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Justin Bieber in Brazilian Brothel?; `SNL` Skit Spoofs Lack of Black Actress Controversy; Show Features Record-Breaking Stunts; Cancer Patient`s Version of `Roar` Goes Viral; Is Kanye Becoming a Groomzilla?; Harrison Ford`s `Star Wars` Confessions; YouTube Star Wins Award; Baby Tears Up at Mom`s Singing

Aired November 4, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "Top Ten Countdown," Justin Bieber busted in a brothel and do we have a new groomzilla? Is Kanye West becoming a wedding monster before he marries Kim Kardashian?

The amazing baby believed to be crying tears of joy.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): You don`t know how strong my weakness is or how much it hurts me.


HAMMER: Which of today`s must-see, must-share stories will be No. 1 on the countdown? SBT starts right now.

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. So happy to have my guest co-host tonight.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CO-HOST: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: Nischelle Turner, of course, is the entertainment correspondent for CNN`s "NEW DAY." Good having you here.

TURNER: Thank you very much. You know, A.J., I`m just betting that Justin Bieber is very thankful that this morning was a new day, because he`s had a couple of really bad ones lately.


TURNER: We are kicking off our "Top Ten Countdown" of today`s must-see, must-share stories with Bieber`s bad weekend, including a reported visit to a brothel in Brazil and spending three hours inside with, well, just use your imagination. Shall we?

HAMMER: And Nischelle did say brothel, by the way.

TURNER: I did.

HAMMER: Michelle Buteau from VH-1`s "Best Week Ever" and comedian Sherrod Small, both here with us.

And Sherrod, I just have to say, if Justin Bieber visited a brothel, first of all, it`s hugely alarming on so many levels, but you`ve got to hope he was, shall we say, protecting himself.

SHERROD SMALL, COMEDIAN: Well, first of all, the reason I took Justin to this place was because I was hoping...

MICHELLE BUTEAU, VH-1`S "BEST WEEK EVER": I didn`t even know brothels were still open. Is it like 1800s in Louisiana? I don`t understand.

SMALL: No, they`re still open and they`re doing well.

HAMMER: Clearly. Big celebrities coming in.

SMALL: The thing with Justin, he brought it to himself when he was coming out of that brothel. You know, that`s when everybody took pictures of him when he had the big sheet over him.


SMALL: Don`t bring attention to yourself either going in or coming out of a brothel. You want to keep it on the down low.

TURNER: But come on, Justin Bieber loves to bring attention to himself.

SMALL: Not in that situation, though, right?

BUTEAU: Not in that situation.

TURNER: I should say, I got to do the who, what, when, where, why. We did reach out to Bieber`s camp today to get their official comment on this.

SMALL: That`s good. What did the camp say?

TURNER: And they didn`t get back to us by our news time here, but a source told "E.T.," which is "Entertainment Tonight," that, quote, "The location wasn`t a brothel. It was a private club that he got invited to by friends. It was a members-only type of club" -- not the jacket, but the club -- "and he didn`t get kicked out of his hotel. He chose to leave as thousands of kids surrounded the hotel. It was becoming a security risk."

I heard that "mm-hmm," Michelle. So what do you smell?

BUTEAU: Girl, well, I can`t say it, because we are on TV. I think he`s just right on track. I mean, guys they experiment when they`re younger. I mean, you don`t go to Brazil to climb a tree and get a coconut, you know what I mean?

SMALL: Right.

BUTEAU: You go when you`re working and you have some fun.

SMALL: You have some fun. You have some Snoop Doggy Dogg fun.

HAMMER: And if you`re Justin Bieber, you just have to expect it`s not going to be private.

SMALL: It could have been private. What he should have did is send out his two security guys, who everybody knows their faces, send them out running down the block. Soon as some paparazzi chase them, you walk out, get in the cab.

TURNER: Bring the brothel to you, not that I`m condoning it.

SMALL: That`s a good idea.

BUTEAU: That`s a good idea.

Or you have a Justin Bieber double.

HAMMER: Listen...

SMALL: That`s a business plan.

HAMMER: ... his weekend actually got worse. This is a whole different thing. But when he was performing in Brazil, he was up there on stage, and a fan threw a bottle at him with such force that his mike actually popped out of his hand. And I believe we have that footage.




HAMMER: OK. Now after that...

SMALL: Again, that was me. I will explain my actions. Let me explain.

HAMMER: You really need to control yourself. He stormed off the stage and then that was it. They didn`t even realize out there in the audience that the show was over until people started packing up his gear. Do you think that was the right move, Michelle, or should he have just come out and said, "Hey, stop throwing stuff, I`ll finish the show"?

BUTEAU: This is also a thing that comes with maturity. I`m sure ten years from now he`ll like -- he can give the little, like, you know, Delta Burke speech, you know, how she used to do on "Designing Women" when she like tells people how to -- like where to go and how to get there. But you know, he`s 19. He`s -- I`m lucky -- he`s lucky, that person is lucky -- what am I saying?

