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Should Conrad Murray Star in Reality Show?; Kanye, Kim K to Sign Prenup?; Chris Brown Arrested for Assault; Marcia Wallace, Lou Reed Dies at Age 71; Was Bruce Jenner Intentionally Left Out of Kanye`s Proposal?; Two Mega Stars Sing Karaoke; Beyonce Takes the Plunge

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the "Top Ten Countdown," the man jailed in connection with Michael Jackson`s death is free. Should Conrad Murray cash in with a book or maybe a reality TV show now? Conrad Murray`s attorney is right here with us tonight with the facts and the new details about the future for the notorious former prisoner.

Kimye pre-nup news. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a Hollywood power couple, to be sure, but there`s surprising news about which star has more at stake. Plus, Kim`s brand-new revolutions about her step-dad, Bruce Jenner, and his role in her wedding.

SBT starts right now.

Hello, and thanks a lot for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Let`s get going and start counting down the top ten must-see, must-share stories of the day. Kicking things off at No. 10. It`s the controversy over Conrad and what`s next.

Michael Jackson`s doctor is free tonight. He got out of prison early today after spending two years behind bars. That follows his manslaughter conviction of killing Michael Jackson. And now he`s facing a reality check about his new reality. Could that include a reality show?

Valerie Wass is Conrad Murray`s attorney. She is with us tonight from Hollywood.

Thank you for being here, Valerie.


HAMMER: So there are reports today that Dr. Murray is obviously already thinking about how he`s going to make money and get his life back together. Some of those reports include the possibility of maybe doing a reality show. Is there any truth to that?

WASS: He has not mentioned doing a reality show to me. So I can`t confirm that at all.

HAMMER: Do you think that would be a good idea?

WASS: You know, it`s not really my decision to make. It`s his. But right now he has other things that he needs to deal with such as continuing to appeal his conviction and try to get his medical licenses back, and right now his priority, though, is reuniting with his family and his girlfriend.

HAMMER: Sure. Obviously, the events he`s been through over the past many years would make a terrific tell-all book. I`m sure he`s being approached. Do you know anything about whether or not he may be writing a book?

WASS: I know that he`s written a lot during his incarceration at the county jail. I don`t know that it`s in a book form. But I`ve been contacted by various literary agents that have interest in it. There`s no deal that`s been made yet.

HAMMER: OK, so that`s still kind of hanging out there.

There were, not surprisingly, a lot of angry Michael Jackson fans camped out at the jail today, obviously upset with the fact that he was being released. I want to watch with you what the L.A. County Sheriff`s Department just said about Murray`s time behind bars, if we could look at that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was exemplary. I mean, he was -- he kept away. He was kept at what we call a K-10, if you will, a keep-away from the general population because of his notoriety.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Was he ever in danger in the prison? Was he ever kept away from the prison population?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s called a keep away. He was kept away from the general population because of his notoriety. He was never in danger.


HAMMER: OK. So right there, he was never in danger. He was protected on the inside.

A lot of Jackson fans, as you know, they`re very, very supportive of Michael to this day, and they were furious that he got out after serving two years of a four-year prison sentence. Do you know, Valerie, whether or not Dr. Murray is worried about his safety now that he`s out of that sort of protective custody?

WASS: First, I want to clear up a point, that he did not get out early. He served as long of a sentence as was possible. He was entitled to one day of credit for each day of custody. And the sheriff`s department did not let him out one minute early. They released him at 12:01 at the first day at the completion of his sentence. So it was not an early release.

As far as his concerns for safety, he`s a grown man. He`s very intelligent, and he`s dealing with it.

HAMMER: Taking some security precautions, I imagine. I mean, it`s obviously an unenviable position to have to be in.

WASS: Right. But these Jackson fans are fanatics, as I call them, that were outside the jail this morning. They`d been hanging out during both trials. It`s a very small group. It`s just a small group of crazy fans that -- they`re really insignificant.

HAMMER: OK. We do hear, Valerie, that he does want to practice medicine again, and he`s working on getting his licenses back. So given his notoriety for his part in Jackson`s death, does he really have an expectation that patients would want to see him? I think that`s an obvious thing people are thinking about right now.

WASS: He ran a clinic in the poorest part of Houston called Five Acres at Community, and those patients can`t wait for him to get back. They want him back. They`ve been vocal supporters of him during his criminal trial and during his incarceration. They would welcome him back with open arms.

