a wide shot of it.

TURNER: Yes. Here`s what they showed in Europe when Miley was giving her thank-yous after an EMA win.


MILEY CYRUS, SINGER: ... Terry Richardson for putting this together. You know, I couldn`t fit this award in my bag, but I did find this. So thank you guys very much.


TURNER: I mean really, really. Really? OK.

COLES: Too much. It`s too much.

TURNER: But let`s show you what MTV aired. I hear you, Kim. Let`s show what MTV aired when it ran the show later in the United States. Look at this.


CYRUS: ... Terry Richardson for putting this together.

Good night, everybody. Thank you. EMAs, thank you for having me.


TURNER: OK, Kim. You saw no joint. We didn`t see anything. And I know you said too much. But I wonder, though. Here`s the question: Should MTV have censored that? Should they have just showed what happened?

COLES: That`s a good question. I think they should have censored it. I don`t think we need to see that. If she wants to do that in the privacy of her own home, that`s one thing. But that was so orchestrated. It`s very different if you`re going to -- you know, wear this dress that, you know, flies above the audience. That`s one thing. That`s for show.

This is for show. She thought about it. She -- it seems very planned and very orchestrated and inauthentic, if you ask me.

TURNER: Mark, you were nodding your head like, "Yes. Exactly."

LONG: I mean, the demographic here in the states of MTV is, you know, real young. And it`s just totally inappropriate. I`m glad they pulled away, because a lot of kids look up to her, especially from her Disney days.

She`s just getting weird -- she`s like the train wreck that never stops wrecking. It`s just every week there`s something new with her.

HAMMER: She doesn`t care.

LONG: I know.

HAMMER: And she wanted to make sure that everybody saw it. She was probably the person who was more upset about this than anybody else. In fact, she went on Twitter after the big censorship on MTV here in the states.

TURNER: "Go to YouTube."

HAMMER: Right. Let me read the exact -- We have it right there. It says, "Go online and watch what really went down at the EMAs." And Kim, to me, that says it is all about "Look at me," but that`s the point for her.

COLES: That seems to be the point for her. I think that it`s a train wreck waiting to happen. And there`s a lot of people who are getting in trouble for drugs. And why would she want that attached to her image?

I think it`s interesting. She could have easily smoothed over her Disney time and gone into this adult time with more grace and more style. I think this is -- it just feels orchestrated and, like, I said, inauthentic.

HAMMER: No, it is, but we`re talking about her.

COLES: And you forget she`s talented.

HAMMER: And it`s easy to forget that.

All right. Mark, Kim, thank you for that. Let`s move onto No. 9 in our countdown. It`s the brand-new Charlie Sheen shockers. Now, this was once completely unthinkable, but Charlie has now extended an olive branch to Chuck Lorre. Chuck, of course, was his boss before he was fired from "Two and a Half Men."

Here`s what Charlie just tweeted: "Hey, Chuck. I have an idea that you need to hear after I make amends to you and yours, which I will do in person." Along with this photo of the two of them back in the People`s Choice Awards back in 2007, reminding Chuck, I guess, yes, we were chummy at a time.

Celebrity attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan with us tonight from Hollywood. Mark represented Kevin Federline in his custody battle with Britney Spears.

So Mark, Charlie was fired, famously, after some pretty epic rants against Chuck Lorre. Is he delusional to think that Chuck would ever want to take him back again and even talk to him again?

MARK VINCENT KAPLAN, ATTORNEY: Well, I think that he is possibly thinking of wanting to put out the most stable and non-multi-front war, in the fact that he`s in a very, very high-conflict custody conflagration. So I`ve seen very, very strange partnerships in Hollywood go bust and come back to an epiphany of reconciliation. Who knows. But I think it`s good idea to keep as little conflict open as he can.

HAMMER: Well, you know, stranger things have certainly happened, particularly in Hollywood. Chuck Lorre`s camp, for their part, is telling us that they`re not going to be commenting on this whole olive branch that Charlie is extending.

And I have to say I don`t blame them at all. Charlie completely went off the rails, as we know, in those rants back then. He really attacked Chuck with everything he had. Let`s revisit one of those magic moments. Shall we?


CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: Hiya, Chuck -- E. -- cheese ball. Where you hiding, silly clown? Behind your narcissism, your greed, your hatred of yourself or women? Which personality are you cowering beneath for transparent cover? I see you, you little worm. I see you.