HAMMER: It sounds like you think he`s losing sight.

SMALL: I`ll tell you this. I perform all the time. Somebody hits me in the face with a water bottle the show is over. And I`m coming into the audience and finding that person.

BUTEAU: I`m really glad that he didn`t do anything crazy or stupid. Like I`m glad he didn`t, like, nose dive into that audience and try to beat somebody up. Because you know, he`s sort of on edge now.

HAMMER: So let`s celebrate that moment, and let`s move on with our countdown to No. 9 right now.

Scandal comes to "SNL" with the star of "Scandal," Kerry Washington, hosting "Saturday Night Live." This was just days, by the way, after the show was slammed again for not having any cast members who are black women, and Kerry just killed it. You saw this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m so sorry to interrupt, but Oprah Winfrey has arrived to the dinner, and she would love to pop in and say hello.


KERRY WASHINGTON, ACTRESS: What a nice surprise?

Don`t you think you should get changed?

TARAN KILLAM, ACTOR: Isn`t it? So don`t you think you should go and get changed?


KILLAM: So that Oprah can come in.

WASHINGTON: Oh, because of the whole...

KILLAM: Yes, exactly.

WASHINGTON: And Keenan won`t?


WASHINGTON: Well, in that case I will leave, and in a few minutes Oprah will be here.

KILLAM: Thank you Mrs. Obama.


TURNER: All right. The clip`s funny. It`s very funny. But I see that look on your face again. Now does "SNL" -- are you giving them a pass for lampooning themselves, or does this make them look almost even worse?

BUTEAU: Look, I will just start by saying I`m a fan of "SNL." I`m a fan of Lorne. I wore my Roseanna Annadanna [SIC] hair today. But they just skimmed the issue.

The reason why the show is so funny is because they had some diversity up in the show and they were talking about it. Now, if "SNL" really wants to make a statement, what they could have done was hired like a day players, the last five or six females that they`ve been talking about that would be good for the show and have them come out and do something together. Come on, "SNL," get edgy. Get with the times.

SMALL: Or get really edgy. Throw me in a wig. I`ll come out there and do it. I can use the work.

TURNER: So you`ll do want Keenan won`t.

SMALL: I`ll do what Keenan won`t.

TURNER: You will dress in drag.

SMALL: Keenan`s eating already. I can use the eat.

TURNER: I hear you. You know, Lee Hawkins, a reporter with "The Wall Street Journal," is also with us tonight. Lee, what do you think about this? What`s your take?

LEE HAWKINS, REPORTER, "WALL STREET JOURNAL": I think it`s really funny but also a little bit sad that Kerry Washington is like the Jackie Robinson of black female comedy for "SNL."

I mean, the fact that the programmers and the producers have taken this long to do this and that this had to happen, it had to be done in this way, is pretty pathetic. And to me it makes me feel like there`s a disconnect between what`s happening in the real world and the mainstream and the fact that the demographic swings are showing that diversity is just the norm, and what the producers and the programmers are thinking.

The ratings are going to continue to suffer until they bring more diversity on that program. And it can`t be in a forced way like this.

I thought she did a great job. She`s a very glamorous woman. She`s the Lena Horne of her generation. But it didn`t need to happen in this way.

SMALL: I think Ellen Cleghorne is somewhere high-fiving herself, thinking her career is coming back.

BUTEAU: Yes. Who is that guy? (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: Look at that way the show really played it up, though. I mean, they figured, "Hey, we`re going to do this. Let`s do it." The show has even sort of made a mockery of it by apologizing to Kerry: "We`re sorry you had to play so many black women on the show." And that got a whole lot of laughs from the audience. But hey.

BUTEAU: Let`s follow it up with some real talk.

SMALL: With some hiring. With some hiring.

BUTEAU: And Al Sharpton came out to introduce "SNL." And I`m like, what, you`ve got, like, the leader for all the black people now saying, "Oh, we`re OK? We have blacks" -- like stop it.

SMALL: Whoa. He`s not my leader, by the way.

TURNER: Didn`t we expect them to make fun of themselves?


TURNER: I mean, they`re a show that makes fun of the water-cooler stories of the week, and they were the water-cooler story.

BUTEAU: They did, but I felt like they skimmed.

SMALL: I think they need to make fun of it but still try to do something that`s proactive in fixing the problem.

TURNER: I hear you. I hear you.

HAMMER: So Lee, how do they fix it? I mean, not to get too technical about the whole thing. We`ll all laughing along with it, because it`s a funny show and they did some funny stuff.

HAWKINS: Well, they did, and it rated really high. As a matter of fact, it was the highest rated show that they`ve done since March, which proves the point, that this is not about moralism. This is about capitalism.


HAWKINS: And if they want to be successful, they need to continue to program programming that`s reflective of what our society looks like. Millennials are looking for diversity. They want to -- they don`t really see color in the same way that Baby Boomers do. They`re used to seeing their pop culture figures be people of all races and ethnicities. And the fact that it`s just happening now is ridiculous.