HAMMER: Is he financially...

WASS: It wouldn`t be a problem.

HAMMER: Is he financially in good shape now? He was making a lot of money. Obviously, his defense was not inexpensive. How`s that?

WASS: You know, I`m not going to disclose his finances. I -- that`s not my concern. My concern is appealing his criminal conviction. So I can`t address that at this time.

HAMMER: OK. Well, Valerie, I do appreciate you giving us your insight on this big story today. Valerie Wass, thank you so much for being here.

WASS: Thank you.

HAMMER: And that brings us to No. 9 on our countdown tonight: a Kim and Kanye prenup? Well, before even signing one, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly agreed to keep their huge individual fortunes separate once they get married.

Now, Kim is estimated to be worth $40 million, Kanye an incredible $100 million. Wow. They would have one seriously fat joint bank account, but it actually doesn`t look like that`s going to happen.

Attorney Areva Martin is with us tonight from Hollywood to sort out this prenup madness.

So Areva, at least in the first half of this year alone, Kanye apparently made about double what Kim did, "Forbes" estimating he pulled in around 20 million bucks to Kim`s 10 million. Nice. With all that money, though, I`m thinking it would be crazy for them not to have a prenup. Right?

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY: I think you`re so right, A.J. You know, sometimes people think prenups are just for the wealthy, but the reality is, prenups are for everyone. And particularly a high-profile Hollywood couple like Kim and Kanye I think is the best thing that they could have ever thought of doing. And so hats off to them for, you know, stepping up and being mature about their money.

Because this is really about assets and how do you divide assets if there is a divorce? Now of course, you know, they`re just getting married, so we don`t want to talk about divorce. But that is such a reality in Hollywood and in America in general.

HAMMER: Yes. Nobody is accusing either one of these two of not being smart business people. Segun is with us, also in Hollywood tonight. He`s a pop culture contributor to "Access Hollywood Live."

Segun, we shouldn`t for a moment think, "Oh, how terribly unromantic." Right? I mean, they need this prenup.

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, POP CULTURE CONTRIBUTOR, "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD LIVE": This is absolutely good business. And I agree all around. Like you said, it`s not just -- prenups are not just good for the rich or even if you don`t have money. It just makes sense.

Maybe it`s the absolute cynic in me or pessimist in me, but Kanye can make songs from now until forever. So his fortune will continue to grow.

I believe the Kardashian bubble is about to burst. And her track record on marriage really isn`t the best. I mean, her last marriage lasted as long as this taping. So I really, if I`m Kanye, I`d sign that prenup in blood and make it ironclad. Because it doesn`t -- you know, she doesn`t really stick around with husbands too often.

HAMMER: Yes, and it`s wild hearing that she made as much as around $10 million just in the beginning of this year alone. Hopefully, she`s got good people investing that money for her.

But Areva, let me come back to you as our attorney on retainer tonight. We don`t do that every night, but we splurged for you. I would imagine these two, with all of this money involved and all their assets, would need the mother of all prenups. What would something like that look like?

MARTIN: It`s going to be a very long document, for sure, A.J. and it`s going to try to cover every conceivable contingency that you can think of.

Let`s face it. These documents only come into play if there is a divorce, because then the question becomes who gets what. And if they`re married in a state like California, it is a community property state, which means everything that is made during the marriage gets split in half. A good lawyer, I`m sure they will have the best of best, is going to make sure that both of their clients are going to have two lawyers, two sets, are protected. So that whatever is brought into this marriage is going to leave with the parties in the event there`s a departure.

HAMMER: Yes, yes. No, no, that`s my question. You know, she gets to keep all of the Bentleys and the Range Rovers that she had going in, and he`ll keep, you know, his jet share and all of that, and they don`t have to split that stuff up. Right, Areva?

MARTIN: OH, no. That`s all going to stay with the owners.


MARTIN: A good prenup will make sure of that.

HAMMER: All right. And Segun...

ODUOLOWU: Kanye doesn`t -- Kanye doesn`t want her money.

HAMMER: I just have to ask you quickly, Segun. Are you really going to be so pessimistic you don`t think this thing will last?

ODUOLOWU: I don`t wish for anyone`s unhappiness, but I do play odds and percentages.

HAMMER: Where`s the romance, Segun?

ODUOLOWU: And the odds and percentages.

HAMMER: Come on. We`re going to leave it right there.