HAMMER: Ouch. Yes. I mean, Charlie can`t be feeling very good about that now if he wants to work with Chuck again. He wants to apologize for all of that.

But of course, by bringing it up, it reminds everybody about that time that he was totally off the rails, Mark. I`m thinking that is some pretty bad timing, considering that he is fighting this big custody battle with his ex, Brooke Mueller, right now for their twin boys.

KAPLAN: A.J., that might take the entire olive tree after looking at that again. But I think that this is going to be very, very difficult for this custody conflict that`s going on, and certainly, if the most highly- publicized symbolic representation by reference of Charlie going off the rails, as some like to call it, has somehow been reconciled, that in the minds of a lot of people, says a lot about his progress, where he`s come to. And that could be part of his thinking on that.

HAMMER: Well, yes, and the fact that somebody like Chuck Lorre would be magnanimous enough to even take Charlie back into his life.

But Charlie is still ranting. Now he`s aiming his sights at the Department of Child and Family Services and the judge that is involved in this custody battle. Let me read something he tweeted. This, I think, is going to get Charlie in trouble.

"Let me see if I got this straight. My twin boys are now in harm`s way and in grave danger, being raised by a gaggle of incompetent and lascivious marionettes, all ruled and fooled by an Adderall-snorting husk called Brooke. And guess what, CPS and "I`m Italian" judge Anus-Brain? You may have gagged me temporarily. But mark my unspoken words. Anything happens to my boys, and you will know -- get to know me, know who I`m truly am. A loving father. #imit."

I tried best not to hurt my voice when I did his voice there. Quickly, Mark, could the judge actually throw Charlie in jail at this point if he doesn`t shut up?

KAPLAN: Well, if you`re in violation of a gag order, there are contempt possibilities. Contempt always carries with it, should there be a conviction, of some type of jail time.

I don`t think that anyone`s looking -- The last thing they need is to have Charlie in jail because of a gag order in this case.


KAPLAN: I think that there are leaks in that case. And I don`t think, by appearance anyhow, that they`re necessarily coming out of either of the party`s camps. And that`s very disappointing to me. It looks like it could be something that is even coming out of the DCFS camp, as well.

HAMMER: I really hope, though, regardless of where leaks are coming from, Charlie treads carefully for the sake of his boys.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, thank you so much.

KAPLAN: Thank you.

HAMMER: Great having you here.

So we`ve got to wonder where Tom Cruise`s veterans flack is going to end up in our countdown. Now Tom getting slammed for reportedly saying making movies is as difficult as serving in Afghanistan. Did Tom really make such a boneheaded remark? Really? Well, SBT will set the record straight.

And Ellen is paying it forward.



Hey, Sarah?


DEGENERES: It`s Ellen. I`m just checking in. What you doing?



HAMMER: This is so great. So that waitress picked up the tab at her restaurant for two furloughed soldiers. You`re not going to believe how Ellen just paid her back for her good deed. Will that life-changing event be No. 1 on the countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.




JENNIFER LAWRENCE: I need to say good-bye.


JOSH HUTCHERSON, ACTOR: So what do we do?

WOODY HARRELSON, ACTOR: I think these games are going to be different.


HAMMER: The sequel to the mega hit "Hunger Games" opens in less than two weeks. And now the countdown to brand-new "Hunger Games" madness is under way.

Welcome back to SBT. I`m A.J. Hammer with Nischelle Turner. And our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 8. It`s "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" mania.

TURNER: Mania madness, A.J. I just sat down with two of the movie`s biggest stars: Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and her on-screen love interest, Josh Hutcherson. And boy, did Jennifer open up, and I mean, big- time.

She told me about the horrible days when she had the first "Hunger Games" open. It was really bad. Plus, I got the real dirt about her and Josh`s on-screen kiss in the new movie. And of course, I asked her, yes, about that big hair chop.


LAWRENCE: The day the movie was released, I had to idea I was, like, famous yet. I don`t actually think I knew the movie came out that day. In Whole Foods, I had the worst experience of my life. I will not go to...

TURNER: What happened?

HUTCHERSON: It`s hilarious.

LAWRENCE: Whole Foods had to call the police, and I had to go down the, like -- the, like, cargo elevator and I was crying.


