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Charlie Sheen`s Kids in Crisis?; Tom Cruise Sues Magazines for Calling Him an Absentee Dad; YouTube Baby Announcement Goes Viral; Kerry Washington`s Eating Disorder; The Nurses at the Children`s Hospital used "The Brave" Song to Keep up Patients` Spirits; New Ad for the Motorcycle Shop Pictures Only Men

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "Top Ten Countdown," Charlie Sheen`s kids in crisis. Charlie`s 4-year-old twins reportedly torture family pets and their siblings. But tonight, it`s Charlie that might be in big trouble.


JALENE TAYLOR, MOTHER TO BE (RAPPING): Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at?

LINCOLN TAYLOR, FATHER TO BE: Seriously honey, where is the baby?

J. TAYLOR: Right in here. See?


HAMMER: From baby joy to viral sensation. It`s that baby announcement that`s making all others bow down. Well, tonight the rapping parents are right here with the story behind the best baby video ever. SBT starts right now.

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you so much for catching. I`m here with my guest co-host tonight, Natasha Curry, the anchor of "WEEKEND EXPRESS" here on HLN. Good to see you, Natasha.

NATASHA CURRY, CO-HOST: You too, A.J. What`s up.

You know, we`re kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories with No. 10. Charlie`s war goes nuclear. There are dramatic and -- I`ve got to say -- really disturbing new developments tonight in Charlie Sheen`s battle with his ex, Brooke Mueller, over their two children. Now, Charlie`s ex-wife, Denise Richards, is making some very chilling claims, A.J.

HAMMER: That`s right, Natasha. Denise has been caring for the boys while Brooke got help for her reported substance abuse issues. Both TMZ and Radar reported today that Denise wrote a letter to child services, saying that the boys have gotten so out of control she can`t have them around anymore.

Vinnie Politan, the co-host of HLN`s "AFTER DARK" is with us tonight. Vinnie, I want to watch together what Charlie just told "TMZ Live" about what happens when his boys are with Brooke. Let`s look.


CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: When they leave for the visits with her, they`re fine. And when they come back they`re completely incorrigible. They`re completely -- there`s no logic. There`s no rationale. They throw stuff at the girls. They kick the dogs. They attack Denise. It`s Jekyll and Hyde behavior that is a direct result from the visits at Brooke`s house.


HAMMER: Obviously, a terrible thing to be happening, if it is happening, Vinnie. If what Charlie is alleging here is true, it does seem to me that these boys should be prevented from going anywhere near Brooke.

VINNIE POLITAN, HOST, HLN`S "AFTER DARK": Yes, but what Charlie also said in that interview, he talked about the fact that the reports are glowing from family services. So without some sort of backup to these allegations -- and he even sort of admits there that "I don`t have 100 percent proof of what exactly is going on there."

The other part of this, though, is A.J., these children, 4 years old now, the twins. So they`re starting to get to the age where they`ll be able to start communicating exactly what`s going on, and that may be the best way to get to the bottom of all this.

HAMMER: I don`t know if this serves as the back-up that you`re talking about, Vinnie, but Denise wrote this really unbelievable letter that was tough for me to even read, particularly as an animal lover, in which she says to child services that Charlie`s boys are being physically abusive to her and her daughters, and Natasha, this is some really disturbing stuff in this letter.

CURRY: Yes. It really is, A.J. The letter was reportedly sent to L.A.`s Department of Children and Family Services. And Denise reportedly says that Charlie`s boys are out of control. Quote, "Mine and Charlie`s daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on. Myself and anyone around them have also experienced this. The boys have also been waking up with nightmares. It`s become unsafe in my home at times with their behavior. I can`t risk anything happening to my daughters or anyone else in my home. For that I have to step aside at this time," A.J. And so some really chilling things coming from her.

HAMMER: You know, we thought it was a great thing that Denise Richards was actually stepping in. How magnanimous that she was going to take care of the kids that Charlie had with Brooke.

Entertainment journalist Maggie Furlong joins me from Hollywood right now. Maggie, things have to be extraordinarily desperate for Denise to effectively say, "You know what? I give up. I can`t watch Charlie`s boys anyone."

MAGGIE FURLONG, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Well, yes, and I think the things that she`s saying are big indicators of what`s happening. They`re abusive toward animals. They`re abusive to her daughters. They`re abusive to her. They`re tearing things up. They`re having nightmares. These aren`t kid just being bad and lashing out. These are kids who are obviously very confused.

I mean, think what it must be like. They leave their mom. They don`t go to their dad. They go to their dad`s ex-wife and his three other daughters from different marriages and adoptions. It`s got to be weighing on them, and obviously, they`re acting out because of it. So I feel sad for these boys.