HAMMER: Well, hopefully this is sort of the launching pad for them to do actually something real about it now that they`ve said, "Ha, ha, look at us.


SMALL: Let`s not underestimate Eminem`s pull, too. He had something to do with some of those viewers.

HAMMER: I`m certain he did. We`re going to leave it there, guys.

BUTEAU: Thanks, HLN, for having us.

SMALL: It happened so quick. It happened so fast.

HAMMER: Get out of here.

Well, as we move on tonight, Kanye West, could he be a groomzilla? Is he possibly going way over-the-top in planning his nuptials with Kim Kardashian?


JAY LENO, HOST, NBC`S "THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO": Now he`s planning the wedding. Is that correct?

KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: He definitely knows what he wants.

LENO: Yes.

KARDASHIAN: And I want him to, you know, have whatever he wants.


HAMMER: Maybe he`s thinking, "Kim, I`m going to let you finish but I`m going to have one of the best weddings of all time."

Plus, arguably one of the most heartwarming covers of "Roar" we have ever seen.


OLIVIA WISE, CANCER PATIENT (singing): I`ve got the eye of the tiger, the fire, dancing through the fire, because I am a champion and you`re going to hear me roar.


HAMMER: Such an amazing story. A dying girl bravely belts out her favorite Katy Perry song, and then Katy has a big surprise for her. You`ve got to see it.

We`re just getting started on the "Top Ten Countdown." What is going to be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our "Top Ten Countdown." And we`re now at No. 8. It is Gaga`s grill. I love that she did this.

TURNER: You know, for some reason, grills are being spotted all over Hollywood lately. Well, leave it to Lady Gaga to take things up a notch. No diamonds on her teeth. No, Gaga`s grills look like decaying teeth, and she wore them on the red carpet of the first annual YouTube Music Awards.

Yes. All righty, then, Gaga.

Don`t go anywhere, because we`re talking to one of the incredible artists who actually made those YouTube Music Awards a must-see worldwide event. Lindsey Sterling, 400 million hits and counting. She`s one of the first YouTube Award winners. Tonight, she`s going to tell me all about the night that rocked the Web.

HAMMER: So incredibly talented.


HAMMER: Well, that takes us to No. 7 on our "Top Ten Countdown." It is people going to extremes. Taking on the most unbelievable, over-the-top challenges imaginable, all to land in one of the most coveted spots on earth. That would be a place in the "Guinness Book of World Records. Very much like this guy, going for the highest dunk of a donut while bungee jumping.




HAMMER: Yes, looks like he pulled it off. Dan Cortese joins me now. He is the host of "Guinness World Records Unleashed." The show kicks off its new season this Thursday on TruTV.

And I say "Cor-tay-suh." That freaks people out. It freaks you out a little bit?

DAN CORTESE, HOST, "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS UNLEASHED: "Cortez," "Cor-tay- suh," doesn`t matter. As long as the check clears, I`m happy.

HAMMER: Well, it`s nice to see you. Let`s talk about this guy.


HAMMER: He`s going to dunk a donut as a world record.

CORTESE: And that`s actually on our first episode. We shot that out in the Mojave Desert. He`s on that crane 250 feet in the air. And I remember sitting there, looking at this guy, Stuart Claxton (ph), who works for Guinness, there with me, and I said, "Is -- am I going to see somebody die right now? Right in front." And there was wind. They had to adjust for wind. It was incredible.

And then they say there was also -- that table is three feet off the ground. He still had to dunk. He could have gotten down there, but if he doesn`t dunk it in there, it`s not a record.

HAMMER: What record was he breaking, though?

CORTESE: The was trying to break the record for a highest bungee jump where you dunk a donut into a cup of coffee at the bottom of it.

HAMMER: So in other words, somebody had already set that record?

CORTESE: Somebody had already done that. Yes.

HAMMER: OK. I don`t know who comes up with this stuff. I want to take a look at another one that I can relate to more personally, as someone who tends to talk quickly sometimes.

CORTESE: All right.

HAMMER: It is a woman who`s trying to break a world record to be crowned fastest talker.


HAMMER: And she`s given the task of reading Shakespeare`s soliloquy. Shall we watch this?

CORTESE: Sure, please.






CORTESE: The victory applause right there, yes.

HAMMER: Yes, no, but honestly, I couldn`t understand a word she was saying. So how -- who even gets to determine that she broke the record?

CORTESE: Did you see what she was wearing? Nobody was listening to what she was saying.

HAMMER: Had nothing to do with that, did it?

CORTESE: No. They actually have to go back and they slow it down. And they have to see if she said each word and each word correctly,, too.

HAMMER: You looked stunned.

CORTESE: Yes, I was stunned.

HAMMER: Like "what`s going on here?"

CORTESE: I kept saying can she do it again? Can we watch her do it again? It would be great.