ODUOLOWU: The odds and percentages say it`s not going to make it.

HAMMER: All right. I`m writing down your vote. We`ll see what happens. Areva, Segun, thank you both so much.

As we move on tonight, Chris Brown arrested after allegedly getting into a fight. Is it just time to say, "Do not pass go? Straight to jail for you, Chris"?

Also, this superstar karaoke tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This chair is too high to make love.



HAMMER: Who is that? Well, she`s kind of obvious. Maybe he is, too. Are you able to guess who these stars are, butchering this song? One is a global music superstar. I will tell you that. One a heartthrob.

Which must-see, must-share story will be No. 1 tonight?

It`s also a big week here on SBT as I visit your classic TV game shows. It`s SBT "Game Show Madness." Tomorrow I`m hanging with Pat and Vanna at "Wheel of Fortune." Wednesday, me and Cedric the Entertainer hanging out at "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" And on Thursday I can`t wait to take you behind the scenes on the price is right. "Game Show Madness," right here on SBT..


HAMMER: Back to the "Top Ten Countdown" tonight. We are at No. 8. Is Chris cooked? I`m guessing Chris Brown spent the day thinking "What the heck have I got myself into now?"

Police say he punched a man in the face outside of a Washington hotel early Sunday. They arrested Brown and his bodyguard on charges of felony assault. Now, it is not clear what led to this fight. We do know that the man went to the hospital and Chris Brown went to jail.

Attorney and legal affairs commentator Areva Martin is back with us tonight from Hollywood. Areva, I don`t know if she even cares what goes on with him anymore, but I know Rihanna has to have heard about this. She`s got to be thinking what the heck is going on with him?

You know, Brown is still on probation for beating her up, obviously. Here`s tonight`s big burning question: Could Brown be facing several years behind bars?

MARTIN: Absolutely, A.J. One of the problems that Brown faces is he`s still on probation for the 2009 attack on Rihanna. He`s going to be appearing in a Los Angeles court in November, and that`s a possibility.

There`s a possibility that the district attorney in L.A. is going to ask that his probation be revoked, because one of the terms is that he obeys all laws and that he doesn`t find himself, you know, being charged with these types of crimes.

You know, I don`t know with Chris. I just wish he would go and focus on his music. He seems to have these anger issues that keep landing him in trouble with the law.

HAMMER: Yes, and separate from all that, I hear that they don`t mess in D.C. They don`t mess around when you cross the line there. I want to take this to CNN legal analyst Danny Cevallos, who`s also a criminal defense attorney.

Danny, what do you think? Is there a reality that Chris will get some jail time? I mean, do you see that happening here?

DANNY CEVALLOS, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: He could on both ends. He could get it in Washington. He could also get it as part of the violation of his probation. When you enter into probation, you make an agreement that you will not do a lot of things. And one of these is usually you will not pick up a new arrest.

And a lot of people say, "Well, hey, wait a minute. I was just arrested. No one`s convicted me of anything." Too bad, so bad. It`s not the issue of whether or not you`re guilty. The agreement that you make as part of probation is that you will not pick up any new arrests, even if you ultimately are determined to have not committed the crime. And as long as, in California, the D.A. can prove that it is more likely than not, a preponderance of evidence, that you`ve committed a crime, then you are in violation of probation. You`re in violation for even picking up the arrest.

So that California judge is going to be none too pleased and may want to send him back to state prison for the term of his probation.

HAMMER: And that may be just what he needs. I mean, look at the trouble that Chris has continually gotten into since he beat up Rihanna before those Grammy Awards back in 2009.

Remember, in 2011 when he reportedly smashed a window at "Good Morning America" after an interview?

And just last year he had that wild brawl in a New York nightclub with the rapper Drake. Earlier this year, there was that tussle with Frank Ocean that happened at a Hollywood recording studio.

I mean, Areva, I don`t know. I think he kind of needs to go to jail if he`s ever going to get a wake-up call. If he is responsible here. It seems that anger management ain`t doing it.

MARTIN: Yes. He had anger management order. He also had community service. But Chris can`t seem to, you know, stay out of trouble.

And I agree with you, A.J., If he attacked this man, you know, as he`s being charged with, then absolutely, he should not be given any special treatment. He should go to jail for this -- this crime.

But we`re hearing from Chris`s camp that the facts, when they come out, are going to prove to be quite different than what`s being reported. So I think we`ve got to wait to see...