HAMMER: And Charlie pretty much backed up what Denise is reportedly saying about his boys in this interview with "TMZ Live." He said that ever since they started having more of these visits with their mother, Brooke Mueller, they`ve been out of control. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How badly damaged are these kids?

SHEEN: They`re basically telling us that if the behavior does not improve, they`re going to have to be removed from the school that they`re at and probably homeschooled with somebody with a military background.


HAMMER: OK. Vinnie, help me sort this out here. Because you mentioned that the Department of Children and Family Services has given glowing reports. Charlie says that that same department is dragging their feet. He`s really ticked off at them and saying they`re not doing enough.

So now that this dispute has gone public, do you think that children services, who typically does not go public with these sorts of things, do you think they need to step up and defend themselves?

POLITAN: Well, I think what they need to do is step up the investigation. I mean, if this is the behavior, they need to figure out the cause of the behavior. Is it just being in the middle of this terrible battle? Or is it -- is one parent or another to blame for all this behavior that`s being alleged?

So I think that`s where it really has to go. It has to go towards the investigation into what is causing the children to act this way. And that`s where you need the experts, the child psychologists who can speak to these children and perhaps get it from them, now that they`re 4 years old.

HAMMER: And meanwhile, all this is allegedly going on right next door to Charlie`s house, where Brooke lives. It`s just that he has some kind of an order in place where he`s not even allowed in that house.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out today to all the parties involved. Charlie Sheen`s rep told us, quote, "No comment." And we didn`t hear back from Denise Richards and Brooke by our deadline. But Natasha, it is just an extraordinary thing to have seen, this interplay, especially involving Charlie Sheen, who prior to this, was the one who seemed to be causing all the problems.

CURRY: Yes, A.J. Definitely. Needless to say, we`re all hoping for the best for these children, for sure.

Well, a war over another big star`s child is next in our countdown of must- see, must-share stories. At No. 9, don`t dare even call Tom Cruise an absentee dad. Cruise is suing the publisher of "Life + Style" and "InTouch" magazine for reporting that he abandoned his daughter Suri following his divorce from actress Katie Holmes.

Well, today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT obtained Tom`s declaration. And in it, Cruise says, "I have in no way cut Suri out of my life, whether it`s physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise, even during the times when I was working overseas and was not able to see Suri in person. We were and continue to be extremely close."

So Vinnie, what do you think about this? A $50 million lawsuit. Is it excessive or do you think Cruise actually stands a chance to win this thing?

POLITAN: Well, I think Tom Cruise is serious about this. And you know, this is the -- someone of his stature has the ability to take on a big company like this, a big publisher like this and take it very seriously. The bottom line here of him being a public figure makes it more difficult to get past the judge to the jury. But if Tom Cruise gets in front of a jury, advantage Tom Cruise.

CURRY: Yes, and he`s taken on tabloids before, so he does have some experience in that, anyway. But Maggie, what do you think about this? How do you take it all?

FURLONG: I mean, you kind of hope in a case like this sets a precedent. Obviously, he`s got the name, the star power and the money to file this lawsuit. But you hope that it sort of lets these tabloids know that kids should not be fair game. Just because their parents are famous, no matter what the situation is, you have to feel bad for Suri in all of this. She`s at the age where she understands what`s going on. She understands her parents are famous. Paparazzi follow them everywhere. He`s trying to be a good dad.

He claims he`s never cut her out. I just think the story needs to remain away from Suri and more about, OK, Tom is just saying back off from kids in general.

CURRY: Yes, you make a great point. I`m always concerned, too, about the kids.

And we should note also, guys, that the publisher, the magazine`s publisher, is fighting back. It`s reportedly filed papers of its own, claiming that Cruise was away from Suri for a significant amount of time while filming.

But they might have an uphill fight with Cruise. Over the years, he has successfully sued multiple parties for salacious reports about his marriages, his sex life. Vinnie, do you think the publisher of "Life + Style" and "InTouch," should they be worried?

POLITAN: I don`t know if they were. I think this is business as usual for them. And the bottom line, though, is they have to be careful if this thing gets in front of a jury, because the numbers could be astronomical. Because it`s about deterrence. The only way to deter behavior like this in the future is to hit them hard and hit them in the pocketbook, and that`s what they`re going to be going for.

CURRY: We`ll see how it all shakes out. Vinnie, Maggie, guys, thank you so much -- A.J.