HAMMER: All right. Well, if you thought that was cool, here are some of the other challenges that people face during the course of the show. One guy pulls nails out with his teeth.


HAMMER: Breaking some record there. Another catches paintballs with his hands. Someone gets shot out of a cannon. Another guy gobbles up peas with a toothpick. Why do these people do this?

CORTESE: You know what? It`s one of the things I love about the show. I say it`s the every man`s -- getting a Guinness world record is the every man`s gold medal, Olympic gold medal. Nobody`s going to beat Usain Bolt in the 100-meter run. But guess what? You can go for a Guinness world record. You can do it on our show. And you know, these things are attemptable, and you can go for them and have a good time doing it. So...

HAMMER: If I decide I want to set the record for the most times running around this set...


HAMMER: ... is that something I could go for?

CORTESE: It`s something you could pitch to Guinness World Records...


CORTESE: ... at You can pitch, and then they determine whether or not it`s record worthy.

HAMMER: It`s cool. I can`t wait to see these people doing these things.

CORTESE: Because the other thing is, people ask what do they win? How much money? They don`t win any money.

HAMMER: It`s just they`re in the book.


HAMMER: Well, thank you for being here. Good to see you, Dan. Thank you for not telling me to step off.

CORTESE: Appreciate it.

HAMMER: Not once during the course of the show.

CORTESE: Thank you, guys.

HAMMER: Make sure you catch the new season of "Guinness World Records Unleashed." It begins this Thursday on TruTV.

All right. YouTube is making record-breaking history, as well. The world just tuned in to see the first annual YouTube Music Awards. And a big winner. I was so happy to see our friend Lindsey Sterling getting her award for her brilliant cover of "Radioactive."




HAMMER: Such an incredible rendition. And now the entire world is on the Lindsey band wagon, as well. Lindsey is right here tonight. She`s got details about the big night she had, hanging with Gaga, and her future.

Also, the amazing baby believed to be crying tears of joy.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): You don`t know how strong my weakness is or how much it hurts me.


HAMMER: Fascinating. The baby`s mom talks about this incredible moment that people can`t stop talking about. But will that top our countdown tonight?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Well, we must give a big shout-out to Pamela Anderson for finishing her first New York City Marathon. She finished it yesterday, not just now. The former "Baywatch" star was one of the thousands who raced in the five boroughs of our fine city yesterday. She ran the 26.2 miles in five hours, 41 minutes.

But not only does she have bragging rights tonight, she also raised a whole lot of money. Nearly 76,000 bucks for Haitian earthquake victims. So nice going, Pam. Nice going, everybody who ran the 2013 New York City Marathon.

My cousin ran her final marathon. Twenty-one. Dr. Lee Saran (ph) ran 21 marathons.


HAMMER: Many of those New York City Marathons. I did not hear her mention that she bumped into Pamela Anderson in any way.

TURNER: Dr. Lisa, if she`s run 21 marathons, she was probably way ahead of the pack. So way to go, Dr. Lisa.

And way to go to, Pam Anderson. There`s so many things that would run through my head when I think about Pam Anderson running a marathon, but I`m going to practice restraint and just say, "You`re awesome."

HAMMER: You were thinking about her outfit.

TURNER: I was. I was thinking about her new pixie haircut.

HAMMER: And it should be fitting properly.

TURNER: That`s what I was thinking about, A.J.

HAMMER: Right now we`re very close to the middle of tonight`s must-see, must-share countdown, of course.

TURNER: We are, indeed. Our top ten continues now with No. 6. It`s the biggest, bravest "Roar" that we have ever heard.

There`s been a flood of covers on YouTube of Katy Perry`s infectious hit, "Roar," but one little girl`s rendition has touched hearts all over the world, even Katy.

Olivia Wise is her name. She lives in Kansas. She has an inoperable brain tumor. Now, before she got sick, she would sing for her friends all the time.

HAMMER: Unfortunately, she`s very weak now. She`s in a wheelchair, but before she was unable to ever use her voice again, Olivia`s family and friends got together and did a great thing. They got her into a recording studio so she could roar just like Katy. You`ve got to watch this.


WISE (singing): I`ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire. Because I am a champion and you`re going to hear me roar.


TURNER: That smile. That smile at the end. It`s been two weeks since it`s been posted. Nearly 650,000 people have seen this video, including Miss Katy Perry herself. And as you can imagine, she was just as moved as anyone who looked at this video, and she sent a special shout to Olivia. Check this out.


KATY PERRY, SINGER: I love you. A lot of people love you, and that`s why your video got to me. And it moved everybody that saw it. So I just wanted to send you some love and some light and tell you that I`m thinking about you. Thank you so much. Keep roaring.


TURNER: I love it. Last week we surprised the guys at the University of Minnesota Children`s hospital with Sara Bareilles` "Brave." And one of the things that Sara said that stood out to me was in these times you realize just how much music can help and how much music means.

HAMMER: Right. This is the important stuff.

TURNER: Indeed.