HAMMER: Right.

MARTIN: ... what the totality of the evidence is in this case.

HAMMER: Well, Danny, if what`s being reported is true -- you`re a criminal defense attorney, will that be a wake-up call that he really needs? Will that actually get Chris in line if he`s sent to prison?

CEVALLOS: Well, that`s entirely up to him. And this highlights how difficult probation can be even if you try to comply with just the general terms. Someone like Chris, who can`t seem to stay out of other trouble, some people, probation just isn`t for them. And maybe Chris Brown is one of those people that probation is just a little too difficult to comply with all the terms.


CEVALLOS: The judge will have some harsh words, if he gets back before him in California.

HAMMER: Gosh, I hate it when I get that e-mail that crosses that says Chris Brown in trouble again. It just is too common an occurrence. I wish it would stop.

All right. Areva, Danny, thank you both so much. We`ll see what happens here.

As we move on tonight, should Jay-Z bail on Barney`s? That is a big question being thrown around tonight after the swanky New York store is slammed for alleged discrimination by two black shoppers. Is this really kind of a no-win situation for Jay?

Also, Kim Kardashian`s new wedding revelations. Tonight what Kim is revealing about her step-dad, Bruce Jenner, and his role in her wedding. Which must-see, must-share story is going to be No. 1?

All this week, it is "SBT Game Show Madness." I`m on location, visiting TV game shows like tomorrow when take a spin with Pat and Vanna at "The Wheel of Fortune." Wednesday I`m hanging with Cedric the Entertainer at "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Thursday, it is a dream come true day on "The Price is Right." "Game Show Madness" on SBT.


HAMMER: Our "Top Ten Countdown" continues now with No. 7 and some sad news tonight, as the Simpsons say good-bye to Mrs. Krabappel.


NANCY CARTWRIGHT, VOICE OF BART SIMPSON: Hey, everybody. Let`s turn our desks backwards before Mr. Krabappel shows up.

MARCIA WALLACE, VOICE OF MRS. KRABAPPEL: All right, backwards boy. Back your butt down to detention.


HAMMER: So sad to me, as a huge "Simpsons" fan and fan of this woman. Marcia Wallace, the voice of Bart`s teacher, sadly died over the weekend at the age of 70. The executive producer of "The Simpsons" says the Mrs. Krabappel character will retire and will not be killed off.

Marcia Wallace was also, of course, famous for her roles on "The Bob Newhart Show" and "Murphy Brown."

Stars and fans also mourning the death of a rock icon gone too soon. No. 6 on our countdown, Lou`s legacy. Artists of all ages an genres have been giving love to Lou on Twitter. The songwriter/musician Lou Reed died at 71 over the weekend.

Nikki Sixx writes, "You inspired me from my teenage years right up till today."

Justin Timberlake tweeted the hashtag RIPLouReed.

Miley Cyrus even in, tweeting, "Nooooooo. Not Lou Reed."

And the outpouring certainly is understandable, because as CNN`s Nischelle Turner explains, Lou Reed created the blueprint that forever changed modern music from rock to rap and certainly everything in between.



NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): With classics like "Sweet Jane," Lou Reed influenced generations of rockers, often merging risque lyrics with droning guitars. Born and raised in New York, Reed joined created forces with Andy Warhol, who sponsored the Velvet Underground. "Rolling Stone" named the Underground`s 1967 debut album the 13th greatest of all time.

LOU REED, SONGWRITER/MUSICIAN: I get personal satisfaction of making things that don`t exist. I follow passion. That`s the one rule I`ve lived by.

TURNER: The edgy Reed said he wanted to tell the stories of outsiders. As a solo artist, Reed`s lyrics in "Take a Walk on the Wild Side," explored sex, drugs and drag queens.

REED (singing): ... eyebrows along the way. Then he shaved his legs, and honey, he was a she. Take a walk on the wild side. Oh, honey, take a walk on the wild side.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He saw himself as a literary figure as much as a musician. And he took that aspect of his work very seriously.

TURNER: Reed also delved into acting, playing an annoying record producer in Paul Simon`s 1980 music riff on the music business, "One Trick Pony."

REED (speaking): Who do you think I am, just an intern (ph) here? I`ve made a couple of records myself, you know. I know what I`m doing.

TURNER: Reed loved poetry, and legions of indie rockers hung on his every word. He celebrated independent streaks as heard on "I Love You, Suzanne."