HAMMER: Yes. I hear Tom Cruise getting involved in any kind of a lawsuit that involves any kind of a tabloid, Natasha, and I have to say you don`t mess around with Tom Cruise, because he does have a proven track record with this stuff. And he`s not going to fight them unless he has something to back him up.

CURRY: Yes. He has a ton of pull in Hollywood, so we`ll see what happens.

HAMMER: All right. As we move on tonight, we have Kerry Washington`s disturbing revelation to talk about. The "Scandal" star talks about her past binge eating until she passed out. Wow. Tonight Kerry`s eating disorder confession.

Plus, this baby announcement really kicks all others in the Pampers.


J. TAYLOR: Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at?

L. TAYLOR: Seriously honey, where is the baby?

J. TAYLOR: Right in here. See?


HAMMER: This is just as good as a "Saturday Night Live" digital short, if you ask me. But it`s by two stoked parents who just wanted to share their baby joy. Very cool. Well, look at this, they rapping parents are right here tonight. They`re going to talk about their viral video fame and what made them want to break the news this way.

We`re just getting warmed up on the countdown. What`s going to be No. 1 tonight?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our "Top Ten Countdown." We are now at No. 8. It is Kristin Bell and the dogs versus the babies.

HAMMER: Yes, A.J. The "House of Lies" actress says that she loves being a mommy now, but when she was pregnant she just wasn`t feeling that mother/baby bond.

You know, I can kind of relate, because yes, they do look kind of like aliens a little bit in ultrasounds and everything. But she says that it was so bad she was actually scared that she might not love her baby as much as she loves her dogs.

And Kristen opened up about what she went through in a brand-new interview with "Fare" magazine. But she`s now admitting everything did change -- don`t worry -- when the baby girl arrived. She says that her hormones reset and reprogrammed her feelings. And now there`s no one she would rather spend time with than her 7-month-old baby girl, Lincoln. What a cute name.

But I can totally relate. Kind of like instinct kicks in, in that moment.

And that, my friends, takes us to No. 7 on our "Top Ten Countdown." You are about to meet the hippest parents-to-be ever. Now, check out this hilarious over-the-top video made to announce to their family and friends that they`re preggo.


J. TAYLOR: Feeling sick to my stomach and burping all day. The little bundle of joy will be arriving in May.

It`s the Taylor baby. It`s the Taylor baby. It`s the Taylor baby.

L. TAYLOR: It`s the Taylor baby. It`s the Taylor baby. It`s the Taylor baby.

J. TAYLOR: Is it a girl or a boy or a sailor (ph) baby.

It`s the Taylor baby. It`s the Taylor baby.

L. TAYLOR: It`s the Taylor baby. It`s the Taylor baby.


CURRY: Yes. She actually takes a pee break right in the middle. All you preggo moms know exactly what that`s like. Step aside, Nick and Mariah. Move over, Bey and Jay. Jalene and Lincoln Taylor are busting out the baby rhymes. Here they are from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Guys, hilarious. And by the way, congratulations on your baby on the way. So Lincoln, I`ve got to know. Your video has gone crazy viral. Whose idea was it?

J. TAYLOR: It was kind of my idea. I kind of thought of something crazy we did at our wedding, too. We surprised our family and friends with a crazy dance then, too. So it`s just kind of always been our nature. So I one night was like, "We should do a funny rap video." And he was kind of hesitant at first. But he totally ended up stealing the show, and like I`m a terrible rapper. So...

CURRY: Yes, I mean, it was -- You were funny, though. You`re not the greatest rappers, but frankly, that`s what makes it so hilarious.

But I love that you don`t even hold back in it. You take a pee break, as I said. Check this out.



J. TAYLOR: Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at?

L. TAYLOR: Seriously, honey, where is the baby?

J. TAYLOR: It`s right in here. See?

L. TAYLOR: Oh, please.

I work hard bringing bacon and making dough to turn this party of two into a three-man show. If it`s a cute baby girl or a cute baby boy, got a bun in the oven and we`re overjoyed.


CURRY: Jalene, the straight look on your face totally cracks me up. But you`re dancing, making up crazy rhymes. You`re even making it rain bills. But how did everyone respond when you guys dropped the big news?

L. TAYLOR: Well, our family and friends, who this video was initially made for just loved it. They had a blast with it, as have we. And mostly, they`re just excited for the news. I mean, it`s about having a baby, and that`s what we`re most excited about. And friends and family reach out. Mostly friends from high school that we haven`t talked to in years that are congratulating us. So it`s been -- it`s been fun. People have loved it.

CURRY: That`s awesome. Yes. Cool way to reconnect with your buddies. I mean, I would guess, though, that after your wedding, like you said, your family and friends, they expected something like this from you, this video to announce your baby?