HAMMER: All right. As we move on tonight, Kanye West, he`s over-the-top, obviously, in everything that he does. That`s no news flash there. But is he also becoming a wedding monster?


LENO: Now, he`s planning the wedding, is that correct?

KARDASHIAN: He definitely knows what he wants.

LENO: Yes.

KARDASHIAN: And I want him to, you know, have whatever he wants.


HAMMER: Yes. That pretty much could make Kanye a groomzilla. Is he going to get out of control as he prepares to marry Kim K.?

From Kanye becoming a big baby to an actual baby. It has everyone transfixed by the way she reacts to her mom`s singing.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Don`t you know it`s torture?

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): She`s not being tortured. Her mom`s just singing to her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look, I can sing any other song and she doesn`t have the same reaction.


HAMMER: You`ve got to hear this incredible story behind this viral video. Will it be No. 1?

This is SBT on HLN.



LENO: Now he`s planning the wedding, is that correct?

KARDASHIAN: He definitely knows what he want.

LENO: yes.

KARDASHIAN: And I want him to, you know, have whatever he wants.


HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten Countdown," Kanye the groomzilla. Is Kanye West already taking control over his upcoming wedding with Kim Kardashian? Dress approval? Fighter jets? Stadium screens? Will Kanye`s wedding just be another one of his over-the-top shows, with him fully in charge?

Plus, this adorable baby that has the whole world in tears right along with him.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Don`t you know it`s torture?

JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: She`s not being tortured. Her mom`s just singing to her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look, I can sing any other song and she doesn`t have the same reaction.


HAMMER: The secret of why this little YouTube star gets so emotional about her mom`s singing.

SBT continues right now.

Welcome back. Thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer along with my guest co-cost, Nischelle Turner, who is, of course, the entertainment correspondent for CNN`s "NEW DAY." Great having you here tonight.

TURNER: Thank you. I`m pleased to be here.

Our countdown of today`s must-see, must-share stories of the day continues now with No. 5. Is Kanye becoming the ultimate groomzilla?

Now, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are planning what`s certain to be the wedding of whatever year it takes place in. But there are brand-new reports that Kanye, not known for being a patient, hands-off kind of guy, is being a total, complete 24-karat groomzilla.

Listen to this. He said he wants his wedding to include fighter jets. Yes, that`s what the man said. He also reportedly must say yes to Kim`s dress, as he will be picking the wedding gown. And Kanye just said that, if offered, he`d sell the TV rights to Kimye`s wedding for no less than $10 million.

HAMMER: Of course. Michelle Buteau from VH-1`s "Best Week Ever" and comedian Sherrod Small here with us right now.

SMALL: We wanted to announce our engagement.

HAMMER: You`ll sell your wedding rights for a dollar.

SMALL: About 75 cents.

HAMMER: Michelle, is this considered groomzilla territory here? Is that what you think is going on with Kanye?

BUTEAU: Oh, my God. He`s a total diva. He`s sort of like that movie "Big" with Tom Hanks. He`s just like a small child with a lot of money. I wish Kanye could realize -- because I just got married, too -- well, three years ago and the check is still going through -- that a wedding is just a day. You have to worry about the marriage that is a lifetime, boo-boo.

SMALL: Right.

BUTEAU: Forget the fighter jets. Get some therapy. Get some Dr. Drew. OK?

HAMMER: But if you want fighter jets and you can afford fighter jets, does it make you a groomzilla because you`re trying to order up the fighter jets?

SMALL: I mean, if you can afford it, go for it. I mean...

BUTEAU: It`s not a national holiday.

SMALL: Listen, we will remember this wedding more than we remember this marriage.

HAMMER: You think?

SMALL: That`s my prediction, but I only, you know, know most things.

TURNER: Well, look, Kanye made it very clear when he was on Ryan Seacrest`s radio show that he definitely plans on being a hands-on wedding planner.

SMALL: Of course.

TURNER: But what`s a groomzilla? Let`s listen to him.


RYAN SEACREST, RADIO HOST: Will you do the planning?

KANYE WEST, HIP-HOP STAR: Yes, I will very involved in the wedding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will you be a groomzilla?

WEST: What is a groomzilla?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Like a bridezilla.

SEACREST: I don`t think you`d be a groomzilla, but I do think you very much want to be in charge of what that wedding is going to look like and feel like. That would be my guess.

WEST: Yes. Or I want to pick who is going to be in charge.



SEACREST: And then micromanage them.

WEST: Like, I`d like to get the people who do the Chanel shows.

SEACREST: Yes. For a wedding.


SMALL: Because that`s what love is. That`s what love is all about.

TURNER: He wants his wedding to look like a Chanel fashion show, apparently. So there you go. Here`s the countdown question. Groomzilla Kanye: Will he ruin the big Kimye wedding or will he help it -- Michelle?

BUTEAU: I want to say he`s going to ruin it. He ruins, like, every show he`s on. He doesn`t know how to exit. OK? Unless he has, like, a sensor button. I don`t know, girl, but he really gets Kim Kardashian, because he`s let her do what she does best. Nothing.