LAWRENCE: And I saw my ex-boyfriend there. And he`s like "How`s your life." I was like "Really bad." It was like the worst.

TURNER: I did read where you said she`s a good kisser.



LAWRENCE: Well, did you read the part where I said he was a good kisser. We`re great together. We can really kiss.

TURNER: I`ve always heard from actors, like, it`s the most awkward situation. Like you don`t even -- How do you know?

LAWRENCE: How do you know what?

TURNER: Because isn`t it all staged? You put your head like this and...

LAWRENCE: No, I mean, you just kiss. I`ve had a couple of bad ones.

HUTCHERSON: I haven`t had any bad ones. I`ve only had -- you were my first really kiss in a movie.


HUTCHERSON: Yes, like I haven`t had any, like...

LAWRENCE: Was I gentle?

HUTCHERSON: No. It was a little abrasive. It was a little shocking.

TURNER: I love it. Can we talk about the elephant in the room and it`s the hair, of course? What was...

HUTCHERSON: Very little elephant.

LAWRENCE: Tiny elephant.

TURNER: What was the decision? Was it for a role? I do love that.

LAWRENCE: Thank you. No. It was just part of my life. It was at that awkward length. And I just kept putting it back in a bun to get rid of it. And I was like, done with this. I`ll just get rid of this in a big way. Do you love a permanent bun?


LAWRENCE: I do, yes. I`m happy with it. It`s so easy to blow dry. It`s like perfect for my skill level.

TURNER: I had the hair -- when Halle Berry first did it and I was obsessed, I cut it off and I looked like a boy.

LAWRENCE: I kind of feel like I look like Peter Pan a little bit. I`m also slightly OK with that.

HUTCHERSON: I love Peter Pan.

LAWRENCE: It is kind of Peter Pan. Yes. It`s OK. I`m happy with it.


TURNER: Aww, I think she looks great. "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opens on November 22.

Now we are changing gears right now for a story that`s touching just about everybody. No. 7 on the countdown is Amy Robach`s lifesaving on-air cancer discovery. The ABC News correspondent just revealed that she has breast cancer.

Now, the truly incredible think about all this is that Amy discovered her cancer during an on-air mammogram. It was a "Good Morning America" segment promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


ROBIN ROBERTS, HOST, ABC`S "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": Our good friend Amy Robach is here. She has something important to share. Last month you may remember that she took a very brave step live here on "Good Morning America," getting a mammogram. It was part of our Pink Initiative, the whole network going pink. And the floor is yours.

AMY ROBACH, ABC CORRESPONDENT: Thank you very much, Robin. Well, I decided to take one for the team. This was for me about public service, because you know I didn`t really want to have that mammogram. And just a few short weeks later, words I never expected to hear. I was told that I have breast cancer.


TURNER: Wow. It`s so amazing that Amy`s efforts to help save the lives of other women wound up helping her own. Now you have to watch what she said about that to "GMA`s" Robin Roberts. Of course, she triumphed in her own very public battle against breast cancer, Robin did. Watch this.


ROBACH: I had cancer the whole time and I was sitting in that office, and I was saying, "I don`t have a connection to the disease. Should I be the one to do this." And wow. Boy.


TURNER: Wow, boy is right.


TURNER: Inspiring, brave, all of those things. She`s going to have a double mastectomy, as well.

HAMMER: This is definitely something that helps women everywhere.

TURNER: Yes, it does.

HAMMER: All right.

TURNER: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Thank you for that.

Amy Robach may want to take some inspiration from this woman, perhaps. This is amazing. She has become a viral sensation, of course, for getting down to Beyonce in the O.R. just before going under the knife for a double mastectomy. SBT is revealing all about the woman that everyone simply knows as the cancer dancer.

But is that more inspiring than Ellen`s amazing surprise for a waitress who did a very good deed?



DEGENERES: Are you Sarah?


DEGENERES: It`s Ellen. I`m just checking in. What you doing?


HAMMER: The waitress who paid for the lunch of two soldiers on furlough gets a big thanks from Ellen that`s truly life-changing. Will Ellen`s stunning gift be No. 1 on the countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 6, revealing the cancer dancer. You`ve seen the amazing story with a woman getting her groove on to Beyonce right before having a double mastectomy.