L. TAYLOR: Yes. Those who know us aren`t surprised as much. I mean, I think other people may think it`s maybe a little weird. But those who know us know it`s in our nature to do something like this, for sure.

CURRY: How in the world, then, Jalene, how are you guys going to top this? Once the baby arrives, I mean, what are you going to do? The pressure is on.

J. TAYLOR: We haven`t -- we haven`t really thought about that.

L. TAYLOR: We think we`re going to retire after this video. This is it for us. We may have some pictures at the birth. But I think our video days are behind us.

CURRY: We`ll see. You might be -- you might be two stars. Let`s take a look at more of it. Look.


J. TAYLOR: Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at? Where my babies at?

L. TAYLOR: Seriously, honey, where is the baby?

J. TAYLOR: It`s right here, see.

L. TAYLOR: Oh, please.

I work hard bringing bacon and making dough to turn this party of two into a three-man show.


CURRY: So Jalene, with this brand-new announcement -- enough of that -- people are buzzing all over the Internet about it. In fact, J.H. Pape (ph) posts this on the Huffington Post Web site, saying, "It`s obvious they are super happy. Their joy is infectious." And YouTube viewer Elena (ph) says, "Cute. I can`t imagine all the cute stuff you`ll do when your baby actually arrives."

So that`s a great point, Jalene. Your kid will have fun. But to Elena`s (ph) point, what you got up your sleeve? I mean, what are you doing to do?

L. TAYLOR: You`ll have to wait and see.

J. TAYLOR: Yes. We`ll have -- we`ll have, I guess, six more months to think about it.

CURRY: OK, I hate to -- I hate to jump into this, but I mean, Lincoln, what about twins or baby No. 2 in the future? You might just want to jump into the music biz, if you pop out some more.

L. TAYLOR: You know, that`s a good possibility. Like I said, keep -- stay tuned.

CURRY: All right. Jalene and Lincoln, guys, thank you so much.

So A.J., I`m thinking about their registry list. All you need is, I think, a little bit of beer, a little bit of espresso and, you know, the basics: baby wipes.

HAMMER: I`m just concerned. People keep raising the bar. I don`t know what to do now with anything, if I`m going to go do a video that`s extraordinary for YouTube.

All right. As we move on tonight, what I`m about to tell you is true. Five drunk French guys steal a llama from the circus and then they go out and go all crazy like the "Hangover" movie.


ZACK GALIFIANAKIS, ACTOR/COMEDIAN: There is a tiger in the bathroom.


HAMMER: Yes. You think that scene was wild from "The Hangover." Well, wait until you see what happens with Serge, the llama.

Plus, it is possibly the most incredibly beautiful ad that was ever created. In fact, you`re not even going to care one bit about what Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey are selling. Will the super-hot A-listers top our countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Well, right now on the must-see, must-share countdown, there`s a story about Serge.

CURRY: Yes, Serge, mind you, is a llama. It was stolen from the circus by five drunk guys in France. This is for real. This sounds like a joke, but boy does Serge have a story to tell. And with that, the "Top Ten Countdown" continues with No. 6, Serge`s wild and crazy night. Here`s CNN`s Erin McLaughlin with what went down.


ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Like a stunt straight out of "The Hangover."

GALIFIANAKIS: There`s a tiger in the bathroom.

MCLAUGHLIN: Or the sequel or "Hangover 3."

GALIFIANAKIS: My name`s Allen and I bought a giraffe.

MCLAUGHLIN: Except this time it was a llama, and it happened for real in France.

A group of five guys got together for a night out, had a few too many drinks and stole a llama named Serge. They posted the photos on Twitter.

Matthew (ph) was there when it happened. He says he and his friends broke into the circus and loaded Serge onto the first tram out. They paraded him through the streets of Bordeaux before they were eventually caught by French police.

And this has happened before. Australia 2012, after a drunken evening spent swimming with the dolphins at Sea World, two guys stole a penguin named Dirk.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just woke up and just panicked. Went to get changed, and there was a penguin in my cupboard.

MCLAUGHLIN: In the end they were fined about $1,000 each.

The guys in France were lucky. No charges were filed. No fines. The llama is back at the circus. His owner says no harm done. That is, until the next big bachelor party.


CURRY: Oh, my gosh. That`s crazy. And A.J., I was reading, apparently, they were trying to coax a zebra out of its pen but he was onto them and didn`t do it. And the train conductor noticed there was a llama on board.

HAMMER: Listen, the fact that these guys weren`t charged with anything really actually ticks me off. I mean, it seems amusing and all, it really does, that they took a llama out.