REED (singing): You do what you got to do. You do what you can. You do what you got to do. I love you, Suzanne.

TURNER: Reed had been frail for months after a liver transplant earlier this year. He died at his home in South Hampton, New York, at age 71.


HAMMER: I started listening to him pretty much as soon as I started listening to music.

All right. We move on now to a music star going to brave new heights tonight.


BEYONCE, SINGER: This is awesome.


HAMMER: It is awesome. Beyonce`s incredible free fall. You`ve got to see this.

Also ahead, we`ve got your "SHOWBIZ First Look" at "Hunger Games: Catching Fire."


DONALD SUTHERLAND, ACTOR: What`s happening? You fought very hard in the arena, but they were games. Would you like to be in real war?


HAMMER: We`re halfway to No. 1 on the countdown. Which must-see, must- share star story will take the top spot tonight?

This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now the "Top Ten SBT Countdown" continues with Kim Kardashian`s revelations. The brand-new secrets behind the birth of her baby with Kanye West. And Kim`s shocking revelations about Bruce Jenner and her wedding. Will he even be there to see her tie the knot?

There`s also this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This chair is too high to make love.


HAMMER: Are you watching closely? Are you guessing who`s in this video? This is the newly-uncovered video of two drink-toting Hollywood superstars doing karaoke together. I think this is one case where karaoke plus booze may not equal magic. So what will be No. 1 on our countdown tonight? Watch to find out as SBT continues right now.

Welcome back. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. We`re now at No. 5 on our countdown of today`s top ten must see, must share stories. It`s Kim setting the record straight about Bruce. Bruce Jenner was nowhere to be seen in San Francisco when Kanye surprised Kim with that elaborate, over the top wedding proposal. Kris Jenner reportedly intentionally left Bruce off the guest list, but Kim says that`s a bunch of nonsense. Watch what she told ET over the weekend in Vegas at a big birthday bash.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who is the first person you called?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was his reaction?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was so excited. Yes, he was so beyond excited.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you sad that Bruce wasn`t there? Was he unable to make it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, he was racing his cars. So he had better things to do. Well, everyone thought it was just my surprise birthday party.


HAMMER: Look at mama Kris just standing there and smiling. All right. Let me take it out to Kelly Zink in Chicago, the host of She said that he had better things to do, Kelly. Are you buying that or do you think Kris left him off the list?

KELLY ZINK, CELEBTV.COM: I`m kind of buying it. With the amount of people in that family and they always have something important, a modeling shoot, an engagement, a divorce, a baby. You got to let people live their lives. So I`m sure that Bruce was the first call she got, and everything`s fine. I doubt that Kris would really hold Bruce back like that. She said they`re on great terms.

HAMMER: I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I agree with you, this is family with a jam-packed schedule and people are always being asked to show up and be at different things, but a big proposal like that, I don`t know, that`s a pretty big deal. Let`s go out to Segun, pop culture contributor from Access Hollywood Live is with us. What`s your take, Segun?

SEGUN ODUOLOWU, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Okay. Every time we talk about the Kardashians, a little piece of me like just withers in. It`s Bruce Jenner. First of all, everyone is either a step dad -- who cares if he comes? What was he, getting botox. It doesn`t matter. It`s a Kanye and Kim moment. So whether he`s there or not, it`s really about them. And you know what? They went over the top. You know her mom was going to be there. You can`t shake that vampire off her neck. She`s going to be everywhere. So if Bruce was not there and he had something better to do, God bless him. I wish we all had something better to do than them. It`s not even her first marriage. It`s her second one.


HAMMER: No, Segun, it`s her third.


ODUOLOWU: It`s her third? See.

HAMMER: I`m going to break news to you. We all had better things to do, but Kim did reveal to "People" magazine that she even wants Bruce to walk her down the aisle. So I guess, Kelly, if that`s the case, even if there was some controversy behind him not being there, it kind of settles that. No bad blood with Bruce even though the marriage between Bruce and Kris obviously looks like it`s over.

ZINK: I mean, ratings, ratings. I`m sure it will be filmed. I`m sure there will be some behind the scenes drama that we`ll all get to see.

HAMMER: We also saw on Kim`s reality show last night her revealing she just can`t wait to show off her body because she is finally going to be able to shut down all those critics who were just slamming her for her baby weight gain. Which I thought was ridiculous. Let`s watch this.