TURNER: Here`s the thing. It is her third. It is his first. So maybe Kim even acknowledges that he`s in charge.

SMALL: Yes, his first wedding, yes.

BUTEAU: She knows you`ve got to go really big for the first wedding.

TURNER: There you go.

SMALL: I think Kanye is just a zilla. I mean, no matter what else he`s doing. He could be driving. He`s a drivingzilla. He`s a bridezilla. Anything zilla. That`s him.

TURNER: But Kim, apparently she thinks it`s OK. Listen to what she told Jay Leno when she was asked about it.



LENO: Now, he`s planning the wedding, is that correct?

KARDASHIAN: He definitely knows what he wants.

LENO: Leno.

KARDASHIAN: And I want him to, you know, have whatever he wants.

LENO: See, most guys go, "The wedding is when? What time? OK, I`ll be there."

KARDASHIAN: I know. I know. I`m going to -- definitely going to, you know, be involved, but I feel like, you know, this is...

LENO: He likes surprises.



TURNER: OK. He does like to dress her. We know that. He replaced all of her clothes with a new wardrobe. He kind of likes to be in charge. Are you this in charge? Would you do this with your wedding?

SMALL: No. My wedding, I`m not even going to be at my wedding. I`ll be the last one to get there.

HAMMER: Production values not so important to you.

SMALL: Not important to me.

HAMMER: Nischelle mentioned this is Kanye`s first, Kim`s third. Her most recent, of course, was the big, elegant, over-the-top affair that we all got to see. It cost an estimated $600 million once she got married to her now ex-husband, Chris Humphries. More than 10 million people tuned in to watch this thing. And there`s one estimate that Kim pocketed $18 million from it.

SMALL: That`s great.

HAMMER: So I think, Michelle, maybe Kanye wants to make sure this is even bigger than that.

BUTEAU: He definitely wants to top it. You know what I mean? Hopefully, the wedding will be as big as his ego. We don`t know. We`ll see.

And good for Kim for just letting him do everything. She`s tired. She just had a baby. She`s always on the treadmill. She`s trying to put complete sentences together. Home girl`s tired. You know what they should do? They should get married on VH-1`s "Best Week Ever," because we need the ratings.

SMALL: That would be great. We`ll take those ratings. I`ll be the ring girl.

Listen, God bless them. I hope all the success in the world. But I mean, how long do you think this one`s going to last?

HAMMER: Well, but I`m with you guys. I really hope they do focus on the actual marriage.

SMALL: The marriage, yes.

HAMMER: Remember, there is actually a marriage in all of this.

BUTEAU: Just send an example for the rest of the kids who want to be ghetto fabulous. Like, oh, I could actually have a relationship.

SMALL: She made $18 million from the last marriage? I would get married every year, too.

TURNER: If you offered me $10 million for my wedding rights.

HAMMER: There you go.


TURNER: All right. Well, let`s move on now. Michelle, Sherrod, thank you very much.

Let`s go to No. 4 on our countdown. OK. It`s Harrison`s "Star Wars" confessions. Now we all know what the iconic "Star Wars" movies mean to us, but do you ever wonder just what they mean to the famous actors who helped make them absolute classics?

Well, the man that will be remembered forever as Han Solo just revealed how Star Wars changed his life. Harrison Ford just made his confession to my good friends, Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira on the set of "NEW DAY" on CNN.

Now honestly, no one expected that he`d reveal so much about the movie that launched him into super stardom.


KATE BOLDUAN, CO-HOST, CNN`S "NEW DAY": With regard to "Star Wars," do you think of your time with that film differently today than maybe what it was like when you were kind of in the throes of it? Does it mean something different to you today, being part or that?

HARRISON FORD, ACTOR: Well, what it has always meant to me was a fantastic opportunity. The success of that film really gave me opportunities I would never have had. And I`m forever grateful for that.

And so I look back on it with great fondness. While it was going on, we shot in England. And the English crew were walking around going.


FORD: I`m walking around with a guy in a dog suit who`s seven feet tall. A guy in a dog suit. There`s Alec Guinness in his bathrobe.

BOLDUAN: When you put it that way.

FORD: Carrie Fisher with two bagels on her head

BOLDUAN: That`s how I dressed up for Halloween. I wore bagels on my head.

FORD: You did? Good.

And you know, but you look at the story and say what is this. And say, "Ah, I get it. It`s a fairytale. It`s a fairytale." And so that gave me a certain sense of what my job was. Because there was a callow youth. There was a beautiful princess. There was a sage old warrior. And then there was the smart ass, and that was my job.


TURNER: I like to think that`s my job sometimes, as well.

HAMMER: Thank you. That`s why I bring you along for the ride.

All right. Well, our countdown is about to get seriously hot with one of the biggest YouTube stars going right now.