Imagine. Now, SBT has incredible new revelations about who this woman really is. Get this: She`s a doctor herself who actually works at this hospital where she got down to Beyonce`s "Get Me Bodied" just moments before she went under the knife.

CNN`s Jeanne Moos has all of the stunning secrets behind this viral hit for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): This is one patient who decided to spread her wings moments before getting a double mastectomy as she fights breast cancer. And she managed to convince most of the surgical team about to operate on her to move to the beat of Beyonce.

The song is "Get Me Bodied." And for six minutes, the bodies in the operating room at Mt. Zion hospital at the University of California, San Francisco, gyrated to it.

How did a patient pull this off? Well, she`s affiliated with the hospital.

(on camera): Deborah, Dr. Deborah Cohen is an ob/gyn who specializes in treating pregnant women with HIV.

(voice-over): But now she was treating herself in what was dubbed "Deb`s OR Flash Mob." She told the Web site Right This Minute...

DEBORAH COHEN, "CANCER DANCER": I was more nervous about how the flash mob was going to go than how the surgery was going to go.

MOOS: But how can you be all smiles before such a scary surgery?

COHEN: Well, dance transforms me.

MOOS (on camera): But Deborah didn`t just dance. She asked her friends and relatives to dance to the same Beyonce song.

(voice-over): Colleagues at San Francisco General sent her a video. So did friends. A stranger did a hoola hoop dance. And this trio was watched by a very calm dog. Though the kid risked hospitalization, their moves were no match for Deborahs. Check out how she swings that sterile sleeve.

As the O.R. dance went viral, posters gushed, "What an inspiration;" "So uplifting;" "Wow! You go, girl!" and "Beyonce, are you watching?" You know she was because Beyonce`s Facebook page posted a link to the video, saying, "Deborah, you are awesome."

But does she feel awesome after being released from the hospital Wednesday?

COHEN: I am doing great.

MOOS: The video ends with hugs and kisses.

COHEN: It`s been an amazing flood of love.

MOOS: And boy, did that hospital gown get a pre-op work out? It takes nerves to dance across the table upon which you`ll soon be unconscious. Said one poster, "I want to know what was in her pre-op IV."



TURNER: Dr. Deb is awesome. That`s one of my favorite videos to see.

HAMMER: I love that, because I`m -- I`d be so nervous that I`d be like "Bring on the anesthesia." Good for her.

All right. Our countdown is about to go into showdown mode. It is Tom Cruise`s brand-new war on the tabloids. Tom`s not putting up with the reports that he claims making movies is as tough as combat in Afghanistan. Did Tom really say that, or are the tabloids twisting his words? Did Tom top the SBT countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now on the "Top Ten Countdown," Tom Cruise`s dirty laundry. Comparing his movie work to that of American war vets? Really? Did Tom really say that? Is he getting raw deal? SBT is setting the record straight.

From homeless to hopeful. It`s the powerful makeover video of a homeless veteran. But what happens next is way more than skin deep.

SBT continues right now.

Welcome back. Thank you for watching. This is so great to be here.


HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer along with Nischelle Turner, who, of course, is the entertainment correspondent for CNN`s "New Day."

TURNER: Thank you for having me, once again, A.J. Let`s get this countdown today top ten must see, must hear stories of the day continuing now with number five. Tom Cruise`s deposition disaster. Cruise was getting flak this Veteran`s Day weekend after a report surfaced that he said making movies is as difficult as serving in Afghanistan. Well, SHOWBIZ did some digging and we learned that Tom just may be getting a raw deal here. Now, with this from Hollywood attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan who represented Kevin Federline`s divorce from Britney Spears. Mark, we`re going to get into what we found out about what Tom really said in a moment. But the headlines from this deposition has not been making him look good. If he were your client, would you advise him to drop this lawsuit before it gets even worse for him?

MARK VINCENT KAPLAN, CELEBRITY ATTORNEY: Well, I think that the last thing you want to do is focus on something that in the eyes of the public, you have no ability to really purge it from them altogether. So, I think that those are tough lawsuits. And I think sometimes they are really filed for the purpose of a punctuation mark of being outraged at something that`s not true rather than expectation of really being able to prevail over the long run.

HAMMER: But the thing is stuff will come out in those depositions that you really hope wouldn`t actually ever get out there. And it really is turning out that the deposition in this lawsuit has turned into one big headache for Tom. Let`s look at how it did.