KARDASHIAN: I just want to come out to the world like naked and be like, I look so hot. I am back. You all called me a whale, shamu, a cow.


HAMMER: Good for her. She should be able to do that, and she should feel really good about doing that. I think it was terrible what people were saying about her. People gain weight when they get pregnant.

ODUOLOWU: You know it wasn`t terrible. She wants to come out to the world naked. It`s like you did that once already. What are you doing to show us we haven`t seen before?

ZINK: We`ve seen it.

ODUOLOWU: And you know, she was pregnant. Pregnant ladies gain weight. Anyone who attacked her for gaining weight, yes, they are mean and probably vindictive. And shame on them for doing it. I hope she lost the baby weight, I hoe she comes back looking as stunning as she wants to. And she shows those people that were detracting her who were picking on a pregnant lady. I pick on her all the time for other stuff, but I am never going to (inaudible) on her for being pregnant.

HAMMER: Of course, certainly not for weight, I think that`s ridiculous. But Kelly, there`s a little difference between what somebody looks likes when they are on a sex tape before they have ever had a child and after they`ve had a baby. I kind of understand the interest, at least.

ZINK: Hey, I don`t know. I didn`t see the sex tape. AJ, so don`t ask me about that.

ODUOLOWU: You`re the only person in America who didn`t see the sex tape.


HAMMER: -- not going to allow North West to appear on her reality show. We have kind of been wondering about that. Watch what she said.


KARDASHIAN: From the start, Kanye is like I`m not comfortable with selling her photos, like in a magazine reveal to having her on the show. I signed on to do this, but it doesn`t mean that like Kanye and my child have signed on to do it. So I`m fine with keeping them more private.


HAMMER: I`m so good with that, but do you think her fans will be okay with that?

ZINK: They`re going to have to be. I will say they are releasing some photos on Twitter and they are doing bit by bit so that the public isn`t starved for photos of the baby. But yes, I really do admire her for that. And she has to listen to Kanye. He`s the new boss in town, right, from what she wears to what she gives to the public. He is the sheriff.

ODUOLOWU: We all know the baby will be on TV. Never say never, the baby`s going to be on TV.

HAMMER: We`re hoping for the best. Segun and Kelly, thank you for being here.

We`re now up to No. 4. on our countdown. Game show madness week on SBT. This is so much fun, because all this week you`re going to be seeing my amazing visits over the past couple of weeks to the biggest game shows on television. Like so many people I`ve been watching game shows on television. Like so many people, I have been watching game shows since I was a little kid. It`s the best thing to do when you`re home sick from school. From spinning the wheel on "The Wheel of Fortune" to giving away prizes on "The Price is Right," I actually was just like a kid in the candy store for this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A.J. Hammer from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, come on down to "The Price is Right."

HAMMER: Yes, it`s my childhood dream come true, my debut on "The Price Is Right" as a guest model, with host Drew Carey.

DREW CAREY, HOST, PRICE IS RIGHT: Everybody, our special guest today is A.J. Hammer from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. AJ, welcome to the show.

HAMMER: I`m so thrilled and I`m so excited for all these people to win lots and lots of stuff today.

CAREY: Flew all the way from New York City just to be here. Thanks for coming out. Nice to have you here. All the way from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. New York City.

HAMMER: From "The Price is Right" to the big wheel.

I even get to turn the tables on "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak with my own special quiz.

How many people in your studio audience here in Hollywood?


HAMMER: 160 people. In that audience. It seems much bigger on TV.

SAJAK: Sometimes people share seats.

HAMMER: That`s -- judges. The judges are saying no.

SAJAK: I`ve missed two out of three. It`s my own show.

HAMMER: And when I was on the set of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," with host Cedric the Entertainer, I also put him to the SBT challenge.

Question No. 1. TV Guide recently included "Who Wants to be A Millionaire" on its list of 60 greatest game shows of all time. Where did it rank? Was it no. 1, no. 9, no. 6, or tied with "Double Dare?"

So from "Millionaire" to "The Price is Right" and "Wheel of Fortune," get ready for game show madness on SBT this week as I go where not many have gone before.

Let`s see if Vanna is home. Hello.


HAMMER: There she is. Great to see you. Finally I get to see the lair. Beautiful.

WHITE: Come on in. Thank you.


HAMMER: Wait until you see what`s in her fridge. It will surprise you. It`s so much fun. I can`t wait for you to see all of it.