(MUSIC: "Radioactive")


HAMMER: It`s such a cool video and Lindsey Sterling just made history because of it, taking home one of YouTube`s first ever music awards with her viral cover of "Radioactive." Tonight I am so happy that she is right here. She is going to reveal the secrets of her big win.

Plus, you will not believe how this baby reacts to her mom`s singing.


AMANDA LARUE, MOTHER (singing): You don`t know how strong my weakness is, or how much it hurts me.


HAMMER: You got a box of tissues handy? Well, you should. Because this precious little YouTube wonder is going to touch your heart tonight. I guarantee it.

Which YouTube star is going to be No. 1 on our countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Well, we are getting close. Just three more to go on our "Top Ten Countdown." The big reveal of No. 1 is coming up in just a moment.

TURNER: But first, here is No. 3. Dub step viral violin sensation Lindsey Sterling, whose videos have been viewed more than -- get this -- 400 million times. Yes, indeed. She made history last night, taking home one of the first ever YouTube Music Awards for her cover of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. It`s fantastic.


LINDSEY STERLING, MUSICIAN: Thank you. And a big shout-out to Pentatonics, who won this award with me.


HAMMER: Most informal award show ever.

Lindsey is back with us here in New York tonight on SBT. I`m just going to point out you were on SBT last week.


HAMMER: And then you won the award on Sunday. Coincidence, I don`t think so.


HAMMER: Congratulations.

STERLING: Upped my votes for sure.

HAMMER: Four hundred million views so far, which means everybody`s pretty much seen this. But just in case you haven`t, let`s share it again with people, why you won this award.


(MUSIC: "Radioactive")


HAMMER: OK, let`s be clear. Only six awards were given away at the YouTube Awards. On the list of winners, Eminem, Taylor Swift and you. I mean, come on.

STERLING: Yes. It`s a little weird hearing those names and to think that -- I mean, there are millions of people that create content on YouTube, and I`m kind of still in a little bit of shock that I won one of six awards, you know, next to big huge names like that.

HAMMER: And historical, too, because it`s the first show that they`re ever doing. You will also be a part of history as a result of that.

TURNER: You won and you also got to perform.


TURNER: You got to perform a version of your newest hit, "Crystalized." And this has already been viewed over, what, 76 million times on YouTube.

STERLING: Something crazy like that.

TURNER: Can we watch some of that, too?





TURNER: That is so dope. You know, I had a YouTube -- a thing on YouTube that was viewed 218 times.

STERLING: Not bad.

TURNER: Seventy-six million, you`re doing great.

HAMMER: I`m going to give you this pen, Nischelle. Congratulations.

TURNER: Seventy-six million times. You`ve got to be doing something right.

STERLING: You know, it was this amazing experiment is what I started when I started doing electronic music. Started making, you know, my own videos and music videos. It was this grand experiment that has turned into an amazing adventure. And I can`t believe I get to do my passion for a living.

HAMMER: Adventure and opportunities, including appearing with John Legend in the video for his song, "All of Me."


HAMMER: Charles, don`t bring this up full. Just roll it under because I want to talk to Lindsey some more about this experience. So what do you do now? You`ve won this award. You are the biggest star on YouTube, period, hands down, perhaps ever. So will you go out on the road with somebody like a John Legend or maybe a Gaga, who also was there last night?

STERLING: You know, we`ve thought about and looked into opportunities of touring with other artists, you know, some huge artists like, you know, these names that you`ve been dropping.

But also, I really enjoyed headlining my own tour so far. And it`s fun, because every tour grows. And I get to do more things, bringing on other talented people, like lighting directors and hopefully dancers on this next tour. So it`s fun to get to do things on my own terms, my own way and to just watch it grow in a very natural way every time. It`s just really exciting.

HAMMER: And so much fun for us to watch. Congratulations again. Thanks for coming back.

STERLING: Thank you. Thanks for having me back.

TURNER: Nice to meet you. Dope. You are so dope.

STERLING: Thank you.

TURNER: For real.

HAMMER: Well, we are down to our final two on tonight`s "Top Ten Countdown." Will this "SNL" instant classic with Kerry Washington take the top slot?




HAMMER: This is so funny. Kerry is breaking down what a girlfriend says when she catches her man texting another woman. But is her "Saturday Night Live" sketch more jaw-dropping than this?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Don`t you know it`s torture?

MOOS: She`s not being tortured. Her mom`s just singing to her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look, I could sing any other song, and she doesn`t have the same reaction.


HAMMER: The adorable little baby who gets all teary every time her mommy sings her special song. Which must-see video is going to be No. 1 on the countdown?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Just two more to go on our "Top Ten Countdown." The big reveal of No. 1 is coming up in just a moment. But first, what does my girl say?

TURNER: OK, Kerry Washington, not A.J. Hammer, Kerry Washington played host on "Saturday Night Live," and she pulled off this hilarious spoof of the Ylvis song, "What Does the Fox Say?" Her sketch -- oh, it sticks in your head -- her sketch with Jay Pharoah has become an instant "SNL" classic. Here is Kerry playing a girlfriend who just caught her guy texting another woman.