ALAN DUKE, CNN DIGITAL REPORTER: This is really an ugly defamation lawsuit.

HAMMER: At issue in Tom Cruise`s suit, "In Touch", a life and style magazine claims that he abandoned his daughter Suri to film movies overseas following his flip from Katie Holmes. In the September deposition, publishing company`s attorney asks Cruise about a comment that compared his time away from Suri to a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. Cruise responds, that`s what it feels like. And certainly, on this last movie, it was brutal. It was brutal.

DUKE: You can take a snippet from a deposition, take it out of context and you can infer something that`s not there.

HAMMER: Cruise`s apparent comparison of movie making to war led to an expected backlash. TMZ, "My job is as hard as fighting in Afghanistan." "New York Daily News", "Action Zero." But check out the rest of Tom Cruise`s deposition statement. The publishing company attorney asks Tom pointblank, do you believe that the situations are the same? Tom`s answer. "Oh, come on. You know we`re making a movie."

Tom Cruise`s deposition yielded some other headlines, too. For the first time Cruise answering whether scientology played a role in Katie leaving him. He said, did she say that. That was one of the assertions, yes. And about suggestions, Cruise abandoned Suri he said, I mean, come on. That is absolutely disgusting. That is absolutely disgusting.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, RADAR ONLINE: He said in no one`s terms, this was not true. He loved her and he did not abandon his little daughter.

HAMMER: So, Cruise is learning a lesson that Paula Dean also learned the hard way this year. Depositions can be dangerous territory.


HAMMER: Yeah, Paula Dean was one of the first people I thought of when this whole time Cruise story broke. You know she says something in a deposition that turned out to be far more damaging than anything that was at issue in this lawsuit. Do you kind of see the same thing, Mark, happening here with Tom Cruise?

KAPLAN: Well, sure. The last thing you want to do as a deponent in a lawsuit is to argue your case or defend your answer as to why it`s your answer in a deposition. You would be as a lawyer all over that stopping that question from even having to have been answered. So, you don`t win by trying to explain yourself thinking that once I tell the other side my thinking, of course, they`ll see it my way. That is a huge error and there`s a no win situation in that situation.

HAMMER: No question about that. And I hate what`s happening here, Nischelle. As far as the veterans are concerned. Because number one, it`s Veterans Day that we`ve been celebrating, obviously. And he`s been a huge supporter of veterans and our men and women in the Armed Forces for years. That is well known. So, anything that takes away from that, I think, is a disservice to those men and women as well as to Tom.

TURNER: Exactly. And I was going to - I`m glad you made that point. Because people say a lot of things about Tom Cruise, but what you hear from the people he works with is and people he comes in contact with that he couldn`t be a nicer man.

HAMMER: Correct.

TURNER: And you do hear that from a lot of soldiers that he does a lot for the veterans. So, I`m with you on that one. Let`s turn out, though, from Hollywood battle to a battle that`s playing out on and off the gridiron. You know, what I`m talking about - those allegations of bullying by Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito. Now, Richie`s playing defense now. Yeah, he`s defending himself in his interview against those nasty and racist messages that allegedly he sent to his teammate Jonathan Martin. Now, Incognito is candidly revealing a lot in this interview. His version of what really went down. And it`s number four on the countdown. Incognito`s blind side.


RICHIE INCOGNITO: It sounds like I`m a racist pig. It sounds like I`m a meathead. It sounds like a lot of things that it`s not. And I want to clear the air just by saying I`m a good person.

TURNER: Miami Dolphins` lineman Richie Incognito defending himself against allegations that he bullied his teammate Jonathan Martin.

INCOGNITO: I`ve taken stuff too far and I didn`t know it was hurting him.

TURNER: Incognito explained the threatening voice message he left for Martin, which reportedly said, in part, "Hey, what`s up you half n-word piece of blank. I`m going to slap your real mother across the face. Laughter. And you`re still a rookie. I`ll kill you."

INCOGNITO: I`m embarrassed by it. I`m embarrassed by my actions. But what I want people to know is, the way Jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and how our teammates, how we communicate, it`s vulgar. It`s not right. When the words are put in the context, I understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised, but people don`t know how Jon and I communicate to one another.

TURNER: Incognito chalked up his use of the N-word to locker room rapport.