Here is the rundown of what we`re doing. Tomorrow, Tuesday I`m hanging with Pat and Vanna at the "Wheel of Fortune," taking a look inside her fridge. Wednesday you`ll see my visit to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." And on Thursday, this is definitely my dream come true day. I was a guest model on "The Price is Right." I`m taking you there with me on game show madness all this week here on SBT.

Here is another kind of madness tonight. The Hollywood heavyweights are throwing down some lyrics while throwing back the drinks.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This chair is too high to make love.


HAMMER: It`s the newly discovered karaoke video of two of Hollywood`s biggest stars. You`ll see these guys letting loose like never before. Can you guess who this pair is? Will the mystery karaoke couple pack more heat than Jay-Z finally breaking his silence over alleged racial profiling at a very high end department store. He`s in a collaboration with the store, but you`ll find out why Jay says he`s not really ready to pull the plug yet. This is SBT on HLN.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This chair is too high to make love.


HAMMER: It certainly is. What the heck is going on there? As our countdown continues, wait until you see Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson making some beautiful music together or maybe not so beautiful. They are clearly knocking back some karaoke drinks as they do it. That Perry-Robert karaoke fest is taking us to no. 3 on our countdown, and I love this. This startling video surfaced today of them sharing a karaoke duet. It really is so hysterical. This happened back in 2008. Katie and Robert were out celebrating a mutual friend`s birthday at a karaoke bar in Burbank when they decided to serenade the party with that Boyz II Men hit, "I`ll make Love to you."




HAMMER: Look at Katy`s face there. Just priceless. Segun is with us from Hollywood tonight. What the heck do you think Katy was thinking right there, Segun?

ODUOLOWU: I thought it was great. Like karaoke is an absolute excuse to sing and sound horrible, and the fact that these two mega stars were willing to do that -- and I`ve been to that karaoke bar in Burbank. The whole setup is like dive bar and grungy. I love Katy`s hat. Robert Pattinson has got on the beat-up leather jacket. They look like they are in the moment and just having a great time. It`s awesome. I`m all in favor of it.

HAMMER: They own this moment. And to be clear, that`s no cell phone video. They have like a camera set up to record everybody.

ODUOLOWU: They do. They absolutely do. You go on there. You can actually buy a DVD of your performance. I have one of myself singing a Bob Marley tune, and I sound godawful. Like I mean, if that right there is Grammy award winning compared to what I was doing. The fact they`re willing to do and have fun. It was for a friend`s birthday party. And making yourself look bad, it`s just brilliant.

HAMMER: I was thinking this was right about the time that he was becoming a big heartthrob starring in his new movie, the Twilight movie. Had he not hooked up with Kristen Stewart, maybe it would have been Katy Perry. Segun, we`ll leave it there, thank you.

That brings us down to No. 2 on our countdown tonight.

It`s your first look at the last sneak peek of "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" before it hits theaters next month. Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is back in the battle area as Katniss, so what is life like for her now that she`s emerged victorious from the "Hunger Games?" Here is your last clue before "Catching Fire" comes to a big screen near you.


DONALD SUTHERLAND, ACTOR: You fought very hard in the arena, but they were games. Would you like to be in a real war?


HAMMER: Very intense. "Hunger Games Catching Fire" opens around the country on November 22nd.

OK. Hope you`re ready for it because the moment of truth is here. You`ll find out tonight`s no. 1 must see, must share story on our countdown next. This is SBT on HLN.

And I`m so excited to bring you SBT game show madness all this week. I`m on location at your favorite game shows, mine too. In fact, tomorrow it`s me, Pat and Vanna at the "Wheel of Fortune." On Wednesday I visit Cedric the Entertainer, the new host, he is excellent on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Thursday my dream come true day on "The Price is Right." It`s game show madness all this week on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: We have been counting down today`s top ten must see, must share stories. It`s time now for the big reveal. This is no. 1 on our countdown. It`s Jay-Z`s big battle over Barney`s after claims that African-American shopping at the department store have been racially profiled. So Jay-Z says he`s been unfairly targeted as he`s being pressured to pull out of his collaboration deal with Barney`s which includes everything from scarves to jackets to window displays. He said no, not pulling out, at least not right now. Back with me in New York is CNN legal analyst and criminal defense attorney Danny Cevallos. Attorney and legal affairs commentator Areva Martin is in Hollywood.