HAMMER: Really, really bad thing to do. And I hope somebody takes care of them for doing that. Maybe karma.

Let`s move on now to Kerry Washington`s personal pain. She is on top of the world right now, but Kerry says she struggled for years with binge eating and extreme workouts.

Plus, strike a pose. Flipping the script on sexy motorcycle ads. These guys trade their biker gear for hot pants. Tonight, we speak to the guys behind these brilliant ads for Ducati Motorcycles to find out why they did it.

What`s going to be No. 1? This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown." Kerry`s eating disorder confessions. Kerry Washington`s stunning revelation about her past binge eating until she passed out.

Also this...


NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: You know what? You don`t have to tell me what you`d say to Sara Bareilles. Because guess who`s with us tonight, guys? Sara Bareilles. Can you see her? I love it.


HAMMER: This is so cool. Sara`s surprise. Nurses and kids at a Minnesota cancer ward belt out the Sara Bareilles song "Brave." It becomes a heart- tugging viral hit. And then we surprise them with Sara right here on SBT.

Sexy red bikes, sexy red pumps and farmer tans? Are those Ducati motorcycle ads just as hot when guys are the sex kittens? We are speaking with the guys behind the brilliant ads that turn the tables on what sexy really is.

Which must-see, must-share story is going to top our countdown? SBT continues right now. .

Welcome back. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-host Natasha Curry, the anchor of "Weekend Express" here on HLN.

CURRY: Hey. A.J., we kind of go to the top ten month - the (INAUDIBLE) story for the day. Now, we are at number five with Kerry Washington`s heartbreak and happiness. That`s what the new issue of "People" magazine calling it. People digging into Kerry`s past and revealing how the "Scandal" star overcame her hardest years ever.

HAMMER: Joining us now, Charlotte Triggs. She is the staff editor for So, this people story brings up Kerry`s past revelation that she had this eating disorder back in 2007. She told "Essence" magazine that she used food to cope. I want to read a bit of what she said. "It was my best friend. I`d eat anything and everything sometimes until I passed out. I would tell people I was at the library but instead go to the gym and exercise for hours and hours. There was a lot of guilt and a lot of shame." Charlotte, I have to tell you as a huge Kerry Washington and scandal fan this really shocked me to hear. How did she beat the disorder?

CHARLOTTE TRIGGS, STAFF EDITOR, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Yeah, well, this was really shocking. She had a dance instructor that actually helped her get treatment. She went to therapy, she really relied on mediation, and also on just - working with a nutritionist. And these days, her Pilate`s instructor actually told her that she eats really clean and healthy and she takes care of her body. So, she`s much - in a much better place.

HAMMER: Yeah, I mean obviously she`s doing great in terms of her career. She`s married, of course, to a former San Francisco`s 49er quarterback - cornerback. But I know she`s super private. Did she tip you guys off about anything?

TRIGGS: Well, she is extremely private. And when you ask her about her marriage, about baby on the way she really doesn`t want to talk about it. She`ll say she feels very blessed in all areas of her life. And of course, that includes her career, which is hotter than ever. But, you know, she`s really had a landmark year with the marriage, which was secret. People didn`t even know she has been dating him for three years. And then, of course, now there`s a baby on the way. Sources have told us/

HAMMER: Now, as far as that baby news that you mentioned - which there is no baby news yet. But would she even come public with that. I mean what do you think her M.O. is going to be, if, in fact, she is pregnant or when she gets pregnant? Because she will keep that, I imagine, to herself as long as she can.

TRIGGS: Right. Well, she`s, you know, not going to speak publicly about it. But we have learned that it`s true, she is expecting a baby in the spring. And, you know, her M.O. is really not to talk about it. She said if you talk about the good stuff, you`ve got to talk about the bad stuff and that`s something she`s not willing to do anymore.

HAMMER: Well, she, of course, plays Olivia Pope, a crisis expert on "Scandal" and she really has - had to endure her own personal crisis in her real life. She really is changed a lot, it seems, over the time since this was happening in her life when she was experiencing this eating disorder and exercising so much.

TRIGGS: Right. From the time she was in college and she was dealing with this eating disorder and then later when she had this very public break up with David Moscow, you know, she really used to be a lot more open about it and talk about all her feelings and these experiences. She felt like she was kind of burned by doing that. And that`s part of the reason why she shut down. And apparently she and Nnamdi are both equally private. In fact, when he first got drafted to the Oakland Raiders, he didn`t even tell people. He just suddenly showed up with a fancy car.