INCOGNITO: I`m not a racist. And to judge me by that one word is wrong. There`s a lot of colorful words thrown around a lock room that we don`t use in everyday life. The fact of the matter that means, though, that that voicemail was left on a private voicemail for my friend and it was a joke.

TURNER: Incognito said he and Martin have exchanged 1,142 text messages in the past year and continued to communicate as the scandal plays out.

INCOGNITO: He texted me and said, I don`t blame you, guys. I blame some stuff in the lock room, I blame the culture. I blame what was going on around me. And when all this stuff got going, swirling and bullying got attached to it. And my name got attached to it. I just texted to him as a friend, I was like, what`s up with this man? And he said it`s not coming from me. I haven`t said anything to anybody. And I`m like, you know, OK. As his best friend on the team, that`s what has me miffed. How I missed this. And I never saw it. I never saw it coming.

TURNER: Of course, so, all eyes are on the Dolphins as they play Monday night football. Richie and Jonathan, of course, not playing. But they`re still the ones people are talking about. And people are asking who do you believe? So, back with us in New York is TV personality and Pocket Protein founder Mark Long.

Now, Mark, you know, this was a very candid interview that Richie did, but not altogether apologetic, I guess. What`s your take on this?

MARK LONG, FOUNDER POCKET PROTEIN: This is a slippery slope. And I think the story is going to get even crazier as we go down the line here, but the people from outside looking in, they think he`s disgusting, he`s a racist. But then you go inside the locker room, even the players of color, and they say that`s just the culture and what not - and however, you look at it, it`s still a work environment. And I feel like it`s inappropriate. So, I feel like this guy for all the apologizing he`s trying to do, it`s just going to be a real big mess as the thing unfolds. And he`s just - he`s coming up with the raw deal. Ad I think he knows it and he should come up with the raw deal because it`s inappropriate.

TURNER: And late today there was a report from ESPN that said Jonathan Martin feels like he`s not going to come back to the Dolphins at all. But he still wants to play NFL, but he doesn`t think he could ever do it with the Dolphins. Again, some people say the same thing about Richie Incognito. Do you think either of them will ever play for that team again?

LONG: Well, definitely, Martin - I mean either people at the lock room have kind of made him be the bad guy at the moment. That`s how it`s getting played out.


LONG: Yeah, getting played out in the press. As far as incognito, I don`t know. The culture of the NFL is so - it`s almost like a fraternity. And things .

TURNER: It is.

LONG: The rules - the rules are a little different. So, even Mike Ditka said I`d get rid of the bully and the baby.

TURNER: And the baby.

LONG: He saw that.

TURNER: He said that yesterday.

LONG: So, people see it a lot differently, especially if you played football and (inaudible) an environment and the people who haven`t. So, it`s going to be interesting how it plays out.

HAMMER: He didn`t take his pocket protein, which makes you a nicer person.


LONG: Yes! Would have evened him out.

HAMMER: But this is classic Hollywood spin control. It`s classic spin control anywhere in the spotlight when you really screw up like he did. And now, he does this big interview.

TURNER: Right.

HAMMER: And you were saying he didn`t seem apologetic enough. And, of course, it did feel very rehearsed and the talking points were all laid out there. Do you think this is really going to get him the help that he hoped it would?

TURNER: Well, I think it`s interesting that you said that, because we heard the term locker room culture from him over and over again, and some people say - were saying was he deflecting the blame off me so if a lawsuit comes up it`s about the lock room culture and not me. I have one player that I spoke with yesterday who said I felt like I was watching Richie Cunningham, not Richie Incognito because they didn`t feel like that was the guy .

HAMMER: That sounded like an excuse. All right, Mark, thanks for having me here.

TURNER: Mark, thank you.

HAMMER: And we move on out to Ellen`s extraordinary new surprise. So, you saw that she gave the New Hampshire waitress $10,000 for this great act of kindness. She picked up a check for two soldiers. Now, Ellen`s got something else up her sleeve. Favorite - you`ve got us in.


ELLEN DEGENERES: Hello. Hey, Sarah.

SARAH: Yeah.

DEGENERES: It`s Ellen. I`m just checking in. What are you doing?