JAY PHAROAH, ACTOR (singing): But there`s one sound that you all should know what does my girl say?

KERRY WASHINGTON, ACTOR (singing): Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah. Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.

PHAROAH: What does my girl say?

WASHINGTON: Who dat? Who dat? Who dat bitch? Who dat, who dat, who dat bitch? Who dat? Who dat? Who dat bitch?

PHAROAH: What does my girl say?

Your skin is soft. You`re beautiful. But that jealousy`s from hell. You`re in my phone and searching it. I see me who are these?

WASHINGTON: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

PHAROAH: Really this chick looks like a horse. What does my girl say?

WASHINGTON: I got you, got you, got you, pow. Got you, got you, got you, pow.


TURNER: I think I`ve said that a couple times.

HAMMER: I was going to say, it`s funny because it`s true.

TURNER: Absolutely. Full disclosure. I`ve been there.

Now to the big reveal of No. 1 on our "Top Ten Countdown." Hold onto your tissues, because you`re not going to believe how this baby reacts to her mom`s singing. Look at that face. She is absolutely adorable.

Now, this video has racked up more than 14 million views on YouTube. But why does this precious little girl tear up like this every single time her mom sings a special song for her? CNN`s Jeanne Moos has the secret behind the viral video that no one can resist.


MOOS (voice-over): All babies cry, but this baby`s brimming eyes may make you want to cry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Don`t you know it`s torture.

MOOS: She`s not being tortured. Her mom is just singing to her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can sing any other song, and she doesn`t have the same reaction.

MOOS: Amanda Larue was listening to the radio in her northern Ontario home when Sarah Evans came on, singing a Rod Stewart song. So Amanda sang along to her baby.

LARUE (singing): You don`t know how strong my weakness is or how much it hurts me, because when you say it`s over, we hurt. I want to believe it`s true.

I thought it was strange. I thought the first time it was just a fluke.

MOOS: It happened every time she sang "My Heart Can`t Tell You No." Amanda`s husband was skeptical, so she made this recording to show him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was like, oh, my lord.

LARUE (singing): So I`ll let you -- and I`ll wake up missing you...

MOOS: What struck Amanda is how 10-month-old Marie Lynn seems to be struggling not to cry, to hold it in.

(on camera): What do you think is going through your baby`s mind?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She has just an older soul.

MOOS (voice-over): Her father believes in reincarnation and feels it`s almost supernatural. Mom thinks her baby just has a connection with the emotion behind the song.

Childhood development specialists agree, telling CNN the baby might be responding to the melancholy tonality of the song.

LARUE: Ah, you feel the pain of the song. Don`t you?

MOOS: Country singer Sarah Evans tweeted out how cute the video is. "Hopefully, she`s crying tears of joy hearing my song."

(on camera): But here`s a bit of a downer. Because of all the hoopla and interviews and the video being played over and over, the baby has stopped tearing up when she hears the song.

LARUE: I think she`s become immune to it.

MOOS: We sure aren`t immune to her.

LARUE (singing): I`m going to wake up missing you, wake up missing you.

MOOS: Finally, a silent cry baby.

LARUE: OK. It`s just a song.


HAMMER: I could totally relate. I feel that way right now.

Another special shocking reveal is coming up in just a moment. The famous Goth rocker, Marilyn Manson is about to make a TV cameo without his signature makeup. I`ve got the tape. We`re going to show you what Manson looks like when he`s dressed like a waiter instead of a Goth legend.

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for our "Moment of Awesomeness." And it`s a reveal like no other. You`ll remember Marilyn Manson, the huge Goth rocker from the `90s, right? Well, he is looking strangely normal these days without his famously weird makeup. Manson just shot a cameo on the hit show "Eastbound and Down" with the show`s star, Danny McBride. And you`ve got to watch the singer without makeup, on roller skates, and sporting a pair of very awkward shorts.


DANNY MCBRIDE, ACTOR: We get divorced. I split. And then we get another jack-off to come in here and support the whole entire family like I do. That sounds great. How about this roller-skating nerd right here?

MARILYN MANSON, SINGER: Welcome to Jelly Beans. Can I take your trash?

MCBRIDE: I think we`re good with all the trash here right now. I have a simple question for you, though. Would you like to marry my wife and fund her fancy-ass lifestyle?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re just having a conversation. We`re all good. Thanks.

MCBRIDE: So we`re good? We`re good then, huh. Divorce is for losers, April. We`re not losers. This is a wonderful day.


HAMMER: That`s what I expect a guy named Brian Warner from Canton, Ohio, to look like. And that`s who Marilyn Manson really is.

TURNER: I need to see that again.

HAMMER: Because you have no idea it`s him.

TURNER: That`s crazy.

HAMMER: I`ve got to wrap it up. Watch it again. Thank you for being here.

Thank you for watching. Catch SBT Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. Going to wear my makeup tomorrow.

HLN continues right now.