HAMMER: There you go! And there it is. Some people live their lives that way and it works for her. Charlotte Triggs, thank you so much. And that was your "People" magazine on newsstands on Friday. Take it. And Natasha, I mean Olivia Pope, I always refer to her, but Kerry is one of my favorite stars in Hollywood right now. This makes me love her even more knowing what she`s had to be .

CURRY: Right. Right. I mean in Hollywood the pressure is so great, just to look at certain way. But I mean she`s got a baby, maybe, on the way. Look at me like the proud (INAUDIBLE) you are wanting to be.


HAMMER: The same baby is on the way. What do I know?

CURRY: She could be in the first trimester, so maybe she holds a secret.

HAMMER: All, right. Let`s move on right now to number four on our "Countdown." It`s an "SBT" exclusive that has gone viral. It`s the big surprise that we gave a very brave cancer patient and her nurses at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children Hospital. The nurses created a music video cover of the Sara Bareilles` smash hit "Brave" to keep the patient`s spirits up. Well, our Nischelle Turner spoke with nurses, Natalie Snyder and Brittany Bloemke, but we`re joined by Sara Ewald, one of the patients seen in the video. You`ve got to watch how this played out when we surprised them with Sara Bareilles!

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You know, it`s one of those things you watch it and you really do run the gamut of emotions. You love, you cry, you cheer, you have tears all of them. Sarah, you`re battling cancer for now the second time. We see you in the video. You remove your wig, you dance. It`s just pure joy. Can we watch - Let`s watch a little bit of that.


TURNER: Such a great moment. Now, Sara you seem really inspired by the Sara Bareilles song. So, if you could talk to her about why she made this song, what would you say to her if you could talk to her?

SARAH EWALD: I mean my message is, it is a really inspiring song for many different reasons. And I mean it can be inspiring to anyone, no matter what you are going through.

TURNER: But Sarah, Sarah, hold on, hold on second. Can you hold on one second for me? Hold on one second, because .


TURNER: You know what - you don`t have to tell me what you`d say to Sara Bareilles because guess who is with us tonight, guys? Sara Bareilles. Can you see her?


EWALD: I love it. Say hello, everybody.


EWALD: Hi, Sara.


TURNER: Oh, gosh. I love this. I love seeing the joy. Now, Sarah, I want to ask you - because you were just telling me what you would say to Sara Bareilles. So, if you can compose yourself a little bit. Why don`t you continue and tell Sara Bareilles what she would say about what this song means to you.

EWALD: It means a lot to all of us. It kind of like gets some positive energy going, which helps a lot to everything.

TURNER: Now, Sara, Sarah and Sara Bareilles, we`ve got two Sarahs here. So, I`m going to alienate who I`m talking to. Sara Bareilles, what do you have to say to these ladies about what they did with your song and making this video?

SARA BAREILLES: You know, I will send this video by a friend of a friend who lives in Minnesota. And - and it show me, I watched it late at night and immediately my eyes watered. And it`s moments like this that remind me of the importance of music. And I can`t think of a more perfect sort of incarnation of this song. I know my writing partner Jack is over the moon about it as well. And it`s exactly the kind of thing that gives the life to this song that we were hoping for. And I`ve sent it to everybody I know. I tweeted it out. It`s so much fun to see. People keep sending it back to me saying, like have you seen this video? It`s incredible. And I know the video is - that`s a lot of work, too. So, you guys are - it`s so inspiring. It`s something I`m going to keep with me near and dear to my heart forever and ever. So, thank you for the gift of that.

TURNER: Oh, that gave me goose bumps, guys. Natalie and Brittany, what do you guys have to say to Sara Bareilles?

NATALIE SNYDER: Thank you so much. Like this means the world to these kids that you recognize this video and that you stood behind the mission of our video and what it meant and you stand behind how brave our kids are and I can`t thank you enough her.

BRITTANY BLOEMKE: Your song is just so great. I think being brave is so important in all aspects. I know that wasn`t your initial intention to have a children`s hospital create a video of that. But we just couldn`t help but think it was so perfect to describe our kids. And it`s just amazing. So, we thank you for your beautiful talent.

HAMMER: Natasha, did you see the tears of joy there? I mean it was pure bliss.

CURRY: I know.


CURRY: I know, and if only we could go like give every cancer survivor something fighting it, you know, that kind of surprise. But - reaction, right? You just mouth dropped open. It was great.

HAMMER: It was perfect, and I think now there is going to be a Sara Bareilles wing in that hospital.

If not in reality, at least in their hearts and minds. How terrific to see that.