DEGENERES: Ellen handed for it for the millions tower. And wait until you see Jessica Simpson revealing her post-baby body. Looking amazed. That`s not the picture, though. Wait till you see the one we`re going to show you. It`s killer. But will it take number one? This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: All right, we`re back with our top ten countdown. Our big reveal of what is number one coming up in just a few minutes.

TURNER: I`m so ready for it. But first, we are going to give you a big number three, another surprise by Ellen for that New Hampshire waitress who picked up the $27 lunch tab of two soldiers during the government shutdown not too long ago. Well, Ellen invited Sarah Hoidahl onto her show and thanked her with a tip. A $10,000 tip. Now, wait until you see what Ellen has done again.

HAMMER: TV personality Mark Long, who is the founder of Pocket Protein is back with us. And Mark, you`ve got to watch this. It`s what Sarah told us she would do with the money when she was right here on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Roll it.


SARAH HOIDAHL: I have medical bills that I`m going to pay off. Student loan. I have some debt to pay. I have some - I owe Ashton, my son`s daycare some money. And I actually do plan on donating some of it to the New Hampshire Chaplain Emergency Relief Fund. And also, I don`t have a car. So, hopefully I buy a car.

TURNER: Oh, I mean good Lord!

HAMMER: She`s got all this going on. Yet she still bought a meal for these two furloughed soldiers. I have so much admiration for this woman for juggling so much.

LONG: This is why I love Ellen and I love her show. I feel like when it`s that time of the day you want something refreshing and positive. And Ellen delivers every day and every week. It`s a great story. And you`ll see - just what she does next is incredible.

TURNER: Well, you eluded to it, because you just heard Sarah say, well, I really need a car. I think I might buy a car with this.

HAMMER: I wonder what she sees.

TURNER: What do you think will happen next? I just want you guys to watch.


DEGENERES: I heard a lot of that is going to go towards - or some of it is going to a car that you and your mom share, right?

SARAH: Yeah. Yeah. We do.

DEGENERES: How is that car doing?


SARAH: I mean it`s got four wheels and it gets us from point A to point B.

DEGENERES: Oh, that`s right, I don`t have it. Genie, will you give it to her? I forgot, I gave it to genie.

UF: Oh, yeah, sure. Here we go.

This is from Ellen!

DEGENERES: Those are keys to your brand new car!



TURNER: I love a surprise!


TURNER: She`s bawling.

HAMMER: Right away.

TURNER: I love it. I love it. Now, Kim Coles who is an actress and comedian from ABC Family`s "Baby Daddy" back with us in Hollywood. Kim, you know, you`ve got to hope that Sarah story inspires others to simply pay it forward, right?

KIM COLES, COMEDIAN GUEST STARS ON ABC FAMILY`S "BABY DADDY": Absolutely. You know, you do good in the world and you never know who is watching. And you don`t do it so that you get some sort of reward, the reward is doing good in the world. But I love that Ellen was watching or someone told Ellen about this and gave this waitress just the surprise of her life. I think it`s awesome. I think it`s awesome.

HAMMER: Having spoken to her once, I can tell you, she is so deserving of anything that she`s been getting. I can`t wait till Tuesday because Sarah is going to be right here on SBT at 6:00 P.M. Eastern and again at 11:00 P.M.

TURNER: Look at you! All right. You got the big guests.

Now, here we`re down to number two on the count down. A Simpson stunner. I can`t wait to see. Jessica Simpson. Wow. This new picture showing off her post-baby body. It`s a beautiful new photo, it comes from her new Weight Watchers commercial shoot. And she, of course, is thrilled by this. She tweeted "Couldn`t stop smiling onset for my new ad Weight Watchers campaign today. Hashtag happy. Hashtag, you look good, girl." Kim, I can`t blame her - look at this, two kids in. And look at this body here. She looks fantastic, right?

COLES: She looks awesome. And here`s the bad news about being Hollywood mom, is that so much pressure is put on you to lose the weight. And lose the weight right away. I love that Weight Watchers chose this girl who is a wonderful role model and said let`s give you this plan. Weight Watchers works. And so, it`s simple. They give her the support that she needed and she lost the weight healthfully and the right way. She looks awesome.

HAMMER: We have to keep in mind that Jessica had to get rid of the Weight Watchers program or at least put it aside when she was pregnant with her second child Ace. And the report was that Weight Watchers got a little nervous. But Mark, you take a look at her now. I know that they are cheering that they kept her on. Come on.