So two African-Americans claim they were given a hard time when they tried to buy some expensive things at Barney`s. The assumption was they were ripping stuff off in the store. Turns out that was not at all the case. They were there buying things legitimately, and there`s been major outrage over these cases. Jay-Z is saying he`s not pulling his line from Barney`s. He says the money that he makes is going to the Shawn Carter foundation, and he says this, "making a decision prematurely to pull out of this project wouldn`t hurt Barney`s or Shawn Carter but all the people that stand a chance at higher education."

Areva, let me start with you. Are you with him or should he bail on Barney`s? Very hot on both sides here.

MARTIN: You know, AJ, this is kind of the reverse Paula Deen story. In that case, the stores were pressured to dump Paula because of her conduct, and in this case we`re getting pressure from people for the brand to dump the store. I think Jay-Z is in a very difficult position. Obviously, if this store is involved in racial profiling, I think he should dump the store. Jay-Z can go to any retailer in this country and have those products sold, and achieve his goal of helping kids go to college. He does not have to and shouldn`t be linked to the store that`s engaging in racial profiling.

HAMMER: A lot of people saying that today. Wendy Williams thinks Jay-Z has got it all wrong. This is what she said.


WENDY WILLIAMS, TALK SHOW HOST: These few little dollars he`s going to make and by the way allegedly his line at the holidays is not for his pocket. It`s for scholarship funds for kids. Well, write the check. You don`t need to wait for the report, Jay-Z, you know what it is. Write that check and dissolve the relationship.


HAMMER: Danny, she is saying right there, write the check and get out of it. Whatever he does, I do think Jay could also put aside that feeling that he`s under attack. Hold cops and stores like Barney`s accountable, using his fame and really make this a teachable moment. Don`t you think?

CEVALLOS: I don`t think. And I`ll tell you why. I thought his statement was perfect. We shouldn`t rush to judgment. What we`re talking about here, we don`t know for sure yet, but it would be one thing if Barney`s had a policy, a memorandum that says all you employees, be on the lookout for African-Americans. We have to make a distinction between that policy, which I don`t think is the case, and what is probably some employees perhaps abusing their authority or committing racial profiling, but as an independent action, and not at the direction of Barney`s. If nothing else, Jay-Z did the right thing in not rushing to judgment. What if this is two isolated incidents? As far as I know, I haven`t heard of 500, 600 people making the same claim. This is two incidents. And I think Jay-Z did the right thing, issuing a statement that rushing to judgment is in this case and is always a bad idea.

HAMMER: That`s true, that part of the statement I agree with. Except what he did do is he made it sound like he was being demonized. Instead of saying, you know what, let me look into this before I make a decision, and that`s not what he did. Areva, what do you think?

MARTIN: Jay-Z is saying I`m somehow the victim. And Danny, to suggest that a store is going to have a memo to say racially profile is just absurd. That`s not how--

CEVALLOS: That`s why I said it.

MARTIN: -- racism (ph) works in this country. No, racism does not work that way. And if Barney`s employees are racially profiling, the department store is responsible for the actions of those employees, and they should be held accountable.

CEVALLOS: Morally but not legally.

MARTIN: (inaudible) for Jay-Z to use his brand to step up and to cause Barney`s to be accountable on this issue. Anything short of that is going to be (inaudible).

HAMMER: Guys, I do have to end it there. I really hope the people will take the opportunity to realize this stuff goes on. At least I`m glad we`re talking about that. Danny and Areva, thank you both so much.

And while Jay-Z decides whether or not he should bail on Barney`s, Beyonce just bailed off of a 629-foot building.


BEYONCE: This is awesome.


HAMMER: The super star known for her amazing moves added a brand new accomplishment that is way out of her comfort zone. You`ll see Beyonce`s epic leap and how she managed to look great while plummeting off a skyscraper. This is SBT on HLN.


HAMMER: I hope you`re ready because it`s time now for our moment of awesomeness. Tonight Beyonce`s big leap of faith. So Beyonce just seriously moved out of her comfort zone while she was in New Zealand on a world tour. She jumped 629 feet off the tallest building in New Zealand. It`s called base jumping. She had a great time doing it, and of course, true to form, she looked amazing while she was jumping. Check this out.



BEYONCE: This is awesome!


HAMMER: She did look great, and I`m sure whoever is insuring her tour is just thrilled that she went out and did that.

Thank you so much for watching. I`m AJ Hammer in New York. You can catch SBT every Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.