All right, as we move on to something completely different tonight, arched backs, pouted lips, sultry stares. Pretty much the standard for your average sexy motorcycle ad, right? But is it just as sexy when you add hairy backs and farmer tans? These brilliant ads for Ducati motorcycles definitely put a new twist on sexy. Well, the guys behind these ads are right here tonight. They are going to reveal the real story behind what is a sensational campaign.

Also this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): All ends with beginnings. Keep (INAUIDBLE). (END VIDEO CLIP)

HAMMER: Get ready for this. You will not believe your eyes or ears when you witness this brilliant a cappella version of the mega hit "Get Lucky." In our moment of awesomeness. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: We`re getting closer and closer making our way to our big number one in our countdown tonight.

CURRY: Yeah, but right now our number three, Claire Danes goes topless.


CURRY: The actress? Yeah! She just took it off for the new issue of "Interview" magazine. Kind of eek in there. Just ten months ago that Claire gave birth to her son. And she`s been racking up awards. For starring her role, playing Carrie Matheson on "Homeland", of course, but Danes says it - she`s always looking for more. I would really like to play another character to deviate from Carrie for just a second. Just to think that acting is this and, this is one of the most fulfilling expressions of acting that I founded. It`s not idea, but it`s not it. I think I`d appreciate her even more if I could take a little vacation from her. And somebody else for a while. But looking lovely on that cover, A.J.

HAMMER: Now, on SBT, GEICO`s 15 minutes of fame. That takes us to number two on our countdown tonight. I`m pretty sure you won`t be able to take your eyes off of this. That is one hot woman on one hot motorcycle. Now, we`ve seen that before. The ad was created by a motorcycle dealership in Portland, Oregon to show off the new Dukati bike. But that`s not what earned the shop its 15 minutes of fame. It`s this - the manager of the dealership came up with the brand new, brilliant take on hot bodies on hot bikes. Using men from the shop and the photos have gone absolutely viral. Arun Sharma is the general manager of MotoCorsa in Portland, Oregon. He joins me now from there, along with the senior Dukati master technician and model, A.J. Ralston. It`s good to see you guys.

ARUN SHARMA: How are you doing A.J.?

HAMMER: I`m pretty good. Arun, you just have to tell me right after the top here where in the world did you get the idea to replace the, you know, hot woman with the guy in the motorcycle ad,

SHARMA: You know, anybody who knows me knows that these ideas don`t make any sense and they don`t come out of anywhere traditional. It`s one of those - one of those things that pops in your head. You just say, you know, we totally have got to do this.

HAMMER: That was it. There was no other motivation. Nobody said that you should try this - you thought of it all on your own.

SHARMA: But the reality was, me and some friends were talking about old college days. When back in college, we had a party once a year where we actually guys dressed as girls, girls dressed as guys. And I rode to a party, fully in drag, on a motorcycle. And a couple of days later, our initial photo shoot came out and just to be conversational, like, you know, we got to do that, we got to do the exact same thing when they recruit all the guys from the shop to join us in the parade.

HAMMER: I mean look at what`s happening here. All right, let`s see the chat of A.J. now. A.J., pretty fantastic here that you were able to do this ad and pose in the shot. If we can take a look at the one that A.J. was in. When you were approached to do this did you think that the crew here trying to have you do these things? Do you think everybody was just nuts?

A.J. RALSTON, SENIOR DUKATI MASTER TECHNICIAN AT MOTOCORSA IN PORTLAND, OREGON: Of course it was nuts. But that`s what made it grand. Everybody accepted doing it. And that was going to be fun and entertaining, and it was. We really had no idea how fun and entertaining it would be.

HAMMER: It looks like you got some exercise. I mean how difficult was that pose? I couldn`t do that.

RALSTON: It was a lot more difficult than it looks like. It was also a hot August afternoon in a warehouse with not a lot of ventilation. I was slipping off the seat. Sweat everywhere. It was amazing I didn`t fall off.

SHARMA: It was not a pretty sight.

HAMMER: Now, I imagine you perhaps some pretty good outtakes shots from that shoot. Ruined, of course, not to be outdone by your own step. I understand you also posed beside the Ducati. And let`s see - you wear the heels well, my friend. Very nice look on you.

RALSTON: I`ve been told I`ve got good legs.

HAMMER: Arun, what was the reaction from the women in your shop who perhaps maybe don`t like seeing women objectified in motorcycle ads as much as they have in history?