LONG: And the crazy thing is she admits she gained 60 to 80 pounds per pregnancy. That`s incredible for her to lose that amount of weight. She looks like Daisy Duke from "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie in that picture. It looks like this was from years ago. So, she looks incredible, she`s such a pretty girl. And she`s got such a wholesome kind of personality. I love that they chose her again. And she looks great.

TURNER: Can I be the vain one? She`s got the best legs in the business.

LONG: And her smile .

TURNER: Yeah! I do love how honest she is, too. Because she once told "Us" magazine that, "I`m just one like" - Mark mentioned - "I`m just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight. I have really big boobs. I have curves. Even trying as hard as I did with Ace, I still gained definitely not as much as with Maxwell, but still, a significant amount."

Now, Kim, there are plenty of women in America - I`m one of them that can relate to her with that weight battle. Are you with me here?

COLES: I`m with you and I`ve never even had a baby.


COLES: And I know - I don`t even have that excuse. So, maybe Weight Watchers will hook me up too. But I do know that it`s a plan that works. It`s not about working it fast, it`s not about a fad diet. It`s about teaching you how to eat properly and how to eat well .

TURNER: Please.

COLES: And how to lose the weight the right way.

TURNER: Hook Kim up!

COLES: I`m listening!

TURNER: Hook Her up, Weight Watchers! Thank you, Mark, thank you, Kim.

HAMMER: All right. It`s all come down to this. What will be the number one must see - must hear story of the day? Our big reveal is next. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: It is that time to reveal number one on our top ten countdown. The ultimate salute.


HAMMER: Such a great story. Jim Wolf is a veteran of the United States Army.

TURNER: You know, he`s also homeless and he is an alcoholic. Now, Jim just got a shot at turning his life around and millions of people around the world are cheering him on. That`s because of this viral video of Jim getting a massive makeover from scruffy to chic. The story could have ended there, but it`s Jim`s reaction that has everyone blinking back tears. It`s our number one story on the top ten countdown.


TURNER: That`s a hug for you. Jim has been so inspired by what he saw in that mirror that he is now going to alcoholics anonymous. He`s also finding a home where he lives in Michigan. And if you`re wondering who shot this video, it was created by a group that helps homeless veterans just like Jim.

It gives me goose bumps every time I see this, A.J.

HAMMER: No, it`s extraordinary. And we obviously have to thank our veterans right now, but we also have to thank the people who provide services like this .

TURNER: Absolutely.

HAMMER: for our veterans because they make a world of difference as well.

TURNER: A good point. Thank you, Jim and thank you for your service, sir.

HAMMER: All right, as we move on, coming up next we have Beyonce`s beautiful .



BEYONCE (singing): To the left, to the left - one, two, three, four.


HAMMER: Did I say diet? I meant duet. Queen of B with the ultimate whispering young fan, singing with her in concert. In a magical moment of awesomeness. Next. It`s the SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for our moment of awesomeness. Now, Beyonce has not only been sharing her music with millions on her world tour right now. She`s been sharing herself.

TURNER: She really has, A.J.

HAMMER: Yes, giving it all.

TURNER: She`s been jumping into this selfies and face time sessions with audience members. One interaction in Australia is simply going to melt your heart. Beyonce mega-fan Sophie is legally blind, she`s also got other physical limitations. But despite that, the 13-year old has a huge heart and has raised more than $1000 for others in need, all by herself. Her sister sent Beyonce a video about the special little girl and on her latest show, well, Ms. Beyonce gave Sophie the shot of her young life. Beyonce asked her to sing along to "Irreplaceable" with her. Watch this.


BEYONCE: Sophie, I think I need you to help me sing this song. Do you think you can sing "To the Left?" Sing. "To the left, to the left, one, two, three, four."


BEYONCE: One more time, Sophie. Sing!

SOPHIE: To the left, to the left!


BEYONCE (singing)


TURNER: Look at this joy on her face.

HAMMER: Yes. Do you think she will ever forget that moment?

TURNER: Never!

HAMMER: I don`t think she would!

TURNER: I won`t forget it and I wasn`t even there.


HAMMER: So, thank you for watching. And thank you for watching, you can catch "SBT" every Monday through Thursday at 6:00 P.M. Eastern and 11:00 P.M. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.