SHARMA: No, they loved it. They were - the ones who out of the shoot, they were there hanging out, and the whole crew, including all the women from the shop was there. That today we did the photographs. And, you know, they probably laughed most of all. What`s funny is now that these photos have come and done full viral it`s really interesting to come and it`s actually women have made, and making it something that really is a point to stand out against objectification of women in advertising, which honestly, wasn`t original intent, but now that we`ve heard enough times it really does make a lot of sense, and one of the things we definitely noticed was that when you ask a woman to do these same poses on the motorcycle, what seems completely normal and natural, bend your hips, bend your legs, it was ridiculous. When you asked this and the exact same poses, you realized, just how absurd that is. So, it was a pretty good eye opener.

HAMMER: Well, good. I actually think that sends a great message, and hopefully people will stop objectifying women in ads. Like and I knew the quick yes or no, Arun, have Ducati sales gone up since these pictures went viral?

SHARMA: Through the roof.


HAMMER: OK. They keep moving out the door. All right, guys. Well, great fun to have you here, Arun and A.J., I appreciate your both being here.

And you need to stay right where you are because the big reveal is next as you`re about to find out what`s in the number one spot in our must see must share tops in countdown. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: We are now ready for the big reveal of what`s number one on our top ten countdown and it`s huge. At number one, Scarlett and Matt`s mini movie.

CURRY: Oh, yeah, A.J., just released a Hollywood-hottie Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey together - in a short film like you`ve never seen before. It`s a new ad just released for Dolce & Gabbana. And directed by Martin Scorsese. So, entertainment journalist Maggie Furlong back with us from Hollywood. So, Maggie, it is time to review the sexiness. Watch.



SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Ran late. Couldn`t be helped. Got here as fast as you could.

MCCONAUGHEY: How much time do you have?

JOHANSSON: Car at the airport picking me up at 8:00.



MCCONAUGHEY: We better hurry for once. I like your dress. I think I saw it in magazine. You looked happy.

JOHANSSON: I was acting. I miss this city. Even when I`m here I miss it. It`s always changing.

MCCONAUGHEY: Yeah, like this building. It used to be over there.

JOHANSSON: You always this serious?

MCCONAUGHEY: Only before a love scene. And we didn`t need anything back then.

JOHANSSON: We needed everything back then.

MCCONAUGHEY: Now, we should go back.

JOHANSSON: Yes, we should.

MCCONAUGHEY: That`s all you need to say.


CURRY: All right, Maggie. Can they get it on already in the chemistry between those two, Scarlett and Matt, was smoking hot.

MAGGIE FURLONG, ENTERNTAINTMENT JOURNALIST: Yeah, it`s amusing. The fabulous car, the tension, they don`t even have - I don`t even think they barely touch .


FURLONG: There is something so phenomenal about their chemistry together, and the city - nobody captures that better Martin Scorsese. But the two of them together, who knew.

CURRY: I know. I feel like I need some closure now. I don`t about you. But I mean the gorgeous city of New York, a gorgeous woman, a hot man. Award-winning director, too. Maggie, so, I mean do you want to see them together in a full blown movie or something where they do kiss?

FURLONG: Yeah, why not. I mean, you know, we know they can`t be together in real life, obviously. They are each very much in love with their respective people. But my god, I`d love to watch them make out on screen for a little bit longer.

(LAUGHTER) FURLONG: Please, extend this. Let`s go, let`s make this something more.

CURRY: I`m with you too, Maggie. Thanks so much. A.J., what do you think? Come on. Get a room already, right?

HAMMER: I was trying to figure out what they were selling. You know, that`s - that`s the thing. You know, and who cared really, exactly. And then, of course, they brought it up at the end and we saw it was it was for some scent or something like that.

OK. Everybody`s had a breath. Now, let`s move on to death punks get lucky. That`s one of the song that must be on your playlist from the summer, right? You have got to jam when this song comes on. Well, I assure you, you`ve never heard it or seen it like this before.


HAMMER: I cannot wait to show you much more of this. And a tele-version of the song, it`s summer, with just big boxing and singing. It is our moment of awesomeness. And it might knock your PJs off tonight. This is "SBT" on HLN.


HAMMER: It is indeed time now for our moment of awesomeness. And if you`re like me and you love "Daft Punks" "Get Lucky." You`re going to absolutely love this.

CURRY: Yeah, I think for a cappella group Pentatonix is rocking it with just their voices beat boxing and singing and wearing some pretty looking blue (INAUDIBLE). Watch.




CURRY: OK, now a big shout out one - with our friend Lizzy Stirling at the YouTube music award this weekend for their viral cover of "Radioactive." I Imagine - by A.J., I`m loving this song. A cappella. It`s hard to believe.

HAMMER: Yeah, awesome. And that is it for us. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Thank you for watching. And "SBT" is on Monday through Thursday at 11 P.M. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.